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Saturday, September 8th
Upstate Outdoors

Chris Wells co hosting

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Great idea of money being here's the best. And why video is to the great Nick Saban today you know well. I'd isn't it I know I have an interview and make a hole into her own an entire New Orleans LA mansion out elevation happened and it's like I realized I. Happen. Thought about what to do today with the road you can't and an end and I've heard some wood to the story about your cookie and I'm not a scanner and I'm I have faith didn't brother Chris a guy. First of all I'm gonna ask you Europe freshwater and yeah primarily look at what is your favorite freshwater fish to eat any and a how do you like to prepare in a quick family and good man. This is this is easy but this is is going to be kind of complicated in the fact it. My favorite fish to eat is a wall. That makes intimate and but here's mostly cold last week. A buddy of mine call a five pound wall the lake Hartley. Wait a minute at a heart or copy the odds are good pitches he caught him a hundred feet deep well that makes it caught in Connie momentum. That makes even more since he'd I'm and he brought out I was when he takes to be said what is this. And now is screaming bring in whole bring it home bring you know. But a wall and it is just simple you just simply who in whatever you like to fry. A law fraud while alive there's nothing better on the planet on now now. If you call it and the located she color crappy used to be because I copy yeah I'd be I'd be educated about it that what whatever whatever you think you know that of course that's our best probably are destined to finish powdery but wall lie if you can get a hold wall alive. There's nothing better than a deep frown wall lie look at it is just absolutely. What you know however you like to prepare I mean there are so many different. You know Sify brings in there sure people people put on the old dip in the world didn't call me Obama are cornmeal. The you can't do anything men and how skeptical about this when I first started out. I'll wind up north somewhere and I remember I said. Hey we're gonna have a wall Los Angeles is on general I was going winless. Hey hey I was like can I have another police right now and they are there really also. When there's something as I was gonna ask you about when it comes to face him because you know they think they're there seems to be if if if if they want to keep fees. The word that always comes up spotted by spotted mass body mass OK that I mean there's people we've talked to some like horrible gas rye catches many other UK Canada put all of. The ice JS and that's what I was gonna tell you bit. You know a large mouth bass is decidedly. Different than a spotted past agree they taste despite the best taste so much better. And there's nothing you can do to hurt the population of spotting mass you can take I mean honestly it would help late Q way tremendously. If we would take. You know limits spotted mass out in and enjoy the sign is that really needed. You know you're not gonna hurt at population I'll trust me there's no way you can put it DNA in it that are hundreds of thousands who spotted bass in the late QA. And and and we Muslim joy of just went out. Kill people AA it'll surprise you. How moll. The flavor is right in and Hal how much it looks like the cropping it really does yeah it would slow life. I've had spotted bass and and they were really give they were given to me and I just basically remove the skiing in. Remove the blood Lara. And end dates Rodham okay Cobb also baked them. Only grill is no end in all of holes and out a little adult beverages liquid to as a badge is cooking and bubbly and you know salt pepper. SL had a day to day it gets no better than that and in really if you can if we can give more people. You know if we get more people keep in spotted bass as well it would really help you know it's out it's hard for people understand. How many how many bass spawned in a year a lot and just in just how that wreaks Havoc on the population you have suffered such a an aggressive vision and spotted bass would display so sure we're out here feel here they will make a large round lead to air sharing oil and then do something else. And and so. But take in you know some some for the table you do one of. Big certainly even had to be in our. Tell us the same thing we've had him here in the studio where this when it comes to that we start into talking bass and heart Woolen and spotted bass and what in the in the clashes going only air while a lot. And Nelson right here right next to me not to say the same thing put everyone on that you're allowed to put Castro in your ice chest. And remove them from wherever your rash. What your limits are not give them exactly commander not the unit not a difficult kids down there and you sure really you can really. You know get some good refused to understand you know taking care of the affiliation in the in the larger thesis stuff but you know oh well don't keep no