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Saturday, August 12th

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All. It's big foot yeah I'll be big for you now man number up if you're picked. Mentally prepared now you just miss Maria de regulator. Welcomed the outdoors. Listening to one of 63 WORD. I'm Philip jittery and I'm nuts and solace trailer has done a it would do big food you know. If you had a few Beers in him well yeah. That would be in the that the adults how to read you know our rob I borrowed my god I. Call eight big for all the way from out. Wished you up to this window yeah. Welcome to our show today we got a great show coming up for you. As you can DS. Based on the news where it we're Kolb this week's show you know we could have been a theme lately last couple weeks every and Q way to makes what you do in this week's strange memories in this is Ghali military into because it reminds going crazy already yes so it's going to be a big foot ship today and in and a loser mandate to do well you know lately it's his college urban legend (%expletive) like that actually show like that want to was our religion Chester Willis anyway. We're also. And the message meant they're going. The board could go. You want to do it. Yes OK we're gonna cover that they were gonna have a lab report from love Brian Johnson into Adobe's Dan in Colombia and they're. Forget it hasn't very fortunate weather for this you know they have this nominee view model if you know mass station in August this is what you or it could have been worse yes so we'll look over there but it. But prior to debt. We're going to you that the dive into the yoga pants diaries would admit maybe tested hero values maybe of the outdoor blog about deer hunting in August. You know it's Hollywood do you date Tuesday they are mixed Tuesday you know the green flag is what sold itself. Then we'll Forstmann little part and now it actually wrote this blog. To kind of explain why. Because a lot of bugs of the year ago you know maybe they're new may be moved in from out of state to one. Got a lot of people in South Carolina. Who were born here of how would agree I don't know if you don't know I had noticed I if you look around and I don't know B I'll notice there but news flash there's a lot of people that live here now that would born here. And not him and no one ever but the way they're coming in you know the president in the way that it would other Clement broke Harmon native all day long after nearly million man yeah. We costs clearly I didn't right arm and. Eight you know it's not that the recent Baghdad yankees they've now South Carolina is images people move from everywhere everywhere California Texas Florida were how. Alabama Ohio sale Otto so the the yoga pants diaries of that Edward dialogue among the change in name. Alike. Will be explaining why. They hunt deer in August. Imports of cell so no I have Brian Johnson over this POW and then we're gonna jump into we're gonna dab into the urban legend part of our show. We're gonna talk about big foot the lizard man. I know everything in she won't talk about pertaining to that. I had somebody sent me guess what they'd seen up also this week in upstate. You know that crazy look in Samson fox my mom come out here. Somebody got a photograph of flow of something right here in the upstate but it looks more like a coyote with the main thing is still one ugly between the monitor. It's a wicked looking greater. It's bigger wage was going to be on the regular gift thank you dear dear heavens sloppy got loose Java today is. Cozumel also have a report from rob IT want this is second week in eroded our buddy is Jensen. Has contributed yes articles to a step towards if you go to our web site it wanna 63 Debbie award date. News tame. I mean good you go and I'd go cross Holland open the door and here's my whole millions yes of names in there because they are kicking butt and take in name is this happening in the state. They've got somebody that they do come in are tired are new spokes Crossair united bus our way out TV's always a first where do you know you got Patrick gentry capital meadows Jeff stokes in NN Ed coming you know it's just amaze me gasoline we got some gas there. Only game so we'll and big story is about. Actually for an amount Luther side first two is opening a new. Kayak manufacturer. Here in Greenville county bonafide tax so and we're gonna eventually get Luther on the show with this to ease travel and Kazaa at all with a couple weeks ago. Four radio or Qualls right for my kayaking column for Carolina sportsmen and less of me and I am united. You guys opened up a big operate strike. A growing operation improbable start off being but to hear Ingraham winning mutual radio Cheney think tag right now is this is colder area so willow actually getting to create a lot of called the upstate outdoors model yet wow would know rotor that's. No matter how you Talladega isn't certain exactly act that at a springer model anyway do you have a story for you throw a scare a lot of the aforementioned Carolina sportsman dot com home. The top two ways to kids can't be shown Santee Cooper India's hot weather. Because it. We got well you know you talk about August is be in the hot weather is that it's again crazy night good read in I think the forecast thus own somewhere here. This it we're gonna have. A more temperate August I just hope that continues through September October. I hope we didn't just day that it stays at 85 degrees out. Bennett subdued yes I I don't like beer huh mid eighties for spring causes for it. Bush looked up at. I'd like to have that sixty