Upstate Pulse 6-23-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, June 23rd
Jurassic World review, Incredibles 2 review, Video Game addiction and more. 

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I welcome Nancy Saturday night welcome into the F staples for those of you looking for are faced with livestock feed. Have a little trouble getting that thing Colombo would be as forthcoming yes yes working out some technical which as we are working out regularly. It's a little surprising it works so well last time out. Literally that's when you expect those sorts of glitches to appear is the first time you try something and we had that experience before in the studio we've had new equipment. Come in we've had new us suffer systems and things like that. And you get there on the day when it's all supposed to work in and it doesn't and and need you get to do the best she can with what you got yeah and deep and you. Again he hit two way you work your way around it and and do whatever you can do the as far as it goes we are still on the air that's the most important Harris. And I'll always listen to those on the radio that's right and you know they're gonna storms move in and we've we've witnessed a few storms. In the last Carolina caught in one you know we did we went out for a pre show mill in Crist decided hey listen outside. Which we started do and then the storm moved in here are heavily it we we got inside before it actually started raining but. Our our server showed up at the table and said he Cheri don't wanna sit inside and I was and the impression that we had been seeded outside because it was faster. And she said no there's tables and citing instead an unbelievable yet and that case let's go sit inside. So which so worked so we did it yes we did it and we are glad we did because. It is star rain sideways after awhile and our food would have gotten when you want that coming convinced that went through his way. Deathly deathly not good all it is nice now. I hate this storm's kind of blew through it's it's absolutely gorgeous outsider now at least here the station that storm could be depending upon where you are listening area that this or can be hitting you right now. But don't worry it'll pass. Yeah I think when I could stick around long it went through pretty quick to me and so we enjoyed our pre show Miller we always do and job back over here. In time to. To get started on the show still on today's show. We are going to. We're gonna talk. Jurassic Park which I went to see. Cameron and I want sooner or later we'll talk about that we are also going to talk. About space force when do intend to second because the president has. He's he's put it up there we're going to have a space for it sounds so it'll cartoon he doesn't it just blew I mean that's just a little just. Little made up a little bleak. You know. B movie. Science fiction. Tighten I don't know it just I feel like we could come up with a better name space port and I know. Apparently that he is modeled it on the air force who get the air force which sounds cool. Well you hear Giuliani down in the air force that sounds cool. He's failure in space forces sounds like you going to be wearing neon green uniform. And have you know. Jail and you. There you have it just just I don't know I feel like we can do better. They assisted by the way those of you who are on FaceBook life high. Hello oh do we get up and running you know we did our hotline eight has things up and and and figured nicely done Patrick and got me going. If you are looking at FaceBook library now you'll see Patrick's. Fresh new America. This kid doesn't OK so it and might not Erica have a PL mites and Erica this weekend now. Was his first Erica it noted he's he's having cancer before. But Andy's here is can come along and it was how do you respond to this Erica does sometimes kids don't respond well yes sort of I was not there when he actually attic hide but my wife sent me pictures afterwards. And he seemed. Rather in different about it no tears Fiat now let's get another gamble where Alaska. Are you know we talked about space force and hit Patrick. I was already love are all right was fixing FaceBook live your right you what does it which is understandable frankly I'd rather have that working. And that and give them a second to get the audio ready are these veteran now. Interest things so if you're wondering what does from its I don't know exactly it's from chris' they're moving up. And done now be starship troopers and they are anything you're gonna thing is you know that's that's the first thing I thought it was not. All that the movie the movie is not all that it was not like the book I was such a fan of the book. That I wanted the movie to be like the look and it wasn't until that's why I was disappointed in it. I'm I didn't think actually and that that clip that you displayed is one of the examples. Of the propaganda. In the in the book they edit the book is mainly philosophy it's it's social commentary and stuff like that kind of wrapped around a science fiction story. But it's it's it's really. Interesting and one of the things they talk about as the propaganda behind the war effort. And stuff like that and that's one thing that I thought they did really well in the movie was this sort of splashy. You know. Patriotic almost jingoistic. Push to get people to enlist in the military