Upstate Pulse 6-23-18 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, June 23rd
The Nerd Hour has Wrestling, Video Game Addiction, Nerd Round Table, and the Lightning Round.

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What commence our number two all of the upstate poles lines though Chris and Patrick Kane now for another. An hour with your right here on Saturday night it's turned out to be a pretty good Saturday I mean looking outside don't see any. On major rain clouds some cloud cover out there but it's kind of pretty and thank you for taking us along with few Asher Allen about dual whatever you're doing like going to movie or you know just don't drive because it's. It's it's a pretty good day outside to go in downtown. Could be enjoyed on around joined be wonderful downtown or maybe you're going to do something that we need to do on. And get this in the first hour did not get to it. Did you know I think we've talked about. A place where you can go and relaxes before when it opened up. But now. Angry bill you can join an axe throwing the league. So when are we signing up. I don't know I mean I thought I'd bring it up right now and see who was introduced and enjoy and excel in lake because it plates. What's more entertaining than watching three guys. On a radio show document their lives as acts stories. What do you do a lot radio producer what lead of the night. I'm an ax there you go acts they -- are signed up for league transnational. It yeah that comes with great blues managed care act and all. Players will receive a T shirt to free one hour walk ins for Kraft acts throwing. Two free passes for groups for axe throwing into frame discounts on future visits. And other rules and regulations which I've criminality and oh it's it's a little price Democrats say with the prices but if you're interested in checking out he's checking out and we should check it out armed. Rules and regulations. Prior you can practice hour from a practice hours are now like 640. In the league starts and our. But still other league starts at 7 o'clock and goes from 7:8 o'clock. So you're in there you got four guys here's Owen axes against other people. I don't know how you win I guess if you're axis stake in targets would be my so there's no us debt discount archery thing. That's what I'm thing until we had only get a closer to people are best player will play a different player on the next lane over. So by the time sixty minutes is up each player has played four matches competing against a new player each time to scan around Robin you're going against everybody on the other team. All taxes will be provided by Kraft axle in which is the name of the place. And so here's the prizes went in players earn free entry to the next league session. Which is. A pretty surprised by the way again I'm happily give you the price up to go there and check it out you get a medal India membership court's nice. Opera to get 231. Hour walk gains. To free passes for groups and to for an discounts let's settlements in early so anyway. It sounds like a pretty cool thing sounds like a lot of fun you know on Chris ever saw and axe before. Probably. Do you think of a specific time but it seems like he can I think I would have done at one point I know a couple years ago we're at the Renaissance fair and in North Carolina. And they're throwing stars which Cameron's in July on Friday he did pretty good that. And then they had some acts are going to put these guys could not stick the Jackson beat when the guy who works in the Booth can't stick DX I'm not gonna put money into it. Because if you can't do it and he works there are chances are I'm probably not going to be able to although some people may go. Again as a pro when we shall now has done. Maybe. I don't know I am wondering how has it axes are so what I'm hearing is that we had that four people per team yes who's our ports. Well we have been on the going to Indianapolis. Do. I was as it took Porter yeah okay the area workers job we can we can do that. Either trucker sprayer. Now now he's on vacation so reprisal listening right now. Now. I don't want Tommy there was an accident is done so I don't. I just don't want that I don't want to end up. And watch a video of the Muslims it was a present. But now on so. Pretty because I mean as far as leagues you know I mean I've liked enjoyable week which we've talked about pomp and they're dark leagues which we've talked about. This is totally different now. It's it's a mixture of about this and actually I mean is is that it's a make sure about it. Isn't overly macho is it is that'd I did a medieval dream I I'm really fun they're done a lot of things that. Well overly macho doesn't bother me I am I'm good would that. But you've seen people. In movies and things so and axes and stuff you keep in you can't help but think I do that. Debbie cool if I had a chance to fill enacts even like thorn tomahawks or something. Was a woman with. Oh. The revolutionary war. He's from around here patriot the patriot. The names and fill an X on there probably a pretty sure he threw an axle there Mel Gibson I think through this on there. So. I'm always wanted to do we need check into it if you inject into it loaded up I believe we're doing a story on the Peoria Ty got the. Yeah I heard the mentioning it on this team click on one of the newscasts. I wanted sounds fascinating I a tennis ball in my the only one hosting its sponsored by Kraft Cheese. No. Because I just want that to be like or throwing into OW would she have a man LB