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Saturday, July 15th

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A total daily conversation premium money beating China's gonna cook up up on dot. My pennies decorated athlete. But anyway. You know heart he's got a new cajun this get out so I'm thinking I. What what are what better way to go cajun is to go occasional fish poor boy I. We asked agent Lou wrecked here by the late night so would you don't it just works with a fresh from freshwater fish so order faced. Does not matter whatever Phishing kits and bring home to the house wreckage water fees he would ever. Now mean you know I'm not saying go flat car worst. Sorry I don't you got enough to pages also ordered my debt somewhat beyond our insignia theorize that take a lot of gauges guys. I when he wanted to you found them fresh filet of fish fresh or salt water. No skin and a member of the blaze a pretty good South Dakota you know try to keep him about the size of the poor boy. Sandwich oracle board but let us decide we need two cups of flour to ask on what we don't dredge this stuff the end of put it in the grease one and optional. That's a tool to make bickered thick batter 45 mini bell peppers are breaking a bell peppers were responding to a slice them all up one onion slice it in the rings. About four ribs a salary slice of that too wanted to have teased his cajun seasoning your choice would have won like six kodi burns. One to two teaspoons of blackening season and a quarter cup of beer. There are you are out there Indo radio land who's been complain about the beard so here we got nasty don't have a ready made. Blackening seasoning you couldn't you couldn't scrounge one up or as what I would say if you go to place in my bluegrass Roche group would offer your. And you can do about mixing two teaspoons of peppery go one teaspoon oregano. A half a teaspoon onion powder and a half a teaspoon garlic powder. Half a teaspoon of high and one teaspoon of salt in a quarter teaspoon of pepper and a half teaspoon of chili powder and a buddy that is some. Holly led aid. Blackening season right there so if you won't do it don't your own you can do it that way or can just go bust them okay. Arrays of laziness allegations squeeze lemon over with the lace covering both sides generously sprinkle blackening seasoning over both sides of the place. And then let Reston refrigerator for about a half hour or so whatever is good for you I like our plus while blazer mayor now heading onto all your slice of what the peppers and onions celery. And into thin strips and set aside. You don't dread the plays and shallow dish a flower bouquet and if you wanna go extra pick or neo batter. You know given him a little bit of Hague after the first the F and then go back in with the flowered in and give a real big cutter. And real thick coating skis and let blaze said in a flower addition to already front. I didn't know fill up to par halfway full baseball. Same old same row and then start from efficient small batches. Until they're golden brown and crispy about seven minutes per Bratz I now when the vegetables are tender after you've had him. Are in a skillet and slightly karma lies he gonna add your quarter cup of beer. In all west is gonna make a nice little salsa and there were those vegetables Lotta Lotta cajun tell he's going on there. And he got a toaster ho hum Gibbons under the brawler. And his serve the poor boys with the Kagan vegetables and take a little bit of salsa out of the paying. Kind of for a top man is good it's our six and then you have some extra full of fish for laser that she's with all the Kooks they go. Qaeda and these poor boys. What this week's road still roadkill cafe in I see. EU as it is good if he would let you know you must like. A little bit of heat and you must really like K despite it's okay. Some people don't just don't care for and believe me this recipe in the words of Troy landing trend toward Landry is a tree shaker and can appreciate it's a tree Schechter. Our rear end checkered the next day relegated spots and. Yes I am today. I request I can't remember. Did did we did or did you do a a finish gumbo recipe and it was all India Ibn was enduring. That was say essay yeah you can is kind of like an owl in the the nasty mix together but there was there how long did you do there it's been over a year or so I have to look at I know were worked counted the point in springer puts all of these risks these are FaceBook page every week if you hear about wine. And you're like man that sounds good. And you can get our FaceBook paging give that is yes it came out winning the towel to the the exit to the same stance stay years and who's about springer put together Arabia the road Q cafe. Wrist but he book. I've got to Mala save them all alert yeah they are in our computer so I mean I've got. Well how long what three years so yeah half past three years or actually tapes now you know. It could easily my mug. I didn't do right cover of the book a guy springer was not a road. Reverend