Upstate Pulse 1-20-2018 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, January 20th

The first hour is filled with psas to help your life out!


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Welcome into the upstate polls the Saturday night my name is Alonso. Along with Chris Evans and Patrick Brown for next to our gonna have some fun this is the first time that he'll listen to us. Dude where you've been. How about welcome. Melted we've been so we've been on India for nearly two hours and yes I said we being on the air because. You mean two years on. Yeah active so. Because we haven't been on the air for nearly two out well we didn't play any just don't let we did played in only hours I didn't make a minute without a correction aquae. I'm just obviously I wanted out fine but it's ruined already hit it wasn't a huge correction there was there was no it was an apt correction blood. You know and because you know what he could have been meaner like you normally yes I take you back he was he was being very nice. By the way we want you to be a part of the show 803471063. Tex lines of 1307 do not make a mistake when you call or text. Because Chris will let you know that you screwed up YouTube can tell long delays wrong. OK so. Other than the politics that we're doing with on the show about that riding on his own. We don't talk about politics here now get enough. Of I hate trump on love trump all during the week. And I know there are some people Erica whose. Who were at home right now because the government shut down welcome to show. I'm sure you're out at awesome because it's Saturday and it and there are Saturday there is that waited to just one other Christmas my health stats from again the punchline tonight. Height so. If you don't know what we do what we do is we have fun on Saturday night we know you guys are out there we were just out there and crazy Alia there's plenty of you and you are crazy and know you're in a hurry but that's fine it's Saturday night we were an artery. Or I was in a hurry Chris doesn't care. On because yes excuse today I wasn't drive and so for latest month fallen idol Tyler is that they see the way he was walked with the hat on. Ever since he's you come in with a hat you're paddling in different swagger. Different swagger walked. It was just isn't that easy to. That's a benefit walk not water was so so so what he's saying there are a lot of what he's saying is is he's progressively getting bigger and it's causing it's a plays aren't hats that played deters us from the waistline the you know his Manhattan. Yes and now works you know throw tomorrow and that's more along time a slap my hair long I mean you know because people. You know get a haircut hippie you know realize and away for about at least in my mind that's how it worked I guess in that probably didn't work that way but. You know he goes what you which care are on The Today Show. We are going to talk about. Sneeze zeman and installer or test video games. And years do and we got some wrestling news Al kinds of stuff. But again you'll be a part of show so 1307. Excuse me. And and I am struggle a little bit. Because don't you say the word because over a broke down and we were. We went out the don't we were next to an ice cream place and Chris like I introduce my screamed and I just wanted to analyze what I hit a so I want a milk and I say again. Pat proposal and it did first said anything about going to. That particular establishment as a matter you did say you wanted to go to. Because wind went our meal was over here like I wanna go his Meister yes because I'd been thinking about it since Patrick brought it up and those like that sounds really dead. Island unity that but the thing is is he said it was such confidence. I thought you had been at this certain place Miller. Gotta remember that how this Chris Chris is trying to go Georgia are already and we can't get up the first segment was like come on man. The so simple on it doesn't matter who decided. To go get ice cream we winning got ice cream let's just pretend like it was my idea so anyway we winning got ice cream and because we went and got ice cream. They're in there I'm like you know whenever you guys tomorrow go ahead and get a shake aboard the Sheikh is making me Fleming. And and when you think of swimming not stop it. First all you think about her and second of all you think of sneezing and there's a story out there. The need to pay. Close attention because. The following sigma just a pulse this public service announcement. This very important it is very important important this is why you should never try to stifle your sneeze. Right to do. Had to sneeze he covered his nose and his mouth and he basically blew out the bottoms are. Okay he ruptured the back of this road during the maneuver has called. He was left unable to swallow and had difficulty. Speaking for days now I know someone's children Cameron by the way. Lot of times whoa hold in his knees are like dude you just stop doing that I mean your body is trying to expel stuff out that'd. Doesn't need to be and that's the reason yeah used to meet us that's what the sneezes for. Armed. So dude who said he he heard a popping sensation in his neck. And said the swelling began after that he tried to hole after you tried holes halting the sneezed. He went to a doctor discovered air bubbles in his neck and chest. And determined that the stifled sneeze had torn a hole in the lower part of his throat. Patient had no history of drama and said he hadn't eaten anything sharp. Which you know it's it's important which it. We would it be fair if you've got a hole in