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Saturday, August 18th
Upstate Outdoors

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I am where the airwaves are crazy. I didn't clean. Features playground. Arrived on gentry and call 803471863. Exodus 7130. Cent here like you Jenna and I went 63 don't. Roy can I come. Three WORD. It was almost deer season. But I was down in the president took creep into river and was really looking and looking forward to my. Two hours and a decision that I have this year. Definitely this is good villain again this it. If not do we have this is again as were some good laced a duck hunt near the Greenwood area correct I'm drive being too late while the hunt with my cousin right. A bomb near the green boy area there I mean there is a public. W a made the Cunningham swamp between. Late Robinson Billy Cunningham did is open only wins day's first come first serve and his car. Got to must yeah is still open from time billion and they haven't announced that is not. A lot of wood ducks in here in Tokyo summit in big sky carpet near. And but it's as far as in degree boy area. That's. The end that's a tough one. It's visually you know public stuff does it does coming here is are harder to find our ten times harder to find truth. Then deer hunting years. This just because we're not apply women if we ran a missive to fly away. There's plenty of places yet for both birds they hear any of state it's tough thing amid this thing you do. You gotta find you farm pond or beaver swamp or something. Awesome I don't dearly and dry deadbeat. My recommendation. Well I. Also we were remiss. And now I'll say this quickly congratulations to Clinton Davis. From month of halo Alabama he was crowned the 2019. If they'll do a B cup champion. Sunday evening and Hot Springs. Prospering bank. Who ZKA arena. He had a three de sac it totaled 36 pounds thirteen ounces. And affirm that standing room crowd a 9000 people. And so from congratulations Glen Davis morning you'll Alabama bred during the and I take one in honor Clint Davis why don't you bring us. A fish principally. Al. Your microphone here in India had 36 pounds a large amount Al. Would you do not tell I've go to do it on a more take. Our this is the shocking I'll take out of that 36 pounds three of the largest orange how will return him to make more maybe three largest the rest I don't yeah I hit degrees now. Yeah as. So much support springer worked. Let may and when you frown as much fish and cook is much fish is I didn't. You're always looking for something different okay say oh my gosh this is pretty different scenario pretzels and beer this trainers. Tip of the displaced don't care what it is whatever you like a guy but they need to be both listens skin removed okay four cups of salted pretzels your choice whatever bring you lied you need to eggs beaten. Three tablespoons a state solves her or why it. Three tablespoons of beer best crap I use more clear the net. Baseball or. OK you know what Joseph did you go to if you don't wanna do the photo process or thing or you don't have words he accused of pretzels and I'm plastic bags and you crush the crappy not a proper. Yeah hammer do good things. Kuwait and hard you do have a food processors beaten. Put them in there and you need to break him down and almost powder in real fun croak a guy and now in a medium bowl we go to combine your eggs you're steaks also is gonna give it a little tour thing and clear. And big together with a four okay so you're just mix and all that happened about why you wanna cut aways into like little fish fingers okay are Marjorie Schreiber what are our nuggets what are you a college. So they cook up the size of snacking finger side. Pet fish strips dry dipping into the egg mixture right and then shake in pretzel powder and crumbs until fully coach I user another zip lock bag to do this. You know chicken chicken chicken get a really good encoded all right now would you original place those. All the cookie sheet and let refrigerate for about twenty minutes now what this corridor is gone wild and mr. to drop its goal of sitcoms chromosome it fish filet and they don't you need to cast iron frying pan. And I hate about a quarter inch or more over medium high heat. And the fish fingers and confirm may be three minutes may be a little list until golden brown and you term about once and you've got golden brown. Breslow fish fingers. And always need cobra here yes mr. money penny. Adds something to your recipe I guess so right now they can do that diet eating plane is very very popular the one at. The key go diet. Okay there's a lot of good though about how do you see trillion. Change your recipe to make it or keep your friend right you'd use baking grease or coconut. All or avocado all or extra Virgin Mobile okay instead