Austin. I think they could stick in half if you can break it you get half if that skid. That's a good answer it you know that as we neared the obstacles are big fans cheese so. Mean who doesn't offenses is offensive Colin Jackson cheese and guess who were just cut attitudes. We just tee that one up or we did he did you know it's it's a long long. Set up there and I don't think it was intentional but someone had to go there and I'm just a guided Dillon Texas says so does this mean gaming addicts have to quit we're talking about video game addiction in the last hour. Is like smoking or alcoholism in the attic can never play of the game again. Yes here's the thing I don't know why we got the outs in polls are very concerned about people who were addicted to gaming here's what we wanna do to help you out we do PSA. Here's what we would like he'd be really should it we would like you to bring all your video games yes including systems yes. Will have a disposal site at the station a new world we don't matter don't discriminate we want to help you out because the best make sure they're working condition does he donated to link the animal shelters. Yeah yeah the animal shelter on so so bring those to the studio to me if I'm going to road and put attention. Of staples and we will. We'll take euros video games four and help you with your addiction because we care about he's a listener. And there's nothing better to get pasture addiction as far as video games goes. The duke cold Turkey team and that's but the tortured. Wrong other addictions or other types of addiction drug and it didn't smoking addiction and alcohol addiction yet. You'd you give it up you go on and on the show you could argue sometimes there's a process of giving but you don't. Partake anymore. And I wonder if they a lot of the WH says thinks that there's a healthy level of gaining that people can maintain. As long as they don't go beyond it or if they think it gaming addicts have to give that I and my guess is that if there's severe enough. They probably would advise don't give up begin because if you start down that path he needs can wind up back where you're I imagine using. He also suggest guys at twenty hours a week playing three hours a day is 21 hours which is a fair point it's I don't games at the complexity of games these days. Eagleburger how well you can play it on your phone but I'm saying. Yeah as we were doing earlier you rallied for an hour. You just get going good you know I mean you'd you're really just getting started. If you get a you have to stop after that if it breaks up the flow of the story in this and the game sometimes you do we NT finish a mission Ford auto sabres and when that. It's it's it's tricky you know and I don't get to attack point in the airline you know something like that. It seemed it seemed like games are being crafted these days too impatient to play long. You know rather than I just for quit gaming sessions. Agree I I see that. But at the same time might. Like gods of war I give you the example for now short when I was I played the new one that just came now. In at no point in the game I think I have to continue. Like I I was intrigued by the story but the thing is like after an hour to I was like you know what a good right now I could just pick back up mark. And I waited until I got to that point the other thing is with the rise of four night legal legends go to stuff like that. Gains that you've played one game it's a media 3040. And change get the match. And let's say you came so close to winning. You wanna get right back into. That and I think that's the problem see what I'm talking about. As a solo experience the solo player experience where. You you've you've. Having your head OK any debt and need to stop this poignant find a stopping point. And see you finish up a couple things you're doing but then there's always something else to do there's always one or two more things that you could do. Team get to a stopping point and end. The the idea of a stopping point as opposed to games even ten years ago or 1020 years ago. Where usually you click save you finish a map freed for initial level or something like that you'd click save and then that you were done you know it's. It took it back to almost took you back home screen you are you had an excuse to leave the game. And it seems like it seems like there's fewer and fewer opportunities like that in the newer games Iger today I agree to prom. Only get so another story before we get to the resin as we know we may do that and the next. Brinkley. Because it's all right we just got a text I'm from mrs. Veronica Al Mac whom a lot of listeners will know from from. Contacting our shows during the week yes the political talks is she here you know from 6 AM to 7 PM. On the station. Brian and I just saw Jurassic world to the great movie end. There's an after credit oh we know the thank you ms. try yelled back we have mentioned that already yes I don't know she's if she was he said maybe she saw something in this chair tackles on the roof that. That other people than me not again I spoiled it because I don't want people to stay for that and then maybe I just didn't get it there's a possibility there are things that I just don't get. But I wasn't alone in and Carol was a meeting unity there. Isn't this would be generally up. Police are good for Michelle I mean you know it's it's that type of thing sell. But yeah I like the movie and I recommend you can see it if you if you liked any of the other ones he's. Tax coming several entries here