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Saturday, July 21st
Upstate Outdoors

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Oh. This what are we were out of gas. Welcome mat now sitting out doors were all the radio for the second hour. And we got a great second hour in the spring and our life we've been talking to Keylon Hartman who's here and we'll introduce Caitlin. Right after a springer gets design. With the recipe of the week but they'll got a great show and talk to her about some. Hiking and camping. And in about time we get now that we're guessing countered that being asked to go through Indian we're gonna tell our tail of this guy car being interrupted a Major League Baseball game. And we got some takes to go over yet but in the meantime. Good enough and then there. I hear they are notably here but we'll be aggressive big. My shocked base man in Philip look at the kind of surprised what are toting you know yeah I had some low. It's above ground this instill in the Fraser thank Steve Miller gave during any said well. I'd gotten more I don't. Nodded again look at everybody's out there that are that do have a few packages you media rhetoric does just didn't close to hammer to amend. Get the old out so you can make room for the names so this way I'm gonna do it at this time of the years makes a murder sites a year ago beer bottle how often venison burger. As a muffle. I noticed this recipe right you're gonna do about two burger so if you go to do it for six or seven you don't need to add more. Venison more little more ingredients and you know you can figure out iso again reminiscent wonay. Tabasco sauce to taste some prep for a healthy pour of beer. For both the cook and as well as the minister murdered. A brick goes for takes or how Pino and cheese slices the gag. That's that's some pretty some pretty hot taken courteous right there in India. I compiled Ali above ingredients and mix and Bo and except popping a peppers and cheese slices. We mixed even evenly. Use the same bottle of beer. That you used to pour into the mixture and hollow out a centerpiece of each burger by pushing the bottle down in the metal and union money pinning was talking about it she's done it would appear to end. Beer game beer bottle that no matter how you need your nice and indignation at the top of the paddy you little what is going to be good for injustice thinking I didn't. When each burger has a circle out Middlesex and feel Leo with slice topping news. Are you can die so. Depends on what everyone to do but is it's gonna be best if he sliced at least slice them and I like it die Stephen you know go take slice and give even smaller little. And just before the burgers are done and you're cooking desired temperature remember your duel at Madison year. Watch it you don't need to could get to world coveted she used to keep popping doesn't place so you kind of like put a roof over the top of the helping us. Get a few minutes for that she's disarm militant. Manny got yourself some farmers some burgers and this guy's got a little kick to it not bad depends on the Damascus tossed you added and now you can make it is how did you roller is knowledgeable. But it sort of favors it's pretty easy to make and a man is gonna drill this time of the year and that's this week's roadkill cafe. From wild man beer drinking. Beer Keylon. Dear except when you say beer killing beer kill the message that do not think and what was that you did for the techsters. Volume red grows. Our usage texture. And Greg and I don't know guy Ares I ain't got banquet no cut through a crowd. Next to share. Any life. I ate you know Brett comes odd evening news cracker crumbs you know take some disk problem up M escort you need to add. And that and also the Beers you know he's beer all of hold water. Good that's what's gonna help keep debt Hamburg that beard ms. Hamburg getting rowdy is would venison you know just who hold yes it. But but I've been indefensible watchers say in who would use a knowledgeable instead of beer yet I have to I've drank a six pack allowable I just don't. Phil. And you know. It doesn't matter again is one of those you don't listen they would minder yet. I'll probably never really measured a whole lot Emery in my life I mean it's a little this is a little that hey you know loads and I don't think for years go around you know up to college there's. Are they feel good. So let's welcome Keylon Harmon and The Today Show and Kayla was in the studio with a scale. Welcomed a than outdoors things you get heavier and he has some instruction some instruction here you have to jump Meehan and because. Between me and springer system is so man Hansen yes it. So it's also a bit about your background human Camilla he said you won about twenty people who are originals and one from the Ellison tells a bit about your experience there. So I've been