Upstate Pulse 2-17-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, February 17th

The guys talk Black Panther and disgusting things in the first hour!


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Welcome and sued the upstate polls welcome into Saturday night my name. Is Alonso. And you have found they show there's hidden on the weekend. When they don't want you to know about like secret but the special people and you know who you are you know where we are. And you tune in you'll listen to text or call. You interact with us on our FaceBook page which is the staples and Chris doesn't want to go there's been a Crist I and TB. Credited actor Chris Evans was up. Is here so contributor Cameron is here I. And the plus the wind will be here possibly. He is to be seeping under the door apparently he will be an at some special stories and I'm willing to save till he gets here possibly in the second hour. On. But he is doing work and the other part of the building we have 17. Stations here now ability. I think that's right at last count Ascap yes yes I mean we could have picked up a couple more like yesterday after you and I left for the day why is he seemed to multiply they do that nothing wrong what that means quality man. We need a pocus station we have we do need to pull the station on possibly it will come eventually I don't know Philly this like the one thing or missing in this building. Well I think we're listening to missing in this state yes yes and it as a big focusing I would be surprised if there were of a poll is stationed anywhere in South Carolina you know it's funny that you would say something in a bow pulpit as polka makes me think of will Yanukovich different kinds of instruments in Germany including bad pipes and there's a story about bag pipes that will be talking about later. Amid the upstate pulse. It's a beautiful Saturday nights we know you probably on your way out to the movies out to get something to eat on our football season's over and you're just out of thousand. And we have some warm what a little bit colder tonight but you know. Not that little bit raining. Were on the way you we've. Hopefully we're done with winter here in South Carolina in a couple really cold weeks and it we're done already don't have any ground yes that's true. I'm ready I mean I'm sure groundhog lives here but I'm saying we yelled. Pay attention know that we had around dogs but Tommy springer kill them but that's fine you know let's get eaten according to him and I'm sure. He's right on springer the one man extinction Korea do have you heard the problem and oh yeah no no heightened he's out there shoot kill you start a winner so much and so. I'm glad that we have some warm days. Actually broke up the short couple days which is awesome but that door about part about this time a year we've got to decide. OK I just turn your conditional on. Do I really need to turned. He you don't yeah and that's the thing you go through. Like a month maybe it both in in the transition from winter to spring and transition from fault winner. Where you have to switch back and forth he got a yet I mean it's just. That's just how war. And it's something we have to deal with today's show by the way if you didn't see the preacher oh you really should tune into 1063 W or these people I know what you're missing. Always fifteen minutes before the show unless we try to go eat somewhere that makes this nearly which does happen on occasion. Thanks to you be now there's a reason we can live stream that stuff from the car we really glad we in the way that it's gonna it's gonna happen eventually but they'll adapt or book doesn't it's incriminating. Not if you are not holding the camera. No that's not what I mean I mean it's proof that Ollie. It until it's proved that we're not in the building we were an analyst sailors doing that on purpose you know little about in the studio via flickering screen. India now maybe now. Well edited and post well anyway so if it has more on today's show we are we get ready to talk about the black panther. Movie that which we all went to see. And you find out we lot that are not. On a pre show IT something on the go ahead and teases now coming up we have our second year of our movie awards yes and you know the Oscars it's all politics it's all movies that the majority of us haven't seen. Some of which Chris may have seen. But even this year he didn't see any using yeah Ali Foreman yes last year though on its its movies that you guys going to mean superhero movies or movies that kind of action film yeah stuff that people spend money to go seek and we do in our movie awards to every one. Anyone who's anyone wants to win the coveted Bobby Mack yes I mean you know it's a shame that we as presenters have never won a body. And probably you have the best shot we animated videos you know is I do you have the best shine the we can make that happen. Yanked. Via the best and the main actor that. I mean it may sound setup and contrived but he notes that possibility maybe Chris can winner Bobby. This year we're never contrived. Or maybe I'm just tease him and he won't want to you know and yet never know. So anyway that will be coming up and few weeks and then following that we will be doing our brackets in the past. We we've the first year we did superhero movies. And do you guys remember who won. It was a dark night it was analysts are dying idea and in last year we did scifi movies. I know who didn't win. It