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Saturday, June 23rd
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Co Host Dieter Melhorn

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And Saturday afternoon it's 1206. And you're listening to state outdoors almost 63 WO lord. But Tommy springer is our guest hosts today mr. Dieter Melbourne hey guys how's it go. So Dieter is dinners and in the driver in the Munich in the past undersea today and usually we be in we've been talk infer. Couple weeks in the invited Dieter if you are a fan of YouTube station. In Dieter is the well he's the dark sizzle of can't fusion based. And we now I don't have Amanda got the legs of vs on the hand and that's about it it kind of stops at the feet notes. Everything else is little bigger well you know York will enable it to Phishing is just as good Ryan Harris close to hers that here. Harris it's close so what if you're if you're a huge save any of this a lot a lot of folks are you or go in. You know off the network's award ever fear is basically they're into you know different kinds of fusion you know maybe I'm MB. Mean I'm out ally cred teach them big registration and Richard Jane efficient machine and they don't need to have Zynga are you sitting up. So we've got Dieter Melbourne fission. Dotcom dash your web site but YouTube is also Dieter male born fission owner you to. Correct it's freedom our face Andy get a my website and I failings on the session is same thing home. I spent an efficient I don't there's little more today was stopped. To scuttle more time to be all the actual fishing stories are on the table that's how I got into and out my quartet and that's how I got into it originally I was were kind of my inspiration we. Got rid of the satellite the cable and we have known as little. I'm in what's called the references were okay yeah I got a red area why put that up and I started learning how to stream from the computer to the TV and I started seeing some buddies on the from the time in the world and sent. While much on this and. Oh it's not that you're YouTube is not all kids teaching but it is it is pretty strong indicator officials. Very strong and get this arrest on war started Adam from outside Charlotte they're efficient while I stuff from the compel the chain actually fished and they and the upstate to hit and Clark's illness and the places. The catfish stuff is easy for me today because there's a lot of big ones and we got a lot of local Boston to Los strike profession. Like you and some junk vision for some sharks and the stuff that. Waterside and you know we've called you one time is our shark expert when we came when you were down at murder mix down there yeah heart you have the real shark expert lastly to Canada had great guests their job I love alike easy like easy faced a cat and I think I have to cast to arm for 500 dollar interest hugest city you see you know that's the thing I love. I used to hate kitchen sharks while stationed for some males and then I'm like. So long as I'm kitchen what I NT indicates I'm happy. And it's not hard case sharks not come up big sharks 456 BO yeah are you get the news though big chunk of me that there isn't spot. Is very similar to catfish. The super cap there's I don't try to say that. Catching catfish is hard it is and there and there are relatively easy to catch in their abundant and it's a sign that we sharks. The biggest thing has been a heck of a poll I think is just an apex predator thing for me I like efficient for the biggest jump in the water. Yeah and you canyons of big sharks well. We just gotta give you a preview into the show were row got a great show won't tap for you today first I was going to be the upstate outdoors blog otherwise known as the yoga pants diaries. Again that later. Based owned. An article. It's kind of an opinion piece they were written in a Springfield Missouri newspaper Baghdad to. Many doubt kind of weird site clicks he was suggesting. That they banned bass boats from public quarters in Missouri. Again I read the ardently was the one that was saying they'd destructive his peaceful just and Afghan bowl kind of place out there sitting on the water and investment it's gonna buy. And down. I while I agree there are times that bass by its gay and be so I don't know. Be honest with you I would rather have a bass boat come on the fifty miles an hour on top of the water. They can come mummy three feet away. There's virtually no way Gotham you know bothering. My spark I think they're pretty good drivers of buzz to be perfectly honest. I would much rather have that than some dude with a bunch of cans Blair and Poland sundown awake anyway little off of three but way off the back of the buy it. As very disturbed is very unsafe to for casual byters rafter after kids that kind of things that. Yeah the speed limit. I. Well we can we can talk about that then we'll jump into. Chris will speak in a bass fishing Chris wills of mass champ went. He's going to be he's the bass master elite per drills on the Mississippi River near like. Yeah well received today in ovarian lacrosse Wisconsin. The hampers the upper part of the visitor says now that section you can actually walk or crawl is that's out there yes it's the it's not the mighty Mississippi up there it's the it's the yeah that's under color intensity as it's not