Upstate Pulse 6-16-18 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, June 16th
Chris Explains Science, Wrestling talk, Nerd Round Table, and Lightning round.

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Expert act does not an inaccurate is an expert actor in the group would be more enemies. So on you know you know what they're doing never goes over my head my reflexes I catch your eye to probably do because you know its eye movements everything meant. Is intentional. Spoken like a picture actor okay thank you. I'm really get to a ton of things this hour including Chris explain science it's coming up Patrick and I will break down. WW money in the bank mirror roundtable lightning round so much more if you'll be a part of the show 80347. 1063. Tex lines so the 1307. And Chris. The attacks. We do we really don't be expressive. I was stoked those of us on the you'll oh we have detection says longs. Addressing you in particular I think yes what age group do you target with your show just curious Ron. On what we didn't let me answer this this wave wrong and that's how he spelled it I know certain humans they just curious. It's spelled within our want to make sure instead of an essence it's not dole the onto that until today to listeners and we Patrick and I need to want Hillary and want to know he was wondering because because I was wondering why you'd say that. I was curiously did you make a mental mistake for quakes that it. So I was concerned for your wealthy and you know he's rented out Chris Evans he is never wrong and reading text. Program that's claimed to never be or are all right so run eventually come and get to address your question. On until the age group to target a mission. The answer would be yes yes that's. Now we're gonna answer. The prize a tough week so this is all educators now some may look at me and Gil manuals for he'll be doing a show like this and not really. I am pushing clicking C. It's interesting it's using Byron article about. The older gamers yeah and they're talking about the incident. These are the people eat you would think. Knowledge is old he videogames are for kids that like cartoons I had an uncle that always complain you know that did you know I would watch cartoons that there was advocated doubling. Not really. Not necessarily the way dependent on less input and Enders there's a similar stigma for video games that they are for kids or even young adults you know. But if you think about it long though and I are of the age group that grew up in the advent of video game. Right I started out in the arcades which were they were all you were pinball parlors first and then they became arcades with asteroids and space invaders and all those games. And in the Tora Tora 600 came out loved plans when Atari 2600 came up and also knew we started getting console wars and we get to the point where we are now. On the thing is. When you get older you don't stop what I mean things get better and better and better as far as technology while I stop now and as far as age groups go. Well here's the only thing we target here. We target fun. We do not talk politics because you're playing a darn weak and you get excellent talk from award winning. Hosts from terror to advance to Bob and of course Rush Limbaugh these Gilead during the week. It's a weekend en us full and take a break and it's okay to relax some have you. Politics is your sport politics is your joy politics is everything to you we are well rounded. Some and physically ands. Otherwise on. We are really into a lot of stuff we love going to see. On the latest movies and we love playing video games we love what's I don't know what you superhero TV I don't care I'll get this when I wonder when I was a kid. The technology wasn't there it is now so I don't know I don't need to watch that now because I'm no longer a kid. Here's the other thing. Having worked in radio for I think it's like 22 years now. Reckon on my eighteenth going into my nineteenth year here at WORD. There are no grownups and radio people can say they're grown up some people can act grown up. But we've seen them behind the scenes and on the Mike there are no grownups and radio and that's why we're in Murray radio we are the lost boys and the loss girls. That's what we do here. That's what makes radiates like radio was also. And usually you can see us when we're done which could now you're only when a 63 W already FaceBook page. Because we're espionage alive for you yes there's no back the curtain on so so we went like what you expected. Rarely I found that rarely people locally do you imagine their voice yeah. And when it comes down to it again we're have a we have a blast on the show we were. Ask or tell them and on. I look at it to do this show and yes yes as it has only been told by let's court recently. That's not a request in the sign it right which now forever is in my head that's not request that's an assignment. If he's listening now I will be in the text in the second and and execute the office. But anyway so why did you fifty dollar plus into Simon. So an armada. But it shuttle know. But I could be period can be I guess so you're not imply and that's what we do we we have fun we talk about stuff that were adjusted and and believe it or not so a lot of people there's a reason why video game and she makes so much money there's a reason why. The best movies. If you look at how much