some I don't know our record upon our dear that would be the best thing yeah negative here outside a rental and and throw. I like that that's a good idea we'll have to work with it probably in Iran never happen. We have great not only am I assume I was really thank great testament great aspiration exactly shallow pocket yeah exactly yourself. Well we had a little bit of business news that we been following often always ever since it was mentioned. About the Cabela's a mass pro merger and got the us from And is talking about the Cabela's shareholders have approved a bass pro merger now if you haven't been following this story then you know him. Or if you have been following error or not. The big hang up was a Federal Trade Commission did nuclear gonna sound awful I've not. Because of the monopoly laws that are there and knock a week or so ago the Federal Trade Commission deal approved the merger. Of bass pro shops. Acquiring Cabela's and in course I don't know what I always you know they'll learn a secret handshake. In his colleagues. But I said did you embellish shareholders also have to vote hornet we stay idea don't Tuesday and then voted in favor. Of video merger with bass pro shop. And deceit read from fox businesses Sidney Nebraska based Cabela's noted shareholder vote. A week after the Federal Trade Commission approved the deal. Which is expected to close in the third quarter mass pro plans to acquire Cabela's and at transaction valued at four point two. Billion. With a B for the English yeah it would debate we're pleased at how would you. Johnny Morse in super nice guy Danaher business guru but he's got more money than he geek com over with broken horror as the year I agree days but. Assurance that gig ever coming you know he's grounded via. Says we're political we're pleased that our cut our combination with bass pro shops has received overwhelming support. Of Camilla shareholders that's according to Cabela's a year of Tommy Miller. Which he read a statement today's results are an important milestone as we look forward to completing demerger. And creating the premier retailer and outdoor sporting news. Where the unparalleled commitment to customer rule in satisfaction that a deal is also contingent on the sale of Cabela's financial union. And nets and no it was financial or Georgia based bank agreed to buy the chances of deposits. Of the world's foremost bank debts the Cabela's finance foreign. Capital One Financial has a deal to acquire the retailer's credit card business. And I only know that we were we were Qichen interact a springer now was I'm. We were we wrote were Cabela's this morning talking with some of the folks over there in that actually had their continued top where their credit card manager. And basically from the user standpoint for their credit cards. You won't. You'll notice a difference right okay historically before Cabela's owned its own. Critical or grass which is unusual yes OK but but most. You know if you go to C years and you go out of reach user whoever whoever. Who has a credit card as you know store credit card. That is underwritten by some banking group that's going to be no different the Cabela's credit card is going to be underwritten by a bank now is that a Cabela's it sale. But all of them points. And the club membership and all that is Steele Gordon BM place. So if you're concerned about that don't they you don't you don't need to be because all that's gonna be you know from your standpoint do you. Nothing should change correct and we get there. From month to finance editor had a real like us at the beginners have got to really. Much better failing economy JD this today young men and his his you know his whole Powell's a little bit Tommy had to talk on what's transpired and. Says and he said he likes he's excited about whether he really is which was may go keep his job. Seth zip all beautiful NetApp. And that's what I wonder about you know listen in to Tommy mill owners to Tbilisi I was like OK so we're glad to see yeah loser I would say it. You know it's always anytime you duplicates. The right you always worry about the acquire read. If he's all keep his job so yes but yet locals lower. I think we've pretty much say that the old like auto irons farmer is never know we got the but it Turkey Stratton zone and a great place for the deer to hang out and not I wouldn't say it never will be obvious you know because the wind up being acute today here are some and then allies there but for more traffic we have to wait they're coming over year. Let's go to our break you knew when we come back we're gonna run they own the best of show who is the issues I cast which is nailed down enough Orlando Florida. Right here all of Seattle or 1063 WORD power by hard isn't Carolina coach is tight and we'll be right back after these messages. Enjoy the day enjoy us. Endorsing rat. I mean they both got about the same. As a journalist yes our ice true journal well as whatever voice is a journalist and you. And looking into look there's a ton of people that went