well that the movie it empire strikes back one that it. I'm pretty sure there are pretty solidly and I'm sure empire strikes back one now. Along the journey I mean some some movies fall here and there and some people get upset a mix of fun we all agree on everything. Where's the fun in that so I'm good to announce right now what the category is going to be this year. For. Our bracket in the reason why get to announce his 'cause I put all the work and now somebody else would he Pluto enough it well no because. Work man just like the movie awards which I'm fine I like doing the work it's fun being creative on that kind of stuff because when I'm creative and I don't dream. And if I'm not creative I have the weirdest dreams ever since so it's it's a waves if you really selfish on your part it is okay is I just wanna sleep. So our our category is. Or slash monster. Horror style monster so as far as horror movies goes you know you've got to get jobs in your your Michael Myers as far as monster movies goes against god villain. Yes he denser creature from the black lagoon stuff like that right so. On it freaks it will be it's possible they'll be in there so they'll be filled there will be 64 movies tremors and we will yeah those. Those giant earthworms when there aren't yet yank an unhappy movies again victorious so well a lot of those are being. A lot. Yes this will be basically that the team is I think so it yeah it will. So. That's what we're gonna do. And speaker movies. Being a superhero movies. We went to see. Black panther yesterday Chris would suit today I did and so. I'm gonna warn you density yet we're gonna try to not be spoiler it it's especially we try not to spoil on the week the movie can guess and done. Because we understand you might not have gotten a chance to see it yes I mean that's end it's understandable the movie only just came out a couple days ago so. And and if you're you're way right now with Cisco before we get to our reviews go ahead and say I will say. You should go see this movie chorus yes absolutely our camera I totally horrible movies just keep getting better and better and better. All right now let me tell you what my misgivings were for this movie armed. Paula I thought there would be political undertones I gotta tell you there are soft you look at it is it is. It is done in a way in an awesome way it really I. I you know what I agree with you because I was I I also was a little. Offended by it. Disappointed I just put it out as a little disappointed the first time I heard some of them the the political overtones that there in the movie but then as the film went on a I start to think it was lake you know let this really only one person this talking about this yes and I can't give you can't get what you say who is you can buy it. But it's it's a specific person is talking about this and the rest of and everybody is not talking about that and I thought I. It was actually really interesting because. It puts kind of it puts kind of this. This American perspective we're only into political on the show that's I mean we know you come here for the for the entertainment that you get enough politics during the week and that's why we're here. Is to take you out of that. Realm for for a few hours to shake and relax and have some fun. But this is this to come up but it's interesting because this is this is that the conversation that we're having you here in America. But it puts it in the context of the larger world where that where that's not necessarily the case an end and they talk about. There's a lot more positive ID in the film and there's negativity on the regard. There is and you know when you hear some of the people who were who were trying to bus people in the watch this movie and stuff and they're pushing this movie to be the highest grossing movie of all times. This or superheroes goes. I don't think you're gonna accomplish that. And I can understand why the push I know they tried did they try to do the same sort of thing with Wonder Woman and pushed and pushed it. Those faces its Star Wars came along just blew everything away on this last year but. Get passed ball and go see this movie in the end it tomorrow movie if you saw civil war you've already seen black panther you know what he's about you get an expanded. Origin and where he is now type of thing. No and not just that but it occurred to me in the middle of the movies that this whole film is. It's not necessarily a history of conduct. But he eventually the film big that the opening news is a brief history of of how look Condit came to be and what you know why it is the way it is and and it some their mythology and and and stuff like that. But. The events the actual events of the movie. Would be I mean if it. Is what Condit were an actual country this would be a huge. Political. Milestone in the aired in their history like this would be us this would be. You know. Groundbreaking you know in terms of in terms of home establishment owners that are out of too much away because it's really easy to get to know I understand that but it's it it is. It's one thing for us to watch a movie like this to scale back the avengers or something like that and you get this huge staying is that happens in New York City. And all the superheroes come together in the fight the evil in the big league Contra. And that's and and I I didn't actually really impressed. I'm especially with some of the did the Netflix produced a marvel series they