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Saturday, September 8th
Upstate Outdoors

Chris Wells co hosting

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Welcome me and welcoming and Brothers and sisters yeah now that we're still do Jerry. Are these common he knows more about it but this is Tommy's brother mostly though no orders go to. Have a great show today is a beautiful day if you don't done month 96 degree temperatures in the shade and stormy was special because got a special co host today. I feel the power of a lower in this group and it made me. And got a brother. The vast chaplain Chris Wales to my immediate right here and animal as main straight up we got a great show I'll tell you we got don't know. But I don't me a whole lot of talk about hunting today we're gonna take up a breather from punting we've been very good night from hunt yes we're is probably about fishing good people that are involved in it. Op the blasts the message late series they have failed W series. And everything. That's involved then in and even maybe get some tips on some warm weather tactics this time of the year the best vision and but does Chris A he walks the wall with these gas okay Chris spend a lot of lot of lot of that common days on the road. With the elite series as the that's chaplains and I today he's just been an inspiration he's been horror show welcome to love stayed out the progress I am so excited I. And I could not sleep last night. The only college coaches talk about the prototypical body they look forward to BO college football player. I am the prototypical. Body for radian of I am the body type they're looking for radio I'm so excited to be here. Really it's. Does humble as a man convey right there and had his best is how does the can yet. And may well I won't even go there but down on The Today Show we're gonna have Bob. We're gonna have first of all don't have Philip gantry taken with us he's been in Mississippi slate of big cats Chris. And since Hamas was to us also be kids Houston doesn't keep catching catfish a player and now you might. What do you like about Philip gentry he can kids are can't be taken kitsch. He is isn't impressed me the years we spent together as far as his Phishing techniques go okay hot and good joke I mean goodness Oden OK but fashion and you really have to do some there's some good researcher and now. You know so far so good you got a little known little little bit about what you do and you can get lucky you play yeah. I don't know soft green and I agree with you and also Romeo first hour we don't have I won't say. Neighbor pretty much a neighbor. And hello Ed Dillon it Crispin say. Bunch of Tom Swift on the road would that be correct Fresno bee correct a problem. Probably more time and he wants to stay with me I wasn't gonna go there but down we don't have any Montgomery Collie and and would go to talk to Andy and we're gonna talk about it he's made he's you know he's he's. Chris were say he's in for the classic run Chris. Say he dedicates one fish can still get accused species and didn't want me. He's got at least kids one finished it to be able to make the classic and I'm. I'm confident that he can probably do election to use going to be until and yet it is going to be we can't talk to him about. Give him information but late you've achieved is going to be a Schwab and knock okay I have a fish don't LA springer. It is loaded with giant imagine if you took all of the little small bass lake view we just turned amended giant. Just. Spotted by Aspen Ed giants. Five and six brown spotted mass not like in his going to be it's going to be awesome. And spotted bass have been known to be quite aggressively here everything. Cup outcome I'm Kenya right now I've spotted bass got via fifteen pounds you can swim in the lights. Appreciate and be unable. How iPad I like that it's our dog and he. And now that should be interesting and then out of me and me and I don't I'm gonna pick the best chaplains brain. About these big masters must face legend tiger long. And about what he would do if he was half the fees right now own one of our local legs like horrible. You know any of them like Robertson medium in this in this heat we're having right now I mean I'm singers on the guy that likes hot weather but right now this is getting a little bit ridiculous degree it's. It is really tough right before the fall exact really tough and because these fish you know they're there won't do it there won't see. Do they know what's coming up with a long winner but this heat right now. Up three minutes. Yeah I. Consider your allow made options exactly need to Noah. It's a good unit is a good time kitsch. Peace to keep exactly whose country and I'm all about that now and then and as you well as he said he liked either way also you know mid may and may interest we have one thing in common weekend. Some critters as of fish don't have a problem with a I and die after that we'll get the roadkill cafe in good stated that. We're gonna talk a much asked Chris is favored. Fish to eat and how to prepared and he will tell young Leo Mayer and then if we have turmoil may even ask him what his favorite critter is state. And how he liked prepare you know cause Chris does he's and he's a good cooking he likes to cook. And that he does a lot of it is self says that's going to be interesting is seven and after that we don't have James. Mitt