down to Florida to do I Kasten to report almost. And as far as any decent writing in implement the written word came out of it. There was no OK Andy and I just wanna say it is you know all of these out or retailers and vendors and media folks here then and everybody takes your video camera yet so they don't have to riding he's thing correct K so you if you want any information about what happened and I cast. You I have to you don't Internet yet in in in video it because nobody rope they don't he thing outweighs I've got to holiest. Here of the winners. In in May have then it's like this to show for the is embarrassed to show for than in in May say it's the it's. Voted owned by a you know of all the vendors and sales in the preakness princes senators senator it's kind of funny. Hal the league the folks who sponsor. The I can't it's funny I always end up winning the award. This can ally JD power & Associates in if you you gotta. You gotta you membership the year award IG paper as fortunate and it went in general more participation probably yes those like. And so yeah I NN and so pure after going sour grapes disputing ago. And lose any usable. Information. In horizontal got him. Is it I get no usable information from opt probably should start go and and they're just to ride. Okay here's who won the best of show in here are some observations. About this thing I would love and why you want. But nobody does all these kids in Gaudin there. I guess they came right for school law okay are there too lazy year I don't have time or whatever so here's going to be word for it brother. Mean you know it isn't from from some from some might wired to speech which is which is a good Ole line publication. And I'm originally is that the adjacency lock put on here and Jason Peter this next year some takes behind each one of my goodness. So anyway the winners from I care as we don't know why I'll that we can surmise. In the US this is the won it in the blows me away this should have warned. This should have won best to show our one best shows I'd look folks were all born in the diss list is vote. The voting accessory. Was the unity coolers load out bucket about. And I yield to put it is springer term yes it is a bad doll five gallon book it is they. Retails for 39 dollar doesn't take Charlie forty dollar Yucca authority dollar bucket won best in show for birdie eggs industries it is a year eighty. And now Mabry or send a signal the only thing I really know much about in he's supposed to hold up to 15100 pounds. And of course is no kill the 15 under I am really op OK so. What is what is in war eagle we putting it up Bob don't look at me that it's going. I don't give it is only so much input if I go look at what what would you put in a bit on my 15100 billion undermine our pumpkins only look at rockets Hertz have another but I. So lonely season try I'm just if you view you know would gold when you wake OK you know why they're I got it goes man. The natural or man yeah how do you the only way. How much wood five gallons of gul of low lying. I have to take a good chunk of that at a later. The pay for the day go for it out but yeah I drag but he did it it is a yeah eighty yes it does have those see grease bottom. This a nice bookie this really a nice bucket for forty votes only Indo band only ask somebody lie because somehow. I know likes them. Cozy and sea foam and look here. I can afforded out with the flowers and angle we did they do exclude in two weeks or I can buy her initiated bucket NC foam. And it should still be around you know com. Into time bright for forty books so anyway here here are your your your learning this marriage thing greatly you're doing fine do it myself. Category the winner for the votes category was the bottom rover. And that's all I say is there's no picture of it you know both Grover. You know I did you know a little bit about their DD disease sort of a stand panel bull were right. Kind of thing it's made by boat BOT he and I think it's even got a motor with it which kind of baffles me how ideas standup paddle board with a murder. Is the only that's. You stand a parable were. Yeah let me do you need to put do you have to register that Clinton's numbers are asked the motorized you do and you understand where the kayak or sticky don't put all of motor. Yet it's. The winner and out where category woods. Campuses. A sunrise merely ends which is the most organized your sunglasses and looks like. Pretty much half of everything else they have. On the footwear was the hook a lot of name brands I hear yes HEK. The attack footwear analyst likes and she usually no laces. Bomb. Wesley fraud dogs won with their lifestyle apparel though peer me at one Ceres Pallet jacket. Marine electronics the hummingbird Zoellick stiffed name which is binal in the news one of them big screen yes he's you could onus on the sonar. You and he also won another category for fishing accessory in its say he's the unity cooers anger duffel. It's a bag yes it is so cute stuff ran in his arm CM's Warren in the the flash