they refer to that and they keep it in the universally they. Billy and that is something that doesn't make the aftermath of yet the aftermath and they make mention other every once in awhile so it is neat to see that kind of stuff. But the but he events of black panther. It's actually passing because it's it's almost like you're watching a part of their history unfold. And it's it's eight. I likened it to like watching a civil war movie in in in America like I mean watching stories that. Actually happened from the civil war even if they're. A little fictionalized people take liberties with tempted to you know to make an engaging in and to make an interest in for the screen. But these are things that actually happen again if we'll Condo world a real country this would be a pivotal moment in their history. All right so I don't want to spend too much time on this because I don't want to accidentally give something away I would tell you and and I'll give each year guises opinion as far as. How you rank the movie on. One thing I love the movie all the way around my favorite character was the sister. Oh I'm sorry yeah she's sister was just. You're dealt although I'll say I'll say one of my eye. What are my favorites was the the character played by Michael B Jordan and mostly because they thought. Michael B Jordan did a fantastic job and he's when I like police think that really got hit it I study I studied and wrote an excellent job and I've been frankly haven't kind of watching his career I remember seeing him. Appearing in as as you know linking guest star on TV shows. Back when he was first getting started acting. And was kind of impressing not really impressed when I I'd. And recognized him and and I seen him come along he's gotten a lot better is he's become a much better actor and then he's had you know what I guess. I can't really think of another one but I guess his breakout role would be creed. Last year year before and yeah it was. And he's he wasn't very get a fantastic four so I hit my favorite yes sure my favorite was a sister and the reason why it is one of one of my best friends back in Ohio his wife who also is my friend. Acts dislike her looks like it's like her. Everything and and it's just reminded me of her feel what a character reminds you of someone that they care about it just makes you alike can be even more. I also like deny Guerrero I always say her last name wrong but she's Michelle from. From the Walking Dead. And she was a general say yes and I was who I was I was quickly Italy are right now my only problem with the movie. Is some of the CGI and that that's using opera I noticed I know there's going to be we wincing in IMAX. So easy again I go 38 I now know this wasn't reading nothing on the iMac it's interesting and that. I've never actually seen an IMAX movie that wasn't in 3-D IC IMAX 3-D before and a scene 3-D movies that weren't IMAX. But I've never seen them a standard Def is not in her death some of the bodies scenes I've seen better and other movies. Where the CGI was an obvious listen it's not bad it's not horrible I mean it's like I don't know are hundredth of a percent. A problem for me as well as I always again I know we're gonna review and I'm looking at it. If you wanna look at it that way but all these movies this is almost always my only problem. And that well much is my NFC I probably I. I eat. And have a hard time criticizing the CGI because for the first time in years probably since I was a little kid. I wound up having to sit in the very front row to see this film today. There were no open seats I was really impressed frankly with tutoring at those I went to the one and Simpson bill relic sought in it's just standard do you know glasses no IMAX nothing like that just did the cheapest tickets we get I just wanted to see the story I just wanted to watch the movie. And see at continental. It actually surprisingly good I made I made a point to move her around I will say that I had. I had to open my eyes so wide to see the movie that my eyes actually got cold. Which was it an odd sensation from Canada that's never really and there are really hasn't order form but it was I had I mean it was that he. You want it. You want that this film you want the screen that the film is projected on to take up your field of vision. But what you don't want is to have to move your head to see different parts of the action and that I had to do. Pretty much the entire time in fact I was sitting so close to the screen I could see the pixels. In the projector. Image that's not good it's no it was not good and I was I was I will say I was tracked now it didn't it it. It was a detriment to my movie going experience. But I don't think the movie was bad because of it like I do I still recognize how good movies I really would like to see it again and actually be able to look at it. But it was. It was I thought it was gorgeous but I thought it was really get I'd I did not have a problem of the special effects at all. Okay all right Cameron yours real quick before we go to break. While I. I it's I say I didn't entirely enjoy all of like can homeowners perform performance but. At first but I think as a as is married and am kind of liking a little bit more. But. Overall I'd Tyrone really ultimately. And I got to tell you one thing. As far as the first movie out for the year rolling. Can be hard it can be hard on top. Live our I don't know but there's a lot of really good yeah look inside of