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Please. I have stuff. Our radio show who. Are you lobbed more than 63 WORD of course I'm Philip. Air guitar is her otherwise known as did plant Britain otherwise known as the beer killer has a two day a bonus for DDB DDD yeah dead deer down. I really want only to an end I'm money meet some I don't know who's totally for us still I was doing the job. Did you mean you need to work on our communication. We communicate and then the well I did not plays got her win it's gonna donate. A million Lebanese and a pull up in the parking lot. He's like because he'd tell you. Public airwaves and I don't. It's really nested I got out to a NASA won't Nolasco before you know what was the first thing Pollard acted. This fire but I leave the party. Anyway got OK and our new DH yeah. That's always that I welcome to hosted a blitz and speak in a week Costa Lotta time to deeds last night I was brought that Breyer cover gates. I mean if you don't shoot your deer I really shoot near wherever they are mr. Doerr both season. And I had a discussion on FaceBook with with one month freeze on why issued is now my little kid dummy boast season out here. And shoot a deer with a hair in the with a will bode era. He is uh oh Helen is not ethical boom and it's not even it's not even half percentage blue and united and I couldn't radical. Theology and I've learned okay. And your buddy big city tonight I 'cause. Attorney but you don't know armchair. Deere dealer now. I penetration in Orlando for you today eight. We're gonna kinda makes up for schedule albeit because. Well 'cause you can't put 'cause Clinton is playing we're a plane as we Colorado school will outing or something. You know. Well Boston come off the Colorado dude they have a welding screw any sort of okay. Anyway and I told Brandon barber from. Done real play nice and flat out by the way house where his hand last night I. I've got a good look at where in his hand a little odd detail in net that I didn't in this mess anyway yeah they don't know I got a camouflaged river blade not to fly him and it is gonna look. Obviously it's Wetteland Malcolm does is for you and 85 degrees this out of Dachshund near Siena is most. Are there dishwasher. Anyway we're gonna talk to Brandon about. And he flagged fishing film tour this come to town as if last issue more boring enough rim and he about it and it hasn't. I'll let us say that in DS actually it's a pretty cool feel it's about a lot of different styles of flap teaching. Ali branded to you more about it go to you know a lot of edit a lot of that. Bit flat fusion for big stuff yeah and you know our vision lot of fun. But watching fly fishing is a lot like watching golf. Well you don't understand the middle challenges go and own right Ed isn't isn't doing this thing right now whip in the top shape this place will have co player deserves an idea yet we talked about it today yep it's. Back to back we're gonna talk to brand any Emery from Carolina for a while last blockers he's an awesome. Deer hunt story about both season and it's relegated to show so we're gonna do some interviews back to back almost an outdoors. We know X two no no additional cost to any of our listeners for their. He'll talk about a story for about an Anderson woman. Who kills a twelve foot alligator and almost got hurt the colleague Ian. Wow she was going North Carolina she'd she'd let me a message 1000 and you're staying she's we leave in first thing to mourn and go to North Carolina and probably has sales service and as a basic field we Libyan backed him active Matt would Collins but. What will convert Conan O'Brien coach did a good job securely transported to freeze or Marias the roadkill cafe. I am and I went back to one of my favorites we're having quota limit that the limits here when we haven't done OK here again one more. To kill the mayor and I didn't innocent but it is may be innocent and it is meant to tequila and what it takes life. What the minister does not I don't remember. And are being looted. You know at the Mexican word of the day in a couple of these about a loner you know like utility here. And have an air and durable. Today's makes it. Mixed or in the days have been aired on life it just doesn't have been using it easily eight days ago and a never about it blog well I did it anyway I'm in the end up. Bring in everything in dale got a couple of news events. That are not talked about only Carl and some of the voting to now be easier so we'll look. Will will get stuff back and eroding its years in and cover those. In very good news fashion and you jump back into the yoga pants and talk about the Bob why quail initiative. Yeah because we got there it's like you're going to be Cabela's next week the bottom undermanned right now. Not the talent on his plate that's a billion in Andy and we'll read the show with a interview when actually it's not were worn Ian but would have recounts. From quality deer management. Of South Carolina QD a mag. And will be talking about. This tags because everybody greets you know confused table will. How much you look here's what you learn about beer today when you feel when you keep your. Let the trucking US. Is that a flashlight your reading going. We two. I mean if them if demand comes down is dirt road Elmo right now is going to give me take you to like yeah this thing that yesterday dark thirty