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Saturday, July 21st
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Is this thing don't. As there. Welcome to upstate outdoors another Saturday's Indian state. Listening to 1063 billion award deal with Philip. We are going we've got a great show for you today course said at every week but I mean at this time absolutely vomit I mean last time you needed every time. This goes way Gingrich as Ozzie. We are. A tag team that they never thought would last this long. It's regularly check coming up almost five years sooner or fifteenth. The day deer season. And are our member of the Boston just hearsay in you know restorers tortured no and it's way noise. More OK yeah. Acuity and ends in it was like. They had this so hot season and a five year anniversary. I think they get a big party plan yeah right five year anniversary dance they fear they day other than seriously I heard about it. I think an eagerness and is a pay each day in that the into the two weeks and the pollutants are ready I'll. So welcome to the show we have got a big shoe for you own tab. A lot of that there's these above federal legislature yes SanDisk. Is it hasn't made it big time year I didn't and I think this happens. Sometimes until things start getting closer and closer to being passed. Gonna talk about that in the upstate outdoors blog in. It's. It's gonna be if past is going to provide a bunch. Bunch of funding. For wildlife conservation across the country as whale is here at home. In South Carolina and now Gordon did details about this but. It's you know it's always when it whenever we cover some are motivated to my politics and legislation. Yeah hookah if anyone else's domain ID yeah. But no this is really important piece of legislation and and bite you folks still listening in and and get act we disc is this is up and we need to we need to get our. Our state. Not our state legislators but our federal legislators from South Carolina behind this I think most of moderating from there are talking we just. Brandon barber from river blade knife a flat don't say we don't listen to our listeners we got some feedback about how much. I may never talk about our business then they'll tell us. So it in that total brain has like. And it tray out to be cult now mean it's it's hot he's like well you know a lot of folks are planning. For a coming Trout season and yet they're you know you just gotta pick and choose your places in Malaysia and you can also you know practice up all your flower rod teaching. Your philosophy she may not me for Trout. But tell you you resort to have Brendan Barber from river blade knife and flat talking about that and they end up. I guess had got a segment this kind of a couple of open things number one. DR if you look at your licenses week in an improbable blow their say images about Tony is they're not opening this weekend. So if you're if you're like I mean I've got to do in my eyes is today we're goal and vision is different and as soon but I don't have a license. Which I did could it. You muses they miscues avenues for forty years. Hi I know mine aren't going on doing it on does the system was down. Death and utilizes prepare for a pinch run she drives in spring and during this spring's gonna bring us oh also militants on the is. You know Netflix you get you you'll have this noon the you don't want sniffling the and I didn't have Netflix Kampala today and admitted to the club in instead of because I don't you know I can get that based on satellite. Because I don't have surety snow most of anyway but it's there's a pretty cool. And and now little reserve judgment until I see it but I they did a a movie. About deer hunting OK and you know it's it's kind of a behind the scenes thing Josh bro Lindsay and not at allied just Bowen but. More reserve judgment and policy the movie and see if they put some kind of political sphere as well worry about what makes you move. Yeah do your hood and probably just not book authors they battle think this can be solid no no I had I think there's some big. As a lot of terrible things like that you know and it always is going to be in this BJ yes it does or talk about that later on the show and during the second hour spring is gonna bring us the roadkill cafe would do is about martyrs this. Thank Steve Villa. But murders here venison Palmer OK I guess. So yeah yeah. This what you got area and I'm gonna get to tell you still in last year's Venice I mean yes. I'm coming up in the second hour we're gonna have a special guest in studio witness Kayla Hartman she is. From Cabela's the street she's go hide her way down here in. Robert you're probably because that's how she is the hiking camping lead she's also the marketing director for the Cabela's store angry bull. And so she's going to be in studio with us talking about some great places. That you can go hiking and camping you know it's kind of the offseason for on and creation in between it's the image willing Mariah. You know lecture flu like me and you wanna go out and wait till hottest part of the year to get you don't attract her you always do it every year doesn't basic mistakes and now it's alligator that idea so work where have Keylon instant you looking for that. Will also look talk about some up places some good places to go some hikes this time mere. Up in the mountains this place to be right there and or out west in the mouth when I just got back South Carolina via my son