Upstate Pulse 10-21-2017 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, October 21st

Nerd Round Table, Wrestling Report, and some other interesting things fill the second hour.


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Welcome incident nerd hour. Alonso Chris za. Couch or having so much fun when Saturday night he know you're having fun. When tears have been shed. And now I have headache. And once that so when you are so large crime in the new how the headache you know that you have had fun all right. If you'll be a part of show 803471063. Text line 71307. We haven't award that we give out each week who we can find don't think Chris has found an awesome one this week. And we caught our group's award. All right so. Let's go to Texas Sally a Texas man was charged with felony theft after investigators. Link him to an odd plot to still more than one point two million worth all of our fill in the blank Chris thirty notes. What did he still one point two million. Worth. This just something I mean you know it was in the sky this is sin taxes. On the go barbecue that's good yes. MO. That's also a good guess also leading in both Patrick was closer Patrick was closer he stole. One point two million dollars worth of the heat is. Over nine years. Okay. Plus and he basically walking out of the same restaurant that I got this picture of one point two million dollars of a heated in one trip you know got to point out I love that he has I don't know about you guys and I love that the heat is so. Former Cameron county juvenile Justice Department employee Gilbert so. Asked cannot escape or a mile a scare mill sort of go with. Miss work one day in August for a medical porn at the same day delivery driver called the kitchen. About having 800 pounds of but he goes to drop off the paper said a woman important driver that general department didn't serve the Tex mex food. But the driver said he did delivery now for nine years Cameron county district attorney Luis V sign as its its own. Spanish names are told Harold I'm not good when it. When mr. Ask camera. The reports. To work the next day here is confronted with a discussion and he admits. He had instilling that he knows which I can say for nine years. As soon again. It's got a media was fired that month and arrested after investigators obtained a search warrant and found packages of the Tex mex food in his refrigerator a refrigerator. They also dad to have struggled refrigerator on why they also checked their voices and determined. He would intercept county funded food deliveries and delivered him to his own customers. Into newspaper. He was determined to have stolen 1000250. Or and 578. Of fajitas. Dollars' worth affiliate the report added. His name in Scania was arrested last week in a felony theft charge. It if it wasn't so serious you think it was a Saturday Night Live skit. But this is the real thing so we don't you think you know sure Chris was thinking the same thing. Is over and nine year period. You were gonna steal a food item. I need this dude had a really lapidus Horry was beaten his family or something I don't know but. What food would you still over over nine years the one food debt. You can need every single day are you know your answer but you can tell over Byron Patrick. That would be a lot of drama and it would be up and wanna run on it as a way to get a lot hot. He's here is dominant there are times is run and I think mass effect two but do you go right ahead. Rob I am a huge huge fan of rom and I think I would eat that every single day I could or my body would allow me to. I'm a little packs around and you know I'm not talking about the American version dubbed by the stuff in Korea. He's yeah he's the who's got a tow and a tell all right hey Dana infringement pal here's the thing. You do gain that tone over everything. Although I guess that tones on rob G nine it. Don't put it off on him or see how does that explain the difference between the package drama and and the legitimate stuck to talking about right now. So by packet stuff but it's like from Korea so it's a little bit better and better quality egg noodles. And is actually better later it's it's made in the country of origin no allies there's actually flavor and like the package they gave you and not just like oh here's a bunch assault. Blake is the flavor packets actually house flavor in the not halt. How much and you know they're basically bullion. I'm meant he sort of makes a lot of tees. Taste the salt. Oh bring. Other there's over in my packet of Rahman's that I you know I'm curious now I would likely try to sign of the Romany that you get from Korea yeah we have a wonderful kitchen here in America I know I you could know so here. Most of ours has a prominent ears Michael what do we have a bet we'll all yes millions and most of no range. Dario be a new range. No I did. I I did some quick math yes and discovered eight if if S army is contact was delivering for he is once a month let's just say that it was once a month probably I don't think it's specified in the story but. Let's assume that it was once month. And he and he did this for nine years. And stole what was a one point two million dollars worth at 111000. Dollars a month worth of the heat is that he's to. Could you eat that much. Was it was like what 800 pounds a fetus. Since I mean he's he may be the greatest neighborhood he's he's Hannibal are all Sunday at Santa nominate him