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Saturday, September 23rd

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And springer stand today this recipes so I don't fall out of that chair from all this tequila. How. Ask iPhone plugged in roadkill cafe there's more this is a rape feet by the way so you may recognize it but it is I love fajitas. I love makes community based fixed it Lance Thomas permanent member and that well that may be the possibility they're offering it's and here's what you got got cute marinade administer the heat is in the cigarette. You know even coach K was it the secret to Vista makes the taste really good is the marinade OK so we need to have bounced. Of this mistake if we go to slashed him maybe staying by BP and CN corn tortillas or flour whichever you prefer answers debate we national nightly at the last time I make three to four bell peppers in a variety of colors gives them a lot of really pretty colors look I. One red onion a court couple some avocados dies down a couple -- of your choice and three lounge for gays all right a rare day here at Decatur. It requires a quarter cup of good tequila. And they know they go top shelf but don't get no bones foreign tequila OK I've bruised arm trying to keep it was a giant McCain can. Good joke. Okay resumes it wants but I. It was a dozen yards on doctors can't keep up was for it all right I would have surprised him anything there to get Justin look on her face are so we got our core couple good tequila. A quarter cup of my favorite is this the Italian dress and juices from the two arms and three guard doesn't gonna smash him. About a half accomplice were truly needs a half cup with these now have half a teacher means you'd have a teaspoon missing some half a teaspoon black pepper. Half a teaspoon crushed red pepper. And a quarter teaspoon that smoked least how what's a couple of peppery and actually it might be all right now here again we're gonna compile and for near you remark exactly terrorist Tariq abiding I'd say combined. Marinade ingredients and large though aren't you go to makes the stakes in the mayor night and I like to go overnight but you get my we'll let them sit there for about two to three hour slice the onions and peppers. He told skillet over medium IE just high enough to bordering north having desperate think I'm hot. What's hot place the onions and peppers into the skillet and roast until soft aren't Democrat day marinate. Minister and a little bit more all with needed into the skillet turn mistakes. After two minutes and cook for two missing you like to get it all really hot really smoky likely bring it to you if you go to your local Mexican restaurant guide. I. We go to remove the whole of innocence bank turn the temperature or scale it down too low and slice the stakes against the grain into small happy strips a guy. And he sliced skis based bank. Back into the skillet with the peppers and onions and cook for two or three more minutes I've this and onions peppers should be charged slightly only outside. But aim for a medium rare tip journalist I don't cookies thanks to much okay special admits Lindsay did they do is pretty cool that I. Wrap the Venice and onions and peppers and the tortillas. And topple an avocado salsa and any other toppings you wish sorrow with lime wedges. An extra sausage cold air and more to que ya and now you have at this week's road you can't play from spring. Or any year going oh my network and make sure you have to have a narrow. Hi my advice to you. Would be okay. Make sure you have a body and I plugin dive any just be careful out there you know. God is not careful I just got to take from my wife all that is in this community and am William them promoted dude her voice. Taylor Matt shattering news super active nodded. I know girl he still hasn't. I was just thrilled to bring it with you got this layer and a gag man you know I'm one of those guys and I'm sure there's people out there who's like that you really laid half since I did you know litigated is a little harder does that. Haywood is so you don't would display here rot ride in a new a man up comic keys later we you have house keys on your windows you'll be home when I you know. You're advanced jobless. You know why you was out and and talking attempting John in the next room there I said you know Phillips keeps all the stuff that are in a in a bag and stuff you know no mail my amateur demanded an end in and you know so the sing it. It doesn't get to him and I'm sure when he got ready to go he's just Odom only hit the door like a black wildcat and you know it can it happens man. I don't I don't units. We have one of our pockets and I thank you. He is an argument you do is not only laugh I have three in my back at you. Right here and I think that's OK what next I want in my heart next time I'll cue you when I guess huh. Palin Barnett not only invited to keep every minute me. On a serious note yeah it's geared. If you recall back in a couple of months ago