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Saturday, July 14th
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And turn the volume up it's time. App steady outdoors you're listening to one and 63 W Lordi. We're up stakes talk station with Phil gentry and Tommy springer yes and he and money. Sony and don't scream into the microphone when I got there say you've. Mosul. Hammered out there afterwards she's not reviewed and agree issuers with a real true profession. All week yeah this yes they'll listen about it. And outside for the short myself. Yeah whose. Isn't you must not work together yeah. Anyway this is the show if you never heard of state outdoors he probably been under a rock and race in NASCAR because. Those articles Dublin Barack and I have been there yeah but this show were we talk about everything. Out the worst. The eurozone. No word. The name and shows up today on the war but we cover a lot of for reaching stuff I say the whole state of south your car. From one of the one or the other I say we cover the entire that big rock music circles that the big glowing orb in the sky true and from time is a matter of fact jump and did we've got to the parting shot into Roma are go to Phil now not that not. And I I didn't even practicing her Australian had a little bit and he gave us and as I don't have a good Austria Nancy which is while I don't know I think it's pretty good. Seriously when you drink a lot. It's so show coming up for you today. Yeah this is BN finish prom week. Yeah he doesn't think kind of bummed that I had to swear about than how it reminds me a high school you didn't promise high school are only less than a year UAE for. I'm never you know in the end you know big girls have it better because you have grown girl brought India in tonight's great shoot divided prompt yes great round you know use in June and it went abroad only did this thing years sockets they actually went to a prom while I was an Oscar I near Dulles got thrown out of does not properly address and saying it's. Anyway so I can ask was this week we're locally referred to by a million springer is finished prom and it's like. Being divided speech promised spring spring is like. Mean if it takes five days off and have to pay for places stated what we're on the politician. I gotta go inside some big warehouse and look at the nation in total mass fees and done a year. Ago. So anyway fish probably but a lot of cool stuff goes on down here we get a little bit information from net. As a matter of fact after the upstate outdoors blog we're gonna have bred him review is the million kind of brand manager. Meehan code 21 in best bode accessory for the year mega dam on the imaging. Bill to Ian. Some transition them for being on the imaging built into the main code muttered so they wanna work there and several other awards. And oil will probably interspersed the show where there we'll talk brand and I was a really cool story. A lot of in so we'll cover that not sit out nor blog company hid. The state outdoors blogger told springer's Amanda had to go in break the seal because this time. The eight to start doing mid year study you know it it's hot and you certainly hot enough to get out in gift a cheater be a mosquito bit and Breyer drag and I'll SO one I don't work on the near club so why not got a list of pre season starts now for deer season. Then second hour springs and bring you the root key okay FA we're back to moderates and this is a feast it does not show up on so mark. That and I went back to moderates you know I used to bully or not they actually raised over on the water anybody knows me for a long time is that in that is went back to moderates and you know ever you know there's a lot of targeting kids standard way of really caught lunatic would come up flounder Tomas let fish baby yeah and momma could come up and NASA in May Manhattan. So there you get that's where we get flounder a whole floundered for I hope slammed with apricots host apricot. Apricots at a time when there. But it became as good but content is simple. Anyway we're gonna go to vote getter fishing report for this week from my buddy captain Mike golf with the time to teach charters. Dal lake Murray and and you think it's a lot of Stratford but he also do as the US FaceBook page. Basically feel Murray finish your report Sony's gonna give us a report what's going on down in the midlands. And now looking forward to that in the end com. Gupta sort of I didn't it's a sit in on the schedule talking about minnow management sticky denies he shouldn't are thugs not efficient. But I also need to make space for an announcement from Massey came in this week about their new schedule so unbelievable what he might talk about both we may talk about one or the other or some else may come up we may take your calls. Just completely forget while we're talking about. Half led the rear of the calendar of advanced did you get that somebody sent us this week yes I did say did you edit middle. Yes sir I did sergeant do who represent a little boy he's a bully it just does Damien Cockburn Jun oh yeah. Closed Vladimir who's going to be employees got means that you but you give her did yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess like in his last week and. I act. I