when you know what dark thirty it was like eleven. An ounce in after going. In south in this and ended and a take this about a deer tags pins they're vital. And you have a certain kind of and to ride on a rise in the end. I didn't have pocket not. And you know you supposed to put him in that is the continent leg trying to do your back leg I'm going. I'll method of screwed out of the toolbox. And I've seen here. Yeah solid back and forth with a full read screw trying to get enough pol would near socket with a deer tag look it's your situation and Phillip does not have in his toolbox have backed that great god you believe that in heaven not you're in big trouble. And just glad she'll go in and attributed probably. You should've done. It's I had era and I had air that I use facility where I should use it to slice attend. I mean I don't know outlining via an I am a knife that well I mean I got a butch and as I did and yeah. You know me. What do you write in my opinion is always a yawning he got year. Your air rose yeah they're two oh yeah you've got jeered mosquito repellent I got must IMO yeah you've got everything you need myopic about. What one thing you always need when you go out running deer. Note if you know and trust me I need to hear that but I mean if you shoot a deer and it doesn't completely died don't usually just at its neck. And I've done well. That's my redneck thing I have doing man I have done it but I'm also beta when SP down opted out here too when rock. I still go 11 time attempted to be it money and it talks about me yeah. How long do a opinion poll OK everybody takes in tactics line I might have been one night really and they say we're gonna have an opinion right. Comments into retirement planning takes line 71307. And say. You are and hunter yeah. Do you have they not only mean yes or no. Well while it is that there have big of a DA is those positions. And think I'm not a morning. But I know I'm smoke and it did him. Almost I think what you've got your toolbox row winning your Obama. And oh wow is that there's a great idea and easier Sid and a. Lincoln's main sees she's a professional golf actually it's an obvious is like. Thankfully there. Why we gotta give it to you live to Barbara and allowed us predict and awesome to have a parting shot about a Ohio man who opens our own Clio and wait for the net. And we're gonna have Brandon barber after the break they win this. Let's not start 106 or WR Nate who powered Barney's. And shooting clowns will be back Grata at its message issue. Well our next guest is a frequent flyer here of state outdoors and probably not the guy you wanna talk to when you just admitted radius that you did have pocket. I. Well it. You don't have pocket not no I got a bunch of organized ideas in hand in the clock. Well. In Vietnam or neutral opinion says anyway so brain and you are you donate ever you were worried. Really believe it or not on the same play all of last currently decline and the bella and parking lot and re neatly yeah. He's. Free trade park's ability. And you know on the air but anyway. No I think it will make their place better would be if they Wordock it to host the yeah flat finishing failed to work by them but it. That's going to be a brewery 85 Wednesday and the February 8. Fox. This will be the effect. Line a lot last year was the first time that we can't it has to elaborately it's it's actually mountain bridge Trout unlimited. Which is there. The local mountain bridge I heard that local try to let the chance to meet them more than they hosted the first one last year and that grew eighty they do it again this year because it was very successful. Brewery eighty and that big screen setup or are. And don't count fed on the typically like to watch film like this. OK so it's a speaking of a feel like the assuming this like arrested during entered the show. You have flat fishes like golf paper and yet the mental challenges that are they're in its if you're watching some money flap speech. It's not the most exciting thing. So yeah what a lot of labor what they let him put it on TV but did that this is actually different feel to work. It's it's it's more about places you can fly feature in in some of the big some of the big mobsters he'd did you chase with fly rod. So that's what slot machine bill Torrey and a look at Paula drama here into the eleventh year that they have done that to learning and all across the country Matta tried to go to someplace and not in in the US but it is. Indy film tour that that the only way you can see a deleterious to go to on these stops. And you if you're an aspiring cattle filmmaking. Tight corners you can submit. To these people your film for united if they collected so they they get only so sentiment each year. And sick in a year are down compared to get in this tour now. What is it it's going to be a back out. Like it's around eighty or so. In the morning minute film. Then post that picture our our peace may be a much larger meaning so you put together. You know 3040 partner hourlong film you can submit you know highlight salad and in a twenty minute package through this thing. But these these things are all over the all over the world I mean if the line right here this year. From Bolivia British Columbia Saskatchewan. Patagonia. And now here in the US spears one from Virginia and Montana. It's a wide variety. Like fishing excursion that are salt