Upstate Pulse 7-14.-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, July 14th
Oops Award, Build a Bear, Bruno Mars, and Lonzo's trip at a car wash.

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Welcome Antonio stay pulse this is a beautiful Saturday and I look out there then maybe some clouds a little bit arraignment that's okay. Like rain into okay as long as it doesn't come down like two feet and you know an hour some liked it's that's bad that is. But you also you need to learn how to drive in rain in and things like tablet in the earth needs rain and we need water and so it's a good night. It is a good night most dangerous driving in when it first start training. Very true. Our money ms. Alonso by the way or the other bush you've heard is I am DB credited actor for the most awesome anime of all time and every time we say it it just gets more spectacular this Chris Evans ladies and gentlemen. The person who will we go out to eat never says he's Chris he says he's Evans so he can say dependence. Because Chris is yes you don't want to be known as Tracy. Net now it's because. As happened tonight at the restaurant where Brad. Somebody they called they call a name for another Chris I've been it too many restaurants was electricity Marines say Chris. And you walk up to get somebody else's that. And so I'd IE. Decided that there aren't that many people named Evans and is putting people named Evans but nobody goes by that name very few people I knew it I knew and Evans when I was in college. Whose first name was Evans notes I'm aware that that's that's that's on this guy collects into doing well and musical but but I avoid issue here is Patrick Brown bottle and I don't fly it one tax blasted he's back yet he has 71 threes are seven hash tag busted. And and so I decided that I would just put my name in his Evans because then it's different trouble. And you know Wendy's when they. Able to be differentiated. By the way Iran looks face. Look like indoors if you want to know why crystal's I think it's good luck though and I'm Linda Cutler like he had to do it. He had to do ale like four set. While all are we still blitzer and we have a good authority that the only dozen here zone well yes I'm thrilled we're gonna no no no that's not no they're actually now this this is actually. Ministries somewhat false because he does Texas these words on time. I just south and Eugene in just this week quarter and we were sitting in the office and use our member with a word was did you view turned around to look at means that you're the only person that talks that. And then he said no I know I don't know Pete and I said I don't wanna meet those people yes. Anyway so it's what good things about us being live on FaceBook live at 21063 WORD FaceBook page. Is you can see little moments like that usually Chris doesn't see is do it but he just happened to be watching this time. Which by the way. Yeah the tax on several entries into heaven if you got one attacks. But also I have FaceBook. Open on mine and yet you leave a comment on FaceBook Patrick knows Obama has look. I got two guys are yell. I did my glasses on by the way if you're watching them take them off because Steve like Preston with the headphones -- not yeah Patrick he's used to that but always wearing earbuds right so you don't have to worry about that you think Joseph knows that. Alan I cannot falter like because I eased so when they're causing college and it worked in the radio station but have over the year had gone. And I would just like my nose would hurt my ears would hurt because this is Preston so like OK let me just find really good in ear headphones Al disease that I've been. This isn't how tight the headphones have to be Christen nation knows her. Well they're pressing on your classes yeah Monica all right like it does like this like it. I guess the way like I Lindsay well last what are the glass which is what I have the ones somewhere and it just kind of Preston on mark on my ten yeah a little bit and just. It feels weird and finally I like to be comfortable more and that's why I'm nowhere and she's right now and. Every T I thought I'd find any ear headphones uncomfortable. And I get the eyes and no apparent in ear headphones that actually. Fits my years the I used to be the same away where I could not do it here at times but because. These don't mean my face hurt after a show. I I just you know what I'm a deal with that I was put on the inner. See the reason why I can't use your bonds is one of my ears is cauliflower. To the point you can't see it as part of its hardened enough that's made that your whole little bit smaller. And it's just it won't stand it's really it's like 11 foot is small and the other player in this case she is that you had this case. Do you have to do that now OK but I know that people have to and in this case happened because a wrestling. High school wrestling and was really weird is Cameron who's on the show. From time to time. Same here same problem so you can. He had a problem in wrestling got a little bit cauliflower owner. In a lot of guys that we have USC on right now the guys have have cauliflower ear bitten. Two point words about the fall off that you can get cauliflower ear and it's not very visible we've seen here's explode during fights with a prisoner yes