has got my except go to also. And it spray is gonna bring us the calendar Olivia got some new this lake added to our already had that goal and we will ramp up the show where there are parting shot. About a sky car. New calls this chaos sac are pretty good and you any Major League Baseball game between. The Anthony was Indians somewhere I don't I've Detroit Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians on my bit. Yeah yeah. Professional baseball thing is it tigers in the Los Angeles Angels I was nine Susan yeah obviously diplomat's son. The most guy car what you don't do them judo Canada gave Syria take them out so you bid outside window hum emerged this week and then it just. Hasn't been the hummingbird at big league right here and I. I don't know where they all came from they all came the world arsonist is you call one that is late owl on the reborn I doubt is being a Smart way. Oh you don't have been barred report up quite well at the back. Why would anybody get well yeah. I have to could. Best to to something okay. I have not I have never been a big fan of the nation would both husbands give these demise I love you guys out of there again allow let's just. And man that's just one of those things amid our ally ally throw on top water ice in the enough Fuller our frog were so I am not in in mystic meg from what I've never been a big fan of buzz based. I have actually even slow or fast roll. You know a spare bay just below the surface right because they got more confidence that but I never really had that much confidence in buzz dies. And now we're reading some online talk when Francine and some stuff. About you know summertime it is hot hot hot and you know go out derided Arthel buzzed by its drug will OK I got a test on wood inside. So you know after and it things cleared up yesterday evening and asked Willem dragged activity of probably about 730. Perfect drag it over to upon. And my time off fault mile late to the weeds and it takes in the breyer's and in in firing and so on Steffi and Indian through the weeds and antiques and Brian grow and an agent applied. I hate fags I get out here in a start though in a buzzed by and you know did he know about the lobos but you gotta be close to structure OK okay I mean. Sorted out over open water I mean some people probably Kate's view fees rise if there's something under the here but you know you got the order and structure. So buffalo ran into this pond does ham brew being. Massey and I understand my experience okay I'm sure there's Warner to be big ones in near like most places it but the rest of murder or Schmoll. And so I'm the one in his like ideas. And a fifth kiss. But now it really was a light it that's not the way that's not the way these these speech be it is just like your passing. Right. And it's like they suck it under that masons and so. I had some experience though when a buzz by good and one things out one of the things I learned about a buzz by. You know when you're when the lowest innovate people put the trailer who caught right arm because they're they're mad about coming up behind a shortsighted. Buzz made I did not have a trailer hooked on it and I'll probably should have because I only had like three skirts in my box I lost all three of I come in snakes that now they well. And I'll must Avery everytime you idea by industry are to be hanging from the hook right Andy and I knew it was time ago when I lost my third skirt. And it was almost probably about 9 o'clock here in Oz like we're bank mainly new and then lift between its I always try something that you don't think yeah. Yeah does a great places to try to and that you know they kind of it would mostly domestic coming in instituted. To studio it is like you know. The confidence that you have in what are sufficient work pay unit and had actually I mean I know it was kind of in an image in a TS place right but it's like you know mixed Amman Matalin a big leg or something around power. Andy Miller confidence of those that buzz but that is if the conditions Iran correct and I remember years ago you'd be in the same way the genes but I had tons dig in spines. And it would talent well and he's just like Anderson guides kings they were fees and now I love peace and Gigot spent during the right time sees. Makes a big difference has that's just the low impromptu thing. Does at this very real quick you know we talk about few weeks months ago about easily sharply Tenneco W nauert yeah. Well I noticed in the frogs around implode in their all of a pretty dark compared to the frogs and aqaba yeah says got dale black sharply. Kind of the underside of the oh frog black. Money in the house. Many Massa got Hutchison. Senator kit and fraud and theft if I could compared to a Jonathan roadblock frogs underside that was lied to it to a black and it's it's been money man. They get an area all right let's go to our break and it won't we come back we would jump into the upstate outdoors blog and talk about the raw walk RA WA's new federal legislation it's a pending bright note on here about. OK sergeant Wright did outdoors 10 succeed BO RD the F stakes talks they too will be back. After these messages. But some. Jalen Alston. Well it's called recovering America's wildlife fact in this known as raw law. And it's a federal bill that could mean millions. For wildlife conversation and you delivered background on a recent report released by the National Wildlife Federation the American fishery society. And