would prefer not to. I did their parting shot for today is going to be. From the let down not done yet as to where they some thieves. Got a bad taste in their man oh my god it was not for a meeting of their demise sandwich I can't even imagine never Medea will yeah because that's just crazy is Capital One shot the Hulu plus when you when you detail what the story was. That's the coming up and throw it pal don't Yemen earn its. I. So up. This a look at it this week like city was creation prom all we have in mock FaceBook thing. The page has been spiel with keyboard and the issue media it is. And I'll list and you were way out on a Mac KCA actually dead near so they can Singapore considering this fish prom is a lot like. If you went to the bass master classic explode it's a lot like the expo minus. The tournament trip exactly are they pay their what. Burt can we find it's already guy a good zillion people crowded in one spot being at Orlando Florida I don't miss it did a little. And that's what you give and basis which you view it and so you crowd in another I don't know 101000 people. This and they don't have finish props. Salt water fresh water everything we everything yet manatee it is the act gases that trade show you the teaching new industry in all the cool people there in one day. I've been invited to pronounce. Collins. I just like sure you dressed properly so I don't early out here attracted half I don't know what he's a proper retirees and captures got a lot of logo on it and you get into the right stuff but like the press staffers area that produced. Let's go to our I'll break and then when we come back we'll take you more calls and text warning hundreds reports have won it 63 for the angles of any top line comments it's retirement planning takes one. Takes lancet 21307. And we'll also be dips liberal blog writer of state outdoors 1063 video ardidi up stakes talks stationed all. Mama Floridians love those low rider be rab that. Everybody knows everybody has. It is open and its own what is it. Point you know today. I forget you know drop a million miles this. Just the wind junk because that's your first I want you get reform. I'm OK so I screwed up anger Akram is a sitting in Manassas last week but I know some wind John and I were it's no real way a carried. Can't call for Louie anyway I assume jumping into the yoga pants. Diaries this week. Broke the seal and you know what happens when you break the seal. In never stop users yeah that's like that's like a long road trip where your life. I can make it to the next exit acclimated to the knicks. You know finally pull often you've got to go home. Nobody better restating and got to know I think what about this six foot seven guy coming I do have those Lee and afterward. You gotta stop it they read CNN exit after the heads that want to break this thing you'll all deer season. Here don't sit out doors and talk about pretty see pretty dear pre season starts now. And many folks that senate count down today's historic college football you can only look to their list. This will mark the official two month camp down into the opening day of deer season in game zone to this majority of state is a bit longer if you want games all won in amounts. Or just a month okay thirty days August 5 thing to behind games almost three and four. Deer season more open. Now just like the college gridiron there's funny word to be done before were deer hunters take the field. And here's a few suggestions number one is finding. Hunting land mailman talk about wait until the last minute but I'm gonna make this statement most deer hunting closure lamb almost typically look for new members releases. During the summer but here's what happens okay appeared the average dad okay and average closed got I don't know what they listen there's two in members in okay. And Elise is due at some point during the summer and you've got dead guy who won't commit I mean you give MacKey and this year alone low. Moon. He. And there's a lot of time between net mumbling around. And show me your money that's an area so let's say did you maybe even August is time to show me the money. Our man we do. Conditioner broke and the key is knee braces have zones moment you know. And we were new episode in your lips pulled out so there are a lot of that you know did not say oh well I RE got enough members. The last minute if you got cash in hand is a good time to they had to jump into deer lease. And only and no real quick Philip I've been noticing a lot of that owns some of the us deer hunts don't FaceBook. South Carolina upstate there were members say. Clubs will end more of the way you used to be crazy issues to be worked Matthews we just did end run around but now you've got a lot of these social media you know South Carolina dear owners' lawyers space station near homeowners and it we will ever Tass releases those are not always the best places it's a star but its a start if you don't have you know. Yeah if you came in with a one you love love the one you is they so. That would do is taking inventory trail cameras go premier luxury items mean you know ten years ago to being practical necessities. In order synthesize numbers are dear you handle your properties in good time to take inventory. They varying costs from I