Omar. James nick Myers today here they unveiled a vPro in finish second in the and the force would cup this year in. He lives over in May and Texas and getting in just a great guy and if there's anybody if there's any pro they're not very many pros of saying that I would I would purchase their mode after they get through the year but I would purchase James Brody. I guess immaculate he faced fear that voters really and this is his first year. This is first gym at film debut jury's been out a bass master league series right. Didn't go well formed last year we'll tell me about that I have had a phenomenal year on the film debuted to an almost pulled off the big. You know force would code which is you know. On arguably went with a one of the Super Bowls of the masters would which would almost be in us it they would ban that we would've been amazing exact right. Great great performers who put in there. And after that we're going to talk about what it takes to live the dream. As a professional fisherman. On the US circuit whether you know Chris has a lot time with the elite guys but he also has a great. Outlook in and in an inside or what it takes to do what they do. And travel all over this country and the toll it takes on family. In everything else and we'll discuss that and I don't let dom is going pretty much turn the radio over the trees let him do it. And women account of this when it is sums under look different and I is don't know that Chris whales. Neither of pays a motivational speaker he does a lot of speaking. And different banquets and anywhere somebody were also motivational speaker. One and tell them to give you beauty give them they're here information and numbers don't let you run with our priest for food has got done that's not a bad thing OK and then end and also Chris has got some of this coming up in the near future. A millennium lists those. And nest in as far as parting shots well I don't know if we don't have one because I look very. One remark was a war a look at four I'm not very my. Structural honest kind of blob out of sync my until the last cast is okay how I NOK you know because you know pro so about you know he's he's very he sees it he's very methodical and now every may I just fly about sigma plates you know like I like you could definitely gonna lie I got back. I merely go to straight up real danger we're gonna out him up on the phone. He said he pulled off the road stopped its arrests per play and how does a little while so when I talk to Beijing after this up. This is Tommy springer Chris Wells this is a stay outdoors bike tune. And will be right back on the flip sat. Welcome back I've stayed out doors Tommy springer Chris Wales set in front buddy PGA. By the way I have a Milan right now and he's been up he's been in my part of the world will close dude in Mississippi slayings big cats they did was don't. And he got it right nor did it make doing fantastic man I can't stand. That's awesome you know I would like to point out clarity. I moment relative to date including a real or from the moment all Crist will lose sitting in my seat little Lola. I'll like this man out Utley we probably need to try to apple for this for so we feel I'm here. He would not great. Yet you didn't don't tell anybody also took to pull it out or irony. I am actually got pulled over Italy Alabama. And adults living in the parking lot of the bass pro shop it showed currently own lap all the radio dot com and a solo. I just don't response from you sit Leeds Alabama on ten years you know my wife yes we were we wanted to go on vacation this year until it was always Alabama. It's also best pro shop in Q and it's a great grass brush up there. What'd you all about I've actually spent the better part of this week. Out here no the Memphis Tennessee area and now that the unit several times that the past card shop that you're yet. All and in Memphis and I tell you what they added the most beautiful. Her. Into the Springfield Missouri. Two Astrid shots it'll it'll while it appeared muted into this overlooks the river. And made it it's just it's a beautiful store earlier. I've been there it is really amazing when you walk in mayor how much stuff they Fiat and signed their pyramid is. It is amazing. Well it is the most critically committee was they had a whole lot of detail and wood ducks compromise a lot for this or granite upon. It'll look at or hamper security cameras and so yeah docket grant or it goes really into it out the door. Cuts. Shave the bill failed so. Memorial law right in the front there had a they've got bill best display right in the front of and we used to walk in Memphis and piano bills and of their larger than life and there's just just is no better now. Yeah absolutely it can't he would one that works for the Mississippi River ma tournament that's rabbit out here. I got pissed we're speech. Got some connection being him old. And I ought to probably see Ernie managed to yen. All impeached and needs and so I had the opportunity to get out on this secure or. It's been a great visit distinction NBC report. Has been and kind of hit her biggest. It's rare the most current. We had Al Lowe of ballot right here shadow. Of the best group here immediate. Well but they had several tournaments. Over the last week so that speedy ships in the veto or bad. All and so you a lot of guys that day or or traveling in a talk about the tacitly tell or they'll