there since grand opening and 314. I'm the camping lead currently airing now that I've worked a little bit everything that I am always an outdoors I official lie and hunt alive and Q doesn't give me a lot of opportunities to do other things and try out new things so I know and it get to go on a fly fishing trip you're seeing. So work in there's an awesome especially with skin now when outdoors sentenced in Austin. And it's this is not your first time on radiating usage it when you were and it Lander. That we juror major was answering an ingredient are broadcasting. Deadly more than TV side of error in their radio side but it's not my first time on there have been all that I was raised. Especially GA look. And now. Meanwhile ran out I was still behind the scenes at them very much love to be behind the scenes battling to be in front of it all hooked them. Will so you've been you've been everywhere and done about everything and while we're all a break we're talking my she said. You had actually already saying now and then staining it this deer hunting program that was owned net flicks was coming up but it's already airing. Yeah it is yeah I watched it may be two nights ago I mean my fiancee we watched it via the it is pretty funny un and Danny McBride is in it and I'll love him and he and that you have to know he's. He stupid funny scene hasn't anywhere he was the cameraman EM I don't Israeli. And his characters actually are really really funny on in that movie and at first I thought maybe they are gonna pick. Pick out onto hunting shows I and I do kind of make a whole. They make you a more grander thing then there really is there talking about shooting the deer and how you said the white tailed deer it is unlikely that. He had but it is not being pretty funny they're pretty funny movie. And was it was it respectful funny. Make it fun stuff I'm all I'm all I'm yelling and I'll that we make and we make fun stuff. But at the heart of things you know I I've got to be serious or for the outdoors and nature in conservation and owning impeaching. And so was it for. Mean I think it walked the line on and I think it stayed pretty good Torre could find humor in even if you did take everything is seeing what they can tell that the navy isn't maids. Or seriousness but yeah it walked the fine line of when it was going to be two months right. But it didn't put down beer no no no I don't think it did not personally this basket and that's the and that's unusual to have something mainstream line that it would actually you know be in support of an Indian for more ass all the trailer you know there was. There's a lot of moments the year with a father in the sign him trying to do you deem into the outdoor. Yeah and they taught there have the four Wheeler right I just kept saying this is like grown up with my uncle because the kid he's not into it. And my uncles trying to get to turn he's trying to get them into account are the dad in the shows trying to get them into so the same way my uncle would have been with knowing my brother is he's a video game. Fanatic yes it was like fighting with my brother and it was as I can see doesn't that's I was growing up early was so I I enjoyed it he personally. Also. And we actually had you and we had to take stirred it was compliment that there was it was some tournament it was Derrick bird from from Brevard and I dare I didn't say would you just texted at -- I outplayed us. The talent ever and I'll go there and what it did excited about here is that's OK I mean you don't have the movie pop up upon my daughter actually auditioned for. Josh broad and so on so that's where it threw me off in that movie for the kids double okay now idea seeing the part that OK best passer and where was this field around here and I'll I don't know maybe at the North Carolina possibly from what I saw the lucky it was a lot of light. A lot Healy and you know mountain streams and we noticed that they didn't keep with the same. Backgrounds it was like OK let landscaper they are looking into the area. And a. And I'll look more takes real quick did give that big shout out to our buddy Brandon at river blade not to flop aware about river blade not to fly a couple weeks ago and he got me set up would what I need to learn to tough luck as always felt tying files was four. Policy rich people and I was surprised how affordable it was even when they nice American made by a man. I've got a lot of good advice to love took a fly fishing shorter trip with him. On late Boeing which he does often by the way yeah a couple of years ago and had lots of fun. Yes so that's good that's. And basically can we tell got a pretty extensive flat tying area and yes system. Do in Ohio we doing in the guidance. We have two guys that are really that are there in a that I know love aryan and Stephen and they actually do their own five tying stuff. And