Upstate Pulse 6-16-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, June 16th
Ihob food review, Pickle Juice Slush, and more on the first hour of the upstate pulse.

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But to really talk about under the wire. That's exactly what I just did. To how we do it yeah ride has run this time was. It's running out it's one of those. In definable. Attributes of a bit of a good producer is you have to have impeccable timing. He deathly do and one in my talking about by the way welcome it's the obstacles Alonso Chris Patrick and Cameron here today for house. We have a full house that means we're going to be blamed guns in translated by oil and point out. On that we have YouTube channel they'll staples YouTube channel and we are going to be posting. On starting tonight our first time according but while getting his stuff together. To. To figure out how to record. Mom I thought about you know what can we stream the show alive. Completely. Which we have tried to do before there are a couple Christmas shows that we've done that then basically we just we just hook your phone up to. The ceiling yes so we had may have been I don't know borrowing animals room wide shot and and and just let it run until the battery died. Yeah and it worked surprisingly well. Yeah and I mean according to that's not what we're doing the FaceBook like finally gets a 1063 W or do you FaceBook paid to do that right now and you're gonna he would not. I'd tell you the audio won't sync up as long delay that took and but you will see us. You'll see is you'll see me. Eventually I realize the Mike was in the way so I move the Mike. And and I saw myself moved Mike on the screen which is pretty cool on so. We we three screens going on right now. I'm Patrick is to the left Chris as to the right and I am in the center sort of mom. And not exactly how does. In this too well on the studios is completely backwards because all the cameras are so anyway him tip guys really cool and others sums now we're gonna start doing there is a see it the subdued gonna start doing on the future. And I. And also COLT won one cool thing about this you know when the commercials happening. Happened the show doesn't stop so. I don't know what I don't get today when the commercials happened. We will continue to be talking on FaceBook is you know we weeks we've talked a lot on this program about. The fun that we have during the breaks and I have to admit it's not every single break. That we continue to cover it sometimes who go to break and we just sit here so that might happen. We might get into an argument. You never know that the whole point and the whole fun of doing live broadcasting and yes sometimes we sit here and we just clear Chris because it for the entire break destined to do exactly as I've said something or done something in the previous segment that is irritated at everyone and I know you get to see it it's also and so. On today show we're gonna wrap up our. We're gonna get to that we also are going to we have a sign of the impending apocalypse. And can't wait for you guys to hear that something that Russ Cassel came up with a long time ago and I am adopting it as my own mom. Because the signs are everywhere and. Showed me a pictured enough to dig tangent and and I'm gonna. I you show me a picture earlier that I I guess was in recognition of Father's Day which is tomorrow yes as fathers and lawns so. Thank you how to end the star race Harris thank you very much appreciate it and you know that you should you had a picture that was supposed to Vegas one of Russ is daughters yes can come out of an old picture like you know we was he was much younger than than we knew him. And good looking guy I mean just you know he was always know. When I knew him. He was news older he had a lot of gray in his here in his beard and he he would losses have worn glasses he looked like your quintessential grandfather he didn't mean he'd he'd he'd just absolutely owned that role. By at this said this picture was of him is kind of a younger guy probably younger than me than I am now but I mean. It was is good good photos one entrance. Well we get to eat free stuff and ton of other things including we went to I hop. Or I Hobbs. As we know now we just got back which was a struggle by the way and really just took frigates a taste test and just the second but the public servant who don't normally do in traffic reports and -- guess what here a year ago as both service first of all grown to his catering closed down again they may already be closed down as glitzy people turn but you can now not a fun time getting to it because. The lightning strikes right Chris yes. I was on my way to the studio today and saw a lightning strike. Directly from really getting heading in in my path of travel not close but close enough that I thought it might have. He hit the broadcast tower in this it at the intercom building the big tall when it's. Next to 35 is as you guys in their building. I don't think you did now in retrospect but that's that it looks like that's where it was and as I came upon. The intersection of Woodruff and Carling ten from the direction of Miller road because it changes as you go across Woodruff. I noticed that the lights were out the traffic lights were out and now they are flashing. Read if you are traveling across Woodruff wrote a long grilling Tim Miller and yellow if you're traveling along Woodruff road. So old burden to your best. I would advise people to treat that as a four way stop and I think a lot of people are. But that's not what the like