Upstate Pulse 4-21-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, April 21st

Guys talk about Waffle House, Superman, Infinity War, Prince and more.


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While commit to the dark side that place where people saw them go. Some may not even know it exists I hear they have cookies I'd I do hear their chocolate chip cookies and are very tasty under whose real big cookie Seattle Randy Allen yen up little dinky you guys like issuing can talk and insist melting to it's perfectly as it never ASEAN as citizen I did it vineyard on a year and a half. Soft cookies are crunchy cookies. I need I like both yeah it's a mood thing I think I prefer soft in generally in my had to choose. I was I would go soft so it I would say saw the hands in the cookie yeah yeah I would say soft on the edge of being crunchy. So it's not time I saw out I out there to be like a little bit crunchy but the inside to be like an oatmeal raisin cookie yeah got to be soft exactly. When the US not going to rally and I mean with the goods are right. Tex or so and 307. What is your deal like you're cookies harder soft. So much cookies people. My name is lines though. Along with me. Is this vague answer yes. Along with The Hague because I am actually anticipating me saying something up yet is I am DB credited actor. For the awesome anime. Miami guns these best they're made out during. You may like your dragon balls see me like you've done domes you may be a classic he likes Speed Racer nothing compared to the acting job. That our fellow co host. Chris Evans did in Miami guns checked that out. You'll you'll think it's you should have been aiming dominate sounds exactly like me minute. The voice you hear the radio right now but let's roll it now it was so that also join us beef plus a wind is here or pols have for an entire show. Been awhile. Yeah apparently he has today he is he to trick shot artist extraordinaire and I don't I would never let it go now until about a decent job pride in what you do. Honestly like on time hop it showed up did today. The video that opposed the company's booklet that video showed up pals like off. Memories vintage and then I remembered all the comments on analysis like you know nevermind that's all right and again you know there's no and then every haters gonna hate. Also join and us is. She'll contributor Cameron who has an awesome YouTube series called happy place you should check that out new one just posted by the way in which I. And ushered in on the staples pages ugly I believe I have to confided that yes they pulls page. Joseph there Chris does not want to go there but we wanted to go America's Chris doesn't usually work. But even though does FaceBook account you try to deny last week he had won but he's got one. Go to any of staples we posted the kind of starters and I didn't have a FaceBook account. They don't have FaceBook page you can't go to you can't go to FaceBook dot com slash Chris Evans and find me as you can and a key issue. That is pizza FaceBook slash Chris Evans and see what see when it comes out. There is because at that moment when your investigating yourself. And by the way isn't this your first time listening to show him what we do on the show other than try to prove each other wrong which is done on every show. Known to man although in some shows there's a hierarchy involved where you know. Someone is above other people and try not to correct them obviously it doesn't exist here. Even if it did it doesn't see now on me as night attack well okay. Chris that's even. This was sliced our URL but what are. This is this the radio I'm not willing to put the effort into it on today show we've got a ton of stuff to talk about. And clear it's about wall plaza when those Waffle House right through double what the house is about to do something that's. And goes to point out you looked up Chris evens. Out model. It EV he spelled it EV EN as late as even Stephens on mine eyes and odds. But it got even Stephens online also on today's show EVP and we're going to preview. Avengers Infiniti York. We an inert hour we are going to be talking. Bounce. Seek not me some Russ lane. Because we get sooner brown says there's still time that isn't always likes to sidelines going yeah I know analysis but you know I'm trying to just show here he's this time ago you know pro wait a we've got textures weighing in on the the key issue. Do it again as we've. Once exercise I like my cookies semi flat said. It was you know area it was predictably so it's slightly around it was has a slightly about a time poured somebody suggest. I another Texas is also new cookie suck and that's a fact Jack. I beg to differ. I I think I think of milk cookies. Is this jacket almost Arrington that almost don't hold together means that don't know Ohno on the muzzle you don't know. Must really love the old email as it almost they still together but they get the biggest break apart. I know the text says soft cookies that it would seem like everybody likes the subcommittee. Another things is McDougall Chris Evans and got back a picture of a bearded empire. Let's look at it not assailant that is definitely out could be yes it don't we just. You're speaking of creepy bearded guys in trees mixture goats you won a 63 WO lord he's FaceBook page we do we always do our. We are the originators of this this one point them out. On an out of body