and an end of the propaganda. Portrayal in the movie if that was really love and. When a court president is not enough to merely have an American presence in space we must have American dominance in space. We're gonna have air force and we're going to have the space force separate but equal is going to be something. So the severity is I mean and some people are saying this is a gimmick we're getting into the politics of it. I do wanna talk about the possibility that this is actually going to happen that we are going to have the space force. And what that means now as a young kid before there's going to be a master chief. They're asked to be here already be in training right now as a kid on. I have a dream to go to space idea I had the upper albeit at a poster of Neil Armstrong on my ceiling not among wall. On my ceiling does him come on the moon. So when you go to sleep at night he looked up and there's no on strong in the dream of someday doing in the space is doing that sort of thing. Now later on I figured out that I'm for it heights. And so chances are that the ultimate guide monster you'll need to get an airplane will making thinking exactly show what you well when your kid. I wasn't scared of heights woman's kid by cell I mean I feel like roller coasters but I wasn't afraid of heights. I'll call on top my house up in trees on that kind of stuff so. I wasn't afraid then but I dreamt that a lot of little boys back then especially in my age because it was a you know Osbourne a couple of years after. Armstrong walked on the moon so I mean it was still everywhere it was still still a big deal that we did it. And I wanted to be that guy didn't you start seeing shows like Star Trek to get to in the sec. Our that was MCI that's where I got that dream from Iowa I watched I lived on next generation I mean it came out when I was in my early teens. And I watched all seven seasons as they aired. Originally and I just I was. I loved it I couldn't tell you how much I loved it and and I I can eat healthy kids say how many times they'll lamented. Being born too early. You know that and then I'm not gonna live long enough to see that kind of future and every once in awhile I get. You know an optimistic glimpse that that I might live long enough to see something amazing like that but. I have no illusions that I'm never gonna walk on another planet. It's just you know but it's it's a distillate dream I have. Well now the possibilities out there we know he gets SpaceX who's in and other companies are trying to get in space trying to commercialize. On your chance to fly in space so. Opportunity might be easier for you before of you get too old to take it. Of course you've I think you've got to. Pass certain physical. Specifics and Ellis another Larry against yeah I mean so that might be a problem but yeah you've got you. So he's got to pass some tests and things for who knows as technology gets better and better and better. Maybe those of us who are not in fit shape can actually you know make it in space now Patrick is the youngest. Guy in the room on here is the millennial. Here in the studio. Any aspirations are go space. Now none at all. Now no dream no dreams and all of walking on the moon are going to Mars or anything like that like you I'm very afraid of heights okay. I get on the route sometimes in my apartment complex and I looked down I might know. Glued to my. Good and I get it in space as a landlord know you're why do you get on the roof concerns on the little concerned about that you're not contemplate if you live on the top forties clean out the window and okay. That makes more sense or are you guys sound like roof parties though there's. Don't honestly I just sit in which it clearly I don't know it's only with some party on the roof it's only party right again as as never. That and never. Or low calorie if you are going to a party on the roof what would you call Eagles played on a roof one time you insulting to I mean gala party I don't. Parties no and literally but now is brought up what would you call party on the roof a roof party SAQ I just didn't know that was a thing. Raising the roof. That's funny. Thank you you have to block I'll reach solutions yeah. It's not like us literally when weather better out there and its first center escapes my descent of their it is kind of get away from people. There are times if things are happening in my apartment complex I go there to get a better view. Did us a song up on what kind of things happen under at your apartment complex. We had the fire department. Called like six times in the past month. How many errors how many of those it was it was you could can Roman. Europe but it does set has rom and doesn't take that much higher to cope well you might have walked away in you know locked away you. It's not cooked and all it. Chris you can cook it in a lock yet you can't okay. With the type of drama like that I'm making I'm making it with the soup base okay. LC if you don't listen to show before we all get offended by certain things. Patrick my words like class that. Well ya what why passage or seepage or if you criticize Rondo look everybody who does is enough and it they crashed the call saying dang it. God. That. Because. I gave the pace. Whenever as word gets brought up he really you know this is gonna differ for. Saying yeah we're gonna do this for two hours in the crisis for