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Saturday, August 12th

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Could get a blizzard man. You acknowledge this didn't but you know list or not mad you know lead they don't be Gordon volatile and so you know I guess would be just like a big eagle on I don't know. But as for another day in another time but today we're doing this and sloppy though whose maybe. Really easy simple recipe. Feel lot of people. Kind of one of those deals where you put it in the crock pot leave it alone in you'll be our heightened being beat everybody about two or three hours later so what you need is. A nice bonus an innocent rose. Awful prions. You can go wood about one and a half cups of your favorite barbecue solves the guy or catch up. The furloughs they're like kids up from mr. Jim Bohannon. And three tablespoons of brown sugar. One tablespoon of women do since. Tablespoon soy sauce and you could and a little liquid smoke that's optional. Some pepper two teaspoons. Some wish cheers how's about two teaspoons. Onion powder garlic powder couple shakes. And some hot pepper south of your liking as well with every whatever house on south ever saucer like all right cut the venison roast and a half. Cutting in half. In place then have a slow cooker bicycle like a pretty good SaaS slow cooker filed court are. Or whatever you know you gotta Lotta these new crop putts now out I don't even. There even an amazing they'll could get even in the last term and in a large volume or combine all your greeting it's that I have just mentioned a four. And value going up pour over the day got roasted that I had I always had a just half a can of beer. You know give a little bit more liquid does have a beer in there. Pour that over the venison aren't enamored go to put it on the on the slow cooker for about it about eight hours and it took our old tied conventional slow cooker. A lot of these newer crop pots of money thing he's got ruined. You could probably do it in two or three yet tops OK and then they will just be fallen apart right then you go remove the roads and medical a little bit. And then you don't take you lead out like these big chopping cleaver and I just chopped up crap out of you know elected to pulled pork you see a lot of these parking places. Until it's finally traded in have put it all blackened the cougar. And I would hate during the maybe put a little barbecue sauce on it are maybe add a little more beer it depends don't have what the moisture content news. And in after that may just take you of this booting you get your hot dog I mean you hamburger burns you know this ado about fourteen day eighteen. Hamburgers and you just fill up their hamburger buns aren't even done little this is the big grain of this is that. Pillsbury might Xia bin Pillsbury grins and just got they would have which is great for breakfast that competed in the afternoon and the next morning you get out. Ever have for breakfast as well so there you go that's springer sloppy though is. Very easy very simple thing a lot of folks. In our city before and I'll say it now say it again. I don't warn of the empower pressure cooker exhaled things sort of my case to date you know many buttons on again well I might be shaking their heads we had this argument. I got it leverages their their good play cricket can mend a weirdly enough. Op. On a crock pot is gut our own Lou and a half. That's must be okay. We really are much much more. Intelligent when it comes to things of that nature and it and that's. Even though he's finished pulled my monitor my suit just right hand column Taylor is Mike being. I'm just gonna say. We're gonna take what you just and women are so much more intelligent you know when it comes to that I'm just gonna come take. When it comes of that all yeah and just say women are so much want to. And the after the leak out of hand money in any I have no grounds for argue against women the new fangled pressure putt that you're talking about yeah. Has a slow cooker button down. This must. Tim Barnes has got to if prob got a fans cougar bunt in a medium Coca button and a and a push is if you Tuesday it agreed to direction but that's what I need. Bush is if you Tuesday in bitter too lazy to read directions but so you need one of the old stupid but yeah. Easy button and button I mean listen I got cameras I got dip founders. I got I got videotape recorder. And here now here's in years when her opponent earn all yeah here's what now not only buttons but they also got a Otto blood okay. And that's what golf monster stays owners out okay. Look we got the design is lots more to me on how supposed to work you program Edward ways both to work and now follow. Crock pot Gloria anyway it's got Otto voted. I don't odd he's the Ab potato in the meat function on your microwave date net. I didn't know how to defrost them marked Roy says browse U. Did and she questions via our you'd prompting me ask you how much when they count well start yes some like that. And then happily it was just beat my whole my wife know how to do it. Let me tell you sell my Philip. And is Toro wonderful. Our favorite pay that judge that would probably be. Yes but I am god bless you vote girl did. That's another story Ferdinand I get one bag less so who were awarded to it. Who taught her or deter talked about earlier in the show about our are. Great news staff cross hall. Over there it Jensen and his crew and got this off the you know more than 63 W or B dot com. Web site which is also where you can go to a city. Just about anything to do is show absolute in UK in you can read the the aforementioned. The