just picking up on channel can't blame which and so that's what we do just what we always we set train we do our listeners to check out the pre show most fortunes come out of anger. Who knows what's gonna happen yet and suddenly irritated if we didn't think that we get really creative and yes yes yes we do. On particular appreciate it today in honor of Earth Day which is tomorrow happy Earth Day everyone. Chris and I decided you know we had earlier this day two we hear about all the all the liberals we we don't talk politics here but I am a point to so we hear about all the liberal 300 is. And we wondered you know. It's so the tooth that does that does a tree get something out of the challenge I think I think you. Don't necessarily have to be liberal to be entry under. I do think that's a wig as the majority of the time. Don't think it's necessary other requirement Patrick to supply would leave out the window because he and hitting it punditry we see now onset transformative experience and knows. Exactly what it is no chance Florida all the embassy the tree mr. Manning. Anyway and no of the military sway in this way like once more I mean it and you know it misses you guys right now on the street is now holding a boom box we can't hear from the studio and a. Yeah. Run. A tactic I saw it nicely done here lightly so check out check out the go to one of 63 W Ortiz FaceBook page and check out our video we do those fifteen minutes before every show on Saturdays. And we is that Oprah yeah let's appreciate it we didn't airing the show wouldn't be appreciative yes it would be a during show so. Anyway check out if you're partially 803471063. Tex lines of 1307. These guys. Last week. We miss something and I don't want to miss that this week. I had it when I feel like a masterpiece of a Roger rewind and reading get to a last week. So I get to it now off the top of the hour Roger take away. It any case you thought that the recall it was done is not done it's not Don it would never go door to a lot better last week that's why I was so disappointed still think this is the years ago this month as the ten year anniversary of the rate world isn't really that yeah well I'm glad that we're able to Spain and and he noticed the one story I just didn't add anything to. Now he wanted to kick. There are haters or nothing attitude and the way if you're listening you're thinking OK is Roger just making these no these are actual stories that Rodgers reading during the week. And please pick some of the best ones beyond. The funniest ones and no and delivers it the way that Roger does and yes Tara made an appearance in there and she doesn't now but you know I mean I guess and I'd say sometimes I get to participate when Roger because he actually writes. Most of the stuff that I read in the business news as I get I get some really interesting turned phrases in the business news and I get to read. From Roger everyone's so it is is a lot of buttons which. No offense but you can do with the way I don't know like I I do not. Do not claim to have his jobs in terms delivery. I was the one more story before we before we had to break. Waffle House everybody is Ruben Waffle House level yeah. I was there two weeks ago. I I think it's it's a rite of passage you go to waffle especially if you're out late night with friends who goes where you do something yeah hungry like. What's open while blouses and yet while while they don't see gonna lawful house here's why they have locks on the doors. And I know close that is a great question there's one thing at Waffle House hasn't had. That is her Waffle House now has and I I think Wi-Fi take. Unknown male Wi-Fi let's take an updated video camera in Atlanta. On there's a wall cloud services it's as much par a part of Georgia as a peach peanuts or even Coke it's Waffle House who's against wolf blouse was made and originated Indian yeah. The first Waffle House opened an album dealt with states in 1955. So it's been around now long. The company is headquartered in Norcross. And there are about 400 Waffle House restaurants in the state so Georgia has 400 Waffle House restaurants. Some highway exits even have to Waffle House. You know because like this Starbucks gets crowded you know when it when you see a Starbucks when you cross the street from the Starbucks. Do you guys CNET and actually see that I get so. Let's we have our fair share waffle houses here in India to lead an indictment don't know that I never seen any offensive tackle Dewayne White close but there are some that are that are. Really really close to the point that you lake. Why the why do we need to wobble houses necklace. Well a aides he eased. You have to imagine so excited structure on if you're a NASA has actually gone and now that's exactly the same as I was can say it's eat you have to imagine somebody sand. Was I gotta let a lot of us is going to be good now we're not going to an hour more than hundreds of the guilt when you know things out now while Clausen not us but a way out of band for over a decade. And when you're when you're doing gig. He did die and music pretty calm because you spend a lot of energy there and waffle houses don't get waffle houses where we went in when I was in high school we would do. Shows we do like musicals and after of the show's ever we get a lot of us after wrestling meets is a good idea to get dual some incident. Because Miller cut weight can hit