money movies make room it's one of those in the near roundtable. Our superhero movies you may not get it. But Jodie Foster and yet Toni Foster doesn't do it gets a vote. And Obama and Bob gives us the truth and must be true by the way Bob McClain who I love dearly. The biggest kid and I know. He's seventy years old is the biggest kid and I know I was gonna ask if he does a loss places and make him Peter Pan. Pretty much because he doesn't look like he's 72. Yen we got a discussion all Pierre before we didn't freebie is podcast which you should channel 163 WRB dot com where they where Bob and Tareq and events. Talk about other stuff in politics sometimes it's we've talked about movies on their. Talk about cars before so it's it's a lot of fun so armed. Is Elena conversation came up I don't know. I don't know somebody got a car on the ground who was quite so let us move onto one of our new and most favorite segments because. Patrick and I and Cameron also learned something new today. So welcome. Welcome into easy. I'd get. Mike off. I didn't let her money. Anyway now that. Patrick was mentioning earlier that we had purple rain that we its seafood rain now we've got green crystal rain. Some methods and could no. How stick it out then I don't know looks like it's called something that the screen don't think it could be nothing I don't know as well I don't know if we're doing best this breaking bad right now that's that's not a 101 of the best medical. For no reason apparently. Bother you about that show that he never explained why the man whose blue and one point he mentioned I haven't figured out wide blue yet and then that was all of these at about it. By the way. It's got a text from a friend Kenny on who feel anyway and which lost loyalists. Yeah that's injury to review the anyway no it's not that it's called all Levine Levine Levine. He has something to do with the green color because. At least yesterday and it days all of dean UTQ. Patrick that's very sweet. And it is a common mineral in the Celtic line a scanner that it. Do you want to. Which is what is happening. In this eruption the eruption of volcano in Hawaii. Is causing these these crystals that are formed Ian magma. To be thrown into the sky to the point today or raining down on Hawaii now is a dangerous. Is hot or probably yeah. So so other question for you which is worse. Opt upon a falling from the sky or green rocks. Suppose Woodson depend on the size of the occupy. Do you plan. I don't like crystals and I don't. Fighting age are the only would Superman be affected by. These green I don't think so they're not they're not Kryptonite but if it was both as far as we know it's like. This Kryptonite octopus is trading Meister. They have. They have 228 slides in this particular article what appears to be. The aftermath of the volcano in Hawaii erupting and none of them so Fuller motion and any. Crystal Kosher beef yeah a lot of shirtless people there's some that's why I think trying to. But that's really actually must not be really afraid of the crystals at the other shirts literally posting a picture of smoke coming out of the road. But anyway these that these Bosnia how miles. Spot these green crystals are are commonly formed. In in the law and and frankly he can find them all over Hawaii. As as I understand it not been wise I don't know and pick them up myself but. They're relatively common in some uncommon for the defoliant has gone. So that's what's happening now and another story. Oh this both sides of this what I gotta do an intro to. And this an actual global mobile phone is. That's pretty dead. This I think these are fascinating because I'm a math guy. And I happen to know every number. Umpteenth. Let's just say there's so many ex governor's just outside it's in the team's. I'm no that's and that's a joke from Tommy actually my favorite number is much with adjusting. It's 3876400. Negative. Why because only two it sounds it rolls off the tongue. It just sounds like actually the odds that it not only that they end whenever you ask somebody what their favorite number is. The usually come up with a number that's underneath twenty. And I went in the number that was. We need far away from I think that they don't cost money but any really think now some people it was my favorite numbers pie. Okay and that's good that's a good and an irrational number for an irrational grizzlies started going. I think that works I don't know doesn't compliment it's not quite sure it had a good 120 that's always a really good choice it is 120. I can understand people's they are number being something that you would see managers he. In the sport plus some sort on which I guess would put it you're. Hundred if you replace the sport is thinking number that you have like twenty YE a good football -- one that's Michael tour on aura or odds LeBron James yet on in my case sixty seven's my theory because that's what I ate my football number I Burnett physical force remains so seeing we're still in the realm of two digit numbers are right Patrick did you have the hockey number eight. Eighth grade eight out of that and fair enough Stanley Cup when about what I hear that the capitals once and accountability and look at some congratulations to you well let nobody has chosen as their favorite number is zero. At least nobody in this room I'm sure does somebody entered your favorite there are because I am one. Now