the slide so we'll give thanks so anybody out there. Would you be a part of the space force especially if you're a younger member of our audience we know we've got some some younger. Guys listening or girls would you be interest Symbian part of the space force. Phone number 803471063. Text line 71307. Armed. I'm looking forward to see what the uniforms are like I'm looking forward to seeing. Second and make a difference for you. What whether I whether you would join the snow until all events like I'm way too old there's there's no way they're not looking for someone in my in my demographic. Unless it's the knowledge starship troopers they're taking everybody get ahead. That's very true occurred in. Clancy Brown yes please name he. He was a little bit older and in media. It was up there and so was on my client side but he does geyser or where had been India that core for a while so. You don't like it sea and space force. New child. China border yet well Agassi shuttle service that was so I could see him in space you know he makes fun of us on a daily basis it's fine. We still support each you know we do and listen I can definitely see him up there with with command that I could see that. Yeah it is ultimately I get an apes if I were to go into space and be a part of the space for someone that guys as as my commander. At a agency we'll see where would you go to fight you can't hit a bunker. You know like the determinedly that the guy you want a hole with you. Oh yes now Ernest I don't understand is that the guy you want in space within a depends I mean if you're Gordon's widow of the space for spite. On earth are they go into other planets the fight I mean we don't know maybe see here's the thing. All right so they were doing the space force we know that their finding elements of one of the plan and so we know that. Everybody's going to be rushing to get said elements so there may be conflict on his plans not just. With the infinity element the area with forces from here. The earth being here but maybe forces have been found there are ready. And so we're gearing up again and ready to fight. Because we're gonna need to that national or hour and an intergalactic. We see it everywhere on the mean science fiction comes true all the time it's definitely a possibility. I eat I don't know why Chris and skeptical. I he. Yeah he's very skeptical I have to I have to push myself to be skeptical be as I'm very bleeding by nature aren't they are as it correctly. I'm also that. I'll admit. But I. I tend to want to believe things I listen to coast to coast you're ground zero and I wanna believe every single thing that they say all the stuff they talk about. I I watch a show like Star Trek don't wanna believe that all those things are out there. And I ain't I know ultimately they're not really we have no evidence of them but IA. And so I have to force myself to be skeptical about things I mean ground zero is equality showed it comes right at tradition. No correct yes and in local or viciousness and finally called Asia. You know what else is quality. Is continuing this conversation after the break we need to take a break. Comes Brahms was FaceBook live we'll try to get that going again. Well I need like a technical consultant here during the shows that take care of that kind of stuff doesn't know you have me pork well kind of but your own the show too I mean in some and others in that what are we gonna do. Maybe just an intern. We can get that our shows get interns they do we have we can't we've never asked for one. We need to ask for one game. I doesn't just say pose for you don't want a 63 W Doherty. Just talking about Bryant Hussein on the M pre show. On his reply was you know back and watch now again and I as I understand bonds are correct me if I'm wrong we now live FaceBook bloodstream back up and running is that correct no not yet. We're winning or working on it the cameras on them looking enemy we just we just hired an intern tank. The enters his Aurelio is hanging out next in the dumpster. May be OK you know and these nameless they're Tony McKay. He's a good case again you can heroes gave gladiator. Techsters writing in the 713 easier seven if you wanna join in the conversation. Hey guys every day is Russa today. Did push for him finally. Is is yours and I a and I understand or you be talking about wrestling later in the program what you finally. Finally here for you to say now right. You'll finally learn why Rhonda Rouse he got suspended and so curious I know you I don't speculating that is because she started fighting for real. It and they may be used to do that the W that he will make you're gonna have to wait okay. And find out. Another Texas says. Hey guys the last we show you didn't mention anything about Incredibles two. I saw this week and thought it was as good as the original also the trailer for reckoned Ralph to looks really good. Interested in your thoughts this week. From Scott thanks very much Scott I have not seen it yet I want to incredible is one of my very favorite picks are making this up I did see it's my second favorite. Pixar movie. And IAE do you want to see did the sequel. I'm gonna go back to my AST unity skews whose that I am too small children. And very little time yet so as he made taking awhile to get to it but I do wanna see in the theater and I've already. I think lives up to my New Year's resolution