freshwater fish models as you know we've and there is anything you have many legal limit that's right. What they're dated isn't you know Vasily Osce. And MS away you know. There are a lot of people did it take those those rules and they they pay those things in May they be and they did just Rubin out of shape about keeping fish. I don't have a problem in the world. But in the same time I'm big gimmick conservation through I believe the exactly hear what god has blessed you we're adding I guess but it's it's a stewardship type of deal and if you take some from the table and you list some of those ago. And I and then you will have another generation disabled and doing. Well said Chris and and one on one thing you know our wanted to keep it what is your favorite true Saturday how he did it would have to be. It's got what I'm of course a loved it dear dear media near mile course Jimmy's like like you know ways like good cash out asserted you know grow organic. Eaton is the swap of some outspoken so many wild guess why. I'm done and over a thousand wild game you're wow. Everything sharing kangaroo route. I've beaten alligator. Piers is hard to beat a good prepared a well prepared alligator. That is a really do need to eat it is. If you if you marinated correctly and you give it the worst hinder yes there an Alley there is no cobra battery and an alligator. And and I wanna encourage everybody can go give Allie Gator tagged as a group of Santee Cooper has more waste our media the rest like Jurassic Park you're there early. But they never. I'll do this at Allegheny you know and I sing it's. Because you said it's it's all about preparation. Indians as they would an alligator you better take a few extra stance because of gentry had some outdated he prepared and he colony Kolb went down. And he said man I didn't have no idea what I'll do and he said man at that that was the nasty stuff airplay will it is a liar you got it. Can be like total BS journey he is that all you can't give it bail but if this if this cook correctly and he gets tender. It is it is one of the best taste to me that you Everett. It would just. Just my thinking outside the box here within alligator I would I would think the preparation before. You're actually cooking it is going to be crucial whether it's in keeping the meat cooled down. You know because that's an event that's a very high bacteria environmentally about an alligator lives right OK seriously really this nasty stuff yes and they do nasty stuff and but the meat is the Prius Y stuff you have really puzzled when she beat that huh. Well funny and cannot get around some him boils down and I. We Louisiana. And in this hour about the preparation did you ever meet cooled down OK and keep it cool down washed thoroughly. I didn't and they did their magic when I'll let cajun creole MR Cameron are. They today guys is a big radio you need you need to marinate it. And and if you get dead if you get it where I guess Tinder is no better now those gonna say I think I mean. I've beaten snapping turtle and especially dire for this effort for less that will IV and elk ilk is really did. Not a real big fan of Bayer rile some people but it I think that probably has to be with the preparation but I think in South Carolina is hard to beat. A deal of wrapped in bacon true does is gonna do if other dissipated. Don't know how wrapped in bacon if you you know in a lot of we will will we lied to marinate out allied marinated just like him like 2000 islander right or a Italian dress and I mean you know America there's things Indian and Italian restaurant. In and include some bacon around the size of Pomona grill and it just gets that you for South Carolina after labor us. Simon and their brother did you know behind him with you so quite like that for this week's road you get me out they we covered a lot of stuff and not in a quick comment though. So we'll take a break here we're gonna ballot James data are. I have felt that he got out and not let Chris Wells interview ailments Lou. Get ready for that someone else. Pediatrician usually no doubt that I got this whole thing. The Apollo has done a good tackler and end lingering doubt my gosh you know I'm not a professional at this I'm just the week in gap but doesn't guy had a welcome back up state outdoors I'm Thomas springer when my body. Brother Chris Wells the bass chaplain. And we've got today and tomorrow media phone and I'm so proud of ourselves aside that murdered last mango and I have been warned. And Thomas go way Chris take over this interview and have and it bring and I appreciate did James Neal mom hi you doing brother. I'm doing great how are you got a good super what is going on and van takes is down there today. Well right now I'm actually in my garage. Trying to make sense of something that looked like a typhoon hit it. A cross between tackle and boat parts and rod and reel and stuff that you view after the beaten over his blood content. It's something they get put to the side in with a list that many views and different thing liked Adam in the garage working working to try