Upstate Pulse 2-17-18 Hour 2

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Saturday, February 17th

The Nerd Hour is filled with the Oops awards, nerd round table, and the lightning round. 


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Commend to our number two audio staples Alonso Chris Patrick in Cameron. Should not on the Saturday night. Patrick if you recovered. Good. Short while ago and I thought I could I should let you know more yeah it's a no no actually I think were good this hour and I don't think there's anything placid and all this hour the can be wrong. I could be wrong accident in the gods causing seepage no nothing on. But away. To welcome Patrick back since he came in near the end. The last hour be sure to text. The word placid to Patrick and tell him hello hash tag flats. You know I don't I don't care anymore. You know I got that thing right behind me today. That's it which we can see but no one ounce can well are you don't let go ahead go ahead you you've been dying to. Good glad to get out. Full sized dummy Dhabi. Championship belt then why do you have it. As I want my NFL pick comes from a family bilaterally that record. Setting to win. It's pretty cool how Patrick in the Stanley Jesus they actually have a championship belt through over when's the NFL picks I mean. Whose family can say they've united it's it's it's an awesome tradition. Check out of belt Chris delighted that the things I know locked into the ESPN's studio when he was in their and a baseball and end. Gazed upon it. And he needs to take a picture and put it up on our our FaceBook Palo not to worry about Chris Everett on look at that because he doesn't want you to go to the ups and pollsters FaceBook page are we are trying to stuff coming up this hour. Let's start out the story that Chris found in and I wanna know out there and it gives detects when you hear his story. Of your stories or you can call and Tex lines of 1307. Phone lines 8034721063. Only here but your embarrassing moments and here's a reason why are right apple employees. Are have been in trouble Apple's new headquarters is a massive re. Should office overflow would panes of glass a testament to the company's same designed obsessed you stick but here's the problem. Apple employees keep walking into the flops. All right they're working in this building that's miracle us and they keep walking until like birds trying to get in or something at. And that let you know have you ever got exactly the analogy I was gonna make have you ever done this before walked in the glass. Yes and. I don't think so I walked into things before seeing don't have a sliding a lot of like sliding glass door. And you go outside you come and house and someone else closes that you don't know they closed right and you walk into it I don't have a story like that I've walked in the polls and holes and you know variety of mullahs things yeah. Maybe. Listen I do love a story that happens right here in the studio and I don't know Chris may have done this split. The majority of the people who have worked with in this room and other rooms have done business. On the Spanish whom we first came into this building you go to lookout the window you don't realize. That the windows. Are accountable pain yet entered triangular they're not straight up there's there yeah there's an ankle. The deep inside pain comes in an angle if you look at that you can't tell. So you go to look out the window and hit your head on the glass I mean it even now I know it's there. And I banged my head on that glass. I'm tired of the reason them then I'm laughing is because Terry just did this as fast not this week getting this week last week who can she was out sick this week but. She actually she did that to want to hear idea I think it was that was one of those days like a couple weeks ago and it was raining really hard. And she came in here deceased issue asking me because where she said she can't really see out the window very much is like as a ram there's a gap it's. Pouring you should come see it and she walks in here walked right in that it's. He can't help it I'm I mean you can't and you when he knows or sometimes you forget and there are also these. These column on what the called standards or something that hold the monitors. On the newsroom and I a lot of people are brand her hands on these things we knew we all yeah yeah I've seen a couple people bloody from it. It Patrick's character is not and has had a lot of people. Now listen Chris north and split. I don't know where you come up to were the s's. Let me just say salute the problem is collar people have done that you know I understand that but the problem is it's directly over the desk which means you'd have to be standing on the desk game pitcher and are leaning over and look at it like if you're leaning over to grab something and in these stand out if you're leaning over your nodded and head height for that thing finally see this is the point. You know in bears things that should not happen there shouldn't be any reason why you would do this. But people do it. You know and that's a fair point like if you're walking along and suddenly stumble for no reason at all and the first thing you do is you look around the hope no one's looking and and there's always. Always someone market. All of this there's a there's a