do you see him on some of these like. A sports is way house fur not sports programs when his I would get an imminently from. Anyway I lost my own plan idea for about 59 dollars to for basic model up to several whole dollars for a model that will automatically takes few photos. When you're not Annandale on your phone. Meaning hunters placed cameras around minerals Steve stations nail to take immature and India move their cameras. Later home when they're trying to pattern dear during the season. That's also Tom Starr plan food plots if you didn't do you know who your spraying food watch usually your summer fluke loss. You know if your. What's her buddy Danny Buxton and his playing time out and he's got stuff is six feet past. And these guest at the C Kansas 66 it's you know. You know you're talking about a guy who does desolate areas those deer hunting consulting work come up people that are just. I mean I need to use some groups and grounding of our have a place to hole it asked her. After. The day currents stop dropping okay and it course I'll list in screwed up too with with using bait because baits you know fully apply in the bag. Pretty nuts you can bush talking ironing give don't buy it and and you know I don't have a problem with it some people day well it I did out of the it all depends on your style honing probably not a trophy management. I mean although I can tell you a couple of strategies it works full of you know of main engine trophy deer. They're probably not gonna come to it but it surely gonna pay attention to information as. Listen you know before minerals and stating they we talk about debating and all that many clothes will begin running if you gonna run feeders. I induced not to send start run and ma'am you don't call off the neighbor's property only you worst. Let him know his later it's an expensive process here also. Mineral licks yes and yes this is probably not the time of year to do mineral leaks you know it is this promise of you wanna do in the winter time award ever. But when you put in a mineral site it's going to stay diluted turn uranium it would help out our Bob broke open mineral block just until a month steps outside the door my cabin. Because I was trying to get it more granulated just paraded around. Any got into the ground and they dig into our enemy could this it'll slow wallow now exactly as I'm not they're over the summer Sarah dug that thing down a foot. I think you'd think a lot of deer didn't hit minerals pretty good in the summer yeah. Because of the horn growth wind when airborne trailers are grown and are skewed will you column towards when there weren't sent this whole industry and you don't only include. In a way clear to land and vegetation. I mean at death's. Now is it time you bush on your lanes bush talked. First is how was bush talked to roads and has got nothing to do with where I go hunt I just kind of like a cleaning area. United amid thumb drive analog or exactly what bush target there are some cases were only a they set a couple that I made especially if I see them. You know if I find a place where there cross and steadily via. Then how many how they just give sit on the ground a program box top kill many deer doing that though so I'll always make sure that all of the main travel roads bush condos in it also I don't know I guessing he'd kind of keeps it from. Grown over stuff like that Yasser you know each little new group growth coming up as well which is actually turns into a little browse for the here and in if you got to you know shooting lanes. Yeah ideally you would want to do that earlier in the year but nobody ever does it 'cause if your true outdoorsman you prefer fishing Turkey you know it's something. But a lot of people gonna go in and cut its better to cut now. Then to wait until right before the season aerial vision and and in store hacking and instead of gazette there really no place. Stand may missing construction. Really important. Our folks leader stanza must have included lead stanza beer ring known in you know the stretcher going to be dry rotted. Or were as this is a brilliant may have wanted Dag gum firing answered them crawl low opinion and you miss it one more thing having a shooting her house out illegal Hamels. Asked soreness and a low owls to oust. I found als enemy and stuff like that Al then their day in. So I don't ever find the baby Al's but I have found squirrel NAS right exactly owl may ask yes or they've you know they've been in near circle and I'll let miss out so you really had to sit here and worry about bird minds are some crow. And you'll understand and. In stone. Listen gates and dances a lot of clubs may be art. Surrounded by date or whatever but in it well do this it's it's always good space if you're new member of property. And say this to court today raise your hand and get high man. I will volunteer you know. True usually about role both no trespassing signs Rai Al volunteered to be the guy who walks Randy puts a notorious past and Sadr make sure there. You know you read 25 yards on property because walk in the property line nobody wants a good thing so that you stay legal. But it's also a good way to learn you'll property is he good pitcher in turn. It's a good picture of course with would do more earth how