degree I'm CNN is missing person morning. Right there you know like that nice comfortable whether you're talking about that when he gets to those were mornings where you know everything is robes and iced tea act out of money added back. Me about girls group anyway at this week and I don't. The show will have. Lieutenant corporal lieutenant corporal. Lance corporal. I don't know did ours got a phony as rankings okay. Anyway we're gonna have a officer Henry barred it from Seth crime department of natural resources. He is in their homeowner education program he'll be on the show where this talking about the opportunities to view it you were education your hunger hunter education card. And why you need to do that because as mentioned before there's a lot of folks here who were not Brahms exactly. And we do not hand out I don't think that really matters because. It's an age thing it's an aid if you're born before certain occasion the the and you can hunt without having QU future license I'd say without having had a homeowner education corps. But most of this is key it's a hunger education you know if you got a fifteen year old sixteen year old. That speaks to get their license the next year or so were you know listen man. And they've really started a whole line here the last week Philip of a lot of classes that are going to be all over replace a main. It would take up the whole calendar of the its best thing I can tell you do is go to their web site is called this a ton of them are poverty upstate. They don't get cute if you got a kid who's changed it in honing wants to get their license he knows about targets or Liza and I recommend taking the course. Even if your kids steal you know several years away because it does teach I have taken the course when my kids were that age my two boys. I said Ian with them and I got mine because. You know if we're not travel to another state that requires energy they got a record that they have got so we'll what have. Lance corporal Henry Barnett although I think mr. green jeans told me she thought he got promoted tot mom anyway. Asking you William did know the caliber of Soviets have got a pretty good that we discover tomorrow I know I got pretty good staff believe or not. And in our parting shot spring of Sydney and our honeymoon Reid will sign on to school take Tia says he comes. He is the AT and sure fart he has to help you find big fluid less and do my best radio is when I don't do any preparation. He has no doubt they. Yeah I'll let it doubles and people polish Elena must discuss. I didn't art. Ener1. Roll out a grid so we're and do all radiation. That's whispering a row. Do not collect that bad it has thirty years that's pretty yeah let's go to our break when we come back. Will only yoga pants and had to go to can't diaries and talk about beer on an almost nine year old stay outdoors 106 theory that mile radios they styled state empowered parties and empire and business they got two for three out of it is it's cells is NA going on right now we'll be right back. Well got a few ticks on the comments into retirement planning tick slam it's 71307. And very. From Brevard his boys I'm back in the call worked in was have a good show well. That's our play and that's an area Saturday LA is go that way but I we dubious candidate and I'll say is did you say yoga pant. Now Irina. And surely. I'm lately I've noticed all our. Takes learned the last few weeks. I a lot of heart techsters in blisters or are reflected a lot of our personality of what he didn't you tell your pets and worked his way are going to. The news of state outdoors blog which is also referred to as the yoga pants diaries. We're gonna talk about dear hon in August of our folks not from around here I have a question of why do we hold it why don't we day the him doll whoever. I'm not August says that the tea out and it today. Since many outdoorsman Newt is stay in South Carolina may not realize that opening day for deer season in the lower half of the state will open next Tuesday. It's on the fifteenth if there SF preposterous also considered that the following week the so called dark for two and a half minutes to earn a middle today. I thought about this this up the whole solar eclipse I think thought about that out of isolated well unlike the once in a lifetime solar clips. Deer season has been open and in the counties of games owns three informed during that he does summer since both for apartments regulations were first put into law. There have been a deer season that spans from August 15 through January 1. Gives after on one of the longest deer seasons in the country but the reasons for this long season are rooted in both history and circumstance. About the turn of the twentieth century and were from a nineteen hundreds. Why kill deer populations in South Carolina as well as most of the country. Were brought nearly to the brink of geographical expansion extinction. Because of exploitation of the resource as well as habitat loss. Dude agricultural development people don't realize when they were developing this country. Books Canyon's right they were a major source of trade back to England. Major yeah and so there were a lot of trappers a lot of homeowners. And they were seeing a buck skins back to back to no country. You know and that was that was how this country would a lot of those built through and might. So in a home in the river drainage is a l'Alma coastal plains of South Carolina inaccessible land it was considered of little value for agricultural purposes. Protected and preserved a population a white tailed deer which survived and even flourished. Now despite the