block blog it to that we do. And also you can do you can subscribe to when you have this subscribe you can listen to the Shah stream and homeland. Also get podcast on their but. It put up a story this was a cap. And oh yeah Alia we've been run an ad during media during the weeks people not to do this. But this was a this little story the agents are put out there about both contacts to open a new operation. In green ball bonafide taxi manufacturer or producer or fishing taxed. Is launching a new manufacturing operations Ingraham counted the company is investing two million dollars to create 76. New jobs over the next three years the bonafide tax was formed in November 2016 and has spent the list last several months. Designing its first miles of fishing tax. From the ground up and this is live out Luther ciphers and industry professional who also established yet attacks or fury packed gaffe. You Murti yak attack or fewer cat guy you've heard a bonafide tax by NAFTA because they were it I cast yes and they had a very highly successful debut. Back in July. Now the company anticipates rapid growth over the next several years. They are located at T Enqvist explained sweep the ingrained with South Carolina. And it becomes and it NASA over. Just offer is below I 85 right there it the white horse road exit. It ain't too far from a warn there leading competitors. The year it confluence rite they're about to exit stamp. Unless the this is that did the company's manufacturing operations will include road or molding and assembly of the kayaks in the construction on the facility is already under way. And the first manufacturing operations are expected to come home land. By December of this year in hiring should begin in the third quarter of twins have tanked so if Europe per spread perspective. Packing employee wanna get involved in an industry then. Commander in white noise and some are gonna IC LE make them. You know and I think I mean yes they actually you know the road promoting is a main nets. Anything if people people. Didn't touch from mayor call me take smear email me or whatever and say hey man I'm looking it says that's guy who wants to miss Kent was best man will. Price is going to be number one who but I always tell people always always always buy a rodeo molded kind of Kate basically what that is his that is a one piece. If you go look and come back in his got a scene scene around it dug it eventually. That same is going to leak in if you look at some of the lists expansive. You know would be probably start out enough you know more of these it to get it Wal-Mart or wherever for 200 beat Cuba right. And some the road remote but the in his start to get into the region in the course anything it has to do with the boat is the design of the budget. You know. Is he going is he gonna Wear you out to try to paddle this thing there are a mile and a half for whatever. Or is it going to be streamlined Kenya's stand up and that's the big thing that allows talk probably for Luther ciphers. A couple of weeks ago and he's India we were we ruby owned. Trying to find a designed it was stable the stable enough that you know you can paddle all day but also. When it came time to stage you could stay and a excellent stand up and attack in fees gazette debts that's a big thing to the F you know people wanna be reviewed that innovation more than in sight future. You make overcast and in the true. So. As some of us has gotten bad may be easily kill the police states safer taller and also I think as well dear oh man. I can't pay you sit man. I got us an outside entity. I look if I can stand up and attack angle by the right. I don't hate hated him and folks if you have not met Phillip did three Philip didn't got a lot yeah article unassuming little say. And I don't we'll stand outside thing. And I get mad about the wintertime. I've Luther ciphers and bonafide that's nice days and welcome to agreeable and the great news so. Let's go to our break. In in when we come back we don't talk about so much can't stationed down on the Santee Cooper likes. I hear of sand dollars 1063 W a RDD. Of stakes how station powerball parties and file pick martyrs they make every day. Did you want colors and use it right back. Well if you're. Look units the fission is going home this time a year August is usually. A challenging month to say the least. But I got a report here from a caring honest force and rip mama but a bride cope with tarmac catfish in the onus Santee Cooper lakes in the hot weather. And hot weather just isn't slow and abide down at all. Brian writes August days can be hot and oppressive brutal conditions for anglers waiting on by the news. Are great days for kitchen campy show on the Santee Cooper legs and that's according to captain David Hilton who faces at a black's camp Allman diversion canal. Met Hilton and his class have been all hot catfish by any Sid two strategies are working oil anchor and in shallow water uses stink made. It's tough debate and drifting. With hearing is another method that is putting care efficient by both strategies are working on upper lake and the lower like. Now went fishing in shallow water Hilton sit anger should be should look for areas that are less than ten feet date. Any Sid the hotter the temperature is the better the catfish and is asking how did you think you know the colder I mean the the harder it is. The deeper you'd wanna speech. But it's it's shallow water and tea is San takeover such. It's such a fertile lake. And there's always always always some kind of forge common eaters either some kind of coastal beach drive is coming up locking me and