supermodel to staring at two you're an idiot. Well you know which is why you locked into the thing is you were staying in the super there's a good job I don't know they she appeared after or allies itself if this ever happened you anything like that does is taxed 71307. I want to introduce a new segment now. And here's the intro to sit segment. OK so this is our new feature to bring down just look at Patrick. And it's real or fake news I would read a story. And I wanna know. If you guys leaving your home. Believe that it's a real story or fixed or here's the thing in and we've done this before. And a lot of people do as a special social media you see a story and Pacino it's everywhere all these different. Sites have the story. Don't check the sources sometimes surreal sometimes they heart and sometimes you just really want them to be real most of the times and just click pay. Most of time so. Here's a story 21 year old Daryle Waterford from Eugene in Oregon and was participating in a promotional video for Greenpeace. Some 100 nautical miles away from the Australian city of Perth. Almost for the members of the organization mr. one referred decided. To dive with some great white sharks in order to improve the marine predators public image and raise awareness about shark on. The group shots and incredible footage during the first thirty minutes as they swam with a group of sharks caressing and even hugging the larger animals. Unfortunately for the young American what is the sharks suddenly became aggressive after being hugged and suddenly attacked. It's not mr. Waterford and tore off his right arm. Right below the elbow there's pictures. The young man who lost a large amount of blood those able to get out the water and was rapidly taken to a hospital which again due on hope to recover the armed. And attach it back which I don't historic did today or not. She went against the shark Huey yeah Hewitt which they would do to Greenpeace she relayed shown. The leader of the expedition describe the violent attack in an interview with the Australian broadcast corporation Chirac seemed really friendly at first. But then it went totally bizarre. It charged Daryl because it's a shark and up his hand and listed so we all heard out of the water before it killed us. According to the short might have turned aggressive after smelling blood in the water sure can probably. Yeah probably sharks can be affectionate and totally when a com well. But the smell of blood activates their predator in stinks it's not their fault and we should get. It's possible. QUH home. Who was. Diving with mr. Waterford a two time attack leaves a sharp may have become aggressive about smuggler red OK so. Greenpeace has been campaigning for years about shark standing. Which consist of the removal fans from sharks often while the shark is alive spiked organization's efforts. Bing has increased dramatically since 1997 largely due to the increasing demand for shark fins. For sharks fan Suzuki and traditional cures Greenpeace has been trying for years improved the white sharks image in order to obtain an. International ban similar to the international treaty that applies to commercial whaling. Several members of the organization now feared that the incident will compromise their campaign. Two hours more than to restore the white sharks image as a peaceful marine creature. It's me is delivering great air questions no way I'm confused. What's it what are we supposed to determine is fake news weather this at any of this actually happened or whether sharks are actually nice. Yes OK if I'm right on the sates pay off this aides say okay here's here's a thing. Earlier in the story he said that his arm was taken yes. Whenever he was in the end how you type story and it was my alarm and put a lot of none open and close at hand and out that was I know you have to show boat. OK but when when you were reading the rest the story it's it only is hand. Well here's the thing you know it. Part of the story was the story the other part was a quote from the guy who is actually there if you Vento traumatic experience especially if you are the pilot of the vote for Greenpeace. And you believe that sharks hope the no. You going to be deserve to the point where you might snag its story sure I don't I can't help sharks in itself causes try a little too hard to make it time Vince is that this story is true or he's trying he's not trying hard enough to make it's not believe it but Greenpeace people they're not PetSmart. Note see in this is my problem with though these eco freaks is that they think these. They think easy animals or cuddly and cute. And the problem is that if you get close to one he will EE a dog is Kyra as you'd do us a kiss like. By the way I jerk water well look foods hugging me I want to Harken back to us someone who I talked about earlier and that was my old friend Russ counsel who. Taught me it's about reading the story whether it's real or not. You do with the same way. And see if people can figure out he's dissident who falls on now I understand trying to see if people can tell if it was real or if that was fake on the say here's the thing this is this is believable enough. Because Greenpeace people were stupid yes and they believe that sharks are humble they do bully asked. Yeah I know I know fared too many people who think that