the wildlife society okay melodies these are not three Hogan organizations that you conservation groups. They estimated 13 of America's wildlife species are threatened. The list of threatened species XT is beyond those animals considered imperiled and high risk of extinction you know you think of life. Which a bald Eagles not only anymore but you know historically thought. Well the bald Eagles the bald eagle is you know it's just on the endangers rise this these are talking about garden variety type animal's owners will thousand of them. Across the country debtor in need of some type of conservation action issue a population growth nearly always means. The humans are gonna infringe on the habitat wildlife the loss of habitats of only one of many things that threatened wildlife. Other concerns are invasive and exotic species him any time we talk about that and from a bullet fail arm pollution. Illegal poaching and disease and app out tell you this that that's also where they get in and talk about. Well a global warming do something I don't mind opening a can of worms I think this. But okay whichever way you follow man it'd. I think we can all agree and that's one of the things are really like about this BO is it everybody agrees with it regardless of why they agree with a or where they come from the report also notes that wind concerted action is taken to protect wildlife and restore wildlife. Threatened species can NB a recover. However funding for conservation has lagged behind the growing need by as much as two thirds. The majority of the current funding dues to address only the critical need species. Allowing those in declined. To do this slide unabated. We talked about the recovering America's wildlife Agnes known as raw law are AWA. And it's a sin it VO actually neared their companion bills wanna say anyone asked. The senate bill is 32 tore three was introduced on July 17 in United States senate. By James risk of Idaho and Joseph Manchin of West Virginia the legislation recommends funding. For conservation of those station while I species in the greatest need. Across the country their legislation like say it is a companion BO. Two house resolution. 4647. Which was introduced back in December 2017. By just forty beard of Nebraska and representative Debbie Dingell of Michigan the house bill has garnered over 75. Bob partisan. Co sponsors credible including. Our own South Carolina house represented you've GF Duncan. Now here at home South Carolina that the proposed legislation received a unanimous vote in support. By the SaaS to on a department of natural resources board yes the governing board of the you know our the senate bill seeks to earmark nearly one point three. Billion with a B. Dollars garnered from mineral and energy development own federal lands and hears them more important. Without imposing any new taxes or face big OK so. I don't know if we're collar free money but Dag gone sounds like it you know I'm. Funding for the legislature would be allocated to the states through the wildlife conservation restoration program. This program currently provides a grant funds. To state feature while rise agencies for projects to restore conserve manage and enhance wild birds and mammals and their habitat in other words a states. If you're if you're involved in this state conservation. Riding grants are riding for grants you know writing proposals for grants to his lower part of what you do to get federal money. On the projects also include providing public use and access to wildlife free sources. OK hunter education and development. And management of shooting ranges now the projected funding allocated to South Carolina is estimated at fifteen. Million dollars annually. From this legislature. Back compares in the current plan that guy in south Carolina's efforts of to manage 826. And one plant species. Receives ran 650000. And annual federal funding. So they're gonna increased at a 126000. To fifteen million dollars paid okay bests a slower pack even though I don't flip flops there's a lot of math today right the legislation has broad support from numerous and varied user groups including sportsman. Hikers bird watchers environmental groups. Outdoor industries alike the widespread support is also spilled over into a very strong bipartisan support. From Republicans and Democrats so there's one thing yeah clear amazing taken agree upon okay. And as wildlife conservationist supporters of the legislation are urged to contact their elected officials. The garner support for these two bills political analysts believe his strong support he's received from the populist both bills could pass their respective chambers. But in between eighteen which increased in and also they're the at some point they'll merge OK and I put they'll put the two of them together. Now for more information own HR 4647. And senate resolution at 3223. Known as recovering America's wildlife act. You can visit www. Congress dot gov. And entered the respect mobiles in the search box and you can get all the details about. You know load leaders think for May fell open and MM hum I'm really pleased that they can for at least one term agree on something. Politicians that he is I'd be curious to see what some of those 121000 species known. Yeah well a lot of rain and Indian and they know in a negative way I would just throw tear ya if you gain in. I was actually did the years earliest if you go windy if you put recovering American