rebel these camp these gals. Works Grambling beat. Oh campus crime syndicate speak yet age well. Some brother. Oh yeah yeah and it it took the cool thing we don't we don't see a lot of this technique to technique that they cult bumping. And in watcher actually do it because slow in order to see. The river and into real or is load right now. At the summer. Slow our course all the rain it do we get hand in. No work on the north Mississippi is to increase the slope but they're not expecting net store career post route sixteen state. But there are more of but the tactic to date it's really inching its likes it skull popping. And Europe actually. Put the whole of motor home. Most of them mink coat auto pilot. And secluded home. On two to slow them on the low occurred meanwhile they're standing in the back above it a bit back and describe obvious is their Carolina rig it. Now in the back of the boat in their walk in net by a long. While but didn't report. That's incredible it really is it does men go to spot lot troll a motive for probably work really well in that situation I know that. Amid an over the river Robbie never really fished the missive to rear Robin on the Tom Bigby waterway but I've never faced the Mississippi and that's got to be some current flow arrive there you have off. Had a lot of things going on got to be a lot of lot of captain boat captain type of decisions made in that kind of situation. Yeah absolutely. That's usually you're looking structure and in in me to the spot blog but they're really accuse you to list. This tactic and and I learned all about it as a matter of fact. All the wind today. I'm not a good first time ever I thought well. And it actually European and makes us special I'd rather they do not. On it it's got a split rear audit. And I could care original. But it way to pass my way. I'll admit that but got a big chunk dispute PX here. Oh man about this that yes. There's not that'll pick. Pick with that. They asked. It's like you're battle at all feel as well UT I was often preached and yeah it saves so well that way don't buy. And as both a little bit and also in Iraq is almost ripped out. You like a lot more room and over brick. Sonya Jackson efficient yes like step proficient in the Mississippi River is way out again. You know me so well. And that and at it now it is titled Al landed my promotional bit can't speech kit speech. Total 47 Pampers this week one the that would blow. And it be an Ole Mississippi River Kippur Jews it's known for producing it regularly Purdue's seat belt speech outgrew it out for. Now but I'll I'll settle for forty sit down. Yeah that's that's a trophy anywhere you look at it man nobody's gonna turn down a 47 pound catfish. And you know I've got diet Philip diesel and. And yes we were heard about it being actually. On its pictures. And ended it and released this. And we we did have a couple smaller speech springer that we came back in product at the data blue. It had to be scrapped so that they really liked. That particular stroke future. And in it really truly a smaller one or better. It is the system is pretty cool it and I'll. The next day to see her day in we talked to John Donald and who blow for Doug dynasty who actually finishing at an arena Delgado and got to fail all. It would be you know higher outs but it did it. And so that was pretty cool. You know digital or opinion sorry it's it's an idea is great we know camera along this route now beat. And I'm I'm on Haiti back hole. I'm I have to go into the best shot here in the yet by April 12. I was gonna say that you did you come back without any bank from bass pro shop and it took it to see both Guerrero. 'cause good look at that that's right. Yes it's. All out you know all. The browse or at home. And while trail felt we appreciate you talk I'm going to tell played we were Mississippi and you're gonna Mississippi River and you were remain at his Virginia house springer is I needed Al cookies you know audience. Yes it's. You wouldn't yet but I bet little oil exports and a little. Well through Barney and and not just got that big mark skirted it will not marker called it a list. You premier whoever decide that won't interstates. One of the largest cities. You know in the country. I allied with Ginsburg most see all and a Lotta Lotta Lotta entry. And I'm looking forward to hook all the traffic in front of the. Yeah you better be careful you have a lot of angry Georgia Bulldogs come back. Or. And run them. Act and I bet. You appreciated college but I you besides number warrant a guy appreciated dog to this man and knocking wait to see you again in. Don't feel by actresses got this under control a page out they screwed up that he won't hide. Let's let it or it. All depends that didn't at which will open at. Mobile. Our appeal will net you yet. But I did speak with the people who. And were you may you have solved the black and a four iron and how that battle like. I know that's great days building and says people ask who he's got bodyguards and a plumber a drains rebuilding hasn't borne by the going that I'm. Aren't brother you take your site travel demand and just. These better than the only guy right through Atlanta. They go to Chris. Well I want to here's what I. I brother thank you much to dig. Tell me what do you think. Forty symbiosis not bad. That's not bad that's not bad now what we don't take a break right here we don't come