fishing accessory dear dad stocking foot waiter. For fish and land at Berkeley fire on hold for eight. Which appears to be brave yet over looks it ultra. Ultra eight here un office brighter not because. No road is you know per. Description of the tenth. Makes me so I'll love you feel like you're here spot Luke. Honestly cause I was still like to read these days yeah yeah freshwater or was saying did you gear 3-D top order bat there's a picture via. I never knew that a ban would be I don't know often or catching fish relative is that right now you it's you can hang that up in the house for nobody even got home he can scare the hell out of somebody. Hang the hang up a half or can't you know. Do I think you'd better roads might look at the house and boom at bat in on the base Obama. The rough pollen. 3-D X threat Magnum 41 for salt water or Lou were. And the longer hunt prop series one for Frisch Warner softly the laugh target. Hollow body mulling it as I'm glad look in day out and do you wait for somebody give me one day and Sandler married that's a good look combat. Saw order real issue Mon news sustain reels Warren. Saint Croix religion tournament insure rod G -- was one for fly rod with their there I am mixed proof fly rod so. Yet in a best to show overall was the by rover. So there again Perry thanks for no information. It's so I jewel did city of gold is close to a hundred and are not any three pounds per gallon it's only five gallon bucket. Would be which woody called 965. Pills. So you can if you had thigh yeah. Did you were you bugged. Let's grow I think pessimists thing we go muted and really let's go to our break going come back we're gonna talk for a buddy Kendall McCarthy who is later. And we can ask her these dumb question. Right here almost all words than 1063 WORD love and local but two dummies from now or is sponsored by hardee's and Carolina coaches. Conversation usually commercials in little meetings usually rises to expand our. But we have got our she's a few reporter for today she did know it. I can almost cocky for the it's relation officer and she says now there's only some things I can tell you about. That a welcome addition. I mean god great to hear your beautiful voice let's think in Kindle. SRC gets paid for. Senator says that can't we we didn't run Dan in and I kind of put us in a DHU with the best of show from my cast because not these key kids. In the journalism. In journalism industry today can write in these things now order a video about it. It somebody literally somebody posted the picture and in the end you know would ever want to best to show but there was no description about. One at war on why did he is or what the features are so we'd just ran through our entire earliest. Of the best to show for my cast which wouldn't woods. I don't have supported her tame because we kind of got hung up on the yeah eighty bucket yes but you can say. Year well always figured out was read somewhere that the year eighty Bucky what holds the feast will hold up to 15100 pounds in our producer did some research during the yeah break. And discovered it. There is not any natural elements. No the older. Bit gallons worth wasting your finger violence. Haven't paid less than. You know I I have no idea when we were walking past the Eddie yesterday actually we are that are now and back. I expressed slaughter. Injury she brought self and to that that the cheap land. We walked over there and you're not looking into that out because that definitely caught their attention and we couldn't quite come company entered that question. Well Amy and Angela a man money pay any hour of producer she said maybe it's not that it did yeah it will the F 15100 pounds but like you could use it for a jacked. Like if you're tired. But I went flat you can Jackie car up and sit there you debug and under any awards support 15100 pounds that bell probably make more stance. Well you know getting slowly back it product and make them pretty bad so I think that would be a great idea yelled. I met doctor and gotten at that eerie. Aren't. I had a better idea candle piers I like improve okay they do commercial you know where the Bayer toward the original OK I just have kind they needed to make an elephant yeah. And let him sit almost Bob gallon bucket is it holds we think. I personally would like can be there to witness that Amy and I. They wanted to present an elephant sit on the book exactly and poop in. And it would be in. The bucket and you did though to weigh in and everything and ARIAD was well you know that's an expansive. But it you know. When you're out goers do what ya orphaned. Listeners know candle was this the first appeared in South Carolina. I know we of god and I don't know how many here our agency how has participated. But I'm not been heard from our freshwater fisheries division and the people from armory increased our division and are up and gone on for years in the past. You know network and partner with exhibitors from around at Carolina. They just never FaceBook about it like exactly that's