much satellite imagery you know you going here and you can found places but there's no. There's no there's no substitute for having put your foot. Oh in Andy's foot work OK so and walking a primer on as always great they dot I used to do that modern Turkey season I'd just walk property BF is now known better. It away and in. No break and final shooting. You know you're gonna go down and do all that good work and on the cabin in Basel illness has you let us down range. I don't like issued Almonte property but there are plenty of ranges. And if you knock five urged India Indian people so that people actually do day you know yet I'm no gas in hand pulled the trigger owner deer rifle. Since they shot and a lab dear true. Last year true or maybe even two years ago truth so you don't know if you scope still own arsenal against her life. Assume Rome Moscow. I'll now minister and he wins last time decided today in. Crickets drank its cash at. So I'm back I get at Deere is basically if you're no longer. Yeah that's crucial and old are you view it is a bow hunter is tougher this muscles that you need to put shareholders the big star like him how sorry Al Mahdi as I get across about the exact the hardest part for me isn't actually. I think what did they are year yeah is this game ovary and I got this thing content I don't know one shot. IRA with a with a traditional. Compound. You don't pull it back you laced that the dear cousin volley polarized Christie's sales come in front your shoes and step up and says. They got a good stuff that's airing it started it's you know only middle adieu last serve and he kept today like the S where he overcast. It's not my dad is now a man and only because you'll have days to go home we were always do we just got there. Bless jawboning get our breaking in Indian were gonna Kolb ban on hand top weather buddy Brad Hillary demean code a brand manager he was Denny fish from Morgan of finding out who got awarded for one. Right here let's they have no word 1063 W or any stay tuned we'll be right back on the flip side. The kinks right. And that's due to man the tubes. Always blood of these things is see it's not fair because when Bob McClain does it he picks and says he knows what he's got like a 140 years of radio disc jockey experience time. He'd yeah. Consecutive what anyway let's talk about hot at stations which is what we do your own upstate out doing worse. And we got a brand him read them brand manager from me in Canada homeland witness brand welcome Dustin out the worst. Thank you thank you very Ramirez absolutely Bremer how are you had taken out the artists from eighties music has so forward to Long Island and a few. Should. I don't know that I'm going to give you much so but that field. How will hold widgets persevere to endeavor home but it's we're just think then go to that's right they're no good any brand you so you expand your week it down in Orlando Florida for I cast 2008. Team in. We were talking earlier in the show and I think they get an Internet site work and we found a place is already got a whole bunch of people in one spot and put about 101000 more right on top of. At the that is for sure and I get a series this year probably want what does your bloodstream so. It was a lot of people do it. It was clearly heard as well so it's a great combination. Was now I cast is it's in the sea of Orange County convention Sanderson who do you spend a lot of time out doors down there was indoors or bugs. Would seem that the majority of the time is indoors. I'm it to two pretty large contention sooner and to everybody kind of packed in there were few days. So there let another had a lot of Al site spoke. I know I can't let her car and on the water and which was kind of nice to get some of the riders and buyers out on the water experience on the product from the person. What others and now what that. So all owned YouTube and social media which a majority of it was a bunch of young girls in short shorts do in the forums and other very well listen. Well some of the impressions that you had from the cheers I casts ship. You know one would think that I seen this year due I've seen that in growing trend after going to last number of years. And which is kind of exciting news and just in the sport fishing in general are. A lot of kayaks this year so. I have seen it grown over the years but exposed in the new product showcase works. Renders or manufacturers concede that a product there that are coming to market for the first time men. Our buyers and media personnel get to vote on the best 12 year. Just looking at all of the products news this year there was more of small personal kayak. Even one man kind of Alina can be classified as kayak and a one man floating device against. Which was which is cutting interest in to see that the industries and spreading now and it just traditional. Past old door on short position. To really start and a take Holden which is kind of an interesting thing to see ya know part of men Cota we have our sister company. Which is old town canoe which we actually released her or retire this year as well and people seem to really really a beginning and that try to Christian. Any cool thing I know I'm have in the past that I had a predator. It had the viewer in me encoder