it is nasty. When when you play someone hero he's yeah. And an odd one supplier now Tyson where is is like blowing up and you knew at some point it's like how does he not his dad and boom that's. It's pretty those free classes. And how does that last I don't know I doubt because interrogated well. You started the day he's he's third floor on no but there is seepage when that happens sure why it's not all let's say today's show. We are going to be thought amount in just say don't talk about bill there we also are going to be until about something that happened to us someone on the panel. At a car wash recently was very embarrassing and we're gonna get to that has multiple choice answers that you went Texan the answer. April also. Texan now but if you don't spell classic correctly. Chris would call you on on the air on we also noodles are real yes. When noodles now as we talk thing about rom and it'll never be able to focus only apply wet noodles. Fifty lashes with a win millionaire that express now. Okay it's it's said it's a folk punishment in a candidate did. You're gonna get fifty lashes but they're going to be with a wet noodle and indeed they're not tired it's not probably originated before you were born to I mean he probably and a lot of things. Yes next best most things and I just kind of messed up stick millennial all right let's talk about the bodily you'll be a part of show 80347. 1063. Tex lines point 307. Make sure if your addressing Patrick that you put blasted at the beginning so no you're talking him. Big deal happen had built the bear. Few days ago and if you haven't heard about it it's it's it's kind of messed up. I quite the deal I think they messed up now. I don't that is Christopher Robin old enough to go to build Barea he. Actually has a a build Bayard. Toy as I understand it we didn't actually get it from Build-A-Bear not really sure where it came from is probably given to us by somebody that you know. Gave it to him but. My understanding is that originally came from build air so yes I would say he's old enough. To want to do something like that if he knew that it existed. And we saw my wife and I saw this this is producer Chris as their calls are. And I kind of like that title. I don't your star on the show you know per well occurrence. Okay Europe I indeed be credited he. Actor okay Miami guys find yes greatest dad I and I he'd be credited actor in and Chris Cook. For Miami against anyway my wife and I were talking about this we said we heard about this promotion that they were doing which. We should go ahead and say it was a pay your age. So you go and bear is not cheap I mean they're not super expensive but they're they're a little pricey listen and so. There is an event for a kid yet it's so I took both my kids. Cameron some when he was smaller and and you know hasn't as a guy he grew out of the bud right even my daughter. She really liked love we take her and one of her friends would go with their. And go under and you pick out the right to bear our daughter and whatever it is and you actually build it from scratch. Right so that the promotion was you pay your age and my kids that are. One and almost three. Now sells so be late one dollar and three dollars to get a stuffed animal for each of yes which would you possibly still yet that's a very good deal elect also they said. Even if you're over a certain age 29 dollars was going to be the Maxi it's okay so 129. Could've went in narrative like my girlfriend kept text me. Oh my goodness I need to go on my guess we need to get our Mike. Why well because because it's a good deal because it's indicated it's fun even in college which I don't even know why those aren't. In college but it was like I got one for my birthday for some odd reason but it was discussed we are national music culture is this year so. We can elect edit islet cells I can understand why people would enjoy that a lot and I could see why a lot of people would probably abuse that well short. It's it's an event it's it's an experience to go and do this to go through the process rather than just going into a toy store and buying its way it actually dictated. Participate just creation. And that's memorable and it ended I imagine more personable and makes it makes a kid believe Larry you know. The kid a lot of times things of their stuff they've had as a friend. But yeah and now they knew how to pray hard and bringing their friends the life so listen so promotion was paid your age. Which is. An excellent deal considering again they're greatly ours aren't there yet gay and and that's basically what it was losing huge PR stunt it was it was a promotional thing. To get people into the stores. And boy did it work Kirk. I well here in net. Greeneville Haywood mall to build their child workshop in he would mall. Had a line out the door as soon as the did doors opened at the mall and the end of the owners of the mall Simon had to. Basically tell people that that. They were above capacity they were there are not allowed to let any more people into the mall. Which I don't think I even hear happening at christmastime I mean that's. That's that's impressive that stunning there are apparently lines that were you know through the parking lot and Build-A-Bear started offering rain checks and and vouchers. Two people who were