of watching more movies in theaters. And this year I've seen none of 45 maybe I think a guessing on board this year that I haven't passed so. But I aimed idiocy eventually. A good movie to Patrick you said you saw us on. While others in recent. I'm not I I keep. By the way I did see Jurassic world which I'll talk about a minute the pack you can review incredible Stoops and he saw it I mean can do is blow for your negatives well for it. Movie was great it did there's nothing wrong with this movie animation looks fantastic the voice acting is. Brilliant tour. Eight they kind of reference a lot of things that were not lower. President in the first avenger. I don't know incredible the first Incredibles but they also did stuff that kind of tied in to. And the mean. Many movies. That they had. It was kind of a short movie about the babysitter uh oh yes they should remember that. The kind of get a little bit with that I was really cool. The movie itself that the story line behind it. Is it really. Could one day. I think is one of those things where a lot of people were just like how can they make it Incredibles two what are they gonna talk about on this one. And they hide great I will say two characters stole the movie for. In the way that I think you characters and other. They're they're very old one of whom is highly loved. You should know by that I should I think it'd and the other one didn't get a lot of playtime in the first one. But as you lot. It. Now this texture says he thinks it it was as good as the original and I think you disagreed and I disagree a little bit because. The first one was such a surprise. It was inferior original theory that which one of the reasons I like it yeah it was kind of like. What is superheroes were banned and live a normal life right well and are subject matter has been explored in. Some comic books and and things like that but it's. It was it was an interest in taken it was just it was really. Inventive movie to have you know to have kind of a superhero theme. The reason I will say it's better than the first one. Let's 'cause in the first one halfway through I still didn't know. Where it was going. Halfway through doubles too I knew the ending how it'll play out of predictable exactly Dutch. But the thing is the nostalgia of it. There was a short this is that a spoiler mrs. Wallace is equal there was a short minutes. Segment and it did before the short movie aired where it's everybody that works on the movie it's. Explaining. Why it took fourteen years. Boris sequel insane don't worry the wait is over here and Solis was the explanation. Sufficient. We're like OK I did it or you like windows sounds like an excuse no I I kind of looked at sounds like okay they're kind of make it is that you know. As a like as a light everyone's complaining for fourteen years bride were gonna give them these old Blake. Ridiculous excuses. And it just gonna be like hey guess what you finally got it it's worth the wait. And I will say this I sold I think it was tailored. This movie was tailored. Towards the adults. Vindicates. Fair enough because they and that's of things it's really impressed me about Pixar movies in general most of them anyway in general. Are. They're just movies AM. And they I think the appeal to kids or people look at them as kids movies because there animated. But it. They are frequently just very good stories regardless of which are ages into and I will say this and this is quick disclaimer this is a spoiler. If you had a heart times which strobe lights yeah. Don't see this movie now Peter's idea here added some people were complaining about that there was no warning on the movie and I think there should be okay because there's one scene in particular where is just. No matter where you look it's there red and it. In a dark theater that's the only light basis stroking yeah. You kind of kind of need that warning is just a lot of people who didn't necessarily it's suffer. You know right symptoms of that but I think is disorienting and yet they had headaches. And I had to take a second before they got back and then if for me it was kind of distracting. In summer guards against him. Another tax awry aides who cares about the zero I won my at a man Tim yeah I well. We all want something from space and now hopefully we'll get it to another texture says guys and I was the army. I told my unit I had an interest in going to US army astronaut school. Yes it does exist and I did not end up going. Too old to join space wars to invade any other worlds before the invade us. I guys join the space tourist traveling galaxy visit other worlds meet interesting extra extraterrestrials and kill them. Sounds like fun doesn't. So yes I'm sounds like a lot of fun that CC. I don't feel like a reference to something I try and remember what it was. Template has specific reference to. Just about every scifi movie and now I mean I mean something in particular at Ameritech textured. Let us in on the use it I know reference you know they Humana referenced tell us what it was because I'm not place I know it's a reference but I don't know what it's. All right so those are Tex Tex lines of 1307. Finally apologized still having trouble with the with the FaceBook thing we're gonna go and eventually calm. Patrick just gave you a review. Well yes. On the ground almost two I would seizure a world today. Can elect a movie a