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Saturday, September 15th
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Watched his son come up to this morning. Attitude it's and two what are dozens. And has its beauties. The darkness. From the sky. I also ask. No vote counts are low ball than an important. Oh my rules C dude. We. Are and how lucky we. Another very loans to me. We. Must forget bill could be used my was sent from Bill Davis bill this this. Gil de showed I was actually go alone oh by the way welcome most. You're listening to those six very Debbie Doherty was Philip. And enough. A lot of stuff. Is going own today. If you haven't followed us all FaceBook to today is the upset outdoors five year anniversary. Arab it's a single yesterday that we found that set of keys in the parking lot example. Is fit to and we got inside the building and started doing radio show and nobody ever stop and never have yeah. So I'll just a good group of kids you find keys later in a part of a lot find out what they fit exactly do you could ever radio career from a so a five year anniversary today and it's our came party. Moved yeah. We're just wait and really invited guests did show up yeah. I don't think she really wanted to probably year now plus Sid doesn't kiss Margaret yeah. This has to say no somewhere. Oh my goodness but so got a great show coming up for you today as alluded to we're gonna have. Probably would what would you consider would build answered definitely the biggest name in defeating industry. The greatest icon and I seemed invasion shows. Actually did you actually started the day one of the few Yemen maybe Hank Parker and I think Dave marquis room after day after but they were two of the first and Connolly I can't remember that watch TV news. Jimmy Houston though I was gonna eat a lot no guys both got college after. But it really looked at a how. In particular commercial or. Merge I think virtual war was actually lose the original. Think he was actually the original and fury building and solid and great camera when my when virtual war retired he Sid I'm retiring. So I didn't spend more time fishing bingo. Like you makes for a lifetime a station new outpatient Perry did feel good though when you have. I iconic. Outdoor anger building and Salma show where this today as our five year anniversary of really looking for that. And of course in the meantime we got a bunch of hurricane Florence that's talk about. And this is a point where I say. Stay tune to what is considered a minority for a operation hurricane Florence watch some detail at. Gal. She did anything you don't appear. I think I think it probably won't happen was when she did Myrtle Beach like most people use like. Us are still buying cattle and stripped down but now let's go now. Wow this is good is that the good explanation is hard for anybody else that's ahead. So we will start the show would have stood up north blog talking about last minute out dole words severe weather tips for out endorsement could you still got time. And this really interesting and got this sort of a lead in from our pew report Chris Wales who gonna have Bobby Jackson. Bobby Jackson. Is a volunteer work for a long time with a Southern Baptist Convention. But he started do you remember last year a couple of years ago when they had the cajun navy they've been in operation in this Clinton well it means the extension of the cajun navy and basically what Eddie is where you've got rid Nixon John boats lingo and Bobby will Lehman it. Describe themselves as that Rick Nixon jumbos. Who basically Oran and help people out who have gotten into fluid situations yes and so they started the Powell met a navy here in South Carolina and and now we're gonna have Bobby on the show win this. It's always a little bit earlier he's in Marion South Carolina he was up in North Carolina. You know up there around New Bern had opened some of those folks out ending came down. Because they're really looks like this storm is going to be a flood of the it. You know mixed week you know the aftermath and Nestle turn out to Bobby Jackson they do have some need. And they do have some volunteer. Opportunities. So if you're redneck and you have a job mode. We got. We're we're gonna we're gonna ask you to enlist in the town meant a navy. On this particular rednecks in that's. I'll. Get a lot of reports from the coast where there buddy kept me kept an English English Glover Tolle link this to you mean like. Amen. You know I you Gallo. They're aiming a poor wicked witch in I holidays hooked up with though it would the cajun navy guys LaMont penguins when Barca this. As a kind of do not talk to the big Tamer radio gas on top dog today table and get ready again. And is OK okay so we're gonna have to not only for cat to me you know he's got his go to be really bad in this since nine and then it's just been animal emotional road code roller coaster for Kampman I think he likes. I think he goes to hear I think it is basically be in the middle of exactly and they and entertainer not a good. Stay close I was gonna say because they couldn't do your show this the