Upstate Pulse 4-14-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, April 14th

The guys talk about anything and everything in the first hour of the Upstate Pulse.


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You know I wonder. Yeah I put does intro together and just now thought about it why did I pull it you don't know the power of the dark side in there. Did I think there were the dark side. I mean I know I'm looking maybe subconsciously you thought you were the dark side know because I'm looking at a slope right now right I hate guns on what you think you always project this image on to me I'm looking right at a harness from within years. It does not and I think and the projections part of the sitcoms the I. Tell you when you are simply you would notice that earlier today he should be able to recite the Cisco I don't know now. The latest of Cisco's. Is this can do Fusco drag. Yes 59 think point five. That's that's what does it can and if the fifth come right there OK what the material staples Lorenzo and Chris here just have to all of us. I think we would call this a skeleton crew or we would Colin baker Dmitri I mean you know. If you were error gainers don't feel like without any idea yet again the. And we've reviewed and if you thought this was this was the original intent. Of the powers that be. The two that were approached by Lex court though BU a nine yen since then we have added many many wonderful pieces to the show. Some common in men who leaked some where here in. A fire in some quiet. No but that's that's radio that's like that's that's an it workplace that's how it goes. But each one has left the part of them that made us something special and more dark side. We keep them piled up in the corner. Yeah the so we don't look at them it's like shiny trophy adults rupees and New York what today's show we've got all kinds of stuff to talk about including. If you are watching the the ratio which you should which is fifteen minutes before the show. Or knew what a 63 W Ortiz FaceBook page we always go live. You'll see what we look like I don't know what's wrong with if you want to look like most people have to do we feel like sales Korea. Yeah that's exactly what I expected you know. You know the interesting things about radiant is the person that you're listening to Patrick White looks like what you expect them to look like. See I agree with you except there are some exception there are some yeah Roger Davis looks exactly like what I thought it was a fair enough he's also. Finally I crackle Roger but he's exactly Russ Cassel yes Chris Cassel looked exactly yeah voice yeah I mean nurse. I think Tara looks like her voice I think Vince looks like his voice it but there are some people who do not I mean Bob. He has such a master of of of the radio. Just the whole radio period piece recently Paul. Authority no reason because of the Bob you know he's just a fellow employee but he you know he should be some football is yet. You know who is almost seven feet tall. Patrick gentry of yet Stadler no it's I did it not dead I did it I bet that Ed's. You know I did it because I actually just saw about bigotry in all it was about Virginia ready for those of Patrick Robb is Patrick gentry OK he's walking around disease or adrenaline when he has stations. As we've played all three we have too many patterns that Patrick and too timid in turn to mitigate Timmy entries into me Patrick. Philip gentry of the obscene outdoors. Is close to seventy days he's pushed and he's well over six at any rate. Does not settling down on the radio like he would not you and put it this way he listened to lead selling a small man. As I was saying but you listen to him on the radio you would not expect when you meet in person it meet him in person to have to look up. You know and edu and. No offense Tommy if you're listening but timing doesn't think previous policy is either and mommy is my high eight. But you always see him next the pillow well it's in pictures makes him look short it it does Tommy sounds like a firecracker. And you expect to fire cash to be small to be bought out yet but to be about site yet and he and he's he's not. Can't regulars as yet. While not always about it is not a SN Yahoo! and you others is what five day. I believe is it a police seem short to me we get up on me Nana well I believe I was tied his 5859. Something like that and I'm curious even piqued my curiosity lawns I do that on occasion you do and Tommy is I believe around sixty these bots they might as me. But again when you're always stand next to someone taller than you it makes you look shorter or Phil shorter. No I love for the most part the time I spent and that comes and we were doing a show. But he's like. A foot taller than me always made me or short you're close 510 aka average height for American males again. Yeah authority by ten actually to your exact time and exactly average. If you're watching the video you may have thought and I know Chris was at all I mean compared me but I mean she's. Yes yes that's what it is yet you lose that half inch of Orange T yeah. No shoes on because snowshoes Saturday. Which it should be outside right now this is. By the way and we eight weeks. About this during the pre show. It is absolutely gorgeous outside. I willfully you've you've mentioned during the pre show you hoped everybody was outside having good time you know if you're going outside of you going to be out a route take us with you. Put us on the car. Listen the up saint Paul's way you're going to do whatever entertain any entertaining thing you're going to do. I actually had fun go