if you have a block party every month they announced that may be but still I mean 800 pounds of heated. Let's just say it was just him or maybe even his family. Eating if they had the heat is every single day of the month. And every person ate a pound of the heroes and I'm anti Israel is these these. Hughes are prepared. And I prepared with what they're coming because. Can you resell forgiveness token doesn't think if it it was like let's say it was 200 pounds of onions 200 pounds of bell pepper separate. And then for about the chicken separate from all that you don't have to make a must he's exactly. You can make it as whatever you want to you have the stuff to do it. But it it's altogether then I yeah I am on your side or you can have you don't think you delivery service and makes them cycle in which he made are right so we know. After we go run by the way. Texas 71307. Tell us what food you with still for nine years and he does what's all right Chris do you have a specific. I'm I'm trying to think because most of the things and I'm thinking of would take. Making like it bit my first thought a favorite food is pizza and I only have one food for the rest my life to be pizza but making a piece at home is. Work and need to put some effort into it and then you know it assuming they're not prima is like a frozen peas or something like that I would do that and won a link him. In May total some 800 pounds and I'm sure no you're not gonna go down no I am I would I run media that. I'm on Nightline and that might be you try to New Orleans does that Finland's years ago America. And the next thing that occurred to me is like some sort of sausage it would prop forresters of them like that but it. I do. I don't I think it would get tired of that prickly I don't think I could do that for nine years political as like different you know. Flavored EB IRS knows solos I mean I have to reseller of the 800 pounds of sausage every month. Idols coming in let's come back to you was come back to you because I hear our exact these fake. Just getting answer than any answer now what kind of cut out beef meaning I'm I'm a revive them. A politely would you just points solely rabbi or like amid the uptake variety accounts but if you force me only pick one cut in the revised use them. Let's see how we go with nonsense. Separate. Everything kind of separate like. Separated. Yes everything all together can you did not as a t.'s Ernie on them we would know a restaurant you can buy it now. Chris McCann matters atonement had at other airlines the airlines that makes another appearance OK so three must come up with some real quake. And Chris is inside you know but those getting answers to get ground beef I think probably would be. Can you can do so much with it Chris mile I don't surround me if you're an intriguing Grammy I would much I get the stake in any could ground yourself yeah. When you and your wife to ID go out The Who decides where you know. We usually decide together you know would somebody make a suggestion lingo we haven't been here isn't it long decision or not usually so you just like Lou you're right out there yeah we we haven't we haven't eaten it. You know wherever all right so there's just destroyed my theory you and do the traditional were you on here and here you peak now you take it we didn't wanna go there I guess our dinner at home again as legally you have for dinner I don't know what though he won you know that. And usually I wind up picking something but it. It's again but my wife has is hearing on picky about that kind of stuff. All right so. What food would you still over nine years like this guy did and risk going to jail for what is the food to dive for alright so wouldn't take a break. We had to attack I was gonna say with and know very well people let's wait was well. That's why you insist we have a time has had a chance for more to compile all right. We'll come back and we'll read your tax and then we will hit the wrestling news you're listening to the obstacles for marijuana 63 W Doherty. What about Antonio staples Alonso Chris Zach. And Patrick here. Got a few attacks or gets if you want to being a part of the show its excellence of 1307. Crisco and read the techs there we're gonna get to wrestling news. I am a window at several people weighing in on this question of whether. What Fuji would steal for nine years if you could it. And these are some did some really interesting. Responses to people. Two different people's doors and Intel have decided on the same thing shrimp. Not a bad idea shelf that expensive. I. I think I think the expiration date on knives too high from there I can see that led by the river is still in these things weekly so it's not like he's a weekly BL OK once a month. Well even so I don't know I mean I am I resent out my you can freeze for a continued to. I mean it in his weekly I can understand track under present and a and it's a monthly nine. So you can tell the difference between fresh from the frozen room yet yeah aka. Anyway still a pretty decent idea another personnel like this idea at all I didn't think is something like this earlier Krispy Kreme original glazed. Really he might still have it. No I'm not. I think I EV I'm not saying I go to his dad dying but I have a huge sweet tooth and I'm surprised it didn't occur to me to take something sweets and I think my answer is going to be ice cream. Okay. You still that much I I I got a really