your throat that's probably one of the first questions doctor's gonna ask you. Did try and swallow a knife yet are you know dog I was single sustained I always do glass and somehow come back and I don't know practicing to be a source while yes where he showed so mean to read as down his throat and does not some sharp edge especially if you're. Those thick crunchy ones often go to call him when you know Jack once you gotta just ones exactly what those are the best. They are. I know we got sidetracked tennis but the thing is. The ejector readers are the best there are retains its own because there have thicker tipped by the way I sort of at the screen as the game that I'm gonna review later on I Dana right there. Which is really cool so any length on doctors admitted him to the hospital. And started treatment with antibiotics. And he was also placed on the feeding tube. You hear about people you people who try to hold the sneeze then I'll feeding toe loop. Duke cannot swallow because he tried a hole in his knees and he blew opus are now here's a thing as much as I hates not. I approve a good sneeze yes that's could no. Listen list after seven days an examination showed the swelling subsided. The feeding tube was removed and the patient was put on in salt diet. With no problems. Seven weeks so salt diet that would include like mashed potatoes or ice cream type thing. Yes soft foods and do. Payers. Mashed up stuff for shore our. Harding sneezing via blocking their nostrils and mouth is a dangerous maneuver has should be avoided the did you notice that. Let a badger you insisted on holding my game is at. What could you said payers pay us yeah or just stopped. On not the players that I agree no one ever had a baby off Payer now it's it's pairs if it's payers out of one you know even the ones you get McCain and they they use leader kinda hard. You're the only one in this room that you should spare soft. You should pairs of Peters offered no no there has not possible for him and I just ate a Payer the other day it was soft and might have gotten there had been sent out there for about three days good you know those off. I've been to a pair nighttime enlighten my bottom braces broke off. Yeah as I can yon I've never read the software before I'd never had a song on there it was soft enough that they could have fed it to my daughter who doesn't have any teeth. Did you cook the pair. You ate the pair McGraw became an. Yes and yet the way that you normally eat for under a decision if it was cooked or not like that's what I was not a code there okay. Is it wasn't a good parent like oh yes of course in the insides breakdown wants the law softens the but I have never had a soft Payer. All right if you had a soft. Pair before you're not a member of chris' family or circle. Here's a Texas 71307. Unless nobody is this is the weirdest tangent we went on no it's not we talked about cheese for an entire you're here but I see now is pretty lightning knows a good segment. We made she's entertaining to split deal cheeses fairly entertaining because it's. It's malicious fashion very diverse and there's so many different kinds of cheese textures and things like that so anyway in late each region does it differently do they do and are different ways of aging in different ways of all accustomed to so so so. Anyhow it is don't hold your season. And I know people who do isn't it loans are you mentioned you know yeah. I know people who do this have you ever sneeze and herself before I have I get up at my back I got a deathly hurt my back before. While sneezing and Chris sneezes more violently than anybody I've ever met in my entire guided tip IE I have a very forceful sneeze. I think that's partially genetics because my mother does the same thing. Steel like. I was taught at a young age. And this might be false so. Believe please correct me if I'm wrong on this hill alight I'll probably define knows that you know the harder I sneeze like I feel like the more. Comes out almost. The same people who are more behind a little a little more and yet you it would stand to reason not common public like I do a normal. Because I don't wanna be root. But if I'm home alone it is a few people. I let out. Just that way I don't feel terrible so. If you're a Patrick's please be sure you watch where you said. Science. There is no mention of issuing their odds are you know we can assume but actors as a pair shouldn't beef lasted. You write it. It shouldn't be and you made a plus a pair now another texture says I'm with Chris pairs out of a can with Sarah it is soft it was ever can't know wasn't it was at the air I cut it up. In two pieces. I didn't bite into it lake like you would and apple are kind of my Apple's also so. I just I like. I like the sensation of biting into an apple but I don't. Like the process of eating an entire apple counted by your gonna say when a bind to eat a peppermint patty. It transform it. Like I honestly thought no going that route. Another Texas says I need soft pairs all the time I had my first car prepare last week which was horrible. Day. So there's boats. You know what it is you know not to go hard hazard and I Patrick and I we're we're like on the port side of the team we yeah we just you know there for around them. Yeah we we we don't understand what these delicacies are Chris probably like ordered the pair from China or somewhere it was a gift. From a nominal mode not alone parents somebody. Be nice to lead the cardinals. Path Alabama State did he give it a hair like ABBA cotta kid got for Christmas and it was part of a basket ball again that's just OK then didn't say it was part