to make organization happen. In all you guys have these super garage is an and that's a that's a big party your efficient preparation in the year. I've been a lot you you know lot amid Europe have also been a lot of amend you got to spend some Tom and those fishing garage is dodging. Yeah absolutely because you gotta have a plate the spoilers up. And and because of those diversity in the late it will go. Go to in the course of the year you've got stuff that step only gonna work at one lake and stuff that won't work at another you wouldn't take your. Sprawl experts say that thousand island to try to get those small now on the doctoral constant. And different things like that you need to be better crank it like at Kentucky lake so you've got different thing in to try to carry it all in your boat all year long it is almost an impossibility. Pray and ask why didn't kid teeny fish candidate in the Thousand Islands Kazaa was the limit fraud and holds. I'm just. Now we got we got hurt we gotta for all got a plastic water. No it's not I've actually go about middle of goldfish and only for James he doesn't god only four came out. If you like Chris is what you need to drum like no bump on the for all all days are Casey did you cellphone. I'm though that fraud but hey James you know you years you spent a little time on the elite series. And then all of a sudden you've do you transfer over to the NFL debut series and you lit it deed man that was and also you had a great year. There it would then it was a huge glut thing especially on the heels of that of you know point seventeen was. The most challenging years that I had and I would blessed to be able to finish the tour. And I mean challenging but bar I mean I really. Really has really struggled through 2017 go to have a great year. On that OW was definitely the shot in the arm and a and a true busting down to just be able to get back out at Bonnie catch it again. Men at tales watch a year and a force would cup and I mean allos watching. Every cast that you made every cast that I'm you you've got some serious airtime. And did you almost pulled that thing off what was that lie tell us about the the cup this year. Well this time it practiced really typical. And I'd look at a couple areas where electric did you buy. And in the end may have only been won by but I just had an area that I had competence and and what was great about that reflected put myself in those areas and just try to. Be thorough about it try to pick the areas and try to get a little more understanding with every bite that I got in. You know if you would have told me at the beginning of that practice that I let finished in the top five or wood cup always set up I don't know that I see that happening this week. On they really worked out there were some fish they were truly just dips and it was a bit of an amazing thing you know the upper sports would cut. And obviously if you've made the course would cut you are a tremendous angler to the hole below your patient against. Is just. Stacked with this great names here you get to Brian prisoner Cody Myers and mark rose console console it's on JT candy in the list goes on you to all these guys that are. They're all up there one thing and that's to win the Forrest wood cup so it could do that well. Got a disk you'll keep saying is that huge glut that Nintendo very thankful to capture great showing at that at a very competent. Added a tee and I was really also meant. Spray until you flash open tournament and Bryan thrift is there and more roses here I'm just turnaround and go back home I'm done I got on the right in the chick and I just go back home. Obama didn't exactly enjoy about Chris is telling me before we start the show. They're out at once army is about ready to just you know we had in only its vision dale and get a real job. Is that your. Well yeah. That may be uploaded a look particularly good it was and stuff. Yeah well I mean a different point you know I think Gerald swindle that set that I heard and I either rhetoric we heard him say. Wont point he said. I can write a book about the ultimate weight dial more quit. While the team is that is attached to your perseverance it detective how badly you really want it. You got to absolutely love that this sport. And indeed idea of making a living while catching fish. In a in a recreational not a commercial spam you know but in recreational kind of setting not not net did not yeah ocean in big old rollers but. You know commercial fishing just I yeah I mean world in the world but in hearing in the United States America do even you even have that possibility. So that percentage are gonna go through adversity to go through a period of your career. And where we're really mean Q question thing that would be an understatement I mean it. Is it you know that the wife and two kids and when I was single. You know. Doing stuff like that in India and going into debt like what are really what you. Starting out with or even met my wife and had a mountain of debt in. A note cheap. And endeavor to get into and when you do that by yourself and