Upstate Pulse 1-20-2018 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, January 20th

The nerd hour is filled with wrestling talk, the lightning round, and the nerd round table. 


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All the ups say pulse affectionately known as an and our Alonso Chris and Patrick taking you out till. 9 o'clock. Where you can hear me best of ground zero which is always weird especially the intro. For that thing thank you for taking us along on a Saturday night we know you're out there we were just out and it. It is it's a nice Saturday night it's jacket what other people were I'll go and get food go to movies do whatever they do on Saturday night and it's good to see everyone venturing now as opposed to a couple of days ago when there was snow on the ground Bristol snow on the ground in my house. And in places where the shadows are deep. And upon will take awhile for it to go away. In this hour we will get to the nerd roundtable. Hopefully get to some game reviews and as always Patrick and I it is one of our favorite parts of the show. It's time to talk grassland. Had a couple stories and there we're gonna break down in next T take over Philadelphia. Next week on this show we will break down the royal rumble because it happens next Sunday. Looking forward to that. The debate it's going to be very big now. So once careers coming to an end I don't know did you see this Patrick no I didn't. Mark can bring has been on TV in a while but his in ring career is coming to an end the suspense more time with the Stanley. And he says it's been 21 years and as we know that father time is undefeated. My time is coming to an end I'll go from talent to an employee here a few months of just looking forward to making that transition help these young guys and girls. Coming in. Beneath us. He did in the Debbie Debbie for a long time on the error a lot of rumors out there that he'd like signed a lifetime contract. Which I don't think he did but he's big bear. I'm pretty sure through the attitude here through a whole lot of staff and he's been their since nine or I think. Apparently he revealed on this or an unused table three was all of that show you do terrible threes really cool. Except for when they don't need some people get in and had their unhappy with their end and aunts and I think they get the pick their food but anyway. Market ring was an Olympic weightlifter. Billed as the world's strongest man yet I never was a big fan of him. Odds just from a character standpoint you Armisen one of those of us in a scared. Which one's. Sexual so I guess I know about sexual chocolate. I'd say I'm not just everybody looks like all always going on what it was early in WOO and I kind of stuff on dubbed CW so I was not watching. What was then a WW enough when that was going on sisal bits and pieces of it. A solar Mae young thing that is very disturbing. And mom. Especially when she was supposedly pregnant and Ebert and yet there was. Wrestling back in the days so it was very very disturbing but one thing that we've seen other. Four wrestlers like fit Finley to deem the link of some guys like that who wasn't the greatest fan of yeah but these guys do a lot behind the scenes and I'm sure Mark Henry will do a lot to help develop the new talent and we. I honestly think he might go to enix fee to be a trainer. More than likely need that would that would make sense that it would and again I think he'll do the job especially if he has to work with some of the bigger guys show him how. A big guy can move and all of that kind of stuff another big story. It is. Roman Raines has been called out. Pants and he's not being caught out by just any line he's being called out. By a guy name. Richard Rodrigue it's yet. WW superstar Roman Raines is a 100% denying that he bought steroids from an imprisoned PED king pin it. Claiming he has no idea who the man or his company is I've never heard of Richard Rodriguez or wellness fitness nutrition Raines said in his statement. In a recent phone interview from Janelle Rodriguez fingered rains along with Mark Wahlberg and Josh to mall has celebs who purchased Roy is from him using aliases it. Roman Romans Colin BS saying he learned his lesson after being flagged for a double Debbie wellness policy violation about two years ago new suspended that was for lateral. I think that he since past eleven tests as part of a dub dub these independent drug testing program. That's a lot of sent Rodriguez being investigated by the DEA is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and money laundering. He was indicted and arrested last year. Listen I want to believe. That several ranges tone should cause I like where it rains and no is Mike Wirth is not the greatest but I like him and his in ring work has gotten a lot better it is improves and a lot of it has to do with. Who he's worked with two I mean tiger being you're only as good as a guy that you rustling against tiger and and if you're wrestling gets better talent they're gonna make you look better. If you're