southern anger yet again shown here. And they like his I mean I can live in I didn't know yeah didn't he did named I was gonna spin you know cautious. So it's akin to need in no second hour. We're gonna go into the road keel cafe the shrimp or being easy Pickens before this rolled and and I'll main easy Pickens thank for everywhere so we're doing triggers to back. And then no talk a little bit more about a hurricane Florence I'm sure that'll be on and off during the show and it whatever interview would building its. And it's did you popcorn did you hurricanes' next book to radio ESCO turn that. Turn it Dag gum aggravate and but we'll look at me and Clinton already have like their third senator Bob points. Per screen you know that's urged her ankle in Georgia southern absolute. You know yeah tune in for the beatle audience. Interviewed you and that's that's going to be Graham who look for due to man and in our calendar oblivious. Gas gas got a got a bunch is gonna role in us Barton next week in for a couple weeks and they all kind of ride together saying. Any and we will round out today's show our fifth anniversary show with a parting shot about a story about some animals. In her case. So there you get big show coming up for you today. Was why us when your experiences for. What is been my experience at camp are you only go black. Well let's I don't know I don't sixty full. Rose Bowl and sixty or 1960 vote I don't think I'll pass a unit I I would do Hurricane Camille in sixty in 69 now the can't laugh yeah. Within Syria in August disseminate that the cat three you know look at what they've Frederick in slamming on September now the camp for completely destroyed to golf goes down there yeah. And I don't with a cat three and 85 and that's just the big moments you guys I've seen my share of hurricanes did you ever leave. At what I've got old enough to give owning a car and god yeah. I'm mommy and idiotic guy you happen but you seriously humans they did for Camille Pin stayed there for Frederick. And then wants you know turned rocket dropped moment and the one and 80000 via I was I was out OK I don't live I live. I'll let you know just winning short nap and went north down a 65 an hour to up toward Montgomery would turn those days would de link you added jail long enough to evacuate Saturday unit to evacuate the rest of votes well I just exactly what dress that Democrat yeah but listen to you know does this study to acute re evacuation one year is one of those deals if you all the coast like that it the best thing I can tell them is is all the people that I know that lived out and have a plan. And and have everything have everything ready to go even before Perkins Perkins he's just hours yeah. The words that are locals that live there and that's what they date they've got their boards already pre cut for the windows the. Older and oh by the way for our four hired new new a transplant folks who moved him from up north the boards go outside. I'll do it today but just you know these things can be really bad it water as we're seeing with this Columbia water is the killer why here's. Here's been my experience with hurricanes. OK for the most part I did live in Charleston up into Yule. We never had hurricane near I was home before Hugo here in eighty nano actually live Charleston an idea it's a never saw anything like this okay but the rest of Paramount lived in the upstate. Hurricane thing yet okay I'm not even sure we don't give this one yeah you know. So this is a body this way all the folks down there on the on the Gulf Coast and that is media's got I'm scared they I'll. Yeah how much did not know how many takes all of you out there that are listened to us on the radio dot com apnea and also at 1063 W a RD dot com bowl allowed. I appreciate it and I just how did that concern is finished for me like days I'm four hours in shore I'll be okay. I was looking to social media where someone had a clip from the east seeing the end of the weather industry telling me you the weather channel there right. And they said the guy and he's like stain and passing them. Pennies in east rocking back and forth the news though when shingles up in the air to show. Attitude news comes to no matter how well I like hey David and then report that immediate good guys but dancer. Yeah I don't. Know how much water and eat and I'm wondering even if yours not somebody with a big play in bowling you know this thing. That's were we have a problem fill up people don't take this stuff serious one is really serious because there's too much drama and too much of that kind of horse crap how much clicks and ratings with the news me yet. So that's why you few clicks and reading all you gotta then. Is give Bill Davis to show up on your radio program they get and in the meantime we're gonna get to our station break you won't come back with some last minute severe weather tips for outdoor. I hear of state outdoors 168 video ardidi no talk station in the states they didn't. Drink a beer a little. What is it. Let off can't remember but I'm very nervous and do it may into ads. Voices I don't know Allen Mayer winner