threw the damn. Or they some kind of muscles this die and outer Blum and or whatever. And I guess muscles blind dude now what they got out may die out in in so I guess Europe initial order but he schism hot calm days. Our win their big inviting to BS we've been kitchen channel cats in blues on state mate. Were using Carolina read re care lottery with short leaders in sponges. Are hooked to hold stink bait see it and that's we talk about that a than this time last year we're usenet peanut butter like yep Ali's a toe on a different. People that make it in some folks make her own home a's right but this phone range he is is the medium did did she use to hold this thing veteran you can get distinct make it stick on the hook no sir. Don't sit when fission IDS anglers just have to find PH the old fashioned way. That's it's it's this is tough to locate ammonia depth finder when you're fishing jalla. Mature know within ten minutes if you're in a good spotter not once she's staying cast a handful rods out. You'll be catching them in team in this and if you're not. Counted on to the next place. He'll consider this the politician is especially good when you have kids it'll as you do use fairly light tackle an action is fast to catch a lot of speech. And occasionally you'll land a trophy the most of these featured good keeper so as nexus fares. In sixty to water efficient home are all new since so you always got a chance to who who big now frank visual more concern about kitchen a bigger fees consistently. Gil and Sid drift and is a way to go. And own no only is like she always got the opportunity indicates some really beefy East Coast as our state records from right over a hundred task and that's now what was it lady's name Linda yes. That's how they caught it was they were drift in pairing. Hilton says he's adrift shop drift sock when he's Griffey should. This slows the boat down allow debate to see it in the strike zone Ballmer didn't care if you should better look at it. As it drifts by tossing is an opportunity to. Pick opus mail. I like to drift backwards or sideways and the number drift suction need depends on how strong the wind is blower and how house from a current is running. We're drifting with hearing his maiden use animal Carolina rigs with a standard length leader. He C a drifting around lingers anglers to cover ground quickly and also puts abate. In a wide variety of locations and sit one drift you're put debate in deep holes. Shallow holes homes lidge isn't flats you do is dragon across it didn't say any article but I'd be more than willing to bail it. But he's username slinky ways it was if you got a Kuwaiti emir don't get caught aggressors that is only a problem well especially in the upper like. Arm and even even drifted across enough bumper like you've you've kind of got to stay in the channel scotus. The slinky wade through coma rumba and 51 there's a lot of wood and an upper. Record Philip if you go to keep V 4544. Tell you hoped tire you what what's this brings an end and liked he liked to stay around but in France slipped out. But if TN pale blue note check out its channel cats. Ayman asked that's what she gear when your restaurant most of Omar's the our the our former right but channel can't feebly chair rockets from may UG you know as small as you clear to. And you probably kid to channel cat. I don't know you casement ET in pale on channel kansans Santee I mean they give their big bit. I don't think the numbers of the year but you know five pound channel gets goofy stupid ITN pale blue but after they add in all in a lot of folks who say. You know is steel god am I'm just galls me to see somebody and take a cooler. And they'll just logo goes because there is no limit on a note. Well there's that you can only have one over right I don't have it memorized their there actually is some enough I don't think there's a numbers. Limit on the care speech you can only have one overall I think he's thirty inches or something like this and ask muted. Bullets. A lot of these like still just you and huge debate they just load up the coup. This ought to blow them up there iBook. And always wondered what you gonna we're all feature. At one time down by consigned the Amanda Fraser OK so you get you know I mean this hard enough clean a big iced his bullet you know OK let's say as I look at lets us I snap burger. Yes but I can't imagine clean and have me coomer fools of casualties. In an immoral whatever. It makes you question united DT 234. I always like to keep about enough for two meals you know I don't. To me fee she doesn't the last debt alone. You know a couple of months and two distorts Khamis Millen Fiji even when he thought especially fresh water fish you know out basically French Quarter fees so look but yeah about a ten pound blu excellent which won't. A star break and it won't we come back woman ring up the old south Carolina department a natural resources talk officer Henry Barnett engage shell hooked up. On the hunter education program. Write or say outdoors well six theory did you party the other states talk station power Ariza gonna talk to be in our officer. But I did cheered young guns. A hunter safety program in the years I think. Welcome back stay outdoors is. A hole on the radio you're listening to warn him 63 WO ward. And at it Henry barn don't and Taylor we're gonna have to ask you can we've been trying to promote you to sergeant. Don't know if you already here or not. I still Lance corporal but so were pulled for you. Matt appreciate that failed just little lower at school what is still performed this little game wardens think and I. You was a