what I might exploit I was going to candle lit it wasn't enough not. I'm dispensers it was dubbed the most coverage and probably quite frankly it was the courteous in this coverage and up watched you know as far as what's going on and I kissed. With South Carolina. Well thank you know we're glad that people know everything that's been brought me on board last year you know something that we're really trying to do is have a much better web site and specifically at a social media partners conference saying that our agency that has a lot of people without airline don't know that we go all the way to Florida. For the international convention and as thumping you know the reason they wanna be down there that shareware Arctic a lot of pictures. But isn't it but live video ads and let people know that we're sitting here you know working with our vendors for sport fish restoration. Job well done and springer says it did because he's got a man crush on all sales. Well I mean we. Cross on the yeah we got I got I got are also speed down lower amount than. There are iiroc grade I you know we're pretty much acts that they hit the whole time I was out there but never and I have shown here around. Tell me what you wanted to do and not have brought back brought the art in our presence down there. So when you say dia SF ID and our partners with us there were folks I know we've got some South Carolina manufacturers who Revere what from your experience here what what did you what was your take away what what did you feel like it was some of the coolest of there will be seeing all in the you know retail market coming up this year. Oh gosh there you know I have to day. I never thought there could be so many different deny in the taking apparel. Well I went I look at all the different type of color and design they aperture on the line at some really great a terrible. People who're gonna be. What we're looking port showcasing the great view on design than Terrell and when he eighteen. And then a lot of the companies we have within that state are going to be joined the great rod reel them where. You can great fly fishing and I didn't realize slight issue and I. I'd strong of a president Abbott that there were a lot of them that are there would fight it and passed on. So I mean really you know if you're worried about looking good on the water or hacking perpich Roddick el. But the perfect pet I mean that the people in South Carolina are gonna have anything in the. Or fill in the blanks for me because I know we've got went South Carolina is home to a a lot of the manufactures and on news Uga purification. The headquarters is based in Columbia so and I'm sure they were very well represented here you've also got hooked apparel. Which is based data votes somewhere in the low countries that are in in I'm sure they were yeah. All of wilderness systems is. A time manufacture here in agreeable. I'm the one who else. South Carolina based company's. Do we have in the state of big time players on the retail market. I've got to we've got a lot there are on the walker I will mention her and her actually one eight best in category award of course and you footwear and they're going to be putting out so. Cook is definitely want to be looking for. I'll let seem pentagon direct pictured here and there were so many Arab League that at this rate there 88 and Carl and and they've got. I really bright colored. Glittery. The Kelly date four you'd see it being on our opening a letter with a really interesting company that we got there. And they are reservation platform sport fishing charters so if you go to opening alert to let you go online and you can check out all the different fishing charter. That they offer up and on the coast you can look at you know what kind of respect taking you out or what kind of well heeled beyond and they do. Pick it up a notch instead of just go into a regular web site and this thing up Elena but it's chartered you have a lot of different options and you know about that you can't text message alert regarding your reservations in England that are out. That's definitely need lot. Arm that checked out we got kinetic this is electing and you know they do real rod and they're pretty well known throughout the meat. I'll let me coming govern permanently scared if he let out we've got there were so many. Let feet. Asked it stiff armed with a company that was there they make it really neat product that can help you get the F pitched being up here and on an eerie equipment and it you don't wanna Molly isn't the end of the day they're great company go and check out there. Of course there's always that the man products that are based in Latin and yeah they've got all the technology for angler anyone who does it I think is definitely heard it being met before the motto would bear you know. Oh that's right I am the only way to Vermont and went on anchors are both down in in a Lance and trolls and some rulers. I guess they are and you know what called out to monitor and they jacked. Moved there fishing operation