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Saturday, September 1st
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Good afternoon states welcome to upstate outdoors a 1063 WORD would Philip jittery Thomas Brennan. Good depth but now isn't really. One every takes the first say a win every week during China's. Wanna wish all of our listening audience and everybody else out there and read you lenient and a happy Beers and not near cities and I say is you tell our mile minds exactly. Today is that a hollow and all part of the state house this on the driving in OK and club. Were was. Worry I've gotten more bodily harm menu and hit the last sleeping you've had a last year how tough. Downstream is some planes they're playing dram back in a thaw one out today is the first day of hunting season at Indiana thaw when no not really because in the lower part of the state. The deer season open on August 15. And end you know if we go on radio and say well I'm happy hunting season yeah ago. Well I've been shooting cavities and I've been you know. Whatever obvious she and Saturdays not been issued and pigs nab and shoot and maybe try issued armadillo. Through. And that's legal uranium so late but today and in also if you think about it. You can shoot fish you can sure you can both feet I'd never an idea is it hundreds if it's. That's a good call right there that's a great place to fish and hunt or is it V I just you know it's OK okay you're sitting. I care is getting really are committed I would never entered today's opening day and a season paying yet. And must men mind it was years running being rolled out what is I don't know I guess like somebody oughta know I got a text I. So yeah this. Meals I'm glad I. So happy happy hunting season from here on out. If you're. It more we try to keep there was some pieces of him nearby it absolutely once look September rolls are of course a bad thing about it is today. You know sit timbers finally here were back to begin in August. Arming the weather I was talk show you before we went on the air man this is even for Ole boy that loves the heat. This last week been for brutal and drop. I gotta I gotta have this little I got out this morning about 630 Sen is the son Cologne some mock. My retain his being Brooke rather tracker to ignore an investment in night and it can be an idea to open a work called stands. First thing in a more this cooler when it's cooler air and so I got out early and you know everything was good news. Massa sure yeah man it's getting hot at all night thirty yes there and 30 in the morning yes there and a more. Towards what is this brutal that's when you know it's a candidate knows for all those that are going to be out there today in the dove field. There are not used to being. Outside it's got eight please take precautions find even a safe journey. Or make Syria have lineal walked her age to grow and stay hydrated. There yet. So what are ratio come up for you today let's start off would've stood up north blog talking about use of betrayal cameras. Game cameras and don't look around look for him and you rarely see. A concise. How to use trail cameras are always kind of wondered about this a lot deliberate bitter research on land and wrote the blog this week about. Kind of how where you need to be good trail camera yet through the season. A deer season. Somebody else takes and you. And I cannot believe this in all the years I've indoor range nowadays got a solid opponent I'm springer. Nobody nobody takes me may have mum on the air I okay. Anyway so. Do we got eight we're gonna have a colleague guests. Jar god went from. Doug dynasty we're gonna can't tell when does god want we've had him only show a couple of times we've actually got to be willing to yeah we were in last time that we were down in Columbia. The comments force was classic but. God is going to be O one of the featured speakers at the Mississippi River monsters. Tournament this going to be next week in Memphis well he's going to be out there were bill man's man Freddie Tillman story he Sid he ran into building and some bills like hey. What you come out here and because because God's gonna feast that turned him. And so if you're in South Carolina your life. So what. But deaths from wannabe next week. I'm gonna be at a Memphis Tennessee covering the Mississippi River monsters having kids is a good kid at the ship they're born after with a B in impulses one Amaya clients about working with. In the yeah outdoor riding industry so up I say hey how this column Donald. I miss him so it was his fellow gang from Doug honest I was three runs on Outdoor Channel will end Monday night so. I know he's studying busy he was in airport wanna call when a tall with a miss more out. So without him there will cover eight article from field and stream about late summer bass fishing. Stir some strategies that you can use to find masses time of year. And you know it's tough but does is so these are people like it that way via. This phrase or bring us the roadkill cafe and cover all the basis day menace and Donovan Baines. Continuity yeah. Don't putt greens and she's hurting right and then we're gonna have. In. The beginning of archery season four Beers gonna start in two weeks links so we got TN archery season hunting tips. There's monitors mind. Say man I'm in my does ring and the blue moon is one of my blood Brothers from Alabama done. A world different road and I. Know could you call. I didn't know tolerable and there's a cut up. And it's making a master. It is Labor Day week Keyon yes in the kids are back