decline across most of the nation during energy years honing beer remain popular among the plantation owners who primarily on a deal with Cahill wants. In and around the swamps of the look country. Greg a deer hunting was conducted after the spring crop harvests and before the fault planning which may August and September popular deer running months. The rites and rituals of chasing white tails behind a pack of dogs. Was steeped with low country deep tradition. And heritage and were describe specifically in the writings of famous are authors like Archibald roach wrote which yes are ginkgo today. Okay injury you do all right anyway with the rows of restoration efforts and conservation wildlife management practices of white tailed deer crossing state. As well as in other states deer populations increased. Now fast forward to the mid 1980s. Deer hunting has experienced a rapid shift between Harding styles. Best movement from man and dog drive hunting. To steal money from elevated stance you don't need all the tier two or you can haunt you know can't acres right at 8000. Yeah. Now today the south on department of natural resources. Estimates that list NT percent of all deer hunting differed in the state involves the use adults pretty much your body's gonna steal one. Armed upstate ears which historically had no deer populations at the turn of the last century failed under more conservative wildlife management practices. Which included more biology based seasonal structure as well as harvest limits Libby put that in layman's terms bread. Our season opens later. Because number wind. They don't want us Poland before really September 15 because the phones. Need to mom. Expect and that is why even in lower part of the state you cannot kill or do. But even though they open August 15 his book all right okay you can't kill a dead until after August I mean September 15 possessed win at the dome the phones are weaned. Okay and so look here we had more of a seasonal structure in that you know. Didn't do it's more based on the biology sides of the year. Anyway it was not until the issue women that's cute song. Because Jamie feast laws were established. Our our established by the state general assembly. Rather then by the state natural resources agency. Legislators in the low country have always been reluctant to change or reduce the season structure. From historical dates now although with the at the end of the game loss did a season dates were eventually established. Their store day. Was August 5 to it. Okay an innate in the same time that we and appeared it was not until this year known to much to 47 tainted harvest limits. Were established for privately on hunting lands in areas of the coastal points. Nearby bitching about it they finally got a limit on beer and low Florida State is like seven thing. Anyway this was done out of necessity both for management practices as well as part of instituting. A statewide dear tagging program which requires that all deer harvested. Be marked with the appropriate harvest tags that are available from India are and are being issued with the in the hunting its license structure. Now while the political demographic and wildlife management landscape continued to evolve from the traditional times when. Plantation owners and workers were not Sabbath sat attempting to move deer in front of the gun. One consistency has remained. There early opening of south on a white tailed deer season in the low country allows owners the unique opportunity. Harvest the white till book still in bill. This very thing today yet doesn't count for record books that. Net. Excuse me do I just hope. You know I know it's becoming more and more and and others I just hope they don't completely do away with with Dell earned in my opinion I mean I know Ellie I know. And I know you've done I. I'm not a fan a dog that liked her audition tradition and I respect their tradition and the problem is this delay and with the of the land use basically come on the low countries whose bid more growing population and we us population appeared they have in the same Charleston this whole yes you know in in the coastal counties are yes. In his coastal plain and move and their movement. Inland island I mean you know I know folks who Revere you were very passionate about it at two it was can be tough. The whole tag and thinkers look when you wrote a deal would dogs you'd. You can always tale of the deer go stand still you know so you don't really know him what you shoot man it's not like steel on where you can say it. You know these clubs to have like a 10 roller shoes of an outside of the years you could you could. Viewed in trouble legally if you do not have in analysts say that your out of the that you need book tags. And in the you know your dog gone in a book run to wrap and he don't have a twelve inch breeder I don't have four wanna Sabbah yeah I think you might yeah I you're shooting back and it's only ticket yet. Says I mean if you count so anyway it's just changes and unfortunately. Fortunately downforce level now think a lot of the politicians down here would side with you write and say well you know. So low country it's always been that way Arnold taken away from it says. It's just it just wish it would it would come to a happy medium in you know in this day and age can look that there's closest thing I know him. Everybody's polarized our lives our years here I am sorry. Well I mean. There's no happy mid dancer and Iraq is no happy medium is that he's polarized it's either. Mile away or how or how way exactly so let's break. When we come Matt we're gonna ring up O Brian Johnson. From