users haven't yet. Chris some stories scare me half to death and now it's not about this a little bit. There is a thing called giant hall weeds yes. And it causes blindness and third degree burns this is our right and now this is not a poison. It's not something that somebody is eminently swift and your drinking unit lined up line in and you know. And your skins I didn't mean it lead. This is a plant that you can just encounter in nature. Oh oh that's good yes this is something you could stumble across. During the walk through the woods all right and that it would go to the woods to begin when Wright beat because this is important. I'm now Patrick reed went to New York State officials and allies. And and now what Patrick to read it in. His possible PSA voice I. Was have been possible video when I can get that the work. So the blue the bullet yet. All cut old what the point it's as well. Art as a or just sit quote. You it's been exposed to. Those same kind of a that would happen pull a Heidi. To see Mac to Mac or so Mac. That's what happens when I don't want improve reasons and probably you say that blasted wouldn't it. It's called greed again the thing seek advice from professional that controls accidents. PPC ads. About management. Options if you us ex giant hog we'd mr. via boat there. What web disposable. Gloves and sleeve shirt and pants. If you get sat on those. That kudos to a bullets in an icon. And watched separate. From other colluding with the wall water. And it says it now let me read this is that you put detergent into clothes and not in your mouth children. Per kid that. Now here's the thing that on so if you if you encountered Halloween is says to remove your clothing so. Does that mean immediately. Everything that I have read about this suggests date first of all you should avoid touching it at all what is it eight. It looks have you ever seen queen in place now it okay. No no I don't even know going in what mass the senior lace them you know come forward and long it's a move that went. Being maybe Patrick what neighborhood by winds of our season nice lady called clean and Elena sequined in places flowers no I would not. Dude I mean. Great line. I know I got a break are you explained what's queen ace the queen whatever it's if it's a flowers it it grows cut kind of a thin stock. And tiny little flower man I got a music problem today tiny little flowers that that kind of cluster and make a big flower at the top. There white. Am I will show you pictured during the break thank you it looks very much like that it looks but that's that's probably the problem here is that it looks very much like a harmless plant. And okay yeah and so. You could just that now my understanding is that it's been discovered in Virginia. Yes so chances are your and are listening area you're not going to encounter it but that doesn't mean that it hasn't spread. Other places. And just hasn't been discovered yet who knows. Especially when it looks like. A I was who's gonna take a break yet and an odd guy but it's big it's it is actually dangers in the sense that. If he touching you get that the sap on your. Understand. And then expose it to sunlight. You will get burns like serious blistered. Burns that police cars that apparently last for years are ours sounds horrible during the break any deal. The song in my head cousins but it cry because she's a lady and her dream was she's a child. There's there's liners and she's a flower and for some reason it's you know what the rainfall amount Bonner anyway so we're taking a break and come back. Lots more stuff to get to include your phone calls 803471063. To try 71307. You listen to the upstate pulse right here 01063. Debbie Doherty a watch out for now week. Welcome back to the obstacles by the way could not get the FaceBook live working. Oh we're streaming live on YouTube right now to go to Iraq to our YouTube channel which is the upstate polls. On YouTube. And Jim my dot com slash at staples I believe so. It says you or I regret it says your life. Well it is where I don't know why don't you I mean viewed dot com slash. Is unstable and the obstacles. You know. Who's gonna put obstacles that it's the upstate pokes the yet. Hello and welcome back into the upstate pulse you know we are still on the radio. And the pages and video we are gonna get to charge the phone call in just a second but first let's tell you what we got coming up we are going to be top wrestling. As well as in her round table couple things happening major in wrestling that we're gonna get too if you search for the staples you can find it is its first thing goes up so we are live on YouTube and so I'm seeing right now and I'm Cruces. Picture three people watching. While so anyway so far so good so. If you wanna see just do YouTube live we are on YouTube live right now and it's his first time your cues. Going through in your like who is up while we are the obstacles 163 W or beat our rights which. By the way the guys have any questions and you are watching on YouTube outset when another foot of the comments Patrick's got a got an up and he's in freedom. Now but right now we have somebody is called and David. Says that he knows about queen Anne's lace. Welcome to show David. Don't know are used there. Good pretty good buddy here. They're the Victorian age you you actually he cannot point out. Now I had not heard that with. Well I got there and play book. That bear no lie wouldn't she trust them. Good god original bootable will Oshawa will. Go. I eat a good day on the plus. The other