a curry so we didn't Indian bigger now we're talking a little bit about so topics we wanna talk maddening sit tight let's talk about bid station. Now most people think about bid teaching years. Well I don't know what you think about but I think about. Mass station site fusion for feature on the bid. Andy it was say in May and there's a big there's some big big state you go on about can't fees should I just going to be a while only in. Efficient form so yeah there's some I guess at the Thomas can be a controversial topic and bass world were they your district and embedding process let. And go home about that. Well I knew and knew we you can talk about that about fishing or hunting for any thing. During nurse bone numbing net nets win you know you're looking for the recruitment of that species. So that you can have those to get everything we see we do when liberating yeah that's it then you were you you you know you hunt ducks on our. Well they're not brilliant but they're moderation you know for ducks would Deere yet journal look man there and run best when I wanna go and shoot those prints how stupid. Animals get in on this that time they get bitten us second hour day is gone against host. For the road keel OK FA can you give us a little peek of what we're going to be meeting today on them. And it's. Never before I don't think spring as ever handy. And they sure recipe really attack notably different SI he's gonna come back so I actually solve some of the social media FaceBook the he's a comeback enough probably eat reached donkey. And time I was here and reject or listening right now prop. Do what time is it money being at a bid when time is it Florida. Yet he's only it will be years in yes I think he's probably still standing well I'm honored to be in your seat if you're listening ears. And speaking speaking of being honored we U we're hoping. We got one of the yet big names and can't be sure world Zack always accusation catfish dad what does it. Blues Brothers can't be served. That only gas than I and that lower part of the eastern part of North Carolina get great fishermen. How to stay records. Next leg up another stellar record actually was today it was yet knows it was it too was it the same the next day or three days of Florida's very close it was within a he broke his own statement exactly three days later yes yep it's. He'd new name is they got great you're senators are great fishery and he's always on the get finish in a matter of fact I think Ellis Texan with him when he was going back to release us that they said that record that record won't last long. Little did I know it was just can be a few hours a great sport and many years later and nine year old girl or something broke it was a guy and I think yapping Zacks arisen when was in the ninety's and then it was like maybe upper nineties low one on business and jumped up I think the 117. Says it was somebody has broken his record since exactly and north Carolina's record but they can get beat at any time especially. With part of correlate. The and in North Carolina there's I think that is the only light now that. There have been 240. Pound plus finish pile up in the country's. So we'll be taught how little we talking Issac between Jason during a break. And if not an end so in anyway we'll call down to. Whatever decision pier is down in Alabama worked springer sang and out and see if we can you know the guy and the stored they're on the route to an Intel and we wanna talk talk well then they don't actually have a foam what they do have a Dixie cup awesome kinda straying so I'll run down here in. Although Willis springer weigh in from his vacation in new in will wrap up the show with the calendar of the ambiance in gas several letters to talk about Indiana. One of our favorite segments on the show the parting shot is a story about a woman who get swallowed whole by 23 for its net. While I have got to do some good leader and one of the verdicts. Well we're gonna get a commercial right now when we come back will jumping into the upstate out doors blog. All lot of 63 word the State's talk station. So I know we got a listener a lot of listeners in the greater Carolinas. Area today. Lot of folks Dieter was like hey man probably don't radioed down there and Graham also well. Lot of Carolina boys listen in via power. Website if we're here and also if you miss a show you can get a new one and 63 W dirty dot com. And click click click noted quickly and click over the here and get to the blogs I was on the list and don't drive and am that I quit yet I'm sore the podcasts. And says I'm still new at this radio lingers stuff but speaking of blogs. You can get a warning is 63 W. They changed it ways which stunned the radio word in there now because we get the radio dot consulates 163. Debbie Doherty dot radio dot com. Google if he can't this is like here Miami are. He says have a real quick and we need Padilla won a 63 days plus tried the top since he's at and so if you look at blogs are wrote the blogs the young Japan's diaries this week you know I thought that opera because you're wearing underpants run on their very nice actually you know blogs openly write blogs or Al Gore riders fishermen and women -- three key it's united so I figured usually begin in the mood I'll pour myself a nice glass of chablis and put all your pants and you know