FL OW and find out what's going on down near lake Murray I think I Antony gag he already was noticed and did yesterday I was in second with a here to stay in so we'll find out if there's still don't know. Right here as they have dollars 1063 that you are devious things talk station power about parties. And a black gross. We'll be right. A. Well as we mentioned. Earlier in the show you a lot with a lot of the bigfoot sightings around a status at Carolina and lizards and their brand new lizard man. Big thing gets going don't Al Gore was is the Forrest wood cup which is it lake Murray and we've got Brian Johnson from FL OW all the land was brown how you nobody. I'd do it well haven't been any big footer on the and I applaud. Well it really liberalism today no god brown BWAY. If they have a jet links beef jerky. Booth out there today it to expend. He he's he's you know he's the master of hide and seek so guys field because they've been hired Gramm and beef jerky Miguel. Yeah well you know early on shortly here of what. That it would be. Eight or you know what yeah yeah yeah. So are more serious notes so clearly this brown Jeff thanks for being a witness and the U guy has picked a a nice week Keyon. To go down to lake Murray and hold the year's championship for FOW because of the weather. But listen the weather in Colombia could be a whole lot worse and then what you're Syrian. Oh yeah it. It is very night they're. You know what we're seeing it I'm really. Wake coming in that I don't think really anyone expected. You know we had a couple English when he pollen and you know I I think we got it seemed to be leading after day one but I we really can Matagorda island wig merger shall now. Yes and no last week was last week we have branding costs only show with a sin and he was saying. Look I think if I can do seven to mean you know I think someone have a shot at the Isp but. Brandon actually came in with nine detained almost twenty. And I he's in third behind and to think yet we already and Justin beckons that was after yesterday's. Do you what do you have any ideas any any preliminary reports of four have anglers are faring during efficient today. Q we do have great admit I can tell you that was picked up an act and ultimately lead but very very call at eight gig leery second. Branding and third Trevor ought to or. Market it. Lap OK okay and I was pretty good look you know Larry Nixon was in sixth. After fusion yesterday it's good to say go dolls up your Mac in this in the spotlight. That's right according to the weight at the met of course that didn't people I am a ball turned and trying to figure what they got off leery but what little bit and that well but hey. We we stopped people bringing in limit last night network bite. All right well. Big it is anyone's game lakers opened that up and. Now the last time that we talked Antony gag you are that we did we used him way OAS again and he was that he was the champion from last time. And hand me have you had a I can't remember have you had a repeat for worst would co winner in the history of the cook. We have never let alone win it twice let alone Whitney cut her whole weight twice. I know her at the gate we RT and he. The record drop back a way to get that low not back but. I know you don't there waiting eagerly welcome at all he still palpable and are so lucky he's great in the unit really it like it better but we'll wait or I don't I think people that 36 on the look like a well particularly you don't laurel. While well so today's cut today said after the station today. The a final round will be on Sunday and it will cut down to how many. Arnold and will be going early career I'll know where 300000. Dollars just earthy she admit how easy can it be right god bless America. Yeah that would help. I'm not I'm not that I am right now but. The leader if he creation three decade old provided. 300 I don't like it here on public eager to work. Well now. How you weakened so. I do ask that. You have a much give Foreman will provide you with zones writers writers get to death. We're talking about the young patterns seem to be working it looked like yesterday you. It was the top quarter by it was what everybody which chase and they were trying to get their numbers early yelled in the day in and you know open Nicole either. Worked in some bug docs or some deep water is it pretty much steal the the pattern it's working today. Look and see it looks like the policy despite short built strong ought little. Were really brought up that it is currently being in mobile would be well on what was being healed yet day in. Allocated forty pollen and said it at all. Get out GAAP settle at ninety and it should have brought your earned our. Yeah yeah now it continue can you guys I mean I know you've got you know marshals Wear them and so you you've. Everybody's got somebody in about Wear them but our most of the guys up the lake or they down the Laker can you tell if there evenly count it evenly spread out around. Lake Murray. There are not true are that were there. Pretty much help grow politely it's not like ours and I'm spread throughout the left open the crook or percolate matter committee. I mean long blond on entry or I don't they are objects and all I'm at all the BY. I'll start right at 630. And they are hard yelled fishing in and do their thing at 630 dog people need to run. I'm you know they are starting out of public life. There are bad guys are already. You know we're in it immediately run far. Also know and I don't think I'm way out dull the Emmerich are pretty. Pretty much. And it was pretty miss F files and lab with what Brandon