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Saturday, September 15th
Upstate Outdoors

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It kind of feels Lumina like do you cunning. Whether Cottam Ashley has done a cunning went for it I'm not about dead it's September season. Senator first and thirtieth you can hunt. Scott corpse Geico I look at. An idea that every hard hit that I did we remember today yeah. Good and your local golf course in I don't punches got car will also Gonyea who got early teal season I really don't know. We unity is. Anglican up until now totally had a lot of boomerang instead of going oh yeah you know. Really wish they would do here that they do and some other states is during their early teal season I wish they would open it up for windows two that would be true. I it's not like essay to bush to wood ducks I'm sure there some parameters are you refer to miss some ducks yeah. Because they're here year Ramadan love to have I think I would actually haunt the early season I used to hunt geese are locked all the lakes. And and bad experience or going to but. We don't ratio coming up for easy second our after the roadkill cafe where you're. We are gonna open it up we're gonna have bill Bates. I won't sing the theme song to Guillen liked it he did a great job Ottawa area that was the old thing so he got a new thing so that got his name mean and number would have bailed cancel a show where this really looking for. To talk there was VO and find out Ky and I got the opportunity to kind of road show who him. Last week in what now was at a Memphis Tennessee. For the of Mississippi River monsters and it was pretty cool man he's just a regular old gap. As regular old guy always has and that's part of his appeal is he made it didn't matter who you are man he he takes an interest in you and in talks to you VA Virginia wind. And bill don't TV in one fashion or for four amber almost fifty year he had. Almost feast years and speaking of almost fifty years on the radio. Minus 45. Put down mob mob but atomic sprayer committed jumping in to the roadkill cafe. You. Well I was gonna go. This and and then I'm gonna go bill. I can't see any dagger imposed by your buddy Brian Carroll these slain industry. So I don't brownies baked shrimp and I'm sorry to say that as a now he can't make sure. Most people would put him on oh well look Brian put cement in a pot yeah I had actually even jarred some look I'm an AK numbing just like I knew in my heart somebody I sure how. And I. Any time you as a giveaway by Israel needs cinema to more South Carolina Spurrier gets some that's out. Let's lesbian pride not everybody doom is a cheesy shrimping area the size and here's what you gotta have gotta have of course water. One cup of uncooked and go to quit because Saturday he just wants to deal with quick cooking grits you don't need some salt and doesn't ground pepper and so butter two cups a great ass is a shredded cheddar cheese. About six slices of bacon and not chop it up refinement. Two pounds of medium shrimp peeled. No kids. The glacier ventures are legendary pitcher it's new and then you don't need a little bit of fresh lemon juice. Dash of Worcestershire sauce and some chopped fresh parsley in six green onions and the chop them up real cool. And real firm enough to garlic cloves and we go to miss those are so what you don't know you don't bring your water up to ball and putting regrets is very easy stuff. Cooking stirring occasionally five to seven minutes it's hard to start a thickened. I mean I don't know remove from the heat and you gonna stern assault and the ground pepper the butter and the strategies and you just kind of work bedie into it. You know to everything is mixed up and is starting to love to come together. I think you go to kind of set it off to decide to keep it warm put it on the back burner over there and trying to keep it don't warm. I think it'll take and cook the biking in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. About three minutes or until crisp and anti rover bacon in opinion. They don't go in history. In the same pay and what that baking grease in there with his apartment and just gives them trip even extra goodness if there's any way possible and making any thing is even better. About thirty minutes or until you know they start to turn it cure pink looking. In these barricades going RD annual ad be lemon juice and now. We're fresh for Charles and Leon parsley and the green onions in the minced garlic okay. And then you go to let that kind of simmer about another three minutes. And let everything kind of stir up and get out together district in the bacon and all the ingredients in the what I do after that is aspirin in the grips and too a nice bowl. Our our plate would be like he'd and then a topic with the shrimp mixture discount you know the bacon industry at. And it's really good and you serve immediately and not alone the whole Lotta people it you know unless you're allergic to shellfish missed pat. That doesn't like this recipe is really get says they haven't she's each ripping grits which thankfully. I load she even make sure it will work in this even trying to run you can bump or two dollars and nonexistent since. With some places they even have them in a vending machine now. The Dalai out via just let him thaw out exactly. Now but the truth that but here's the thing. The shrimp and this this this trip but no real whale okay you know how we had a problem a lot of repealed yet