classes that they have back Cabela's it's been really awesome and they get that class gets full and so you haven't just do another one every other weekend. Yeah yeah flat on is not flat Todd is not a new experience in sport it's. Is where you've got to do you know. I say the rods and all yeah I mean you can pay a thousand dollars for fire on. Easy to Canada and Vinny go any statement that Israel's that they go indeed target vision with and you know my goodness it gods look I've got to colorblind don't take you now we ran up on time us after our break in a woman come back will pick up. Charlie I believe is about well published absolutely writer of state outdoors 063 video art media stakes talks spaces and Tommy's owner Philip gentry and beggar doll Palin movie back a lot of lives. So let's take a bladder wall there was sergeant sorry Charlie lady arrived here trying to welcome Dustin outdoors. Diego and you do want it. Probably years ago I called go about. Quayle yes I remember what was important. You have going on Croat population and not of endured a little experiment iron about 108 decision. I haven't covered that they're pretty regular basis. This the particle then grow to debate world. Actually you'll liquidity and not all that retirees who they treated to work yet. Don't you lay down. Yet for bio aunts and I kind of biased pretty much up our property a mega want to lie to keep background of course it. Display I heard a first quarter and probably two years when now maybe three as great and it got a bunch of now. Well that's what those things you know that the habitat losses may have a big things for a the decline in the and to pay the quail population but debts being another one of the things it to. The Bob wide initiative injured when they do it's. When they investigate then indeed in you know find out while their their population decline in the as the defy our hands. Because Quayle missed all of Graham and a fire ants actually get on the cheeks and kill. That's right that's what our product you. About several nests. Or well last year and I've really had eradicated much in. And Biden has to do it didn't chicks are dead no apparent who were concerned are. There again well that's a great story Georgia they appreciate you got to let. So Keylon. You've been how long have you been owned bin do and camp and in high generic balance. Oh probably seven months now over that department but I've always camps in hike since I was a lot younger just with family and friends to grow enough. So if you're did this time a year in in you know. Folks camp and high you're ray ailment the worst order some your favorite hikes here Iran yet they sent a. The easiest one to get serious pair smell and and it's simple he might hear a lot about it but it's got some very trails to walk on India has campsites where you can go from primitive or you don't have. Any type of water sources or anything or you can be hooked up and have. Electronics and everything so they have everything that you need there in the sites are really really pretty and it's just you know ten minutes from downtown Greenville. So it's just right here in his beautiful up there. Have you ever been up to the gym gassing gorges and then anything they on the campsite right there actually. Stayed there at that camp site it's only one has the public access to do Cassie. We tell my devils fortunate doubles or sick guy and yeah so we can open here in in your hike an out individual cancer gorgeous mom yes via. You can drive up to it but they have a lot of spike they have there's the best one or they have the primitive sites to that are there. I don't usually go in more hike in the we'll go find a spot. With. A couple of friends logo and like. Trying to think like the tents and stuff on and so so used so actually were you do multiple days where you hikes for a while on in you you know it somewhere in. I don't know I was more ice fishing yet more for fishing trips where it's like a weekend things in multiple ways but not like weeks yeah so you're not spending time out Roman trio known this issue me a springer. I don't know that no mob muscle and just got back from out west he went out South Dakota. So I'll be came out tiger and and he did you know he would get only trails and he would hit primitive different primitive sites you know and actually before 56 days that they're. And he's in recent several videos he's welcome with the buffalo and I just thought that was just as long as Lance Thompson says he's big he's a big Kampman and hiker big gap so how's the you know has he taken fees to do with him while isn't there room for him fifth will he don't know enough he. What's crazy about and I'll just little stuff in it weighs nothing yeah asked how many hard core mark caller Coughlin. So so we're Cabela's once the most is the I'm sure you get folks who I think we wanna do the multiple