capable of looking back. But it's Canada but what do mix. Of celebrities there Roman ray's Mark Wahlberg and in just maul I mean I am just kind of it's so out there that you think of either this guy just watched a couple movies and watch wrestling and so he's saying all that or maybe there's some truth to it I I don't know I hope there is no truth. Little bit there is because the mean when you fill one wellness policy they make sure to test you martyr. But we know there are ways around drug testing Armenia. NFL guys some of those guys get around and some homered Domonique fail I yet hide. Eleven Tesla. GAAP net I don't think the stories Trier of I mean like Roman. Nice huge and it is in lake is Mike worked his and we work I have no problem with. But it. I don't biggest hurdle is best might work in his entire career was attribute undertaker who often ring and listen to all the booze on chains and it's my yard now drop the Michael walked out at night here the iris does the kind of stuff he needs to do. Yeah I think links being. He's short like in what their doors could still there and let and let. The lunatic fringe duels look at your stroller they should do it rains. The should they should have done that. Okay we're gonna talk about an XT take or Philadelphia or somebody at this week because while we're on the air next week. It will be going all. And NXT the product down there which is it's kinda like what you would consider like the geely for the NBA or is or the minor league for baseball. It's a developmental and it's where they you know these these guys get to start and they will bring them up later on. But the product is so good on you've heard Vince Coakley I'll talk about how great he thinks it is. Patrick and I both have. A camera and remember overcast. Zach Adams. Big fan of their next week so looking forward to it NXD Philadelphia candy top the last one is the last one was so good. And how to recognize we talked about a show couple weeks ago. Go actually would do XT is Barbara I love the product it's smaller scale as far as much more production and yet deathly more intimate. But when they do take overs. They get to go out into the big Arenas it's interesting to see how. It's it's like watching guys in aim and Chris comply jump in on this is like watching a guy who's. In local theater. And you get a shot to jump up to Broadway. It's like only one night. Would you get a shot to jump up to Broadway. So I can be a big deal and Kanye I mean. When would you have a case of the nerves or would you this is my chance someone to stand out I think it depends on the individual or. No well surety and and in my case it probably be a bit about them in net and make you believe that big is is tremendous but the same time. I have long. Felt that if you are well rehearsed. There's nothing that you need to worry about. As assay and nothing's gonna go wrong. But there's nothing the you need to worry about. Because you know be prepared for anything happens it can make this comparison. Between the stage Russert could we know Russell is not real these are athletes they do get hurt they do longest it is scripted but still I mean. You've got to make the script work. And they also pick up ad lib sometimes when things are not. Going the right way yes and and tried to bring things back around. By the way we're also following. SE a 1063 W or B Mike flag on TV right or. On sports senator as I am Williamson is making his choice. About which school he's gonna go to when are we find that out dude is going to do whites. Yes so Zion Williamson going to do not go to Clemson not going to South Carolina. He is going to be a basketball player at duke four year than he's going to the India so that is amazing all the all the Clinton people were so sure he was going there. He's not he's going to do all right let's get back to wrestling an XT championship. When John AC in almost. Like here is not a very nice person. Vs Johnny got done though to our go to guy analyst how to push light. Nobody's business lately as far as you can tell that they want this guy out there. I got into the game latest for us he goes and I didn't see him. Breslin tag team I solve. You know video footage of the betrayal and all the stuff why Daily Kos guy Johnny rustling is that it that no payment in east so. It's is going to be a take on John football right cousy did you come around around the same time as John and I'm not a 100% sure that's throughout kind of when I heard of Johnny Russell but the. Thing is for me. And it is shows he's a fantastic wrestler. Whenever he was an attack team it was he was still a standout wrestler increasingly classic. Fantastic matches the whole time I mean there's a reason why the calm that and no one has really complained well. The stars and exceed champs go. I haven't liked any of them that I've seen so far. They like Bobby root cause he's too old he's been around forever just my opinion I know you're rolling your eyes only gonna make people do that. I like drew McEntire and I definitely don't like. I'm John AC anomalous. Had to