they really started though they're small but there's a lot of room and now we got this in the sky. Is gonna flotsam although I do it and dollar. I'm there are lot of entity it is actually shrimp mating season I got a lot of reports from the coast about. The united any success is there. Most of the folks stem on the coast really has kind of done away with the the shrimp baiting Kurt angle did deep hole shrimp and exactly what did you take did cast net with a little wings only at the end it in me in a bigger New Hampshire and find them smaller managed via and well. Now I think you steal got to be a thing is going to be had been OK let lacing as sort of be legal result is going to be hands he's made us know look those little. Rules and snow yeah. I ruined because when. But. I don't know have the did the depots where I did see my buddy just incorporated stated he had done a treatment he's he's gotten down near or read in charters. And he had some money toward him for just a shrimping try. And make also ambulance in a speaker which. They finally come out and apartment this or any of I think it was last week I had talked to him since Ian told Massa may need some good pictures. Yeah when you kitchen TARP and he did cool face powerful seats you always. I hope I hope I hope your username is they reject one ups and we'll see Hanigan react possessed just that cool that's a bad doesn't really that's a powerful thing a lot of people who have gobbled armament and I looked up noticed several planned and they've only had were brought to the close and up to the appeared on the economy and gas I saw in Caylee my leading get passing two of them get close enough to good asked her name before the bull sharks as I do I eat them whole hate them. And they said thank you yes they did no obstructions in a lot 'cause what do most are wakes up everyday you what is their skills on I don't feel so I. So me and no equality not on the ocean mile run I had. It already is gonna work and there again as it let's go to our break and it when we come back we're really did to your texts. Any real. Working our way towards bill Manson right here SA outdoor 106 birdied video party via stakes talks station and beat her same forest. Stand by and see what happens jet operation once yeah that's this and so are marked. Yeah how love that sound. Riders on the storm I it will go into our ticks line today. Kids and also loses says this restarted bottom way to start are you go to your involves. I don't hemp is in our ring back phenomena it's our dear Iran you know we were talking about how lonely earlier show men how long buildings have been onus is more about rose more does this true Rolen had alone showed. I'm hey guess congratulations on five years opened for many more yep yep yep. Let's say in the spring were talking about he is a biography pieces you think your parents would of learned their lesson during Camille true enough that's what Alice thank India and I think sentenced Camille was one of the few camp found hurricanes to make landfall anywhere any time. It was very deadly storm almost 200 mile an hour winds at twenty. Foot storm surge. Congratulations on five years. Newsome I says it's six's happy to be a tropical storm in North Carolina should be colony confederate catastrophes. Like that would likely thank. Hey guys like a married couple are you sick of each other after five years no long is springer allows me to stay on top word we're. Policy another six or soon. How can there be fifty mile an hour winds around me but the storm is only movement into miles per hour sales light wind the wife and our. That's Cineplex first thank you just gotta watch Jeff for their premature evacuation. And in a course Dick writes in good road keel today. I bid if you can add some meat to it make you real tasty with some pepper Rico or how opinions. Always felt that they via I don't know you worry that idea and half as so much from union Scania and a again anyway that's the thing that's funny is. And a media blitz anyway well let that rat Lola hey we got bill dance in the wings so we're gonna get your break early in you when we come back. We're gonna have. Old real billions billions of the world. Right here of Seattle or 1063 to Gil ardidi know why I. It's talk station any upstate and this is one of the reasons why what we do here on Saturday gay too soon. Welcome back other state outdoors is on the radio and we have got a special treat for you we've been. Cup tees and our audience about so the possibility. Of having our next guest on and in actually. Last week you as you know it's Tommy springer Chris Wales had the you know Helm of the show while I was in Memphis Tennessee. And I did manage to connect. With probably the biggest name inflation mobile bands and we got bill only show with the today bill welcomed upstate out Norse. Thank thank you don't just great to be here ready. Who will love bill I tell you what's. Bill dancing outdoors has been a mainstay in most anybody who's ever touch to rod and reel for many years we're reading the buy to own your own building itself the worst. A web side and Sid did to show premiered in 1968. I really find it hard to belief. Where we started out I think we're pushing our ticket here a we started here locally in Memphis and then. We put that show and Jackson Mississippi and an Alabama and Baton Rouge and have been Paducah Kentucky we were doing like 200 bank shows a year. Out there knows full market kicks two weeks a year and then we syndicated. And