day hikes and stuff like dead. What do they you what do they sleep in Warner wondered don't overdrive on the true. When did you learn overnight expression it's gonna get called definitely the mommy bags with and the more pricey. Are the ones that are lighter weight because you're eating your paying for that politely but that still has a lot of insulation in it. We have goose down and we have synthetic sleeping bags to. The juice down though only downfall at that is getting it went there the feathers is no matter what I meant to new ways to give it to the F the end reduced on those pressures a synthetic ones that are. Better material they cost more but there are awesome and keeping you warm and of course that goes goes a different temperatures can go down zero degrees. And they've got these tents now that fold up and really you know Darren hasn't asked play us on this and it's not it's actually not good it people like that so only when you're hiking is when you should squish it because it elements of that in college when he gets Tellme takes edit out room and he's got a in his in his spare rendering Patrick owner walling their big solo thing and also for whatever -- and keeping it open is way better insulation and keeping it compressed like that. What about the that payment to eons I had I had one not experience with the name Indians is that not good. Well actually let me back up I had half a night experience and they're happy to Indiana in and I had a half and they happen not experience with the backseat of the dodge terrain. Along that this when he says the most popular thing right now is on sleeping in hand thanks verses going to get I'm caught or something. Are no everyone's coming in for like the nose or we have grand trunk Everett Cabela's. Of Latinos really popular in her brain size that go with that in mosquito netting so a lot of people are switching to sleeping. Especially their hikers and stuff to bring in a panic with them. And you know there's something new really I loved. The idea I figured you know that most people are over seven foot tall like. I don't think for me is I've don't sleep Omar back in and I nodded and on the orient seal way that almost sleep and handout that's I mean how did you knock it probably. You know of taken that ride you know in a hammock right but I can't sleep you know good hard coarsely Nan Nan. I got a question I'm bound to ask a guy and now come no package deal right now RI if you're gonna get killed and you're gonna. What's your favorite thanks to throw together in either doesn't have enormous and I think I've actually learned move so much about that since being taken out by these that that don't take and make have you ever done and dump cake I've ever done more but I have they. And yeah yeah oh yeah we've done demos on an I've actually taken that with me now like I'd like OK I'm gonna do to say it's really really easy willing and Ali it is of a box of cake mix and a sprite and pie filling in you just dump it in the cast iron and you have Coles on the bottom moment on top. And thirty minutes to an nauert it's it's a readiness that it's safe exactly like it take to me that just blows my mind there's no exert. Staring her anything you're just dumping the cake mix dumping some sprite and that it. And a. So you know you got dessert on the betrayal yeah Ali you know I mean you know Dutch oven and in a ghetto black frogman you just can't beat those things can happen camp for 23 days in a premium campus you know area thing. And I think it is just play your ingredients for something in a tin foil and then had a pretax for you just put an end and that really easy to. Well he says. In order less heavily as ever Camilla somebody without there could could something like that intentional it was a big hitter ticket. Probably they will go to kabob yeah among god and yeah salsa again. I think about as you we talk about Europe okay we're campaign in Ruffin and stuff like dad Indian when you look at it. Especially if you're going to a you know for more primitive campsite you've read this the words and almost kind of a kind of an issue there but a lot of folks who. In a bad they had these travel trailer campers or fear its wheels and Amy and I guess so much the words and stuff just like I'm regard economic cook this. Primitive stuff. Yeah. I got about this is how is your yeah yeah a lot of buzz is like something from the numeral Augusta yeah. Yeah different is the only place where you can use spin thousands of dollars to live like a homeless for. Via the question I asked customers come in a panel kind of camping or you really doing so when they say in any intent. If they're gonna actually be camping they're gonna have gear with them. And they're gonna need like it is just two people and they're gonna need a through your foreperson ten because they're gonna want their gear out of the weather