suggest. So soups of just proceed with caution yes I would say. Exactly was when here during. Trying to direct and easily beat the best you can eat what you think you should all that's that's advice for drivers or the president going to when he. They'll ask you can be bought. Like Darlington is still open because of seeing people are they I think also I am I think their close Latin closing down mentally in Clark and Kim on so yeah to get everybody set up an area or but were warning you ahead of time so if you're coming down through here like the last couple weeks. You're not going to be able to come down through here. All right like us and we went on how we get to a second but we decided delivery you know want to thank my life lethal. Four thank you for for bringing us some good idea these and that's just what we have him on Patrick. Since me something that song again and a camera button and pass those brown draws you can't see camera Cameron on camera it's that that's hard to say yes it is very difficult but Mike Cameron is here so you hear his voice was meddling in court today yes. And so as a here so I'm a little disturbed by the collar yes I'm not because that's what I was expecting dude this looks like Pete I. I'm Scott has got to tell you when you're sitting here playing that's going to be excited. I will say I've I've been pretty sick lately so when I was when I was in college pick yellow snow for a reason okaying when I would yet this what is. Go about it looks like Ellis noted it doesn't. I when I was in college I took. Quite a lot of multi vitamins that actually did change the color of my a year in aid to basically this can't. We rises bothering me because now you're about to take this opponent yeah. I have now. Looks real like you know I mean what else I got. I'm a gophers are Chris is going over is like off Patrick stood smelled it and he's had. A reaction that I can only describes a dad's 100% pickled you idle time yup or beyond the and I didn't do this kind of what I'm doing just want to tell people what we have in our all right well on sonic. Has nickel slot cheats. I think it looks like she's yet to do and so unheard trying to medical use it's like she's right now live on face the climate and on the air to begin with. I strictly out. Weird on I'm not what I got that is not go to Arizona and I don't know I should point out. This is not dual political views. This is very very sweet now yes it did I swear of this bread and butter in his shoes I don't know I don't know if it's actually supposed to be I. So madly Swedes and as a slushy would be as you would mean any kind of slushy it withers. Come goals last year of strawberry banana whatever it is it's gonna be sweet you you wanna sweet drink you don't want us he reentry Patrick. I'm not sure I believe them I don't think I'm excited are you know it's not this big thing because basement. It's no I don't know I don't we all know by now I don't lie to you. This is the OK all three of them. Hard trying to now. It sweet. It's all there is a New Jersey hanging in his you know it reminded of their minds is sweet and sour sauce. Unless I well. No heaven or worse reaction of an Allah like I have not that it's not what I was it that I was expecting deal difficulties like Ali you're still lake. Mount olive classic vehicles use and it's not what it is this is bread and butter okay this a 100% bread buttered you know it. Connell it's out his his senior isn't funny part you know we are we just did this have on FaceBook I've I've just wants to my face afterwards and it always are. It appears innocent and I'll probably downloads are emotionally it's so we now. There is a sour and is an assault penis to it it that it is one of blizzards person. Bread and butter that is reminiscent of pickle juice but. I to say that the least appetizing thing about it is that color. I don't I don't know what color I would rather have to beat by on I'm slightly disappointed color than it is is off putting. Because I was expecting guilt medical I I know NC is expected you and I thought that would be an adventure I thought that would be something really instinct try and a bold move on sonics part because all look like it's all of their other offerings are sweet yet has had some is this isn't sweet. Kind of but the if you have something that isn't Swede. That's a risk that's really taking a chance. And and I can say this is in the past. Hurts. It it's you know when you drink something until didn't and gastrointestinal distress us all. It's it's like Oprah has said it's funny it's funny it was funny like brain freeze but it's now and head hurt what's funny is that it is the the posture that you're striking in the facial expressions suggest that you have brain freeze. Except that's not you couldn't drunk enough to get green trees though it went like it went down to a map and started Humphries I don't know if that's that's. That's solar plant no rose chance away on Roosevelt and not hurt me it not as painful and we put does because I injury anymore. OK I know I. I'm gonna say it's not. If your bread and butter fan. This is the trick for you. And here's here's a question it question because we've done this without other. Odd very odd taste tests in the past are you gonna finish it now. I mean either ya mean lemon and it's but it's not the worst thing we've dried. No it's not present but the thing is to do is deal I'd probably would. C. I don't know I I that's the thing. It that's such a foreign flavor to me I'm in the flavor itself but but did the concept of the deal pickles slushy. Is so strange to me that