in school and what do you think of when kids start Matt screw. Has to last I school. Thanks guys. So we're gonna we're gonna talk a martyr Robertson about the young upcoming I think they got their first high school bass fishing tournament. Is going to be in couple weeks maybe. You know as far away and then toward the end of this month correct so we're told morning walker about debt in his praise or bring us account of it. So yeah hopefully we spoke slowly and we'll have to do it quickly click yeah the market like. And her parting shot into insulin we covered an article from do you people for eating tasty and how it and you know but animal crackers dry well this week. I don't know how completed these more statement. Here hold my beer yeah. Hold my drawn butter because apparently there was a eighteen Wheeler accident somewhere up in Maine they love words a bunch of lobsters. And no fail out of the back of the truck. And that some mom didn't make you drive carried a minister leather bag truck and Q&A few lobsters. You know and of course he's collected rinse them up and Peta. Wants to do a memorial. Guests to the did lobsters here. I thought that was called rib lobster I don't that's the biggest move more I'm. Router I thought I got them all well that's. That was on the social media this week Phil I'm thinking you know what would be odd deal saying for redneck like springer who love road keel to come Obama truck dad. Justin's part owner black on his wife Charlotte area before a little while got there and probably a few yeah center. Party suffered a day and let's break up into the of the death nor did log in the end we got a kid so we've got only because he was like waiting for his luggage right in Dearborn. Right out of sit outdoors 1063 did PO RTS laced talk station we got a full schedule and diced by ten you're gonna enjoy it believe me. I was actually listen this zone. And early word out my cameo. And now is the I'll tell anybody and money any light reason a minor thing you know is going. If she ever played at a radio while ago how old. I'll act act Debbie Jorge. The regular at a neutral I don't want. Imported Eva. And unsolicited and what are we don't play enough and it happens here it just happens well we don't really have a we don't ask Maria we're doing scripted and it just. What I mean not a script we do a schedule schedule because again I have if you have Colin and years since that I I hadn't said keep things any arrest Thomas dislike. Com or Ramos and ruin your day I don't know Erica. I never had it right the upstate outdoor blog earlier in the week in name if you wanna see you then you can go to one and 63 W or do you dot radio dot com back slash blogs Max slash a standout no worst. And you can see this week's blog which is make used to trio cameras. Mom on the eve of the 2018. White tail beer season deer hunters have been spent in. Pre season in the woods Powell. Scouting for DS would say when you run an ad briar patch our no kitten they have the deer scouting for new year preparing stand sites and work and all food plots. Now over the last tee and fifteen years automated game cameras also refer some bumps some people called Treo cam stuff like debt. I have a comment as interval. Two deer hunting his hunting boots tree stands and guns are buzz now amid the rows popularity of electronics in the woods some states. Most of the mountain or go figure have considered limiting the use of game cameras under the fear that over harvesting of game would result. From too much information about the court. Okay Clinton and stuff for me in and I had to install. Do. Is going to use a trail camera to overhaul orbits dear Alice. OK the it's not like you're gonna over harvesting user trail camera to be more selective thing out. In weeks dear you wanna shoot if you're got a slight look comScore she whatever dear ask you need to do you really don't care. Just need some ground and across layer Ringo. Now the but it Crockett club which is known for the organizations and scoring system and record keeping of world record harvests. Will not recognize trophy animals harvested in association with the use of loud action game gamers. Okay whom care and lab action lab expose edit and the terrible way in determining. Turner ran out of action. It. I anyway those are devices that transmit images to a remote receiver for viewing now devices that require the user to visit the site. In obtaining images bomb manually removing the media that's the call order the field from the camera now knows we're okay and that's. I mean not same both album. But the other ones you've got to have you got to him like sale or service or some and so it transmits to a and I've heard people Thomas to have those is like me and then day again thing takes me all nine I can imagine. Aren't there and springer scares. True sure about. A thousand good milk and you know only as good. No core follow the gap and I just don't. Sell by coincidence I am. That's their daughters who have no reservation about using game cameras have discovered the value of collecting information about their intended quarry around the clock. Game cameras are valuable for inventory deer herds as well as helping identify travel habits. Of an individual and someone ask torture after you're entered it big booking you trying to figure him out. Has becoming more common place for homeowners to collect game camera photos of the trophy book or potential trophy book. Days months and even years. Before they finally get that animal in the cross fears. Gang camp is also greatly assist in selecting which