of a basket. Because when you say that it's got it didn't O'Hare. We think that one guy had pity on you like here's a Payer. He saw your beard he's like this man probably need to pay you so as of the past you was against it was part of against. It now picturing you holding patent guidance given Japan's state and handle and yet the guy and Chris is doing Shakespeare in the corner downtown Greenville and try to repair I don't via its seven quarters two dollar bills and a pair. Good night heard that's right. Are we don't take a break we come back grew talk about. Self peace because. And then taps were. Know more about the public service announcements and in this first half hour you want you to be safe yes more people the more lives that we save on this program. The more people will listen to it now we're not sure rude all gonna make it out of here alive tonight. The way the first segment went but we'll see this video staples right don't want a 63 W or. 803471063. We might need a voice of reason. If there isn't out there Tex lines of 1307. You know speedway it's I think I'd probably use the word dude about it that many times in a first segment probably. One would hope. Dude is like international absolutely it's universal yes that too well. Maybe. I don't know if an alien tells an alien. You maybe does. Lou loves taco. How do we know we're not I think we're talking to one right now personally client in allies that's just me. It's from another world. Puzzle play not I didn't I didn't hire pat Morris you might I used to do the hiring but I was too busy and I. You know. My score might be listening right now so so he hired Patrick soon as like I'm going out and finding people who agree with me that he does disagree with me. Let's I've been accused of pass the surround myself with yes men. Chris definitely is proof that that is not true. Meanwhile the do you disagree but it's like not only air it like. At the things that we talk about on here I might. Me and miles of fields and why it's it's not a team up against chorus and we do like when we have four people here certainly feels that way and it's and it's not I mean if I review I probably would fill the same blood you know to some things you do is local and I'm rules and it was you're a weird too. What I think is funny is is that you berate me for being Smart. No adult on the nerdy show it just I don't know I don't here's the thing and and this this is. At this is through joke this is truth right now there is no one. Likes being corrected. And and and I like being directed it right so I'm wrong. No sir thank you for correcting me and putting out it's like being correct idea being corrected. It because I like to be correct here's a thing every time he corrects someone you make the other person like community. And you know I like got enough the mile and and and and is somebody needs correcting their already an idiot. Thank you for Jack all right and the fact that I pointed out shouldn't have any bearing on it. Is somebody wrong in the then they're gonna be wrong regardless of whether or not a correct them corner macro front among all the time so I guess that's gonna happen. I mean did you turn me off man no well I did turn that off on our own. I just it's easier let's move on with OK this is that we the first to marry this is I haven't. Really don't remembered the some of the newer star or maybe that came out. About this is Li lo Arab states from the islands that yes indeed he can he can I just sees a similarity shore. Like I originally thought was and then also I heard a little bit. It's edited. Let's just say so far want to suffer stitches Hawaiian. Sort of his name in what was his alliance and in charge ours Jamaican. He is he Jamaican anyone know I guess he did he did speak on Niles and yeah yeah it's always. Very original to they hear that on baking Chris there's a coffee. Called that really has an. That that. Count me out on that. I don't closet is drink I don't ever have never will drink coffee cup of coffee. For you think you. To me drinking coffee Manger an adult and I don't plan on never been so I can be. Continuing on with public service announcements yeah adjusting applaud you very very important public service announcement. If you gonna kill somebody. Don't take itself he with the murder weapon imported on FaceBook. Right let's let's stop right there we yes we need is I'm I'm curious what the audience thinks about this okay. So if you're taking a stealthy and someone else's in the picture yet are they also taken a stealthy because I think it you know they sell bee for both of you know. Notice geno itself he stands for and he knew what it's short for you take a picture of yourself I understand that. Portrait you take a picture of yourself if you take a picture of another person. It's just a picture. If another person takes a picture view. It's just the picture. You could call it a portrait but it's not a self portrait because you didn't take it. Can restore okay. And and and I'm glad I can explain that so a Canadian woman. Has been sentenced to seven years behind bars after posting itself via social media. This shows her wearing the belt authorities believe she used to strangle her eighteen year old best friend. I'm sorry white yes OK fair enough I haven't heard this story at all though he let me read that again a Canadian woman. To be an honest candidate she loves hockey Canadian yes. Was sentenced to seven years behind bars after posting itself be on social media. That shows her wearing the belt authorities believe she used to strangle her eighteen year old best friend I have one question with this before we