of using pretzels you can actually use or Ron. Home that would even be a kicker Qaeda once and I mean not. And don't take import brands Chrysler design why aren't these cities large mission Rory is go with probable. How noble holiday either go with a global or baking grease that excellent. Thank you mr. another. That's good no country bureau that are key does. Yeah I'm and don't listen to explain how but I have heard OJ anti they ET at KET editor Gary bush is president doesn't make. And look at things in front and fifteen day no car top protein fast. The main OK but it. Slokar receive food chills patient and efficient she'll fishery Tito friendly faces. Blue car based the most cheese avocado is meat poultry aids Coca at all and buying Greek yogurt cottage cheese Craig I think what kind of beer is endorsed by the keyed though folks. I don't think. At any calories but mainly you Neftali so I mean. It is going to have at least one should you get the big tier two rounds out the money didn't. Is gone and released want to puke. When I promise you and what six thank you yeah. Those don't result in more inferior. And we were discounted kitchen. And different stuff we Abdullah and so I'm video force would go OK send. A government Obama wins the big thing you could tell that went via. Clintons don't government Obama wins I'll again for a second year rode an elite series yup so. How you would Tim Raines I know I know what it and got a job. LA knew you shot you undermine the way we quitting work I don't trip by a pig area so we dug up that matter when frustrations last very. That's actually got back I closed out of that but Clint Davis actually. I would read the story and he actually. Was considering not efficient between eighteen season and going back to work further Alabama Power Co. Testimony in that Johnny NF what was. This consistent right enhanced vision thing you do remember it cost me money mad men and makes you want to force would cut that made him so and he's got to think about 300. Thousand dollar checks like there. Well I'm glad you were for power. Guys you know you'd think they please series does a lot of travel and yet you know these guys don't nearly have lived the would have financial backing in a lot of room that the guys in the least so you could imagine a list Germany Spain and owner rather rude in a lot of their own money out of pocket you know. There are alike then yeah. How did that it and it is still did you verses bass is really any different I can't compare their travel scale goes does a really don't know but I. I mean I I everywhere taken again and they got a sponsorships via bullets. Yeah I mean if this is tough broad and if you don't win you don't Buell and make money if you don't place I. Dry so indeed I think what you hammer really just in conversation with our buddy Chris whales are roving reporter yes this guy. And he'd he'd that he talks to a lot of these anglers Jesse about men how much pressure there he is right and these guys are like you know I love doing this but it. I mean this is take his tell me I answered us and that's why a lot of them I take what the biggest bass fisherman in the world. Have a good spouses behind. This so poor. Absolutely. It's crucial yeah. It's crucial especially if that same person with the white. You're talking about young youngsters coming up in the house who you know you got no leg no what are my Coen yeah it's. Just ask this past Marty Robinson Jim Casey actually yeah actually did know. One I know all about doing yeah can't read may have been through you know. They pounded me and I and in an arm are really likes now how we got off form of the subjective isn't it obvious why. And the bass fisherman but is crucial there's a lot especially with social media an intra court ITY these days. I period when us in an interview with the idea of mass Perot do pretty dogs are as well I setup my contacts we just masks. But that contact. The last with the Y thing at a Damascus is live myeloma patients yet he's must give it to get into a new morneau solicited menace across the board that's that's in there is familiar Mansur who have. It's you know it's it's why is it looks like no tomorrow night. But you know anything it's this there's this harder urban Indian and got to work and it's going to be it's. Al Ahmad Burma and salute and so let's go to a pregnant woman come back we're gonna bring you tips for male enhancement especially for your ride right here. Do I wanna see straight you know RD state. How daughter's big she's so how did this latest once I'm there. Only South Carolina broadcasters association radio station and the years I didn't. It's going back to the upstate outdoors. Get the legs at 1063 WORG dot com. They can't put. I can't remember them. And they don't play and only. And mostly new PS. Now I