big freezer at the sponsor interest changes cancer three times as soon as we were a size of the news you know. But he's a lover of food and please find me or your point Patrick shrimp. I mean you can do a lot of different things with a you can and I agree I greased I think Bubba and I barbecue ball. And I said that was a weekly blanket and sought tighter race. Those tracks. But it is a monthly thing and c'mon shrimp creole Leah pineapple Schramm who forget my favorite shrimp shrimp. True it's. The hosts. This is somebody and a texting and Al west first Henderson hill potato pizza is the busy in the peace and I was talking about earlier this the most amazing peas and I never had. Actually I just try to new pizza few weeks ago guys Pete's in Pendleton chicken and waffles pizza too much now that she doesn't models how thick is the what the waffle. Knows it actually made on a lawful. Like with the an estimate and pieces of while he had canceled pieces of lawful magic are on I don't know. Is an excellent if you pots us insert a you can put both are whichever one. You wanna do it. Interesting I don't Phyllis what did you guys the other person's just pancakes. Yeah I could see because Canada did to me like that would get old quick but think anybody can tell us something to the batter all the time now I know he doesn't think it is just the pancake batter. We have an argument here but it just solely likes guys gallons of pancake batter at a time you have an idea David yeah we. We can do a lot of different things of that sure. Yeah I could see that. All right we promised we promise we get to rest in his hotel residential is into it. All right. Speaking of enough jump I guess have no idea what I'm about to say but he ain't doing too well. But he might be doing well later Thomas until morning all right so different things get to sports wrestling goes. The biggest thing we're gonna talk about while we attuned to second first fall bully right also known as Bob ray has retired as anybody here. Yeah I didn't dubbed the bully great character was great. Goat go back and watch. Upon our needs in his retirement speech is very nice he he put someone through a table. And the very end like he saw a kid an audience brought him then gave him a piece of the tables that this is probably the last able ever put someone through. Take this you know with you really called watch does very cool all right Kevin Rollins. Leads. South America just like Chris is leaving the studio right now. McCain asked why listen I know it's the tiger thank wrestling Kevin owns les south American tour. For undisclosed reasons not on bringing this up because. There are a lot of people leave and a lot of people sick are you hold your finger out. I don't concede that would just because you said undisclosed reasons but he acts of posts on Twitter had to do with the family emergency contract so he left repealing emerge he's not sick is that gambling he would. All right so it's not a noble situation Rory decided no and and and especially since they're doing the stupid copycat thing which I was hoping they would do what you talked about last week. His new best friend the Golan best friends here they were best friends you know I know they've legitimately still are best friends supposedly. But would stay well let me say I last week in its touch and Samuel line and had to go back and catch up on a lot of it. That's when the best heel turns they've done in a while because everything he says makes since yes it does unite us great fields are again and it's perfect for the guy is a guy is not given. And some kind of played it is now on these changes character hole I mean he still kind of the same and I know he was a little and but Easton and I can't escape be happy now when he loses he's all right he's in our area and a sarcastic line yeah but it works you can skip sarcastically he's a criminal act. All right so then the night Jack's also so. Left the arena the other night. Is I think she left from what I'm hearing from. People she lets you rent a sources Yemen as a source as she left the arena like the same day. That noble days but she does it show up the next week. They're saying that it's a personal issue and kind of more or less. That they're gonna try to be worker contract make her happy because they don't want nine believe so. Other reworking her contract I think right now. All right so his ring this company yeah listening pro does a lot of problems including meningitis. A couple. A couple of the superstars Abreu Wyatt both Dallas and Joseph job. All have meningitis now Joseph Joseph Abreu liner dating still get that good. If for you bring Wyatt and Bo dallas' is bright lights brother so they all have meningitis they're all out. And then dies is an infection can be passed on obviously see all three have it. Then you. I am I'm doing my other job. Yesterday. And finish you know that ending its siege breaking news from a WW me. That Roman ranges Alfred TLC. And he is being replaced. By Kurt angle and this is desperation and yes this has me concerned because. And we do little break out of matches in the second but Kurt angle you can bring him back in the ring he deserves some buildup. He deserves story line you just don't boom unless you're really in trouble which is what the speaks to you don't just. Vote him out there. Well what's the over under on his minutes in the ring. I think he's. He's trying to do a whole lot but he's