back on the flip side. And little power play in Montgomery just by her fellow did present state and Chris Wells Tommy springer host played outdoors. Andy Montgomery up on the phone one next we'll talk to the coolest thing with the greatest country actually in Italy best vision history. I look at life. How much can album can I very much as thirty do you have a life on the so right there McCain anyway great choice ceremony beanie why now well we'd like to welcome at this time. A special special guest a special friend of my brother Chris Wells clear. And I'm just a failure in. I love the way they got talks I love the way they got. Just gets it done if mailed W stop and I've got a lot of respect for Oregon can knock a hornet's nest on the corner of a roof with a flipping GOM. Andy Montgomery. Figure out what's up yeah oh yeah. Well I'm glad you I'm too costly Chris our country is an innocent may not realize I've to let handy New York senate passed that I think. -- if I was to ever be a professional bass fishing. And make it to that level. I'll probably be a lot like Andy okay just comes slow drone Paul can you know and I don't really matter let's go fish in his cage vision all that other stuff and now we're a deal Lucas all commercial with the two celebrity who will. Don't know what to do all that you probably like they don't you can understand they. Don't really have any exactly so well any doubt I was talking McChrystal we would only aired today and he's telling me your situation now okay as somehow you've got a cage once speech. Pretty much is certain that I have to give woody thank 'cause coming you don't let somebody takes every book. Awful every and you got in your tackle Bob I think you might get it done broad. There horrible but the but I don't get one three days blew all of those little butter well. You know that's logo that's always had blues news we're producer even do a good Moakley to look. I did get one period at a good drought this year might have been more. Al's gonna ask you what was the highlight of your your year this year what was. But if you could pick out just one moment what would you say that was. Role would you don't mark this. Blob so many things you remember. Off topic or hate it is not a professional interview neutrality I'd almost say they're Taliban tomorrow how licensees. Hazel has an Ali thank you by just a minute. One day we were going to Dunkin' Donuts and we were up in Dunkin' Donuts and this blue below girl in New York. Was having a little trouble understanding me in the and being with had a little trouble understanding the girl New York. I had to step in like the holy spirit in the an interpreter had become an air like the speaking in tones and in trying to help when you bridge the language barrier in their thousand. I was kind of Cold War and. Please look but more good story while wounded up and don't vote so little is that lake rabbit. Well we had a time out million baht and you know mutt oh cool but bad past where players create their bill out a lot the user drab start to build toaster or. There is little little little little remote. Location Huffington. You know wait well all we give them cook AJ I've worked out there who you are looked at. Wouldn't know who don't shut the whole lot of Marlon there at the panel are fail with the. I'm. I gotta go that's a member of over Obama limited audience to have big gratitude he Burke patrol boat called playing well he's a. This millennia to register that they it was a. And then they can't be Gallo trigger that would work go to places like Duncan though mode and no bolsters. And bullet point go boast low bolstered real war. You'll play as we go every single time that Edison beaver river we say how in the hall I've got all ma. Malo karma hundred plane M and we win it all Africa's he you know he'll tell you. I'm either 100% all from 100% all in my life and everything I do. And a man has his immediate time. Northern of that low and. We will not take India. I just I really watch I'm I'm really had a great time watching you in a number whom the M elderly majerle fish MLS okay. And add that just seems to suit your style of just one I don't know if you even have a stop my theory would do is you're gap put you on the water. Hi this is war got a case faced. And I'll figure out how to do it animal keep doing what I need to do to figure out how to catch him in man you've how you have shines when it comes to Major League efficient and it's just been a joy to watch you not only do what you fish and how you Casey's. But the entertainment you you give everybody that's why we're doing it as royal. You're more garment garment over Andrew Bruce Bowen grownup and give it trouble any parent let college are you cool manage those dealing ears sort of bolt slowed mostly it's not just don't go pilgrim group tumbled you execute so well. But being graded though remote. Where grow our home. But corporate or equipment your worst recruit monitors are the era tiger's. Way. Anyway and it graphically it's an hour to full term does Lou I wrote about it practice simple prayer local term without its. So locals there and immortal with Nixon so. Kyra how are trained myself not. No purpose just just boy tomorrow I'll work with worked full. And you know allegedly breaching came on news DuPont bound also by the mud up but the invitation mobile portal. And I tea I've number of state interest to me you