animals are suitable to the owner for harvest. And have promoted a day don't turn in the shoot and hope. Practice. Where owners only get a glimpse of the deer that may or may not be a trophy potentials say shoot it. And how debts wanna they were looking for. Now like bass anglers who steadfastly round Marines sonar and electronics. To pattern and identify feast that wall hopefully find their way into the lab will. Game cameras or one of many tools now available to their owners and like mass dear patterns change is the season involves. And homeowners who don't adapt by changing camera aside locations are probably not getting. The best information available. And under an early season in a pre season and aunts that's probably now. You know were probably. Well here here's the here's the break import. If they still got a velvet is pre season and guy. If the bill puts off. And it's pretty wrote. The area because then that's that's really this road to big difference Erica as soon as that bella comes I would get resolved we're getting really close to that glad you're here this is true yeah. Now under an early let's see during an early season and pre season desperate time on books still have velvet on Taylor's game cameras are frequently used to inventory. The standard her own piece property taking stock of both numbers and pages of books and those could you wanna kind of keep up with your book bill ratio and you know I guess there's a formula in there somewhere but if you're seeing all of those are no books. Are all books in no doze and you probably know something a little bit off import now the best camera locations for her assessment. During early season our food sources nest oak flat Tony's Sokol patches mineral licks or. Bladed Tearrius. Which that is legal when he of State's legal and all South Carolina. All privately and during the pre season pre rut phase of the season that time between when books share their velvet and begin actively seeking out mates. Homeowners will be best served by moving game cameras to the vicinity of rope lines and pinch points okay. Those ears were books begin marking new territories and shedding bill from antlers. Now bear in mind the timeframe. Occurs during hunting season in her owner should make conservative views of trio cameras. I mean union you can use them but list. We're talking about when you visit those trio cameras to change the cards out or whatever you wanna be go any and if you're on an area. This got a camera no line any chick can't amien. Game camera should be approached like hunting stance from downwind and with a decidedly stealthy approach and egress. From the area now during the on or shoot Guillen relocate their game camera to areas of scrape lines. And ages of bidding here isn't feeding areas where dunaway activity is highest. Now we're trying to capture images during both the pretty red amber face this. Be sure to set the trigger mechanism on your game camera to immediately shorter because animals are going to be movement here. Unlike in abated stationary. Where there you know they're released Kenneth stainless steel mill and Graham you your trying to kitchen animal movements or he may be kind of at the trop yes there. On for post run late season game camera usage under shooting Guillen relocate their cameras to grain. Food plots and other late season blues sources the second or reading it teary reading activity. Can be captured by paying attention this great buys a rope lines but he continued to be fresh says you you you know what Aqib a couple of cameras and along those old. You know if you start if you see scrapes and Irish QB or the then definitely keep Warner to they now look at capturing some memorable images of your own property hunted. Game cameras also provide some very informative and entertaining insights into the lives and habits. In ass just really I'm here's where here's what I'm editing this thing on the news cast act act act. Says they provide some very informative and entertaining insights into the lives and habits of other animals that you also shears the land. We just a deer population. That's a good or act against. I guess some say it like light will we head what were using figures which I'm not legal use of figures must now. But man UC reckoning is doing chin ups Alia I never read data behind hang you know it is amazing I am very amazing traders they really are and would issue recede Turkey's the end lot Turkey via every now Nancy coyote you're just there. And here in any city. Somebody they exposed to be there in the world that. Had a neighbor got a neighbor own while on Sabbath side what are you just bought property behind OK and you know where he was there. Okay they showed a poll in my game camera wow life Tesco yeah I AM ED about men much. You know they're they're a very good tool there in the new tool of of deer and you know when they're new and improved to do you know two things I have never seen on trio cameras much snubbed in you I'm got Longoria idea out answer okay MBA from. I we're saying here and does well we are the only trailed cameras are in the woods this country. In bigfoot country as well and never get his picture not a big food metro camera. Well I had 11 Thomas blurry. It's not a big boost is blurred in anyway so there's you trail camera. Advice alike and it's time we get out there yeah but the man we're at a meeting here what did you decide depleted. Warner remark lose on it Carolina okay Larry I don't believe in an air serve and it's their safari mix well we had we'll ownership last week so they had a supreme mix