dangerous animal I have seen this story shared on at least ten to fifteen sites. Probably on some of which look credible this doesn't mean there are bright does it look if it has like ABC info on that world net daily ran a bit. So so I'm I'm curious now. What are your criteria for determining whether something is real news or fitness well we ask me and the answer the first thing you do is and not that they're always reliable because some people. Discuss with the political leanings are pressing need is gonna snow hopes. Mom and any other thing you can do is actually check out the web sites themselves. Where the story originated from a few can find it doesn't think when you find the story which we did this before about. Last year about the lady who supposedly blow to toilets about it they had to close the restaurant down which had been shared. Like several different years with different names in different areas he got hurt that's that's why you can't believe everything you see on the Internet right. Or can you believe it's. Now I do I'm going with fake because I think your criteria are too lax. I wanna see a guy with no army in this studio and I wanna see him hope there's a picture I want to see him holding medical records saying that it just happened on this date. And his arm got bit off by a shark that there definitely is pictured out on his face is great now. You know blurt out whatever pixelated to cant see not goodness yeah. All right so Chris is go fake news what are your what Patrick hey. Cameron. You know creepiest really is that stupid Tsonga and I'm gonna go real for this one there's a chance they could be rely open every tax check and see if we have anybody. Tex here's some text image. Lots of people by the way were disturbed by the the did the last segment of the last hour meeting and we'll get to those in the minute I'd take I'd say his name. Hey guys I'm not a 100% sure. But Dem. Ozzie ideas from Greenpeace cuddling with the great white sharks would not surprise me. I say this is real news who would make this up let me tell you who would make this up anybody trying to yank clicks on their website. Also don't make this up yes we're just as honest that would make this up guys in bronze stroman can saying anything is possible. Instruments and yes he did you see probably about the state. Yeah I was you don't know it was an awesome thing to witness probably about as well as William OK so here's the thing we're not how the segment every week more than likely. But menu we will OK let me answer I its thickness thank you yes all right it's fake news. I'm winter break but we're not taking yet because our promise rot Roger remixed let's hit the robbery Max. So they broke into. Broke into their house made some chicken wings the real crime here. The real crime here. The wigs. It's usually if you're gonna bring this someone's house I an gonna make wings while he read a link because you're saving some for the donor maybe they were not his wings nearly hey why let's not you know these when he sees it like he stand out. My owner to Milwaukee Angolan all of they let me just doing these are those besides sense at least they didn't need. All my wings was in the shape of sorry bro. What would it be made a chicken wings and installed didn't have the right dressing and then just like we can meet the wings anymore when a minute we'll have a grandson album apparently. Yeah it's a southern growing at a salary and that's. Yes that's what they were missing in the chicken wing well the other the other owning the other thing I get from the story. And this might offend some people obviously the owner was old because he was drinking RC. I don't know anyone who drinks RC re a good point rehearsing out of Jerry Garcia and Andre meet in Greece Ireland dreamers millennia or Mark Mullen eels are bringing it back ironically are literally that it's cheap. They again who have. Dirty dirty yarder at daybreak we come back we have on several groups awards to give out this week you're listening FC post right here of 1063. BO RD. I believe it or not sometimes we have. Multiple sources in reaction three can I said you before we actually have three youths who is the third one will require. Musical accompaniment but we are not there yet we will start out the first one in the first hour we talked about black pants are we all went to see it. We all loved it. Let me take you to Atlanta. Okaying the packed movie theater in Atlanta was treated to the first ten minutes. Of fifty shades freed who instead of black panther. And because the crowd was not amused I think that that is the greatest comedy of our Gerri I'm surprised. Did they got to see ten minutes on it IR it would be OK here's the thing let me ask you question you go to see you buy tickets. For black panther you miss doing this you get your popcorn reads the reaction is okay you get your popcorn you get your drinking pictures yeah candy. You go he's got that's how we get him a favorite seat you sit down. And up comes fifty shades of it is taken it to you could sit through ten minutes of that before you go. Tell somebody what's going on. All right here's a thing if there are a lot of people coming to see this movie. Who are coming because there would love a stampede. There are a lot of people coming to see this movie who are not marvel fans there are strictly