we won't weep in it was all in the news we're talking about a training accident occurred only car war. That wound up unfortunately taking the life of a Anderson county sheriff's deputy when they were doing it real. And I think it was one it was a yeah corps of engineers and thoroughly and it was a shares Debbie I think DR was involvement in that is correct and it. It was announced this week did the the key you'll switch coworker was not used during the training accidentally killed the deputy. This is from news reports the US BA just today after charges were dropped and they were dropped against an Army Corps of Engineers officer. In connection to the death of Anderson county deputy. Devin Hodges we're learning new date details about what happened that day. Well Hodges and another deputy went out for training exercise on the on the Anderson shares office vote. With an Army Corps of Engineers officer Joseph GS for slimming. All of June 1 during a pass offer real bulwark of the vote fail into the water Hodges life jacket became stuck on the propeller and it dram. In August Fleming was charged with reckless homicide a charge Fleming's lawyer Beatty ash Morse is did have a chance anyway. This is the statue they charged him with. Which is a statue mere four wrongdoers on a Saturday afternoon only coral. This was not that this was a sanction law enforcement exercise. Says Nash more the charges were dropped in September because of the statue and it won't allow the state to prosecute a federal officer. Ash Morse confident that the award not BA federal investigation or chargers and with the criminal case closed we're learning new details about what happened on June 1. Everybody with a new engine is required to have a kill switch. Right we CS that always say all the time well you know talked about that we have Babbitt Woodward kills what exactly the kill switch is connected engine Indian hook with a core. To the driver's life jacket and if the driver goes overboard to kill switch is designed to cut the engine. Immediately and neck cancer propeller off. And department of natural resources says a keel switch court wasn't used. Through an emailed Anderson Kenny shares office spokesperson gave us this information. At the time of the incident the core was in the day Xbox of the votes. And unfortunately not connected to the operator as with any vessel whether via car boat or airplane operator has responsibility venturing to to be was safer operation. And if not to make it says. As bad deal because well those law enforcement did a guy somebody's says sets that. Will you know it's just like it's it's. Bright airplane attorney face and they do Michael ware I checked yeah no I mean I think dead is a requirement. And how will be willing to bet it did there's memos Cornell right now be anybody in any state blow for the if you're operating a boat you better be wearing ridiculous what can you get a ticket for that I'm nicer if you're like regular Joseph blow hot and you know I don't waters I don't think that is a -- requirement repair or requirement because. I've been stopped to checked several times you don't you have to be wearing a life right. On Fisher under the age of Ottoman thirteen such things and it's gonna have with you right. And I got to be right size did miss ranging stop it and but. But no kill switch. And a cat says. But anyway so was let's go to our breaking him home we come back we will dole talk about these South Carolina Bob wide initiative in the upstate outdoor block. Into the Chrysler real quick well done guys pepper Rica I have 140 when you say Italian emphasize that I'll make it. Italian dressing. And and add to the Alabama vocabulary our buddy Derek or Brevard toughest out callers order a 63 video Arnie powered Marty's and kept Erica. Welcome back up stayed out Doris is owned your radio. And we can get things out of order because. We had where it's amongst us and work flexibly here yesterday I'm no one who really cares about a schedule anyways friends I just with. So as I live my life that way this front so we have the I'm still not doors blog that's the Tom Warner. Since we don't have a housewife with three kids. The outdoor writer has stepped up and do blog idea for the Riverside. Some of the other jocks can we column jobs that we can't what are you don't lose your shed tears tiers tier as jock. The job can't a jockey at this I host okay Idaho has slid the most is anyway they write some stuff to leave. Probably do more write this about the South Carolina Bob ID initiative. There's going to be damn street next week back in the day of our fathers and grandfathers. Populations of Bob why coil in the north trainer. In South Carolina. Rubble dead of Texas and Georgia however changes in land use and land management practices coupled. With other environmental factors has seen a sharp decline in this most the big key twit they're big key to a as a great horror big cat Katie it's a big treat. Big calculating. I wrote it but ask us politics on