the Waffle House this mother cover John. And gravy for like Patrick he probably goes pretty good gravy. The Brady bill which passed out wrestler isn't in it may well be there Monday night some things do happen at the Waffle House. That's near sun trust park. And on it became the first Waffle House to sell beer. Who who know billions in new but this mistake this is and as you know this a major mistake now does. Very that drove people LaFalce is open is not reflects a lot plus it's open to all people go there it. But now people who go to to get drunk no no that's the thing. We go to Waffle House. To cure ourselves right on to say we don't need this in the reason we like it because there's no serving of alcohol they are therefore we can't be tempted. Well and now we are tense and that's not going to Atlanta Braves baseball game he stopped by lawful house before or after pregame yeah. And post game if you like game on him fit this Waffle House doesn't serve everything go as far as it's. It's the restaurant known to about food line I know Billy's eyes. I think it's funny that that they have is they have. A shortened it's a limited through menus sensitive food menu bar like a bit beer yeah. OK so then hash brown who drinks there's a cheese steak melt past rumble. Sounds tasty grilled chicken milk house Pro Bowl a regular order of hash browns along with water soda and beer that's all they have there on wall holes. On know. How does a wall Howell is yes I have awful. I don't think great observation I didn't notice that I agree I was waiting to hear that maybe this is this growing Travis at this point it's just to house. Net lately it they said. We only all right you know devastated I you know I have put to store and I read it I didn't realize it says well all falls you know it. Also America may we had eight and this is the optimist in me speaking. May be. They thinking goes without saying that you know while you're you're probably right you are probably right and he didn't even look at because it's waffle I'll ask her trip to Atlanta. Everyone will go to Atlanta and let's prudence that we need. Find out I mean that's one thing about it it exists we know where it is we just got to drive there yeah right it also investigates. Does city post investigates we need to fund road trip. We we need to do more does all right. Maybe someday we'll do it go to a location and actually be able to broadcast from there. That's an amazing idea let's take a break and we come back renewed talk about. A song for prince that's it's all over the Internet right now we're going to hear some of it not to tell you what it is they recognize or run away. And find out what our opinion do we think it's better than what was released on the radio you listen to the ousted pulse right here a 1063 W Lordi. So in case you. When acute physical modeling and Casey are recognizes this is nothing compares to you would this mean prince wrote this originally yes but he never released it and now. Suddenly it's I'm really know east. I was and say I I get the impression. That this is this this is the way that he wanted to song to be. But he probably recognized it would not performed well on the radio. I gotta tell you I like this version better idea I I think so and I I remember. I remember hearing or reading win when he died a while ago that. There's a whole truck as he frequently find with musicians they passed way in and you find this is you know catalog that was never released. And specifically remember hearing about friends. Having this catalog and the the M. That the ideals put forth that prince wouldn't release the song it. Unless it was perfectly the way that he wanted to be and so. I cut you know that a lot of people were really excited and I called him a finalist in new prince music that we never. You know the that we never know about Els Lleyton if if if he didn't want it out there. It might not be as good as you expected today when might it might just not be up to its standard you know out of San. Yeah let us know what you think about song takes less of 130 I like it here's the thing about the song you know iphones Sinead O'Connor's version whining. This there's there's a melancholy sadness behind the song the way he sing unit. And N and a longing dentist on me gives me chills again and I loved the background and the background how comes in and there's something that happens here in the second. In his song that's perfect I don't recall here and in any prince song. Sax solo how excellent. The saxophone is kind of a mournful instrument. I mean maybe prince used sacks and some of the songs that I don't call here in and I can't think of one. And it's this is is perfect you right here's our he should be doing the guitar solo and instead there's a sack so. That's fascinate I like it I gonna say I agree with you I think is is really good and I but again. I think he I think he probably recognize that this version of the song. Was not going to be. Popular he knows it was not gonna hit the way that he wanted details. See this as the same Phyllis purple rain does to me I mean it's yeah it had that says senate and I really really liked us. I hope they end up releasing this choose the radio. As something we can get all the golf I mean obviously a prince tribute Jensen and now I mean I definitely would buy that. Not allowed to be tracking this in my car right now. If I would be very happy afterwards and