really did I want to see an IMAX reading. And I don't I don't think it made made a difference whether it was in three here or not but in IMAX if you go to see a movie about dinosaurs I think you should negotiate an IMAX. Because the screen usually begs the dinosaurs early date. It still doesn't give you the exact scale of what it would be like but it's it's bigger and I just think it adds to the experience also surround sound probably else. It does on so so Cameron I would see it I really enjoyed the movie. I didn't expect anything spectacular. I think one of the problems with dinosaurs now is we've seen them so much that we just expect. This newness has worn off. But as far as the effects of the effects were great to dinosaurs have very realistic dislike it didn't last movie and so it was really good story line. That there was some politics involved which. Is not surprising. There's a crawl across the bottom of the screen while they're doing a news report and it's all about global warming and stuff like that. But you come to expect dad in anything like this kind of movie. And if you're following the actors on the screen or the report. You're not even noticing that. But you know I tend to do that is never know if they're gonna sneaks up and look around forget any time there's a news report on the movie or TV show. It's good diluted to crawl cross bottom and see exactly what they're putting out there because even if you glance at your mind agreed to sell it to be something subliminal and again it's it's fun to focus on that and see what actually they're trying to get across outside its. It's worth go and see if you like dinosaurs if you like the Jurassic. Part series. This isn't I mean it's not really a reboot its system I mean they go back years later and in this case is a continuation of the last one who Chris brown and he does a great job. Obese daughter does a great job sisal SP OP but the Bryce Dallas Howard does great job and on. Yeah I was really good sequel idea it was those it was a really good sequel. And I would tell you if you're going to see you tonight which might be on your way right now to go see it. Do not stay for the post credits that. And here's how you know that maybe you shouldn't stay for the post Letzing 'cause if you like meaning gets a movie before you go use a check and see if there is post credit scene. And most people do that grows by the way back again. You checked to see so you know be out to other free people in this room and by the way yes there's also a little now I think as with which movie pass some. You actually screen time to move before you and tell you wins the best time to take about memory yet so trusting so so here's the thing. The majority of the people I know. Stay and watch credits I looked around today and it is only up probably a handful of a stolen there. And so since there is ample and a listener not rejected a news post credit scene. In all the workers are lined enough the girls smiling. And after all lined up against the wall waiting to clean theater and they're all smiling. To design there's going to be some twist or they know you just wasted your time. And they knew we just wasted our time. And if you don't wanna hear what it is. Turn off the radio or count of tank is I'm going to tell you what the post credit on that to spoil the movie. I'm going to spoil the post credit scene right now because I don't want to waste your time. Terror attack those land on the building that was it small terror attack those land on top of the building. How is all of us. In detail would building. I didn't recognize the building because it's on the West Coast I I'm guessing the mainland yes. They'll if you saw the previews you know that that happens on Tuesday that dinosaurs are on the main plant. A lot of people thought this would be a reboot of of an earlier one where they brought the dinosaurs there and at the big 76 balls off of awful gas station gets hit it rolls down the road and all that kind of stuff and now movie just doesn't happen but does kind of along the same lines that. So anyway if you again if you saw the previews you know that they bring the dinosaurs. To the United States at some point so it's no surprise for you keep thinking news. There's going to be a spoiler and even online saying. Posters seem to explain all this kind of stuff to make you think it is going to be some decent. But again if you're Smart you look around DC not that many people were stick around the may know something you don't know. Do not stay for this is not worth it why didn't you know that if you looked it up. Because I didn't read what it was and oh well console say yes and been happy exploration and here's the other thing I did. So I can talk about. I did it's like it's on about it on the air. OK and you know again like to show prep so I stuck around even though I figured it wasn't going to be that good since the theater emptied out. For you listener because I care that much our real take a break. What tried to works more on this or maybe on the set down and listen to the of state polls really don't want 63 to minority. Welcome back into the state polls final segment all the first hour. Something that we should have talked about in the beginning but we've been taught about other things. And that is what the WHO. We just came out when you may say. Oh. Oh. A long couple Patrick. See you thank you I