an outsider earlier this day earlier today with my kids whose went out and walk around. In the kids in in the park and it was a lot of fun. Probably is is like ruby say it's first. Stand with this much heat Shockey was it was nearly eighty yes she was she is she actually just turned one. So she would have been through this summer in lake her first. Your four months. But she would remembering that she never remember this at first I was walking into thinking oh yes absolutely yes it was it was. It was nice out it was a little warm especially when you're in the sun but then there was a nice cool breeze that would come along and and if someone is listening and hearing. You're on your way home from work. Trust me I Philly I know how it is I don't yeah I don't work all day today and knowing what kind of day it was going to be today. And looking outside and wishing you were out there it's OK there's still little daylight left you can go out and enjoy it there is and it's cool down just enough to where it's a perfect evening it if you're going out the you can go to a place where they have. Like salad dressing and signing authority yes and outside stuff they'll be perfect because the bugs or. Big time out yet yet though they have low enough that while some of whom have unfortunately. The wasps or helped you know when I sonus. Earlier today at a loss tried to fly in in my car when I was on my way to the radius I and I guess it didn't. But we Edwards. And I'm sure that you gave it went for it and decided on nine coming in there. Exactly what did not excited newest ally yeah cart for eight months now we have. Been doing our monster slash horror bracket last week. We are pressed for time we set we we go on to the pre show click our community post show. And and give a winner but we end up with a time because. We've allowed the text line to participate. Not allowed we've we've we've relied joy and yes you break our ties we've used to tell excellent and I did not want to. Do we gonna flip the coin or anything. Last week anyone do that when you wait till this week in those putting off the entire week until they're dead they gave you time to rethink. Who you thought should be the winner if you really thought about it if you really wanted to you can analyze both of these men. You could have and made made a decision for yourself 11 case well yes I thirteenth you can watch like ten to ten minutes yeah. And in case is single there's a couple there's a sequel to the ring it yeah there is. And the ring verses. We Drudge was doing vs the gras and you could have also wants the original rating. Jon Jansen gives him. So you know what I'm gonna do it to texting fingers ready let's go ahead and get this now the way don't text is text your vote doesn't count. Here's here's how it goes when I say go which it did not even though I said go I didn't mean go right it's not it's not go time. Had to say go colonize. Now okay. Fine. Oh and I hope you are rule would have to look up to speed just because on the one you already said it several times and I haven't said I don't know and said it all year now would be. The week in a way. You're right. And I completely you're right you're right I will let you do okay. And so anyway. We got down to two. And there were some upsets along the way some of those are unhappy some of us there are so many Goodman guys I mean and you can't they can't all lined up in the final they can't. So the final was Friday the thirteenth and speed series I mean still there's a movie that you really loyal I like in my case for a thirteen part. Three was my favorite because that's when Jason got the hockey. Armed in its going up against the ring. So when Chris tells U the first one the texting and either of the rain or Friday the thirteenth that will be our winner for this year. At this point you ought to already have your vote typed in your con. Amity in this waiting this is almost this is almost just a test. Of whose cellular network is better and so. In three. To whine and go press and tell us which one and has conquered the monster slash horror movie bracket challenge. The the rain or Friday the thirteenth 71307. As the number we await your verdict. On pins and needles on tender hooks. And of course I'm disappointed but I knew that what happened I didn't know what happened yes wow I didn't I knew what happened. So I considered an upset but I'm not give you know I'm not gonna get angry like Chris did about they live in the matrix. Honest that's because point who's usually this is our third bracket. As we are are starting our official list and say officially the ring in the into the ring as one ring got broken the tie. The ring his line. Becomes the champion of monster slash or remove the I guess I gotta admit I am happy about this but I agree with you lines though this is an upset. I did not expect the ring to win it and here's the thing when we start with each year we do I know I expect to the ring to be outplayed several browns again tonight. When we when we started this. And he's viable on a millennial floating it could and could very well be yeah because it's more recent money's not everything is in the ninety's possibly but still fairly recent. When we started doing this the last two brackets that we did we did. Scifi movies the first year. I pretty much figured empire strikes back when yes and and I was I was not surprised and again. I'll say Friday the thirteenth is probably easy choice there's a couple in the of them like we said the whole bracket is full of great movies. But Friday the thirteenth an easy choice to take they were they well. It was about a