Collins prediction was last week. He say it did to in rear island is is sort of the midway park to let part of lake Murray. And he said he felt like a lot of the a lot of the top quarter by would be off for the long points and it's pretty typical for lake Murray. You around almost been a space in the summertime when the war his real clear. And he Sid did that would be his prediction will be you know look for a top quarter by early. Al over deep water off the long points in a looks like deaths that's what's worked. That is we'll work in and I know. I'm not sure you're familiar with. Brands are only situation but you'd let me jump in Atkins and you know they're in the three by. Yeah I now definitely they definitely are being. Share price actually each month you know a month ago and they were terrible at a leak in the. Sounds like NASCAR we use nothing you up. Where you got the team drivers you know we're near finishing 12 and three in her life when it at single bit single team owner you don't stand a chance Thursday. Well that's right eighty other Q but Q. Just accurately or granite top link sodomy and to a young. Should you guys maybe shaken many now credit now it just in his from Florence Alabama today that illegal happened. Not welcome. Yeah from Alabama. Did you had an event it's. Been on him as much information to really get into this time but it GA it is over it. Yeah. The that the into a W expose his being go we're known at the the cold always Judy writes the colonial life coliseum. At anyway decoded coliseum has housed the attendance for that Meehan. All the men we have been really impressed and really happy that turn out. We're at but it yeah we're at the convention center don't tell me it is like he can come at the ready crowd there. Street from it saw where the convention center we have very deep you have these larger. Outdoor show that support spoke. Or it would cut the number not at war under their burgers more than hundred acres and job that there crowd and ought. You know that take two people coming out yesterday during work. People are hundreds of people that are obvious great well the crowd being great Colombian really shot now why would be here in the media. Sat there and loves our bass fisherman you know they'll they'll take a day off work I mean you know then that it's no big deal spares no Friday. Yeah it has been a Friday meeting tomorrow we got our or all people can eat. We get the boot like the light music skate out there I went there and now the major dale read our got. A lot of people are. Our best and brightest coming out there and what do you. On the injury early on he. On the PP yeah present assemblies. These kids out here on the aisle at the group. And in a tea whites. The outlook a lot of folks don't realize this puts spread out our we have been a pretty good. Good luck charm charm for a lot of these yes they had passed last year. It's names like whenever we talk to him. Within this within a calendar year they wind up winning in something big I mean whether it's a championship per angler of the year everything in house look and at the top TM pro from yesterday. No we have not talked to Justin actions we haven't talked to him on the radio but we have talked a gag we already. Branding Cobb ran three left and Larry Nixon yeah. Are you thought it would cut from the jags. Now we want bullets but it does suggest. You know. We just don't call it a little bit so if one of our full organized ones though wind in the force would come make sure you bring that buys the Jihad. Look at some of those other folks NASA payload I got to Ian for you guys. As you need to get into it would've stay out orgasm beyond radiation because it's Somalia is a money maker it's a motive. Accident. I I could've done a little light on their connection has done it about Philip gentry and out and outdoor. A repeat. Yeah these are all dead lets it brush SM about right yeah yeah yeah you can approachable man. The place yet like opted to beat you know they think all the producers directors are what they're gonna pay my directing here at. That your. Yeah and if you get that word out to some of the your sponsors and some years sponsored and you know we can work as whole thing out or you know. And what. About Bert are now considered the now brown and forgive Phillips entered the authorities don't know. We need to get you work announced talking to some of the folks downstairs and that a door. When he whisper yeah yeah will browbeat. The remember. Yeah yeah NFC it bested Brian always we thank you for being only show that's and talking with us in a folks. The year steel plenty of time if you wanna see the ET in anger shoot out. That's gonna you'll want to morrow is lake Murray they're gonna take golf from rear island state war. And you say this is is is at 630 is that corner store offers are going to be seven. We start serving up they don't pick it lock it up but is it that a U Kurt people Amal and Albert ala while. It immediately got to get a leg up in the look them well. Everything going on there that people need more in every Kurt what the heck out of you preaching dot com. Problem all the equity and all the live video of the gate. And now will be older are the days from there well. And go down there why hero why you act you see a blast off bingo or the expo in a lot of good deals and stuff and you can see you can see a lot of the the latest and greatest in fishing gear in a payroll and just hang out big cold estimate that's the most important thing. Territory that we do have them there are a great deal here and he. There are ignorant about that other almost all but eat you know