know your dad in wins it. As plus some. I'm Jimmer show and we're every Saturday all all hell's breaking limbs. Am I winning and they are all four original members the kids. Are was it wind and whatever the feeling and was for Peter Criss a nation as the original but it best career yet ice freely Peter Chris Paul Stanley jeans and I will learn how. Isn't more let's try. Or the other award winning miss days tiring services. One man peach street it's peachtree street. JC welcomed us and outdoors. Again after an end as I yelled at Canada its. Base this opinion is near to. Well Alan the kid and 88 hours column being anywhere from between agent have been born to eight years old. Exactly it's just planned out a second and I'm a Metallica fan in the third and AC DC I. He can't go around a little back in black and thunder struck. Again and hell's bells and. That just shows and I didn't get. Oh yeah. Let me ask your question Mukasey I don't know why Howard we're going into this day as this was saying this was a nearly relationship breaking question. About a year or so ago that you consider. My Van Halen and I'm here man. There are you. Little slow to I had. It's a mockery and insult all the time. Unlike Ben island is not a hand may hate me yes they had hater. Well I don't know about lawyer Emeka Ben and I Newman is not here man. Well then I'm open a can of worms and yet. But I guess yeah. David Lee Roth yes Sammy Hagar no OK I get when she say I can do and I period hey me in case OK I want you loose loose talk amounts. Did you truck jacked includes some who this kid and some new tires and some accessories owned here. In alleged or west everywhere now and hey now I mean it about every old Groucho you see if it's a fairly new one and it has some formal looked only at. Tires will bolt bar step up RG nine it has. And the war tees now won't charge a little more relaxed. And what you used to see but a majority of the stuck your city and now is liable to hear it send up. Level accused just not a more than normal average truck like in the for any inning going and anywhere from agent after three inches. And a lot of time to keep the rear end from. But I would do an installation laps. What that in turn to allow the vehicle the truck to do yes you cure what waseige tatters. And a lot of these guys are what pushed 35 inch tires up underneath their truck what guess what it's doable. You can do it aftermarket wheels aspect you can take them to a waterway Il. A little bit water will. And this. I mean this guy has opened up the most important trade notes from all arranged a much arranged. I mean this year is just senator. That it's open is just come around this this just part of the business. Started seeking column about 67 years ago. In one of the things they need me here's how this kind of came up was a lot of you know low last week now is Bob ball and do Dodge Ram 15100 a minute dodger fan for years some home up third war and and I had a home fives India I guess may be guarding handle his kid only in about this nude twenty maintain. And I was no. I'm not honestly I was not have to within the inside here because it's full ought to do everything but the outside. Of it as a whole mail truck it was a dinner for. And no stuff I think as I say I didn't my wife. And yes I hold another story. To get down there in case you resist these tire and server senator. And there's the cool thing about it she came back he she said oh yeah Casey was like yeah I get that out I know exactly what to do to. In May and I tell you what it. I won't admit this I have to step up albeit did you in my truck and take seven. And that's when I noticed when I got in an eyebrow and a point if the same thing it's leveled. I changed my factory step up bars all on my enough so a lot of it's a chemical in China out it's a very sleek. Black barber cannot took up underneath their. To mayor he sleet in sexual can step up by our power to go to union the textured powder coated black and Richard Walsh Mike which is powder coated and it was essentially for my wat I mean I can get up into and out had to get up Omar get tones. But firmly get anywhere values in the safety bar any thing now while what ethnic kind of jump and it. So yes a lot of people don't understand that that that premise of just a little too and a three inches and threatened to an injunction asking about it and then you take. A factory set a tires all all averages at 3233. Inch higher and you're pushing soap and dirty sport perhaps 35 inches. When you several minutes only three to four inch GF three to four inches set up the next year over its factory. Presents the up again when they could be a little short. They go out and make a lot of difference. Yeah if I had I'm timid add three or four inches and now into a mud I mean I'm thing about some marsh grains