gonna be an ever did detonated the diary low and there is concern in I'm I've got them to read is everyone says because where you. As usual or. Overtime on but people are concerned Kurt angle is gonna go off their B Kurt angle this is my concern to he can't just have limited minutes it's Kurt angle. And not only is this is not a regular match either it's a 305 match. And it's TLC match. I mean give bringing god back with a history. Of of injuries and addiction and an all this kind of stuff that you bring him back in the worst kind of match you can prost. And he guy I'm asked if he does wanna wrestle against Syria he probably will want to look watch what I Kennedy's bill the only thing that can justify this is that. Again I want to money in the wrestling and that's for Kurt has been before he came back to identity. And he had a ladder match with Cody wrote. And it was a gruesome match and he was fine and I think that's the only in justified from Kurt not terrible shape either he's and. Perfect where he obviously it looks like he's in shape all right and another scratches pretty wide obviously does as I used to saying. But they're replacing Brey Wyatt with AJ styles who's from a different Bryant now this match just wrestle mania type match. Brett Wyatt vs the demon. I mean overlap but AJ styles vs a demon. And I disappoint because all to see sister Abigail you know the rumors is they're gonna bring in. A female wrestler a party seems she is a forget her name. To be sister having no one to see how they were gonna do that angle and everything and I'm not sure they can still do all the Patrick do you think they still can't. It is so can maybe get legged double disqualification. You know just have heard to show up doesn't say have you could still send and media player like you could easily do debris Wyatt like little. Crazy. You know video saying Reid has Bubba did that have a thing also and she appears in the middle. You know but I wonder if I mean why AJ styles. I mean for I can offer the club along the thing is the thing is what to do that but they're not going to sell a thing is everyone's gonna look at ago. There was only one match those Perry. You know interest today in the shield vs everyone else but now on interest in two matches because now we get to see the leader of the former bullet club members. Is gonna get extra rivals that's the only thing all right let's get some matches all right starting off with the children Kurt angle. Verses. The myth is and the bar. And bronze stroman. And king became returned and a crazy you know get those extra votes and it cost you some monsters that's openings so going on a monitor. As the campaign. And out of filed possibly knows about his ability. I'm gonna go with the I mean it's obvious now when it occurred and on their the shields get away. Yes I did and as I always wanted to Sheila. But in port Vince Roman doesn't it looks strong now listen I agreed that I had I think more than likely the shoe is gonna win but. Let me just throw something out there let's say. Kurt angle screws something up and it causes a shield to get really to lose. And Gil Gil against management. See that's my thing on the shield the lake. I did you know over more as as faces as the to be I don't think the issue must never be pure babyface is nation between airs at bats entering and heels at worst act how they where I mean did we if you what you remember about them when they did they attacked everybody. I heard the one person they attacked more than anybody seem to be jobs Tina but yet well because he had represented would know where I guarantee you represented the company yeah I I got you all right so. We all agree that. Kurt angle and and the children gonna win all right. On Mickey James vs biscuit. Awesome wasn't one in the yes Mickey James. Is nothing TJ just how hot it has a chance to make history does she not. Two when more wins titles and anybody in history if she wins this final yes Vanessa stupid com and hapless but how many. How added Gigi gets the matter how many times has the looks of this past the title dislike coming times Sasha banks lost the title the women's title team seems changed hands an awful lot at paper please. So I'm going with Jackie James win a mistake in my girl I'm not so optimistic about it all right. Crucial to its toll still vs ends no more Hank. Police so wins by DQ. Eyes honest I say n.'s Owens of thousands I think ginza isn't it anyway I think it is a win to back without cheating. You know. Then what was the point. What was the point of all of that's it you're gonna give the title back right all right let me let me let me. Tinker with that little bit. She won't sheet but he has new friends. That's still cheating not a C does nothing to do that if he'd like distracting the wrath the whole time while they're beaten up Calista oh. What was the point of giving the time the police are to honor Eddie Guerrero on his birthday. Bull crap. Was it an absence of movement Disney's the other night we won nimble. Yeah. I agree that the signals gone all right so. Using Isa and the influence in OK all right. Oscar making her debut. Oscars of the big leagues and establish. I agree bullet. As Oscar ever lost now now. What if someone comes out and also I was gonna lose all of my goodness if they give Emma. Don't know in big event that Emma as Oscars of course the laws. Now. Know who would be the best. Wrestler Q feud with Oscar. Right now yes