your angle that's one thing you know you can you can go ahead no billion at Brooke and her neck whip up until the credit card company and all that but once you have wife and kids. Mean really it's if you get the start working out or. It's not gonna last long and so there's definitely period where you just start to wonder. Manage this you know it's gonna work out and I don't know that that there's any year where you're seeing little Erica. And let you win the classic or you wind Forrest wood cup I don't know that the following your going to Q you're you're always. Proving yourself. Not one of my best friend in the world on the West Coast name's Chris Medina he sent at bat he said there's no equity. In Bassett and I'll note. That the true statement right there you've got to go out there and prove yourself every day. That is that they appear in people think about alike debt. You know man you had a super year no let me almost shift gears on you here man. You know I've told people they're not I've seen you guys up close and I had a chance to see you know both sides it. And there are not many programs. Votes that did Allah god I want about a gas but but I'll tell you run out by James knew you mired vote in a heartbeat I did takes care of his about it. I have this running joke of we wrote one out while the guy. You know I noticed it it is if you through like you went off or by mail I mean when I give the Mets don't win in the bottom about it and I'm just don't want everywhere and almost almost. James immediately pace that. That baby up and puts into Kansas Chris here's the garbage Keyon right here and this premier Zhang has did he keeps an immaculate but he keeps all this stuff together. And so you whenever you call time is by. Well they know is is I mean this is the first step to for a two being. Very good in very skillful and very successful. And whatever you May Day message and I'm happy to hear the always tell me what I got you got going on concern James what's your what we're worrying Hannity makes me and what's your next vision and their ruffling. If bill Libby is is done what what's next for you. Well it bleeds and a couple weeks Rinker has their annual advantage to work. Where is basically getting product knowledge you get to go to the plant learn everything about how the boats and made. And be able to understand and explain it somebody that had a question about the product whether aluminum and or fiberglass. The other thing after that what the couple weeks after that striking has their annual writers conference on Kentucky lake I'm going to be there with bringing a lot of writers yeah the we've got that he go to. And I try not to look too far down the road could. You know let it bite sized chunk that I can manage at this point but that's going into this in the second week dog are October 1 week of October for that so. I would comment on my plate of time about a guy trip here there. To do in. That's kind of what what neck and let. Looking Carmelo rode that horse would start up or would cut the death of Levy tour begins there. When he nineteen seat and only same river which is odd to help me out your thumb and try to make a couple. A couple trips down there and and this kind of re acquaint myself with how the late in London and where everything that. I look for me and springer and they didn't come and they go banning a late fourth with you sometimes and you know come down there beta spray or less to keep a lot of fees so we got out of talk Matt Frei and Obama guy is medalist and AM and it's been also has been often James. Mary we appreciate you spending some time here with just absolutely Dei has nine congratulation. Orderly man and I just keep doing what you do and so on and and keep Pannemon. And you gonna come out you don't come weigh in and out lie if you already have so for we appreciate you being with us today also. Well Bradley and appreciate a couple of you welcome James raced good guy great attitude that's well I think that's what life. Hey let's say he really is you know a as far as care or goes there's there's just no no fun of people and enjoying listening to Myron you really is here. He never wanna get handling foreign giving great god not a day is really really did go out we haven't. He does it all on their. Well thank you man Chris Taylor will take a break right here and we don't come back we don't talk about what it takes. To live the dream stated. Traveling on this morning and put on new bass boat. A game but hey let us know Akamai. Act and I welcome glad they brought others. I got out they got I did well Illinois and I get no problem I'm talented but it's not you it's not worth much many like. I welcome back assay outdoors Tommy springer where my cohost. The best Chapman Chris whales here we talked. Also we talked about. Bass fish in the elite series FLW series we've talked named Montgomery from the elite series we talked to James from SL and from FL dug up. And I have Chris here in the studio with me as you all know. Today and Chris. Is on the road would these guys especially elite series. Any any series what it