waiting in line that we're not going to be able to get in. And it just and my wife and I were planning on going to this no we heard what happened drilling may be we won't go down. Community itself and find out because part of that you know you tell your kids. They were gonna do yeah. And we didn't tell them any urine a huge line and also you can't do it right I mean he knows who cares don't we are broken some case you might have to do that tantrum so many things so was this a good idea about them or did they totally screw up because think of was the last time you heard the Build-A-Bear. For a long long time is this in the net and in the vein of I hop this is saying. So I'm gonna ask who had the better PR stunt was it Build-A-Bear or I bill Baer absolutely had a better PR stunt. Because that you think people were not lining up outside in my house to get their burners. They did it with the blog I now that's well that's what I'm saying is that this was this was. And unqualified Soledad knows meantime let's Helena take us to get our food well ahead I will say this. I think short term Build-A-Bear had a better purist. However long term game I think I hop did. Because I don't has already given up on it not a run and get out littered that are now we're all about in case again yeah they're all about paying gigs in. And they're using that yes the B was a while it's not. They're making a fallen out of it to get more people actually OK well that's funny and it's humor and that's okay and I don't I don't. Get the impression that build there was trying to offend anybody when this thing they do know I don't know I think they vastly underestimated how popular this offer was going to be night. And but what is that people. We're going to be talking about this for awhile now and again like those same before. Guiding thought about building there in a long long time that we we need to go to break before we do. I want to mention somebody else took advantage of this and LB Turkey cheese okay. And on what Chucky cheese did the siblings find this here. Our age and impedes and yeah but that's the author terrible it was a maximum of nine dollars for. Here's the thing. Put a heck wants to go get Chucky cheese smells funny even if mr. Steele uncertainties beats them now is a sin and I just wanted to be different finally you take a break there at least ten different pieces you can get that are better than Jack AG's. And somehow owing only like five dollars yeah I'm. Hey they tried though they bitch I ended up we tried our nose still stay pulls right of 1063 WORD if you wanna be a part of show. 803471063. Tex lines of 1307. Many to come including. Source based on fire. Talk about villains a lot on the show welcome back into the upstate polls because. A look at the villain right now. A little you can't hear this on the podcast or even on FaceBook line because of you know copyright stuff but I'm. Hello Bruno Mars right now. Alonzo Cruz Patrick here on and why my play in this cousy discount rate a limit hold up. What was then a kiss myself also pretty. Now we don't know the words now I don't know why not familiar all right and I heard of Bruno Mars color to get to this part due to halt part because. Brutal and ours was on. Was doing a concert in Glasgow. And stay tunnel fire. I hope this didn't say what song was plain I hope this song was playing when the states come ons fires on stage caught on fire. I don't believe me just spot. Now you're supposed to be humming alana for no reason for us. Another hook in his son all right so this got to show for about seven minutes because. Pyrotechnics. Thought the stage on fire we know that. You know in the history of music there's been some pretty bad I don't happen because this I mention Michael Jackson yeah Indiana and this was an outdoor concerts and helps to I mean if you about the incident in Ohio. And the Al Rosen bill believe it was again dime bag Darryl died on there's been under the with. All that Conan is what did you think of their name there was only recently treatment and then twice shy who's who's that warrant. Know that there was not worn by Tex lines of 1307. Once bitten twice shy who did that I'm I don't know what great white OK white yeah great white had a fire. Pat and they're concert where a bunch of people got hurt in a gambling Marilyn Manson have like a prop fall. When we wanted to causes I think like one of the slightly backseat props like L on problems. So anyway so now it's time yeah this is yeah well. So I never liked Marilyn Manson I don't know that a couple songs that that he does is. I guess romance and Justin is it true and prisoners of the vanities the band. There's a couple songs and characters and it's nails. You're right so their mind Marilyn Manson is Marilyn Manson yes this is correction that was necessary because I was totally screwed up now. I I need to spend more time in the dark side where you know they know all that music can and I just don't. I don't like Maryland answered right let's but the beautiful people as. Kind of all right probably because it was a wrestling team for awhile and that made it okay for me. But they brought it up in your estimation yes it was just a little bit. The sweet dreams cover was horrible on via. And I don't get to make of an all accustomed let you know what so Bruno