question did so he said he used the seat as a contraceptive how wasn't applied. Well it you crush it up about all the exploring. An ad put any more more. All the sugar and I don't know I'm going to ship all Tariq. Okay sorry that the testing so we don't rub it on anything oust is making sure does not. Only now begun Coca. The lure isn't what was the name of the publication you get them out of. Person salt plant judge. Who. Ruled out there are older out. And over thirty years of my elbow. Norbert burger bit of. Well thanks very much David sell his interest in the learn about something like that appreciate you listening in and take the time call and resentment. I do now I did during the break I showed Patrick a picture. Of queen Anne's lace and a picture of giant hogs we aid. And pretty similar but yes I. The flowers are very similar now I did find a couple of other pictures and I have encountered queen in place at least have some growing in my yard and has grown up. It's not a big plant. It's it's it doesn't get particularly tall apparently giant hogs weed gets very tall so that's how you can tell the difference you know to tall plant may be steered clear it. Well now we know yeah yeah you don't she's if you don't want he's now the battle it was a without any records. I'm surprised that Patrick knows that bill and Melinda knows you noble job. Who knows about the jail all right. He also brings him there there were just gonna say there are movies that came out during his lifetime yet you're right the live action and think about that one do when one horrible one. Other both terrible looking until the first what was good they kill and Tatum in the second one and brought the rock and there were no weigh ins in the second one coming you still had snake eyes I was a good thing yeah. Six guys as far as call was actually played by ray park who also played dark mall. And food. Yes and X-Men in three he was it them for six. You first yes allow and remember that as her first Ottawa later authority of the sequels there was not but I'm sure I I usually go with where I'm sure he's a uniform checked me on the I don't care objective are probably we'll let you know what. You have time right now because now it's time for a little bit Russell that well. By the way what an amazing match. Except for the outcome I'm law I'd listened ricochet he's now become an instill and the dreams. Time. Velvet teen dream is just. He's a tragic move them up WW no dull little rough Mottola. Moved. Continued as he met. It might just say thing happens to him the slowest he's not you know. Being overshadowed by some upstart named ricochet. Look I'm an acrobat but what I can deal I can flip good for you all right. Well things are wrestling news in content including some sad news as. Big band they leader known as his real name Leo white has died. This week died at 63. One of the most. The scariest big men and I mean I always younger I mean seeing him. I cannot stand him because those big sting fan yep and I hated the things he did distinct but he also did some things that big men and wrestling. I did not do at the time I mean he. Top ropes lots of Obama. Lots of acrobatic things a bigger guys were not supposed to be able to do because a big man's post come Manny supposed to over power people. And do things Alan you know. Big boots leg drop of that kind of stuff not the kind of things that Vader did and he he did a lot of cool stuff he had been in poor health for awhile so our condolences to his family can't. Nor does say one of the coolest. Ring gears like to go into the ring stretching the mask yeah I completely agree I whenever he was a new Japan and ABC February had a mask and it was a nastiness of that just screamed. I'm going to hurt you you should be afraid of me. Yet. And he knew what his persona he he came off as very mean guy before one understand he was not a real life so I mean. Again it's acting we realize and some of those guys are completely. Others in their character and from what I understand some of the guys are really really like god they portray. Speaking of which. One of those guys has been fired we found out earlier in the week a big cast was let go and wondered why. He was let go and these multiple speculation is speculation is that. He got in a scene with his ex girlfriend Carmela who's the the champ yeah smackdown. And grabbed her arm. And fellow wrestlers had to intervene and you know. You can't do that. You cannot especially when you're seven foot volunteers now we wouldn't do it anyway but it makes people worse. Especially that there that they used to be together and all that kind of stuff. The report was it was a multiple things is the EU also beat up a small guy was beat up small Geithner also on the European tour he would aid. Drink heavily and be in the back of the bus and just basically make an attic he also broke down about their door. On the bus. And this is kind of final straw. And data these guys and I think it is Leslie you know he's not really do anything for us right now might as well. And and he also has the on ninety day no compete clause so not only was he like del what he can't do anything right now no he can't. It just keep be televised. Okay all right so so he he can't go on like ring of honor or her in Japan or anything like that. But the thing is he can just go to a house show independent circuit and yes social media might be there but as long as it's not televised care. So anyway big cas is gone let's face it they had no program for. When Intel was like go. Even though