him and challengers infinity wars probably gonna have an ask regular viewer or console alone I mean there are some we yet there is a brand new preview for solo. During ask was pretty good wish it was really good. Aren't we come back and come back what music from a group that's going on tour and we will be coming back from every break with on the you'll find out. After the break your losing upstate pulse earlier won a 63 W Doherty. Welcome back into the staples and crystal be happy about us love me some Smashing Pumpkins. All right we will be playing Smashing Pumpkins come back from every break because these Smashing Pumpkins are back together nearly all of them. Nearly all of them not all of them again nearly all of them and they are going on their first tour since 2000. It is a summer tour. Ending an eighteen year absence from touring circuit did you realize it's been eighteen years since these guys as well toward. Kind of I mean I'd really say that the article lies noted and I don't know nods Ed since they've been together on tour as the Smashing Pumpkins I a I think Dave I think Dave individually been on other tours with the other bands. But Andy bassist will not be joint yes Darcy rescue is not coming back and I I have heard some. Some controversy over that said there's there's conflicting stories coming out from the band members about why she's not going to be there. She she apparently he says that she was happy to be there and it couldn't push around and I and it's gonna remain out of the net. But that was. The shore because of Arafat Palestinian. Okay. You can see why by it was maybe like because is name is Darcy note that that would like it didn't. Anyway it was a dude where trends. Appear. Anyway. According to her she's. Perfectly happy to do the tour. And rejoined the band and it's it's frontman Billy Corrigan it's. Being coy about it and and you know excessively trying to give her reasons not to and he's been saying that he's been inviting her in she's she can't commit to the whole tour in that there's reasons you know that that. She's got other things to do that she's already committed to that that there are preventing her from being there the entire time. So anyway if there were to come around I don't know I don't know who to believe that the candidates haven't been that I haven't found him. You know how local they will be would you go see them. Maybe I 85. That they come to Charlotte to never know with via with empathy not in the well below is some some big chest and heart. Her commitment well I'm impressed a legacy that. But. I don't know. Whether they're coming close enough is not add them list of is not the top of the list of reasons that I would or wouldn't go. I would like to go see them in concert yes I would like to have had the experience of seeing them play alive onstage by it. My primary excuse for the moment is that I have two small children. And I don't know how much tickets are gonna cause the united so I mean all these are our factors for consideration articles with some news but I would like let's stick with the music okay. And Chris found that's what I'm stronger so I think countries with country music record level. Up till now now Shatner has released albums before Lucy in the sky with diamonds but up until now late if I'm not mistaken could be. Up until now they've all been spoken word. Of course yes do it the the the one that that tends to stand on people's minds is rocket man when he did rocket man it back and it does the seventies early eighties leagues and he's nearly eighty some time. And it's just speaks the entire lyrics to rocket man over the music. And he's done this a number of times. And because apparently heat the the same way that he doesn't do cameos he doesn't sing on albums and so I'm wondering if this is going to be. Just another spoken word album over country music instead of Covert something else. Like it or if he's actually gonna take the time saying. There's no place and I don't know I I I don't know how cool it. I mean I think he kicks in but I don't know I take your point beat cancer and I. I think he doesn't saying because he thinks he can't sing. That's what I think I think he doesn't I think he doesn't saying because he thinks he can't sing or or that he's got at least some reason it. That he's. That he doesn't. Seeing ever buy it. I don't necessarily think he can't sing. If he thinks he dancing and it's you know it's up to him. All right if you're author confused by what Kristen said. Might you text 71307. Are you computers to probably trying to psychoanalyze I'm sorry dad and essence raped as which is a dangerous proposition. Yeah turning fused so my point in say that was that. At this point having done decades frankly worth of quote unquote songs where he doesn't sing all I don't know how he could change this. Point Chris is not found himself when Nia paradox of infinite quandary. So on. A donut Adidas. It's it's. Never mind as meted out OK okay but anyway it's not an actual thing it's it's a thing now. Which now is to slowly becoming more more of it it's your asking questions and you know like I like blondes as an idea of taking into excellently. Yeah here's the thing and what country song would you like to her William Shatner cover. On I think so it's like the thunder rolled. From a from. Garth wrote I would like to grandma Daryl ran over hiring guess not a countries I would like to hear and is one of Johnny cash's coverage of sound