water fresh water he payment and it's all. Extremely. Well done cinematic stuff so there's a lot of drone footage. Slow motion capture I finished taking. Closeup. A bunch of data to go pro on their hand went out here and it's filled out and there's there's film or put together by Korea at it's been a lot of money a lot of time doing this very very very well done it. It's pretty entertaining. Slot just if you watch if it's so different than watching you know building at the fair don't EP it's it's very intense like a bit. They won't dunk stuff. Picture are you the option that you have they're so what is it that you get into if you got that kind of money. Yeah. Couple other good thing about it. As the Wednesday we'd we'd we discussed this yesterday was if you go watch a fly fishing field. And you get to a place where they sale will be year there's really not an onside. A whole lot of these film to order a temporary treasury and I guess at home. You know it's almost always supported by a local traffic orbit after he it is a fund raiser for that event. A lot of the local shops including ours we donate a lot of product beer for. Or product giveaway problem so we donated a 300 dollar fly around here in the years. The other thing on the ticket for them and they're going to be at a tree. Get annoying and so there's a lot of the things going on when it. Doors will open for all 5 o'clock Friday evening Caspian door opened the show. Film will start at 7 PM an eagle at about two hours at double to about not a lot. And soda that's going to be Friday September the 29. Got to feel starts at 7 PM but you said the doors open at five horrible bar yeah. And it's going to be February 80 which is it seeks Wheatley co. That's. Kind of between Malden road and orange road kind of off the front drug their off 85. Yes and every every table setup and all kind of information in terms of the crowd that are going to be rattled off or given away or whatever. There's going to be a lot of things going on there if people show tickets. Long. You know any need tickets. Right now are fifteen dollar and advanced eighteen dollar that the bill war. And in advance you're probably looking at now trying to buy them online and out of fear the local got a pretty much out tickets at this point about him. It felt that it on the into Greenville web site it's on the air creepy dot com web site and I think it's also on the mound great kind of limited. Web site. Children. Outlook below the earlier event occurring at all. Falcon. What this sounds great in men this this a great thing him being viewed promotes. Not all of the local Trout unlimited miss teaching in general and beer drinking which would. And I get no respect of skin come out in in and meet you in you know fear incident last season. You know to get that level paid in Angola the river blade not to fly and pocket knife. Misplaced York's. No excuses and we got a note from. To Ballard. Several hundred depend on what can market. It wanna who works better than this in a three and mean show would screwed trying to cut a bit. City nobody. Yeah and they do is customize of these approaches on this week on their face a kite yeah really could look at bats where I am glad I don't have a whole lot of money I have like a frequent pocket knife for a fallen out my pockets maybe could have. Well. All right we're gonna let you gotta get back in a cheer Clemson on against the Colorado school wielding. He's in. They didn't and an annual thing about that is after the game in if you try to tear down the goal post they're just gonna put it right Mecca. Beaten him. Yeah yeah ice is everywhere he did you believe this guy I was Alabama I. I got a bit and I Alabama is playing at Vanderbilt irony is going to be but the talking about a week you know they're going to beat Alabama. And Alabama forget outlets is I don't. Vanderbilt University here Vanderbilt Owen ran I don't care. I don't mass and in particular he got he does not understand break Vanderbilt. Flat yeah I'm kind of among the and it's nice is always in you know. Tiger's eye on the bread and you know keep up the good work ot keep document two million watching on FaceBook and it's a throws meant get to face. We're we're all looking Barbara let's say it. Dale may build. Your. Football. For use by as the bills. Undo any money can do commercial. Yeah comment we're gonna give it a interview with brain and you Emery from Carolina form while I spinal talk about them both. Then I. Gonna get to this text line after we get you talk and him guzzling gas and Greg winds are near we appreciate chipper despite what they showed this as upstate outdoors 1063 WR early. How about hardy's. And pocket knives will be back right after this. Welcome back to upstate outdoors winner. It's a lot of sports new text and then. Make fun India and instant Syria doors enough job Geller yeah. We're gonna get an excellent about it thank you thank you money greedy for money pays the ball Boeing ID against them Landis and his prayer which is blood. A mob it can hear the William Brandon aren't you guys would do it around here what I don't think he's got. Don't fever tic fingers what is discount now. No brainer for me and boasts he's been open for two weeks. Meant Lazard urged Iraq and end there Carolina form wildlife. You're a report we know they are blue typical typical. To celebrate the lives. Uprooted and blessed to be announcing