Mars. The stage come on fire. And they got it out they went back on stage finished accounts you are. I say I'm surprised much pyrotechnics as bands use in shows like that I'm surprised we don't yet have more stories like this. Big big credit to the professionals who are setting things up you have. But it. As much stuff as they do I'm surprised that it does it doesn't. There is there any scenario has to be just incredibly well they email and how I mean through the band like kiss of some of those guys have been really really have a lot of pyrotechnics. I'm sure they have somebody on hand. I mean also passed me certified that you but Afghans are still going to have yet at. That's what I'm saying is that I mean their accident rate just has to be incredibly low yeah given as much as they do I this one of that one of the shows. I remember seeing. This a while ago was kid rock and I was absolutely impressed Kid Rock Ike. I was never a huge Iraq Faneca kind of taken me dearly that but. My girlfriend is time wanna meeting go to show wither and she had tickets and so we went. We were sitting in the balcony and I can feel the heat from the pirate tactics I was amazed and he put on a fantastic show cease to give you a really good shape. Well will we all went wrong things yes because I mean accused the pyrotechnics mayor I mean the fact that wrestling does this. On you know once a week or guess not just concerts yeah so I mean on the one of these onerous and as department anymore they don't get your right they don't. But let's see I'm remembering not that time I remember when Cain and the undertaker we're here it at the well. And Cain Safire went off the ice he's still not on the case an and it was all man you could fill in no way up where we are setting the speaking of things catch on fire. When your man that happened to my client wants we were I think they're playing the Lawrence amphitheater. And. We've world war and he got one of the guitar speakers that had been in a closet for a while he didn't know that okay so the gathered a bunch of dust. Island in the hot so in the middle of the song the speaker stars smoked. And so I don't recall affects them how I want to thank but you don't plan and I'm saying in and it and where. Me and my my life and the bass player orders of NATO like OK what do we do. Because of smoke coming out we knew we didn't play in this ride so we're trying to figure out what to do it it's like defense song. Because it's smoke. Doesn't necessarily mean there's fire but you've got to sound good to probably a little bit landing deep ice I would say. If Byron that position I would play as long as the thing wasn't on fire out just smoking. Keep playing shows say they kept looking at me like it the first plane you see. It really long you know I'll just yeah just they're wrote the song and quick they're waiting for me to make pecan ons like. Until police say an outlet this is cool but it's not coal gas up finish in the sun I don't know what song was I think really fit. And so afterwards what we did. Is. I think Lisa spoke while she was speaking we walked down we don't hook those speakers we had some back of speakers while those were still smoking was supposed to decide. Put the other speakers up their came back on stage. And did an excel at. So I mean. You know and that's just does a smaller hard Christian man doing Soledad hello daily news and and so I'm sure there contingencies are passed me contingency upon contingency. You know and of course there are those horrible cases where. Things really are yeah but in this case it's one of those we never thought about that Randy because it's like. Who crap what do I do you know and so I took a chance that the show mercy on dating catch on fire and the guitar speaker who we've world wasn't. On doing the show with us so until those speakers went up and earned yeah we got to do now Arnold take a break we come back there's an embarrassing car wash story. That happened to one of us. Two cautionary tale about what not to do. At a new car wash listing of staples rent a 1063 W Doherty. Welcome back into the upstate polls Alonso Chris and Patrick jump starting now because that's what we do Phyllis and Euro club. Yeah I know he you know we have to have a discussion off there. About. You know your music choice because I think you're like Pickens from the same stuff I did it I lightly and we we've had discussion about this before and I keep trying to don't feel like once. I did. I honestly do. I don't bother enjoy watching all announced his replied my computer just crashed on not again. Eventually around nine yeah I don't know where AD the last message we got was from your wife. Remember lightning. While we were singing in the nets here in. ME TS. Well part of each week we were we and I are obese now you're holding down the Tenet while getting zapped by the Mike yeah on a there is I think you heard that so that wasn't quite her. Came but there was a gale of wind that came we plan emerald beach. And it may be entire tents go up in the air so I grabbed the tent while I was playing keyboard. With one hand and held the tent up it's not supposed to do that well no it did I was grounded somehow. On so I think you're shocked. I know what I'm saying is that you're not to visit because the tent no no no I absolutely agree