comparatively to Virginia played they didn't Friday thirteenth lasted much longer than Virginia did. But the but it was an easy. Choice you know early on to take as as did as did the winner at the end Anderson and the second year we did we did superhero movies. And pretty much figured. That the Dark Knight would win that well and I was not this is what I now when I figured that would win and it did. Now this ER I I I really thought the avengers would who would win there and it came down to those two that was the final. Dark Knight received vendors like and here's something else I also knew the room at the time fair enough and they're in the room because. On north Patrick. And knowing Zach right I had a feeling that when yet again that's a fair point. I won easier the rumor has been buried this entire time it has and has our third person has been different sometimes we look for in here and we've we've kind of done that on her death you know we wanted to attend to add a degree of of chance into into the brackets make a little more unpredictable but. I wanted the avengers to win I I and I love both those movies dark night ended the avengers. I actually got like human who's a little bit more and not sad dark I'm one in this case I wanted to bring to win but I. Frankly no hope of that actually happening until about lack. Week always put the thing together and it's it's a lot to put together sixty M no he got a pair them up against each other and all that kind of stuff. Some of the match ups were a I think this has been the hardest one now the three. I don't agree with you is there's been a lot of really hard choices. That we had to make throughout the entire bracket and we and the other brackets we've done have had a hard choices in them. The one again the one that stands out for me is the matrix raises they live I still maintain a that the matrix. Is a better movie than they live numb nuts never have said they lived a bad movie. Just that is not better than the matrix unity my ass you know but that's not how the brackets turnout which is why we do them. Which are exactly what we do I wanna get to something before I go to our first break and I think you know what you gonna do here. Yeah the requires musical account exactly what I Thatcher and yeah occasion did know and and maybe you thought he was already dead but Art Bell died. And he was 72 years old. Died in his Nevada home and anyone who listened to coast to coast. Originally and yet the whole Hillary comes to clothes when George nor he's been on for. Cast but it probably pushing twenty years now. Not sure exactly is totally a little bit less than that goes close because our well you know what I think may be Art Bell was only doing it two nights a week enough for starting your but I didn't hear. Over eighteen years and I remember our belt doing some of the. Oh I know I know I that might have been in my event transition Ryan and I used to listen to George Noory was it was of a no comment fill in host for Art Bell whenever he would be off for whatever reason I think he had some health problems. That added that caused him not to be able to have to do the show. On occasion so George Noory was that was it a if frequent fill in host for Art Bell. But it was still large show and and then when our retired. He didn't pass the torch to George Noory in that happened like you said Angel has done a wonderful day he's done he's done a fantastic job. But he's he's just not Art Bell you know I mean it's like I can't hold that against him because nobody is hard Bellic centered bell. Art Bell was absolutely contention and one of the reasons one of the primary reasons looking back that I started listening to talk radio. I heard the and battered coast to coast AMR bell and and just fell in love with it I mean he talked about he talked about the kinds of things that we talk about on the show. As though they were real and we talk about science fiction stuff we like questions science fiction movies we want only question superhero movies and stuff like that he talked about. You know aliens in ghosts and you know paranormal sub has as if all that stuff for real and and it just absolutely fantastic we go to break. While is playing the music he's give me a sign you listen and the other staples of 1063 WR DS these talk station we'll be right back. Welcome back into the of staples Alonso and Chris hold that down plus a one might join us in the next hour we hope. Well I tell you what he will join us. It does we're gonna talk some wrestling the first segment in the next hour depends on how long a baseball game last yes which is in definite yes because baseball is when the slow sports ever. If you're going to be a part of the show 803471063. Tex lines of a 1307. Quick text and guys are bellows one of the kind George took over fourteen years ago. So and that sounds right I did awhile I I overshot the mark a little bit but but thank you for the correction appreciated and you just want us to be right. It's it's it's it's nice to to have that sort of concern from our audience yeah. You know you know what else. Should be right every single time and that would be the emergency. Emergency alert system yeah. Murder of plays aren't well. News minute. Our copies. Now I did the EA yes you want that to be right as time right yet. While hackers Hawaii how actor's equipped with just a laptop and a thirty dollar hand held at. M radio. Could have hijacked the emergency alert system sirens in San Cisco. The hat could have been made could have made them go off whenever they wanted. And made the system broadcast custom messages according to researchers and