operation brands to stop Carolina today where originally based in California or fishing but because. Fishing is so big here in South Carolina they're needed corner this year which with a really big statements may Wear a Carolina and fishing industry there. Good looking kept growing in your gut you can Wear an outdoor is here it they get a letter grilling me I act you can edge around. Local outfitter I would have really need apparel company that I that. Talked to them while we were down there. And they don't ever really cute little including that he got a little kid. You want them in the cute little fishing shirt you know. They can provide that for you know a lot of apparel companies they cater not that you adult or something that was interesting about our local boy were they do a lot of after check out. I mean we just got company all of the state that provide any and everything and yeah they all have something to say about how the fishing industry in South Carolina that fresh water and hot water Alec shot. Boomed and now our state as monolith that maybe it impaired and other you know we're becoming known throughout the world are great pitching and average share. And in view we can't leave out or sweet meats and about it show rooted in twenty detain a bass master classic. Is coming meadow lake horrible in a Greenville, South Carolina and net net. That also goes along with partnering with the you know or in. And Anderson in green when everything in a lot of these on these suction cup and Indians you what kind of great natural resources we have here in the state. They are they are either of these kids internment I mean they bring people from all over the country and it that the another great way to showcase. What South Carolina have offered art the water concern and you're speaking at tournament. After all W is in the sport would cut at lake Mary much we're gonna have another huge. A fishing championship here in South Carolina that they. They keep on comment on they let her loving. Let there period in on the water and from what I heard speaking with several pro angler this week they have every intention of continuing to come back I'm at a state. Yep excellent and this is not the first time if they don't abuse had their championship it. At lake Murray and in apparently won't be the last time so we'll is just a lot of stuff going on. In and I think a lot of this course bonds would be in our hiring use the information officer of buried via. Oh I I like it yeah. Yeah. Yeah I've I've I have a lot lot alert our eight BE. You know we'd we covered so many staying there and I have a lot to learn but I certainly hope that our president Jerryd helping to batter. Educate the public about all the neat things that are agency does a wild life the people the environment all now I'm I'm I appreciate you guys are. Acknowledging the work again to better educate everybody. Well an idea and just have to you earlier on in the show we had Charles Ruth on in course draw on the speaking to were with the with the deer tags and in you know Steele he's give a lot of the same questions but I think folks were. Finally get a grasp on the way the the deer tag program's gonna work for Tony seventy say he's got his hands full too. Charles met Charles of the man he in he and bake and shall and I am. Have been working very closely with you know getting a lot of material together at about the public educate them about the need your legislation because there are. A lot of that is. Kind of end that and it can be confusing for the public so Extreme Networks together to try to do you know we did it apply. A couple of months ago putting a lot of information on social media and the web site to do it. To try to encourage the public question that I'm opening day they what they need and making it up there we have a lot. Absolutely or general cocky. Tennessee it is information director information officer. My technical title at public information director I nose in there somewhere I feared that I need to be on the ground book what it sounds. That is. Communicate and girl I don't mean Jason Kendall thanks for being on the show that's a great information I'm glad Joan got red raw silk Homs say youth. I was a real concern. Well actually there actually on this show ended after it yesterday and my tablet and I got and I combat our our biologists they. Stayed and tried to break down our setup I'm married at it and I eat dinner and they're probably on the way back at speaks barrel and he should not only male Bosnian. You know you you would you ask I have I'm not let up now are now. My favorite that we have Monday but. You never now. I give a good job well done god bless thanks for joining us we are our. They haven't you guys and that any time he'll need any game. We're happy to help out. Did the embankment but. Mind let's get to contribute let's go to our break you knew when we come ma'am we'll get an account of a BS in regular parting shot in right after these letters from. Whoever we go to come from and more power by Carolina coach of the