you're right I shouldn't have done it but I did. It took me off my feet but I still sang and played wallet took me off my feet. It would if it was enough a colleague kind of jerked my arm out of kill me or something but. It didn't so I'm told that sent up all these people running up to try to put the tent back together. And ma my life and the based learning guitar guitars every time they touch their instruments or gotten near the Mike dale got shocked yeah. So it it was a look around what's wrong with them cause I hit it into I think to me. And again I must have been grounded somehow I don't know how when I was or maybe I'm just me and electricity. And how well in the past that and you into early yes and I'm not alone it's just that but anyway so. Rome before the break I teased about one of us having a car wash from wood to listen to show you know I got a new car she knows me. Yeah now that's his day. So this does not wash is a letter a on the tax line you win it yes. On simulation a flood watches kindly advise it lasted points that they can even nothing they give you absolutely nothing but the smell great on so. I'm. One what do seasonally. The plan now taken up by yes bloody who like Popeye and so. I got a new car and I throughout born on a social media. Do you work through yes I did it and did not smell good and it was two days a lot about youth he has on so. I was trying to sign god we got hot dogs out there rent and it's not a game and how long does not on camera. I'm disgusted Chris bass and everything crashed and yes the gang you know camera that's fine but we are still on the radio so. So when I like all right who's trying to decide to hand washing or do I take it somewhere and have lost and I've been hand washing up for awhile and it just wasn't getting clean. And there's new car wash in Simpson bill where you drive up in. He enters a drive through window you pick your payment about. No idea what to ones look like a car wash. I've never been to this particular kind of Carlos no matter house not he has I haven't been to this particular kind of car wash before. On so there's a drive through window and you pick your payment if you pay with cash and compare with the car which is really cool on so I decided. New car on the go for the for the cash. While knowing that I'm gonna go for the highest payment on the net okay among take care vote were excellent take care my baby which is twenty books on so. So I'll put to Tony bucks and I read all the instructions because he doubts because too many irons and who needs that I am very SCC. Giles who care about their cars PF while C drive in owners track. He put it on the track and and there's a kid and there's work and distill substitute window and make sure everything you'd and then he start moving along the track and well. I. I thought you know McConnell life because a school I mean I'm getting. The full treatment he can't see out the windows really really cool and so color its policy by Chicago talking and exe and others tap on the window. And down like he is like sir you just almost got rear ended do you have your car neutral which I did not. Because I did read the instructions that said you need to you have your car in neutral yet so. Car behind me was moved in on the track I was not and I didn't realize it is most welcome on the phone and they were so open stop all the windows like currency. Which was very very embarrassing. Luckily they stopped him before she hit me and I was like dude I'm sorry what we will reduce that drive around so I drove back around. And this time of putting it in neutral and apologized again. And down. Jury instructions yeah did you think sometimes but there is there's a positive tennis you have to positive this. Heard you've heard the story what is the positive out of this. He had a funny started tolerating and other than that which is all who always awesome Jimmy Carter explained. Your clothes okay. The under part of your card heckling no but it's a wonderful looking in the carriage no mom my current clean twice. Out okay yes solti so you got to go back through yes so aside I don't Iowa and I was gonna ask if they made you pay twenty dollars in my guess would have been no no they did not on an Alice. I was two thirds of the way through so the only thing that didn't house so it was it didn't get dry during the rise so. I went missing a double lax again double launching an all that and listen it may sound like it did an import on purpose. I did not. So the moral of the story is read instructions and my question to a feeling the moral of the story is don't read instructions did you get to Karl watched his laureate. You know if you could be that glass half full guy which I'd like to think I am I got double locks it just doesn't it. You know after I was in bears has told the guy I'm sorry Mary thing I'm smiling as I give my car wash for the second time. If you have a similar story gives call 803471063. Text line 71307. Hey you know. These things happen sometimes. That's true and end. Frequently people will. Take pity on you if if you screwed up some now in and you know they'll. They won't punish you for. For your mistake. It which is nice it's it's seen probably a good business practice but if you take advantage of it too much. You know I also I believe that I helped them with