tomorrow I come on and so I'll touch on that hero is. And relatively difficult concept in math. When we were developing math as a species. The ancient egyptians kind of understood it you can't get that meeting comes down now and union and I analyzed. But if you read some history he can learn about these things when he was it's not like we were there now. Ancient egyptians at the symbol for easier to numerical charged around eighteenth century BC. But the concept stumped the ancient Greeks and Romans liberals seem as we lacked a symbol for zero until much later nick Zito does you do a very Socrates I think this is so before I took Latin when I was in high school and did you feel Cesar. Quit now and this is the fact that it is yeah. Completely unrelated I was in the production of Julius Caesar and played casket one of the assassins by the way I I. Was in the school we had to re tees around rooms so it's a Chris and I both killed two and yes I can't I still sees or knows what his mates. Cameron particular season. And now fallout new Vegas a dead OK so. Three uniform are skills these are nice for Americans. Anyway zero as it as a mathematical concept is not as. Intuitive as you might think it would be as opposed to the numbers that that are actually valuable. Like injures 1234. You know I took the number and all of that you could net a bit. It turns out. It did the the concert to zero therefore is an interesting test for the intelligence of animals. So dolphins. Parent primate for example have demonstrated the ability to learn about zero. While most humans pick up the idea around four years old evidently. But now a much more surprising animal has joined the elite club of animals we demonstrated knowledge is zero bees. Here's. Understand. Zero in the way they tested this was they trained bees to react to a certain number of dots on a page got him and and then the train them to the day like. Big trained bees yes how. He's gonna tell you and I very instant I guess they. He. The bees were shown white surfaces with differing numbers of black objects between two and five. The the scientist and trained bees to understand the concepts of greater than in less than. By rewarding the insects with food when they landed on the surface with fewer objects. Now movies I had so many questions but I wouldn't save room for FaceBook live music is it is it really understand the concept of zero or is it though apple Beaubien conditioning. There's there's. It's it's a fair question after the bees were trained in this way the objects with one and zero black objects on them. Then there were objects of one and your black object on the and the bugs consistently identified the surface with zero objects as the lower number. So less than one. You Lyndon Zia. And everybody. Is too and that's how training works well. SOB's understand zero horn can at least be taught the concept of zeros they're not born neatly knowing that your. Well all right I I would have to say that we've learned a lesson these are very sin and death and and Chris explained science. And in some people's minds we're gonna take it down or not to next segment we come back we talk wrestling you listen to be a staples right here of 1063 Debbie Doherty. Violated the offense but why first of all sorry for putting my paper in front of the screen again but it's okay because you conceive Patrick. Do debilitating injury imposed. It was awesome but he does every time regardless of whether there's a camera and a one week you know why you were there. You'll understand why pay he got the thumbs up from the dream I would argue that I was in the same vicinity do we both get an unknown I was looking is as magic is gonna Patrick yes. I just under shoddy do it on FaceBook went by the way if you listen to show and you don't know this. We are live on 1063 W Ortiz FaceBook page for the whole show the entire show we've already been Nolan. 21 minutes so far and among the comments Levine. Loving everything because we have any interest in comments likely get on the text and Boone had a few people time is on the way and I don't mess with too much because there and I and the host computer so I'll I don't want to. Bumps up to a mile loan or something and I do it again sorry I'd like. You get used its initial practice I'm just so used to stick him paper right there and doing them Limbaugh thing a few people that's that's for the YouTube link I think right now to put it into the cat what are you know so the YouTube link for the obstacles. Is on the FaceBook. So check it will end up on that and very Zune multimedia Verisign and depending on how quickly I can get it down we are playing dungeons and dragons later on tonight. And who has used this here setup and we are going to videotape the entire thing and packages. And put it on YouTube channel. Also mrs. Evans responded. Heidi you all polls guys. Love the live feed for the whole showed even if I talked to the screen I admit it it's it's okay 'cause that's possible every once in awhile. Chris can hear what you're saying. You could tell he just suddenly smiles and that he hears what you're saying it's pretty cool that you are where you are. And you're still able to to see Michelle and him just technology is a neat all right there it tells me what my friends are on the air and my roommate just joined the all right so. I remain. Hello remain all right let's get to some WW tomorrow