haven't. Engineer's degree or Clemson. Or were. I or. Are also went in there and bigger. And got okay and you decided to go fishing is they had a lot about it you don't ride things you would Disco. I granola man on the so who cares if they should look at. Yeah coordinator and very quiet and had a really good to embody a home. Do all the work over the just so what groups and that I work or overturned boat so two years after clamps and fumble or other it would quit this old. That's why I I got to ask you this question I told spree on Matthew's question. We know what angle in the morning year old tournament trail you wake up in the morning. In the lights come along what is the first thing that you say it comes out you know Lebanon during the and we'll have a little prayer session in the Indian mail today and yeah talk about the myth sober living the dream. The cousin and he. I'm a I'm a realist and and no that is not all the glamour and glory. What ya I'll go through to do which you do and be on the road be away from your farm be away from your family for extended periods of time. And it's always you know. People overlook it kind of step policies the glitter and not the the hard work in England and the dedication it takes to do which you guys stayed and now IAA I think it's an inspiration for people if if you have a dream. And you have and you surrender self with the right people opt anything's possible and name would you ride shotgun would Chris whales. Man you know that's that's got to be critical. They're beer than you jokers. State. I guess my first M local. On the realities of crystal prism but it in the jobs are low or a little bird bird lists do work boot. You know I'm split the I have wrote god given talent to build a religious and put that not all glitz and glamour lucky says that a lot of work goes in to a lot of early mormons alone droughts. A home a lot woke up and I don't you know that it's a sport to have that the lol hello recruit but he looked through all of that belief yet they do so. Both Bert and look at it home. Without bin you know Bo on very by April or markers Paramount so our all our. On the business sells or well in the terms. I own. A worker there or to bail out there whether it was here. At our money but I. Did you go broke either by all and I knew that I knew it was dome the year blood disorders by swap nuclear. Low key. At all just to try to build my career that don't happen overnight like brought I'm all her quiet up. Are you Robert RO two Beers Cindy courier. The right age. Is that not powerful words registered as router yeah I mean how did you like my mail. I really get ready to go full quarter with a Nick Saban in Madrid and I've gotten down to your other odd lot little by little boy you hit it. I am drift or do you have a little home the most evil speak Ito go leave mode dial placed both global. Amerigroup off the movies. Members tigers remember that and we know. We know now don't gain remote your want spirit McCain dispel Marmara that leave no doubt look wheel rim Krugman column up let smokers will. All Ottawa yet mean apple let let my men gable like negative seek a dollar and while. Assam even though the first game they gave a negative 83 year eighty Alabi is there's there's orbit about school beat the globe we're the same. And discuss Colin look book leaves no doubt the vote smokers those. I area and now I know in the way you fish in a Major League fish and values another learn from red remember the titans. As job hop stopped Mo box. Here are. I'm in his life that is just it's just been this has been a great pleasure watching you Randy I mean I know a lot of your background. And public I personally know you as because. You dew dew sparked something in and watch in the league series Emmy doing the show. And I got my guys that I like to talk to but it's always great to to relate to somebody who kind of reminds you of kind of who you are no way you approach things. And then you know your your most fun times are spent almost farm with decals on the girl's hair that was just your winner winner chicken dinner for me right there. There's no solo BF so opt out could serve my bears ball mark lower model worked out their book. It's kind toward working with that is dear oh are not terribly while ball. Don't wanna go home and terribly always news video that stoke wouldn't even begin Doug. Well I've got Oklahoma pursue war when bad will clear up found our loot but Paula dual speak it'll work a little off. That is where our bit into orbit around the old rose. All it's worth it is looking really really ignore be and helpful. Well I tell you I appreciate you joining us today in an opera I know I wish you nothing but the best to an end and good luck kitchen met once fish coming up here. That's totally and now and I cannot you probably even do way better and and I am pretty sure because that place has led was spotted bass and many and that's riding your wheel house right pierce. Good best of luck to the public Chris senior open up things for you know being a part of the show today it made my day and Andy. Yes sir in at eight tell you little girl we sit happy birthday and I'll be of great Jamie Burke there are acres aren't you oh my god bless and man that's a cool day. And you just since then I'll tell Donald roads and Helio you really is real laugh man. Kids step bottle we don't like to call commercial break and we'll go to break here