island. Welcome back ups there are no worse we're talking about bill stated outdoor blog which are roped yesterday. He he advance of the hurricane Florence. Which we do have video. Was account operation hurricane Florence I tried academic your own it 106 or Debbie Doherty is your place to go for. Balanced whether feed. Right without the drama about the drama and they have got here in a more and and and there's not much drama she's just. Is not a thirteen in the upper tier like you're getting bowed over bath yeah. I won't play tears not Dalai sorely command. Mad about the weather got to look at. Coming middleweight in later on but I don't think they went last minute severe weather tips for outdoorsman this past week has been a long vigil. Keep it one alma daily tasks at hand. Spring ahead work every time this week another roughly and other around television phone or weather forecast digs is about. The arrival of hurricane Florence of the appropriately named spaghetti models. Had the storm's path crossing the Carolina coastline. Which I think actually did come in where where was it as a route to just wouldn't Wilmington came anywhere within. Which is in north care. Rye new debt in NASCAR rolled over and now now what path has it taken in view here is taken it's taken mailed back roads that we used to take for more at least a year. I three save any aid Indian Indian you cut over in you go through. Dolls they know and in come love in. It just pick to come into the best and still hearing get out of here I under regulatory seeks. Anyway I'm residents of the upstate ordinarily immune from tropical storm passed received a wake up call Wednesday. When he updated predictions call for the storm to change direction after making landfall on hidden our direction now thankfully 200 miles of hard ground. Have a way of taming a storm that rages when crossing warm Atlantic waters and you have Citi is expected to see more rain and wind with the Symbian. And actually I still holes so it slowed down in in diminished when it got close to show. Now with impacts forecasted for Saturday night through our early Monday morning. Thoughts turn to protecting property from the storms visited you're an outdoorsman. You don't need to let your precious outdoor gear get overlooked but these items tend to slip through the back burner over concern for safety of others and for your home because your wife's like. I hope and ordered Allen moved I don't know I'm snubbed him on my biggest thing okay. I don't know make sure that your loved property. Okay understands. This is. Look at slave until until and has done it looks just like them don't the boat but it did but both girls plays we're huge slap. Now. We still got a little bit more than torn out rich yes there was still got a little bit more toward four hours he got maybe twelve hours before the brunt of the storm veracity of statement here's some tips. And subject some suggestions. For protecting your app norm vestments boats now boats is probably the big the big thing in a lift out. Kind of one of the reasons behind this but I'll feel in and radiate storing your boat inside an enclosed building is probably your best protection daddy is exactly. Where the bikini dollar is today it's in sad thing to some some brand new boat got pulled out of the negative. But if your body is outside a trailer or only if there were raised the boat in the water it's best to put a cover if you got one. Over the boat to keep excess rain in debris from accumulating in about. Pulled the drain plug to allow the water that accumulates in the craft exit through the drank you don't wanna have a bunt. It's only trailer and feel what eighty inches away. Because that much weight will it'll it'll damage your trailer yes it will Indian I also this is kind of the end of the boating season for a lot of folks. And you've got all that water this senior borrowed and in things get better and you know who does Purdue Clancy games this week mean and and we got to go see the folded. Next thing you know you've forgotten in U boats full water in it freezes. Assam can really back episode going to point drain plug ma'am. Com. Let's see if your boat is on the water might be good idea to take it out for the week units stored on the trailer and if this enough option to make sure your batteries are charged. Ended the Bilge pumps are operating so that they'll pump that water. Now your lose out there were year. Given it this Saturday is the opening day of buck season out of there are trees and how credit for gains on two. Mean any homeowners have been spending afternoons at a backyard shooting targets are working on beer stands award ever. And only has the play and it. It's united together meaning loose outdoor gear store in its after the we can't. Data include GAT BUTB. Stands deer stands you're targets you shoot man I did put umbrellas in here yes foreshadowing. I did you umbrellas inside bicycles anything you might be damaged and how winner strong downforce you might even consider moving mint green aliens that. I put up this half. And you know not not to succumb to although the but you know just what