wildlife and OK Google and Google it up. There was actually a and it was actually one of the adamant I column tree hugger group but the animals that are threaten. Our mean life. Oh a lot of them seem to be like localized. Okay it out I'm gonna make this up with the guys so solicited for example so so for example let's say. Somewhere like Wyoming they have you know who have the Wyoming prairie fox OK okay say this that's really kind of what did she think. An Xbox is everywhere. But that Spacey is particular to that area OK I got one I got one that I'll tell you about here in South Carolina it's called the bore trumps bad ass okay. It's a black man SBC's. And it is is actually native to lake horrible crime yes and okay sir if you're out there being no follow along holds a blister and asked not an earlier but the more terms bass is a native black mass being asked. It was native to the Seneca river drainage. OK and here's what happened when they flooded the entire Seneca river drainage salute. Senate career were just weeks becomes a Savannah River. Palm. They need. Pretty much destroy habitat that vast you know it was it was hanging out up there in in dollars rivers it now formally kiwi like horrible that's it. And but there there are steel. You know segments there are some I think it's. Not cane creek there's some small creek or Roman Georgia decided debts were they go to study dubbed war drums bass and it's named after. I. I'm trying to think. It's named after warn of the gases and water research on guy. On but it's not and it's probably this probably so few of them that these these probably considered an endangered but I got. But you know not only that but and also lists think about you know something like. You know. Up to come now that's what the what I always comes to mind you I know you have an Al species as an indigenous to. You know. Parts of the south east and India again I make now is still focus in the keys tear down in the Florida case it's easier that's no idea they know where where you have look where the population I mean the population has dwindled. Because of human encroachment an invasive spacing yes and well and if you think about it too in coaching is a big do they get coaching on the and so if you think about that. It's a lot of a lot of animals that you wouldn't think Brian Burton danger or threatened. Yeah but they're they're getting their North American species while so I ordered our listeners of folks to get behind this this study to figure out where you stand only bride I'm not to tell you what the believes that. Well I don't believe in new tires you know there's two midi you know leaders behind mr. I don't. But it is some some good legislation. I did a pair matter research on the ground running as the blog. And is something that did the in our stands behind the scene that there will be some good funding. To me and goodness knows we can use it here said. Because I'm best when I first read about it was on the south purity in a red side. That's good information right here only did donuts they outdoors when you get that kind of 411 my friend. Let's go to our break you'll come back we're gonna pick up our own endangered species the US summer fly fisherman. And won't Alter brain Embarq and Syria to see how that's going to. Right Fiona say outdoors when it was 63 W a RD the other stakes talks stated we don't do some Trout vision. Anyway we can run at these messages. Well we are joined on the phone line and by our local pissed good door you'll Picasso him still. Brandon barber for rip away nice and flat brand new welcome back into the show. Our world our path and YouTube gender recoup from Georgia. Yeah I don't like this particular one day now. Are they have promised that tag line. Well while LaBrandon. Aside from mud some pain some really cool stuff you know who have station I'll list just what's bingo and only out there is the only river blade knives comply shop. Well or the NATO ally yeah. Trying to keep my day but. Army even is contained in Italy it has in years and you're in a way. Warning in the Islam fiction thing nearly two year old little tapper and this morning good luck saw tough spot fish yesterday now wanna do it. Okay. Yeah. That that's about par for the course here I mean I definitely cater towards say they're going to get into its. A lot of what I shelf in terms of product and a lot of what I've been Internet guys terrorists involved here towards. Getting people into it people that are being thinner than it and I'm. Most days that it was going home. And you know MAC is because your book. If you haven't noticed if you're a native to South Carolina with a lot of people that are moving down here. Duck and and net you know a lot of the move down here and and I didn't say dale over to springer's springer is an illegal alien in sales. Today they are you know they they don't want what you don't hear any outdoors you know what are you got well one of the big things that we have is is where proximity just to some pretty decent Trout streams. And in like you say it I hear there's guys right here that like flap PH I think I might give it that so. Is your local shop that I can go to new in you know will somebody teach me had a devious without make it fun I'm. To hopefully you'll make a lot of yeah. North Korea we don't we turn it on the net but Deming yet. In terms of trying to find places these days they're kind of few and far between I mean we're certainly not a destination shocker