of book probably he's so it was you have. Iraq Barack I got Iran can't slow her yeah probably yeah. I didn't value bases covered yeah Anelka legion those each of those will will Wilma and get right into different yeah. Yeah excellent polygamy and as well again. You got some chance of rain as the week progresses castle winning yet. I would go take a break here come back in we hope to god when will talk to god. Many airborne mr. Taylor said it would right here opponents say outdoors 063 WOR EDS based out station gets some. A lot of folks out there might remember. You. TV shows fairly popular. About not content yet sort of it did that was the beginning of the beginning of it yeah and it progress into them a show that I still watch the reruns. Every week on Outdoor Channel. I love those books and no one of the U most beloved care absolutely on the show it was our buddy John got when we got a guy went on the phone. Governor welcome back Dunston I endorse. The very air guard to play here. Good to hear your voice guy when really to actually hear it in my year pretty cool. Serial mom yeah. How she doesn't always come into the TV it's you know okay and very I believe number and in some ball. It's. God let me tell you something the collar towns it's you were would uncle size. Over you shakier here this kind of the way added I look over spring and I go to okay. Hey I'm not an element are you aren't they Jack thanks faith I. What type yeah Jack of the days how we got this. Q did you hookup ice to anyone in blue comes. Not one of those guys that usually clear I don't think we'll go how would I everybody got along and I got one male. I got to watch a window where you sales since the days on TV since the show who has it is indeed. Well. We've just been back to work and you know there are wholly look or shuttle or what you're don't let sort of group. Always thought that up another but I am. They and commander in struck commander Turkey hunt continues. The totally dividend spying Carolyn I was a little film and we started there in Manhattan. We got it on our UK channel about commander each or two channels so. No luck in such crap. And you know that's that's the way with things so many folks have got these out or. TV shows that they're doing in there was so many government in and you know did the big name. Channels couldn't keep bubbles could lose the popular Juan who's. And enable buyers like bush just go get cheer YouTube channel and people who'll pick. And that death provides a lot of Conte it today average user and it is talent Q now we're talking. You'll have to sit and watch an entire thirty minute broad care if you go watch about a three year eight minute video segment. And get what she knew he'd. Outside riddled rampant. So it they're but it put it in Dillard everybody when you. So we'll is there any plans full road Gator commander. Got to come up because I ask how has passed so big gators did she and her slow. I won't all the little little. I'll allow. Most. Thank you crawl up our way to the yup now in U. You've got to hope that it dying. And do you Massa bra there you've got. Our main meg a pro Euro symbol. One thanks they've got slung got a rope around his. Wrapped around and it went just bringing an alligator weren't experiment experience. And yes on him out around on top program and I don't know more where that term in that situation that. Eric tang and thank you thank you it. God what we have here in South Carolina we have an alligator season where you put in for a tag in and now than in in second year that we had a season. Hours drone for a tag and now when African that are I was doing oracle for South Carolina sportsman. And and I was kind of disappointed with the hunt but 'cause I used to guide you know to do it. And it was so with the issue you know you were talking about the way that. The way to choose you you call your Gator who Kasten after but this guy. And course the gators were not. There were really spooky early early home. And so we just shined a month denied and he you know he said oh that was about a ten footer that was about a twelve footer in so we had eleven footer. And put the put the cross bow with a harpoon in it in and he rolled it up I mean access had a buddy of mine it was polluted after the buzzer. And banks stick bloom wins Winston on board and we were done in thirty minutes. It. It took us a little long and half. Way now that I had a had a collar. And so I don't know what to brag about and several don't you just electric power. And we're gonna column to. I says. But don't column to be Serbia respect kind of treatment. Maybe Canada though Baylor and yeah you know or go on them we're going we're going might come Bancorp burial. And named company. When he got close nested gagged him Adam Adam. At Aetna. Now let. Man it was very intent to you have to throw in care human. Do you get a big unit that is. You know would we pick up its outlook and I am not well optimal burn your test. But he did that and then why don't Mac tribal group and that's you know laying out there. But so I don't know what to Bailey is on target not honor guard from executive pay right now looked so. Why now. Now on how dominate all your years of fish and you've Jack Giles on a thousand could Jillian trapping everything else what did it feel like we need jet net Gator up or meditation Barack. I'll look back at that at the back room. Photo La. It. Well a lot I hope so rope. And there and there was to pick up drug and turn it into bumper also. Comes from the list. I'm good my little. Wow and that's you know that's a good