sergeant Parnell are clear and I'm. Anybody any future really well so next time you never view saying look up on radio and promote me to sergeant. Appreciate all know how to handle emotion then I'll. Well presage having no and you only related Yemen and by parallel had been what you do and so we wanna. To talk today about homeowner education in new world no Branko vote of hunting season we're always consider hunting season 'cause. You know the the dove season always kicks that often and you go from dove season to. Beer season in and if you do some more foul there there's some early season more Fallon in and it just kind of go zone really did Turkey season. And if your kid. Especially the law or anybody that was born. All up residence in non residents born after June 30 1979 have to have homeowner education says they got to come to you one way the us. That's correct that's that's government enforced now and I've been employed for a number of years. Even Muster as a born old war you know thirty such revenue. You'll find yourself in the situation but a light volume Nate ago. Indian it if you're gonna go straight to Louisiana what your body you're gonna duck partner. You go a little money to go to Alaska for. While or anywhere across human space a lot of those other agencies now. Require you to out of state non resident hunter coming in on their jurisdiction don't have that. Endorsement. Yeah we don't let. Ever discuss that before earlier in the show leaner cuts Phillips come out he had taken his children. What is taking noisy you know and it is he's this he's good idea he's not got to go to Alaska but it planted yesterday he will be ready again. Yeah a prize and it isn't good bonding time for parents and grandparents I can't actual. A bad in the sun can't take it. And in you know there were tight for that purpose that tomorrow. Sheila not garner but should should you know what I wanna take it just so I got. Knowledge of the dialogue installed at the table because I wanna be a part of any as a and a million. In the new information is power and that's that's elegant thing. Now if you're instituting heating your corner education car do you actually have. You you kind of got two options the achieved in that you can obtain that you can either go into an instructor related class. Or you can do and all lined self study coerce. Com and I guess the difference would be are there are user charge for the instructor led classes. Did chartered lake plant are free of charge. The lead all of there is only an idiot like it's like 1990. Somewhat that. An individual if if they're limited all. In their database scheduled during a clash. Trashed it is allotted for about eight hours. But generally look into it a little less net but. It's a short schedules are little limiting them they can do it all. And they did that been taken back now and come back to it later pick up where they left at all. Likewise if I take the test so much as it's like boot sale at the and they keep continue to take that attention actually they were successful in the completion. That's great that's great you know a lot of people nowadays some of those working two jobs other stimulus and every open at right now but a great idea. A short and struggle led you can imagine a little bit more kind of old you get you know you care. Firsthand from our officer shall. In those situations that have happened that good bad indifferent that. People cannot. Even relate to you and applied certain to have their learning process. Some people are better just Bob. You know that type of construction. Smooth but it certainly I pursche folks to have him come do an instructor led plan. Now own nest you're looking at the hunter education course what type of curriculum is covered beer is there any kind of fee you'll work. Or is it it is it is it primarily just going to be like working out of a booklet and and what to topics are Covert. There are littered with the time constraints and that the and a waste that's pretty oil and a workbook. We work awful PowerPoint presentation. So we try to keep that active bloom you'll try to take breaks. There's that drew doesn't mean every page administer an emotional depth that we're covering everything from just. Even though the spirit of the law as we talked about earlier about the the date of June 30 and in and an understanding the scope but who Lockett had to do that. Understand the get production act Al. Money. You know little extra satisfaction. Impersonal buses now Dortmund lure about firearms and ammunition. And things like that and what that money blows. And back in today agencies. And you're department natural resource should cross and months thanks. It just understand that that the kind of a general basis so our our marsh ammunition how they were just got to. Showed some folks where we've actually got safety trainer. Our arms that are or you know they're they're good slate they don't have firing mechanism in them but just to show them. Believe the action parched. Of them are just under Shane from anything from rifle a shotgun and some various. Actions. The underwear. And now if you're if you're taken Nicole worse. You've got you'll land in I know from experience of these class calendars if you're due a new instructor led course. They feel look pretty quickly knew that. Do you have. The number of instructors. Amin or resist something that folks are gonna maybe have to get in line and wait for a lot of beauty into an instructor led class. Yeah they're they're pretty well avoidable got what got sure each and let we have some volunteers. Would change shot in the guys' labor. Launch mode while. And also