we want to cable. And then Leah. Will stay with cable. And that's where we are today with the Outdoor Channel and distortion channel was salt water and first or so we've been done that a long time. Well I got to answer question number you see you've probably feast in every. Whoever water imaginable. If you had to pick. Probably your favorite all say favors feast is and you be ambassadors from for a long time but. What's been your most memorable speech that you called in all your years on TV. Well there's been. Has been a lot of them I can remember. The most memorable Walsh who is probably enough. Overt. Head to. In. And in a bass master classic it was that the war while also that tells from the classic good up but I can remember. Individual fish that work. A special case of my biggest large amount back in. Relate to my biggest vol mile stock can relate to my biggest smoke can relate to map bigotry acacia. Can relate to watch it each one of my children it's a very church British. That their goal that there's just been. Special moment and special edition map and all I am back in America cannot. The biggest hit he's right here on the Mississippi River. And then I can remember kitchen and a very first large round spastic really kick started my career. A member band my very first bestseller. My grandmother gave me Sydney sat since and balk at indoor hardware store as I don't play chicken bat. Petitioners. Back in those days. Seven years old and I walked and and this one by prolong them. And I'd go and Annika ad that ran the hardware store he'd. People that monitor downturn he set it up there and let me play where it didn't take it out of the box and panel have. My grandmother gave recently sat ascension about Hitler. Tension present that are still my today but. I remember banner and learn and remember. Syrian British throne chairs and to position can actually sanitation at the bank. But it should it's just special moments in particular patient just a bush joke. That. We're special moments in my alliance that. That I remember and I'll always remember. It can you believe you were talking about you know the first lure between and you I'd would you ever have imagined. The way this ceasing tackle industry and we can even expand that out into the marine industry. The way it has evolved or realms teaching I mean you know you were instrumental. In some of their early bass boats. But it but it could you ever imagine that it was gonna grow into the industry that it has. All I've sort of not you know backed back in the early days way back in the sixties when. When ray came along with things would determine its. How is that her first term and only like an Arkansas. And watch industry. An assured it wouldn't matter and it came nudge. And then a second term in the third tournament and that first hero glass. And in the second year not well it can't get any bigger there's stemming this assumption. And that following air and then that first five years robot. And I thought that night. Look at this look how much it's grown. And I city just king game bigger. And then another big waves. The years past. And it just exploded. And then I watched I watched industry really get and mandate. And I watched the harsh woods with his a lot of votes or ranger boats now washed out board industry. And then I started launch and fishing tackle. Additional lands in the garage in radio and movers. And how they industry really started. Get more and more involved. And then. How fierce amendment came a lot more educated to learn more about fish and it's an amateur at. And how much better church remove it can hang that degree water. And how. Equipment that came. Brought to became lighter weight more sensitive. To our traditional lands became. Stronger. How divergent strengths. Notched became better. And our position on our troops would came sharper. I'll born motors. Are trolling motors are equipment started. Blossom. In. Our position lurch. Everything just at the year after year after year just get better and better and better and tritium into. Became better at what they didn't. We were given a lot more educated. And allocated today it's. Distorted it is it's it's it's big tent there's really big tent. And you know if you are looking in that vein. You know obviously mass finishing well along in your experience was the leader in man bitten but now you've got a especially you know with bass fishing permits. But now just about every major game fi ish. Has its own. Kind of nuclear following you know whether that journey whether that be crowd appreciation or whether you know you mentioned. You know some of the salt water species the rig see she got tournaments around those. Wall ossetian. And and and also with catfish. What you do you if you go from shell or you know you bailed finished chairmanship Marlon garments and then he come on and do. There's shark tournament cheerleader British Germans. And then in short tournaments lists. Seven illustration we just nine. And then of course you have the wall contrary it was. Cropping masters trails you have. And of course your best tradition but. Education and really started to jump by leaps and bounds. For years and years. Can occasionally just. They consider the issue Trish issue let's Abacha Tuesday. You go on a restaurant today and Molotov menus on top. Items on menus get this. And you look at. The popularity of the sport. You're saying and more and more now he planned Turkish Croshere Shane catfish. Broad skittish oops he's saying