garden. But how could exactly could you tell that he was god I don't know I don't know that you can tell ya contraception. All right so. While while Crist checks the. Tex lines you know that's and we get some text and and NC. Policies black panther was quite Shakespearean in nature yeah I had that thought myself there I was life I saw a couple of a Shakespearean themes in there and you know the the uncle killed in it it was a bit of the reversal because in Hamlet for example. It's the uncle that kills the king to become king and in this when it was became the Kilby uncle. And now there's a revenge story you know on the on the that the next generation. But yet but yeah you're not wrong there. I would say he continues with our black panther was interesting considering the end of Thor rag in Iraq and what we know about from the marvel universe. I'm also does not necessarily spoiler but if you're gonna go see black panther as with most marvel movies he gonna wanna sit through the credits gather to post credits in. Tech Syria continue to thought black panther was similar to the first four you know amid political the mythological monarchy. Let's agency I thought the original four was okay. It was very pretty in fact it's got one of the best looking and credit sequences have never seen an amenity. Buy it. I in the story was a little. Linear you know there there wasn't really a lot to it. And I felt like black panther like I said marvel movies have been getting better and better and better I don't know that this is necessarily the best marvel movie ever. But. On hold there are at their trending upwards in terms of quality paso and and and I think. I think this one was much better put together than the original for it. So I I he had I don't know. That's somebody's texting Patrick. On the techs like a Patrick as we mention. Is not in the studio at the moment however he will be joining us later we expect netted a dead yet it remains to be seen but the we expect him to join us unless there is about a running in the baseball game that he's running. Which could be possible. Texas tech's Chris did you feel like you're watching his side scrolling game and big fat pixels and thanks for the review guys. Our kind of a media is. Like I said it was a little distracting it. It it detracted from my movie watching experience but not from the movie itself but it wasn't so bad that you got up walked out and I'll unstuck it out how colonel that I well I will admit we did not do this but it will admit that it crossed my mind the next theater over. Was showing the same film. Twenty minutes later 45 minutes late start time was due in 225 minutes later and I was like well maybe there's not as many people in there. We are bought the tickets that got the money you know what if we just went in that theater. And that's technically breaking the rules and legacy and we didn't do it but I considered it. Just so that I wouldn't have to sit in literally. The very program you might have gotten away with I probably would have but I am but we didn't they might have allowed that. Now attacks or does have suggestion for for William Sanders and an album. Achy breaky heart which I think we work perfectly on because Seattle's face of Billy Ray Cyrus that ruling saying. Deanna you much anyway so that that would not be too much mistress in a stinging one more story before we get a break. Taylor Swift shakes off copyright low lawsuit over hit song. So I hate the lyrics to shake it off and pulled this story. Because. The legal decision. Determined the judge determined in district court. That the lead breaks we're not creative enough to qualify for copyright protection which I think is hysterical. Apparently big name or the they used the word but Nadal to describe the lyrics do you know have been all means. You know I purposefully didn't look it up because I knew that you would tell us and all. In all means comment. Chris Ward of the day ordinary. Mundane. Not interesting creative or unique in any way whatsoever. So in a way he burned her yes. I invite you savagely beat the court like it of a legal decision. These aside really dropped the cavalier is apps that ultimately will let you here's the thing he helped her out even though he burned her yet he. I know my well yes yes he cinema but. Comfort and she's been sued but here's the problem you know that judges burning all of Taylor Swift fans who went out and bought that project. Which may not ton of money she doesn't care she gets write a song about him. Maybe now that that would be picked it it it it that only perfect I'm very Taylor are right you're listening to the unstable with Taylor. We have a ton of stuff to get to we get back right here on 1063 Debbie Doherty. Love the song unfortunately. Chris is gonna how spasms or I don't know I'd have to secure and this was such a good album. I mean this is this really is one of the best albums come out of the ninety's. Siamese dream it's Saatchi and alum I know there are a couple of songs on rock band. From. Smashing Pumpkins I don't know I think this one's Eleanor it's today. Yes it's pretty good song winner plays Smashing Pumpkins songs come back because they're going on tour Chris is. You know what I'm more hurt the more you talk about it the more excited again I'm my eight and my eight out I'm might commit to guns seized. It's too if they do if if I do I'll Gil Alba I'll do a review I'll ala. A talk about it are they would commence before we get sued the next