I would actually have to try this this does not qualify then made my quick court crying I'm tag that's what I tried whom they weren't too bad. Number OK I mean is more important it's still for crimes are. I questioned on. Now just in case engineer he's watching what is the proper way of disposing of Sid drink if you're not gonna drinking more to report on the synch web video games aluminum water on the tech I pleased yes I think are out there doing my question done until it's gonna create a giant metal monster. Are doing this or do we just put it ended violently that there could end up for the collar up modestly lower it if we leave in the toilet. What's he and get. Because it will get a company wide email it what is this green stuff in the toilet I alluded to it you know. No he wasn't because it's not the worst thing that's ever been in there which is pretty well let's see. What we should do. Because there are there to come loads in the men's restroom upstairs and I'm guessing. I don't know conversant with Jerry's I'm guessing there's an there's an equal number in the ladies' us from maybe there's three but we have four drinks here and we put one in every single. What somebody's gonna see it. It has been taken away and spread well we got to do it upstairs yeah. Men's Russian dust and still I think I I all know is I sit upstairs is where people are gonna talk about it. That's good if you if you could just hear you know he's gonna hear about it does upstairs toilets are always Gaza. When I mean as an upstate or upstairs. As it does today Gibson. He set out its regardless he's absolutely right the point it is not the disloyal guys it is that the people who use them. Are on the air. Panic or avoid notice are doing that and sometimes on the phone and some an aspirin sometimes these Brooklyn yes sometimes. People are going to be tweeting about it but guess what I've found in the bathroom that day no speaking of you know what I have made posts like that the time that I found a balloon in the bathroom. This isn't happy birthday. I don't remember. Within just recently did you hear a little later and it was easier rely without explanation that's I think it was coming wins out it was a while ago there was several months ago yeah no I remember seeing that took a picture of and I think it's live on in 20. Heidi how I didn't I didn't hear anything but it was saying I'm out there and he was coming up out of one of the stalls I just I just it was a happy birthday balloon and it took a picture of them like it. It's not my birthday how dare the idea that. But I also found a biscuit in the bathroom. All right on that note. On that note really take a break and we come back we're gonna talk about iron up. You listen to the other staples for a Maryland a 63 W unity by the way. And we're still face the fly you into the commercial. As you know it may be a store mean. So what stormy day outside cleanup. I mean there's some there's a little bit of stuff that way but amid you know I just moved through here depending upon where you are in the listening area you might still be getting storms hopefully it cooled it down you know about ten degrees and any effect has now yeah so. Welcome back into the Justin pulls all the way to be a part of the show 803471063. If you're watching on. One faced a glob which we are on right now that you utilize I'd die from memory dislike task line 71307. There are some people who there's so hosts yeah I Don not. Name and and and candy yeah my name is you know and you dispute is adamant about throwing shade on the air now not a physical guy but I'm just being myself as we know. On it I should point out to the folks that are not losing. Are watching fees and line we did decide if you things during the break we did about a pickle slice she's on number one they are not worse than the fruit loop. Milk shakes that we had this just really hard to those copper get that low position on the reigning champion to mad AM yeah and what else do we decide. A the two fried twinkies I think we're the best thing that I teach there's an hour and a pizza sliders he's using I was I missed I'd I was I was gone today we we Kate we keep saying I've gone back to the army's multiple times. Desperate because. Well do it out to the top and bottom but all. Human. In the little bit of feeling he was the bonds a little bit more toasty as Italian girls are kind of like resemble the bio Pete and I got across ponds. Yeah well also if you are watching on FaceBook alive. Patrick is monitoring the comments so we have another method for you to to engage in the conversation. Beyond just the phone number into excellent Alonso mentioned 803471. A 63 and 71 threes you're seven respect Alina what an athlete that you got a flight did you know it's like that she went one disadvantage that I have or. When I do that is I'm also on USP in upstate. Yes there are times it's the same number four for sex life Tex like now for the phone number which confuses me because we don't get ESPN text in here because if you I don't know how it works for the tag line I don't know tiger doesn't that's I know that its next do we have any facts we got a few they are kind of apropos of nothing that we talk about who for one and says hey guys smackdown coming to the well in August Dario knowing. On that is the plan we are in process yeah stunted to determine and we are hoping and I cannot say and I cannot say for sure but we are hoping that may be rubio would do and I say on this fine program I would like to go back I have to find enough time left even the jump on this Mac even though well but