their. Anyways and a big Guinness this gamer anyway it's. Distinct larger peppery distinguished but yeah. Pampering is pretty good on acquittal by the way I'm in an attempt to capture the decline the South Carolina Bob white initiative was established in 25 saint. To restore Bob white populations to the early 198080s. Level. Now based on a plane and written by the south on department of natural resources in supported nationally. By the ENBC. That's that national Bob why couldn't conservation initiative the work is directed by the South Carolina quail cancel. And that's a group of and government and nongovernment agencies organizations and individual landowners. Over the last thirty years six minute efforts have resulted in very little results for the State's oil population. And that's a reference to like the quail unlimited instead of and they finally I think gave up against. Now unlike deer Turkey which can and do adapt to changing land east. And are more than capable of surviving and segmented populations bill Luna neighborhoods suburbs I DO RA anti no proper Turkey. Dear. Coyotes. In just got out here and neighborhood it out yet squirrel squirrel readily admit neighborhood that is surgery. The Bob white quite require more continue some arm across the state. Now growing Bob whites requires many parties working together owned timber management opera scrubbed. Burning. Planting delisting cutting funding. And cooperation between neighboring landowners across a wide landscape until now coordinated effort to restore Bob white quail and sustainable. Will have a chance on a coordinated statewide basis had not existed. Bob why Quayle used to throb in South Carolina primarily based on the land use of rogue cropping. And share cropping and now a lot of that type agriculture's don't that's according to more Coleman. He's is CBI outreach committee member the South Carolina Bob wide initiative is a statewide effort working to help landowners and lease holders created maintained type habitat. That would help these while Berg's Pratt remember we have mark on the show but yes or so ago we did. Probably probably the biggest encroachment on quail habitat both here and say out here on across the southeast. Has been laying huge change. From agriculture. Pursuits to urban development yes bring your heart so man all the time I asked the biggest demise of bomb like oil and he's not area is like man take Unita used to be the best cuts. Enough honest deer hunting channel. And now suburbs and corporate in buildings and everything you concrete countries has talked. Swim imposed movie store bingo at two regularly growing stands of lonely and lob lolly con for timber. And paper products. So there were Hussein is that they change from agriculture to urban development. Ending grow and timber crops and not not control part in the timber crop Whalen they don't reduce those timber crops don't really benefit no they don't. That's hitters in the South Carolina Bob wide initiative provides many services and culture opportunities to landowners. Who were interested in providing cool quality habitat for Bob white quail and state. These differ star buck provide providing technical assistance on land management. Practices that are not only benefit Quayle but they also help your overall. Hunting land hill for grow another species deer Turkey ran its. Incinerated a day America and you shot him. I don't think he's Ramses anyway. I want the total pie and be tough. Yeah now at the other end SAB I'll also offers financial assistance are called sheer arrangements administered through several of his partner agencies. To offset costs associated associated with effecting changes in land use. And basically what they're saying is you know if you got Landon you've got access to it contact us in. And we'll woo you know do we can and they had they have some limited funds the guests via real early last year. I mean if for managing your land and your company India's gain in do instead right. Economic suggestion real quick if you have that land rights in your going to do this and go through this process to be a habit you know make your we're area and your land more you know. Have a tent you know friendly for Quayle makes you go have a long term lease a romance and you know you put all that work in and I don't biggest net. Right out from I don't know anybody. Told you can't turn the list you came. Domestic in my property head for about two. Coming up home 89 years now and it's the new year to you thirty year and I never know. And I think that's been a big problem within two you know you these people wanna do this kind of stuff yeah but they just not sure if they're going to have that land. After this don't of the year that they've got it right now I truly believe you can't find enough. Mayor murderer or you know big gap might decide a sale of property of matter of course they had to pay you money back but. Brian do whatever you've released it for their ears straight but. So anyway the that SAB. And the