even got it won only one cable. There's multiple put it kinda ties in to this one question go ahead first of all how tall is this person. How tall talk there about the same. I believe a NN leaning news and that what angle isn't so I think it. It doesn't give her her height in the in the article. The person make sure that they've included is not her mug shot where she's standing next the rule yes you know so I don't know that this hoping that she took. I will say that she looks she was wearing the Dow average height yet it was her Sophie. It's herself yes she's she's holding the camera at an angle. And I will also say that this built. Appears to be kind of highways to lake she's wearing it. Really and that really high when it's basically just below or bust we knew. Take a Sophie. It's supposed to be no. Like basically your belly button up. Kind of anger that's how for your arm can read before you at this are doing this and Els is clearly above her belly button okay. Dean that's where I was going because there is no way that that was possible unless she was like sat and put all day and it's only barely visible in the photo you only to see of a tiny portion of it but it was enough. To hit the authorities off I'm guessing based on the marks that were left on on the woman's neck and ears here. What it is they found the belt near the body. Oh that's right yeah as an article is fun as well that's right so if you work. First of all dumb enough to yourself is someone your murder and using an article you're closing. Put that article back or yourself don't leave it laying there you've left evidence. So she left the belt playing near the body he's an awesome way to much had to get it murdered never seen in the forest I think only logical though. If you do something that well it if you murder someone you're an idiot anyway but why in the world would you strangle someone with your belt and then leave the belt there. And I agree that just doesn't make sense. But the the thing that I want to know is also. Who who found the Sophie. All the the on the floor much like how recent was murdered police were eventually tipped off by a friend who told them this woman had turned up at her home drunk. And confessed to killing the girl after the pair got into an argument. So the police were apparently tipped off. By. And another acquaintance of the an element. You know last week we had a story about. A do Delis and hiding but he has tattoos from the accuser or as Chris says the Yakuza. And so what it comes down to. Everyone has camera on the phone everyone's taken pictures and how things. Because. If you good. PS don't kill people that's that's the great lesson mine LA it's it's a very good lesson. To commandment actually is seen in gated yes that'll kill people I don't be stupid stupid. Day ago it it's. Eight you know I probably I'd I don't know I think Patrick Knight how we are neck in neck of the as far as the amount of self self he's we take. Although the southeast he takes mostly on snap jab which he tries to pretend like I don't know what it is. But I do a snatch that is that is don't use it com. That's no slight. These kinds Diaz I don't my kids do I do not take a lot of self these I have taken so these before actually with. Without even realizing what I was doing usually because somebody has asked me what I'm doing and instead of typing back to them it you know and it's sort of the pictures worth a thousand words I'll just send in the picture of what I'm doing. That includes myself well I started doing it win Nam when a star was away. So it was it's easy to document how much which are losing because sure you can put up all the self peace side by side absolutely ends in seats you know obvious. And see that's a great reason to do that kind of thing to it did sort of document the process as it goes along and in chronicled the danger danger. I think that's that's an excellent reason. Just but it's amazing how how has technology gets better and better and and goes to places that we can think of it also brings with the problems. No as far as this goes murders been around for a long time yes sure but I just. String with a belt. And so I can't get past you know it's. That seems like a crime of opportunity I mean the Indy by the count me you had an argument they would they had a fight. That apparently came to blows and that's what was handy she just I imagine just whipped off for Belden and jump to it. It didn't I wouldn't even guess it's that was her intent you know an issue did the the article says she got seven years that's not typically a first degree murder no sentence you know and and it's like well how can you. I mean even I can't strangle someone in sale wasn't your intent drummer does Jesus want to scare him if it seagate if fits a crime of passion that's. That apparently is where they draw the line withers premeditated or something happens in the moment. That's apparently where they draw the line for first degree murder and and other degrees of murder of okay. Not really sure I agree that to be quite honest. Okay. I should say I'm no lawyer in don't know of officially but. And I talked to your opening up your site Mara as I understand it is a civilian yeah that's the distinction. What. So what is it did you do it did you disagree with on that point Patrick. Clearly I think murder is murder. Okay no matter how you dice it up okay. So seven years does not seem like a long time. When you say murders murder what do you mean. You elaborate on the if you kill somebody. That is murder to bank no matter who is premeditated or what else is crime of passion crap. There's death than there's life he killed someone you kill them as Suzanne marginal. Now. And it doubly you can't actually Billy strangle someone with a belt. Nobody can accidentally kill somebody not agree with that but the thing is is it someone. There's a difference. Between youths throwing a football someone loses their balance and hit their head on rock and dying. And someone strangling someone. They're two different ways to deal with that. I completely understand as a matter of philosophy you taking that position and I don't have a problem with that what I'm saying is as a legal matter. That's not now works. Again not being a look at us as I Anders and as a us citizen. As we know he's Reagan now and it. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But. Fair enough dual use of that 990. Patrick and Hank Hill don't understand. I was a break. We come back we gonna talk about Star Wars and Williams are excellent. I'm gonna pretend like you never asked that question. You don't you don't know who that is. Excellent anyway Chris don't give it away I'll. Probably still don't know who it is. You know learned I'd never let him anyway and anything that the fact that you didn't recognize it. Almost makes it feel like you need to be on her probation needlessly of staples. I hear of 1063 W nordic. Welcome back the upstate pulse. The tier X in the background. Than TX really to use. Man you guys are killing me turn actual. Oh that's Godzilla. Sorry it took me a second I wanna be someplace else right now it is thick and too good to me Fryer was Jurassic Park again and tell me that the T Rex doesn't sound like Godzilla. Or I don't do. Anyway I'll staples what does exe W party crisp lines and Patrick in the studio. Tax line 71. The conversation. Once went texas' on the triple sneeze or three times every time. As from allowing the of the conversation we had. About holding your sneezes in and why it's such a bad idea I'd this is going to be of that story and you hazard meter next week my mom. Every time he sneezes. Weekly gain between my sister. On the over under economy sneezes she does so later time Edwards trade or like she'll go over under seven. And while like a lot of sneezes like I say hello sneeze I say over and she'll go ten. Or twelve. Heard the most he's ever done it's 18% of she sneezes when she comes. Com I mean ultimately is one of is you know I'd governor Chris diocese wants to win I just wanna witnesses event. I I candidate I do my brother's kind of the same way hills here yet a lot. Planning trust me play a lot wrong with all of us and yes my brother will sneezed several times that are. Sorry this wanna play owns wants. Hygiene that's enough. Another Texas says yellow right pairs are soft and juicy. Another conversation we had a little while in Texas says how do you say dude inkling on I looked this up during the break because I was curious myself. And apparently. There is no direct translation for the where do you get in to cling on to they just say dude. Which is universal which is a little disappointing. Maybe at a climactic both universal but that's the case sometimes that's how reality not worldwide anymore it's universal and universal exactly. That as a as a cinco does that why has there would be awesome to know how to say duke and Texas says guys that was Godzilla Chris just lost his nerd cart ID like no offense. I did get her right. It took me a minute. But. I yeah I do I do admit to getting her on the first try. Detector as did they convict her of manslaughter. And strictly speaking yes they did this the line here from the article Antoine was arrested and charged with second degree murder. Which again is what we were talking about Patrick the difference between first and second degree murder. But pleaded to a lesser charge of manslaughter. So officially yet she was convicted of manslaughter. But but she was a regionally charged with second degree murder. Texture says they cannot believe you Alonso the girl is in Canada Canadian laws are different from American law they're allies English you were not thinking. You're absolutely right I was not thinking but if it's about a lot of things SA and I don't understand Canada I used to go for all my Canadian. Explanations. Across the way to Patrick because he's a hockey fan which means he's an okay it disoriented on Kennedy and lawsuits. You know Canadian culture. Of somebody or trick question kind of go for our full forecast it has to do with hockey pucks and sticks. No I mean this Canada's all they speak English but parts of Canada speak French as well mr. They're in love with routine yes. Was always the truth they continued repetition. It's an actual thing okay do Margaret were not lost is not even sure he wants to say that ward. That it it's fine at all much less on the air. Why let let us explain it to you hang in loans. You mean. Routine is a dish a Canadian I don't know did you call it a delicacy but it's a staple staple yet it's kind of a comfort food. They consistently pregnant again this front. In the consists of French Fries and topped with cheese Kurds and gravy yes. Yes way that's it lands and that's the basic. Version up now you get are I did it's got gravy on its you know I mean you can you can add like. I know Sunday with a dude. Ox tail yet media on the via a new bush to do veggie. Who team went. Mike I want germs are some land okay yeah I he has to say depending on the bike peppers and Andre is seeking eventual but. But yes peppers and onions I could see. It would depend on the bench was like oh I don't know that it put lake. Hear it and B now on the team and that doesn't that doesn't sound. Texas says seems that