the last wrestling match that he went to Ross and I get to see the difference even though I actually had a fever. At the time. I had a fun enough time that I would be international fever not happy about it yet it turned does knows we know now that less than let's say if you need a while now how bell that that was the only prescription. It was the penicillin it was good antibiotics quote a bad. Mean I had pneumonia as Internet. Can he gave it to me. So so. Jason detection question that is our intent at this point we have not finalizing plans yet but but Wheeler we're intending to we are after the we have for who knows who network. Another Texas guys my oldest son didn't like the preview for kingdom hearts three. I saw. Eyes I saw it and thought it looked really good. And what are we talking about. And it we will will get them in the next segment and I might agree with your son Ari what we do need to do is weep in last week on this fine program. We pointed out that we thought feel hot the whole iPod thing was nothing but publicity stunt it turned out to be true. But what a great publicity stunt look at all the everywhere all the free media that I hop guy. You know let that it's it's been a delicate little Twitter for awhile I know I know would we don't talk politics on the show but. During the 2016 campaigns there was a certain candidate who really did well with that kind of thing I feel like that's sort of what they did is they they generated. Media coverage in lieu of that advertising and that's masterful. And not only was it talked about Owen Owen talks stations it was also talked on music stations TV sports shows we're talking about that it was everywhere. And so we thought. Costco given shot yet we'll see what it see what these tastes like and we have a FaceBook page right now we're on 1063 W or do you FaceBook page but. The upstate pulses FaceBook page if you go there you see pictures of the birders. On before us he can't see Cameron he's been here only got three cameras like a four camera but haven't tried it yet so let's lenient on a guess simulate is lenient. So so we have four murders and are we all try different ones and done. So. Intentionally went what do we think tigris. IE will say. That my guy I had DL I think it was called cowboy barbecue yeah got Barbeque sauce and a fried onions on it. And this is of a style of burger that other places do in fact you can order it specifically at some places. Some places they don't have on the menu but you can tell them what you want no make euphoria in that kind of thing. I have but it was not bad it was okay it was I would give it. B minus. But here's here's my assessment. Now hey now that they would they wanna be the international house of burgers instead of the international house of pancakes. You know their job that I know it's just yet it's just a publicity thing they're there they're rolling out what it is they're rolling out this new line of steak burgers. And and and trying to position themselves says hey we don't just do practiced it. And that's OK I mean I think that's a that's a fair way to it to position their restaurant here's the thing. There are already several restaurants that specialize in birders the first two that came to my mind or five guys in Red Robin. And if you were looking for a burger there are better places to ago. If you are going to I hop anyway. You can now get a burger instead of something else because they're they're good enough that they compete with their other menu items OK so Chris was good with his. Let's go Patrick Max I got the classic because we we want it to. Kind of a taste of yes this one athletes yes you can control green I was the controller. I had no problems with us into this was going to be okay it's a burger is going to be appealed to. Like ours lived through that this is going to be. I half hearted attempt. But the thing I will say that swayed me a lot and it kind of went with the Red Robin approach to where they gave you. We with the birds unlimited prize. Police gave Ian limited prized. We actually had an incident where the waitress just brought us some extra prize I did not get the impress I think you're not limited fry I thought maybe that. It's edited there. It I don't I didn't meet its seeding conveyance allies and directed by testing but I did read it on the menu that is limited prize on it fair enough and in the price that number includes the surprise in the and I did appreciate yet know that this country the only one to read the fine print. I hate. I had control group okay. That was my job did you fair enough fair enough. I will say that there are a variety of options for side you can get the unlimited now Fries. You can also get onion ring is there's I think the salaries and then. But you can also this is I think it was a sorting through wells and assorted fruit you know this is interesting you can also get to pancakes as decide for your burner. And after having the for not the prize or bad but it just felt like he warned that there were just there might surprise extra Fries were better than guys because they were just out of the iris salters. This right all right so so I want to show us your rating get a you know a B plus strike zone to give me mine besides my bad I'll give it a B minus while it was juicy it was good. The the ingredients outside the burger me work press they were good yeah I have no problem ago. All right cameras. All right so I had the whole opinion takers so I was a little bit more of the out their guy. Mom and it was it was good was I think it was spicy ahead. I was kind of worried about the fact