dare because. On the African roots of the story we saw people in. And in African garb at the movie we want to see it in a traditional dress that. Traditional dress come see the movie anyway that's OK so you know the day dressed up just to go to the movie. So there are a lot of people there. Who probably have never seen a marvel movie before so would take them wild beef. The price thinking OK it starts out this way and it goes somewhere else alright so anyway what marvel fans keep shouting no there's actually video. He's showing no over and over again. Two movies cannot be more different and each other and one has to wonder how I mix up like that could ever happen in the first place. Especially on the opening night a black panther movies that people. Have been looking forward well for months if you look at the article how the mix up happened is not hard to imagine if you look at the article there a couple guys dressed up as as a couple of the main characters from coming to America. Who were going there to watch. Bomb which and they look really get a one regular touch social media to share a few videos from first ten minutes of fifty shades freed. But the crowd both slapping an angry at the same time feed poses the greatest comedy to our generation are many people up in the they're just as many who are shouting in displaying their disgust with the mess up the few people went and told theater manager. And the movie was changed to black panther however why did it take ten minutes for the changeover to occur is because it is that. Bonnie C I want Patrick on this now I think this is hilarious I think does a guy who did it probably in trouble. No no he's not it was just what it's like that movie theater it's so much publicity now yes it now everyone's just go to that theater and wait. Is mine moving gonna start ten minutes of it to save three and I could get like a sneak preview of this hilarious comedy. Our votes the Thursday night screenings brought out the black panther super fans who came on for stresses a favorite characters or in traditional African clothing. Rapper MC hammer was seen dressed up with his crew in Oakland while fans. Mueller United States you have to just of the oil and isn't the wind you low I honestly thought even dress like Eddie murder free and Arsenio Hall from coming to America which. Has to be seemed to believe it's cool pictures they look a lot of fans were even spot raising their fists. At the end of some screenings while others brought in percussion instruments to play. On the way down theater. OK fifty shades freed probably had the best attended screening in its short history not affected blocked off the box office with a black panther crowd that should have been the tip off that something was wrong right there because. Now many people are not going to go see that the chase street. What are all these people here. To see fifty shades freed or the whole thing could've been a prank that went on for far too long whatever the reasoning behind a black panther fans got what they want and in the in. You can check out little video theater play Enron movie blow so there's actually video of the everything I'll still go watch it so this happened in Atlanta and I want Patrick. I think it's hilarious. I guess CI conceded if only I could see this being a prank I can also see is being a mistake like some. Some whoever's first to start the movie clicks on the wrong thing or puts the wrong disk in the player whatever. Simply. The wrong thing don't use film anymore do they know they I I don't know directory you know it's against I saw pixels earlier today yes so I. So what does this whole purpose yeah of course the Internet is for us now on Cameron and I know someone who works at a theater when we're gonna have to ask him. If they've never done anything like that. Yes we're gonna have to house would do that only a slow day and go and see that's that's what I'm thinking if I worked in a movie theater it would be it would not just be. A gag it would be a running cool to see who can get the movie. On the longest. Isaac how long I get tiger running until somebody complained that let you know they actually don't get fired over something I need to do once maybe you do they don't like our way out why not now. Yeah because a lot of people don't go there to make it career. Kyle this could tell Andrea observed. Quick and did because that's another thing the deterring the movie there was an addict and we got there early enough to watch ads. And there was an add it four Riegle cinemas has said if your if you're looking for opportunities or you wanna get a career started in movies. You know apply here reels and does like this is not a career in movies well it is yeah I mean I don't know they are not. Yet pushing play on a player is not. A career in movies you're not I'm pushing it on the rain here's Beasley yeah attorney Mike on it's not so I guess and maybe a manager trying to make some some decent coin at a movie theater problem I'm that's fine. What I'm saying is that you're not gonna par lay working at a at a ticket box office in two. Being an extra eye and say hello pilots here it's. Partly on let's get to our next Stoops and this would also is. Is buttons pushed the wrong way possibly PF Chang's is offering free lettuce wraps today. You and a lot. This doesn't Detroit shock. Which