research. On a researcher from a wireless security startup called a steel. Found at the emergency alert system made by ATI's systems was makes installs emergency mass notifications. And alert warning systems transmitted can man's encrypted allow an annual with the radio transmitter and the ability to reverse engineer who commands. Hijack them. You could set off multiple siren networks repeatedly said. They went fever not sure was where he's from director of vulnerable Oklahoma pro boob. Were blue ability. It's a tough words since it's an Al party vulnerability or notebook I can do OK so. Vulnerability I legitimately cannot say now word that day that was a rare I have trouble with president. Oddly enough so anyway he re uses it he's head of that department for the steel and the one you found the probability problem. Say a military base a residential area near a nuclear power plant you could set them off repeatedly and scary large portion of the population. Still made a video to show how I hacker would attack sirens taking advantage of this law. In the video he either makes silence player test message as well as. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. If you listen to show right now. You're just Rick world. On the air on Mir not the line give yet if you listing on the podcast you have no idea what's happening. Yeah so you're desperate world and here's the thing that's what he did and video so what he's saying is. Not only can be EAS sirens being. I hated yeah inadvertently by well not is not inadvertent it would be a burden but it would be. Unauthorized activation. A via the emergency alert system. But that's kind of scary though only absolutely immediate we had it not long ago who it was kind of big news there was. A warning that went up in Hawaii that there were. Missiles headed for the island and it turned out to be a false alarm glides. That was that was actually somebody who worked for the system did something wrong and they they. They say they are trying to test the system and did but it actually went off and there's some been some dispute about that and I do not know is what I password yes that's that's the word we're not gonna get into that the point is that it happened. But that was institutional that happened inside the system. This could happen from outside this isn't as thing is. These sorts of secure systems are tested all the time frequently by a unit people who build and they hire other. I'm just imagining here we run an EAS test that we can hear it how I mean we've run it but we can't hear it because of how we're running the program. What if well we can tie I finally switched gears Sigler but it was to actually we ran right you have the and you have to now that that think about we got to do or we're doing on the plane that totals grew up there but. If if you. Sent a one of those automatic ones that run right word like. Like to automation Limbaugh or something yeah and instead of the you know next you know here you hate Bob McClain going. The following a yeah yeah and then the next thing you know here. Rick it is. He hears it shirts. Which we're not allowed to use on the on the radio unless it's an actual EA as. Right you kidding me muse has turned advanced cant guess or toss him a more active they can't use and a but but if you hate them because they interrupt Limbaugh. Big into inevitably become one like during the program and everybody thinks it's a conspiracy. And and usually is just because. That they don't care they don't care when these things run the way that you did the listener. So they they they cover of the programming that you wanna hear and and their annoying but if it became law and it. If you heard those chairs and then you heard. Never gonna give you. A doping laws that would push the but now well it's I had to make my own music I really wanted to use I know you this. Does your voices insisting on the small couple quick text. Hey guys enjoy the show you're doing a great job if you tune into you on the way back from the Biltmore and liberties that Carolina it was a beautiful day. In the beautiful gardens with my beautiful wife Sam and liberty. Glad you got to go don't force fantastic thing I've never been at odds it's it's a great. They give a tour he advising a commercial you wouldn't you wouldn't partake of them like wine tastings that you can do that big they make their own line to grow their own groups. It's it's a really fantastic place all right NN. Unrelated thing. Let's move on to the world entertainment before we take our next break all right west world I never watch I know what is I have any either I have to say you you played at the end of the redone version of are shaped box yeah thank from the wage yeah. What talent back and listen to again actually do kind of like that it starts had a little slow but it didn't it takes up and it's it's it's an opportunity to listen to what your time doing the show really kind of a nice piece of music but but. I saw a trailer for west world the apparently than. Give me the new season season to. And hill looks fantastic it looks really you know just what I want to talk about what's cool fans couldn't believe it when they are worse. Seem when Wes appropriators announced they be sharing a spoiler video for season two. What happened next was even more surprising it started with a post or read it and ended with Evan Rachel Wood singing. Apple app. Which is you really which is why it which is why didn't hit it early now. I guess seeing now is on the ruinous somebody else she's running it it could have been the thirty you know the funny happens in three easy could have