trolling motor with it. In. I tell you what the the cool thing is you know. People talk about kayaks is that knew a fair amount attacks feature I got several different brands. And you are not relegated to just you know do we use in the full force to find the issue anymore it's you can note for you Arenas taking you back. Happy losing years but perhaps fatigue brings the book Soledad just look. Incidents more than half at that. Listen there are a lot of you look at him marine electronics. You know with the Holman Byrd and integrated with the me in Canada. I mean you can run a little a little lithium battery almost things now and you got a full electronics compliment. As whale has seen a few more patrolman on the cash you can do this nowadays today. And reloaded given to those waters that you would you deal to get into traditional. Boat so our. What more interest in this search. Now this year. Meehan Canada won the award for best boating accessory. And in folks at home if you're if you're not up to speed alone eat the electronics. It and it is just like any anything else in the electronics world you know you've got to keep low because life. Why got a thing about it the Wal-Mart announced that don't in his career and in every time he comes up. But the that the new thing is that. Me and Cota has integrated. The transducer. Into the foot. Of the total motor said it you don't know long are you don't have all the wires and everything you know you don't have to do this can leg that kind of reunion of road and wired down your your troll motor in use and strand to keep you don't tell us a little bit about their product. That's right so this year were were very proud we actually want proposed putting excess or shut. One well we did this year was encoder and coming Bert Ernie unique position we. We're kind of sister copies of each other we're world by the same overall organization. We really worked closely together our engineers and developers engineers which gives us. The ability to really start integrating our products through a deeper level than anybody else he's ever been able to do so this year. People have traditionally just wanted to down imaging and other trolling motor speed ability to have your transducer looked directly in your vote. And returned some very clear 3-D images you have to kind of holes clamp on a the kind of surge to lower unit of the motor. And yet to deal with all the courts and the wires and fell back coaching. So what we did was we took all of that out. We work closely with hummingbird and took common birds may get down imaging which police a couple of years ago. Which is the highest quality images out on the market. I'm unbelievably clear and we took a transducer and they're built right inside the lower units no those cables run right up chapter the motor. On the inside and saw that the outside. But now you can stand on the bow your boat to the super clear images. But now that transducer is protected inside of the motor sales. So it really gives anglers that peace of mind that the Northern Iraq breakdown or run into in the wiring or installation issues that they constantly hearing some screen development. All the at all kind of been disappeared now what is correct now. And one of the holy Grail of thugs who were using electronics. In integrating met with the trolling motor used. I mean you you you don't you're you do your sonar screen solicit you go to your home invert screen and that your control center. And I'll I know a lot of the young men encoder products have the yeah out how it remote control which is wireless so you don't have that wire. But were also in the days of being able to pro Graham. You know use in the that did the charts all your cell marsh grain and say how wont to do I want to go from here to day year. And you just like you preprogrammed. That in into that in your trolling motor thousands directions in how. How were we add on that scale I know there's there's always each year seems like there's there's more improvements in giving bigger. There is every year there's more than an improvement and you know we hope to continue to do so. There what do you kind of said that is is really pretty true so you're only burn unit really almost becomes a controls you can sit on the console now. And what we call our one bode network which is really determined that we use to talk about. Now all of the army burden encoder products. Can now communicate together so whenever you're back we started. Making sure all of our products all have Bluetooth built into them so they can connect to each other and by doing so. We can make them more together so right now. Give hummingbird unit you can control your trolling motor right from hummingbirds screen you can steer it. Yeah or pearl terra motors you can still deployed in and through I highly GPS troll motor software. We can now say go to at this point. And then the electronic anchored down to the spotlight which. I want to get to point you are lucky in the motor will hold you on that spot automatically. And you no longer have to touch the motor and more on a great example of using mrs. So you land a sister you're young fish on annually get in the boat. Lot of times you step away control motor. Get to the fish in the boat and then by the time to give