I'm not sit on top of stroking your water problem water to take people to you like some places are but I'm. We can't clear catering toward getting people who until it says that the casting lessons are free here anytime of the shop. I'm locked up and left little you know that they're free income jobs says. Mom that's definitely something that I target sent into Internet fly fishing intended that each round I mean no one doubted. He saw somebody at eighteen I mean he and actually talking about it on the tiger rear kitchen green Emilia anything to tiger Ernie knows. Kitchen facial brightly recant and out like any tried after the well we we can make an act. Absolutely I it's his instinct it she says that I had a conversation with a gentleman. A couple of days ago. And yeah he would look like you're talking by he'd just gotten into fly ossetian and I think he and his wife traveled in Nate. You know they went out way to somewhere and were they really like the mountain streams buddies like. You know we got places around here but it tick kind of key must do levels up. Com yet he lived he's telling me he lived to warn these neighborhoods that they had a a community ponder whatever they're most everybody uses to run. You know detector dog bail mother walked trim like. But in those places are full of speech yes and they may they may not be huge but they're full of speech. And it. And something no immediate. The easiest way to get in a plot fishing if you've never done it probably just yet chased him some grammar possibly ill and they sure whatever they're they're very non discriminatory bug eaters and they're not very streaky. And they're easily plentiful making a lot of practice and practice casting hooking and landing they failed you. It should technique down with your equipment a lot faster. With him before he decides to start chase in the router bats or whatever else you want to go after at least humility to know their equipment at that point. Now we were we were talking about daddy's demand the united. He was the issue with a guide somewhere up in the Virginia mountains in peace at Maine we step bail me into. It ended discrete mated and parents like there's bush is everywhere and he's like gases cast over there and he's like. Panel. Is is it is only sustain faith in his feet so there's Trout up underneath that bank and he's like whoa yeah how mud MI supposed to get mother and how much. It's called a row cast in his life you know. We're our role let me get this thing other NASA ES and S that's part of at this in this one reason while lo fi channel all the wide open late it's 'cause I got room behind me if I'm in a moment yeah. I got a whole lake Miami for my betacast. Well you figure out pretty quick if you're gonna fly efficient tight little rivers that there's a lot to wait to get a sly look he actually casting. The traditional way so a lot of people get a misconception out. While I'll be tangled in the treat all night long armed sloppy action or I get a lot of these people who are not Trout fish a lot of tiny little. Creek so I don't wanna take a firearm in there about this now won't be able through another well on the that might be true to some degree but. I actually prefer taking a really long fire on and are really off spaces because I don't care about what to take to retreat he got in Iraq it just took it over and employment dropped slot. Where were thrown in college Jagan. Yeah. What did my tour guys the kids Brandon that makes perfect say it could lastly what they do have some rods now that are even they're really really short. And you know for somebody that actually wants to go through all of the casting in the take me but I like your idea a whole lot better in. Well how many names did not technically lawyer and wanna get on the following all the Glen canyon there is zero advantage and they short bar a lot of guys Trout fishing in a river. Yeah I think it via MySpace and awaits if somebody's is somebody's won't get out and actually chase trail. This time of year is is I mean is it something missed allied deer season how you just go have to wait till the season opens. Or are there places that they can go to and in actually viewed in in in speech for some trap. They actually it's mainly Egypt have to know where to go look at you can Trout fish all yearlong which are likely going to change the place that your going based on the Tommy so. What happened in the hot part of summer and a lot of year. Lower elevation water. Is that cold enough dissolved oxygen to keep Trout allow more happier about it so. You got you got from options to look at now how Caribbean are wolf stocks finish. Pretty much all year coming out party looked at data they docked. Doubtful that they stock that tail waters over. Like our wallet dot pitch into debt and over rocky bottom this week says. If you wanna try to chased the stock truck game around their age in those locations they'd built this week. And they're gonna be that every week and they'll look they got on the web. I guess they put it yes and the best place to be when a when they stock those those the reverse is to be slightly downstream of where there live amount. Because when they let him out and I hit down hot water you meet you limit in a hurry we'd just the Naia. And how. It's an identity is live. Let's look at the overall good enough even though I got an Iranian. Man here Euro. Optional trailed in the hot summary to your gear up and higher elevations. You go on any