the words to flood somehow we as women then you're Japan's make a lot of money out that's blogs I. I can get us here yeah there's a formula but so much for this week talking about how to make boating safer. If you were only FaceBook page for. Sit out the worst you saw our we posted later Rodman's. He's a contributed to this Springfield Missouri newspaper the Springfield news leader. Basically he PN and opinion piece suggesting it was time to abandon. Bass boats from public water now he's in Missouri and I have to give in this lake of the Ozarks that's a board is Adam. Orderly can Missouri I am not real sure I got some friends out there that want me to come out there Fishman iMac Xavier college tennis is are placed me. Basically from Springfield Missouri is the headquarters of bass pro ships can't lot of lakes out here. A lot of folks who like to species in a lot of bass boat dads out there and just lets face it. Bass pro shops owner Johnny Morse. Is he's also the he is affiliates own. Ranger boat several Triton boats. Stratus boats analysts say what's the one at the Russert onkyo these gobbled up a big percentage the fresh water by the industry or PS they got lit they had led so so basically you know this guy writes his peace and hard of Basque Country. You get a much awaited cyclic and that's probably the reason for but. After he say did everything he Sydney's talking about. You know they're born corner of my house and our dedicated to twelve inch speech and blah blah blah and you know a lot of low rhetoric. Designed to insight folks probably equally keen to respond and stuff like there. Yeah and Ian. It's like those I was saying they give them the senate. Eight can be annoyed I think there's a little bit Indy from some people quite honestly what they say some guy on the boat going really really fast let's listen everybody. Once again fats out of the car not a Rezko and so I think there's a little bit of that. Save the I don't know because I started to respond to that initial place masala and I was actually found the stance on have been under. I'd be willing to bet there are more people injured again. Recreational ski boat the united cabin cruiser type accidents in our neck in by the united bass boat accident now granted they happen and we always say. To me like the mass million in the I'm sure there are volatile moment. A fair number of months there's not a bunch a moment Lake Wylie were you know of the bass both run. Full speed into every Jim and I can think of several of Mitt Mortimer happened down late Greenwood in the middle of the night. And speeding in an avid sales in a mass vote is what. Hurts a lot of bass voters themselves now we had you. We head of talon the back about a month or so go only car when word got basically got thrown out of his Bodine drowned. And we talked about debt because he was not wearing a life jackets and maybe compare your son about OK you know make budding safer. Palm where I checked you know you furan on the road you've got to Wear seat belt that's a law. But it is not the law in South Carolina and help me out when North Carolina law but you don't half to we're a life jacket and glacier under the age of Wales. Or you're operating a personal warcraft. Right and you know that's one thing would pass fisheries crises they lose at least tournament fishermen. Mike says guys are required to Wear allied territory and Pharmacia and they have to USB hooked up to a kill switch said that if they're thrown out of the boat donor and high speed. At least the motor skills and the by you know they got something they can swim back to win the budget and keep on going decision. Like a lot of the is simply fill out of the safety precautions are meant to protect the people who drive and about but here's another thing it's this overlooked. Com if you're over in South Carolina if you're over the age of sixteen. You can go back any boat any boat and go operated but 'cause there's no driver's license requirements. And for the majority of our legs and in big reimburse. There's no there's no cap on the site has bunt it should be included in the. I remember when I'm on my first by yours again and think about it have aspirations of winning and yet. On top and gala get all the paperwork done I guess so who do I what do I need to do to give in and light sensor. He is all your sent Miami said you've got you red stripe you arrested there's no light. There's new dynamic today person down now mind you read got a problem or myself and owls like mileage alien resident and then. As a big. But Craig got out there is started being around some of these guys in the summer dial up or go and that's what they're doing and they needed they really need is so it's a wonder and many of you guys after that fish especially if you do damned most of us fisherman. There's a transition period right around made aware it's almost like the turning of the tide that the carriers toward the incoming Macy out going to the cameras saying with first and we tend to stay off the water. It may. Edition I'm dumber again experience and a night speech he's I think this might interrupt her before day lying face about two and as he gets crazy and it's a wonder in not more people were killed. Best fishermen honestly. Not that I'm not one level but they really don't worry me as much as all the other Yahoo!'s that are out