segment of the show. Patrick has joined us and welcome back match and we were talking black Panthers own hear what you thought about black panther. That was really good I usually don't go see a lot of marvel movies. This was one of the first ones assault opening day. Didn't really know a lot. You know what to expect what was what did you see civil war I yes OK Ted that's basically all we heard about. Black panther geniuses like my my buddy. Has you know read them O Shuler had a colony idea and it had heard anything album like in the comics right I guess assets. So I was talking to him before the movie and we have in our discussion about it before hand. I go into the theater and race. We got there early enough because we skip the popcorn line. As we we ate dinner we skip the pop when line able to get seats all the way at the top. Because that way I could. See the movie and not be distracted by anything. I thought the movie itself was beautiful. Yes it wasn't that gorgeous the directing of it in everything that was perfect I thought. Michael B Jordan Yemen. He stole the show CI that's what I anonymous so stole the show but I thought it was very very strong when the strongest. Actors in the film are no doubt like IE I enjoyed his performance. A lot you. And I and and Andy Serkis MIT because I'm kind of fan of his ever since he was. Creed. And sure enough up on up and I was sent I'd I'd seen him since he was doing guest starred spots on T says yes so. It just the whole movie though was really really good. I think my favorites. Was the oval car chase. Which you've seen in trailers and I was currently anything right there tried to stay away from spoilers so I wasn't as sailing anything like to our Internet. But I don't know is like when my favorite scenes of the whole movie. I would you know what I will say and and I don't think this is spoilers and it's been in the trailers. But I was. I ate I was always a little concerned about one of the things that I'd seen in the trailers where. Where he he's he's riding on top of one of the cars and then it just explodes for no reason. And that got explained in the L why that happened and it's very cool so I I was. I was happy about that because it it didn't look and cast that you're right that car chase scene was pretty ged. There there are a lot of the I really enjoyed Martin Freeman's performance as the CIA agent. You know I could be but he's he's shown up. In more than just this movie he's he's guy I wonder if he's the new Clark Gregg I wonder if he's the media. You know me and Jabber Avnet and it comes initially that he said the exact same thing if he's like the new calls Seattle if he's the new agent Coulson at that. Because. It officially in court in the in the marvel. Cinematic universe gauging Colson is dead. An and they've. They're they're keeping that. I guess they're they're running without even though he is he's officially alive on the on the on the shield agent of shield shell is I think what it's like I know it's a secret yet. All right so. There you go all four of us like the movie again I'm gonna try to get away from the Kazaa I do believe Chris slogan yes spoiling now I okay do hang onto would you have a couple more tax on it. Actually somebody sale in Texas says they saw Chris down an auditorium fourteen yes that's exactly there was come up and say I next time. It was packed although I was on the phone at the end beats talking to my mother whose babysitting. It was packed and it was supposed to be the 230 show in nine I don't know nine is a bigger theater mini IE not that familiar with the rooms are there. I'm still little known to have it doesn't show and the design of the wheel Condit jewelry are good to pass to think the whole movie was gorgeous I mean everything about it was just. Really really well thought out. And and made sense in India in its own context. I would never have time you want to get to the next thing you know it's was good we take our next break and we'll come back and doing on the other side. Right you are listening to the upstate pulse right here 163 W Doherty. Welcome back to the upstate pulse Alonso Chris Patrick in Cameron hanging out on Saturday night. What more big hour ago and still one more segment. On this segment. This is our new signs of the impending apocalypse music in honor of my good friend. Russ Cassel who on would find signs that the world was coming to an end soon. And we got a couple of those and hopefully we will get to them before the hour is up. The first wound involves a little bit of music accompaniment. And. I let me apologize ahead of time. Vote here. Are just just to do with Marilyn Manson. I'll get to the story after after this lose about a minute to listen to music first. Of this one. It's Marilyn Manson sweet dreams remake featuring Barney the Diana's church. Patrick street canal much. It's almost over. Are you may wonder why Maryland is in pain and people wonder that Marilyn Manson cuts his concert short. Afternoon apparent on stage helper so you know the concert. Marilyn Manson just goes nuts and in Wausau says now here's a question is how could you tell that Marilyn Manson went nuts on stage here's how you could tell he doesn't come back. On according to Alison may who tweeted this now Marilyn Manson put on the worst show I've ever seen played five songs. Played five songs. Bill's case about people not saying now I'm saying builds his divorce case is cheese now explains she's in the second