condition and are ashamed. Turkish boats. There's so much more now starters have bossa I'll look at a look back at the best term which are not too bad sermons. How biased horseback and had early days while saying that NAND chips finished. We have determined that you were here and mattress just this seriously can't. We had. Poll. Well over 350. Contestants. They've participated in. In this event. We've got another big event to come at it. On the Mississippi River. I thank it's not a over the six. At cape a New Madrid and national Cabela's. Cabela's big man. That's probably girl I don't know how many we just finished. A big event just out cleared and it held up on the Mississippi River. That drew him. The big number of anguish but these term interest. Gardening and bigger and bigger bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and the payouts are getting bigger. They eat these these nine dollars or didn't. They're very scientific. Their boats and equipment garage. Latin. Those books the grass. They're better chance there's scientific and what they days in the agency I think the game education they're starting to take a big attrition and learning more about precision what they days. That tag and programs we had some interesting things that. I just found out this past wake up. We had. We had a fissure. One case it was K last year. The Missouri River which is the longest river in the United States. Indictment they complaint from this city is an action it and observes longest serving as station I can't fish. Lowest pay and Memphis in 2007 plane. And the same garment that you were in last we can't. That occasionally call camp and the Osage area. On move Missouri River. Just recently. And that fish travel over 430 mountaineer. It was today right here in matches. And in a year. If it moved up to Mississippi. Mood and as an observer. And moved all the way up into the old sage area. That's over 430 miles. We have another. Blue chip. It was today. In addition. A year ago. That weighed 37 plan ounce. And it was out to. A year later. Just. About. Two weeks ago. And it wait 58 pounds when it was taken late 37 a year ago that's a 101 down. As 21 pounds. A weight gain in a year now. And do you know live and work hard and Allah sort or learn more and more and more about PlayStation. Not only how to catch him but we're learning more about there. Their average and I haven't had a billion. I won't win win you talk about you know these different species there's almost war in central period it's analyze the home or the capitol you know. And people always used thinks it they'll wise slate Alabama America faith they they promote themselves is that the crappy capital of the world. And now looking they can't teach and on the Mississippi River and bears kind of a movement toward making Memphis Tennessee which is you which is your hometown area. Canada the central focus of care efficient. One of the Mississippi that and dementia should be. These kind of centrally located at so. Like I say it's simply some major major tributary of centrally located. It is. This river has fab different cap I can't fish from the mighty blue to yellows all the flat day it is channel. All it's in the course spending bill but. The most popular. Is that blue care. And even back in the eighteen hundreds this Riverhead 150 down blues and it. But. There were over six feet along the course commercial landing destroyed that jingle but. You definitely are a past state and say well I've resource agency back in 2004 press at 34 inch class climate. Given these cases opportunity in broad trophies that. And there's been. Several patient not hundred plus sat top hundred plus pounds that have been tall right here in the matches Syria so we have. A lot of big big fish in this area. This area. As I just don't give the growth rate on some of these cities. We have lots of big stationary. The Mississippi. Is a phenomenal fishery. Although. The Tennessee just an. But them the city a man to assist the label this area there. Can't be careful. Of him all the world because it is such a fabulous Fisher. It's our biggest stage and I area occasion for. We have. Fishing here usually starts. At about depending reality at the mercy of the river. Usually starch and about my age Angel last August September October November and December. So we have good patient care. Usually about six or seven months of the year and we starred in and get national and Brian are shall melt water. And February and march. I April. But you can still catch fish since then but it. Here then but. Usually our prime sponsor. So I may change August. September and October opponent in November. But it's a fabulous fishery. And determined show that. About a number of big big efficient way Dan. And tell us a little bit about the as it you would now we've got the backing one or you got bass pro shops and Cabela's you know we're Johnny Moore has acquired Cabela's. And these big retail. Big retail companies are getting behind a lot of these fisheries and a little tells a little bit about. Bass pro shops involvement in this catfish moment. What Johnny's been that John March John Israel mounting job in that case domestically built or eat some real I'll musket priests deacons played a future that this business. And I have to say yes to certain bureau. They're tackles sales internal tackle have been phenomenal. Several manufacturers. Are saying and it I Vietnam. News has really kept the last round. Quantum disk is capped at last count it and