patches and a Detroit sure right now rivers and his lines. OK a local news station is in hot water over a graphics mishap. Between in case you missed a Chicago TV station had a miscue that went viral on social media over the weekend and all the graphic showing PF Chang's Asian themed restaurants. As a sponsor of the Winter Olympics currently being held in Jung Chang South Carolina. So what does this is later on carry an area must not happen. Okay that's why should put those glasses on one reading. So it's instead of saying Jung Chang. It's said the Winter Olympics were out in Seattle chain OP. Check in. Also. Just hangs how little fun with the mistake and with. With a live. With a paid for meal you give me let us wrap. And it did change change their lettuce wraps to appear on what ten lettuce wraps yeah and it just was we if are well. Like a bit of a cop out Bob McClain point this out to me he got by a whole meal to get extra food and while I mean you eat a meal and who's gonna save money like poison I think if you if you get a meal that's like a free appetizer. There you go out there as long as they bring it before you eat which they probably will be so negative manner so that you know if I wouldn't call Susan do you think Taco Bell did a free taco for for a stolen base in the World Series all you have to do is walk in there and ask for a talk a union have to buy a combo meal or anything in the gives you an extra time that staying design. And by the way that's only available in Chicago so don't go over Susan PO I don't society it. My bad Detroit. Anyway I'm trying my collection for the trying to move onto the next story and you guys just don't want me to move on to extort go ahead trying to squeeze as much as I possibly can't it CU so number and it is you sell whenever end. All right this disease than to Islam. Groups and it was on and on my friend go ahead hit hit the there ago. You may be wondering why are we playing us and who is this personal do you recognize the song. I know it. You have to look at the title would know it doesn't so it'll doesn't okay Chris tomorrow. Oh I think I know yes. That's a jeweler and there. I can't place the name of the song but I recognize all right Cameron you know and under strike period yeah Lidstrom makes it okay so. This impressive these are the red hot chili pipers. Yes I've heard of them not to Red Hot Chili Peppers now. Well. A Red Hot Chili Peppers fans Luton Belfast to see one of his favorite bands and always find that. He and in fact bought tickets to see the most famous bagpipe band notable let. The red hot chili pipers who intentionally and in the cells not that bad because of the California punk band. Okay rob says he found tickets for. Thirty Euro. Each further and further the tenth of February owls are important and he thought he knows it's a it's in the English stories they've. And thought he could surprise a girlfriend with a Valentine's weekend he eventual eventually realized you know because you spoke realized that us. His mistake but despite the air he and his girlfriend decide to go to show anyway so he bought. The tickets and they realize. That it was not the Red Hot Chili Peppers as the red hot chili pipers. And he put this on line and all these people is all your make it an out of all this kind of stuff no. On so. Did he tweeted still can't believe we've flown over to Belfast not for the chili peppers but to see the world's best bagpipe band. They and Chile pipers thought I'd. I got me a break good deals on tickets and all had a nightmare so. He went there anyway and this is scotsman newspaper that's why things are written as him away okay but the people listening more. All right so it was only until. The Wednesday before when my girlfriend wanted to know who was supporting them as she couldn't find anything about the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in Belfast so she was looking. To see you know radio last. TV ads on that kind of stuff. You know same that this isn't a day comment from Scotland GAAP and hey if I think you would know. We just settle up the bonnet what else was there do the only saving grace was that we have found out three days before and now while we were in the arena. Rob later posted footage of the show and twittered approved. They were there when Twitter trolls tried to claim it didn't happen. Here's his tweets still can't billionaires yeah. Yes so he tweeted about it and he tweeted video of that happened and peace everybody adjusted and what the red hot chili piper sound like. Here's a video from our seats and so he did dad and there are billed as bad pipes with attitude what they do is they do covers of rock music like they just did AC DC's. On thunder struck a really good machine great yeah I mean there's nothing quite like a bad pipe and get taller going out and at the same time. I mean let's say a lot of people complain about bad vibes Benny bagpipe well plain is actually very prayer beautiful it definitely is articulate right here when we come. We come back. We go to the nerd around that we listen Justin pulls for marijuana 63 W Doherty. Welcome back the upstate calls. Chris Evans in here Patrick. Not here for the entire two hours but it's okay when limits. Our and it's other Irish you know what I completely get it I'm not faulting him for Muslim wanna need to do other