Charlotte. Yeah who she's on a different OK in raw listen there's been a rumor that it's time for the boss to go he'll again. No way better times in order to come out and interrupt and calls Oscar the loose and then you set up that rival and start. Oscar would break Sasha banks in hack that's our ultimate. I don't know I don't know but I have seen scary stuff that Oscar is done in Japan OK what you see that you can't go back all right so. Because it doesn't matter I'm saying in the wins because if you I am not clear idea. All right so the demon vs AJ styles you know it. We all win so I it doesn't matter to me yet. I think that's good to match tomorrow Watson just. To shut off my brain and be like look these two guys this and do whatever they want to I'm. I'm pull on for ages Dow's but it's a raw paper view I think maybe villains and taxed when things that we just text. Guys AJ vs then this could be match of the year we agree a 100%. Guys nine Jack's fears Oscar. My dad's fears no one yet they still want to do is there a recent. Should be champ night taxes and fear us because they've wrestled multiple times before and an XT. Guys I think to shield will lose Kurt eats the pin. This shield then becomes tween years Alexa bleak beats Nicky Enzo and saddleback Moscow murders Amma. Okay we're gonna sit on all that but thank you can attacks come and all right. Cedric Alexander rear its swan verses the by Brian Kendrick and Jack Mallard Lucretia. Idea militancy preacher says they're just going backwards on these yet I guy Eric once entered Alexander Alexander Alexander. I'm going with the grind Kendrick and checked into but I don't like Jack doesn't heal does does he residents and assume it doesn't work it just doesn't Jack it doesn't work to gimmick doesn't work all right Sasha thanks for sizzle it's a fox. At least possible that we have fox why is as a food feud I come. Only ship needs a T shirt that's what does well I didn't chaser. I had a bypass hostile way and yes I'll abide police teacher does this by you guys are we need to brush here into the now we come back or hidden or roundtable. Including. An Olympic sport. That you might see in a gentlemen's club you're listening to the upstate polls are so I've heard. Right here 0163 W a RD. Roundtable time. And I have a question for Patrick. Oh boy it does it involve a word. No doesn't affect our familial cold NC. Why athletes you for that. But I'm clearly does he answer from the other do you oddly enough yes I am OK would you consider an Olympic sport. IA I view it as a great. Exercise training but not. An Olympic sport. There are actually exercise programs proponents in which is just training for. People for later on life when they can destitute and have no self esteem and need not OK moving on to put themselves their colleagues guests via or that's what they tell everybody anyway so the international poll sports federation. The IPS. Which everyone knows that IPS of which has officially existed since 2009 has been granted observer status. By the global association of international sports federation. This obviously which officially recognizes activities as a sport. Sobel dancing is considered a sport according to the global level Obama this move will all the polls sports federation to apply for the Olympics. Once they are full members. National poll dancing groups can now also apply for official recognition. As a sport on a national level not a question. Would this be a winter or a summer Olympic sport now that's an excellent question let's have done is a great question. Because you don't Michelle for what 67 months again just following the best thing you've ever sent. Probably right. In our longer that statement but seriously what would it be a what are her because some winter sports are still indoors yeah like that's true on the united. On as I wasn't summer yeah you're right I'm wrong. Hockey's in the wind and the winner yes I'm with Arlene I'm with I'm went and I'm pretty sure that. Most if not all of the winners boards have. I see it go ahead him at while they have something to do with. Winters things and it you know argue for Greg you visualize are attracting. Skiing and ice skating again in beloved senator senator. So I don't know my guess is that it by default it would probably wind up in the Summer Olympics. All right Derek Derek couple other as possible sports that is joining. And I would like to see these other ones more so than this when pulled Nancy joins who world arm wrestling federation. Waits. We got to see on. Very good to watch and I SeaWorld dodge ball association this needs to be an Olympic sport dodge ball needs to be an Olympic sport because. I want to see. The American team go up against Luxembourg. In the Olympics. Is light amber would probably have pretty good dodge ball I. I only wanna see dodge ball. As a violent export if we can negate the commentators on board with that cotton and commuting cotton. All right also the international table soccer federation. Okay have you seen that. You know that is to have physical clues yes in other words okay because there's a there's a game where it's like a ping pong table. But you have to kick a soccer ball on both sides. You get three touches with it might but he can't hit a ground. It hit it over the net and a pistol and an air hockey in the video. Is darts and they're. I think darts is already out for somewhere but those are the ones that they say so