lead in because next week you're going to be up in Memphis Tennessee. Trying to hook to the bumper of a big ol' blue can't be issued to Mississippi River. And night they pretty well known fur haven't simple and strength also. Mavericks Erica Erica land not to put bill back last year. And I'll never characters Torino could not follow them up orchids Daytona banks that match there is not a well out there about it but I do that. Bottom buyouts and we're very in the boat and go on and I just bury the parent nearby mount mount equate. Well bottom and you go over them really do and that's work that they can officially. Hasta cooling time. And are determined to go around their little bitty. In an Internet he was so. Not saying America you hear that. There's a bigger than a property. Yes thicker than the whole thing about have a accreditation is you set the hook in dummy you know I'd say that's a good morning to mix a little turn you got a twelve foot throw rod in this lift him up in a boat. The characters don't play that way. Long term Zuckerberg. And even and. A candidate in April it's a pretty big. And you know wig editor at. We gotta talk about the Mississippi River monsters tournament probably the biggest. And national tournament go we're known nominated Steele I think this is the third annual blood. People are coming from all over the country to finish in a Mississippi River. And it did it's going to be a big turnaround space to with a lot of vote promotions from the mass pro here meted shop up there in Memphis. Nassau and up popped out to gel works as long and Georgia don't change and he's. Are things that hangs from. Illinois. Indiana. You know they're gone from Oliver skeptic in the big Villa. I'm just not give men do that. And the motor centers. And Carlos. But Atlanta got a warm up tournament director and a very unique. Are going to be different kind turn away but grading. They're gonna. Expo apparently of America's number rendered out prepare me it is liberalism that appear immediately. Always somebody hanging around now begging off earned mate and tell you read. In my application store bring in ham sandwich right. The burning program. And then I'd say whatever I have not seen that appeared muted in person but you know you they have these two words it's you do homeland stuff like that. And men and it is a beautiful facility. I just wish I could afford to stay they're. You know I'm a little mistake there. Gloria and I am I have been manner or on. My MO Laporte we'll go under another band not gonna let out an album go next tiny little. And then just let the little Latin America Garrett surety Erica engagement coming minute you well community in the boat or not. Particularly adept boats and little comment you know Oaxaca. It's it's our mares and they are not particularly. I really want I'll I'll bet. It looks like the woods but they do have math terms and your rise so. This very different Indian up against a tree right there and it in the mile below for you go to America local one of our current airport lax. You ego aren't mango barker and am back oracle. What that is awesome fantastic oh god we really appreciate you being on the show and just you folks are out the ballots. Now also wanna give a plug before we let you go conjured your own the this speaking to were also doing a lot of every message you were here just to Coakley years ago in Graeme would warn of the local churches. I do in some some inspirational speaking and so you're still only yeah only speaking to work. I am many O'Connell are now go to the most very Smart. Feel so great. Community worship center Paramount the most prepared and I am 30 in the morning. And then I'm going to I gotta park it let them darted mulberry it dirt to leave people. And almost eight and some cannot order you know. I'm here very now under them. And dirty khaki guarantee that land barracks there you don't pay. And that's it and under bill and I'm just go and we. And that is awesome so if folks are lose this thing here they're connected with the local church her community yourself than. And awarded two duo line you up to come in speaking there via Halladay ego get in touch with you. But I can hear him to mop tie campaign to not have a little. In my L dot com or you can email my tenure Toro tomorrow beautiful our own merit he may have let me introduce her chair. Also. All right John got one although ham sandwich from Doug dynasty in Dutch commander in. Meehan commander struck commander in just I know around this you know go back yet as well like as they've got a guy want thanks for being a witness and look forward to seeing you next week up there in Memphis. My very unleaded at the victim a man boats or are there still that train. I hear you god would I man god bless you god one in all of this make you feel any better but I think you about I think about Dave Thomas getting hot dude. Why god bless you brother but I. Did it. I think he could go one out and of such a great deal and a you know when they would do in the Doug commander and Stefan and the that was just to gauge and you know he and I as far as he actually win under a billion kind of a spokesperson for yes for them a little hot oh. I don't blow hot dog. The units I have a reason for all my insanity says yeah I will ask hello let's go to our break until we come backs big and hot tubs and talk about late summer mass usually. Right here almost they felt pillars 1063 WORG yes they stalled state Duma Philip gantry and then whack job Thomas springer despite getting ugly side. Already unsteady out Doris. On your Saturday