there. You know running around in the how close they run the people I've been added that scares me more heavy regulated the hats the bad so well and Endesa part of. MEU do you know if you're under the age sixteen they require you to take a safe boating course and the rules or regulations are in man but. You know they just the same if you're over the age sixteen your kind of grandfathered in but. And we do disallow station you know I think there needs to be some legislation and number I'm very rarely want to say. We need a law govern and that we need allow governor in the us. But I think with the population growing in the Carolinas and folks warning to use our public resources and course they're wanna go Bob bode summing bug sales are going back up with the economy turned around. Win in a lot of these folks are just like you say you had their like they are motorboat. Who can who can teach man used as the impeachment you know the trailer yeah I mean in there's a lot of this stuff going also I think people would benefit from that they won't that. And it is at some point like you sit on a Saturday only key way you were everybody's running to and fro wind and don't know the rules Tuesday there's a book out there which are not required to read it. The bad thing is you have to honoring the mail there I mean. There's seventy minutes after so many people have owned united and it's and you mentioned turn in Arizona you got have a license from now you any news you're gonna have to have a license. You gotta have law enforcement to be after say right. Were you taught us again and then then it's in the in the they're gonna have to Gartner grandfather people him because you've been had killed anybody at this point dinner came how do you prove that you. My and it's is ours. Three years old you know rely on whatever. I think the one thing that came on this is that guy did a very good job of getting a whole lot of traffic on the that whole uncertain as I heard it was a phenomenal job and and to think a surprise agreement that it was they were talk and my Missouri has a thirty mile an hour speed limit. After dark and I'm like. How do you enforce that I mean how do you are you gonna have. Closer Archos you won 34 of thirty mile an hour zone yeah. You know the no wake zone I give it but there's not even there's not even quote a speed limit in a no wake zone it's just my observation DA is the slowest speed at which a can maintain stared just happens you can guys if you got a torn in my crosswind you can actually create a way. What does California do and that's what we need to look at and label got us into the future and they're gonna Mahan. And in punitive tax rewarded and say well let's get your break and when we come back we're gonna ring up the mass chaplain. Yet Chris Wells to be selling that home 163. Dead yet or. Well assists bringing his obligation this week we got Dieter milk more well. And Carolina boy they only cared decent only Carolina's blue Carolina I didn't say that that was a someone else to say if this that there would lovely producer ever there are bad I like I'll Carolinas and especially ones that pay me in the work and awesome. Well that's guaranteed to follow plaza pick up the vast chaplain Chris whales Chris how you nobody. Yeah I'm not doing fantastic has been. And hot day to day in Wisconsin project in store all that or it could it won't look I. Will they kitchen and fish out there on the Mitt on the mighty Mississippi where is that one of the column appears that the Mahdi Mississippi ears at the mystic Mississippi. Then they got right now this pick on the domestic Mississippi get bit has been. Ever changing history every day is different. And they've had to play stage. Or told me and I had a lot of water up north and all pre school. The basket as a position it has changed in every day so the gas there. Our panel over the Gaza can move him or doubt. To that effort recently hasn't campgrounds that they're not there to speculate as well or. As we speak. And so it's no mystery when things get tough and those can't figure advocates phase that here in Martins would rise to the top of the of the leaderboard. You know what and if you think that would be. Happening I'll hear it hit council since they were all all all one hopeful offshore fish. In here Chris company were kind of swapping spots. But with that water been higher and higher open to malicious. What you would expect to happen that would crawl to look like it's happening and a bulk or really do what no doubt each year. Way up into the cabbage. And sorrows that ul right now Jacob brought. All of and I he has been literally all it'll let you know that this is the last are limited so Peter's basilica Brooke richter. But as soon as I say I've ever sleep sort of let this tie or an external but it is tighter I have never in my life. They got from first place district displaced as. Art debate the top twelve mr. Obama they are just I don't worry. And as traditional. Outlet eject products got out or should ever go out there to help all of us for all is well he's got worn out. Newsman Rose Bowl alternate retro look like one of all cheeks. And he's got up ground and are looking might want to rewrite and also uplink that a higher at war comes up. The more that sprawl solution is gonna come into play Q this is don't have the Jewish but by. And you