those. Which one would you take if you had to if you had to pick between our arm wrestling dodge ball. Whose ball or pole dancing as the next Olympic sport which would you fit. I'm trying to. Think of which of those are most like already existing Olympic sports as we discuss it the most recent Summer Olympics. Teams different sports tennis cycle in and out think they make a choice every every iteration. Which games again included there's some that you expect to see in their every single time but baseball for example was not. In in the past. Lows between. Sixteen entered when he yet we sixteen. Rio via Olympics but it's. Is planned on being for the Tony Tony Tony Tony for a freeway forty points out here is Diego. And so so it's not unusual for sports to kind of cycle in and out of the inclusion. As Olympic sports but I am I'm just wondering if if any of these that are. Are similar to sports that that they already play in the Olympics for example whose ball. Kind of like a ping pong which they do which table tennis which they do you play. In the Olympics. At least I was. In the most recent Olympics. You know what I would do I would stay up to 2 AM in the morning to watch. Olympic dodge ball on to say and I even have a viewers they have and to name them eligible financing. On now that this is doesn't it the right time being at Carolina but probably yes. It's 2 AM so well that somewhere someone's balls bouncing and thinking if you compare that to some of the gymnastics routines that dated guys not not that that leaping volt that's where I was gonna go with that it was a Florentine yes. Hey I don't know I could see it being. At least is as. Plausible as AM you know did where the ball in Cupertino color is that what goes with it a stigma whatever you and say. It's never going to be an Olympic sport. Hold dancing and never being elected but at east city that however. IE SPF to president Katie coats. Told the times UK. I've been told again and again by the traditional sports that it will be very difficult for us to be recognized this is sport. And that just spurs me on to achieve what they all say is impossible. So page apparently there's no did you appalling go girl and and there's but it is not going to be only peaceful. There's motivation now behind listed today. To be recognized as a legitimate sport. Aren't I don't know all right let's move if you strippers athletes knew if you if you have something yes on the album I guess. All right techs like someone out of zeros are they also might consider bringing. I'd rather see that India I would by the two point one leave for Tokyo no doubt the healthier you and a but it took years of earmarks soul ever had. The that. Olympic you guys to kill me I'm trying to move on RA doesn't you know it's going on right now like such apocalypse. True. In New Zealand. To apocalypse a chip populate yes okay. Tellem Chris well. What has happened is that New Zealand is apparently. How I wanna I would have a handle this delicately because. The in the phrase potato well ahead. Is there has to certain connotation yes the dust and and I don't necessarily want to bring up any any comparisons to. Events in Irish history. However there is a potato shortage. Happening in New Zealand and one of the effects is that there are not enough data chips they're having trouble finding and enough potatoes to make potato chips. Out out. And it has been described as H apocalypse. Because. Because these. These potatoes or order. They've they lost a third of the crop that they make about it that they of the potatoes that they make the chips out of now how much would you pay for about your tips. This makes you wonder if there was apocalypse here for example yes here's a here's a picture. On the part of a that was taken in a store with a sign posted from pack and save. Attention customers. Due to a nationwide potato shortage. We will be having trouble stocking goods internships this will likely last until the new year sorry for the inconvenience. When W weird if you walked into you walked in the bile lower or Wal-Mart or something like that you saw that at this would be. Really trying to or Maryland the last time inning happened. Like that that well. IE I remember similar things happening wins electronics. Equipment computer components and things like that but yeah I remember shortage on gas when I was little kid but he has. It I would say tomatoes was a recent tender that that's made is that really expensive there were some sort of produce that did that. Possibly and the we've had troubles might choose before and yes like that yet peaches that there'll be a blink an early freezer something until the peach crop and in the southern states where they're primarily ground. Are we just more stuff to get to but. We're gonna have to wait till lightning round to get it we're gonna take a break you're listening to the upstate Paul's right here. A 1063 W Doherty. Guys seen it I guess looks cool. It does look good. I I think. This is going to be this going to be I hope this movie is as good as. The trailers look. I'm not trying to be doubtful with a trailers look so good for foray a character that I really don't know a lot of well. Yes same here to be we're like I'm going in there like not knowing. Lying to gas but I kinda wanna do it that way I don't wanna learn a whole lot about him because. Did you not look and say well that's wrong that doesn't he you just going in you're