parties. And. Counter bids is don't that would you guys. Right tonight the rocky mountain elk foundation upstate South Carolina chapter bank was going known and how will be an 807 east Washington street Greenville south Carolina at the porn set. Club. They still tickets available so go by and check that out to end. Take out rocky mountain health foundation good food good friends and of great prizes Sheikh win their home between onto July. They will be having a family fishing clinic from 7 PM to none PM after the India also you don't burn up at the table rock state park. Park admission fee of five dollars or per adult is required it's that that's the only money you don't have to bring is the depart. Only third of August the hunting heritage banquet of the national while Turkey Federation's Spartanburg. Chapters the Spartanburg she burst. Will be going on that 6 PM at the lodge in late Bo and commons. In not in men and for more information in Colorado earned grow at 864 or 5901750. Also in August on the seventeenth. Another banquet. The Newberry county got worse at that country club of Newbury. 414 country club road Newberry South Carolina for more information or meg dose is tall you can call Betty Johnson an 803767323. For a go to the in WTF. Federation. The website and click in. It's South Carolina and all that information and where to get tickets will be available for you later that if your calendar events for this week. And for our parting shot for today and this comes from eightieth city wildly dramatic story. Coming out of hope main. In begins on a piece for jogging trail win Rachel porch crossed paths were to rabid raccoon Rachel was jogging down trail and a beautiful day admiring the saner around her. When she noticed a small furry roadblock up he would obstructing her narrow path. And showing its teeth. Now board each before Boerse could turning go the other way it began bounding to order reports say. Imagine the Tasmanian did what she stated it was terrifying. More Chu remembers ripping out her ripping out her head phones and dropping her phone on the ground. And she tried to evade the devilish creature but the path was too narrow for her to run past it. Now the wreck noon at her feet and adrenaline pumping orange. Put her panic on hold I knew it was gonna bite me she CO. Now during the frantic wrestling match with the forest animal. Boards came the conclusion she would ultimately have to do in herself now the image do you come down later in the story Boortz is a good data and rule. Based here they dictate I don't know me don't you know made. And she decided her hands were the best place for it to latch onto. So directly and bared its teeth into Boortz is dumb. And continued thrashing around scratching her arms and legs suddenly Boortz noticed that when she dropped her phone. It landed in a puddle water and was completely submerged. Would directly and still attached to her thumb board showed her hand and a raccoon underwater. Until it went Leah. Will open multiple pop pop pop off and she was able to remain that was. Critics. Celtics provide about Thomas Frank. And she was able to remove her thumb from its math and shock ports controversy and headed back to our house is quickly she could knowing she would have to go to the hospital. So far Boortz has receive six shots include including a rabies vaccine. In new look glob and and tetanus injections and she said if there had been water on the ground I don't know what I awarded on boards in about drowning animal it was really just dumb look. I've never cured an animal with my bare hands I'm a vegetarian. Philadelphians. Welcome to the real low it's not like any film prove. And more success in. I'll go wow you know. A man known it apart so. Basically. What doubles down to is the vegetarian decided did to it's time to be. When reality bites us hate me or did this town to be. Primal why didn't she just trying to reason with the rabid. I know it reminds me a lot of these you know these situations where you've got a shooter. A while issued a move some money she's trying to reason with a negotiate she should tell them that you loved him. Mr. mr. raccoon I'm not. Oh you are. Don't know I love yeah. Any instead. She drowns it in pool water. Right and. Why can't we thought it why do we know if he's given. We don't look. These arrest can wreck is not a nice animals start win like Kyra when he's rabid. In you know and asked. You notice part of maybe you would read it I know I'm not seeing record as it were just pissed off the latest out of bad attitudes in the bed just demand and you don't have to be rendered many records are not small furry denies. Load Bambi that was all farce OK so she drowned correct noon. Peta will be collings Nassau can say what SE universe show today I ask Charles Ruth. And Kendall McCarthy also boast from. Love you guys appreciate you being here each and every week did outside stay cool though and enjoy the great outdoors thank him personally to service which upping Don next we Levy won't talk to you next week. I'm eat.