other manufacturers. Rodman and characters and very amount of factors. At camp last count much more so. In the past year to think that and then in the page every year change you get bigger and bigger and you'd better. And that there are certain real last just have big it is and you look you can say hit an aluminum boat market. They're morn Morgan and do. Well bill I paid because you sure but we got ago. Promote some of our sponsors here almost an outdoors I can understand if it can't thank you enough. For being our show as a matter of fact today is our five year anniversary for most of them to work elation I can I can't think of a better guest to have on our five year anniversary shows in the legendary build handsome but thanks for your time Abiola show. And I look forward to seeing you again next summer ahead out that way. Nobody would look towards. Did Dick Cheney and have a man as a gift come come anytime and good luck with you whether. Thank you sir. Ooh did you sit alone. It. Spurrier czar believe this thing in a made OK okay this alien. Welcome back sit out no worse grabbing your collar guy Robert on the phone Robert welcome Justin endorsed. As well you know there's Ahmad big variety show. I'm 58 year old and that interview with Bill Bennett was just not a slam of apart well year anniversary. And up. I grew up watching built list. All my whole lot and I. Actually it was a member of a you do your badge checker. Years ago when I was a teenager at Lakeland mayor in Georgia. And out won that tournament. And got to finish. I'll have to wait sky last vote. And it would just. Is sixteen years old it was just absolutely the best thing ever have to me in my whole and they don't they ask was Blair. Building acid got a commercial Liddy does bass pro shops now where whoever the era NASCAR driver ears up Truex junior yeah. 888 easily in net commercial would Wear that true action and and it it is just unbelievable. Just say the career that demand has had and and just wonder just how do you and opted out apartment getting a Monet show do you not know I know you broke their last week region that tell you security but let. Just use out of it each sale will opt out. So what the look like. You know just this. If you ever get a chance and I don't have a home they'll have the secure get a chance to go to bass pro shops said the pyramid in Memphis. And court sense his hometown in collier veal Tennessee they have got they do what I can call a shrine. To bill Vance has got to wax figure and he's in net old. The the tracker boat near an got a lot of information about him. Mahan and how will say the is before we get the count of ambience. A lot of hype and stuff about bill Vance but the whole time. I'm haste just being in him salesman he's got that personality he's day kind of guy. The everybody's kind of they've kind of folded around him and he's just good old real Vance I don't care who you or. He'll take his town he'll call would you be opposed with you and you talked to you and NASA that's kind of how we got the interview. Yes that's what makes some in great tell you exactly what is it that's what makes him. All time Blake and nationalist film IQ and Tommy out some good excuse to Leo what. Probably SF bay and Robert it's just amazing that you. AFLAC hello Monday gum thank you route you we appreciate it or not. I'm glad I'll let Yahoo! what you do. Somebody put an acre and a and a rope around springer so we don't get Rudolph in this fire gained. Pena I'll be ya I'll be back next week surprises again it just absolutely phenomenal what job did today. Yes sir god bless Iran's. Yeah wow Vietnam that's well we do this Philip did treat that as well we do it yet yet for our fans in battle they would have to tie it around springer we'd just. Thai unit case and natural lives that. I don't usually property within a one way that this made the five year flak anyway early and yeah that's definitely yeah I. SH such after the rocky mountain elk foundation go to rehab and get together hunters and I don't September the twentieth that will be this week at the Saint George Greek. Church cat a mean streak. Greenville, South Carolina tickets are 35 dollars per person includes a great male. Soft drink beer while not an opportunity to win some great arms that they are going to be doing auctions and and and silent auctions don't. And you're interested you can get out to but Thomas and 8643139087. Our contact him at beat Thomas at how drove 400 dot com and Jim Griffin a 64. 5933000. And you get ahold of him it. Do now and June Jenny Griffin toy day at Got tongue twister there I'm still aware of Robert comment Mason's. NASA just incredible. I'd also coming up moment Tony first how early Friday nine. Did this week on the South Carolina water fowl association will be having a from dinner and auction that the Anderson. Conservation not. Dinner and auction excuse me host about the South Carolina waterfowl associating and misled in South Carolina water fowl association. Anderson chapter and this will be held at the Anderson civic center three OT seven Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard. On that will be in Anderson 6 o'clock on Friday September Tony for a first in this open to the public. Next week about don't have a big week in up body we're wrestling is free fishing seminar Saturday. Next Saturday 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM and also Sunday at 2 PM. With Matthew reed one of the Cabela's pro staffers there are other guy that was