he if they're putting real affair. Apatow Roma. Com let's say now you put can't listen we're SP and all day most of the day yesterday due in many deer Connors has been the last few weeks preparing for deer season. By putting up their deer stands if you decide to leave the stands out whether you can reduce the wing indicating ability of the stand. By removing the tops the coverings of the siding NASA spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon to a man. After the storm make sure you check out all your straps. You're attachments in them findings. Before using the stand because loaded tree can be wit man yeah fourth. It can not only damaged the trade because you got that extra weight donut. But also basketball loosen up your stress in your ass. So lately so you don't any you know could friction could Wear on them yet so just make sure you NC UB burtless planted new dollar reunion. OK I'll win the same thing achieved on chicken everything. And it finally there's a word of warning. For those few thrill seekers out there are determined not to let her hurricane impede opening day deer season. Or 'cause I got a day toppled Saturday animal fish no carrier Clarkson kissed my. Yet. Another day or two of preparation isn't going to Q were you being here sin and entry on the water this week include. Be Smart and states ferry will blurted alerts there for an yes yes thank you and I seen. Who are some in the trade this morning yeah okay on some Lee during blogs out a couple of don't even kill you know but a couple of that man I had to get down. I was afraid output will be able to stay attached to appear very much longer so you know I give you one hand but man days. If we. You don't honey last night I might have been too. Or see a man all the Olga was only yesterday when they're almost ran a consistent DeBoer I actually just do is drive a mouthful Wheeler saying in my reporter's not trying to be you know in Stockton area thing. And sell several deer yet. And yesterday they were moving good last night but will be in the stand tonight not that got to give you grief hurt and next. Why let's get a break and it won't we come back we're gonna bring up our blood Bobby Jackson he is the founder of the palmetto navy. And they want you to deadliest. And only take slow we have several congratulations on a five years from several different textures we appreciate adding glad you're along for the rabbit don't like a bright wireless thing out or stay tuned. 1063 WOR DP number one talk station in the upstate gauges so. What else prayers happy. They're playing Iraqi lighter hurricane season and I hope well as a young man. Well our Malia we gotta go to great guest. All next four years and if these many of you might remember a couple years ago low when they had all the F flooding that was in Texas. And it was an emergence of a new branch of the military are only being called the military it was a rescue them the cajun navy. And so one of our folks who have volunteered. In that area came at the South Carolina and sit tight. May we need to sort of similar rescue effort you know and started a pal matter of navy and we've got Bobby Jackson on line where this Bobby welcome Dustin out endorsed. Our appreciation it made me I'll be glad heavier body or body tell us a little bit about. The pal met a navy and know what do what your folks goal use. Well obviously our goal is never take the boat all right. And net play that's a good night slopes. But. What happened. Was watching what had all the flooding that took place down in Houston Beaumont area election year. And I just kept watch him on. In this kind of tell me about this cajun navy had not yet seen and all these fellows. And John boats rescued people on main. Just people I've gotten in on the Enron the John bode well normalized de content creation so until you know locked into that so I loaded up. My boat and a buddy of mine named Roger we took off and went to use them. And in Louisiana cop met the some of the leader and organizer core this. A group called cajun navy. I like instead we got out there went all the way up there and never took up but we got that it late and everything was taking care of so lump in August felt like you know maybe we went to Florida didn't do it thanks so all the way back. But he Roger and not just started strategize and thank a where you know. Maybe we need to kind of put the other group in south L article one they would not have a look. And it's not if we're gonna have looked slow we don't it don't matter diplomatically at. So last year my son and myself and we put together. Webpage you kind of don't FaceBook as well we called it come out of Nagy or or South Carolina mountains at socially. Implement free solo. We put together palmary we've been we've got now we have a couple of her change rule it out in the and ocean in the Atlantic and now look like they might become an amateur well maybe you'll get a get a load here so we did have some flooding down in Charleston area and so will area and we are aware. That we we've put data and 23 days later we hit 200 volunteers. So only on our on our way actually I don't