night is money in the bank these are now on. Cole events as whores both brands are on them. Quite a few matches get through we will not go into great detail because if you what great detail. A packed and I both are on our sister station ESP in upstate in if you go to. ESPN of state dot com you can get our very new. ESP in upstate inside the ropes podcast we talk me down a wrestling as we are back but we will break this down a little bit mind bank tomorrow night. Let's start with the kick off show smackdown tag team championship. The two Brothers vs Carl Anderson who Dallas. Anderson and gallows. On that came am with with some fire coming in with AJ styles he thought they were gonna do something we don't. And they really haven't figured out. Aside from South Pole wrestling which there are excellent on a date don't know what to do with these guys put him up against the boys are Brothers who they also don't know what to do list. Com I'm not I'm sure I'm gonna watch this match blood on the go plus drugs blood DeRozan. Bobby Lashley vs Sammy Zain. A promise them a stop arming. Yeah that's what we do GAAP Bobby Lashley vs or hit a this there's is just like bomb. This city was stuck to that Bubba Bubba and he still doesn't you know it's when it's it's a crutch it's Gracia told us he told me they wanted editor. He should how to spell it right so what classy verses saying he's a Christian tells hospital later affordable way yes of course it maybe in Latin. In an identity yet but it actually vs semi Zairean. This is a beat level type. Don't match. And dvds because occasional remain events. But I don't know what to do about it last going to be honest I don't think Bobby last he's good on the Mike and I don't understand why they brought him back. Because I like him too much in the first place I'm good with Sammy Zain. When Allen classic too much I think last England's last whispers sisters. Rewards and sequins are Daniel Bryan vs big cast. A good big man beats a good little man every time. According to big gas will tired I don't know what to do big cast exactly him Daniel Bryan deserves bigger matches in this. But I'm going I'd I think big cast can be damn right I think game. And all right Roman rays vs Jim Hall. I several rains some people out there on Mac with boot they're not quite sure why. But they booed because they feel like you know Bruins which was due in general rains name because coordinate when because of their Boeing. How broad range was cinema haunting them cause is jacked up teeth from Canada's pretend like he's from India. Pretty much Buddy Guy like assault on his entrance of I think that's pretty cool there's going to be some interference. Some things left in the run rings wins this match. I mean that gender was asthmatic hazardous or longer viewed gender was the first one. And the pace is going to arrest right Intercontinental championship between Seth Rollins and my man alliance what is WB sample or walk. With alliance said what does WW we stay aboard while we'll bring them that you need to know as little little more convinced he gonna have a I'm not certain about the answer as to add friends of their currency oh. Erase the analyst Jeff question and so what's the chance would you jet yeah whatever he sees it it's in prison I don't think you know you don't. That's when I go ahead ago that was good is there's gotta slash. Wow hows does now is cool that's actor that was great fit you know we witness that we have not notably witness it but everyone obeys the line also wouldn't liberal faction. You know the solo act so. Classically. Including when our buddy Zach Jones was here with the show for a long time before he moved on. I believe is about to change professions but I won't say what it is until he says I can't. So. Wheeler dealer yeah ally is I have still many question. Just in case she's watching or listening he already out of him he can you better hope his boss isn't watching. No known enough none of them anyway so and think about this too late anyway so. A lot of this is one of my favorite wrestlers he's healed but he plays he comes out he does music keep dogs the crowd east he sings songs. He's a very good guitars to really is yeah and what. WW he's been missing for awhile something that they've had for a long time adieu with a guitar to smash it over someone's head. And someone who isn't very good at face value at being between yeah. So Obama sees a face some moment to heal you really don't know where it's like kind of like in the vein of the stone cold Steve Austin Garrett you know. They're healing you know as was like them to do the exact type of thing so you boo when you're supposed to do you cheer when you're supposed to cheer I and I'm looking forward to this match and IE. Really really believe that alliance comes away with a championship I think this is going to be benign. Latter match that steals this year. As you know normally when it with a lot of matches they kindest to us now with UMass up that goes into it. This will be the best match of the night I have set Rollins winning. But I do legalized in close immediate cheated I'll tell us to get too soon zoom through these a little bit quicker all right. The smack down win this championship Carmelo vs Oscar. I like Carmelo is character what she's doing with it. Look Carmelo Alaska come Ol Wayne what was in it. Our women's money in the bank match Charlotte flare Becky