not real happy right now. But yeah those who are you glad that it Patrick thumb but he out what it was like saw that's really nice he had it definitely does he not listen to earlier as mourners like why don't. This is just how simple keyboard is at the beginning. I mean this to me it's perfect it's not there's not too much music and and it and the back of the background and sacks the skills of forming. On we're gonna do something that might be considered sacrilegious or musical. Biden musical. People who are in the music and that's go right from Princeton to us. Here's the reason why but she and some people would consider her also a musical genius you know I was saying yeah let Taylor who lived in her own way gets a lot more flack and she deserves and not nearly as much credit should all right so last week we did a story how I got robbed the bank. And through the money over a wall word for yes on her state wolf in in in some sort of gesture of engagement yes. Well some guy thinks he's going out doer that this this is Patrick it is weird as it sounds this is starting to get scary though for Taylor Swift and this is something we have to deal with celebrity. Colorado. A man from Colorado has been arrested for stalking the pop star Taylor Swift after he's found with a knife wrote an animal outside her Beverly Hills mansion. According to Associated Press Julius Santa robbery outside a piano. Julia sand rock set 38 a Broomfield was wearing a mask and rubber gloves when he was arrested outside Swiss home. On Saturday the pop star was not home at the time. I shall direct to send Roth told police. The local general he had the mounting about Lex slept Brock he had driven from while you onto it. He had driven from his home in Colorado deceased which he also told officers that he owned three handguns and is on probation in Colorado for far and one of those weapons. Eat so user but but but here's the thing you know this is this a sub par. Stalking like this gets publicity. And being guys think you know what I can do that copied and had plenty of it would then I mean this is scary it would have no idea so when robbed another bank into yet more money over China. Raise the dollar amount they can now and a bronze idea. Some more guards. It was a must end two dozen homes those poor timing on his part thank god. Right I don't understand people who would copycat somebody who got caught. I mean clearly alien thing how are you think you would learn the lesson and well a lot he's PR ORS are publicity hounds they just want to get their names in the paper or. One line since you know papers really exist anymore. Armed. They want to notoriety yeah I did it they do let's John Hinckley type thing and it's still it's it's scary the world the scary. Luckily we will never raise that kind of celebrity because you know. People don't you know we are distressing night here around here right on we're going good break we come back. We've got a ton more stuff to come including our own sword you listen to the upstate pulse right marijuana 63 don't feel ready. It's our men coming you know. Not everybody gets everything that he directness and that's fine about TSA calls Alonso Chris Patrick and Cameron. Final Saturday night thanks for taking us along with you that you know like. Why you're on your way to get some food and go out. Play some games dancing whatever it is going to movies thank you for taking us along with you we always appreciate the feedback. You know we get five to 600 views on her arm. FaceBook videos that we do. We have plenty of interactions this you on the tax line as we are a nerd show and there's nothing more or a nerd interactive. And the tax line. Texting is kind of bogey yet did you didn't even as mainstream as it is well and you you have done a certain form of anonymity and you get away with saying some things just as we know as some of the things that are on there right now that's we cannot say on the extra. I'll want texture says it's just a small restaurant apart referring to the the Waffle House in. Pretty stadium down but if it is if it does well not an actual Waffle House I will then how like how awful how I call while he's identifying itself as a wall discuss discuss should be beer and hash. Us of waffled. I don't know. And RD. Finished my show prep list. When I monitor that news. It's it's on Netflix and it's been on my list to watch for awhile and I am kind of Ted's ego would now I I feel like you'd be in the whole thing in and you know. You can see I got to wish wish ill or cancellation on anybody pleasure you know on. Briscoe screws over so. I think it is it's been Mike's well who has since been Mike but still he's affiliate and the text Anthony's Bruce Campbell still rules so I think they disagree with well one anyway. No one almighty not paid welcome Pat Carroll I don't I don't like eighty dollars back thank you very it's. Now the Texas's turn music out now sheriff there referring to prints or Taylor's now says it again. Well it's some kind of low to live in mountains condolences to that. For portable were nothing but it took so it's it's been a lot of them in a while since then hair yeah. Keith Jackson at 713 series seven Eaton joining the conversation. I know it can be guru of everything you. He will he's finally for the paper clip before we get to our group's award a couple of things that I want to talk about including this week marks. The eightieth birthday of Superman. So why it's so let's go now on sale of your birthday Superman to around eighty years. And the Indus has came from marvel 38. 