and Chrysler and now. And then now we just kind of let it all went over summer obviously little little flooding and we've been real Brosseau we didn't really need to activate now and I'll shut. This hurricane warrant start did that weigh in now. We decided to go hitting just start looking that are in our web site insured up people what sort of sign up and you go on the am out of navy. Old faithful and actually are still after registration form and so on the release form. And get me. Become a you know a member of Pamela navy and I peek costly electricity you gotta you gotta pebble be able to operate our. A small boat obviously a large boats don't work real well when you. When you're trying to get it into somebody in neighborhoods and areas so small boat true war Bubba or not solve that. At a news and so. If you you know give. Like I say to you can you can you can operate once slightly we're looking at Porsche people that can operate these these small boat that got up just a Jon boat when it but I only have it out in my son's got a what's called circuit route would really work well this kind of work. And it's up more always on. A boat that can run and Rochelle war. And where and not so well. And the bottom I was gonna ask you want to what is a would you expect a deployment. Of the palette the navy to look like so if folks are into civilian volunteer because. You're judging by the weather looks like this is going to be I'll flooding a VN probably the needs will come about starting first part of next week. And also what would you expect the deployment to look like of your volunteer should. Well what they get all the all all fill out the information all of that on their web site. They need to. Markel there if they're available or not we're looking for people at pebble but it availability we've got. Team captains and that already weak battle effect on men. Been two. Down to bomb. And in an Alltel. Down there last night and the women canary. And then I've just moved from Wilmington up the Marion South Carolina and now we collect a long war will be coming down the PD river and walk moreover all that and so. We got these. Me and comment from that we got from groups coming in from from even from Louisiana even tonight to come to marry him. And at actually it irked that church Marion right now so we piece round up and say you're available we will not sign mute to 88 team or maybe 2 PM. People and and and you have a team leader that would be contacting you we we're using a couple app or communication. We use and there's no way out for more walk you copy to communicate where people and we also use the and other yeah. Call on. Active map where. Which actually can we can we know everybody years assigned crown and where where they are we cannot sign them. Rescue operations admissions to go and pick up people or. And and bring them back and let live we know where everybody is it is anyone around so then that's pretty much coordinated group. Cajun navy out at Louisiana. We work and bear closely wit John and Lori bridges rouge who actually started cajun navy's call cajun navy when he sixteen. And John is actually. In up and up in the walked on Iran and Al wicket with him last night. But we're actually working where coordinating we have and also being supporting. Actually the cajun navy. Grew out of a Louisiana their number there are several occasions Davies but we're work in with the group Nicole cajun navy. When he switched pain. Which is. John bridge Jewish it is comedy as a group well. And so if there actually. In and in North Carolina today we decide to come back then and mentioned sound up. Let us know you're available and will try to give you all a team with a team leader and kind of get that team leader hated well we think we need him obviously. We've got a long war coming down this the in these areas down year. I'm in the next couple days and we want to ought to be a be available pale. People that might need to be here rescued out of all more or maybe even when a when news that it would love maybe nursing home so what that. Nobody let let me ask you if is it somebody. You know is there an outdoorsman and maybe they don't have a Jumbo. You and our parliament earlier and say well. We see and two people out her bogey so if you don't have a bone which you've got time and you wanna volunteer. Which would you be able to pierce somebody you did has a boat and in also. It you know would they be able to volunteer for this effort. Oh yeah yeah they can picking coordinated volunteer. Or warmed to a new manipulative all the details is. Let's try let us know what kind of boat big Al I would not recommending a large boat maybe even the big bass boat probably is not well would recommend that if you got up but if you don't have a boat. And you won't be a part of this. Just go ahead go out estimation and when it says tackle both its say in a air pump by not applicable. And you know just read it that way we can we know that we can pair that Herschel with someone that does have a and not do best week yet. The next question will be do you have to be readmitted to volunteer for the us originate