pick between just those three I would probably pick Bobby root cause at least he's. Somewhat entertaining yeah mom. I think jutting her gowns and and that's. I speak a mesh in a swap from what we sat on the podcast. I'm gonna say. Almost wins because I think there's going to be interfered. From the melting drink now now from from his ballot it no way who's now. Almost. Though. Buddha from Johnny wrestling it'll partner Lilly who thinks so the guy hasn't been on TV and he's been injured. I think I guess we'll see about that so anyway I think velvet teen dream comes out and does something if anyone under fierce. All right an XT women's championship and remove vs chain of days there hasn't talked about last week we should visit came out and as Barbara memorial on tore him. There is there's a pretty good reaction does. She was in MMA for a long time part of the four horse women withdrawn drowsy and are they gonna pusher up. To the champ this quickly I don't think so. I think. Probably DQM. Vermilion retains the title I hope Lieberman doesn't get hurt in this I think amber moon retains by DQ. A lighter. All right I'm call vs ouster black and extreme rules match now I've seen the couple extreme rules matches and I remember seeing. Moscow verses on Nicky cross. In a match that was the last woman stands yet Ed but there were latter's are all kinds of men now is crazy. So I can't I haven't seen this kind of a match in an XT and I'm looking forward to see what they actually do and I on the is going to be on the level of you know the hardy boys are so my dad jumping off a twenty foot ladder or anything like campaign. Including these are two very athletic guys so we'll see what happens with that. That I'm I think I'm Cole's gonna win. And these are two guys that may demeans and independents huge names Adam Cole. No denying he is a superstar. Alison black book formally known as Tommy and just both fantastic words I'm excited to see what they do I think blacks Nolan. All right one more match in the Unix he'd take over Philadelphia finally feel free if you if you have. Here's your selections musings and went to Texas 71307. Final match and we'll take a break sixty tag team championship. Between undisputed era and the authors of paying authors of pain led by Paul lowering old school look. Really like what did their former champs. Just how. I know they're coming back from injury and Oskar stuff I don't think that then sphere is gonna lose I think they retain the titles don't be shocked if this is the match of the nine. Just on saying I'm gonna say the undisputed heir wins and we might see a run in from a former. Very new sign tag team. Or maybe sanity because if you remember sandy got beat up. By the end spew there I have a theory about why we're not gonna see sandy but that's going to be for next week. So you have to tune in next week for the power I would take a break we come back it is time for the nerd roundtable a ton of stuff to locked. Debate about in that you're listening to the upstate pulls right here 01063 W Lordi. Welcome incident or roundtable Alonso. Patrick Chris. And all of you who are listening. This user were we debate topics including our very first question that we asked in and around to Christie member would tell us. The first question ever asked in their roundtable. Nearly two years yeah. Was it did hunch she'd first yes and a very good Reagan and swimsuit he remembered our right as I had to think about it. I'll listen to train a source for how I loyalist Heredia who went to make sure the Dallas the first question they're asking and or roundtable. And so would always remember it OK we just watched a deserving guys watch Marty CNET. The new. The second Tomb Raider trailers out that's coming out into a couple months the new Tomb Raider movie. Did he do when you play the game I've played the re. Good that they had a few years ago because. It was one of the free games with gold that. That you get with Xbox Live and I was surprised because it was not an old game that was it using game thinking that debuted at the standard game price point of sixty dollars. And then he was only like a year later that it was free on. Team's goal. I'm glad I got it inflated and thought it was fantastic I played the original like. The blocked version. The we kind of see nowadays right from the ninety's yes I would now London. So did you guys see the Angelina Jolie movies yes I did see a thicker so the first when I might have seen the second one. Well I don't really I gotta say they were not particularly new album is V. This movie looks very close to what to expect from the game at least from the trailer on the initial and a lot of a lot of cuts that you would actually see in the game itself and they look beautifully shot and I'm actually looking forward to this movie. I didn't think I would go see this now the more I see. In the trailers I'm looking forward to. I was very impressed with the trailer. In how much it looked like the game. I mean there were things in the in the trailer that I remember seeing in the game