yet now if they're just going an army and they just wanna have the kids. It's not a big deal to cry two persons in the senate. I'm done both over my lifetime like move my kids are grown on me I know a lot of validity and reliability. It am I gonna buddy of mine's still goes down in in Hugo December's creek state park only caller one who can't. How much in a TS and is like. You asked if the wind because he is an Anderson yeah faces yet the weather turns battered assault and they submit we'd be back home in minutes that exists. Great forbids people that are trying to get in the camping I tell them you should go to places that you're near your house because anything bad happens your. You're able to get out of there in your so getting that experience excellence great about going to the state parks you're getting the experience and you're kind of taking care of their team. Yeah and that's an infield has gotten older but when will the fifth L'Oreal I remember. Demand for the last Democrats can't we will have a leg Russell it with money with money bride and I was like hey will what here's what would do would go find a beach is isolated higher sales and things she's like. On. It's lavish yeah yeah. Big kid yeah. So you're out there we can't find placed as the waters in a NASCAR put in TN up and she is the pinnacle of firing examine how much the fire ant man. Any news started to rain in Gaza around them this go home. So well let's go to Rick Newell would come back we'll talk a little bit more with Kayla Hartman from Cabela's and no will also be taking your calls intent. Right here at saint outdoors or 63 video Marty got steaks taxation will be bat was more Kiffin hiking cooking in just in general good entertainment right after these messages. Welcome back just sit outdoors what are. We're talking everything outdoors including winning well. So we are sorry and from Cabela's and can you get married and what a year yeah hopefully set timber and it. Hopefully. Coakley or worse in here trying to pick out places you wanna out doorway I do on outdoor ruining and that's the hardest thing is finding something that's not. Crazy expensive for 200 people have been. For 200 people is not already recommended to Clinton ethnicity is I got made the year. A little over a year ago and it was great place him in the pictures it YouTube and I was not BC you said Mick balls landing balls landing was a one that got brought up that's right there on leak. It's always a Broadway lakers have. It any time you meet me think money team is gonna have is you have a broad shoot at issue litmus screener ran. Among McFall claiming beautiful contemporary facility opened in late 2009 on Broadway Lincoln Anderson cam me. Come improvement is building as they hop. How vaulted ceiling in a while windows overlooking Broadway lay the buildings kitchen is big issues for said. Well that's good price. 120 dollars for up to five hours a hundred nanny for eight hours. Is it a dog I always Anderson candy desk part of dancing candy Clark's card. So I think you know mills has been rolling 6000 since humble when he would do 180s and whenever. All else failed to get all this happened considering it and wing Chris Wells to marry your best idea. How come to that and my. Oh yeah. And. So why and then in the end when you I think anti war here here's a good idea for a accommodations for everybody making corporate costs and those that they have trucks they can get one of those institute in the back patrol. Yeah yeah those Napier their Kodiak we have out there. Cooler yeah I you know those are really cool look and I enjoy Luke and Adam yeah well they're Cabela's in an online. Me and I've put them together it's not hard narrow he had Meehan linked to other people it really wasn't bad the Kodiak of that canvas one on the other side it just head on three C clamps on either side in last slide the pulls through the sleeves and pops right up. Say that's the one that doesn't have the floor like the tenth floor the other elements that Napier whenever there has a tent for. They kind of come contours two years the Betty your truck so that one comes in different sizes depending on the type in your so you gotta. Order yet based own based on whatever trillion at the island's current ones one. I'm thinking back to all of the did stuff I went and it's true. Or how. Yeah makes. Since it was garbage dumpster. Cleaner than I've made it look good. If I had a newer trucker claimed today out yeah ago I didn't like the idea of camping. Where I'm not only ground Kazaa and I'm not up on the ground time and even in the times when I'd you know deed goes somewhere in cans near primitive camping. How was always we'll have that here mantra so I wouldn't owner. On the ground millionaire thing you might on a pad under that just that it's gets really cold from the ground like all you're on a need to sixteenth