with the now. And that that what what what are recommendations. And my wife said Bobby don't we call it like cattle own own only up interview but or why don't you love today up so well we all bought red neck with John but. Well I have a wallop on it solved a lot and say look you can feel read that you haven't done boat but this year it. If you are not operate that vote slightly we don't want cheap. And another thing you you cannot be a team player we do not want cheap so we want safe red today. Dick and operated John votes lately and hand B eighteen player and not be a maverick. And someone that she'll go out here try to rescue the world ran rooms. Ringer out. Yeah let's say we're just two rednecks you know radio show here mr. Obama. Yeah well I appreciate that happened duck got mobilized brought in Jon boat home alive tonight this bill like this it's not that that. In south L we got a book got you but the good old boy is that this do war will be able also slipped and he does what one way they can. They can participate out war with a sock while Baptist convention pearl Korn a year retire from there and was very involved with the the southern baptists is actually their purchase and I just say this is something that. This just. It's something that there's there's so many. Al Gore among written at Indian ball will. And B of social circle they know how to they know how to operate safely those boats and it's just an area that in debt that so mania on. People can be involved and help we army week we have we got a call yesterday when Lou and all cannot we had a bunch of people that. Swift or rescue people that needed to be risky. They'd have you boat they'd have vote you'll get a clear between you know we will we will we are not have a late last night I'm not sure we had a group to go get them on but. I don't like we did but you know just just being named Bo available to work along side the part Orman not just met with the with the fire department here in Marion and let them know Liam and I call them what a couple days ago. And there what they they're looked enforcement not you know we just trying to work alone but these government agencies. The are are much. We're not war would only get in anybody's way we'll all week we won't go to a poor people to do their job and want to work along well. Bobby we really appreciate you time and if you folks absolute low volunteer you can go to FaceBook. Dot com Bob pollen dot alma and a navy. Sign up download zillow walkie talkie at and you can even creature don't handle. So thanks a real Michelle Ellis unless you're citing information are I can now yes there. A pregnant woman come back we're gonna give our lab update from the coast of South Carolina via cab didn't he and we'll be right back here to these. Message right here to stay outdoors 1063 WORD. Yes they talk station Bradley the storm now rioters on those storm. Well. Well as they special report. More of stay outdoors with a 1063 Adobe already we take you live now to the coast of South Carolina Merle limit where there BO reporter. Captain English Glover Cassidy. What's help what's going on then there were floor Mahan. Home. Down here. Acknowledged and there are a lot of time there and caught. Fire it up you. I'm actually having troubles and I know my best probably got more to do with Tammany Beers you have to do dirty dog saloon American huh. That. So what I. I'm here I'm here I'm all salute I'm I had back in the truck obviously the wind started blowing in the race started. Come on subways and and and I'm not gonna sit there like directives idiot to stand up the middle I can't grove here were their moment. But yet it it's it's it's been it's been a crazy 48 hours and even further back than that we start talking about that. Panic and mayhem that was started here earlier in the week but. You know we are we argue a little bit more rain now in the backs of our age and we end but. I am I came down here for the owner debt doll descended video acuity. Eight evacuated as well but. We do. And whatever storms surge we were gonna get coming can't be more than a salute where we're a little bit higher than normal but I mean we're not even at a full moon. So the biggest the biggest problems that I see from this storm really you could Trace back to the governor's. Premature evacuation. Men not to say that premature speculation you know those guys you know we cannot work out that anyway but armed. It is it. I told you earlier we spoke I mean that created it took. Already somewhat of a panic mode could we know where I mean if you you know I only live I mean you know we're much else's I have all brilliantly. And you know if we were already really nervous and when they when they did also the evacuation. Immediately that was job. You know it was premature now. All we all saved all we could get everybody get out here yeah I mean yeah I evacuate my family can't yeah. I mean when when did you just hear what the main here told meet. There's actually you know get Yemeni kids away from here I was you know quick to do it they're in Charlotte mayor. They're they got no power there in the middle of forty