know I love it when they take a 60070000. Dollar mass murder may have to. You know they have to use. Push polls and stuff like did get way up in the back in America now was no surprise that talk to a Kim van dam about this when he was here the classic. He keeps an expandable push poll in his nitro vote at all times for situations like this. Every single closed it out a written with help expendable poll. And I just depletion of been there in an today is gonna be where that poll you don't come into play. Because they're pushed up in the areas that didn't exist. This cold here and may never exist. They're they're supposed to get up. Well let's let's. I'm just gonna pull it. Waterway up in a place as water not usually at and is of those battle politically they are. And so. I really can't anticipated debt per day. In her car but I remember. The chaplain have been doing this thirteen year. It would Rainey who laughed at all rainy river they got back the way it rained all day the first day. In addition to that export company had. They're just they're dedicated to the banks passed it to the banks that's why I think Peter or I'll have the upper. You know because this issue probably gonna Google it. As those you know they set up ball. It's all water level and as that water level gets higher and higher they don't have the toward but the group creeping closer and closer now he's gonna have to be located at this. Warner Warner are the is this all doorknob Amanda did a lot of times you have this phone take place Leahy. Is this deal to Ghana too late for this phone up and import of Contra. The larger male who is itching to get cute things going all of it and I got this Jacob brought the best best today. All the large amount the already small usually they're in a post on. I'm brewed in small well our product we have a spot in Center City stay in small mouth on the week. And so I don't know why that is I wanted to talk like that awkward you know all out all the lots. So you got this didn't you know on a different stages but I think they're here a little earlier and a bit before. It all they can't lacrosse at an all out here it is just a total focused. But it did after all is playing right now and it is really an outlook it will or. Way to finish but this really afford to are under why should you get a masked man collapsed. And you watch in particular product shipment of these areas. And throw that well at what I call deep deep cabbage is Kirk Kirk greed how can mullah. And those vessel can't about it as the critics all of the local alternately exciting waiter to lose why. Now they kitchen small mouth new and met with the Broncos I just it did to me is small my out this. You go to a rock ledge somewhere and you take a little fly and you use it out there and tweeted I can't imagine small mouth. You know from the jungle like there. Bribing and normally that network application exactly right small apple sitting out on the river. In looking a little little slight talent break out there that's a comic book or appear to work out. But it up but right now this so current flow in the main river course is that the current. In and you don't do despite popular belief small will give up and that's stay out sometimes. And sometimes schedule all the top football cup exit and added you capture or are where they come up on that still think unit incentive. Also correct is the main factor does although it's good to go places they don't normally get it. I man this is theater around the idea scare us this week not a big bass fisherman but I'll watch him best fictional TV. And what I'm curious about I was looking at the whites here and it looks like everybody about in the topped when he. Or within striking distance on net and this thanks sleeper back in the failed to keep MRI at Iowa going into the final days. Exactly right or what they want all I'm always a good place don't want it. On April earlier that your client is way up here in Gary Carlin is in global origins in the sport by a creeping. You know it. Normal lately though it's an older or their. You'll see there's got screwed up again are you doing great you know he's still lost all instrument in really pull it pretty you know. All the guys that they've got a bit bit I really. Can always looked asleep sleep whenever Clifford perk. It is it is in that. That striking distance should keep a watch out of the king of the the western division. And he he won a lot of current hotel where a lot of guys in the Indy on board. But he is now has a strong statement every bit as you deserve more props. Enough and he is capital straw. Poll earlier around a well placed thirteenth place right now it yet or. Clip relaxed and Florida. It's long ball was you know great angry in. Or record he's used to say you and visual way up in the grass. And so you know he goes out pulled out of that grass and they're more and more grass at our record while oil. You know I'll what you Calvin got now it has got a sleepers or court hot because a lot so that they expect a if you want your book pork. And he is undoubtedly you know one of the top crucial and the wall. And so those those Big Three got the outlook or are heading. You know they could be sleepers British earliest company up British broke out after all he's. He's a power workers are Google like use. You know that what would be called the very well