street that ground yet. They can be terrible so I haven't had under there would be awesome. Yeah excellent until they might be is a funny thing is she really made me show traded off should make your reservation or what day do you. Yeah with similar in your mind up Molly is it me he owes money pretty big time Persico C he makes him a good aired yet yeah. Renwick Atlanta office that part reunion me on state park alone and yeah Lauren can I mean he looks secure analysts who leakage is Dudack analysts who think. I'll go that day hey there was a year there was a couple they got married during a bass master class a senator that X focus Chris when we were greater ills. Actually Mary BM at his Booth. At the band's master class that's and so that's. They say here here's the thing about it you stuck your second waiting is always more fun. He's not listening and I and senator and then your second winnings always more fun because. The first waiting you gotta do it in malls and your pants thing can sick awaiting your like manna. Irene. I will do we wanna do itself. Million from net I would encourage you you don't do what you wanna do make yeah now making its full and thing you know all the tradition that goes along with weddings and stuff like that. Now Alice you know I mean you know they might be mad at you bill doesn't embrace her car she is not your hate you ought to be invited you or maybe yeah I didn't. You're angry rant here but I got married outside that. Yeah are you letting me and he's an outsider retaining. We we've we've we're saving money we're young couple you know I'll live Bob I know how Ottawa Canada are aggressive and we came but it was outs we had a lady had a beautiful garden. Had a nice little pond on it. As you had a couple don't using guns we put Bozell the donkey and they was. The list is Lynn is cool yeah. Yes a do you won't how would it in in I have a lot of folks still assisted me and had. Well and in our winning. The CNN on and so we had fun and we actually got one of the DJs from over of the united three crane crazy kind. The CB 93. Yeah and they also shot you bells are shot Canaan yes okay. You show us deep into Clinton have policies both before we get mayors. Minnesota was they've literally a shotgun waiting. Suits so it was cold so but it's and then you know you could put hiking boots own and stuff like dead and it's a mayor rules on that yeah game yeah says it speaking of which are political article from a blue ridge outdoors as if Lester got a diploma computer. About six of the must must see places. Four hiking any of state and more problem was only here that you had already mentioned about pierce mounts they Orton. And debts are reunited deaths asked I would say don't call that it beginning. Yeah level bully dinners there's your there's some cool stuff to see Ethier but a lot of hikes here and yet they have to do we have. Waterfalls yeah below. Together waterfalls. And a number one all homeless tears balls fall creek falls that Jones gap state pardon and the mountain bridge wilderness preserve area. Have you ever done Alan I have not known whether it's a hundred plus foot waterfall. Its own net there agers after on as 40000 acre mountain bridge wilderness preserve. Mom. It was pretty cool. Secular what is Easter toeing gorge that's in Pickens you lease sale unlike. These cell like this would get really whale with what Brandon barber was talking and hours like. We'll hire you go and elevate you into a wild stranger. Could you could have to hiking in if you gonna do any kind of any kind of hike in Bryce and. Entry definition. Well I don't hear from beginner is having a hike in not just driving up and parking and camping right there right at the nest the next level I would say is okay and have to actually hike to the spy and I could be a mile or can be. By the ten miles I depending on where you go. They've got another one here money team have to research on this one. Is big rock mountain in the nine times forest and many say it's a primitive areas got a lot of rocks and stuff. But it doesn't even have trails to. You cannot start our own community hardcore do these. Yeah and and pinnacle roundtable pinnacle mounted table rock that's another what yeah I'm sure you've been up they. He had been a table rock that's doesn't have for waterfalls -- even since I was a kid we've gone with my grandpa just writing up to save Iraqi Cecile waterfalls that that's beautiful over there. Would you say did most people or are they moral. TF campers are they more you know like we talk about aluminum campers aluminum for share. We know we don't we have people that want to get into the hardcore stuff in no con men and you know pat give me everything that I need to go camping and then you can see then you have the few weeks months later in asking how went and I think that islanders you can't have via. Most people they're