with damage control because. I'm sure that they had no idea what to do about such thing. And kudos to him it seemed like they did have such an and and I let him and I don't know who it was spontaneous or they were instructed that they were instructed. And which is better the fact that they thought quick on her feet or that they were instructed and followed their instructions on like something I obviously didn't. Either way I eat a candidate cannot dig career yet and as they say two cars by stopping in tap in on my went. Andy yeah they probably think I'm an idiot and they arrive at that point and it's nothing that some people in this room don't think of me quite often. On which is fine you know sometimes I deserve it sometimes adult. So you've never done anything similar to that something that you and I. I think when I do something embarrassing which happens every once while I never go back to the place cause I feel so. An end. My car is very distinctive they're gonna know it's me at that historic problem back as men now's a good job or get away with a double wash again more than likely but still. I'm going back. You think your cars very distinctive. We just had a conversation about that earlier this week startup app okay. I just I just it is I guess you're seeing it is distinctive to a point because. Of the type card as yet there are some with the same color. But other not to them by me. Okay yes that's that's strip making it is is you know everybody's car is distinctive out one text that said it's interesting it's on a completely different subject hey guys. My son wants a gaming PC for his birthday and I have no clue what to get him I thought you guys might have a suggestion. Yeah we've got several imagine bled to do reach a well I I I do I. I I like building my own computers. The I just bought a laptop which is the first computer that I have. Actually bought new pre built. In gay longtime. But it's. I think I think it depends on what skiing actually going for like what's. If he's going for something you are. If you like of the kind of expensive like target 1415100 dollars. Yeah the when it don't wanna get too far into the weeds on this blade graphics card prices have been and I've kind of fluctuating a lot recently because they're being used for crypto currency mining. And there's a lot of demand for them so the prices have gone way up frankly they're they're still pretty inflated and down a lot. They were very inflated for awhile and they have come down but there's still I I think there's still a little. Over inflated. Glides my advice. Would probably be along the lines of find. A repeated that reputable dealer like. Best buy Europe or somebody is simulate that and go and ask the guys. Did the people who actually work in the department. For some advice and and can it trust them because usually it typically what I tell people who don't know anything about computers. About buying computers is. They are they're it's kind of like buying color dale drive on the same road. You know it just depends on what you want to. Feel like while you're driving it. If you don't mind paying for blue leather seats in and sat nav and stuff like that and bio means. I'd spend the money. Now a gaming computers a little bit different because some games is that it will. Run at higher resolutions the better equipment you have as opposed to. All web sites under this resolution you know and in one website is going to be basically the same as another web sites if you just wanna use Google in the Internet. Or check your email or things like that. It doesn't matter much to give the best deal leaking in but it gaming. Year. The end of the more powerful your geographic process of the better off you're going to be resolution as I. It's a strike a balance we'll do and it decide how much you're willing to pay. And for trying to computer that that cost that much. Mean it's always what do you want out of the computers. A scale like what dean view of the LA revealing that in that something that like all of bio shock or something like that like to gain that you can download. And you don't need Internet connection to players summit that. You you normally can get away with a lower inspection of a computer. But it you need to gain appointment or Knightley of legends go to some that needs Internet connection. You kind of want something on the higher end yet if you'd. If you're going to be playing online. Honestly I think your Internet connection is going to be the the bottleneck there yeah the if if you can also play eat a lot of the a lot of the good graphics cards that them middle. Tier of graphics cards today. Can handle decent resolutions the game will look at that it won't be as. As good as it can possibly be but that's again like saying you know getting the best car you can possibly get. I mean you don't necessarily need a win regaining it now you have you Walt line. You want a Ferrari won a Porsche but you don't necessarily need when you get out there and drive you can get away with with something with a little bit lower. The laptop that I bought I think has and Nvidia 1060. TI NN. And it it's a pretty good it's pretty good in maybe 1050 but you actually I think it is it's entity but still. It's isn't it's kind of middle of the road is certainly not them the best you know fastest most