lynched Naomi wanna Sasha banks flexible this afternoon. An Italian oh look my girl amber moon or got its dominant know what is it that you men's money in the bank match bronze stroman and Boller. Bobby rude Kevin Owens the me is Samoa Joseph Russo and a member of the new day. I haven't narrowed down to bronze stroman and Samoa Joseph Lou likes mullah Joe's my skills bronze stroman is gonna win this stuff. As holidays it. And it's Brusett de L is through a simple in this match the truce with their lead candidate and tea and we can. We have Alexander Ovechkin us saying how dare you have it right brought women's championship and I Jack's vs Ron drowsy. Run around these first actual singles match is. A championship yeah who knew that went out there and now everybody now so. She hadn't even had a match on TE yet us all feel good in the her last match which was there when match but it was a tag team match to mixed tag team match. Rhonda I think we'll have good emotional out but she'll lose projects about retain championship adding 90. I think Rhonda wins but from the cute. All right one last match WWE. Championship AJ styles version since game Nakamura and a last man standing match. You know what this match whose new labs in this match Chris knew how you win this match. Oz so yeah I'm I think since he's gonna win this I didn't. I'm an ocean new champion in the and you got a shot of move and Daniel Bryan up eventually if not only against since cannot come a slim. Did they ever and the last woman standing in a message out for us I think so flatter. There's been one I think I know Sasha bank says hasn't seen. It was an iron woman. And same thing as a balanced time. Yeah right here and I have the respect. The I would thought you know run away downloads went to connect all right so two more sports stories before we go to break in the opener roundtable. There's a supermodel Chris. And she was at a race. Yes. This this is the latest thing is they only in find her news when he Harlow Winnie Harley okay and somebody I was familiar with an apparently. Known for. Modeling with the condition called the lie ago weird yours skin color changes all of this story I'd done and that I don't know zealous Michael Jackson and kind of yet actually yes it's it's it's the same condition don't not a joke goes serious note you know it is as. The the hide it not that what happened has anything to do that she was apparently at a at a Canadian Grand Prix race. And bracing Canada businessmen do an county's one dollars and up under its formal and yes. Yes I do know what Portland to use is an Afro and friends every sport king over there and anyway. Still until with the with the slushy out Cousteau didn't do what they are. Anyway. Apparently. One of the things that she was supposed to do is waived checkbook now those of you Patrick and you know racing is. Lawns and in camera denoting checkered flag just in racing in checkered flag means you won't. Is checkered flag signals the end of the race right. A white flag and then Integra line right that's how it goes yep so she picked up the checkered flag and waved it to laps early. Lou ending that race. So cheap it's so just basically out faux pas she ended the race certainly. You know and nothing they can do about that and apparently. Shooting she tweeted when they tell you to wave the flag a lot too early you have one jobs are hah hah hah but so grateful everyone was safe today and no one got hurt so. Liz and other Asian teams that she did an artist she say this one point as somebody told her to do you have to have played in the bars and tone. To answer by the way if you have a model or celebrity who may be familiar with us. Mort you have to have someone there to tell this window do it very easy. You handed them and the flag. When it's time to end and and then you say now it's you have to make it very very simple for people who don't know what they're doing wannabe and he people who are. Unfamiliar with the sport nothing big you know don't want to do simply because you're just yeah us to this reminds me of and as Batman returns. The goes disposed to push the button. India has use practice and her lines right or he says this and I pushed no he senses and have put. Okay and then. He went killed her right. Anyway so we come back we're an inert round table by Carol won 63 WORD of staples. You know the funny part is we decided plump faced with plywood to conceal 163 Camille Ortiz FaceBook page. That we are gonna talk about that fight on FaceBook live that we did. And out we did not just the reason there is abroad the upper even mention it is because we talked about it so much lastly I don't know I'm all wrong I don't Wheeler hit CM pond we we don't have money. And apparently he got handled. I didn't watch the fight but I heard about it it was it was embarrassing it was it was embarrassing to the fight game period but. I really know what a piece he says he should have put it don't bypass which he should of and we commented on this last week we didn't understand why I was on the main card. And I thought there would be improvement somewhere and it just wasn't. And when a guy whose own wine displays with you the entire time and could he could beat him in the first round did not. And on Dana White collar don't have any idea why can you speculate as to why that why he would have just try to put on show this because he's. As well and he's got an