and thinking wow that that looks exactly like the game now. Ala also gonna put out my standard caveat which is we don't have a good record of turning video games into movies in this country. We've we've not done well. I didn't see it. I would like to but I haven't seen yet but my understanding is this country so that that would imply that another country while Hollywood now know I personally okay because I don't know it's going to own a mountain no and I want your door your your ball you know Germany hasn't even worse record. But that's intentional I mean he he intentionally. Bruins videogame companies Patrick knows who you know tax write us you label it has to be homework brown is just. Pick pick what I need I can stomach through I need words that I can't use on the year to describe you legal. A guy who do you bowl is terrible human being who takes beloved. The game franchises. And absolutely ruins all due local police applied my nose and allows ready I know you are. And I appreciate that I like catch him like having that cover like somebody having my Bakley got Patrick that's exactly that but. I'm also professional and I'm not gonna get there. Although he has been dumped before oh does before but I maintain the that was unnecessary violence when it was like so it was funny movie what I had seen. You would not. I would be surprised if you would see what's your view in Seattle it's a vampire movie loses a video game. And I cannot think of what it was called and they made several of them. All of his funeral vampire a look at up but it losing. I drink yeah no I'm pretty sure those are you able dungeon siege he made it dungeon siege movie elephant that bad domains hair and Red Bull did you play shaggy why can't remember his name he was horrible and they have Burt Reynolds. And for her real close to king. To. Anyway do as it was so but adjacent state film it was good because Jason stays in good in everything he's it's like. May adjacent state the white hats did you sign on for this movie. It was his horrible movie happening around Jason's yes exactly right. But did it's it's an established fact that you are able. Makes these terrible movies as tax write offs for investors they can. Evade tax did you did you see Resident Evil the reason Resident Evil. I did and that I think is is a glowing exception to this bad videogame movie rule. I'd really like the original Resident Evil some of the sequels in fact several sequels have. Been pretty mediocre day but I think the original Resident Evil was very very good also light. And I don't know maybe is. Influenced by younger eyes but I was I like the Mortal Kombat. Annihilation. Movies that it not the original the first moral content that is one of the sequels in his second and I I don't talking about I live the cycle or two except for as Braden wasn't clear about Christopher Lambert and cycle and out now is a problem here now I understand that but. They are few and far between as well as vital as you do play him forget his name but he is on black climbing right now. And I'd. Take you were and I believe he was in lead in the movie the warriors also. But a few and far between head in the examples of good movies made at a video game original the immaterial and which is. Which is kind of disappointing because there's so many good stories I mean video games really have evolved over the years. As a legitimate storytelling medium. And in a very unique way because you can interact with the world and the characters in a way that you. Can't even come close to the film yes so this begs the question and answer questions that I ask a lot of times. Is there a need to make films about video games. I I don't know that there's. I got an example why there is no need a guy. I don't know that the Tomb Raider aside that looks like it's going to be good move it does it does it end. And again I'm holding out hope I always hold out hope. That people are going to have done their jobs well I think and make a good movie I think tumors and the only game I can't think of right now. They can do a movie about because. She's an explore. Again they did an uncharted desert I disagree don't get diablo would be a killer movie and there's a chance attacker beat out if they did look at trilogy of that and I think I think the lecture the winter series on Netflix I think has potential to be pretty good so I mean. The potential is there but is that a series or movie it's going to be a series but he isn't that this is different. Well yes and no I mean it it's different in the sense that it's. Longer mean you're gonna be able to spend more time developing characters and introducing plot and things like that but. It's ultimately turning an interactive story into an on an active story. And aunt and the problem is you mentioned lawns of the potentials there the potential is always here. The potential is always there almost always there to make a good to have a good story and turned it into a good movie and and then they don't. For whatever reason I don't know why. It seems like. It seems like there's some