mean you know us as you know it. Is that we're here he'd been on that and so on so disappointed. I'm sorry and I knew I'd been trying to deal with some other things yeah well. Right now our line feed job is a consistent picture. As it down to. Now OK well anyway we mean now you get this thing to. We go let's line all right so the two is the while the World Health Organization. Has declared that. Gaming is an addiction we've talked about this on the show before blood they had ruled on yet and now they have they have ruled that. Gaming disorder is thing and here's here's what it is. In pair control over gaming example on set frequency. Intensity duration termination context. Increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over. Other life interest in daily activities. And number three continuation and escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. Behavior pattern is of sufficient sufficient severity. To result in significant impairment and personal family social educational. Occupational or other important areas of functioning the pattern of gaming behavior may be continuous or episodic and recurrent. Jamie behavior and other features are normally evident over a period of at least twelve months. In order for diagnosis. To be assigned although the required duration may be shortened. If all diagnostic requirements are met and symptoms are severe so bears what they're looking for. As far as whether you are addicted to gaming or not. And I said those are pretty high criteria. I would I would consider that a relatively narrow definition by which I mean. Not very many people are going to rise to that level. Like give you just played a lot of video games that doesn't necessarily mean you're addicted to video gaming it's when you're when you're gaining at the expense of other things like forgetting to eat or forgetting to sweep. War. You know not spending time doing healthy other things you know with your family social interaction yet exactly. But some people socially interactive video what what we say I mean we mean they do but. But they even specified in the air something along lines of a continuing that behavior even though you've experienced negative. Consequences bread that's another thing like he and again liken it to something like drug addiction. If you are taking drugs and you have negative side effects. But you still do the drugs that's assigned to turn addict and I think they're saying the same thing about video gaming. If you were harming yourself by playing video games then you might have a problem. You know I get this to a point in and I know there are people who are addictive by nature and and I understand that and you know I think we all are to a certain degree dependent on ordered it to be a spectrum but. At the same time. I don't it's not priorities more. If it's. What people do nowadays have changed. He used to be the family would gather around the TV at a certain time every day. Now a lot of people or gather around the gaming console or around a computer and the student watching TV. They're playing games yet and so those people are not addict so they put that into into you know I. I'm trying to think how much I play on a daily base plays well I guess it's not it's not a question how much you play. It's questions of whether you play at the expense of doing other things could put this what have you ever missed work because you were playing video game. No but I do know some people who never missed a meal by the way I note you know but I think we've all done that before then that's fine I think so those are okay will miss a meal would be all right calm the but. As far as ever missed to day's worth of meals because you're gaming no doubt but I know some people who will purposely take a vacation day off. Just to play a game all day that's fine that's. Again I would not I would not anticipate. That being. That rising to the level of gaming addiction. You could mean lots of people take. Specific time off to do other things you wouldn't say they're addicted to boating if they took a day off to go fishing or something the I think. Phillips entry might be addicted to voting. I think you might that Jimmy if you I think Tommy springer might be addicted to amount to do it at the expense of others the main reason that they did attention. We may be would be blame if you how many fewer seasonal your buddy you I mean you don't want Tom yeah I mean you've recently had a day off. What did you do. Played video games no accent you know what I did was. Drove my car most of the day drove your car would you say you're addicted to driving because you took today off to drive your car. At the moment possibly know. I don't when you when you purposefully go out of your way he goes along way. That's okay. That's called being a driving and busiest and you have a brand new car which is understandable I mean you want to spend time in your brand new car. Which is a sports car which is a lot of fun that's okay that's that's as being enthusiastic about your activity it's not doing it at the expense. Did you drive all night and missed an entire night of sleep. While you're out driving open that's. Cindy long to stall he's stuck in my head if this is suspended third musical evening for me and a if US supreme Schoen and you're listening to Asia right now. Armed. My problem is. Is a chance for miss diagnosis. On because I think