things yeah no I get it again it. Alonso also in the studio show contributed care and tax line several entries are several we give. Kind of neglected a little bit but we're gonna catch up right now IE we are talking about William Shatner is new country album it's supposed to be coming out sometime later this amazing and yet. And and and asked for suggestions now. We've gotten a lot of suggestions and they're all really good today appreciate that but I was a little disappointed see that they are all from the same person. You can you can do it. Everybody jump in here Texas suggests achy breaky heart yeah okay. That I think we mention that landed in the recession that friends and low public places I was considers got to be some Garth Brooks on there yeah I mentioned earlier thought dental. Read so lookup. Not familiar with Allen but community you're for devil went down to Georgia that's a good choice I want. When every time like cover songs can get the country songs yeah yeah presumably he's gonna cover yeah I don't know that that's the thing is we don't know. If you did your original and even if he doesn't cover of big green tractor Mo lose my mind he agreed to a count on it everything. Another suggestion he never even called me by my name. All my exes live in Texas another really good suggest honey bee. Honey okay. It was a windows there were also several people that were they were highly disturbed by the stories that lawns or end. About about a variety of disgusting things. Once actually says while that creeping girls on his way worse than the actual story thanks guys I didn't need to sleep tonight. You're welcome imagine now I feel train the dreams of words he can make I heard music box noise in the corner of your mind. I can live with the fact that I put that on air tank. Like also is what responsibility. Also put the system I pushed the ball yet yet you keep its. Please kill the guy guilty you know by association here executioner texture add texture says words in eyes LNG add that to the other 253863. Things that I'm scared of coming downwind it's a pretty precise I don't know now I'm I'm surprised they kept counting contract. And the surge was too busy I should. Texas says if you're high it is right now ha ha ha blondes and also. The answer is pretty imports. Another Texan says how did she get the eye infection and more most importantly how do I not yet it. Well and apparently you wash your body yet and your face everyday and don't let flies near your eyes and Asia that's that's that's how you do it. Yes OK it is because it's delicious glad we got that streak now and get like fifteen some McCain or someone note to leaders like normally violent it nutrients like a dollar on can regulate to two liters per dollar its. Are. Two different types of Wales there's the morons Everglades then there's the answer basically is all people you know. I'm a little people then Osama yeah it was RC Enron and he's he's like an old guy. Speaking of which were at four I has ordered rom and an hour I got to the studio to do the baseball game. I got notification with the package arrived Mike. Well cried I don't wanna forget about package so I had to go drive my mailbox. It around so I have twenty rats I was to say I'm twenty cuts of Robin in my car right now it's raining as if they left the package and your doorstep they might be ready by the I was at home I have been exactly I live in apartment complex while it's good thing to indoor cat yet because someone minus all the raw man. I don't think so hey that's high quality prominent Dexter says whatever you do don't eat that Steve cooked chicken wings do it doing. Normally they make the best you can not his thing mediacom and yeah smelled a ticking obsess on you know violated with the chicken smells really good yesterday I feel like he Hungary. You're just you're distraught because you've been put the two smells really good question. What flavor of chicken wings would be unity and that's what I can eat that's those wild okay. I was gonna ask what flavor would it Steve cook if he broke in years sounds like I'm I'm I'm a sucker parliament's upper. So they cut me a thing of limited alliance. I'm in not a bad choice one hello as long as they're really Lemony that's what I like about it they've got to be really tart what if you smell spices that you don't think you had your life. Okay if some other product or is this smells really is this I'm flattered and unlike. They took the time Ramsey broken here like maybe this did have a nice kitchen but they really wanted chicken wings like hey we're sorry for this. But here's the rest of the chicken wings. The other Carolina have a very nice thief now now attacks or listen now widely and order Iran and simple American promise is cracked. I hate when it lately it would is that is key Communist he does I don't know completely glossing over the obvious jingoistic. Feelings that you have that lead that statement. How do you tell the difference between American rom and and some other kind of drama and very simple. When the instructions on the back are in a different language you got good Roman. Okay. As anybody read it then. Translations. It's called Google Google translate yes take a picture of it send it to Google though and on the says a legitimately look out. What type of rom and I have and I go. I wonder how