I don't know what's our thinking but bounced off my tires are so our screens. Is worth the money dead two or three inches. It is in a thing about it. Leveling kids in new view men in the truck now since we did this and I'm used to drown an element I don't whopper local dealerships and whatnot. It doesn't change the route of the trauma that. It really does it can't picture when your bidder would not change around it really doesn't. You're not all curing anything only suspension your guidance pacers here in dire. A top of the suspension Muir stretch in the suspension now. In those terms and you're not changing any bank from the factory eat rat. Our and that's what's so great about it. Which area besides the level here at some a lot of guys bring a lobotomy truck and bring it to me. They want to thank fully accessorized I mean they'll tell me I would want to level you would want to tires but. They'll look out there and see one of our two trucks amount in my father's truck so now they're. Whether it's an exploding solid fold 2.0 atomic number or undercover flag or bought industries SL slump. Or could it mean to step up borrowers are we keep told boxes around Wasilla a good bit better built UWS tool boxes. Strange like that. I can do under based on one groups. Yeah there is no who. You won a bug shield but almost from another. I'm commercial fleet company that brings a lot of their charge to me it's a concrete company. We also goes bug shield any need initiated over the windows stuff up our town who covers. Sometimes were pardoned chest out boxes under the tunnel cobbers. I mean we we've when I say we do a lot of it is staged our needless to each rserver Shatner we do a whole lot of. And not me let's not leave Albert were not get one season and no I want your did you truck rigged out. But also if you got an AE TB or UTV. You guys are getting into excess arising those whose vehicles. Oh well a little bit I mean India it. Especially a lot of guys don't wanna do a lot and yeah I can get a warrant when you score in my just became a war in which they learned the last six months. Sold a couple of the pro would miniseries where do you want to cable or the edge which is like at 3500 this is the synthetic ropes style which opera first what I've got all from my side by side. But the cool thing is will it become popular for four illusions about shots. Waited a Paris or wills aspect. I got out of my hands in Rampage which is staged our service. People can look me up only insure Graham go overall FaceBook is staged aren't service center and look at it in and there's a picture Assad about Siberia and a couple more load this Rampage. Of wills. And an instant abuse and it's factory tires. We switched it up there when it that so many options now in ATV UT beat Irish. Especially like the brain yeah effects which is I went up personally run in the effects makes by over six different why irons. That is insanely. Great all fruit and it just opinions when you come to me tell me what you do Iraq can recommend a certain tread pattern. To go where it and wants to stay away from depending on what you want to do. And the cool thing about Manny is out of Ghana I've got a full Wheeler any visit to browse for Hillary and didn't mean not kind of lamented his first one. Mean I need to get before a drought but with the right tires. I can take it to wheel drive ATV and go anywhere I wanna go I can pull stuff out on hold dear out of this. Think his stuff I've got. And a lot of it's about the tree is that you guys on the on the rear part of that a team they. You're really years and I mean that's what. I'd I had done two cents this week some guys that does not want a change whales just needed tires and calming demeanor. Point 48 backing you know like the 2411 by toiled staggers out of the oldest secretary over ports. And so I ate I need to dire so it's been about three years not a goal yes well. They're like made this morning Robin I don't property and what not trimming and you're shooting range ready and top and gators all stay in. M Hassan Abbas Saad bin it has gotten plenty of work this morning up from issue here and it's only in that. And that's just yet this is the time a year they're yeah I mean I've got I can have typically ATV tires. You're the same day. Or not the next day I'm not a unless Guerrero doubled our tip click you know all in my lower same date thing all the time about eight or. I can have him the next day. Also Casey reasons these tire and service center were an easily South Carolina Casey if if folks sworn in other words find you had to get in touch with you to get their trucker they're a TV you TB outfitted. How can they find you. Yeah okay let's say the best way first what's called a number of them shot number is 8586 or eight spot now earned 1361. Again and that's eight 