they're not wanting to do the hard core stuff but there's a lot of especially younger people on the on a notice on a college team like us talking about with. He and makes that you know him he's really popular here are going to do a lot of hiking hiking is more popular. It Hanik. Camping is a lot. Really no one ideas. Known as you're younger and you ain't got no money. That's true I gotta slow and it's just like dead and he's like. I like what do you do for vacation we give camping here because I did you know after my last foray out there with a fiery canceling Russell. Must have had me here's here's your accommodations you can take it Roger end so desk what he does on vacation now when he gets time off. Have a lot of people do music festivals they come in a lot for our intensity him makes it's a big thing or announce yes people travelling for those music festivals if so. Yeah a lot of the. Moderate I noticed your. It's not hot hot hot afternoon it is what it is man. I'm jumping off rock is normally ist das up it's got to panoramic view of late June can't see jumping off fraught. There's also jumping off broccoli kiwi but I think it's different I think that's when you get beat Cuba vote. It's glee was listed in National Geographic magazine. Of course are so much Jim Kesey gorges is there is of the list of fees give the world's greatest last great places. Armed and in in this desktop and by the gym casting gorges altogether. And you can walk up in the air. And I would rather take a forwarded it. Wheelers what I've done a lot was to attest he is a whole trail all the layup to go out via. I have never brute force could be that narrowed of their yeah. Yeah so you go in mayor and in instead to have an Lycos I guess you take a four wheel drive vehicle to Virginia building and you could you camper on I mean your your TNMR phony. Via the you will take we Meehan I think this was with the next but we both had our brute force four dollars that we just put everything we needed on the back of it. He struck the cooler it is and that's how we needed this as we wrote up the whole trail. In that site that you can see you worry I think yeah any concealing key Lee from author zoo yeah great birdie there every aspect be consumed us that there it's beautiful and they have place is Rican stopping can't. And their tune also. Also. Yeah but can't and to our used to. Your eye you know what ally but Leonard steered me gradient that's. Come back straight they're bringing us that cal romance. And a parting shot and we olds say farewell to Kalin and wrap of the show. Can make always the girl he's right here of 1063 debut Arcadia stakes talks they shouldn't have stayed outdoors will be back right after these messages. And we. It's time for the calendar of events springer what she got. I as we have talked about a little bit Cabela's got a shooting sports classic going note today and tomorrow all the seminars that started at 1230 today is probably aware of but they do the same thing tomorrow. They've got a lot of their or shooting pro staff there of idol also. Ms. Palin said she's got a rundown there and teach people how to shoot when she leaves here. Go also got a bit of fit bass and catfish Kermit only Carlo out of green. Hard to get sinner. To benefit a young a woman a friend this guys NASA's first grade and she has developed five tumors ownership by him. And I he's in the process of organizing a benefit tournament or knowledge that we fear the interest between five dollars. In the catfish is going to be achieved back catfish on the catfish and pacify phased. Albeit our rules will be followed Dodd terms I'd like to to guard PM. And for more information you can get a hold them whereas. And 8642212027. Or email at FB. CC Bates at Yahoo!. Dot com and that's on August the 25 coming up on August the third we've got the hunting heritage banquet. Spartanburg chapter of the national while Turkey Federation's don't have at 6 PM. At the lake at the lodge in late Bowen. And gun table packages eight regular membership 775. Table package a regular membership 400 couples tickets a hundred. And singles 55. 25 dollars. And for ticket contact Ron grow and 864 or five learn though. 1750. Or go to the Indo UTF website and glee goes Spartanburg chapter and then take you right in the direction need to go also that same day we've got the sixth annual. Brandon brawny. Am memorial celebration by the outdoor dream foundation 25 dollars a ticket. In this year's theme is the an evening in this war they got a couple boards from slow people. RJ and 6:30 PM at the Anderson sports entertainment center. And then have low country country bowl barbecue while boxes and drawings and for more information contact coach Harold Jones and a 64. 