much water need to put in this that way I can enjoy the soup as well. Turns out to have cops. I put the water Egan Joyce do any cooking you that is why I order rom and his paws on the champions and on that answer anymore. Champion I had this for a reason Chris all right stop Brian known conceal Oreo the anymore effects. The I think we're all kind of if you wanted if you wanna make me read more things send them into 71307. Yeah. He said. This woman who do you read well do you own up to being around and snobs access so I wish that form. Absolutely. Unequivocally does yeah I don't care. And not only that he's disturbed and I don't like sea island I despair I took my sister and Gromit is she doesn't like Grumman. Do you live like that girl. All right so listen actually get to a topic in the near roundtable. All right he German lawyer told a newspaper he's fed up with the other one in deliveries of pizza another food in his office. Police are this getting a case of severe pizza stalking I'm just talking it's time. Ask for Obama who is bombarded a liar by sending scores of people into his office. Is Anna winds Indian boy liar press charges in January but told them he had no idea who was behind the and one of food deliveries where does that heckler and newspaper spiritually we are not pretend. Name the liar and a group Global Witness collider is Guido. We don't grueling there could be an Italian in Germany okay who don't. You know they're not that far we are. Already a synagogue or peaches girls they had so little donating more Myanmar were done anymore. A hundred. Let me however be anonymous buyers' tastes have changed. They have now also have seen sushi delivered to them so awesome engine and grapefruit. So I thought well this is. Just think how this soccer like that. So careful what you ask for. You to think about that goes around me I would be 400 pounds easy. Well I'm curious as to what kind of pizzas with sending that's well let's talk feeling sick and you know here's the question I mean. In what what where was the pizza from yes well yes but. But considering that many people in Germany probably Micah. Considering that. If you're gonna get pizzas delivered by the score you know someplace they're probably gonna come from a well known pizza place. And that will know plead pizza place is gonna have. Rather regular topping you know TI is there any combination of pieces that they continue did she would just eat he got that limited edition Yorkshire are putting Pete on how aren't as high MS. Hi Nancy I think as I don't get a nice. This also shows that that prank is universal I mean it's it's all it's in different countries because a lot of I mean who houses jokes on you I like pizza guy I mean. Who hasn't heard about someone now doing in around here before when they were teenagers now. If he did like anchovy pizza. Like which is street antidote to these are not of that amount I don't like him but I have never had an anchovy on pizza and if somebody says rewind it. I would be willing to try in fact dang it that reminds me I meant to get something for a taste test tonight and I forgot that's always allowed to do and into next week he'll only do one more story to requires music accompaniment before we deliberate. Yes that's right we talked about this before. The Cobra Kai teaser trailer is else you need to check it out I think it's about a minute long. And this is. Johnny. Going up against his nemesis but not anymore they're opening up I'd Cobra Kai Dojo together. And if you watch the video. It does not look like comedy. No it doesn't it's OU doesn't it's serious it's it you can be a buddy Thelma could be some denounced as a tribunal on the beach together. But yeah I sure think they were short list to I think so on you know whichever way you wanted and click maybe here's. I think creative editing create an editor's only put that way critic that editors can do a lot with. A a whole rack of footage you know and I mean like the FAA in mussina for example have you seen the the cut where somebody took. Footage from the shining. And cut it together and made it look like. The coming of age buddy movie. I seen a lot of stuff it's fantastic. One of the best I've never seen and that sort of thing is you can take. You can take a little bit of a movie and put them together in such a way put some nice music behind it instead of you know route creepy. Collide B music you know and and and you'd need you get a very different feel for it. On YouTube rant how much did you to bring you diet it's a subscription go to YouTube and diet. President are like Netflix with YouTube you know I'm getting tired of all these services kinda out I don't by the time you don't always smile as well OK well here's I think they also had you two TV which is like a TV provider and if you get that UT bread comes for. Lanka so like if people are going to get like a television service with YouTube they get that for so that's another instrument aren't. Let's go ahead and take a break. And we come back we will hit the lightning round a ton of things that we didn't get to yet. Listen to the obstacles for air one a 63 W Doherty. Our ice is lightning round time here that means final segment of the of samples. We have creep you out today we've made you laugh today we price made you mad and run that camp and in Asia and telling you that. Real