back the sushi and you're maybe 51020 yards off the spot your arm. Now I have to reposition. So now with our new technology. You look at the spotlight but when you're that many get that official line in a hole to write their souls and that this is in the boat. In July and Rebecca water so it's really helped Engler's. I'm really spend more time just focusing in number I think they need to do that less I'm worried about where we're at a bolts position work trip to. So it's really revolution guards and a lot of people go. Lot of companies wanna say get the product to revolutionize things that we really feel that we actually changed a way to fisherman as a pro yesterday and then approached her techniques. Which were pretty proud. And that I can give a personal testament to the spot blog I've got them in Canada ripped tad. All mob or in in the corner and Quayle announced roasting in India it's this year is modeled. In bill courses him implement says yeah. Yelled we also in in is a testament. You know used to be in the old days with spot Hawkins Spock was good item. But it was kind of in a range you know word where you'd be sentenced to you when you hit spot market also in the motor for whatever reason I guess reading off the GPS or whatever. It puts you thirty feet over to the other side. But this new generation a spot locked in here's my personal test moment my wife and our feast in Charlotte harbor over Christmas. Down in Florida in India was seen if you ever been a short harbor it's shallow in it can be rules we had three of lab to six foot. And we Roma pizza structure in about twenty feet of water. And in we will all speech but if you were home that structure you were off the speech in May in that spot locked bets that Joker hailed us did in place. And may not I would I was proud his method I was so proud of that UD did kind of the same thing this year at the bass master classic. Win we're reusing my key winced as a media vote. And hit the spot block while everybody else's troll America's couple those days were pretty windy yes they were and everybody else was you're trying to bounce off my butt and we didn't move me and they were they ran all the competitors ran right past the episode. Mean come on I'm a big fan I am a big thing in a spot locked in you guys have done a I know I couldn't say anything about the little squirrels and in all of its insider that makes it war. And good but they do your job. Well I we really appreciate him and that's what we're used to that is true and and that's the greens we continue to in the breeders'. The product has gotten substantially better year after year just because the technology changes done. You know we have a team of engineers that are just constantly were looking at. Software code and hardware changes and all those things just continually improve our product we're never happy would cut it. Today's model we're always looking at apple to make it better and you know we're proud of the article couldn't help it. And in the last thing I say bring it forward we have to live together it angered or break he is a lot of folks are like. It was so what's the big deal would dale on the imaging because I you know masa Omar have been looking down for years. But you talked about you know the difference in the the actor who. Not so much accuracy but it just in the images that you give back from day on the imaging. Verses traditional bell or facing sonar. At a buddy of mine on my boat and we were running split screens with traditional sonar and down imaging and he was like. Our man he's cost me a bunch of money. That's how I got to get DS we're looking at the moment burden he's like. I got to diesel what I'll always Powell were speech is just tree tops right. As RS why you get hung up so much so did Danny imaging technology you know don't don't there's a lot of tick league is in there but when you see only scurried. You see what you pay of a war. That you actually do end and it's not a down imaging got it that's been around for a number two years that. Really gives you great image quality. This last a year to a member has come what may get down imaging which. I'm. Sonar is is. Brand not so different frequencies so now we've been able to develop over the gotten it over. You know I seldom make heard switched the higher the frequency the more clear that image gets so we're actually producing higher frequency band. Anybody else up their donut today which. Which means to get more more details now you don't just say there's freedom there. Thank you I can actually see the outline that decision or concede the direction the sources say we can start identifying what kind of situation room starting into the not just target in an area that target specific markets and in this specific Chris themselves. Which it's almost to the point where it's cheating Birmingham where. I mean it's you know become a look behind the curtain while workers and so it's it's really been. Huge advancements in the in the technology and you might wonder is it worth the money hasn't worked dornin. You know to just anybody to define. Somebody who has the you know the -- Alicia so you can really see that it's a huge advance. It's an important for the Anglo. That's awesome brandy Hillary product manager for me cut motors for more