2268775. Or Dodi facelift to the dream foundation and that is there telephone all the support things off I'll listen real interesting free South Carolina. They are used ringing winning shooting clinic. All the support paint it green wood at 8:30 AM until 2 PM. Come over all of based it's a bird hunting but even gonna show you how to clean when in bad boys. Which is an art within itself allowed this is going to be from used youth ages ten to seventeen. Now this is a limited to toy five participants. So get no matter if you're interested contact Marianne her and it may ask oh in him at DNR dot SE dot gov and that is your calendar events sports a code to drink. Or Caylee you you thought of him into an alarm over the years Jacob Ellis with this summer what is it this summer camp camp families are camp that's exes is the last weekend anyway so. Today we actually have until 4 PM he said it might be over until four. Shooting range the BB gun range and RT treaty and the arts and turn twelve the fourth inning. So kids can coming kind of learn how to help them. You know for both with a bow and then them BB gun number in the BB hearing so you still got the you still got to ponder over there. We don't always ended down and that was a sight to see every guy that we having Cabela's on the aids each side of it trying to fold in on. I'm one size all the water did so where there are so. Well fish traveled all the ones that were left in the with a Honda. And then we had a lot of people ask you we've had been known. Even when things started out the speech were like. Were they didn't grow but I knew fish says I have always there two weeks later and you'll like this smells like how are you feed him thing and a related it's a more efficient there than they think the strippers and your time and yeah Valencia with opening for a bigger fish and I was. Let's say well this fish grew a whole lot because I think you're. You know when they win win JD stated there would have fish pond in there actually was it was stuff for you and you. I was in near the day they were sent an up and you know that there was started day. And as I read it fish from a you'll take him out of the observation thank you put him in the Iowa. No and I think the DN aren't always apply yeah are supplied there so they put immediate needs are for a fish from the aquarium hope over there and. And I would and Jack up the fish set Panetta aquarium no. And I the FE nine. He wanted to see me. The last time we did remotely related it was a shrouded like you wouldn't feel interviewed spring invite. I can do awful nice seminar yeah that's out over your hey look you can do that in mind. Well in the meantime let's go to the upstate a north parting shot. Read you use I columns sky carpet Canadian Newsom basic MLB game crashes into the scoreboard. And goes down as a hero wild animals embedding sporting events is a common occurrence. And usually leads to some of the most memorable moments fan who attended the Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles. Angels baseball game commercial partner. Oh wins tonight. Witnessed something they'll certainly never forget during a rain delayed or halted play in the sixth inning Canada against landed any outfield. It like that it has detained him come in there. Members of the tigers' ground crew probably ran out there to shoot gives away but it was grounded and had no interest in change in changing seats. Obviously after being chased round a ball or for several minutes against decided it was time to make an exit. Except his flight didn't get loosened its moons. The gators try to gain enough altitude altitude fly out of the stadium but apparently miss calculated. And ended up crashing into the school. Fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief however is that tiger's announced a big news was fine. And was released outside the stadium. Roddick took crop loss. I got was doing enough hamburgers and hot dogs. I love her you know that's one of the best ways to hunt camp begins have done in and of attacking you give them somewhere does have a lot of running rim to get out jerk and if you can back them up into the banking into the kind of where they don't have a net because they don't battle Colombia or not. Any and they got to come to use ever tell you head in against companies and so congratulations to the ground screw all of you I think the same pitcher movement tactic this guy he's he's back to my Internet is only car holding killed Kennedy he's the man. And nine immunity. I'm just Mims granted maybe may be out there I don't know. Plus your way evidently you can make it that there was an crop bought and want for May ease and warnings got core Nen but it's I want to thank our guests. Brandon barber from river blade not comply. Flat and Kayla Hartman did Hussein heard Cabela's this universe shows springer thing is home god bless appreciate you being here each and every league would do it basically get outside and a clear injures so log guarantee. He half. Back into.