been the third never mind. Well all I can say is. He's got Rick rolled again yeah and it might happen again with the Michelle you never know you never know so anyway you watch that video when you watch the video and and the than. One of the young people is playing the piano and and and then Rachel wood. Is singing never gonna give you up so it's still a Rick roll it's not that I guess so they didn't get the actual trailer she's not actually recast. Lastly no I'm okay but stale. It's still counts doesn't it. I accounts if you are expected any of the whole thing all live. Of Rick rolling somebody is that you made them watch recast instead of whenever you said the pregnancy if Rick ghastly as they are doing that staying. Then I think accounts and you don't really get a fan base excited about the gonna get some you know some new stuff no way to get on there and others that's a fair point knows pretty fun it's a fair point because that's the whole point is that you tell somebody. That they're going to see a certain thing. And then they click on the thing because they really wanna see it. And then it's not what they expected instead it's ray ghastly I think this comes close to achieving necco. In a way. No we need to achieve when you daybreak when we come back we got plane stopped who got tossed musical we come back and got a couple hoops is and a ton of other stuff. More things on the wild weird. We're taught some food including a new hamburger that Allah Chris a trying to listen to the upstate pulse. I hear that 01063. I do know orderly you have Rihanna on the outline though don't know it they'll do away. It's so funny watching chorus and it and and you're probably wondering my favorite tools on. Well I need to pick a tool song because there's a tool storage. It's not full time but I think China is the time and right now one of its all time on the staples. Then we're talking hammers. Ball game. Sledge. What you whenever. There. All right I'm placing tool because this is something that's going to interest you especially as a pool play can bring it on. School will teach you how to play their songs on their new tour. Okay. I'm listening to music clinics will also feature a Q and day with a traveling exhibit of unique memorabilia. A fan of I can't say vulnerability. Again those clothes and and pronounced the now but I guess you get violent that a case that whole have announced a music clinic with tool. Toward guitarist Adam Jones drummer Danny Carrey and bass player Justin chancellor are set to embark on a six city jaunt. Beginning may eleventh at the missile I've events litter instead of soda. The three will hold an intimate discussion of the inner workings of the band's music. Two and over the writing process and how the band performs songs live sessions will culminate in an open Q&A session as well as they meet and greet. Tour also bringing along its route and exhibit as a unique vulnerability Billy for a fans to view. Unfortunately it's not come anywhere near. At this point going to be into place in Ohio now we go to Columbus. This is interesting because. Just a few weeks ago via SE come a time that happened and Adrian Paul was here. In Greeneville and one of the things that he does. Is a clinic on sort fighting yet and I wonder if this is kind of a new trend for artists to do. Two did to teach their fans how to do what they do. You know I. I think it can only be a trend if you hear about multiple people doing it. As is his so far well I mean as well I don't you stand I get it but these are two different John as I know will still. This pretty wild I mean absolutely it. I don't see that the tall guys are scaring. On chances are you're probably not particularly who plays violin and over there is less scary day ends and he and until oh yeah you and there are more scary man like that Hanssen was giving excellent and well yeah I mean who will go to learn how to play but what the drums I mean you know. LB Austin was killer. Or edit and and there are more scary bands like war and yes you probably don't want to learn how to play anything from all you don't want to go to Google Erica thank you you'll be dull eyed at stake geek yes. On a scale of the stillness chemical that is very analytical I'd be interest is you know this Ottawa or so on any that it was there anything in the article about how expensive it is. It did not have a price. And when he usually does not have a price point is this by two expert drugs you there yes the incidence. All right. Play a little more music. Now I know we played this last week but there's more news. There's more there's enough there's Fleetwood Mac news via a voice which people haven't said in decades. Yeah I mean did it surprise you why in the world is there's so much. Fleetwood Mac. News. Well they have decided to split was when people looking now yes ice on that you know last time when you could owners own this time not so much. So little big. Colonel Lindsey Lindsey is no longer with Fleetwood Mac. We will not get ready go out on tour and listen a lot of all the bears gone on tour and people my age or older will go out and see them. Because it's nostalgia and close. I think in my case if I don't see an older Vance was his system got it. Yeah you know and especially if it's a band you sol during their their best time via the UNC at this I you know I've. And the density concert like dispersing them on TV like a watched yes. Yes still houses I mean today those guys can still play I mean and that more instrumental than I mean a lot of locals. And honestly they do simply would not who America is a lot more instrumental yeah apple