particular river any gradient achieved a lot of you go up more dissolve Oxnard on the base and higher elevation you get the more likely that ignorant if anything in South Carolina. That is listed at wild Trout waters of the not docking in union actually you're talking about a rivers that feed and likely get Caspian. Like clean up on the Italian air reserve can and lay up on the ski that stuff like that and then buried have wild Trout in them that are native deteriorated they enter all your line. So Eli can't load option in the summer and then of course should keep it in the North Carolina that same deal eking and a higher elevations stop this while Trout water pitcher they're all yearlong. And they're gonna finish probably had it not better than most step in the summer and you gotta keep in mind. Most of the Elantra ordered around here if they don't run Barry Larkin. You can. You know half an entry issue with the occasional. Asia over an inch is what you would consider anything it's that in 111213 inch range at all Haitians out and I that the trophy it. In really truly if you think about it you know it's a mindset thing is like hey I'm gonna do TH a wild could throw. Yeah in South Carolina and in nets an accomplishment. Well I would because they're no luck at right outside this around. Now if I usually don't just sit there what's the what's the the death strike hazard there in the stock OK so. Scratch say it started about native app election brought Trout bass that is that's what I mean I just told us bring murdered as a whole refrain I can't be held responsible for what they already have. Meanwhile you can't just what I set out. That was intentional look at you're making a point about an accomplishment yet that would be an Al. Senator and so just. Always say this camera is that I'll never live this down ambit that sends a bicycle when I was trying to say is targeting a species. You know yet he says hey I'm gonna go out and I'm good indicates his species regardless awarded is whether it's you know whether it's. A strike sucker feature whether it's you know a native Trout the South Carolina rye. And media and you've got to realize the native app election brought traffic that it Saturday and so long he is knew Maria two years old I mean you're talking about it all they actually have come out on the Miller born last spring. Yeah Vietnam. Saturday. They get don't get very big in their ecosystem around here excited to get to that's got to take unknown number a year to get there and I mean that. In in my and a lot of people that if they trophy fish if you can slip and tell people water somewhere. And in in there and outspoken on and present apply and kitsch. The only true native Trout to. Our area which of the Atlanta astronomy nets that is an accomplishment that's why you see pictures owned Lankan town the people all the fish could barely a bigot her hand and people like me and it. Why why are they doing that at a traffic well that may technically it is. I did the idea just to you ray would Kate want or Brando were were right up on a break if folks. Oh mortal finds you in a come in here and talk you know. Cut through droughts this year. It's like okay we talk all day. That's what I need to go to India or must also of those but he if they wanna if they want getting in contact with you come I hang and it shop working they find yeah. I am on holing. All in spring training. Basically in between where business eighty and Nouri bout krall that coming out of Spartanburg into portable explains. I'm an shopping there got shot in the creek alien holing out. Egan also found me a small place looking at every replied not apply outplacement and always left me there are key every. Commission report sir as he put it would. Hey Jacqui remember that terminology with the cops say you might see if they picture painted this just real Picasso and and he hit it. Say economic climate that light I'm on the web site on the cheap meal on either play there's ways to contact there. Also it also have some ugly for a great look and later my mum and write their brain and he's got him a roller blade does the thought. The union yeah it there yeah branded nicer merely show always great to talk to you and we'll Casey next time I talk to you rated. As for a moment would Alice thank you know about the optimists a little bit there was a program called back the rookie. And some way or another mob blonde brain that came out cut through draft is out trying to think of the native Trout. I thought lesbians and existing nuclear accident there yeah I feel free to takes to make fun of me. I'm just deleted thousands are anywhere as stride so to come and talk a little bit hodgepodge of stuff going out in the outdoors after our break. Brighter assailed awards won 63 WOR radio station talk station will be back after these messages I didn't. Which way welcome I'm really good I don't. Spring there's no way out ahead and drink nearly enough beer in my lifetime to walk the death play. And while that like are you know what are. I want you to get into a couple of things here we mentioned earlier in the show that the basically DNR is doing some. I guess you call a security upgrades their systems are down did either work in a corporate environment you understand this this weekend. In other hand. Hand ride because acting you guys they let these guys loose in the mainframe room awarded ever near do in order they do to keep things running. So basically this week in