rumored to like sharpshooters and Rangel. Politically appear not start negotiation or should it strategic platform to market their facility. But. Generally they're pretty readily available. If the plant it's all there will have a wait list sometimes we try our best not turning anybody away we're trying to. A prominent we're which in the church within reason. But usually we try to do all we can't make them available would go come and appear. This is September comes to voting straight internal war on Israel fortunate in my like silicon production engine looking for that early they're saying don't. So you know there are there going to be more readily available here. August September October all the way into. November and into the chamber actually. Well I have to ask this basically for this year for the perspective here owners at their it would take probably two hours of curriculum. To catch a plane have a beer today. And into the and how does it it's really all I can feel you classes. With a number snakes in Colorado where you man. Well you fill up dying younger guys. In her latest and oil and well territory let it or not. I try to do you personally in my class. We're. We got a couple of check urgent and more talk about ethics and in the responsibility of hunters because. Chairman started after a lot of remorse or fortunate and blessed with with the resources. You know I live up in Bangalore on. And you know gangs don't register rock throw away saw a marked change your heart there and I've got buddies that live in the law or mistake. And so have opportunities periodically. Through the various. Changer would be at waterfront elder. Or. Dear whatever we can get to go to Anglo Australian forward. But what I try to I don't on the folks that like backlash in New York individual responsibility to understand. And another who. You know if I'm if that truck last August restraint. And yourself whatever hair and vitriol county. It's not fiercely in but it just across the latter they're taken. I mean it's this game home sport you know. Yet shown. It's our our responsibility that Al Gore or Clinton to innovate and invest in what other corporate debt rules and wriggle in there. And we we talk about you know you open it up there the first couple plagiarism. And there it is a guide about what's new this year. Sure. Yeah the blue description an air for the deer tag doesn't. There it won't just generation of the complexity up and against the it's. Bill that worked through that this should downgrade it Newt cabinet discussion and you peers and Dynegy currently if you you better understand. Whatever the important thing years. You've got to put a tag donated deer do you know if Sandra bullets UB where you. No well you get to arrive at one owner not you might have little little argument that this first year. Which you can have a tag on there you you've got you've gotten a grandstand now. That strike their analog quiet for our our younger under just like with Turkish region what we've done what their jurisdiction got. The son or daughter or grandchild. They can't or twelve years old when they're running what you. You know they've got their Turkey tag right and and that holds true now with dear okay they get players. There's eleven tanks and eight analyst there tags and notes three under strict about tanks. So they need to get erosion in there and saying. Just as they've done and tetris and Turkish cities. Yeah yeah and another another topic did it's kind of near and dear to my heart he is I took the course probably about. Six years ago now. And I'm looking the other day I have no idea what that the it was my homeowner education cohort in that now houses did. You know what I do I know I I think and a much customer number so maligned since but if you go to the DR web site. Diawara antsy Doggett of education. Did you Beers actually place it you can order your duplicate call or in it's it's and I think this is named after me. I lost my card dot com. Net debt just cash changed in the last few much and in that web site is this just as you say hello all Smart card dot com. And there's a little five dollar replacement say that conflicted but now those orange. All are a better quality is this just can be harder engine plant should just lack of credit card in your wallet. Compared to that little flimsy piece of whatever orders. Certainty that it it'll be a little bit more durable. Hopefully harder to loose on the card. And also notice when you when you go to this particular way of side own within the DN hour. Oh win cited seats I guess we call this the education part of it which ships for NASA department trillion. I also see that there is you can find a both homeowner education course. As well as a trapper education course and you know lot of folks a space a younger key is with archery and schools programs now. There won't get out there and there won't hook with a wanna use archery equipment so. That there is a map I don't have any firsthand knowledge of this but does look to be some pretty interesting courses. Yeah archery is just as it's ever imagine their. Partially controlled program across state we had in the last couple years strident room into a thousand kids participate in that program that your kid portraiture twirled great. That then that's just making it available to them and school which. OK now we talk about those that can create those numbers are less because you know them to organize streams and and so those are some schools have limited. Resources to do that but take that number should get trapped thousand cheered. Looked a year ago October on the Gaza over the south or high escalating. And