1930s who did this come from marble to DC is taken over Superman some people were unhappy with the direction he's going already. So because people like Superman Indian changed. We can't get in more to that in future next and we Robbie on the island. The B a few issues behind it they just did the thousandth issue which I almost bought and I did not know we shall would've but it collection story Superman stories I should've done when I was. In the story on today and I just I decided not to DM alum Selma during the week that today he's been read some Zimmerman books recently yeah I mean well rebirth with all that stuff that's as critical eye and I am reading Superman. As far as super sons goes. Because obviously he super boy's dad. So he's in that. On occasion but anyway have a birthday the Superman the other thing speaker superheroes. Coming up next week Thursday. Finally. Avengers affinity war comes out and first question you guys and I should put this in an inner roundtable but I'm not because is a big movie and more slowly raise it was released from. Gathered there is what does. Well and I assure one of them showed up on Monday asked me out on my name. Xbox console on page. And now watch hadn't seen it didn't look like any of that and had a lot of the same footage that that that we seem before he didn't look. There were some new stuff and it didn't look quite like any of the ones and then Ernie scenes look. I don't speculate here when you guys speculate also including people detect signs so more and 307. Who do you think dies because we know there's there's probably some yet this they're supposed to be more super heroes in this movie than ever been on screen wants. So there's a good shot. That we knew we know some contracts are in the Chris Evans yes is probably going to be done on so there's good job Captain America dies. Iron Man can also Iron Man could go by buying or. I think in the area I mean all those guys inspect and and all those guys that are their contracts are ending but you don't contracts and sometimes you get a new went. So anybody can have had a mean also figure. Can make bad guys ahead of my. There's there's possibility that most of them could actually just die in this country because of the if if they have any sort of like connection to write the follow the story. And those skills actually a lot of people yeah he actually pulls it off he kills half the universe. But then nebula against the got a back and and restores it and then they beat him. So that's a that's a possibility and then you just killed the story man now when it went nuts that's definitely a spoiler right there I come majors slut Allen has said that. We ought to do is say there's a stone that reverses time stock exchange. Has it. Right now. And I think they haven't. It's terrible that that route. Because there are diverging my own eyes and I'll apologize for that because of if it does happen Mary does does kill bit for everybody it is does know attacked. Mike can odds. That's a Patrick move right there. Hi that's what you hear it I can't totally so I don't know probably a paper clearly made contact he did what he threatened to throw your failure to Obey every clip Judy did so. Bob let's pretend like. Like camera did so he said to us hope it doesn't follow that is just did well. Which you rather me gotten down just gonna do is going to be some sort of punishment and are now Mozilla heal him Wednesday we've made a point to not spoil things. Indeed did use may have given away the biggest spoiler there is on a possibly one of the biggest. Tub movies of all time what do you think the marvel snipers in the line up on the roof they're there already are still owed here you might have affected the that. The box office returns for the tree and I know you Venturi is now I can now be button tomatoes. Agreed to freeze now hold Eli hey here's the thing. We're gonna get to use a word but we need to recover sort of take a break and I think we may need to initiatives you now we may have to. You're just it's witnessed wind our newest studio staples. When I was 63 to Bjorn being there take note. Tell Cameron how disappointed you are him Tex lines have 130 zone. Hey man here is not your enemy. Throwaway bit. Yelling at Il's talking in all caps. That's must that's why doesn't it lost its that's my deal the way that I know he does a separate text messages and text messages it's one word answers. Sometimes one letter answers yes. What's wrong with that text is supposed to be simple it's not supposed to let's do a pair of Athens and know it's supposed to be simple widget like a novel yes. I would just like a central few people in my the only one attacks. A help open your eyes yeah that's I was 13007. As big of a tax line it there's one person. For whom you have not ruin infinity infinity ward addiction says hey guys site. For infinity ward so everybody else who didn't taxes clearly has that is that before or after my everybody's pitched sports right now they are Agnes and one person challenges man that's why you're walking out before me because I gave him mine okay Abby this isn't my first anger. Rotten tomatoes cabbages. Aussie overalls alternate parking lot right now all right you sort of music got means we're gonna talk about oops I crap