thing. And that's the thing if you if your band has. Good instrumentation you are really musicians. You know you end and you do that skill will stay with you as long as you can physically play the instrument. You to keep and a. Yeah and willow touchy he's you know people come in and out the lineup and stuff but if if that's what the major singers I mean there is there. What are three major singers really to. Christine McBee is kind of minor in there and I don't think he's. She may still be a ban but it's it's always Lindsay in that. The the article that I saw Bennett and don't remember much about it now but the article and SR suggested that. All of them are going to be except Clinton Buckingham. Erica so in his place the band hired Mike Campbell guitarist for Tom pennies. Our breakers yet tone in her and Neil Finn now this is an interesting choice Neil Finn is instrumentalists. Which I guess means it plays more than one instrument. And vocalist for crowded house split ends. And the Finn Brothers okay got it now on out and split instance wouldn't have some stuff but the guy's voice. I can see that working with we will ask Vienna because he if I mean. I think it's a lot smoother than Lindsay bucket and voice but I think it will work. So so that will be very very uninteresting I mean you know we've got a lot of bands were. The replacing summit in this article talks about how Glen Frye is on tour with the Eagles and easy only original member. You know in any case like that I mean. And I started did. I close a black apologized for being distracted Iowa watching you give the people driving outside the studio need to get your act together because apparently there's something going on it. That that we are nowhere and I've seen as huge as some absolutely atrocious driving. I think you know they started to close it I was gonna say they've started closing this this this area under the three to five bridge over Darlington road because of the construction that they're doing in the 85 Gately project. And I wonder if they've got to close down because and seeing callers. Just turning around it says that that must be chemistry case consider this a public service announcement yes if your if you want to dig Arlington road off of Woodruff. You're not going to be able to get very far pick a different rate that's what we're guessing or keyboardist and I can't actually set the road block from here but five cars in a row I've watched turn around what we can do this. Oddly our one of those who walk over to Juan Roxio and without the wind chill in cinder blocks are only hit one more music one more what more museum before we go to break. You know we're ending the game a bit of music we were from school the Fleetwood Mac. What's next. Illness. It's pretty static Kristen is now. Yeah Taylor is Taylor okay all right why am I doing going Taylor slept well at Connecticut man is accused of robbing a bank. They're going to Taylor Swiss Rhode Island mansion to throw cash over a fence to impress her. According to police reports isn't it comes to you battled and crazier things to impress celebrities the incident comes a year after a Pennsylvania man was accused of stalking the pop star. And are TriBeCa residents apparently she's rich got multiple residence yadda yeah. So. What you bloody ring announced it would be would you look to be reached out to get tired of your house. Yeah it's got to just gonna hear other out yeah. Right according to our reports it seemed he wanted to propose the swift silly joke about sixty miles to westerly Rhode Island. And started throwing some of their roughly. 1600. Dollars he's charged with stealing overs with students. Rallying was pursued by Rhode Island state. Police back to Connecticut where he was arrested that's Corey allegedly told police about his plan into a six year old rally was held on a 100000 dollar bond. We put some of that back and I you know here to do you think debate for your Ballard. But I wonder what are his eight I wonder if this is to you because you you. Frequently are skeptical of my motives because I'm an actor I wonder if he got caught doing this and this is the best story come up with. What are the copilot till like he just happened to be passive buyer may incidences like okay unscrupulous money over there you know the I gotta get rid Emmett get rid of the evidence well the fact that he knew it was Taylor swift's. I mean on who drives by at place and doesn't know what belongs to visit I just beyond the big TSO there I don't know. It's the scenes liking Agilent Kennedy's life Elvis's house or something I don't know your bag and but. If you wanted to expected to impress Taylor Swift you think eleven under Bucs would do it sixteen under okay 16100 news. On the way less than what is your house once you past 15100 I think you're reaching a different threshold of what are you yeah I think Rockford. For multiple how stunning Taylor's twenty foot par would be. Or is she says you know what let's go out of his day. Hey someone that are in this guy is willing he's about lawyers were an idea that tale birds the the convicts. Some some some people go for that so weird it really arledge you know if you want to if you if you what are the proposed Taylor Swift. Why wouldn't she take at 16100 bucks and firing. The newborn are right we need to take our last break of the hour we come back and hit the U2 with NT of staples. Rare of 1063 W alerted. While there's a good shot that you know some towns everybody is probably on drugs. This is the new central because some hoops and there are multiple while they're two two's multiple didn't want it so Earl it