and not repeat. The best chaplin's brain about what in the world you would do trying to catch a bass in this he says they do whatever got a lot more on the show coming up so far so good. And we haven't broke any banks the state doesn't. And the diet is the bass Jeff and Chris Wells and homage prior but we did hear from BJ says we got all the bases covered today. I won't ask you know Chris this has been a motivational speaker EE EEE bass faces a lot. Any thought about doing the bass fish and think okay at one time and his lie yet a long time India and well anyway. I four I knew that you. Well I was in the whole scheme thing but he's really. Or and his game as far as you know he does face when he gives opportunity any fish is locally here you know what was your favorite place to go. You know what a lot of people don't like and dislike just because this cattle a lot of small fish in it. But late keel way this is loaded it's just load would Baston and they're really easy kitchen. You know if you got kids and you wanna go there I mean you can Q he's a light that you can go and and you know you're gonna get bit. Not well let's bass that's well I wanted to hear that OK number twos. Man this kind of heat we're having right now I think a lot of people still interested in advance mission OK as a matter of fact I'm not even worried about going deer herd. Probably four hold another month away until this temperature assassin these supplements I notice Finland now. Knew it I'm sorry I'm 55 years old shot my dear Monday Bob I'll block a gamble the fish aren't. So outsourced to got a late call all late Robertson are any of Bartlett key way. What would be something you would try to do to Dinara down and try to keep. Face in his seat well one of things you know as a great question. And now one of the things I would suggest he try to give you always try to give us farther north as you Keyon kill injure or Cassie write an hour ago a little cooler. I'm not little cooler just from the water's coming in near. All players couple options you do what options is to fish a lot of nice thing at those those bass will feed denied he gets cooler appear cooler temperatures tonight. And and you gave in case some shallow they'll move home up into the you know that the shell is denied and you need occasional DOS can tomorrow points and things like that. But if you're talking in general last week I got a chance to go out with a guy named Clifford perch from Arizona he's the bleachers broke. Clifford tick me off at a Lake Ontario. Now it was kind of a bad day because I was just about to get pitched off the boat because it was pretty rough out there. But what what I really had a chance to do is is learned the importance of learning your electronics. And learning. What do fish actually looks like on the bottom this do. Could say he did say Chris there's the fish. Page two right now I'm now a patient and kids went it's amazing and they don't they you know they don't local you know what you think they look like rise and so spent some time. Learn in your electronics is gonna help you. In new situations. Trying to find fish in the good thing about summertime is they will bunch up right now they will bunch up in a big schools. And if you file online one of my favorite techniques is she's edging in spring and you can use this and did a winner. Real good give take me to uses homers will. Those fish will be groomed up and wanna be active in the going to be a lot deeper. Then they normally are and you get out there on the brakes are harm or you get out there and Obey these big breaks out there and didn't. No drop off in his last September and stuff prior. And you can drop managing histories may need to take a lot of digging through which you can go to jail you go get hung up alive who is what do these very bad. But you can drop those genes brings down their. And and those are that's a really give way to the catch a lot of fish fast but what you need to do this is real important. You need to learn how to fizz of fish. And I had to visit fish. I've got a little video about their own Oman I don't amounted isn't Asia that is not the south and east affairs that's right even zipper and for people that know no. When officials ruled eat when you bring about a century like given in the bands he sure does he go to jail even notice fish might be okay he looks fine he cannot go mail cannot you have to find that place on him. Take a little needle you get a meal from form of the hardware store like trash by our summer like debt. In and you you put to the end and you'll feel yesterday air Blatter released and you if you stick in the war usage of mobile when you have. And it enables a fishing your bag down and you know you can do that. But it also a good time to keep some fish you know we have state law also allow us to do that and that's why those laws are in place and there's nothing wrong with that. What I like to encourage people would do is. We have so. The exact ops that mentality and in bass fishing we want to keep the big ones ride and you really you really need to let the big ones I go and keep the smaller being frozen you'll lose your genetics fair you have to go back through their back down. But I alone I'll efficient Digg has been listening kiwi right now. You can always catch fish on docs you at they have deep you have a lot deeper dot secure way. And you might be you know you might be six