okay. He didn't actually say billable seated next to save the rest days who are you bill scares me we substitute names and cheese we Diller okay words that we can't say and so you play five songs in bill's case to about people not saying I love you. And walked off past tagged Marilyn Manson hash tag worst concert hash tag refund so the thinking is. So you decided to put Barney here. The reason why OK I think that Barney the dinosaur has somehow infected Marilyn Manson. Because he wants everyone to say I love you more. Now who says I love you more than anyone in the history of man it's Barney the dinosaur. Somehow. Barney the dinosaur. This taken down Marilyn Manson is leading Internet staples investigate this is my this is my theory this is my theory. I mean so. This disturbed individual. There's also won everyone's love each other. But the way. Dole's case. Is produced in the region of Alsace. Which is located in the eastern border of France and on the West Bank in the upper rough line in most cases one of favorites fresh cheeses of France. May from cow's milk this cheese's flavored with horseradish and herbs you it is. A French cheese and also offer some salty flavor the fat content is around 45% so. Get yourself. Bill's case he shares flavored with herbs and not herbs. Because it's as if there's a difference it's it's it's our tar like from a front of you care to in Cincinnati this stuff we have all right I was so OK we have time. I need some more music to go with this next story alert Patrick boycotting. No this one I know okay. I don't like it but still I know it. Since Chris can figure out why musings. I yes. There's again. Something creepy here than a little girl with. Willis create fear was that. These two were hurt. Swaying at the same time yes parent and Chris. Such sway able music. That's the problem of it after a. Who did dad who is the artist and a fiscal. I forgot to write that down on OK it's called her song and many people do the song why am I do yes. It has to do with worms that's why I never once heard the song but. Have you ever heard the entire version of it I know I know I hadn't yet they need to our version is much more disturbing it is a little bit then we all know. Right and organ woman with a rare eye infection that resulted in fourteen tiny worms now being yen moves. Few men who have contracted in Paris and confection spread by flies. A scientific report released on Monday said Abby Beckley 26 had the worms removed from her left guy this is how. And I go back to baseball and how they remove the yeah seems like them the method of removal that you found the story did you not read it now leadership a glass I know those she sits on poor lot I kind of her down like this line and I looked in the bottom little crevice. And I was like something looks wrong put up a piece of farcical high down you know you look in the mirror trying to seed like her diluted finally now opening. Metrics and yeah her eyes out and look no no we're not going there that kind of crazy may be listening right now. All right so. So I would like did this in like eight picking emotion and felt something in between my fingers. Have pulled it out and looked at my finger. And it was a movie worm. So did do like squeeze her liable to get all the worms that they can link to the pupil or elected why have. It's quite all right you were early and still were. We're translucent. And no longer than a half inch. Basically had no additional worms that are on wood skid there and had no additional symptoms. After the worms were removed. When I was gone through it it was like there are parts of it that we're so strangely comical she says it. This station but then there was parts of it that was disliked what I felt like I was like in a nightmare and stuff. I worms are seen in several kinds of animals including cats and dogs they can be spread by different kinds of plots. Richard Bryan Berry of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe authority author of the study said two other types of the lazy I worm infections have been seen in people before but not like what Beckley experience and here's the thing. So. And if you take anything away from the upstate pulls this evening if you're still listening in now grossed out. Like a Patrick is in this forced I usually I can't move taking me away from a if you feel something like right now what you're listening. And you fill your eyes it seemed a little bit in the almost feel like maybe some kids move don't run there. Don't rub go to your mirror or take your phone out and look real close. And I what's the translucent worm look like well. They have a picture of an idea article which mix fact it's it's a worm that you can see through so PC shipments quit doing RI. I give might want to seek medical attention that's a. Actually he's my all the advice that that they gave her was did she keep pulling the worms out of rise because of doctors prescribe medication the worms would die in the guy. And wouldn't be removed. Wow yeah. That's just yeah a toddler learn yeah health that's horrible. Could you take like a pill to give a dog tuned to do war I don't know I. I don't care. I feel a little airfield in Connecticut. I. Coming up an hour we have a new feature card real or fake news bit Roger remakes coming out. We have the hoops coming up if we can get to it too and nerd roundtable and lighting around you must see SC Paul's right here. 01063. WOR deed the worms crawl this. Scrub. The right.