is so we have to oops this. I don't care who sees movement yes and they they actually relate to one another because they have the same. In the oh. Yeah all right. The first one is with an NFL player and is woods is amnesty and for modus operandi the bulbs on Munson. You know. But I'm not gonna say that impresses me because you think that I didn't yes present I clean up. Face you may you didn't know that as you well I honestly you do is think no that's untrue I was curious whether you knew I had not decided one way or the other. With the union and are things that have initials that you know what they orbit may not know what they stamp or you know went. What do mean right and and I know what it means so anyway. One. It's an NFL player and actor both kind of did the same thing and what they do. Well oh I remember now let's go about Trevor Dave Davis I guess they Trevor Davis checked in at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter with. Asked the usual questions about whether he was carrying any. Aerosol cans knives weapons or explosives. Rob Patrick gone public information differently next police told ESP it. Davis turned to a female companion and asked if she remembered to pack the explosives. He was. Then taken into cus yeah bookings you can't joke about this is the thing. You traveling but later Davis plays from Green Bay Packers right you're traveling. And they're all kinds of idiotic questions that the TSA has to ask you because they have to ask you the required they're required. It's ridiculous but they're required. But. Even though it's ridiculous. You have to take it completely seriously you cannot joke about that stuff. You can't I had it I I had pulled over once it is years ago we again pulled over for. Making an illegal turn or something like that again it was something stupid you know and he's been with me right I don't pull out of headlight out hazardous South Carolina. You still blame that on me. Do. But I guess I got pulled over India and the officer he loved me said Yemeni weapons or record knives your. Hand grenades in the car. Thank and you think you know I mean it's reasonable ask you some. People you know we get a Second Amendment in his country people have guns they carry them in their cars that's a thing that happens people also owned knives they carry in their cars that's the thing that happened. Generally speaking people don't have hander grenades and if they do they're probably not supposed to do what are request so it was fun I just you know he cities CA ME guns knives or hand grenades in the current make and you know guns knives just kind of wash your Miller normally says Kane and aids and bust out laughing. Which is not what you wanna do now from a cop car who. The spurs because summit especially if you CEO look on her face now are yeah listen it's is dangerous times but some look a little more tight than others hand. And they know. Take two are kind of sarcasm now and and that word or indeed any countess are well obviously. They didn't take to his kind of sarcasm could do was SP and uses Joseph came. And he would joke for joke but take you can hand out my dad that's my point and he could it possibly lose his job as an NFL player because of that. Now let's go to any other circumstance. According to a press release from authorities which was obtained by the Hollywood reporter. TJ Miller is accused of intentionally conveying the law enforcement false information about an explosive device. When a train traveling to Connecticut's. The United States attorney for district of Connecticut says the comedian allegedly dialed 911. And claimed he was on a train traveling from Washington DC to New York city's Penn Station. And a woman on the same train has a bomb in her back. Authorities stopped and evacuated a train searcher for any sign of an explosive device and came up empty what's more Miller. Was also not on the train instead he was on a different train. The attendant on the train claims the actor and comedian appeared intoxicated Mozee is able to kids who drink during his trouble before being removed from the train in New York. He allegedly had hostile exchanges with the woman in his car. This point nor has been released on a 100000. Dollar bond now. After appearing before a judge in Connecticut the case is being investigated by not only the metropolitan transit authority. In Connecticut state police eight Federal Bureau of Investigation. The joint terrorism task force should he be convicted Miller could face up to five years in prison. Tina this is a little bit different. Trevor Davis blankley said was being so obviously you're joking yeah obviously making a joke you can't do that which is why he got in trouble. But he was clearly. Joking about the ridiculousness of the question. TJ Miller on the other hand went out of his way. To not just not just suggests. That there might be a bomb but called the police about it. In I guess the hopes of getting somebody else in trouble that's rarely going to workout. Or. And Eddie and I mean again he was drunk yeah I was trying to think that well that that could be it too but it but that's. That's the thing is the decision as you got in that story I was like this guy had to be loaded and me had to be absolutely yeah. Image problem bunch now it in this case its truck and her dad pulled to. Now it is B movies and made well no it's going herded anyway because the content is dead pool to this is not gonna grind it. And we're probably both of Nicosia collapses yet or I. More to come the second hour including the flag someone will make an appearance. Listen up staples rare 163 W ornery.