South Carolina chapter of Quayle for ever will be Cabela's agreeable next week September the thirtieth. From 10 AM to 3 PM they'll be talking about Bob Weisberg a bird hunting conservation and all this those that we cover expert will be answering questions. Eagerly listening to what you'd like to see more of ensure we knew how to get more quail. Or your favorite piece alliance. That should be informative herald damn straight to the Cabela's hand say the the quail folks here in. Did you sub probably would say yeah. And Quayle. Announcing a big demise of the around my area in more yeah you know they have this the same reason that that that the deer runs don't you know. I used to have a come when a person who got their failed to carry must've been thirty to forty birds and a guide series that I had several court piles. And his barge would come just about every afternoon you know to McCourt bought. And man once they start and I'll let housing development and whatnot and our nets got after years and it didn't. And we're a young boy I don't hate cats but we just telling you the facts Jack yeah once you start having all those house is coming there. No clues to keep the blue can keep their damn cat in into an audience nobody listened stays in the house all the time I jokers going to be heartening Kelyn. I Walton in my neighborhood volatile Monday neighbor and there since how many say. Outrageously feasting can't slow and they all kind of hang out and liked him but but did I was bloat. Looking at the FaceBook page for the neighborhood ladies like. Well yeah we do have a feral cat population enough that he did and sometimes there's somebody asks she got beat some layups and. After I got elevators we love animals we know we we don't but that that's the facts here as is back as well as me and Philip continue as is how did. Invasive species exactly any thing else Ari and you know you'd have your for Pittman when he starts I don't know what does that now days and it's got 800 houses yeah. Coming you know what a class I'm in a casket reaper he's pretty quick though you have big glitters yet cats everywhere and it's inward. Let's go to a break when we come back organ in a ring up Rick tales from the quality deer management association South Carolina. And will will find out if you can gorilla glue it tagged to a beard and he played host. Now let's he would right here upstate outdoors 1063 WRT the upstate talks like to. How about parties and cat scratch. Fever pitches up. Well if you're listening during the first hour this do we had our are bow hunting DS. Brand any Emery from Carolina form a while less black and we got to talking about conservation in deer today and he was like. It's just ridiculous today does that ever understood Rudy got San dignity killer or what kind of conservation that. NASA like. Randy you kind of get over into the topic that we wanted to talk about was rig counts. And we got Rick on the she knew where this right now from quality deer mating association. Rick welcome back does stay out dorks. Well thank you Trevor made enough. International running your pitching they'll look though talk about your tomorrow. Add those so we had an operation. And we missed obvious that they. Terrible wondering where you he does account audience well coming in and thanks very appreciated and Amy in that broad. Failure of the upper by the Abbott today. You'll morally or. Yeah it's is Axl actually a national Clemson vs Colorado school of welding day later all in. And that is I think more. That was their lives are interested in man in. Ports around here locally but written things wanted to tell you about you know do I guess it was about this time last year that we were we were talking about Maine where your world on the coast of really make it to history and after you know violent place in the middle of the year in in in in we're gonna have a tag system put in place. And quite surprising to me. Since Ian has been in the three bags it's come back as. A lot of folks who work. Really now on the weather days Tuesday wanna complain about stuff. But the tags system. What are your thoughts on only now at all rolled out once we got it employs. Well Bob no maintenance is perfect system men. It's going to take anti. Critique it and president of proper perspective that are where we need to have it. But at least we have paid a tagging system and that's ultimately been trying to do. Or well being of our ability are trying to do it for almost ten years and cutie and I got on to try to help push it and get it past them. Like what kind of laughed and stock of the rest of the country could work all the stagnation and didn't have tagging per beer at strictly book and so hopefully now we can sit com. Increase in. Production that foreign or better habitat. Oh so much or beer for everybody. Well and and that's that's been a thing in in who we interviewed Charles Ruth on the year. I've probably been a couple of months ago now our ethics weeks and and he said the same thing he has