information go to me and a Toto motors dot com Brad thanks for being on the show where that's enjoy Brad welcome. It's death awesome let's go to break while we come back we're gonna talk about a duty and our officer who say some laps. Right here of state outdoors 1063 WORD the stakes talks Dyson will be back on the flip side and talk about a good guy that wears during Jane's right after this. End to the Eagles have managed talk while we go we got Jumbo from easily Jimoh Tony La. Hey guys appreciate you listen don't show my daughter very much you. We've had a lot twelve to thirteen Barrett shot he's. Allele within two miles the league is a hospital. And we've had called. Around over here and we've been very. Helpful to column B and I came home from a meeting last week and while watching the whole patio open the garage. I came through the garage and it got particularly that adamantly underground Barrett well I don't mop patio. Soaking up about Byrd's seat. Why now what do Mohamed day had and low is only you got the bird seed out there and only surprise he'll drink a hummingbird feeder to he'll turn it upside down and down had TO got. And if you pay attention it is really good to Holman Byrd saying you have met Lance calls they extended. It. Here is restore and learn could acumen ways. I've got a picture of 600 pounder standing up or should we call. So without that bird or birds businesslike as overlap. Do well bimbo odd day all we appreciate I'll just be safe and now. It's been very that they have all been very happily that I feared that bothered by some neighbor cooperating and it's while exciting to comment on how good the buyer turning in your backyard. Have you been talking to our girl Tammy Waechter from you know our city to Arlington. Are slowly shoot the ball where he excellent let's. And then there's that there's another doubt it. I think he worked lived up. And I mostly look create a hazard. He's not he's got a special special day but he's been very helpful enough. I don't know which of an exciting time I guess and and he's good. Eddie you know I give those are safe don't leave that currency got too much. I could imagine welcome analog ports and it cut it that's it's he came up his bass Sonnen is okay and money. And Astoria on my bass and I usually don't. It does start there. And that's when I first saw all the way car. He was a Cody Anglican fell about nineteen feet town Rihanna reveals unexpectedly didn't want to things flipper fly didn't do either one it on Nemo. I pilgrim. Yeah I don't IPO yeah you hear your skin various. Jeremiah Johnson you don't remove comment I'm doing Jimmy Buffett you'll hear how volatile the man. She. Hard gig it's now there is good luck good and you know. I hear the national hot stud here would hit the. Cold story off of Carolina sports and dot com about his game warden who saves a mother and three kids from burning from a burning car bomb. Let's see you never know appeared in our officer you never know exactly what's in store pretty much 24 sevens going home. But. You know they are we've talked about this with the Indian our officers only issue before they dimming mirror law enforcement and they also. You know assist with the other law enforcement agencies. And that's exactly what happened to you or something new usually not first responders but. In this case veteran Berkeley county. Wouldn't just insisting he was the first responder he was up off duty in his personal vehicle when he came upon a car accident all month railroad. Mere pie and Veoh is is on July 9 he always keeps his shares the former radio interview with him. Even when he's off duty and taking a media control the accident saying he radioed to sheriff's department for back up. And god man up and the the vehicle involved nexus hit hit a tree and sergeant span immediately realize you know he'd also called on fire them says that's is pretty serious thing. As the flames started to grow the passengers and the driver were trapped in the cork and none of the doors and open. You say there were hits a tree cans though she's here in a back door won't open. So use an attire are a tire iron that was provided about my standard sort of spanned smashed out the wind is on the blazing vehicle. And help the passengers a mother with three small children to bomb strapped in car seats I got out safely within minutes. The car was fully engulfed in flames. And those people world just lucky that. Mr. green jeans who today was wearing his green Kate what his green genes account. They haven't just been in that area it is pinch ran to the minute it have been a bad the Taliban. So world congratulations to sergeant. Thomas span and also note DO CU young kids out there who were. Who were interested in in becoming true DNR officer they are taking application as they are now Soledad. Lieutenant Jim let's which Britain but if you will go on the state. A government website to see done good jobs dot me yes Google it if Google South Carolina DRS Indian our game warden. And they are putting on a new batch of game wardens and committee you commit to New Orleans. Well there's a reason we're gonna go to the top of the hour come back with a group you get that. Of state outdoors 1063 Dario our day we are mere sty tuned we'll be right back after days.