I have heard it read in the past that endorphins are released during a sneeze I don't know I know I wouldn't say get a rush from a sneeze but. Still possible yeah. She not is released earnings this that. This well one thing on on pretty positive about his that gonna hit the youths interrupt. You had to say it in you. When inside Chris what I said it's not. And I guess than now while this is not. Okay all you people out there who love flying. To Florida orient yeah they'll be me. Never going to be well. Keep saying never going to be. But there's a stipulation there is well there's another one now when my grandchild is born are probably more than likely will get on the plane. Or I'll take the entire we Gosling and take three days a drive there. It's more likely what's LLC after your story like that you know what fly first class I think you'll like it. While form fly and I got to go first class all right so anyway. Passengers on a British Airways flight left in shock after the pilot was removed from the cockpit amid fears. He was drunk. According to the sun newspaper. The police and plus Britain no Billy isn't so police rushed stormed the plane and headed straight for the cockpit. The first officer was cuffed and led away okay. Here's the thing Sears are not playing here waiting to fly and all the sudden the police rush on the plane what do you think in the first send these terrorists. I'm a big in some then. Someone carried a Dolan you ass I mean there's there's a number of things in my attic urge you in the moment. Somebody's brought something on the plane. Or that they they've been tracking a fugitive and are just stopping the plane that he's on before it takes off in the lose him again yeah I mean and all season probably go through your mind but the fact that the cultural on the plane first lawyer you'll think oh crap almost die. And the incas lessons of being a shoot out where you don't go. I would not expected. The guys this is in the UK or right idea where they don't have guns. Was in the UK veto I'm I'm guessing the police have guns. Well yes the police have guns but they'd been awful bullets well you ever heard a friendly fire before. I mean so there is a possibility of someone getting shot once again grow skills. Okay airline workers reportedly alerted police for the eleven hour flight from just wake to a Maurice Moore read more you guess I don't know summary I guess. Looking ashore on Thursday after smelling booze Sussex police told the Associated Press that 49 year old man from West London. Was arrested on suspicion of performing and aviation function when the level of alcohol was overheard the prescribed limit. Now now here's. So you're allowed to how they certain amount of alcohol and fly a plane apparently just like you're allowed them a certain amount of that all has vigilance that's ridiculous so was he charged that Hugh I I don't know might have been in my mind under the influence. The apologize for the delay and said a statement Saturday that it was taken the matter extremely serious and are assisting police with their inquiries. OK so this happens. This happens to you. What do you do. Do you wait and fly with the next guy Gabriel and that's what these people did or do you say screw it. I'm fine I don't last train herself that early to. Eight they're trained to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean okay. I I'd love to say that. Fairways. Here is it to you vote yes you think you're a star Korea's leadership there has under. Underwater. I'd out India which and a I'm trying to make a point here Chris Fair enough. So anyway if you're listening would you continue to fly or would you find another mode of transportation. And I think it these people stayed on the plane a way to for a in the bring the next one hand and depends on when your born. 'cause like you know late elaborate people like airplane pilots went to eighty weird seventies and eighties. We all kind of figured they were having like a drink before you had a drink in the cockpit and had a drink it in the plane with them okay. Nowadays everyone so. Like oh my gosh she was drinking like he could have won beverage it's still adamant find apply. Everyone's like oh my gosh now. Sus doing nowadays if you weren't doing now I don't apply there I don't know personally I don't know what the rules and regs are on that kind of thing. I do know that I would win I was driving professionally there words. There were rules about how how long I had to wait after having any alcohol at all before I can get behind the wheel. It was only ordered twelve hours. So that's good to now. This has not helped your flying now here has been that doesn't that's only enhance that can we hear stories about this all the time all right you'll still save pulse. 163 W Doherty. Continuing with the public service announcements. That we are making here on the obstacles. Whenever we find these stories and make sure that we let you know about this because. Head is in the sand. Blind you know listening you're not looking the AI. Is taking over the world tennis to maritime records that's right. Oh yes. Yes end. In light of that fact. The AI have made another advance we've we've heard stories over the years over the past aren't decade or so. That did humans have been beaten but in chess by computers humans have beaten and beaten in. Go strategy games I think in general computers are basically better than humans are and those aren't on the island yep. Well. As it comes out as it turns out. The there's an artificial intelligence program built by Alibaba and Microsoft. There have beaten humor humans on a Stanford University