whale you know yeah it was an ideal. You're not gonna yet it's. Rarely gonna get something in place like that when you have to run it through the whole legislature Simba but we did make we did make grounds. We've got tags in place and now it's a work in progress. Says so from that perspective were we go from here I mean it is will QDU may be behind. Okay our look we we got too many tags cause that's really the next thing is like. As we really needed to make these tag numbers a little a little more raw reasonable. With Warner state deer population is. Well right. You know and at some. Oh what went bank started out for books and board and the court should turn and look what ideas or we have seven to endear you possibly shoot him and note and I think. You've got a boot the doe days which you might hear why not go on an old day isn't it the weather radar and get the flu. You're not that you negotiated nearly everyone eight days. But as far as. Being able to control. You know we're we're gonna have to electorate do from where you search. There's Theodore about the resurgent. Having it tag is right well have a good effect deer herd going forward. So there are a lot in a lot of moving parts from the hole playing in. No not so we're just happy that we did get some kind of tag program in place. What do you think about. It if we in talking what Charles Ruth do you really the next thing. That I think he would like to see in place. Would be a registry we're you know when you users tag you here because we used have check stations. Years ago and a lot of folks like cool what good is happening tag. If you you know processes yourself you don't drag it out of the woods into the shop behind your house horror you know wherever. Nobody ever sees that tag even if you put it on the air. But what do you think about having a a phony and registry where you can units so to speak validate that today. Bryant Miller mayor again. The whole. Point when we started this thing little. I have a political tact to start where because we never done tags and you know you're basically policing yourself when you're in it would begin where. And will only give people that are go to like a deer and process them well the girl backyard or garage or ever. Or not they're clearly going. Stop those people that got small percentage of the owning population that would do that. The one like. All talk about word yet on what might drag down the road property gas station early stop it. Well they get on a flat tire and how troll or somebody pulled up I you'll have that deer tag. The network the issue starts from the as a pretty kept it that from my Dodik cult. Andy we're talking about the dough tags which. You know I think it's thirty intervene if you've got you've got eight doe tags that you used for specific dates. But also those same tags in you and you kind of have to make a decision here if you're. If Europe both honor and you want to it to take eight dear unit anytime during the season. With archery. You know it school costumes. Worn those one of those dated. Don't tags in and I think that was that was pretty good but that kind of prompts a question. As far as harvesting doze. You were where you've got a tags and and you could turn around in the you know. Like you see you've got to users on specific days but we also have the opportunity to purchase four more Dem tags. In a state did Scott. A declining deer herd. Do you think or do and right thing with allowing the harvest of so many Doe's. Well again. You know. Wrote a restricted state tags or are. Where they admit they've been they're all or is dissuade. An old piper now it used to be in the handbook. And now you got there before. Regular tactic and yet. Over the counter there are no problem dollar each and vote or Korean today which. That's good. That they didn't. Get the chance to do on Monday Friday or whatever and those those Saturdays and Sundays you've got the extra day. To take that as extra tag which you ball. Again. There's been able. You tag. Out how that person feel as bad. Further grow their own Unix. Would probably be that the one thing I would say. In other at all and the opportunity to to take those good news to met it's a bit. But again. Lot of negativity that people play in it so many dove out there but if you're harvested deer rebels who early in the year. Good health bureau. No artists and so or look at what you wait in the late in the year. I inaugural you know beer. Because they're going to be. Pressured and so forth so you wanna try out our summer league that you kind of weight over that tag per late in the year I think. You're gonna end up eaten the money basically patsy. So Andy and that's always been a ia subject of debate too is. You know the wildlife biologists suggest. The if you're gonna harvest knows that you go he didn't do it early. And it's from my perspective that makes against especially your bio on you know it did dent. Any did I always say to any deer that you can get close enough to to keel with a archer