they were working against each other I hope there reconcile. Eventually I think part of the problem was. The parties come of that because in zone cast would give a pretty big push the parties came back and I kind of kill law they didn't know what to do with film than Enzo had his incident he was like oh. Cast is on there and had. I had no idea what to do is in the got injured and I and then he comes back and and doesn't program against Daniel Bryan skid Dana Brian over but. He didn't need that. He did not need but that's fine. It sucks. When you see young promising talent. They can't handle. Life in the immediate stupid things and regulate go OK speaking as someone who was doing it right when we elect them or not from what I understand that a semi zinc. Who has been working with one messed up rotator cuff. And any toward the other one. So he is recently had spanned surgery on both rotator cuffs. And he's done for the year more than likely play won't see him he's hoping to be back by wrestle mania next year. Which really sucks for him because I I really do like see everything and I think he's one of the best wrestlers on the par on them to be. It just sucks that this is the second injury had to elders. I didn't I didn't like the program clash because I don't like last year that much and lastly is he's huge guy and I realized he had following when he left. He's a bit he's got a better deal he says he he is vocal skills are not that good. And now he needs to be so mortgages doesn't talk does beats people want Sun City the ideal scenario. He beat Lesnar Heyman joins. Last. Dad I think that's the best option for that can happen to it it's it is a possibility so but Sammy Zain and Kevin Owens would feel like them or not. There are gold together they're doing with each other and against each other did they were very very good so he's gone for a while which makes you don't get to something that Chris is very X if you watch him on YouTube life. By the way FaceBook live can get to work that we are on YouTube live you seem Crist is within his back turned the entire time. And I just I was Mike's been off I've been reading for smaller at about ray park who is not to be confused. With ray Parker junior yes and dialing numbers yes I'll put my different you are absolutely correct it was the original X-Men that he was in as toad which came out just following the phantom menace like a year after tenements where he was. He was in his Darth Maul. And I think that was what confused me is that it was the next movie he did I thought it was a sequel but it was dad he's he wasn't a lot of things for a while there yet it kind of a bunch he's he still has been 'cause he's a martial artists and he he's in a lot of small side stunt yet. Yes on eight he's also been in quite a lot of things that you have never heard of before yeah. So. But he he's he's a working actor he is a working actress best known for as you said X-Men. Phantom menace and the idea Jim okay which one would you think he's more famous were again you gotta go dark yeah I think probably it's certainly not expand. On media. I would put G edge or second is snake eyes is and very recognizable care care. By it but yet Darth malls going to be copilot are one last Russ and stored before we take our break run around he was suspended. Chris wants to know Lotta Lotta she suspended Patrick I believe she was suspended because she's gonna go into the NC health. When bush was suspended. Because she hit. General manager turning listen it was it was very she flip Tim would you go flip you know flip yeah great and and then she beat up a bunch of security guys refereed CBO ball bunch of people and has very good I still don't think she knows the report punches yet I especially when that's. That's what I thought that she is fighting for real and in any in what it looks very fluid in an industry where you're not supposed to fight at all but the thing is really good violent split. What may stateside as. That this is the perfect thing to do for her character for Rondo rousing it is Harvard and it. And I want her to kind of even though she suspended. Eel ground. Did do something to kinds in her fury a little bit like even just Munich route well and. Order for her to. Reunite. With. The four horse women in US seeing she's going to have to go he'll lynch. She's going to have to and you know there's going to be a program now they're all in the Debbie Debbie. Two bays or is in XT champion. And the other two were in their two days showed her last week on the next tell them last week on an XT so it was just a matter times you know you gonna do wrestle mania program with the four of them. So she's going to have to do. Because she doesn't have to be. Healy should she just has to be like a stone cold Steve Austin. But that's not just with Cisco show you anti hero type exactly. Just show up and his anti face the death of well yeah it's it's somewhere between this is depends on your mood that day since beat everybody up. We've got bag I wonder are we gonna take a break we come back we are going to hear oops I am I gonna hit the nerd round table by the way. We're not a FaceBook life right now but we are on our YouTube blog channel so make sure that you check that out. And I didn't know. But the obstacles doesn't YouTube channel it does. And you could posting videos of I did gaining sessions and just again obviously got no me but I'll patch is co star poses some things and who knows maybe crisp or something eventually. It's not social media to have its you do yes I'm