of the things that did they do and adapting books in the film which. Done what they do better but not always as well as they could I come in in terms of capturing the story that yes that's told originally and then they feel the need for whatever reason to change it. All right Patrick mentioned that there is no need and he may be right because of something I mentioned last week about. Where DR as movie now at the Sundance festival where they you know they show movies and things like that they've been showing PR stuff. Including. Neil game ends wars in the walls. And this. Is. It's making people crazy because how cool it is all right. The story cast the viewer as the imaginary friend of eight year old Lucy a sensible girl who hears noises coming from inside the walls. And it's convinces woods it's so fast so you're inside of it and an assist she looks. You in the eyes confides her secret and interacts would you draw when you win as if you're. Co conspirator so you are her imaginary friend. And so she turns to the camera looks UN EI and hell is she stuffed like a little kid would tell. An imaginary friend what a brilliant all that definitely for a definitely an interactive view are experienced and ice and I can kind of see that becoming. This hybrid genre you know that the a sort of crossover between instead of just taking video game stories in making movies out of them having this. Kind of mishmash between video games and movies where you've got an interactive experience but it's crafted for you buying. By by filmmaker well. And and other ton of other things coming out like this with movies and things like there's one what they want talk about the scanned. There's a moment in early minutes of the first chapter where Lucy begins to sketch out a chalk drawing on the floor. And the viewer feels compelled to squat down next to her to watch. Because you wanna see what she's drawing pride in having played virtual reality I can see how that that would be a thing or another seemed. Lucy hands the viewer a Polaroid. Was still viewer can. Hardly resist the urge to accept sushi why can't you picture. And with the controller you'll reach out and grab the picture and hold it up and look at the picture. I mean this kind of interaction because it's only the beginning of this kind of stuff yet and eventually. There will be no need to make a video game movie because. Of this stuff like this. Also kinda. Helps out a lot of people because a lot that went out as they don't want to go. Two movie theaters half the time to go see a movie but because they are so inclined to see that knew they had to go to a movie theater right away. Well though so if they do a VR thing. It's automatically get a BMI. A store that you can you know purchase the VR movie from an elitist plea from your house. I think a lot of people might enjoyed. Yeah they may come a time when we're in theaters no longer necessary but. They exist now and there's a couple more movies that we need to talk about including. Creed two now there's a rumor that. Drago son was going to be brought closer I think you guess who said it was was not going to be. Chris print out the story so he pronounced the do's and then he you know let. When I found this story I looked at his name and by laws is gonna ask me to pronounce this. And I have to admit I actually don't know how this is pronounced but I am going to give it a shot. Florian I think yeah it's safe to say that is first and gets his call now and yes months ago. Or months and you. I that's that's as close as I maybe it's like on. Piano you know that that occurred to me to it's on CNN Monty and no god I don't know. From I don't know I it's it's vertical backpack yeah that is right this just let's just make him anonymously called Florian. He's Delorean just Florian so it's going to be interest to IC I gotta admit I didn't. He creed. I did that's the only one I haven't seen as far as the rocky movies go and I don't know if it's on Netflix now and I take it's on Hulu. Well I don't have them. On the crystals. I don't not a rocket aren't so. By the way I could point rented somewhere then or or so so I will check announcements and I'm looking forward to that movie too. Because I want to see how they play the whole Drago thing. And I networks the record was amazing. I really enjoyed it I heard good things about it all right something that you may not have enjoyed was the dry dragon balls the line action movie. Again why don't you talk about this again become. Hollywood has a bad record turning it may end of line action isn't our Dylan O'Brien wants to play go to any Dragonball movie and who doesn't yeah. Oh it makes him special. He was he's going to go on he's been an amazed runner son C and I would think yeah BC made America's Nelson knows. Well it may be a girlfriend might have wanted to go see oh she's genome but I am all right 'cause it seems like it's geared towards these. Teens to early warnings young adult females yes yes. No I've not seen a single Masur owner. But I agree I mean all these guys loans how to play go to