learning. According to move you would still be some or jingle and all along with it all right Walking Dead returns tomorrow and I exact. Yes it does. I don't know man I'm remembering the first episode of last season there's no way. No way can be like that. Like I say that yeah hi this is not mean if it does if it does I'm not I might be dealt with the show. Really as bad as I was last year I think I would have may have to stop watching. A welcome back to later but you know. I am DVR in it but still I just it looks to be you a more or. Asked Casey battle on the fire armies type thing yeah 'cause you you've got armies I mean after the betrayal last year. At the end where the jump people forget what they're called. They're junk people where they've betrayed. Alexandria. But is we hit all the army's coming together Hilltop. The Kingdome. I like ice and Jerry fights I wanna see Jerry fight with the but relax man Jerry is also. How is Chris was into those who would love Jerry. Jerry. Maybe I will pump I can just get so much TV while I got I got you I'm curious to see seem Morgan this year given his changed there yes the you know and here. Our rights. Strange things drops next Friday so excited all right. A Metairie right there's there's countdown up on. Netflix right now and we've already started re watching it and is just as good second I don't it's time we come on the air next Saturday how many episodes do you guys think you'll watch. Well I do have two small children. I don't sell yap good I could wind given you a full season review. Yeah I ate my guess is that that it's my wife and I will watch at least one or two. Maybe more than that but I doubt will have gotten through the whole thing. I think it's good to him for me about. These things that are a lot to digest a little bit as a trip to us from and his style is your point of view and in the year that they're young and an end. Well no and we've talked about this before Howell how how the new technique of streaming television in you. You do you just don't retain as much is used to if you if you had to watch an upset in the week to week. Well I'm guessing that probably won't watch to. Especially my wife who plans to watch with me is. She can't just watch worn right like you know a lot of times I use that power and go when we all watch something together like that's enough. There is to make everybody mad these 'cause I mean as we've. Establish our way to punish her release date. His was dropped and the new promo looking forward to and that's what is the date haven't November 70 that we don't have and so month. And gallantly but they're drop and it. They and people are trying to act like it's going to be competition with Justice League. People can go see Justice League and come home watch Netflix yeah they want I think I think certain outlets are trying to make it competition studied it between marvel and DC and it's not it's not even a competition based on you know which you gonna spend your money on keyboard he got the nets Netflix possession. Exactly you know and speaking of subscriptions obese boy has been cast for the new titans. I'm gonna have to sort subscribing to DC thing I think and I don't have a price point right now blood. A one C titans the guy they cast his peace what a story every bit odd time to look for his name on if you look at market he looks exactly. Like what you would picture someone being peacefully same features everything you picture of what degree in skin. All right on the Hans solo movie hasn't idol and people are ticked off about. How to do you know what if not I'm not gonna ask your question. It's been a big deal with the Hans solo movie I don't payments today yes. Still something out there very were in line into. Is how millennium falcon was one. Do you think are set those I don't know Oregon and ask if you knew who console was who worry neither are I didn't they're gone solo movie this. So low. So isn't too. Why don't mind isn't that he's instead it's pleasant and just seemed like a week hi there are eighteen he didn't think about as popular online behavior now so yeah. Did any gives this news from the geek jokes they just don't think. That you know you we need consulate moving so players and so would entitle it changed your mind now and -- and an alliance is an adult now why do I eight I do agree with you to a certain extent because it seems. It's it's a bit on the nose it's right it's Ron Howard what do you expect. Well I mean they you Ron Howard the director so is it does. You know that this doesn't surprise me if I'm I'm trying to think through other movies and he is willow. We'd she would alone Sloan. OK that willow I mean did you didn't know anything about willow booty call will look good. No OK but my point oh you don't midnight gaining no my point is you didn't know anything about willow before you saw the movie you had no idea who willow lies. So why does the title have to be loan to what what the people it. And really just elegant sentence seems a bit higher on the slow them pretty well with what you know also. Do what you want. Something create I don't know either something creative I think I'm fine with sullen quiet. To your point is Ron Howard so and he's not known for. Making creativity is his movie titles like Apollo thirteen what did you think that was going to be about the sort of music oh points and Chris would talk over and RU listening to be just a pulse. Wolf until next week.