there are a lot of people that is just don't understand gaming and then maybe Larry there's been no it's on the front of the TV whereas you know maybe ten years ago. That kid is Spanoulis conference TV watching cartoons. Mom. There's there's not much of the difference except for there is gaining dexterity and hand eye coordination. Whereas you may not get while watching cartoons right. And I'm gonna defend video in its in this regard. I'm not attacking Delhi I attacking videogame you're you're you're you're doing the radio thing and you've taken an angle and that's fine just fine. But the thing is it's like what he's not taking an angle that's when he really feel so he is attack and go that. Not wearing an ankle just agreeing with the definition of what video game addiction would be. They also described it as playing twenty hours a week. I didn't hear that and in losses this plot because I I did read the entire article I'll read a couple articles and and they have described it you know only hours a week a guy. That's which by the way you can't say I need I say and yet you know I had a I would yes I would. I would not expect that to rise the level of addiction I mean I sleep twenty hours a week does that mean I'm addicted to sleeping. Not only sleep mist now now now and it's silly but at least twenty hours a week or can. I mean does that the thing is. When people Clausen I think. Do you give addiction I worry more than twenty hours a week does that mean I'm addicted to working. And that's bad that in every place arbitrary cancer I think you're you're addicted to working as a consumes us here entirely too much well that. Is an entirely different issue. I'm addicted to getting paid is yeah it all that aren't we all on. So I wonder if your job as video games if your video game tester are you addicted to video seriously like I know they're people who play these sports you have to practice at least that much Yani how we brought that sounds like not very much and they're making a living. Sony guy yet and if that went Padilla I've followed. Legal it and pro players on Twitter and one Obama even said twenty hours a week and these guys are savages. That's yet that accused joking in that regard because a lot of people will train ten hours a day. Sure that could be the guys that are put fewer if you order a professional and any other type of game. Then yeah you probably would train them much. I don't I don't it's one of those things where I feel like the rise of tweets. In like watching video games of as kind of really pushed the issue like okay. Now we've got to classify things is addiction. Like I don't. T connection by that okay the thing is people always talk about that there's a video game addiction oh I'm just addicted to video games and as did the video games yes I look up. And now it's basically did in the forefront because of the massive publicity Sam I think it's OK to play video games it's actually kinda cool. I completely acknowledge that. People in general will associate. Doing something a lot. With addiction yes now that is not necessarily true grip and that I don't think is what this article that laws are just rated saying. I eat again I didn't hear anything in there about twenty hours a week I did here in the air about doing things that are detrimental to yourself and that. Seems like a reasonable definition of an addiction which a lot of people. I talked to who played it against some right never reach this level but there are some people. Jewish and I knew that elderly and in Japan there's a whole culture around I was gonna say I remember hearing this is several years ago now but there was a guy that died. At an Internet cafe because he wouldn't stop gaming he was playing well it is I a nose is longer ago than that as well the scenario was no I think it was. World warcraft. I could be wrong to use one of those in an us and heat and was had been there for a link 36 hours straight a week. Didn't eat barely went to the bathroom. Dye link to tell died at the computer and target up you are right that might be a videogame addiction. But most people are not gonna rise to that level of game play again doing some doing something so much that it becomes a detriment yourself. That's that I think is a reasonable definition of an addiction. And I think is what they're getting I I'd. I would not put a number on it like that I mean did you play if you are spending a 160 hours a week playing video games yet maybe. I could be considered an addiction because you would be doing he would have to skip on the things like sleeping like eating yes spend that much time 120 hours a week now I don't I don't think. Now where that number came. Well. If you're someone probably play in the game right now listening to us I don't blame because we're good background for a while you play any game Lilja definitely good time. Yeah and here's the thing. In the next hour. We're going to be talking about some video games especially big sales what's going on that you don't need to know about this if you're into classic video games and other lines. We'll save you some money. But if you're if you're big time gamer especially if you're addicted to games you're know that he. And you probably have already purchased some like I did yes or until about that in the next hours while some wrestling news. And a ton of other things. Right here the F staples 163 W Doherty.