quick in. In case we don't have time or talk about what games were playing in a lightning round on I just found a game called the knock out league. It is for a PlayStation four VR. And it's kind of like the old punch out. But you're actually you take the move controllers and you're boxing against the guy. Who's right or girl who's right in front of you know button pressing knowing anything need to jet pilot to get a hold the move controllers and the way this thing works is you put your height your weight if you want to tell you how many calories you burn sizzling Wii boxing. But yeah more advance but will the out there's. It varsity yet they couldn't be less advanced yet to duck bomb we've a ton of stuff like that the first thing I do is realize my ceiling was too low. I'm missing part of my knuckle that's fine. He knows worth it for that and I'm enjoying the game. Patrick what game you play in right now even if it's a when you're playing on your phone. Denim all Zito gun battle. Which is a fun game it is a fun game and I will be probably negativity is on the staples about it yeah I put it waits in the hours on a missile mine in my free time it's all have been doing. Chris. Little games that. Did. No I don't necessarily they're not the big blockbusters that you see I'm all of my friends are playing Muster under world right now. And I don't have it's I can't play with and so I'm playing. Things like dungeon the end list brute force risk brain stuff like that proved force the emperor of force for windows for it's it's. It's like. It's it's likely spend doubles as a video game. Brussels is hilarious Ari care what you plan. Unplanned monster under a monetary got to treat gas is going. He and I talked Ali and I went and got into Diablo 3 in the man who says is the best game in the world ever won't play it with me. On does not choose never on when I'm more on and I utterly banal and Xbox too much you know I have monster honor and I have. Drag ball slider Z I just bin. I'm old enough the fallen asleep. And plain old VR on your. A couple things. That so well there are right. Smallville pops a new prisons is small but one of my favorite movies under our TV series or ten years. Lovely young Clark Kent going into becoming Superman. And at this point I didn't realize didn't help those pops and it makes it pops of everything what pops have you not seen that you wanna secrets. You pop into your mind right now I emblem not a pop collectors I haven't really been have a disorder and isn't an American Idol and everything is is that of the pops that I seen this seemed to be a huge variety some I'm. And an ultimate deal but come up with one maybe some burn notice pops that be cool odd that they how does a bad I mean I know that Patrick who's waiting for the green acres version pops. Again and you would love mr. Cheney. Ryan and Alberto mr. and you many conjunction that's what I wanna see us say they have golden girls story of their pattern do. The Bea Arthur because I'm an old millennial because at the eighteenth. I want every pay even tell you very well is the uncle and I know. I mean to a speaking of stuff combined Daniel Craig has put his bond car is Aston Martin up for cell. Who wants to buy it opt I'm running our way the if he comes with a machine guns and and and townships yes absolutely the car's value is estimated. 400000. To 600000 you know honestly I don't what I thought. Now on people vote I don't think you'll be more because he owned. A vote Gilligan and Yemen has got miles an account with eject but it's like it's taken us out of this thing now yeah all right. Mattel's puppy mills are bashing cheeseburgers. Why today why now I mean that they're trying to make her happy meals more happy. I mean more healthy which will make them less. Happy yes I. As job as does article in my life over the week end and she said. They're taking cheeseburgers and chocolate milk kind of happy meals then they won't be happy anymore. Like well it's it's like taking any surprise out of they did as beat back Taliban aren't in there. Billboards and at best you don't go to McDonald's for salad you go for a burger you assets into the murder. All right parents are boycotting the movie Peter Rabbit because there's a fantastic there's a food allergy season. There yet there's little doubt that it the issue like a Blackberry into these guys wrote who's like alerted the bikers but it is they looked up the part that hey. That guy's been terrorizing the bunnies. Right the bigger than this is so this is this is a revenge this isn't bullying this ultimately it's worth is this is revenge this hooks he's been bullying the rabbits and and it finally standing up for them to doesn't die he people need to lighten up thank you. Bundle a stranger things for re. There already probably not coming until when he ninety but that's fine because we reduce gonna progress and make them order and yet they hadn't yet they have the best thing and Val cuts ties with publisher for planning positive reviews. So steam. Cut at publisher out because they planted positive reviews. To make their game no matter move on I don't know dad is a bigtime no no wonder how many other people do that. Well Steve very steamer abuser are very well respected. I think as a category thanks for tuning intensity just a pulse the worms crawl in the worms come out.