school and play joke to you Allopod. Sell. Nick let me sell you would. Make me sell K. You realize you're not going to be in the movie for late. In telling the third sequel OK that's fine if you going to be cell which form. Obviously the second. So you will be perfect cell. Do I look perfect. And go make a bombing we can make anyone look I listen but you and green screen suit via Syria. Look at the first form then on the second forms of the you have to the first half. No you have to play the first one just so he could transform. That's really what you wanna do it again you yes you wanna play the same form. But you want to transform you would make. That metamorphosis from from the original formed formed. Now the thing is the thing is. My favorite. Scene. In all of dragon balls the is wind so. Spoiler. Guys. When he died is the greatest scene do I was gonna watch that almighty god you're like ten years behind. Woods timely and it's. On street guys and in. That collective. I'm from other one where he doesn't have go on I got time yet. That's cool all right more to come or roundtable stuff we got to get double breaks. Listen to be a saint Paul's trail 163 W Doherty. I just saw the the cops outside of the studios and. It delights on yeah I thought maybe Patrick should be nervous about something. I. About easier staples classic. Ninety's. We are playing some cranberries. In the background to listen podcast he came here sorry. Not as because. Delores over bird in a Riordan. Listen to. Yeah wrestler mylar but you know moves or Riordan. On dead at 46. Is pretty sad you know we stop doing near death as far as because the celebrity guest did just. Seems to be tightening Australia. A special musician. It sure was kind of my point in in making the bet that we'd eventually called off but. That it wasn't gonna get any better than this and this trend was gonna continue we caught it off because Christmas is beard too much yes although. I heard you talking to some awesome that they believe. That there. I can scan an all right I'm not so anymore. So we can be shocked could be one day sometime. Median well I wouldn't be shocked I've seen him before so I mean now and I've seen pictures. No I remember when you were clean shaven. Yes because you've been here awhile and been well. I've been fairly well still. Patrick can almost say he's been Carolina. Have been here year. Is depending where consider awhile. Listen there's Delores. Bring up a little bit. Very distinct for very distinct voice very unique singer cranberries Ameen is a unique band you know they had several hits. I don't admit I didn't know who's cranberries were until I believe those rock band. Think this song was on some things are member listens on ninety's. Is sin and linger linger I think was their biggest hit I am. I mean I don't I looked up the billboard charts or anything but I if I had to guess detailing was probably they're being. Breakout hit this was always the one that I like better. Is his best his. And doesn't rub my town zombies. No that's a thing every day you get up here to social media and your phrase that you Ghana's seeing someone else has gone and I like I like. The the dynamics of this song because there's this part which is this really soft she's she's dead he's very set of OJ and then it gets the chorus. And he really belted out in and I just I'll article I turkeys know what that word was used. So to voting yes because you know I could see he was the use. So subtle emotion is set to vote today yes it's in its that I announcer right personal yes it's Italian for soft voice. It's as it was not to say it as a mirror is singing the a -- Soto says yes so why would you say soft voice this is sort of bush they have musical term parking lot of musical turner plays this kind of a musical theater Tara in this demo for example a lot of musical terms are in and it sort of dead right that means playing quietly I still sweating sounded like something out of the very beginning I guess did. Anyway a lot of musical terms which allowed Italians on the air by the way that I would rather he really had you don't you consider that it's especially if it's in me. Sort Sunday there's another owned Korea. Sees China be impressive now to a slightly disarmament but you know. The only things and Allen at times from assassin's creed says. You know who's surprised elements Italian and pick up playing assassin's creed do. Every time I like pass like it'd make a deer on the side of the road I was go three B is going to pass it. A you're gonna start doing that now you know I actually Italian was one of the the languages and those standing in my dueling have. As I've taken a Columbine Japanese data Japanese did not do well Japanese I think I mean news is currently learning Japanese together. I think we could encourage each Dario will do that. Accountability partners and that's that's beautiful indeed a new Japanese lessons today Patrick I have not okay and probably not gonna start today. I think there's recent punishment for not doing that this should be live on FaceBook