ankle hard. Something he never will be on again down so but you would think if you want to impress on the main card. You come out and you jump off the cajun kick someone in the face assault and don't do what he did it was as it was it was ugly to watch and I got to be honest. When it was over. I started watching the next five has Leno wants. It to sapped all mine. Want to watch supplied has turned and all this it. It management issue may shouldn't have put him up against somebody better. He's talking about Michael Jackson yes should they have no Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson. Is that that. Let's see a club. CM punk is that much worse than Michael Michael Jackson is not. A good fighter OK and they do a good fighter against someone who I mean he's been horrible fire can someone who's even worse. It's it's is that okay but what it looks like is that Dana White tried to match him up with someone who he thought he can compete against Tomas CM punk. Any commitment but my point is if doesn't that mean he's underestimating Michael Jackson's ability and he should put him against somebody better. No I think he's overestimating she impossibility. OK fair enough he knew that Michael Jackson was not very good. So he thought maybe this is like if you see two people who are really good at something but to put them together. If in your mind you think they're evenly matched it could turn out to be something good. This is this is a slight on Dana White because he thought it would be something that was the owner of that yet use this guy is it the president president okay yeah Google will be something that it wasn't an it was but again it was it was embarrassing and a loss as legislative announced it was embarrassed by well and he should be yet he should be and like we discussed last week there's no reason why this had been on the main card I Graeme it was just for publicity and it backfired here's a thing. Pollack is also an on the record does say this should be on bypass. A because I think more people would get to the arena early indeed. A lot more people would watch. In it people people watched it and say you know what that's not a good fight I'm glad I was on bypassed. So ultimately you white isn't bared by himself like that bears in himself and he made a bad decision several US citizens danced like. And he which he doesn't do that all that he's deflect doesn't hazy out and lines concluded that the marketing and everything is probably his will and mess up that he has had. In a very long time. All right so it is something else in sports. Round table until about one who wants or shall we talk about the one who went in an attempt to keep questions focus on the French national team all World Cup here. A pursuit and not on the club's future of star striker Antawn Greisen. My degrees you know no reason there's a reason you know Paris now friends dictated and all questions must be asked in French. Once daily reporter thought he found a clever loophole Pedro Moraga. Of radio network cut dip meciar types his question. Ask you one degrees and had decided to stay at atletico Madrid or not it to a translation app on his phone. And pressed a microphone up to the speaker as a robot police began to speak. So he used Google Trends yeah absolutely and or something and so the way the manager was get around it if you can't ask him in French you can't do it. So and if there's video of this and he's not exactly looking smug he's looking like. You know when you think is something clever and you're like we'll see if this works and that's exactly the look on the guys base that is like if it works great if it doesn't I think it says it's awful a great idea that he was gonna probably go viral at the end of it because. It's up on you storyline is an awesome deal with the idea that the athlete is blocking the manager's going his way there's there's like no no no no no no. Because. He got around stipulation I mean. He was not specific if you didn't say you had to say it yourself just have to ask human friend right in your head which. I think he's funny and yeah I think it was very it's very honored and I wonder if this is gonna happen. More often is an article shouldn't yeah I mean we've made translation so think about an automatic United Nations want no we don't talk absolutely there's nothing there all we're translators and I mean so I don't see why there's that much of the defendants I. Think you're not mistaken in the case of the United Nations and other political setting like that there are people doing the translation yeah. But it. But like I should and the technology's gotten so good. There's almost no reason that you shouldn't use it at this point are right. Big news for DC and if you guys saw as just John stepped down as head of DC. Over the week I Geoff Johns over the the movie production on I kind of stuff he stepped down for good reason. He is now writing and producing a new green lantern corps movie out. And taken has place until spirals and bar yeah taken its place is Jim Lee who's also a very big name and DC as far as our ESCO so I think I think DC will be okay as far as that goes. But Geoff Johns stepping down start his own company. And to do green lantern. The other question is you know people who think the DC is so dark was it is the movie's been door because of Geoff Johns direction. They question or because of the individual directors