much less opposed to being on music than I am of his someday we'll figure out why he doesn't like FaceBook and other things. It's conspiracy. And what you did last summer I'm telling you in essence a do that you listen to the obstacles ran a 1063 Debbie Doherty. All right welcome back into the upstate policy you heard the new century it doesn't just the second one went to know we are live on YouTube right now the upstate pulse YouTube page check it out if you wanna see. What we're doing live in studio on Saturday night it's a beautiful night out tonight. Think you've taken along with like grounds out through and yes. I can see clearly now the rains. Listen I'm having a problem today and that is you know what it is not necessarily a problem still considered a problem considered enough for everything music everything's coming up lyrics for me. Today. Or roses during the there's song for that Tinto again I like senate house I I just on how the one of those one policies it reminds me of spending time on the dark side. With my score and with. Still man the other jocks yes well. One is the boss and who's boss is something else but he went detain out over there and some more mention a lyric and will go back and forth songs. And it's just amazing it's good that their knowledge of music hasn't been in the music business were very very long time because they're the man gene. Music radio stations and can hold my own for a while yeah and and yeah I was like all this knowledge that you build up ya know the song the song the song the song. And people or wound amazes them growing up go wow how do you know every song on the radio. And I was afraid to get into radio because. From what I understood your deal on a speech in now in college. And I wanna do now as I was going to college for it I think ever had any formal radio training yeah me either. Well may be a little bit are so I was gold for computer science in my roommate for football was in there are for radio. We have these conversations we Joseph ground since may and you can be viewed in the radio you gotta do this. And I was like OK well class yet to take he's like well five speech classes in the next two years like nope not for me I am not stand up and for the people and talking. That's. What radio isn't. Necessarily about that I mean because we're sitting in here. Talking to each other yes. And als and utilized to listen to him and two BI and thousands of people or are listening and across the upstate online and even on live on YouTube right now. So. People I've played leaves music was get to our oops. All right Burger King has apologized for offering a lifetime supply of whopper is to Russian women. And like. Three million rupees it. Two Russian women impregnated my oral world kind of currency rubles rubles the as the other trying to literary hey guys in the line of lasers on our. Gemstones what I know that's. So so. C'mon game all that aside. Burger King was offering a lifetime supply of lockers. If women rush women got impregnated by soccer play. You can Terri did continue on the legacy gene pool the death of Russian soccer hoping I suppose to give birth to. People who didn't grow up to become soccer players and would continue she plays for their can't ensure that it ended the Russian dominance yes there. Yet it's. Which is not like rap plants in Siberia for something like that on out they they give an apology we offer apologies for the announcement we made it was too offensive. Okay are who it here's the thing I. I may disagree on Twitter at Twitter was and in those of based upon a FaceBook that's so social Lydia list so I say I said Russian woman. Was able to go through this with the BD NA testing after the baby was born to make sure that we'll see this how is lowered its. Kind of my point because this is something they just put up on social media I don't feel like this. Rises well let me rephrase that I lament that this rises to the level of an announcement is not like they had. You know like normally if an organization does a contest to commercial organization does a contest they've got a huge list of rules and regulations did you have to. Comply with two qualified to be a contestant in whatever promotion they're doing. And this they just made a comment on social media and everybody's taking added though this is the thing they're actually doing. But this is if I'm correct with this does is at the corporate burger Cain that we now right this is bill Russian. Corporation. Which basically just he backs off a bird of it is an NB Burger King corporation and here in America right there the one constantly. How to send out. You know the reviews and opinions of Bernard King Russia did not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of murder keep him or her yeah. So they have to constantly do that so like ever within an up or about hurting but it's not the Burger King here right okay. Go get your terrible note six. And delicious offers horrible and your cheese it cheesecake. Still don't get that it was him that he knows it. And her relative let's try to get to a couple stories real quick before we take a final break and the phones ring and by the way if you'll be a part of show. It's only the second. All right so there's your round table. Intro if you would be a part of show 803471063. Text line 71307. We are live on YouTube right now the upstate pulse. YouTube channel check that out. Make your comments you want to Patrick is fielding your questions right now. Let me at least get a couple things on here are you start track is