9136. Warrant. Check me out don't FaceBook. Stays current service center were needless South Carolina only answer Grail were staged our service. Waiting in the next week to two week. An Arab I'm stoked about Arab boarding meant so I've seen my new web shot I've got a new website about the Walsh. That is the www. ST. Ever seen now you know Doug. Interesting yes see now dot com. In a school have gallery yelled layer aware you can see stuff we've done it long list of brands resale what we do you can even email me based on that web shots. Ask her clothes. Ask me questions you will be able to do it all for that website as well. Awesome KC thanks for me and only show you thugs get out there and like stringers is. Due to some present to really show Casey and appreciate you may alien of Phillips struck a guy at all. I had really appreciated aghast for the time today god bless ya know lovable Saturday thank -- absolutely good man. Yeah this not like we'll male enhancement did you teach road where kneecap. Path watches elsewhere PJ yeah yeah how little thing about it joke anyway are gonna come back and talk about cinema can't teach regulations. Caller or maybe you're whatever does play out over 106 very Debbie Doherty DO spaced out state and number one day gauges. They think. Now there is nothing like this sanctuary on the hill school loans. And free and Tommy springer leading the conversation. They now go. Entry and Tommy's brain. 11063. WORD. Things here. Where Texas is Van Halen not here band kiss named song for you guys sure know something. Just think Hud institution calling your name alone and I am I really need in the spring awards on how opinions. I guess there yeah. I tell you I thought. You wanna give into you. Oh boy is the politics that can't creation and I guess this is bad is the gas tanks in the realm Gail. Exactly the same thing perpetuated by the same thing a guy so in case you gotta do this well. Okay you'll understand well I mean they. Ali sorry you're so here's a look at this health care law enforcement dot com. Were written Obama but take Terry made way don't Santee Cooper blue catfish regulations have been changed again. A sunset clause has wiped out the regulations approved in 2004 team. At 2014 Santee Cooper blue Kathy slow it took effect on April 1 25 thing. With creel and size limits designed to protect the resource has been repeat old. Because of me undiscovered. Sunset calls. Placed in the deal by the South Carolina journal assembly. Why Powell so how'd this happen regulations managing Bluetooth earpiece from the same tinker relate system. Have reverted to regulations crafted in 2007. This a bicycle than to always is now no daily creel limit for Kathy shin only one can't fish for day. Can be longer than 36 inches can be skipped. Okay so so basically we're finally getting some stuff and sizes rhino in Mecca now corner Ralston of chief of fisheries for me and our domain and the package submitted to the legislature into 4014 called for a study and recommendation to be completed and submitted to the legislature. But 20/20. This is the bill was amended on the floor toward the end of the twins fourteen session so Sid dad amendment. Added SH into the act they called for the suns sit. Of the new limits at the ended June 2018 unless. Action was taken to Eckstein in the limits we failed to recognize this edition had been made and we're focused on the 20/20 reporting requirement. Okay. I. The you know I don't look at me. And almost simultaneous this is what you've geared to win the entire sausage factory. Is involved in making your game in feast laws and I hope you give somebody. And win at all in seeing this is a back door action you up or some legislative some legislator somewhere minute overwhelming tell what kind of public consensus I and also the nomads guess peace. And some guy. Probably with one of these commercial fisherman you know buddies and he is your whose life. I remain in other instill in public resource is I you can't teach it to these type fonts make you pretty good money yup. In and how they got they don't take it away from a near highway got to go always bowl for you summit. Since so they throw this crappy Amir a sunset clause personally don't get bigger and it is still beta sweet yeah. The only Gideon are focused. All have a new study body into 20/20. You know so that we can conserve. The resource but in the meantime Abraham his son sit in the end of 2810 group okay that's a load of crap. That's exactly what they ideas for my legislature it's a load cramp okay. Andre and let me tell you build intrigues you so far that stuff other than outdoors yeah. That other crap goes grown up there and a daily weekly yearly level. All across we have the most corrupt bush in Colombia that you really Norman nobody needs and take a day are