takes to to do this and and what the tolls they can take or own families and everything else and our old Krista just they did go into what it takes to live the dream. I you know very over the years. I in my life I started out Athol Mae and I'm pretty good I mean I was up I used to fish when a club called shell masters down around show air force base in house on South Carolina. And I ended up finishing second in a tournament and I'll won one and outs and man I'm way to make mum are to bring this is easy no animal might. Maybe an efficient. Kind of moved up to the next level. And realized it. Bass fishing is a hole where you throw money that you never get back in wow amazing is amazing competitive enough ball. You know there some myths that I found that that happened at a lot of people have. About what it means you know to be a bass pro and I don't see. Don't we got here today and he's now remember being in clearly California. In these analyses had not pairs of bald mere camper shields I'll sleep in my camper she'll. And he should skeet Reese. Pulled up beside me to finish and a tournament he got out got in his sleeping bag in slip in the back bistro. And most of the proves he's hit it was like thirty degrees at night. He's in most most of pros who experience. You know that kind of life before is is live in that life where you had to. You know just just scrape it been. When you're trying to eat peanut butter to win enough money to get home that's kind of deal more Davis and always. Laughing golfers when they talk about pressure he should pressure. Is when there's ten minutes left in the tournament you got to catch a five pounder to get enough money get you home that's pressure desperate that's real pressure Israel cultural pressure reality. So there's a missile batted in and in LA you not a brutal blog recently Oman. Best chaplain. Blogspot page cannot. I'll love you know kind of little different for spending mean you know people think about bass fishing in a spiritual science an Indian practical sense and this was this guy honesty and. Enemy gummery when he wakes up every morning just always did. He general Doherty and crash. Unlimited drain manager ray release it. These Mumbai terror around the outfield you know I'm terrible I'm Diane. Mum live in a drain. All I'll give you some just go through day in and paid miserable life there really larger script thing that I amid a glut. All it takes is how mobile water I hear that on all the time but man if I can just put the town's only water and it goes gusted I think kitchen just like they can attempt. We have Dallas the case. Then your oldest fisherman. Would be your best finish meant. Nobody would ever be Rick Klein being as it was just Tom on the Warner nobody would ever be David Fritz or Larry mix and much out there they shall greatly because they build water morning anybody who spent more time it was just Time Warner. And the fact of the matter ISIS' fishing is a gift just like any other sport. Now we tea if follows the gulf brought in war and I'm not I could work Oman golf swing all awarded to. But I never hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods theater or like nick and hinder no way because they haven't Kia they've been gift in that. A fish and same way there some guys. Bitter just gifted it's fine in Fiji casting it whatever and even though I can give better in this sport. I'll never I'll never Thorsten Bailey commend them for whatever reason the myth of a solid takes his time on the war. Myth number two here for this one I'm ready more if I had held equipment did it all those sponsors. Give him market compete don't may have filled registers on belief series and that's a big real people played and they just throws stuff that those guys. But a fat or matter is if they didn't give me equipment you need. It is a time consuming process and those guys expect results they expect him right. The day if we're gonna give you product and we're gonna give you these things. You gonna have to produce in that comes with a great amount of pressure and it's an unbelievable amount of pressure for those guys. And so is not just like people are throwing stuff annum. Her pros say one time. You always got to do is you know that all these free base just magically appear in our most know it. Paste kind of unit to put in the contract and Talbot figured there's deals. In so it's not just like here by just throwing stuff that. Myth number three okay it says something about Gaza in my local bass club I can compete with the pros that's what I believe Alan big staff. I believe him boy I can I invite you whip be spelled right here so I know. And I'm ready bass fishing if you're really thinking about doing professionally. In needs to be a progression I heard Marty stone often have Olivia I mean off Obama usually patients and one time. He said you should be cashing checks. In 80%. Of the term she fish and fish professionally and cash. Autoliv gallant obviously nothing got to be a pro Russell how maybe best of terms you win. Well want to Abbas and really claim to be in these Gaza the mile