it's our opinion is that vary so much that it yeah there's somehow Pena's that are incredibly spicy. And there's some matters is the amount of water and right now and some think it opinions but Zain though I don't think it beat the slaughter on the money but it. New sounding is still hollow Pena is less. No no you'll. No OK then let it kill us puppet anyway. So I don't think it's a re okay nick nick nick nick it's leagues I wanna sweet Paula Kenya and it. So. I normally go for spicy burger which. I I realize about myself like the basket for years I just go for spicy burgers wherever we go and that's kind of like the Stapleton valued at restaurants and this was pretty good I'd and I also enjoy the Fries accompaniment and it well. I'll go for a B. All of the bank was solid B. All right so rounding thing off. I he must room Swiss burger. Which again is something you can get the places I mean they're in competition. Definitely is nothing signature really is well I felt like that mushroom Swiss kinda has ace a flavor all its own so so you know if you have to give one or that one. They had tied the first U vitals like UK this is not but the mandate it got better as as a as I ate the burger and got better. On I'm gonna get a C plus com. It. As it does the does and I guess I'm the more negative of the food critics here. But I'm not a factor some other things in two wearing a parade right now animated takes a little bit less. But he as the darkest days of polite academic. Did Andy. May be how long it took to get said Berger yen bonds service Kansas blew up an end date there were I don't know excuses I guess in other words that there were. That did the service was a little bit but I love takes away takes away from from well. The flame are very hard on this but there are part of that was when there are trying to explain it you're like oh because you guys change your name that's what Chris said. And the woman just like completely ignored the joke. It was just series Altamont like maybe. She didn't find it a joke because she's unhappy with the name change I don't know he noted you know I think were all. When it was OK I was optimistic. About it I wanted tempted to really kind of nailed this. And I will say didn't quite live up to my expectations which were pretty high to begin with I'll admit. But. They're they're not fallen down I expected something a little bit. Baker yeah that hurts guys what I would like to see is a signature I hop murder I don't know what that means but something that I'll doesn't meet the enemy act right now and a bank and you make the bonds. Pancaked. I this is just that or make a beat me say it make a maple bacon pancakes all know that the bonds well there you go wow. I I just gave you money I hop stereo while wow. Every one senator is a restaurant that was taken not that Afghanistan. And when we come back we're going to talk ether you listen to the obstacles right here 01063 WORT. It. Eight. It's not who's here. Wives and stay with fool's day and say and and I'll do it discus is no it's god. What a united. And I was but just say he's not a conversation even though we knew we were coming back him from the willow no I didn't know you hit it might. I was about to tell him that. My girlfriend says she's never use that word or know anybody that has I don't I don't know anybody there or did he still. And don't don'ts are trying to hours. Don't know talking about. The whole conversation is up on FaceBook alive. Yes go go back and review we're talking about slightly. Pulled is taxed seven and freezers and then. They. God if I ever heard the word unions. As a second person plural. Unions and if you are a a friend or family member of Chris Evans Europe knew I absolutely do not you don't count you don't count these school on me I haven't done it I've never heard anybody like because it is Christie is on FaceBook liable the year he tells us that unions is a northern term. And pat and Kevin and I both from Ohio have never heard them before that's really midwest Ohio is still lower gets its north of here. How would you refer to the link. It's in north its north of the Mason Dixon line yeah where they can only get what does that date or north and still be in America is the date immigrants. That I'm willing to concede the point. He's we have videotape do we go into those I don't know can I have a heavily on him. I've never claimed. Never to be wrong. Does not wrong didn't you just get to carry it was 53. Okay. A lot of games were announced at. Could not wait till Bethesda guy here. And I was like down. On one part one part and I know I'm getting over here I am getting no actually it's obvious interest in video and now I think and notre gonna say. Aren't predicting U presidency at first first of all before before I get that stuff let me tell you that on emotional six was announced didn't say when. On May like from the two seconds all of it yes look amazing. I'm also. What does it start field missed a star filled was mentioned. We'll see what else. New Wolfenstein which look really good and you raise that to a good and elder scrolls game on blades. That mobile that you can play on your mobile phone which already signed up for debate and hopefully I'll I'll go and get it and also are like putting everywhere here alienating via our furry. And what they say is you cannot. You can play it with your phone straight up pistons turned sideways so if you're meeting nation also wanted to meeting in the video actually playing blades. While there in the middle of the meeting so. Date they give it that you wanna play while you're at work. And