just token that in in the tri national some biggest sport in South Carolina and participation sport. It's going to be football. Football football also granddaddy right yeah. Well let you hear. Victorian middle school and high school kids. There were like. I won't say it was like Big Ten thousand she is involved in football. In state. Sure and look at that number. Archery is what I call the sleeping giant you know. It is it is more that number. But you saying that you can you know you Lidstrom and I've. Bench players an intrusion crossed borders. Count numbers I have folks that are you know. Mom and pop. Dealers Carter. Station supplies and then but don't make life for every Warren. Crossbow they sell a machine in one compound by the silver silk train and prosperous one now. And then slowed then again there's been suitably well Luke or trigger a scout would doodle jump almost saint and she. It this and actually there's there's a lot to it but. This is a gore a great growing interest clear across the state owned managed. Absolutely. And if for any of our listeners want indeed involved with eaters get signed up for owner education class. You can go all the way of cited the Arnott Etsy dot gov or you can call 180277. 4301. And right hander who we just appreciate you taken time to ask us on the show. And a great information here and and folks teaching kids outside give him involved in archery voter education. Hunting safety all of that you alone UB glad you do you. Julia bishop is a great investments great memories disliked commemoration of the skill domain. A state for myself and you guys can probably relate to it out had many fond memories were not. My dad in. And having not opting to get out there and enjoy the resources across state content creation and solutions. Memories that I'll I'll carry with me forever now hopefully likewise. That share my kids and some other folks along the way through this this job this opportunity. Hi we appreciating god bless and thank you for your time in your hard work but it. Absolutely. And you know we got a lot of the account of events is gonna. Obama a lot of hungry education classes so let's go to our Brayton would give springer some a chance to material about that right here at Seattle 1063 stating. All right next up in the calendar miss what we got springer. I don't always seventeenth the national up Turkey federation Newberry county governors are having in hunting heritage banquet at the care at the country club of new very. And legacy in August 17. Get in touch when mr. may have missed Betty Johnson and NATO 37673234. If you're interested. Also the local foothills chapter of the Kia may. Well we having a annual sportsman banquet. And that will be on August the 24 at Saint George Greek orthodox church year ride those already in its own academy street Greenville. If for more information or if you're interested Kolb mr. Jon and 8644141879. And also our friends out at the Clinton house went I assume we have another student Donald I was at Torrey fourth. Forty bucks for fifty targets you can get to some low country Bowman shoots and skate who seek to speak first and then she some. Crawfish slider and literally and if you go to the comes don't know how does the Toney fifth and 26 that we can there they have a big Spanish macro Darby. The seventh annual it Murrow zoo that. Thousand dollars first place and if you're interested in that contact captain Robert Thompson and 8436020910. Lot of Spanish macro or get slaughtered Adam Rosen and here lightly annals Saturday September the sixteenth. At 6 PM at the Philadelphia Baptist Church in polling South Carolina voters from a hungry twelfth annual benefit banquet. And they're gonna be providing up pork and chicken barbecue to sized drinks and dessert. And for more information on that call 864585. Amount to war and hate. And that is your oil and if you were interested in the South Carolina hunter education courses. Go to their web site code 200 education and they is a about four pages. Of upcoming places worthy hunter education course will be offered in the state and also the rest of South Carolina Calderon missed. Done in record time without stumbling on the sale. Hey again. And I knew in the same in the same line trying to get our parting Johnny for today and the tin spring vs a live insurer for our kids to help you find bigfoot. This summer springer added number eleven this is eleven. There has the first billion bigfoot bingo but number ten on the list is they use their favorite food is better eight. And they're taught Lamotte big goodies any thing from nuts to be used the speech but beef jerky is probably tablets I think yeah. Number none ass messy for hill because everybody knows it bigfoot in the Loch Ness Monster are best for in. Number eight is signs of bigfoot activity your subtle and the picture here says is that a power leads in the forest. And says that's obvious big food activity right dry number seven and probably the most important consume lots alcohol I got talent we have extensive scientific studies show they're rednecks in the woods drinking Beers say 90%. Of the bigfoot sightings. Number six. Yes hey rob you alone is after all you noted actor recently claimed he'd seen big foot. We're gonna run at a time. Let's say let's jump to number one. No one bring to crack BS camera you can find because anytime you see bigfoot you can take a clear picture of him. Sorry about the abbreviated parting shot that's our show for today like to thank our guest. Harry and it hit the end Henry Henry Barnett had it. I don't want their own UT nicely thanks guys. Who they are feeling it well.