beaten the best doesn't world. You need to do progression star and like you know always just tell people always take it to the next level. If suspicion of mass globe. Go to the patient to be a fails goldfish in the fishers of men national parliament trail of terror and they'll. That fishermen trail row I tell you exactly where you or some of the best bass fisherman. In our state in our country fisherman trail. And you can come learn way York. And if you don't tell you right now if you're not cash and chicks. In the fishers of men trail. You're not going to catch Jake said that the best mentally through your finger at all right last one Milken or four ready for that. Is sponsorship threw money at me like they do those gas pocket fish professionally if I just. And all the money. In one of our tournaments this year the photo was driving his nitro bass boat. And the poll. That we used due to give up on the trailer there there's there's this whole poll comes out and you'll hang onto it. They're wobbled loose broke loose filled down. Hit the the how weigh in ran up to the bottom his boat into the rod locker until oh my god help would mob buddies he said well. They'll have him another bass boat. But about the you know Bob 8 o'clock the next morning they just throw bass boat whose gas. I these photos still has the flex sealed taped all fed all right male. On his best move again in there and if I blasted put flick seal in metal makes is still one minute deal but a lot of people playing managed through birds and they just didn't he stuff all the time consummate do not like did it all blues. Everything that is does yes. That they sit down and and they negotiate contracts. It is a time consuming for you better have some business sense. And you better have been you know some savvy do you. To be able to go in to get sponsorship. And now because you're not asking those gas you know not like giving you three crying Mason walls blue line chair these gas or negotiate and literally thousand dollar deals. And it's a hard hard negotiation and sponsors expect results sure I guess I wanna do that so so when you're thinking about me and a bass pro. There's a lot more to it then just you know being able did the fish will be able to be true gas at your local. Clover your local level. There's a lot of savvy kid I suggest people today you better learn social media. You better learn it be good if you had a business degree if you get enough you know fish professionally. Because there's a lot of business to it there's a lot of things people mostly. And also would you agree with me didn't eat you need to be a great people person exactly Tokai number war. Number two you better be really good at selling yourself that's right. That's exactly right and being able to walk into a room of people and me in the site. This is how I can benefit you this is how I can use your product to expand your brand. You know it is to get people aware of in really the ultimate bottom line. Is to get people to purchase your products and look at tea. Traitor if you ever want to hear a bass brought can tell you their answers to every question. If you ask alta and Jones were the best bay is going to be. He's gonna tell you it's a you know ending her if you ask Kim van dam. What I should throw on Santee he's gonna tell you a strike keying pro models KBB league's better by. When if ever there was obviously people is a male outlook bureaus pros live in shape. Whatever they're sponsored by is the greatest thing is going on this plan and that's what they're gonna tell you today's. And now one of the best things you can do. If you really want to be a pro. Give don't know Marshal program come out there rob those gas watch him now know when you say. And orca or you don't pay some I don't want somebody fish you can learn more watching people. The first tomorrow with payment gummery. I saw him cast a buzz bait thirty feet underneath the dog he skipped the buzz may. Thirty feet up for dot and I felt like a kindergarten Chara around him idea and I realize Indiana he did it was his right hand. And they need turnaround and switch hands indeed it would just left hand. And I really facet. Owls and off a cow like Peter fail when he Libby Jesus is said I'm not worthy of even tiger saying both Leno were big. But you know give out there and and watch and those guys you can really learn where you are. And learn what makes them different than average Joseph that the kids down to you about rail. There you have it and I don't let you know we're gonna get outta there are glass break and they showed whom we come back. Is gonna be every thing Chris Wells. What he does and how you can get ahold of Chris and what he's got to where he's going to be speaking in the near future so stay tuned right shows so far. If you don't wanna go fish and have to listen to us. After after. So wrong will you stay day. Welcome back less. Segment of the show today and I. I could do something different because McCain and I. They're regular let the last part of the show be all about Chris Wales what he does how to get in touch William. And