who knew I mean I have directed the movie. I mean it could spend Zack Snyder become an exact answer and just wing came in lightened it up a little and it and it could be that it's the producers are picking. Directors. That. Fit that mold you know that it's actually coming from higher up in the directors. And that they're just they're picking directors and all kind of fall in the same category. Stylistically. So I'm looking forward to see what Geoff Johns Dawes who recounts. From what I understand there's going to be too earth green lanterns. There well how Jordan and forget you have Jon Stewart John story and yeah okay awesome college Jordan and Jon Stewart on so. I know wouldn't we're thinking to Ryan Reynolds. But Durbin bad movies and other franchises before next movie came out. And was so much better site I believe that he's going to be him do something speaking of DC. Lot of pictures out of opera man and things they it was not mask monopoly in November. And ten are new pictures drop of black Mantilla. And black man it's if if you're into DC lore he knows that he is the art villain in complement. And the black man's outfit looks killer it really looks good. He need to check that out if you haven't seen you know I'm looking at the TV screen right now and their what I see I see you cage up there. And that is on analyst also because Luke cage season to. Drops on the 22. Which is next week so until we come in next week may be Wu we will have seen I don't like all. And mixed reviews on this from what I am I not seen headlines and read reviews don't have to say I I watched the first episode of Jessica Jones season to. And never watched the rest of it now than it was bad but it just didn't. Grab me you just I didn't. And feel interested in it the way that I was in the first one L is really all over the past yeah. Out of all them Luke cage is the most political so it's something that you've got to get past a little bit. But I also likely caged and the villain looks like he's going to be pretty good. But as I've seen in headlines he's not cotton mouth and cotton mouth was a very good deal yes even though he wasn't the main villain now for the entire island I was Heidi frankly I expected him to do and and he was he was usability and that you understood why he was you know he was in those those are the best villains are we did take a break and come back and hit the lightning round I'm tonight by the way. One of the things that did just launched on Netflix volt front season six and you'll Cabletron but I love it. It's really genealogical hateful trial would you say when you leave behind on themselves April's rate of 1063 Debbie Doherty. You're Karen's at first I mean actually heard. What does there are no dollars Sega is like LA and in his own eyes I I I I gave that stroke or drive like this I just laugh about it because I just saw some lightning in the sky outside. Yeah the storms continue on their role there are at least in the middle of a Woodruff and Arlington right now. But it looks like we're a solid red light so may be maybe we finally got the lights failed Seattle looked under the lights in the opposing direction by the way as well as well that Chris is so thorough and once take care of her body that he actually called. On the electric company and told my car highly patrol was done because I totally electric eye called Highway Patrol says that they can send an officer out to direct traffic. She called it. Mean to belittle what is great man what I don't regulatory clarity you aren't translates really I think in short is electricity notes that you are bundled up quite sure if you don't Texas 43 zeroes out of your house yes it does your lightbulb it turns out if you're listening to you don't dislike us or our defeat anyway so we're pleased that all a chance to get to a couple things before the show ends included DoubleTree. With the got to admit. I do not watch I did it and iasis a little disappointing because live action. And that. No it's not putting this morning because it's because I didn't knows live action. It's disappointing because. I don't think that story works as well when it's an action I agree get past the animated I wanna get to this for sure because he you'll be interest in a stranger things telltale games. Oh yeah. Yes absolutely. Please let it be available to split. Has yet see that happened while an even have a switch and have Peter did you know that the guy who plays or know concealed was almost that meant a did not I feel like you and great I think he would have made a great that man also. Also see what else you can fill and there's there's going to be a shining sequel with you McGregor and it. As a grown up Dini the death Danny yeah they get the kid who has shining so he's he's going to be. The grown up version of this Justin King has given his blood did you ever see ray player on. I did not all right and he has not said why are these there's going to be a guard Gould's possibly. Live action and directed by and we need a lot of action Arnold. Get out. He'll visit to reveal to her ordeal Jordan Hill once director wants to do it and you know one more time on FaceBook live. I covered up to scream just one more time to be consistent I'm not. It's because that's how I do. Hey thank you to everyone for listening and for watching dad is a struggle under triple screen that we got going here on faced applied again next week. A.