the first day of hunting season for 2018. Man I'm I'm I'm just. I'm looking forward to you I'm home. I get into a pattern on any day yeah every other hour season. And mayor Tom I'm out I guess a Marty Meehan and competitor in pre season catalog what Ron talked about you know do you agreement. And I came to I got so much to do and so little time to duty in Indian you know of course about these amber how much you burn the okay. The couple years it in December you know I used to have a bloody minded he would sickness staying in. On January 1 okay as the sun went Beno. NBC it made it brings a tear to my that it's over with that I got to wait you know another eight months foreign you Beck yeah right hand and I'm like. Yeah I'm about them but I look forward to it and doing some other actually I'm actually gonna hit Abdul dove hunt assessment. Yeah they know how that got imitation. That it embodied money's tight kimono and a much. I'm a leader Toyota whose eligibility but in my den and encryption broken and Aston I am number one not to think leaders coiled true enamored I don't know how they're. When he says of we're probably made up about three ethernet links or obvious Miller ran on yes they would watch the field wasted when they start fun and astounding Gator yeah I don't isn't fill up will out for you folks who all our. All the late in the course the other great thing years. Today marks the Labor Day weekend marks the end of agitators season. On the line very well say it. So I'll oh are you nerve wracking and papal in Fontaine boats that are dragging your kids will only tell you put an end to a middle of the the life. Number one be thankful you still have all your key and OK not that I was known do we think to a massive turn watching I sit here and watch these ponting modes. And you know and I guess obtain big blunder and our church just no way and they're not back in it can move. They're out in the middle of the light in light last week Keyon too little water. Well yeah well last week he and it was a chop OK there was a topple war Iraq Andy you got all that but don't weigh in if the kids balls off that too. Even wearing a life jacket only thing you stink it up Israel about this about a foot. And you cain's serial with the chop chop from a billionaire buds go when he on air and everywhere site so I might. You know what I I'm not a college football fan but I love to see coming in. How you idiots get awful. The also this thing you said the currently sick that's pretty happy you want to know why that's what I wonder time. I love you can only get done heated from those are get out of deer stand right late December. First of January. Until May I love the water to cold swim mean right. Anyway. But late summer best fiction is not for the final hole or large mouth are often do anything and lethargic and they're looking up going to hit. Not a bond and it's. The there's so much like. Yeah. Who. Mayor ray impressed killer like if you want to kitchen large map as late summer water steel warm. Got this article from steel and streaming it's a it's. It's quotes fro where they interviewed lake for dad James Dave Meyer and James is down there at the he was at the the out immediately right before Massa master class had a chance to talk with him great fish from. Paces in the summertime Mastny shade. Cover and oxygen and food and ABC's always provide that and it stands for aquatic vegetation. Bridges. And current. For the BM also include reads about dogs anyway. Four so you always talk about a caught it vegetation. Here's watt bass like you're talking about how drill up Lily pads highest since. And other greenery hold for each nastier looking at like Blake horrible word like murder your stuff. A lot of that greenery. Is going to be under water but also a lot of leg Rainer is left over stuff they grew up. When the lake was dale bingo and now you king did you know of course they discovered at turner classic new king view within about what you get up to about TNT to water ran horrible. You got all kind of submerged SU gala don't look at our analysts say it. It. Is an oral Kazaa got a ton of it. Armed but that provides four inch. Greenery holds forge for crawfish son finish and also provides cover chained and higher odds to know what you wanna look for when your fishing. Aquatic vegetation in India is age it irregularities this basically did change brush is logs rocks your bank beater. Per bass fisherman you'll look for some steak and now. Be a mass lay in and there and a best techniques and tackles for fishing aquatic visitation is going to be. Afloat and fraud. These thing on top and also something is going to be when you this as I got to kind of RAMP this up cause little nine time. Those things traumas current. Mass like current because it provides higher oxygen washes in food in you want to look for eighties in protected calmer water. And for fishing current U wanna throw a light jig plastic grove Texas rig worm. And in finally bridges in maybe I'll circle back in touch back home bridges but bridges are gonna provide. Shape and structure and structure and bass love to sustain end. When it's warmer so look for him to be up. You know the space is like some of the bridge structure that we have here is not only the footing is there on the bottom but they'll have some mid level dipped structure of the vessel program. So was this just let's go to our break for the top of the barrel we come back roadkill cafe. Right go to Seattle or 1063 video RTV upstate stop stationed take a break from the top of the hour will be older Macs that.