at all we haven't established any rules that this which is why we should do that now. It's clear music Kid Rock changes to our name a mile. Chris put this on the list and I don't say I don't care but but Internet please don't care how well can I just thought it was interesting and I never been a big fan since I scared him. Death in the in in the basement of the high color analyst I chic and I have never really been that big he can rock fan myself but. A long time ago I was dating this girl who who through her work. Got a lot of concert tickets and one of the concerts that she got tickets to. They came through town and time was Kid Rock N audiences I always want to work in a place where you can get free tickets to concerts she that is a shame that we don't do you guys out. It really is. We don't get nearly as many free tickets as you would expect people and radiating yet he's got to know the right people and how you like you that she she worked in retail stores I will say that. Blight she would get these these concert tickets and she. You know while we are going out she insisted that I go with Terry and so we went to I went to more concerts with her than I've been to. Since then if a guy and it isn't just never much of a concert killer but. We went to a Kid Rock show and I was. Absolutely astonished. At how good a show Kid Rock puts on I got I asked tactical question before you continue to ahead. Do you think he stood out or fit in at the Kid Rock show. Appearance wise thing to make sure both. America that gave the right I mean I was wearing a black T shirt and shorts and I think that might this is free beer yes ya gotta keep that in mind has premiered. So. Chris pipe here it is very babyface and everybody EU I would have hearsay and I would had a good solid point OK we're here that aren't continue about how to additionally it's aged well it was just was spectacular immediately it was and I mean that literally it was a spectacle. It was I mean there were. There and he had this enormous American flag in a drop down during one of the songs he had I mean. Sort of the standard concert stuff flash pots going off and and things like that but it. I mean the whole show when he was it. I had been to some concerts. For bands where it was almost like listening to the album really really loud. You know where they would just play a song and then stop and then play another song and then stop. And then play another song interacting with the crown just Rob Kurz a science to the well is hit rock did not do that he non stop. Performed for two hours I mean it was incredible. I I've and since then again never been a huge fan of his music but since then I've always had a respect for him just because. Based on that show alone I was like this guy's a performer he understands. Putting on a show for an audience well he tried to put on the greatest show on earth he did putts and that's what caught my eye is that his new concert. His new tour I should say. I he had decided to name the greatest show on earth which a lot of our listeners will recognize. As the slogan of form you now defunct yeah. Barnum and Bailey ringling Brothers are really need money since they no longer exist and have decided to sue Kid Rock over the name but. That's the thing they still own the intellectual property and copyright to that. Line puts this really says Kim locked changed the name. And you're still going to continue suing him anyway if he made any money on it at all that's that's what they're they're looking for. Does it open. Us up recently. Means got that mean Intel. Has been active what it was the NHL and he's performing at girls are. And and and it tell fans and that. Why because candidate doesn't like Kid Rock against. It's might be the American flags notes because of the politics mostly. And a lot of people like on the NHL satellite. Who cares we paid him to saying right okay. And half. Well and there was a rumor that he was gonna try and run for political office and he's now decided not to whether he was seriously considering it to begin with a non you know but. But like I said. He is eat he understands. Performance he understands putting on. Shift or not and so you know who pays us. Let's court. Commercials stream we need to takes again and we did I really come back delight you around the studio staples right hero one a 63 Debbie Doherty. I it is lightning round time in the obstacles bonds of Chris. Patrick. You guys seeing the meteor. In Michigan the miscue meteor. Negative about it all my gosh you need to watch as it looks like something not Independence Day. A stint of you know how it's like the one in Russia a few years ago and you know they come and an angle usually yes come straight down and it looks like. You know when the big ships shoot down yes that's what this looks like. Men sometimes they come in that way I mean that you know but the video the video footage you need to look it up is beautiful but they've actually in they found pieces of several different. News places have found pieces of the guys these really cool. It