are we bought all the data here and by. I bet the let them one of the many you know report the vote he used they all got a clock. Chicken and it daily. It did. Also we'll but thanks for being on the show as they end and good luck it will love. Just wish our wish her boys good luck but whoever whoever comes out on top we're gonna try to get him on the show him on next week's award to his base with the old man. Wait until we get a guy and. He's wearing. Who weren't just people heavily in Rio know if you look at. Do we go and I'll walk auditor and I law. Let us like Angela hunt interviewed popular vote stayed out or got an idea hey I know say intimate yeah. And when you talk to you win as protestors say if I had seen that a brain not the Rangers did you have a house. I come back it will load you've either run day don't know what's going known in the Y had wide world of big foot and lizard man. That's they have no word 1063 WOR DB of space talk stations I didn't. Well the burning question did everybody wants to know who. With the upcoming solar eclipse is. Is the lizard man more active during an eclipse. Okay. Seven. You know. There's a lot of thing I mean I haven't heard anybody from who you crewmates from may be a public infrastructure site. Were concerned about traffic on the roadway and I were concerned about you know him. Having enough law of all what I don't listen during the week I think that's what they're saying traffic. And pop based places that are getting more bottled water for the influx of crowds that are coming in in dollar out of out of out of political lay off the road. According to the state newspaper. Blizzard man. We can't say this man. That's a don't talk about in the South Carolina emergency management division said in a post on social media earlier this week that he did not know if lizard Meehan. Became more active during a solar eclipse but the agency advised residents of belief in Sumter counties to remain ever vigilant ever vigilant okay. This is reporting regarding possible. Activity potentially occurring during a solar eclipse through dozens MD. The agency stated in a tweet as always if you say something say something. You are I think I think everybody's taken the lead from our president in just one at all enters his hated it comes out and on Twitter. May Day. And and other end of the net about think maybe it's Cadillac. This guy like we've been Thomas here how many times can you say look at it no obligate you to go as has dogged you glances don't drive don't lose. And some ice in in a newsroom going the app for lizard man shall just says somebody about adding got a date for that. Half think you're just bombing the lizard man. Now also earlier in the week parent activity was reported in North Carolina over the weekend win big foot was reportedly cited. By a group bigfoot sightings have also been reported in South Carolina. And also this is the here now know from this from the state oracle should you spot bigfoot any time. Between now and the eclipse or even their after the grateful police department has asked the public not to issued. I. None. It guy. McDyess. You could say that here in you know. That would take somebody down in parts I don't know let's think just Louisiana yeah won't be the first I don't know and you can't let them out of their mouth. Total total. Yeah I have to say this look if you think if somebody finally. Drags bigfoot out of the woods right inning home base tranquilized. And and handguns it's only a home be full of bullet only slowly getting better yeah. And and again and it may. You know made some bombs on sarcastic only once but only other somebody that I wanted to explain like explain why I. Because some crazy whacko nut right wolf could own a big flats are lizard man Costa. And go run it did Wu is right and they're like. Don't shoot the crazy man yeah Costin. And it's just like you mentioned yesterday April go to break here topped our you know usually you hear all of this stuff you know that last year was the car sales yet. Okay now that's the lizard man bigfoot but it's amazing how one actual hunting season rifles reasons. Art you. You don't hear deadly school and I got within our FaceBook page that this is just like decline owns from last summer. It's like hey guys in Portland and some stupid in the woods would be going in do because when deer season opens. Played around no more now because you know the elitist. It didn't solve today and yes Dexter says lizard man bigfoot melons what is it about South Carolina I think is the bail water does. I am sure it has nothing to do with. All the moonshine and it's made. Operate on the mound right not to me Tunisia myth levs is you know zero they're so I'm kind of the I knew. Did somebody right now there her dead as it goes to local book to so and you will moan. There can be much lately nobody cares chrome or go to an. Owned parent I'm I'm noticing that he didn't you guys yeah reader does get a letter from real output didn't go well. I'd say hello to me who. And and other thing messes their tempo or Ireland under review. When we got a power in my. So. You know I. In South Carolina. And yelled at Danielle used to make fun of Alabama guy and I think you and Alabama. What do you say you know they'll lizard man and posturing over how low we just think you book robbers and go to Medicare age. Let's just say it's my home state now love Littman. Good free pass the only from near nearly ever crazy. How are. Well actually on the flip side that was good step brother so they do nine in their feet there were some great move. In the count of tax laws they'd laugh and say you appear ABBA.