reading comprehension test for the first time. So now not only can computers play games better than you can they can also read better than you can. And the testers devised by artificial intelligence experts at Stanford to measure computers growing reading abilities. Ali Boller software is the first to beat the human score so the way this works is. Day they've. A human or an AM program reads a passage. For example a bounce the history of British TV show doctor. And then answer questions lake what is Doctor Who space ship cult. And it. Depending upon how many answers you get right they give you a score Alibaba as deep neural network models scored 82 point 44 on the test. On January 11 nearly being the 82 point 304. Score. Turned in by the human participants to for the first time. Artificial intelligence has read and comprehended. Language better than people have. Now you may be saying that's very minor I mean that the the amount of victory and it's a huge accomplishment put. And yes you know maybe I made an assumption I just already thought well. I believe that computers can reboot does not about them reading it's them comprehend yes what their reason language comprehension which. Limited is twenty years ago. Computers couldn't do that at all. At all I mean they would've scored zero X test there. You know and what this makes me wonder in the Hanoi understand this is in bad advancements in science and you're always trying to push the envelope into which can do. Always in in the guise or maybe with the intentions to make things better for other people. You know these guys are scifi fans to. Don't they think about it just a little bit you know that maybe maybe this is an envelope we shouldn't push. Yeah did that thought has occurred to me there was even a company that went so far as to to call one of their development sky net that was linked. You guys did see the movie right I mean. You know how this is gonna turn out and that's our reminds me of com Doug about the dead two. Thing. No did you know it does tennis yes I. Ilan mosque but for the people listening that don't describe it to them. Doe two is basically. Defends the ancient into video games and video game yes. Massive. Multiplayer online. Now strategizing game where it's miles high strategy yet I don't five against the jedi picket champion play against each other they have different planes that you compliance about. Well again this is become a sport as it is forty sports is its biggest had a tournament the world chairman with a when I got ten million dollars. So nothing else needs that nothing is these regardless of whether you Holden in an arm. In today's. Elon Musk put out a challenge. Get some of the best players in the world. To play gets his ai bot. And it was as a one on one tournament. In the ad but did beat some of the human. Her national players. Play the game ever make you could probably be amateur players knows what. But he was beating professionals. And ever all of Blake. Out. Oh yes they and it does whenever almost like we might need take a look at this. Artificial intelligence to the leaps and bounds that artificial intelligence has made just was in the last decade are staggering gap you know anything about it. I mean technology like beset him as a role. So quickly. Over the past. Three or four years. Like if you go back and look at technology 34 years ago he'd like wow. That's so old. Yeah are the edge actually. The article makes a point about this these kinds of tests are certainly useful benchmarks for how far along the AI journey we may be said Andrew pick up. Which apparently is a real name a spokesman for Microsoft when are Mary's last nine last name for a pick at one. I don't know a thing you pick up truck yes well Clinton. However he says the real benefit of ai is when it is used in harmony. With humans and I think that's probably what everybody is. Is aiming for and that's even in the harmony like a cyborg. Making. Technology work for people better. It I was watching some of the stuff from CES recently as some of the LG Dennis Smart home demonstrations. And they have a little. The virtual assistant like collects there you know Syria year. Those sorts of things and forget what they called it ms. lake. Charlotte or something wasn't core tunnel the no no listen courts honest is something that they had had. Created a named for themselves but you he Tallet to do things in you know it says hey remind me and built in three days or something like that. And then did the refrigerator remembers. When you put the Milken there when you bought the Milken put in there and we'll tell you when it's supposed to expire. And so it's. It's really Ord or you can tell them go ahead and go ahead and preheat the oven you know that kind of thing those so that's sort of language processing is exactly the kind of stuff that. That this test is it was created to evaluate it to the point where you need help with everything. It's priest and a well and and that's that's the that's the fear is that it is that the way that we develop. Makes humans complacent mean we've seen these sort of you know futuristic distill PA in lots of movies. Wally comes to mind. In the way that people just ride around in in anti gravity cheers and and watch TV and let robots do all the work for them you know and that seems like a sad and for the human race. It's certainly not the nuclear holocaust depicted in the terminator films but I think it's just a sad. Well and all of them one thing is true. CA 90 does it and were busy developing it. So I can destroy us all the sale of state polls right I don't wanna 63 WOR geek nerd hour coming out.