it techies wrongly but those cities could. He sell you I'm good. Yeah let's. And they yeah. Degrees it now agree no blinds probably you not not that wouldn't be the first towards bullet. You haven't subdued activity out here in why don't you are you a new and unique in Spartanburg him. Well but sicker. Yeah yeah. Yeah. But the thing yeah I don't like. Nobody no real it okay. Well the third base in the brain and it's one of the two counties the two counties in the upstate New York Times now this. At this arbor. Probably warn him we will Oman and Marie's secret. I career. People would or on the yeah. 22 Brent and probably not only it will moderate seekers oracle you know we're invited. To spread it. Is it that truck parked out there the BMW place orders knowledge and experience that's yeah yeah. But if I'm owner give up our circuit true. It's already knew had a great stories it to you tell me about both season it did kind of gives us a good but you hunt reports so we'll that. How blowing and you did last night how did it again. Posting three. Not a big big. Every all of your own record drought now thanks to Turkey we have a couple of weeks ago that we'll all agree that this topic or Cold War and all August but they still legal and reports are now new and it's hard. You know beer look they are the two outs and the real thing has not alone tank tops and shorts somewhere there. These are risks that it would lead program. That's why I'm here to do the greens the more. I'm around just go put my blow back behind my idea much here ridiculous are frauds and I got a recovery would. It's now is for is and that's a good question is for his -- law and when when it's hot what's the militia strategies in. Hello. Had a real tracker boats. You know which the issue put out when he recovers and it recovered swell Bobby. In a little bit. But not about what you're the sticker. And amateur that you we we'd talked about that yesterday. And not talk about what you see in a cover well how scary cover scene with me win and it's not. I'm sorry it's not commerce in I cover the decisions killer with me. Good enough witness the phone about 45 times. And Baghdad had a deer come in and blow let me write often asked when are remembered as the brains. Yeah sure so uphold the started spray and dale that about every fifteen minutes. And when it according to court until the weather channel express seven north east wing and all week. I have yet this weird happened or this all the style slow and we all the weatherman. Would we. Target are pretty regularly used probably not aware of how much they. Yeah and actually yes what's offices a speech that man for me it's as were on it it's a lot of blow backdrop I am either in. I'm either on top of range or I'm down in a ravine or creek bottom. And when you go we ended this blows like that in it's hot it's things to me it's even worse it is Earl. An Australian if you are sitting in in an acre and flat and there's new tale and where they're gonna call for mommy and even even you know how ideas. Exposed to go from over the year. Swap beer and not here till. Yet says when you got beer on one side and in deer coming from the other side you like man. It's a trip this is not this not going to be viewed it. You could. There's kind of problems me and era now if they would. It's somewhere where they have taken labels that are Beers somewhere that you saw that it might not come out by Al political sit here. Yeah and and for that we we talked to some of the biologists. A couple of shows ago and they stated the issue years is not a great. Acre crop I think they I don't know if we make cold weather during the sparing her. Another thing apparently they even walk in my article tropical lunch land. And political action now so I don't know we're about lots Baikonur but I might be done emerald bleacher shot but it appeared on all of which 200. Don't want that we talked to said that they actually do more mass surveys in the mail unit. But because they're trying to keep up with the Bayer foods. Incident really don't do a lot of mass surveys in games on two but you know my observation is. Is this being dry. And and same with the south mast is as soon as it came out Matt NC hardly any black leaders this year at all. I've actually need Webber's neither Powell are canceling that on how to sing me the most done neither while. But our I know it's still our little district all of but you start seeing it seem to all mullets so I think it's been voters. So. I'm not sure by French last won't end we're not sure it'll pop lights on YouTube big difference memorial and I. Net net might that might answer the question right here because if you got acorns in in areas around you don't. Then your your bring in deer in from the you know local properties. Strip while another nodding corn which is good mark or bills that are raised there for a little while still as I could come home I'm. Start to the London market. I don't have all of your. And if this weather train keeps up with the heat and everything is water going to start playing a small factor. Well pressed there exactly there has to. But you know it. And we got cold weather coming cordon to weather weather channel that I applications. And actually. Put. We need water bombing people get to report the end Obama plan small and so has been an outside the rain dance and I work and so. About what you know I think it's