anything else to do with the well spoken ministries and you have the fortress. Man I appreciate this so much I tell you what I business so blessed started out as a youth pastor now he's best about fifteen years. And are really files will be faster rest in my life and I'm. I'm against people sort of ask me to speak different places analogies and I you know and a church is a regular revival days all things you know and vacation days and higher I've built up a lot of vacation days and analogies in all my vacation days and all Mara bubble days go on all the time and solace essentially gone. Most of my children's lifer wasn't one that came home alive since Chris. You need to decide whether your youth pastor whether you're going to be a speaker for comes speaker. Now again pray about it now realize she was dried out salsa council soft start in a full time speaking ministry in 2004. And we just have a little bag since we sort of well spoken ministries in. In 2008 bass masters you came and asked me be there chaplin's name you know for the format piazza knows what other great stories here Mandela's. I got paired with Elton Jones the guy who won that tournament and Harlow Harlow and Vincent Chris we're looking at a much speakers he said. Your name keeps coming up would you be it to me the chaplain lasted. Let me pray about effort to second GS I'll look at the emails look. He said we can't afford to pay anything else is perfect I don't make you money sir that's why they've been out. But I really enjoy. You won a mob burdens is is to reach out to me and I think Dana statistics tell us did you reach a child for Christ. There's a 2% chance of a child's entire premise for coming to church spiritual woman for crisis a 17% chance. But if you reach a man for Christ there's a 94%. Chance I mean its entire fan knew most are coming to your church. And so women of carried her church as you from way out of tires everything that's an anomaly to stop for men to step onto the plate is sort taken their roles. You know it is fathers and taken their roles as me and more seriously. And nothing that can only happen when relationship Chrysler that's my message to people in and we don't you know we don't beat people down but we try to target sportsmen we. You know this what I found you know you go to church background and yourself while most group insurers and you know what I do a lot of times it's okay we're gonna put the eighteen to 21 year old in this class William Paterno when they very assured and I always thought you know what what do we group of people by other interest what if we should hate. We county right mail. It 25 year old hunter. Kennedy in a file wood and 82 year old honor but Gary opening common border illegally bass fishing. Together we can talk about bass fishing rod is just what I try to do encourage churches do and we started doing these wild game banquets and it's it's a time Bob. I had after you do speak it over a thousand while game banquets and I can reach out to me in all of this country. And I truly been a blessing for me we have to do that and down this year one of my goals. I used to preach for free. I would love to be able to just view of church called gives us I want to become operation yeah I'm coming just a year. You just did wow that would be awesome so what we came up with business but raffle and you know I got a little poster here is how Madeleine and we've got our website I'll buy all off it's such a great deal but aspiration I made this really great deal on borrowed. Put me on their state team. And and what happens is. We're gonna try to two to ray would try to Silva 500 tickets it is going to be able to to just about foreign mommy entry for an entire year. And so allies is draw is going to be decent December 1 and you know they did take his Chris Wells dot org in we're gonna draw from the bass pro shop. We allowed strain it but in addition to you know it needed somebody having a chance to win a 40000 are bass boat. I'm very beginning get a chance to it did to be a part of our ministry and that was in May and that really. It is is what we're trying to show people you get the value for this this is. But there are things that I did have eternal you know implications for future all of those countries that are that's what we wanna do so that's what we're doing in. It is going to be a great time and in I'm a knob enjoyed I've got a chance to pull that bass boat around. Everywhere I've gotten to a chance to speak this year sure and I got a few we got some things coming up on. I'm going to be Giambi hit the Michigan do dual power ups sports conference on the we didn't owed to the striking writers conference be doing game back when there and several revivals and things come and but but that's why eleven do just my heart. Is to go in places in this present a gospel well. I'm not tea and and from my perspective if they if the justice ministry thing doesn't work out you know which it already does and is very successfully topic up pretty good shot at already have come home now. I'm gonna do is usually I'm really not sure about life is