going to be there he had to go tickle his family image your thing was safe and here's a kid here September the blessing words and asked the same day 22. But Billy Doran free cash demos they don't have oppose or something out there we can actually. Yet the Davis out there and yeah. Davis out there pacemaker which NS now in the counter but they've got my buddy cabin Stephen feel old is a big Cabela's this week in wow if you're seniors and Stephens is a an avionics pro surfers anything you ever wanted to know about your sonar mapping right go there and see Stephen how Adidas stop mother after the show say I hate to. I followers to you know placed cookies that he knows is he's on he's all about some electronics and knows a lot about it that's great stuff also we got a free family fishing clinic coming up next Saturday on the 22 at table rock. 158 Ellison Elaine pick in South Carolina. And there's no you have to register for you can you show up it's free family fishing clinics energy that ABCs are getting started fishing. And Philip I do believe I'm down to the last war here. Where's dad let's say don't miss the mountain range. Mountain bridge truck kind of limited chapter third annual film festival in foreign racer. That's going to be on October the fifth time five to learn where Burry 85 lingering go there again. Or get another text the end Salazar actually show Texas is actually. I shot the Clinton house yesterday for their thousand yard range. Great people and they have all the shooting options you would ever need only bad thing about that thousand yard ranges. I have to shoot three McCain sees the pond behind because this dramatic stops Allman dams that are untrue and he won't annual Emmy good morning Kei feast missed the getting good care they get a good a good patient pond back initiatives like. King gated gathered earned he turns mushy. But. Which solid not hurricane Florence in Debbie Doherty is doing the operation hurricane Florence watch. Where you can get all of your information all weekend long I think here is going to be here in the morning. Body Max going to be here tomorrow afternoon or six updating you on all the the Florence. And issue liberty here and in an. We got our our parting shot based on some animal activity you might do we expect. Well in 2007. Sane when hurricane horribly drink southeast Texas and flooded Houston and surrounding communities. People were the only ones who saw higher ground. The areas watt abundant wildlife inhabitants the and also now on the aftermath of the storm reports and images of swimming snakes. And lurking alligators made the rounds on social media and some of the import either. Not current or. Not even real and also I as the you know fake photo of a short there was most definitely not swimming down a waterlogged city freeway suit for. But the Houston metropolitan areas home to thousands of American alligators that resigned in hundreds of miles of streams them embodies. More than twenty species of snakes billions of invasive firing its that I can I'll grant okay I'm okay year. And plenty of deer raccoon and other creditors all of which. Were struggling to escape the rising waters now with no no it was art to fear them around maybe we should talk about the the panel and a navy about height being an of people love. Scope of some MD here in bring a meg safety ally in how well day again nugget but with no no I was are to fear them away while Brandon Moore showed up in some un usual spots. Said Texas wildlife officials and professionals. Those same people ended despite some animals fearsome reputation. There was no reasons depending. In Houston you've got pretty much two things were you bill which is higher and where you don't meal which is look. Wildlife is gonna say the high ground which happens to be the place were we build. Sid killing nor did an urban wildlife biologists and Texas parks and wildlife. Mammals it don't want to be in the water may end up being in your garage or your attic. And some of the dead animals that were displaced included alligators snakes fire ants like we mentioned bats. Prairie chickens the F. And dear to springer you have to worry about hunt deer this this bonuses and you just need to go to some hired Gramm ran upon and wait for them this. Windy okay like this give up a chair and put on the back porch that way I'll be a little more power. You formed to swim out yeah and like and they get so well. Clarence yeah and images of firing its one that was going all playing together anyone at all it would be a MB this odds of that table yet of doesn't look firing and they knew they will put their queen in the middle with a wall for many it's almost a human body allows raft ride on her and they will float heard us say for Graham agreed and don't don't know why he had don't break it don't com and we'll turn you know I mean it is her float my you won't to net. Menu break dead it's bad names you knew you'd firings are areas and had me. Well. That we wanna thank how does Time Warner thank you realize been on our show today Bobby Jackson. With the Euro pound at a navy of course captain Yee our reporter. And that can't say enough great applause. For building that's perjury in a B owner showed is a great five years. And I have a you descend like yesterday and looking forward to found more sprayer lesson of our show brother tiger's home love. Revenue year to PGA. Take care everybody stay safe stay draft protein actually glad you made that give outside of the clean yourself.