tackle is is a pretty good dear. But a lot of folks are are really reluctant. To try to take it day to. Early in the season because no more and it you know you start you start killing deer in in net debt puts the the books on alert. The Caribbean on it is just more on pressure and also. You know they're like well if you know where there's a group for those that they wanna follow those domes. Because. When the rut comes in you know a month or so later vogue when when gun season comes in. You don't wanna breakup net debt hurt because that's what's gonna draw your books to the gun. Right and you know you're appreciating the girl the couple saying they're. Wrong again there let her draw the beer early in the year so I give you an opportunity to harvest a better. Com it your shouldn't those early year also. Or thanks the the book a home for going to be much smaller than the booze. So you'll be able detailed indifference to wait till later in the year. But all are going to be all the same the better. And then you're gonna have those little button books its job and they can they're better. What and also one thing you can do presented by the run. And again you know now that you because your food plot are gonna public pressure on them and that's gonna help your hurt. In the all the back in the forbidden till the end and so or who have a lot of I'll have her taken done early in the year old you know they're there. They'll be Weller about and well I'll call it. So it's again it'll appear ya get good link. Well any other thing you we need to address in NAND is and I've heard a lot of folks say the us because we have. We don't really have a well defined. Rug in the breeding season you know you got your trickle effect. That the wildlife management heads. Taken. Dead into consideration as far as the dates. As I've heard people say where you don't wanna kill I don't now because if she's got phones those phones or are going to be helpless but they factored he ended September 15 is a day did most phones are going to be waned in their Capel making your own their own. That's correct in the you know it wouldn't. It even though they have all longer you know all our state. All this and so forth and then the research and I know that. When the front seat and start since September October in the upstate. The next time that the polls are able to bottle their home and there are some late dropping balls and you can usually tell they have more spot on home. There note almost you know there will be a little bit chips that they may not be able to make it but not a good time. You're normalcy that you know that you're out of the woods. Hunting. Recount quality deer management is good information there rating information in and and hopefully where you are we would address some questions as some of our listeners have had about. You know about about the tank system in in like it or not and we we've got the the system in in place. And were making status. Towards you know trying to hold Andean and and hopefully they'll be air first with could be an hour in and of course the legislature to the there are two relief. And if maybe even by B buys a home buys a home basis but we appreciate your time Rick. And now all the great information. Yet certain attribute points his own you know like they goal on where else. Why don't lift or are there late they can't take it maybe doesn't they'll have many deer in. Quote special you know a whole another topic for another day. The state has little pot Goldberg our port here. Then there are others so it all has. An effect on the whole state of the population. But I appreciate army own again happy not bought and visionary. At mile Avian Rickie take care my friend. Good stuff right there absolutely was star break when we come back spring's gonna have account of a bits. Indian have any tags that we have for violence. Our boat is unlimited baby right here upstate outdoors 1063 WORT. Powerball parties. And clowns season. Of state outdoor stuff. Well account her movie it's his own tea taking away mr. springer and real quick to the text her that was asking us about the at 22 Indo weathered a shipment of this later on I talked to chuck and John from salute to service is coming battery detail and everybody else don't know which OK okay they're he's got a 22 days has been he inherited is a Winchester tweet units in Montana and he wants to see if having issued disaster Lebanese border and is probably not registered. He's wondered if he should haven't registered so forth before he ships it. Okay well I wouldn't talk to John points out. And there's some stuff you need to know that's all that legal legal stuff about guns. And he said he would address the text as soon as they start their show so Tuesday tenant so stay tuned is that better and it's our calendar millions now. Click here we don't know I don't go to the Cabela's today Martha good fellas down there she done a seminar warmest she'll be their father of your lady interesting get to big bass. Best person