important place. This is a special edition yeah some especially to somewhere. And a whole time and you know the public ports to preserve the resource bingo and then you got some special interest in here and in so you got a guy who we are. The EA I'm okay so my constituents to say I'm concerned by Kiev speech. But I mall and a slew does slow pace in here did you don't train wreck the whole bag gun thing. In about two years CBI you've you've BI bump and a obviously you know so and now he got a star from the beginning Apollo every year and these guys are wasted. Prince just you know. I mean I mean it you know. My whole thing about it is way too many Dag gum balls about too many Dag gum things Nam. It was like Bartrum create talk create a written to regulate legislate this and now. You know what Donna this is tagged for five years off. Okay how. Like to have passed no new law I like that okay. And dimming you all were those calls is Willie comeback after that five years you know we noticing that yeah total of 88. Yeah yeah. I. The timing and you know you're right there's a lot of the stuff to get his own son is backwards politics and there's a lot of stuff that needs attention yes. And so were basically taken time away from being no more important stuff won't you gotta you gotta conservation plan in place. For Santee Cooper cash for each. Indian the whole thing is train richt and got to spend more time. You know working McAfee sauces DR now you know they were gonna do a study. And now instead to do and instead began to be a bad consensus me yes. And it now are we still here I still do this okay. So that we can pass the same thing and in even when they came and I remember this and when he sustained when they when DR came out what their recommendations. It was more conservative than what actually got past the series so it's going to be another round. A run in his thing and at the base of the is that the basis Somalia us. If she got commercial folks were out the year. Who were kids you can't see shall try lines award ever enter turn around and sell them. That these local pay ponds yes they are there making money off the public resources. And Laura and circumcision guides dude you like to moan don't public resource block him. So he's he's offering guy entry it's okay yeah. You have heard Howard Beale I mean it's springer going at the national force and say yeah no problem log base fifty acres retriever. Somebody cannot. We're look. It was a good example sure what exactly is the money I'm Obama harvest this timber not keep the money for myself. Mean you know vs somebody who's who's after Senator Obama I mourn the dominant takes you four two worked ranked this natural resource right okay. In Alabama law. Yeah so when we get to Walsh changed so honestly. Well Phillip my opinion is as close we have the likes of Hugh leatherman and hindering make taxpayer. Run in that whole show look there is is this oil is going to be head bang bang bang and bang honestly I'm Dave. I don't know who to blame it all specifically this particular worn in a wrist. You know I don't it. I mean I. I've got an opinion the pain is like norm PS I could I gotta go blow myself and the most thing. So but I. It just takes me off our guys so I'm. Why are brighter and aids and this giveaway and that's the price doesn't end. Even hunting annual foothills TDMA bank was going to be this Thursday. Let's take color full war this time since franks and does her collar for 8642414334. As a 642414334. Would give away appeared to used to the QB MA banquet college now. And the light is lighten up so my PS to go to work we don't take a break we are let's say outdoors all of the South Carolina broadcasters association no one's station for the year of 1063 W a RD state and. Pain she appeared. The call of the rare three romped to bring her sore. This is a state. Or us. And tell 80347186310. 71307. Heads on stayed outdoors. Did not feel gentry and tell me. We bring here on 1063. WORG. Okay my pin hunting them from with a computer I went back. And Phil let me openly show. Because more blood Brothers one of the of the tickets to the QB MI by a brother and run broke away as scrap surged gay kiss. It's a big fan Mars though they listen to the inception Obama stayed outdoors. CN fairly hard here and to be how well I don't know man. Freddie alone here. Oh I. I it drove me equipment. All his life was so so basically he adheres to the eighties video ladies and he's learned turn your radio loved your bid to knob to knob off you know turn your radio an outdoor started up and really pays off fishermen who loves the show you know he's just been real congratulations and Minas tickets are fifteen months but yeah. Have a good time over there one name is I don't realize good co weirder today. Trust him in motion good eats well. I'm now is the time when springer does our calendar did but this. 00 yeah. Well that's right okay I know also as we do this at the next part is going all right now. Today and tomorrow I could go right down the road here in Greenville false earnings classic okay they got seminars. But other pros and outfitters and you've missed born to die but she got when starting in thirty minutes just about. 