a little pervert street. We're seeing a lot of went a lot of beer in certain window box a lot of beer. On Roberts are endeared with that slogans that are permanent and on the other men. Well yes I'm an. I'll include core audience. There's one great and an apartment and they're only wanna look at so there. I've ever period come out records every dear collaborate. So. Educated to support the unaware that it could argue we have barrel what I don't know why. Sort of. Outline you know and you've Hun in his 85 degrees and course parents myself when I go and lose and he relies non a year year craze you know we're working dedicated. And that's dedication. As a bright light putter brand dedicated editor numbers more. Work here. Portal site dedicated. Granting an Italian in the thing about it is the it's it's kind of sour grades it when you look at the lower part of the study were placed our on August fees to any. You got to achieve. Uncommon but it is an idiot because that they aren't some bigger dear dear dear hold a different pattern but they can score line. Well look and I guess they should never 500 actress clothing sales. In Tibet and their own content field and peanuts field analogous but there are so a year or Eagles they singled and you're a fighter on the big beer. Not span perished. Those states got really great beer not a big beard ultimately do are the sort of brought their style. The public has you know contrary little there are local to the word got out there and it's just your order now. You know the big puncher go out about it I have put the big do you tag a system we got a long this year. Yeah barrel down here it's not regret the latter. I argue they're they're very highly technical word and Allen a work in. All that stuff but not a lot you know it's just that spigot if you shouldn't. You would think that being nor will it division are subtler disorder that at all which is neither side and Bullock's. There's an 200 feast is it just make it there thank statewide. Yeah. Little women older playing in America part about it you don't want don't know ominous facility it is. Your attitude and a and if you've been imitated never goal happened but it still are controlled by the legislators is always going to be. I mean we're we're moving to Canada the same thing. And where we are we're actually gonna talk about this later in the show I would not read tales come and go with the quoted your main associated. And and he's the same way you you know we work to get the tag in system in innate turnaround in. And throughout these seventeen deer tags for a whole states where it's not that's not conservation and now. That's not cost us an adult and you know ever other state and I decided old timers a couple of it is and we're coming bout a doubt been a Turkey TC years there is killed and they look for numbers and not quality. And almost. But yet they're also called to complain about much of a big deer looking she kept all orange you to six point when it comes out. You're never going pretty neat thing anymore and he can't grow more and it'll get lots of live. So that they built don't come out the one about the mob law what a 140 temple are. Below are illiterate adult human neighbors don't shoot that's about her day every day tomorrow that's such core. You know yet you've you've you've got 200 acres and that's all you've got on and you surround blow lamp. There is no you can manage 200 acres which you can put forth an effort that's just dollars to. When I not a hundred acres might just be that sanctuary that big beard got used to. Astra a glass palace planet and a couple of Beers and on about eight inches aground dual channel results. So you know there's two there's 82 there typical. Think we have an apartment real corporate knock on an S dollars to put. Disk seventeen peg situation that it's stitched ridiculous I'm relentlessly on every year. The reason I do that the Kabul until all the years that held the Vietnam War. That let you know they got they've got a round don't you when you go to Turkey you go on you go to Illinois goes you get warned books and you want done. And you go oh. That's where you're at that pornography. It people are 8234000. Dollars every year to go do their. I also know by iron to three Belmont comes after a while until honored finished the year I just you know want science and we capital we had the means of getting big beer on camera. And having big beer on property. But civic you don't send in the year or years not going to. We got to get or commercial break we appreciate you being now leadership and his interviews but if you got beat you Steele needs some work done and Yuba maybe I shouldn't say it is. You go to Carolina reform law that you've got a lot or my yes there are retreat and yeah its its hold its own idea not to ask not to condone Lance not very well. Earlier there. All right Brandon and whoever it may it's Brent Medicare while life apartment while not I'm sorry presented by a line. Sorry about that we're gonna show Arnold down brother. We'll come back and talk about a big Gator they got to they got taken by lady down and enter. And try to get geared to X right near us they got doors 1063 video RD powered hard. Well a show a key role in all in all in spring it keeps saying when he agreed takes I wanted to read takes us I'm gonna do it sir great thanks I OK let's start with for the first one yes the host is a DNA