feet off of the buying mature fish and forty feet I was on the site are afforded for a water. And so you know use in he's in a shaky here use a drop shot technique or even. A Texas rig trick worm is a great way. To be able to you know pitch and make sure your bag it's always to bottom this big thing to say that I had to learn. It was a lot about our new policy entity in four feet museum BS insane to me under his deep you know I would go for food water out of being here. Well you know off first revision QL pitcher of warm out there. And how would he might get to the bottom sometimes make sure Houston Bob watcher lie and be allowed watcher and down when your pick him up. This is open a lot of people don't know. A large mouth hits abate differently than spotted bass agree and they just a large amount coming it was the opponent feels like a heart beat on line. A spot best didn't do that he's so aggressive. They just they just sucked at playing yen. And Ali you'll be picking that warm up in a just give him the room and that's when you can just drop your view rod tipping his bow only missed Oreo because he's gonna have them by. And you don't have to set the hook is horde. With a spotted mask is because of that aggressive and so those are some some good things it did that I would suggest people do give out around those DOS right Q way. You doubt in my eight joke Cassie denied his wonderful lake. You know some pretty safe laid to ruin it turns to stay in the united in in the middle sections. And I just gorgeous out there immunity from top quarter to nine in kitchens big mass. Larry had I appreciate that information drift that's a mile awesome amount information in and and there haven't the just like I actors fascination. I haven't they permit a Jokester today and I'm already seen some pictures. From a buddy Barry Davis who worship Cabela's is a big job but kayak fisherman and part of that quote. He's a jacked up a couple nice ones this morning at Jim Cassie says boy kayak fusion is really day counselor best best the best of me. Leo as I'm always doing that twenty years before it got popular ratio of the broad river. And on the broad rivers really the only place in South Carolina and you can really kitsch big numbers of small mouth pretty easily here. And I mean you get to injure Cassie intentionally Marcelo. But but broad rivers loaded with small mouth but you have to take care beneficiary Fisher if you go in there and they keep a bunch of those fish and you heard it that is a lot of fun you've got. I am kind of exactly and I think you'll scroll here to take slowly got a special tanks from a from gutters Villa Alabama. And I'm nice hello from the howls that would be ready Hal bass master classic champion off her and him are you can't and he said Barrett go to Israel today which is where they live that probably right this is accurate they limo gunners love this move begun yens a year ago yeah end up. And he says god bless the vast chaplain so that's pretty cool that's pretty cool. And days couple techsters enjoyed the Astoria with fill up. Fish in the Mississippi River in tiger mobile bay and says that's pretty cool today. And I ask for myself I tea tryst I've heard it from you now of how far apart from you have also heard from village entry. Learning your lecture on homeland since yeah maybe we we interviewed a lot of people you know that are professional fisherman. Guess what it's almost a direct and learn your electronics to the best of your ability. You know what's really. It's a neat town to be alive right now because. In the next few years we're gonna see things we've never seen Europe virtually. Right mail. They're they're nearly Tron is coming out. Where you can just about even identify the species of fish I mean it's almost like him and act in our. In any in our lifetime we're gonna see that happen you going to be a return them playing on. And so is just so critical mail under no more secrets with the you know back in the day. You know we used to have to allow enough time it's OK there's the opined three rider we ride right at the pine tree with a water tower and we know we're in a general area where this brush colonies to be. Now there's no guesswork you GPS that that deal. In you go right to it. And now one of the cool things I'll learn out of Lake Ontario. Is when you're going along when your side scan normal normal rants or you can look and see where those rocks were like who live for us this bomb. Down Italy watery or somewhere in actually were still feel Leo's I can freeze that screen. Push the cursor over there. And more that place with the GPS without even having to go over it just has more so automatically and you can go right back to that exact spot. And so it takes all the guesswork out of this so if you're not learning your way it tries your way way behind. And mab had another reason why we're seeing a lot of the young gas exam along in the east it's really claim that you need at least they're now they're already there are ready to name of that. From the get go and makes labs instantly. My visit to go to Bryant. Yet Al cause enough okay well they don't know the top of the hour here we're gonna continue on the second hour with Chris Wells the vast chaplain we're gonna go and roadkill cafe. And I would gonna talk to James nigam are who finished second half they'll Debbie tour and we don't take a break right now state and opportunities.