not a monopoly and I got power now watching the Clinton game here you know I mean it doesn't get much better. You know I mean. I'm I've been here for a long time out I moved here not long after Hugo but I'll import ego and uplift and storms about stadiums dorms and the way this was look in them and everything it was forecast. You know it deadly outside of I think you know. In Swiss safety in my hand and everything else I don't think the people that left may state summing up of I would rather lean and and say god you know and maybe I shouldn't lip then. Did not how else would treat solid down going Maine why didn't we leave with a four year old and a one year old you know. Amy and now what was it like down though they did the lane rehearsals for I two when he seeks all the way up to view I think vast 77 exit. But if you are in the grand strand what was did they reversed 50 Warner what was the exit strategy there. They did they did they reversed Bravo once starting calm way. They reversed it and I'll believe it went all out until. You've got to the areas around Dylan and Marion or Maryann. The reversal was still they are so you could split up and go if you wanted interstate. Or keep going to forged. Baum. And from what I talked to people that your dad said it would actually incredible even during the mayhem it was a bad. Off you know they're dead. The lower than that though broad commercial work perfect so. Arm that was and that's a great idea and a great part of playing 126 out of Charleston and get the same thing. All I do know one thing I gotta say is saying is that you know the our Brothers and sisters along the water in North Carolina are in play loan. Recovery and they are still fighting it out there off you know a lot of the local. On Kim can't navy they'll look John about navies are up they're you know all the comment and APS that you got to talk about we've got the low country redneck. Navy Jamie hope and those are all the way you've got cajun may be out there. Off almost gas going up to assist and all that and I think as far as what we're gonna see here. And a walk Kamal river the PD river off the laundry river the lumber river here are you know dubbed the Black River. We're gonna see Tuesday Wednesday Thursday were gonna start to see that singed up that we had a match you although I don't think that the Black River you'll get a the forecasting sort of PD in the wall Kamal or higher. And what we have diplomat he can operate call. That they're getting out there com. What what's the production what's your prediction as far as rainfall and in you we got to understand rainfall in the grand strand itself. Is not going to be that big a deal because it's gonna go who you know right don't have the newly it's what you got to be concerned about. Is all that rain if they're given up in the water she did at a North Carolina this gonna come downstream. That's correct our our biggest our biggest issue that you got the walk on the end and the DD. Which collect all that water that comes down. From the lumbar area lumbar lumber to an area. All you god that they have little area all of those water all that water don't send us now the new river and I'll let you know it goes out it will be. What will get all the oil water and it's like that in mind how way. It when nobody you'd think about it in line now wait and all of a sudden threat comes to one. Road and that's exactly what's gonna happen to them. You know it's it's going to be it's going to be out there you'll be a lot of a lot of people getting pushed out of their homes this week it's young age it's only. You know it's you'll be terrible but we've been spared the hard part on the air and instead of complainant and president of. Out you know these these these pre evacuation. A mom. We should be all very lucky and and thankful that we that we've been fortunate enough AM let's help out the people that are going to need help because we got. They a lot of people within a 120 miles of us that are going to be the end. The danger and loosened everything they also I'm I'm I'm going to be very active would work in trying to set up our. Get relief items here you know a lot of us have bottles and bottles and bottled water that we ball for this one there we're not gonna use and I'm hoping people donate on. Are but we're gonna work hard wood trying to help make sure that they'd be up. The relief efforts in North Carolina. Get what they need in the these guys that are out there risking their life volunteer and help. Give these people away from their homes and they have. But they're not your for the gas out of their pockets some myself and about these yes some of these guys are almost always Louisiana and Texas. And sort of the key you've got a charter captains from the keys that are here are so. It's you know it it makes you really appreciate deficient family we all live in. But they they need help but they're gonna need assistance and I am open it will be able to do that I don't think I'd do I'd. Definitely we got a bottle aren't getting it all now are so thanks for your report will kitchen at the top of the hour. Captain days again.