also is how an invasion would start or how you can be infected by the blob or Symbian. I have to say and its its its scientific as far as I know. But what lineup or right policy. For well. Has put out a song. That dumb. No one will be here for a hundred years was a point. I don't know that that was my question of what many analysts think. In many think can you imagine somebody in its air against man well it is Q imagine somebody in in 1918 whoever I I have no idea. Who at the time was the most popular singer in the United States. Not good for oil is the most popular singer now but he's a popular singer he's a very popular singer at the moment I today I know bin before the roaring its winning suggests. But I like is headed bid in kind of in the middle of them well Rome what depression nods and Singh World War I. But anyway the point is that who do you women sisters if somebody. If somebody then whoever it was whoever was a very popular singer at the time singer is or songwriter. Head. Written a song in and said we're not gonna release this for a hundred years can you imagine anybody today being interest in listening to it. I think you'd be interest that must then. Nine per I don't know. Not exactly if you would maybe me yeah I'd say as as does the video that it is not like this it did not get my point is they're not going to be playing it on the 93 point. I'm no it's not going to be on top forty and might be the remixed that featuring somebody. I mean you know I can be no that's involved that's the thing is that is that apparently this is just. This is just a song that Europe its not like I'm gonna save this for posterity and let Sony hundred years line now remixed this song really sucks watching us I'm gonna. I get no it's gonna hear 400 I don't know but it just you know. I mean even even think about some of the names that we've mentioned over the past two years we've been on the air people that have died. Prince I mean people like that if they if they had a song that came out a hundred years from now. That was I don't know found in a vault or something that had never been released. Derby so people who sang what I understand is ridiculous because. Tom Brady was still we gonna 20300 years map may leap but that's the point is that 200 years and amiss Ford generations. That's that's. You're gonna go through so many different shifts in music. Do you think of any song that you listen to is a hundred years old. No. The rock pause in the around now law. Yeah a fair enough but. Me check me in another decade or so and and and maybe. I mean for me some classical look like maybe like moon river or something like I mean you know so to reach your lunar came on the sixties. That it. I don't think fifty's that's what I'm saying tech community in a few years moon dedicated herself to be close to being now for a hundred years. Our let me throw some other stuff and here all right the Chinese rainbow dinosaur had iridescent feathers like hummingbirds you have seen the pictures of McChrystal a story you know I could. Think of this. I love you you love me. It's first laws not purple and black except for the rainbow colored feathers on its head and purple rim offers by the way. I don't last July is up for an arm toward filing so and realizes. That pay. If you watch in other awards shows you don't know war. Did you read this yeah this article yes I was incensed when I read this because they call other awards. Movies for grownups. Implying that anybody who doesn't belong to AARP. Is in grown up. Well as someone who's about AARP. Age. I told her literally to them yeah I think I think you're eligible for our do you have that the itself and a few months. I'll be there alright. Practicing is very carefully you were so someone's old but you know and I'm not the oldest person who worked with quite Lindsay Lohan. Or no and depend on how you say it is campaigning to play the role of Josh Sweden's bat girl. And fans have been split split oh yes I know I Whitey would fish are split on this gather some answers. There are some people who would love to see Lindsay Lohan played that apparently yes and their tweets not gonna get till we don't have enough time there tweets on some pros and cons. For Lindsay Lohan and only one pro. Any any any pro. To Lindsay low on Evelyn Lindsay Lohan gets her insert she's named together she could be a great back girl. She hit. And togetherness. I dad is from Adam low no they K okay burgeoning economies whale that's so. A dude named the burgeoning Chinese well he asked the know what he's done and that's not how it works first you get your cheese together and then you get the part. Very true I mean Robert Downey junior who does this season together yes NBA and now he's. He's Gillen. A bit tells a great impression thank you thank you very annoying don't show him that. You're a music death means it is the end of the show and how bond today. Both will be back next week you guys have a great weekend. Enjoy the warm weather. Innings though as it does us yes. It's the only time they hit them for a show's over.