that involves the license structure allgemeine. Even if the even if you go into like the wall more because they have to do there's only wanted right you have back in the day when they used to have just met our minister Lisa pipe crucified he has still I don't know many probably kind of guy you probably could get news but I'll think did I wrote of meeting her in laws so anyway so you can't yet if you get if you've gotta gotta gotta give station Newsweek in. You just came if you don't have license are now. Option the systems or did you show they're computer networks dam on the run the transaction 7 PM Friday night. And an outage could potentially lasts through Sunday night. Only thing I see that happening is like somebody coming in detail you know that they weren't aware you know it's I don't be in our web site while waiting everywhere else I mean like their common in detail until one big god I'm not cavity deny got a lot of how mission yes fishing I was frankly you know out of state you know smugglers try proficient driver Christian or whatever. And a brilliant you know missed a lot I mean there are people out there were doing a lot better and I am but from my experience. You Jamison a whole lot hey here's what you did with Gil -- you kids to talk to somebody this got upon you know mr. green jeans is you don't really need to have realized that. And you can give fee shin in the way you thought Al Gore. And when I told you that in upon yet now was it that solid the second time I've been wrong on the show in five years. Did you still on the floor yeah now we'll get her up you'll be it via when it's time to go to crap you know I don't know. And and it could very dramatic that there and try to look similar. You know the cutthroat Trout and a Brooks emotion although they look similar almost slamming. But you know what they throw good. I also we we kind of sound a little bit about. The Netflix special he had. Missed the attached to was account. In a modern honing moron read this amount or both India and I think they kind of endorses sob I would think. I would I don't know if the folks at the outdoor looks sometimes I wonder about stuff that put on the air Roger that but is honey is one of the few remaining links to our ancestors time honored practice of putting food on table. And one of the few excuses modern man has left to escape for long we can without phone or computer and reconnect with nature. And it did they talk about this is it I didn't watch the trailer. Josh Roland please. But Ferguson the blood Ferguson does a he's. He's one of these these homeowners Al suitors it does you know a TV showed track you know not Mark Davis caught a TV shed ride a big order ventured but he doesn't hunt show. It is a story about him in his cameraman in near wandered around trying to film these fonts. And he decides to take his son William and apparently his he's divorced from. His son's mother in unison he's taking him out it. Aides Tway old to kill his first wife he'll be one thing I didn't I didn't like about it you know write off was like. Everytime he says deer rack and USA dear oh dear dear dear you're right why tailed deer okay. We're going all right YTO beer run we're going to do so since those were looking for the white till beer that's and that's the Al west and that's why you know. How a man or you don't watch till beer. It deer hunt. It is like only to sit I syllables yet here. Hutton ripe old era art and some others to go on there hood and his son. But anyway episode in the end they're talking about some list that it you know the key is getting McCain put his game boy we Dane known in. There was one worries but I have a shot only deer in his phone rings very calls as girlfriend or something so I've. You know just chemist. So maybe it will be. You know a lot of them cared so much bothers and so I'm not mean experience in trying to get there don't united. Trying to give his first. Blow so and well have a moment you are disgusted forward only air today you know shortly star's son knocked. He's got every chance you know there's there's always a big legacy of a father and son commissioner for shark well what do you say it is this worked out in my TV program I without Norse okay united sort of change gears and we're not sure about this will mean your big fan shortly always ambient but I'm getting to the point where. They're there they're not educate too much or sharks it's all about you know world they were swimming with four acres about eight. And the bull shark bit him were laying. But at the end of the day no reason happened Carl's the of the gulf the water temperature coming up call global warming. So they had a don't feel someone to get news Buehrle did I don't know if that was a reenacting. Okay OK and in I mean for sure there was I tell you why I just I was six acres Harrington yeah splashing around a bull sharks in the water. If god damn thing to do global warm and open water came I came I had. Golf. Released yet he's not neo Nazi but you know I'm here I'm curious to see how they spin that this year I hope they stay on course but he never yeah. When you are right there when we come banks for is gonna bring us the roadkill cafe. I already Keylon carbon certainly in two be on the show where this next hour right here to say outdoors 1063 WR DVR stakes talks Dyson. Go to take our break top Al welcome back on the backside in the boat though that the deal looks in this room will pick up immensely. I was right.