probably sleeping I don't have these problems ghostly Alan little prison they have no word on his dog I. I'm just saying you know because in order via motivates. Speaker and and and I have actually you know be into some places them illicit. Liddy you've you've you've got to be able to relate to people which you did. And you just got to bring a powerful message in and get people's attention you know what your site in an and you do that as well. Well I appreciate you saying now I've enjoyed being a par a day of state endorses is enabled me to to really have some inroads with my ministry. With bass master preview you guys provide me a media credential absolutely and I and that gives me places I can never normally go in history to minister and I appreciate all you gas and confirmation. And it's probably go to open doors to maybe something even more with the bad series said that Shearer discuss and he made I want this guy I tell you know as you know Bob bass has been talked to me about make community official Chaplin there's a lot of things that are. You are cannot open there in the masters world right now we don't know what's gonna happen yeah and and so you know it's always been able to do we really opened donated an announcement may be a big announcement by the I believe investors' nerves tsunami come and in this gonna change a lot of things in. And an end of the people is gonna benefit the most from the finance right of the fans administration are really gonna get. You know benefit from the things are coming down the pipe. Believe in this area we have the greatest army name we really put an impression on bans on ML coming no doubt about it we have therefore lack of their work. We should back him up sadly innovative tiebreak immediately what goto hell about Greenville everywhere they go they talk about. How great the fission is only car warning about how. You know how the people I mean people are spot people in the classic was unbelievable when you know when we get out we've been waiting at the collapse was there classic church and it was just a blast maybe you could walk through your place on Saturday I remember. Trying to you know go out get a Coke or something in common back in a scheme to rob I had just turned sideways to give in their so agreeable. In South Carolina are just really showed that showed up today as I tell everybody how I can get a hope Chris and anywhere in making you know find you and may call this also blot output mop up put mop my number a mile web site is Chris Wilson dot org. And I don't fault the phone that I hold in my hand right now and that's true but is it rings right take a cell phone out I'll put it out there. And then by people that they you know of their age didn't end become speaker if they just ever have a question about. Spiritual things in sports and stuff like that a loved tall with a man and I shared a number I was people all the time and in mid Chris Wells on org. You get a hold me I'd love to be a party your nation ministry of meander. Anything you do mellowed led to feel it tomorrow I'm just fill in church I'm just going to endlessly and and Alan you preach it pitchers now Walt number of South Carolina they asked me just feeling and still love to do dead still love to be revivals. Just love shared and where Iraqis. And also humbled photos are equate you can marry somebody if you really they really what did you do because I don't Philip gentry of overall it was a merry about the blast happened says that was a great day I had. So it's in his decision as we started bet that winning you people in your belly good features. Big rainbow happened I had to be a blessed him was usually ended up. Worse than anyone about it I'll let everybody know it was really really a Baylor divvy it up as a space I. I have missed that meant it was a we've mission they also saw this and quoted as he does getting married want goalie and they've got a horse that was important spread out and they are killed are sticking to your marriage damning married item in our blog until they feel gentry really he went all out to get his vote for in the front line of their palmetto -- he really did he. None and I went above and beyond we do you. We'll Chris out today has been of this has been event testing day and and they weren't probably go heavy back. You know because you know we we we always need somebody to feeling 'cause springer just runs off you know. For three weeks at a time and so now you know about your your definite radio matier. But you know I I just think which you do out there. And the opportunity you give the elite series guys when their way from home to have a a little moment twirling coming in and Cadillac a church in and then you know in his. And get their unrivaled everything it really matters is is truly important is well and I appreciate you guys having me here and is just a blessing to be here. God bless you too rare here this week look like I guess different. Any Montgomery and James NATO Myron thank you Chris and god bless you very they need to thank you springer god lets everybody see you next week. Who.