on groups of student art you'd like to compete paraded he's cute flip book. Well when apple byte phone and I issues up there you better watch jeopardy as well. And what are the names it's really not up there that you expect if you're talking about. Jungle feed shin slip and stolen frauds of the Greg hackney who basically walk away last week in and around I'm uninsured grid still in the top 100. Know Greg Greg had a bad first epic it call want finished the first day. Quote we into the boat rampant eight Indonesia he didn't didn't pitch and gave. I have better second day but he Adori kind of bury himself I L the problem is that is that what happened what was. Is this this is turning into two separate tournaments. And when they first started you know the war was way down elm. In to all those additional kind of slid open places and I know has ordered just drastically arises they just have to go to the bank. And so that's mother who follows this card in the bank. And today it just pushes more and more borrow up to discuss. And these guys would never run up in that doubles or other happened at our view or least you'd be there every single day. It's so it's become enough fascinating appear to just help all back we're gonna have to go. In order to find pictures and he's got pop. What they appeared they will kick up front. And if you don't follow all the action you can go to bass master dot com and check out mass track in. Chris were we headed we're going to a North Dakota here producer in Norway. That's right I'm going to be leaving straight from Wisconsin has gotten stricter North Dakota. And so what is gonna be I don't know anything you know Dario was clear and I expect that late to be. Ward it is it is pretty phenomenal book is this who were without power so or. Religious from the great practice up hurt. The series there are really stupid there really uneducated they've never seen space before it took Caroline Thompson and senator. It ought to be a great great. You know a bit hit or use our. As that next week we gonna we break him to win no doubt it is all star prize on Tuesday. There and at all if he's due to the six month. Aren't blue. We'll look Chris Wales will look kitchen when you next week in. NASA one more word word had to work something out on the cell phone could ever had to figure Semel might have had you climbed the tower hotel foam ball. That's exactly rademan religious song title mountain trying to give up there that's only about they have virtually assault all choked out there. But its own way we will find a way to get that done. Also Chris Wells amassed chaplain Chris Greg Greg report and we look for Tom to you next week. Thank god dealt click here by the way things Maine where kids can't piece unit. A lot of a lot of what they're doing don't think that I know when that shallow like him he had Tina you know it's it's designed for office when you've got to rise in order to buy things begin to storm even if there is I don't normally get into a and the memory starts dropping boom is like a light switch that I was. Curious over the water stays up for the rest of us of an awesome. Side fission which is topic doing a talk about when we come back after the break bid fishing is it an ethical thing to do or not. Ethics embed mission on the State's cult station when I'm 63 to BRD. When you go to our FaceBook page hat and I'll sit outdoors WOR deep like us we've got to kind of complex. We need more likes. Whenever I'd like a solo. 81 of the things it's my guest cohost today Dieter milk warning not to work talking about you is. The ethics of bid teaching now most people will look at the years ago oracle from mom masked man astronaut come. It tarmac. Religion and politics not to miss topics for polite conversation for bass fisherman there's a third subject. In its bid featuring and we touched on this a little bit sort of the show. You know as. Quote sportsman. We like to kill stuff when near her I don't know her essay this week or that you know bass station you're not kill in his speech exact any don't wanna say this suit is an attitude that no Dieter is a big champion. Of Kitchener release I mean if you colleague 200 Pam kids teach. You would not killed at peace demand on it or nothing. You would release this feature is gently as possible. And yet arrived first anyway don't asserted France KL five yeah I would make every effort possible to get that is Nightline are what your personal list. 61 mysterious somewhere dry around there was an on Acela South Carolina was that. Was an oft debated citation. Was about sixty copied it watered and Zaire this thing in the timber down there yet so so is that isn't something new it you were talking about how you've got to cannot ostracized on a couple of plays web sites -- to win sides. About catching can't feast while they were on the million. Yeah actually put a video up on my YouTube channel bigger Melbourne fishing last week. About. Fishing catfish bands I sing some stuff almighty structure skiing and that looked like. Big band now cry they look like craters and you bring millions. Excess dirt thanks again except her like three feet across Asia and we all know that back asp owned up on the banks craft Beers same way. The only other big fish in the lake or car when a car we always seek carper and enough in the grass in the spring them in this moment