a Chris found the story. But heating considers some hoops but I absolutely did all right if you guys are gonna Robbie GameStop. If you are robbed GameStop I didn't. An ally and I may not have yet to labeled a coastline that's absolutely when it I guess finally got robbed GameStop you probably come up with a clever disguise. So people can't tell who you walk it's it's kind. Common when you thought I should never rob any thing especially GameStop or right when Diana yes it's it's common when you're committing crime. To disguise your features so that says that. The authorities have trouble identifying bright and cameras and things like you know things sometimes. Sometimes people commit what are called crimes of opportunity to see an opportunity to camp as an up you're not prepared for it. See just have to grab whatever it he and to lead to disguise yourself all right so this team goes into GameStop to rob it and my bottled water I'm doing here we go through a lot of ball and water and comes in like a plastic shrink wrapped gifts so this genius. Data on his head to rob. The GameStop is gonna hold the top and his night on though there's a cardboard period there was as the plastic you could see his face and blue so certainly it is rat hole no he didn't cut a hole in the you know how it is absolutely like any other end. Yeah you know has Canada on either end he just he pulled it off and discuss that and was looking through the open end. Which is hilarious because he didn't really even obscure his face yeah I didn't know there's video you Weiler Nvidia he is clearly identifiable. He just look stupid I mean even stupid than you would normally load breaking into GameStop yeah well no it's not popular you know that was a I don't know. The string of burglaries across the country is to remind us the hydrate. Stay hydrated the as a as he steals from all decades stops across the nation allows you to play video games go outside and play all right. The guy wrote the article says wait why won't they tell us what was taken that's viable information that could help lead to an arrest. Like how my supposed to note the guy selling forty copies of four cry five. Now whose case of my coffee and out of his trunk. Is really our guy. You know because anybody can do that. Yes I mean you know that's common. The minutes off five people doing that last week public does downtown rebellion don't know what you gonna say I would give the guy credit for one thing though he watched the video you can actually see the frames on the on the security footage. Take by. And you realize that the video has been slowed slowed down that his movement and he gets across a store fast. While they're not very day I mean now Zaza levered myself I mean he covered speaker person grabbing the auto dealers fast house. Don't mess with the bud luck you soon quit today quick quick quick. And it would have been a whole areas of he had a mask underneath. So he he put on the bottle and had a mask on exactly. That would just be the stupidest thing ever in one who can beat you a lot of guys are getting mad it's pretty stupid I get what more we go to break on us in the video packed yes I pulled up for him we got. Thank you we got time for a couple of other things armed including Jersey new ant species out there. And down. The answer explode when they're when they're fighting wider and tell me about yes. Our eyes fastened hot tub Borneo is canopy jungles the edge to wait any enemy daring enough to invade their colonies. These are no ordinary dance they employees special defense mechanism that isn't so much self defense as it is. A species defense when attacked individual Lance explode releasing their toxic yellow guts. All over invaders while locked in Warren one combat. Her two new studies it's as if they've initiated their own self destruct sequence sacrificing the cell. To preserve the rest of colony coroner researchers from Austria Thailand and non. Who recently discovered fifteen new species of the group they are Colleen. Column vote sis. Solyndra cup or the exploding dance. Like the ants. Aside bomber in this conflict the in light version of Polk Monday learn self destruct. So they're all Poulter and people vote yes noble whose elect toward yet it is and learning self destruct. Still doesn't move at all poke along by the way it's simple as move in this case there is a well. They're it's it's and so I mean they have put anymore at all right the C and that's the thing is yeah it is that when you are part of a hive like that you've got that sort of hive mind you shouldn't it. These instances futile the matter libertarian and I are now now that's the Chris has done great study into those days from Laffer role. The inking. Or it's a modest weakness the individual is. Basically nothing because it is the protection hive is the most important thing so you have to blow yourself up and affiliate toxic debts all over the enemy. That's what you have today Arianna I think Iran's surprise there aren't more anti. And I grew apart from leading to the answer imminent death the defense of explosion releases a sticky toxic liquid. From their enlarged glands in order to either kill or hold off the enemy this accretion is yellow with almost the consistency of curry. So off. So let's isn't that site is referred to John Kerry of self sacrifice who knows maybe that's what carries mellow. Stop for a second did you throw it out or