okay. I know this. And yeah. We need to show it or where she says but this is never this is relevant ungodly your situation and our Jason is it legal to gorilla glue. Hey tag to gear our staples. And the answer would that they would be correct as long as you put it in the place the DNR has specifically. Donated art are allocated for the deer tag to go which is on the back lake and I'm gonna say. No you're wrong because it take you didn't want to do had a really yeah and they give you. Itself and these tags so. So they would they would if he did that. Don't know that you would tick I Cubans a whole thing you know they don't don't you're so it's permanently at an okay I'm sorry Dexter I thought it would be re okay but you know I'm springer anyway why shouldn't. Okay here's a negative could have while they're running US MTI. Another Dexter says I have to not roaming where when hunting. And don't together a gut and I thought Cary a two by Browning got a nine month sales Warren Blake hasn't got that going okay. And this is a cool today I hear yea deer processing plant with our area there it is about a mile and a general years old rotten here's some takes are really into it always carry it because I can relate to this takes. Always carry a pocket and I especially would honing. My grandfather raised me by saying every morning. You've got your bridges don't. Where's your life he past twenty years ago and I still carry a pocket my daily testing Casey comes back. And listening for not having an interest to us and great tea extract their Internet get to the opponent excellent. Anna and I put my my pocket knife in my pocket when I put my britches up in the morning and go to the bush last changed rates is always good in Africa. Has up odd million jobs and it was just one of those things you know you you know sometimes. It happens. Okay. Me like you're just power alone know how are you have in May blood Brothers on Heredia I ought to be an addict is an idiot. Mandela was friends on placement forty years as of this week to Malaysia. Unbelievable compliment I ever got in a long time. For somebody this well not well it will for Philip let's just put it that way is up they said springer is one of the most loyal friends of Lincoln Abraham and tries to nest is Koehler. As legged dog you can leave your I'm a garage early. I put your life and you know all the community and a truck your car and when you open above I wanna go we have we decided. A Filipino Philip NEN and if Phillip has an odd dear something that or something or something takes Philip off about. Some situations to deal with. Witty man I don't know if these checkers or record Alia we came don't we started this show together coming I even got him right easel we first started it. I went downstairs with a lighter and started sit and stuff all fire I turnaround spray life doesn't. And you can't take it. I. About to put out let got this off limbs start weeding get Lauro on the phone with a split I tried in jeans she lip in us miss suggested she will be available but Clark Griffin of Anderson drew her first ever Gator tagged each year while her husband bill several Gator on its. Twice in 62017. Season was her first time looking for swap blizzard cheese they don't want a good one. Twelve a twelve foot seven inch Gator. If she was pundits Santee where their husbands and Franzen is not open and we can't. They this story out of heels landing dinner I think that's on the canal. Bomb in a two of the the free ends a group of friends had drone tanks for the season. And and actually cute too on the same day bullets ms. Griffin's was the biggest. The other team measured twelve foot two they Q3. She killed her which was which is 127 and killed a twelve foot two and eleventh was seeks. And she Sid did that doha started today before the season opened. Because they Rouse gallon and she actually solve it into the Gator she seated to her husband's use outlook that. And noon the next day when the season opening went back to this spot where they glance and Gator. And it wouldn't take long for the fan to begin and now this kind of news because most folks go at night. And Shannon lines for right in my experience is being indicators are pretty skiers burn day tasks as a big gators here yet and now adjusted to date to the big rock in Rio makes soccer treble hook into him but he got loose. And innate hooked him. They started Kasten Guillen couldn't see him by 45 minutes later they were thinking about movement. Windows somebody hooked up with the Gator Indian it was a home. And they finally got three hooks in it yes three barrels in him he's not going to hell with 308. You know I got to vote on on the boat. They got three hooks in him and I got him up to the surface he's got a gift in him and that's when we end. Ms. Griffin here she's kind of BA because she pulled out her a thirty day special in when Al Leonard scattered around. Airlines. Yeah this. Just moments player. Acts. Support matter 38 special in but three holes and you've got it got her done congratulations. Which would get an edge on the show that we review story anyway. And at the last prices of this past years were people you know stray gators in the price at the time as 15100 dollar value I don't think you did here I mean let's go to our brightness come back to spring him the room cute gimmick that they got no 1068 NE ORD powerball parties road keel come up.