thank. So that leaves the hour. And catfish group endorsed Arnold surface exactly so it is there something big. That is taking and near the peak avid late may you can see these craters is the best way to describe them they used in at least when he thought they'd water. And UC fish Sabine in these things so it's not cited station personally I wish you Rasmus would dearly external electronics and I don't think that again this is basically a hypothesis is what I got is that these that's what's in your bat in the video I drive some areas now was doing that late. We're cal on the backside of the spy on now I saw some areas had come through two times by a caught some account big male and a big female. On two different passes. In the gym wearing now is it is was like catch him off to bad I don't know that there were some people online when I basically said about that way that is wrong and now the other you're catfish world is is the the middling grabbing failures and a station deaf player spot exactly closer and mean Adobe Flash and it has led it to exactly and at that point on marketing EMI I think he has. It's kind of like with a vast mission director recreation Lee Bass fishing. Cash in on the Womack in the fisherman's back and there. I turn out near you're gonna get some film allow oil on drive on thirty miles down the lake he may be disrupt in the whole process and it damaged basement under way it's exactly so and you know and a big tournament when you know bass master build a new type tournament and you got a lot of those stand right common year. It's administration let them off and relocate and as and have an effect and I news. It's hard to say it doesn't but the others millions of fish out there there's some ethical discussion here here's a. About it it the kind of brought it home to me is I have never heard of a brim tournament. OK I don't know many people who you know try to finish for bring him except. When they're on the myriad and win they do is they give to load the cooler. To take back and clean a bunch of rim cause Bremer duty cleaning killer whom Bryant okay now here's the other thing is no shortage of ram. There's a lot of I mean I mean this is I I have not announced locally let's say if you got a form part of something year you can Wear my now. What that what I see happens when somebody gives in and a clean out debris MB did. Is there gonna get to a different place or there gonna get a deeper in his speech this phone deeper where's the people can't see the intentions like a comma because. Most people or not that savvy to say oh look on electronic sensors to bring embedded in you know we're gonna go over although we're there we're getting there yet. You know with the with today's electronics. So do. You know kind of wants a big deal I city one of the problems that sassy talk tournament site feature and are feature on the bids. Or. Just what we talk about Chris whales with rising and lowering water levels yet which is. And usually out of the hands of man. But you know a lot of these authorities border authorities you know they'll say they try to bring the water up in the sparring. So that they can spawn but you know I've I have heard and seen of some authorities it. Well we we gotta generate water we we got to take the world's damn wild classroom abeyance. I PI. And kill and all of them it let's go on from Jurassic Park may troll founder widely ever suddenly I eight united. These animals have been adapting that in nature mean happens we have droughts the wrong time we fled to Tehran time I think you're gonna adapt to that having that. I you're I'm curious it is do we is anglers have enough impact and I get that from the cat discuss all the time is that. Other Killington many would trot lines are both fishing or whatever you know main Mahler catchers are getting bigger and bigger and our term which are getting me and I. Higher mortgage smarter with people like me and you get to put them out there and magazine showing people how to catch him by trillion usually can't be Shia anchor at the get go out staying mates. And I'll foods and Laney yeah they played a little bit in mail your trolling for kids fi shooter your systematically. Drag inmates across the bottom where they came. And in your like you Tom by the electronics. Yep it's it's a different world and you know I think we will if this'll hypothesis is right and that some other people are saying that they I think you'll get more more of a vertical like you made like you would do a drop shot Maine with the united pass and ended EAM doing that for caddies I it was I really think that'll with electronics it's. I think within ten years for going to be able to identify finish visually abused him and of what exactly you got down there fish in and all the stuff I mean it's it's the thing about social media to double edged sword. You know the EUC everybody's great accomplishments on the air. And you kind of if you're like may you guys where somebody column that means everybody's Ketchum except for me and some on things appear worse than they are. Says you know are we having an impact. He has meant things I think it's gonna take a little bit of time. Awesome where we're gonna get a break for the top of the hour knew we come back we're gonna have the roadkill cafe. Beat her so don't be terminal number. Don't Sato and won those 63 WORD.