I talked to our right and as we talked about earlier in the show. Remember each chapter of try to limit you got a brief then you know Florida time as with as with river blade not to fly via and. They're going to be hindering vote and they're only doing the fishing field to work. At Berea 85 lingering along the 29 of September we talked about it. Sam pretty you don't talk to brand him today he made it he really did get in and you know Brendan Sullivan and is gonna Maginnis seven but we learned at the doors will open at five. And tickets are available at the a mountain burying jealousy mountain bridge to GTU dot org as according to this release. Also there is I at least. Six seats left for the hunter education class coming up at cabal muzzle September 30 six seats left him in a solid got left. And that will be yet the wanna Woodruff road. And if you're Anderson and then go to the idea in our web site under a hunter education and they will you can registered there. Are you can column Cabela's and restaurant or there is way out now also the South Carolina Bob wide initiative we discussed earlier will be a Cabela's on the thirtieth which is next week Ian from 10 AM to 3 PM talking about Bob Wise. Birdie turning and conservation. And now that I ought to be pretty cool right there so if you go to Beantown next week. Gaudin Cabela's and learn some about Bob white quell a furious stated he got away and you would like to make more. Bob Wise friendly does gather to warn you need to talk to. Coming up also September 30 that's a busy day in the heat but how many Hollywood talent well not exactly next week isn't. Wilma really they're going to be a viewed by university of south Carolina's gonna have a fund raiser tournament and that's going to be at their lake Murray editor island state clarkin for more interest in information in contact Austin Brad vary the tournament director. Or his cellphone and a 646173665. Our get a hotel room at 813. Be a Brad Berry at Also another one that I thought was really cool coming up in October it's a free used. Dear clinic in York county on Monday October the ninth and I've heard school is out that day so that's even a better think parents are encouraged to join in with their youth. Ages ten to seventeen to learn about cooking. Game. Care and up preparation and tree stand safety and Al wild game launch will be provided have as part of this clinics how cool is that. And land an ass dance sponsored by the sat on a department natural resource correct and Nassau on their FaceBook pages more than. They've only got about six or eight spots live cracked so. Just noted and and and if you're interested guy you in contact and to that Kim IA's parents leverage thank you it leverage. Can leveraged K at the NR a dot ASE dot gov also coming down up on the coast October 7 a big cloud or turning with some of our friends of captain Lee from the radio show down there wasn't ready present. Southern angler who now uses other got a huge kick it out of another radio Gabi opponent in or not to notice that it. And big money involved in that they end up you're interested in that contact Mike Brady 88433253000. And last but not least coming up on October the seventh at. Craft a make cross state park they don't have a local hiker outdoor challengers sounds pretty interesting is goalie on the seventh start time is it now. If for more information call 864764165. Warren. Our info at. The local hiker. Dot com and that is your calendar event. All right our parting shot right quick to Ohio Meehan are charged. After one man opened fire on his neighbor for wearing a clown mask and chasing his daughter around the streets foxy Cleveland sports. Sparks a Cleveland reports Vernon Baer junior was arrested. After a rather dramatic series of events took place outside his apartment when Saturday evening according to their board. Barrett put the clown mask on in attempted to scare his six year old daughter into into behaving. Instead he ended up scaring the living daylights out of her and found himself and hand coast. And the end of it all. And it all started when 911 received a frantic call from a woman claiming there was a little girl frantically trying to get in her car. But physical always chase inner half the little girl and ran into the nearby apartment building in a neighbor Dion sob Tiago age 48 got involved in this scenario after the fried job ran Indy here's a bore his apartment. Screamed in about a clown Jason her. The sonic knowledge himself mosque fired a gun at his apartment window yeah. But say as he was aiming for nearby yard according to police Santiago has been charged with using a weapon while intoxicated. Don't well go figure. However both me and plan on fighting the charges against him look don't be stupid don't dress up like a clan especially around deer season you don't need a shot at. Right S today show like the tiger against Brandon barber also branded the every and also recounts. From quality deer may association. Where you actually let you.