not. How the Boston and encouraging. Being slack at work. But that's you know some give and multitask so anyway those Logan and everything but don't think really waiting for was. Fought 76 because it was announced who saw the trailer we saw stream we saw stuff we're really excited to new rumor started I was going to be on line and you know to me until a lot of people whose taxi petitions out there. Trying to petition Bethesda to make it any single player experience only yelling that's gonna the problem with this is. They're gonna have up to twelve players I think it is or per server. But there are no in PCs so when he when he beat when your line is the visit of the constantly area now my first thought and I had a conversation on FaceBook. Staples FaceBook page. When a guy's been in show a couple times. Chris different album. Who's big into fallout also and he has this. A little bit of the same concerns. My can biggest concern is I'm putting together my settlement I'm ready to go out and explore. Five or six guys been together and come over its kill me and destroy everything that is my concern and that's been the concern of a lot of people online. Who do not like this idea. And you know it's a valid concern I a to see if these I don't know many of you put CT is I have. It was kind of the same thing it was supposed to be this kind of big open world sand box reads go and be a pirate and it's gorgeous and in the game is absolutely beautiful. But it very quickly devolved into. Running away from people you know trying to kill you and people just kind of banding together and trolling or other ships on the seas and nobody it's. It to the point that if you see another ship on the horizon you avoided because. The analyst you're one of those people this just searching for ships to destroy right. Because was. Inevitably it it is it is very unlikely for you to meet today into it to. Pat puck past ways with somebody who is in not looking to destroy. And so like I completely understand that now I did see a video I think from outside Xbox. Using the pickle slice you can ask. It's an editor that router on Dana the bride in his eyes either repeating on me. I did see a video from I think outside Xbox that was talking about why. This scheme being an online game might not be that big a deal might not be that bad. And one of the points that they made was the Bethesda has already made an online game with the elder scrolls and it's very good right but. Sosa and why do you and I feel this time I don't think they know oral PVP and elder scrolls hook if you NEC so body. Like on the road as far as I know and I've played it a decent amount. You'll be can't fight and there's a designated area for PP right it just makes cereal the PP area. And this is is that there's this sense that they want to cut down on teaming up in August but I don't believe it why would you have. Nuclear lunches that you can get the codes. And that all other people up unless you're encouraging that type of this thing that there are few things about the game that confused me in terms of it being on line. For one thing I wonder how they're gonna handle the story wise because extensively. All of these people are content coming out of all 76 and yet they're people that you've never seen before if you live in Bolton only six when everybody else you know every minute it's in there and you're gonna meet new people in the world. This also came from your vault that does Sammy is does take a while second of all nuclear codes. These people are the first people that have come out of false since the nuclear war why would they wanna launch more nuclear missiles. And screw up the world again go back in the well some people are as bad people but what I know I I agree with any beyond that Blake. They make it sound like love the motivational role of motivations supposedly is wherever the bomb drops. The will be special Lou that you confine the and it's the decision is where a sentimental nonsense Miller high life. But again that's the case that you should be able to find special lewd everywhere because the whole world was round but a nuclear there's also a thing where you can give it early access. For the beta. Unchecked into a deal where you can do it is pre order of the game. And so. I'm probably still look for yours the game is a follow a game it still looks beautiful and everything I don't like the concept. But I'm willing to get a shot and grown in might and it wolf you know announced it was scratchy niche that I have that takes me back to fallout for time. May be may be in one help me out with that arm like this and other games it came out. Now this is what the ones that really damn excited me are Patrick what's the game that stands out for you the most. I mean it has seen the last of us do. I mean we got to see actual game played not a trailer. Actual game play of how it looked. My remains a big candidate I'd seen him play it you know ten times I've become a fan of the game. And I'm not really a it's fine like what they've done to the characters of it and that's why I went to see the game late Howard they got to approach this one. And it looks so cool it looks beautiful the game itself and just thinking mechanics of different ways you can present. And it just kind of go out into the world of the I'm very much as important as game in the way Sony presented it in the same exact church is what you see in the opening scene of the trailer on the big. And using Chris what's to love for you Bob how a couple things. First of all I thought the F of the trailer for force horizon for was. Really. Yeah