about to have possibly. Five new shows yeah. He added that they've had some changes in the what they call show runners the executive producers of the of the discovery show that is only on line at the moment. Not actually on broadcast TV but they've had some personal changes and then they. The one of them the new people that they brought on. Has some been working out a deal with CBS to produce. More. Star Trek TV shows. What which. Is rumored to simply. Have the return of one of my favorite search or characters. Captain John Picard make it's so plans salute please make itself. On looking forward to see what they do with this. Especially to bring back the card because love next generation love the card. Blood data there's there's a couple of could do without Wesley but he wasn't on later seasons anyway. He's with the traveler now majority yacht sil. I'm looking forward to that come on back. Bring back data are we need take a break we'll come back we'll take your phone calls and lighting around aimlessly FC pulse. Right here 01063 W ornery. I would about it's the upstate pulse. Here when a 63 W ordeal libel and YouTube right now. We've got time to squeeze in a couple things including a phone call guest is the first time we've ever taken a phone call during lightning round too Richard keep it quick tells about Russian soccer players. Andre is that a Russian soccer players friend or within. The at the murder oh yeah China begins deeds yeah it's not a Gibson next extra. It's like the best wing man ever. Thanks very much for the dollar it's on the rich is exactly right as you would have thought a very clever Richard very clever. Wells we have fooling around on although I'm not sure. I don't know if a soccer player. On the rest will have a friend of her here you might go. You never now beyond wouldn't think he'd have trouble getting women. There are true blood. I would CNBC Russian women but that's just not that's does not sponsor that's not true I know we have a lot of on Russian women who have. Go to the state for some reason on the line mom okay. Star Wars there's a petition outs. To how force awaken remade someone supposedly has two million dollars. And a 200 million dollars to remake. Force awakens the way they want it and are they want to beat. I'm not saying it was perfect pledged. What are you gonna do differently now which is exactly what the what's the what the directors that he's like yeah you go right ahead go right ahead and we've we've talked about little bit of USC. And some other guys Seth Rogen does know says throw ideas he don't personally know of them need to well you're an actor so I thought maybe Horry told a group that he was confused about their ambitions you know I'm very confused as to what your goal is here you literally went spent 200 million dollars. We make in a last year and I and someone is giving them money. I don't get it but gave. Please tell us yet tired force awakens. Lesser OK I did I say of course yes it was like to first time Asian I'm glad tenacity. Even more confusing because the light I'm OK he's joining us up but that's OK I'll I'm fine edged wanna make sure sorry about the removing his it was a correct suggest it was even better let's get to corrections after this a lot of people I know last. Again based on a great. Based on the main complaints I've seen from fans I guess most of the film would be snow given a thirty minute monologue he explained his back story while Luke does school. Grow up with a light Saber in the background. People are unhappy at the these stores nerds are unhappy with. How Luke acted in it they thought he shouldn't act the way did there's been whining and complaining about it when he's just basically be a big Adobe and. Really he's been Luke Luke was whining and complaining when he was a kid that's only gonna get a mean did you find some peace. With a jello give up but he's. In return yet IU is he he was a little bonus but I heard it for how how big or go back to bad habits when you do that we've just losing by yourself and when your milk in one of those things are to turn down those. It out that would try to mess with a little bit itself. This deal letting go you know just. Letting go in seriously that's why I was a Goodman why that's all. You know I've only so that's not a slow him with all right another Star Trek story sort track vs transformers. Kelley book now. It's intriguing. It's the Turks are sure it okay I'm good up back interesting guests telling universe are commuters. The Reba university originally universe original you okay yeah I each I don't know it's. There's no reason that you couldn't have that kind of across over I mean there's been there's no reason occurred in the crew couldn't encounter transformers on their journey through space. So long I could see it. I don't know what it would be about the night I don't doubt they can write a good story of that concept and it verve Richard who. The mini hip pocket aren't so willing to consider the idea here's the thing that's it for this hour patrol the phone calls thanks for its next sorry about the technical glitches that we had a as a glut Boehner we made it onto YouTube. Some of you are still watching thank you we're going to be there. Showdown over for just to get a few more things to talk about including something that has to a stranger things. A love for all of you this just listening on the air take guilty or get on YouTube and watch what's the resolution no computer right now do you need to do it and we'll talk to you guys next week. The obstacles.