230 archery insides improving your pain seminar three caught. Women's hunting workshops three very stealth and sent control seminar that's today was left tomorrow started 11 AM all right rifle for the whole. Aren't 230 basic cutting safety which is always extremely important and all these are kid friendly well what they're doing big Cabela's I don't want to. And these things and there. They're they're fishing tackle segment is just been expanded. Big things and have millions commandeer a big thing just makes it happen a pair end and then him we're out tickled to death Foreman as we did mention it Albanian and have been fortunate to give away a couple tickets. Acute AMA. Well deals in ninth annual sportsman banquet that would be Thursday night. I'll listen Tony started 6 PM at the Saint George Greek orthodox church and for more information go to foot heals. Well Lou foothills. Q do you play god come. If you wanna get tickets early are maybe get a hold table or what are we wanna do you can get him at the door of this is going to be you by yourself so take that into consideration. Also coming. We have a job benefit of bass and catfish tournament. Coming up on August 25 this is for a a young lady who's been do all kind of medical problems. And it's going to be a great great calls. And all they don't have a lot of the prizes that are there have been donated theirs will be bug given away is you know first second or third and far more information you can call whisk grandstands it. 8642212027. Our go to email and BC. C base at And the Miller known into September I've got two from September. Coming up the F stay Thai fishing club will be having a tournament. Saturday September an 8630 AM to 3 PM in light Joseph can't see in September ought to be beautiful up there they'll be watching from devil's fork state park in that is open to the public in for more information go to state tied fishing club on their FaceBook page and click that you Richardson also national hunting and fishing day coming up said territory's second 9 AM 3 PM south. Coke counterpart. In Seneca. South cove road in third or worse and at the south you're okay for tickets go to Debbie Debbie SE Debian AF dot org to enjoy a great day of outdoors. At this furry furry family and their activities include archery air rifle shooting fishing guy. Fly tying cam oh games plus exhibits from Tony for organizations. Both safety and having butterflies and whatnot there's so that ought to be cool. And all this is just put on us after a lot of parliamentary sources about a limited south code count county park and the Clemson corporation extension. Beriault Calderon missed wrapped up my man. WOR team. Since you're worried about keep an out of trouble. I don't speak for yourself the employees authorities in Minnesota assisted. In this summer's hottest rescue. When a group of women became stranded on a lake while floating on a giant inflatable. Rainbow. Unicorn. You can't make this up any if you. Think I am then you go to town Nora dot com stay out and read for yourself it's only Internet it must be true you've got to make big. Shouldn't. She saga though it's not Chicago opens this should saga county sheriff's office on Twitter says officers noticed. A several women while driving along fish lake near start Minnesota. The first thing to kiss the officer's eyes was a large rainbow unicorn floating in a precarious spot on the lake. And then they realize that there were several women there were tangled up in the weeds in the leg and color opened the lakes the Lily pads and of course then they called fox nine. His thoughts on reported on eight. Well did you Freel and a the other showed off some nifty wrote ski yields and pulled the screening in women back to show work. With a handful of glass and a few bottles of wine. And in debt and some risk you roping skills. They were pulled back to the dock the shares office rode in a tweet and here's a video. You can go to a look at and real for. The era. An era where they're really in only unicorn just oversight panel and in this like this. And so it was a giant unit cold feet. So they know ladies have fun. Nobody got hurt so to saint Denis and thank you for providing today's parting shot yeah thank or guests on the show today John stillwell. From foot heals cute you may also are but Casey Reeves. Firms this entire career over and easily and thanks for the list. Sprints into the sugar exile.