it now it's in there I didn't matter who saw us know you know the word. Let I didn't hear it let's increase. I know it's always been there yeah I agree I think it might have been at first when that we discovered you know the answer one critically species yes. Total bosses explosions. Seemed especially volatile and had previously gone by the nickname yellow duped. For their brightly colored Toxics creation. The science team members of filibusters explosions to be particularly prone to self sacrifice and threatened by enemy Arthur pods or. As well as introduce you intruding researchers for that reason a particular species will serve as models feces for future studies. There's also another when and where is that that. A group known as major workers did not explode as frequently by user in large to plug shaped heads. To barricade the nesting entrances as intruders advanced on the colony. So I mean. So. They have fat heads to try to keep people out to a dud doesn't work if you pass the buck heads. And against creation. Why is it sound like super. Fees and sound legs hurt me because insert the word bugs this thing I know I admire. I mean they they're they're like idiots. Let's be careful that there's like an over mine on earth somewhere just like. Messing with that's come clean. The crew of the queen and tells every ball the other all the time they're presenting CN they're protecting recording like a little tiny Carrey and then the rest of they the colony. I was hey here's what I was gonna do and and I should have done this I was gonna how is Patrick read the story outlet passes I knew he would love. This particular story and I decided not to decide despair I'm here to be a part of the show 803471063. Text line 71307. We have a ton of your death. Things they we got time I was couldn't do we only got a couple Manson's get to him on. We just don't know burns' lawyer died. Yeah do we learn that at dinner tonight guy you played mini me. Has died today was only 48 hours yeah yeah. Are you a little person and it was their own place injured shortened by the conditions. And you hear about it I think that that you know I got some music and stuff for those who were not about time anyway I did she died and I didn't know that was his only 28 yet. It then we recognize that we name do we play the song and I have heard Italian embassy in our game honored as the wind didn't DJ he's become prominent I mean. Aside from the rap game I get that went in modern day DJs in the ninety's brilliance and yet it's this really win. EDM kind of went mainstream. I just I don't get that. Why lions Liza DJ famous because DJ is not really I mean he's Nixon immune hasn't slammed off funds I mean they're mixing the music cannot really slowing earnings saying you know OK all right. Couple other ones are early army died and you know a couple guys from our sister station. Sister stations ninety point three planet rocks and awestruck when Warren. Still man and twisted Todd. One what's been on the show the other one is not tall enough to be on the show. They both posted pictures with Charley Armey was pretty cool. He was and it was full metal jacket right yet is full metal jacket well among other things yeah that's that's dollars in the first movie I think he really gained prominence and and he was also. He's a lot of cartoons. And things like down two. He's had a very distinctive voice and and we uses writers and people don't remember that he was in Friday also he also played. Link them the military dad for a lot of kind of established characters. I think he was the dad forward than janitor and scrubs or something like that indeed they do care if you're thirty stylist on a show. And then they can you talk about your dad and he's the one who shows up as of that and then. One never really in two more brutal San Martino whose very famous wrestler. I gotta admit I don't remember seeing in San Martino Russell is that I all of the all did the generations that I have watched since then they always speak of him high regard. And I know he's in the WW hall of fame. And he just passed away and then wonder really affected me more than more so the other ones and who hate to see anyone in. Go away was Harry Anderson who died in him in North Carolina and Nicor was one of my favorite Schuettler Terry Anderson he did magic. And he was he was so it was I mean they're very accomplished yes union. And also some people may not remember this and and a camera doesn't know who Harry Anderson has but he does the Susan it. Yes he was listening now he was it just shows you did the mini series yes he was rich you told your. Are the older adult reversed I don't know I guess you used to when when you first see him he's he's on the Tonight Show. Hosting the Tonight Show ya does him but yeah he dinosaur Carolina homes pretty sad to see that too. Com speaking of of his magic. You guys from. Do you Hauser while mom I'm Neil Patrick and Patrick Harris one for people to tweet about it saying that he was his hero. Because of you know like magic work in all black ice could see. That Neil Patrick Harris seems like the kind of person who would have been heavily influenced by Kari Anderson because. Harris is pat a pairs is a career started young you know when he was young and and that would have been. I can I get absolutely see him looking up some day like that. Our city now talking he did and we'll be back to. And are now our next.