amazing image is looks gorgeous. I'm I really like to remake of that the other Tucson they did for the for the trailer. I then just dead. I I've tendered touching who's very well done I also think it will cyberpunk 177. Looks fascinating did you read a daily made a lot of it you know compared to what they did five years ago via whenever they released released the first time. I the I glow and I don't remember seeing it the first time but IE was really intrigued by that a new. Basically in a new intellectual property that that we have seen is not a sequel and anything is not part of the Ceres is something brand new and I think it looks really isn't seeing I was also. Re the kind of impressed with the and and I know I might ruffles feathers here with the the Nintendo direct drop. I meant I thought I thought there was some good stuff there in which is strange because I came across and seems like guys are on the list somewhere but. I came across an article. After that saying that Nintendo's stock was dropping after. I heard the story on Nintendo and doing things for me and neither did PlayStation for lights out because I was I was looking at that lamenting the fact that I can't get to switch I cannot do that I can I already have too much to play the next bucks wanna have to spend some time with my family. And I. Just can't afford to get one right now that got even a but I tell John that that and I have jobs are and are rich who which which apparently some people would suggest that it is bring the switch and do it in play alone DiMAGE we aren't real quick Cameron was that I feel we need to recognize a now lord. I guess saved there's some games and I'm just glad they can march 3 actually as a release date as I'll release date. I know that there's a lot of gun recordings. Available and it's never coming out this game is never coming out it doesn't listen to you Enron before. I hope I'm wrong about the yes I'd although. Frozen this you know I can get around and I was honestly I know I know. But if I could play is also would just i.'s abilities. I'm active candidate on the I don't like but if I don't like pro and I'll play next man engages in a sign all there is no way they were going to avoid putting for a reason you know why I'm deathly. We are when you take a break we come back. So much more to come to a Simpson post a barrel oil 63 W Doherty. All right this is our signs of the impending apocalypse. Music we've got just a couple minutes before we finish out the first hour here on the of staples Alonso Chris Patrick and Cameron. Hold it down on fun all right so the theme. Is for this story drivers were left stunned as often listens. And starfish began raining down on your cars during the freakish storm. The creatures along with mullis and shellfish were so you know before I picked historical on you should realize how many how. Let's fund it would be to Salem south were sucked out of the sea and dumped along with heavy rain and hail. Photos arts as a not a concern that the doesn't pursue a thought out and again I apologize if you're watching FaceBook live I put my. Up via broad picture different camera you know stop doing that so on anyway so. Those posts on social media show the marine life sucked but I stuck to car windows when screens after violent weather battered the Chinese coastal city. Of Kim died you know. Other free seafood rain became a trending topic online as the photos went viral in the aftermath. Of a storm that left a trail of destruction forecaster said the violent weather. Wednesday afternoon include record hurricane force winds at 78 miles per hour. Where a twelve. On me. Buford scale Beaufort I don't know. I'm that would San Antonio it's as if you've heard it here in South Carolina it's. There may be hopeful I'm just imagine like a handful of times imagine a whole bunch of restaurant is running out baskets. Is getting all this I was I was wondering if they think getting into ash that's not a usual on. It's a rare meteorological phenomenon that recently happened in Sri Lanka in November last year. Lot of fish fell from the sky along with heavy rain with thunderstorms hit the village of Jaffna. So this happens a lot so what this means is short NATO is real people. So he's not derail it up a Moreno gutsy program. We've had seafood. On its cylinder or two if you're sushi lover I mean you know. He knows what is it that you a lot of seafood yeah yeah and grab an author grab market windshield and you really don't like taken. There's just on your porch and his like McClellan no I mean today but just imagine a stick at 9000 and yes so just give whenever they got. And perhaps dealers. It's cure is out any rescuers is are you ready to be here. Our eyes and imagine you're driving down Woodruff wrote in a storm that just hit a little bit earlier Chris Woodruff road needs is a imagine. Up close and our occupy him and I don't know and could make things any worse crabs and their meal water tarnished. Yeah maybe so that's what they say her stringer would be outside of that yeah you would think that that the gang on. Tax rates guys did the on Lucas film. I was just a Star Wars characters and can march 3 no I agree when I wanted to see a light Saber somewhere did not see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist they may be keeping a secret. How things might Saber keep it. Oh well some people may now be one that would buying for shore to hang up on the wall in the cave. Keep our fingers crossed the game's never come and house they have plenty of time to put it in its fight no doubt coming out right here on the obstacles.