expensive graphics processing get. But it absolutely does what I needed to do so you can get away with something and sort of a mid range. And and still play pretty much everything you play. Don't shoot me. We don't FaceBook or something and yes we are OK okay. Those like why is he having a duel in appointed that mean it's a nerve on by the way if you listen home. We're gonna take a break when we come back. Hopefully that answer your question taxer and a a text for lawns so along the lines of the story and who's telling. Check out your car wash mine does unlimited monthly washes for 25 dollars. I don't know if you if the when she went to has dealing them but if you plan on going back there are a lot then might be worth looking into it. I saw something about that when I didn't read the instructions. So yeah I do I I might actually make you go back and read next on my gone already instruction but thank you for pointing that out text are all right we're at daybreak we come back oops award. The real talk police. Sausage or something I don't know. This article sausage right that's correct again right. Doesn't wanna talk about that he was there of samples are marijuana 630 W Doherty. So I heard the conversation. While we're on break as we're back on pace to climb to crush is yet I'm because it couldn't. Listen it's some. Wants a lot of videos and read a lot of things about this program that we're using. And sometimes it crashes and it probably may have something to do my computer. And the fact that Chris was talking about building computers my computer got jealous and zips. I'm done now which. May need to think you I don't build my laptop. I was as they don't have to be that is if you whenever you go away on your vacation. That I can bring in my own personal desktop. And have this level is up Miguel is wondering how that would happen all right so. Rand paternity leave. Is it is at. I just makes me some nations Liz let's go to sleep lately and since shows get to the hoops alright so they want a woman in north west London's. Harold section experienced this scary scenario firsthand. She heard noises downstairs. Well on the morning of Thursday July 12 according to. Give West London to you know against the newspaper maybe I don't know. Upon hearing odd noises coming from downstairs around 9 AM. She immediately called police for help the team Apollo was very distressed and called 999 which is the equivalent of 9/11 here are 91 here. As she heard noises downstairs and believes she was being hurtled. And you know the first song in my mind is a fighter noises unbelievably important gold zealots who do you believe your being overruled. You know hey don't be a good day off and land line do you think I'm being burned older. Well craps all religions and I asked if I would have come under is the word bird know what is what is the word you mean your head if you hear noises. Like where's my guns there's someone downstairs added that type of thing there's a disturbance in the force here that can be all right so on so she dialed 999 cops quickly arrived at her house on Byron hill road. And we're very surprised when they found the noise maker. So here's a question we've realized he knew it was a Robert what do you think you must know yet it was mobile toilets. Unknown how would you way to answer and I asked would you guess. What kind of sounds as in making. That there isn't what's going on downstairs arms rocket I say yes there is a fracas there was. There's a favor if it was hideous that was of the cacophony. Possibly okay. Was it PT. Is an on this sheet what's your we have to do with us. And again that's something that he made went to be present to take care of or more than Tommy springer would want to be present publicity ploy. That was not ready for it not because bigfoot in England is now before. What is it I think in my view is no way out when he does the I think there are as yet has yet he's in the Alps many assessment and a I don't think it don't think that's likely is in Canada will want to look them up anyway we're running out of time here. So a squirrel it was a squirrel. It is just that now it's on the age under DC now. I didn't feel that. Not go and out of line you know the answer prayer I am observed and what an actor he was only played awfully did know it was you know you don't hear that acting from. Miami guns can't get here on times all right so on police that several items in the kitchen have been knocked over causing quite a mess. The squirrel wasn't arrested. And was released with no charges Cisco isn't on me as it was as being any man he'd probably should've been arrested but he had no priors. More likely and so it got and go. Because convinced Roland dumplings with Java before us is very tasty except for the buckshot you know its entirety it's hard to get out. That was with a in the position not. More than likely on so. There's one other school story. There's a power outage that lasted 35 minutes and choose which is had to be replaced. A world this is in Morgantown Morgan to North Carolina. He switches in different phase of voltage Brooks Kirby electric services director Morgan told the news herald. The squirrel got between two phases of voltage and burn itself. Yeah that happens. This is the second time in two months I was gonna say. Do with the way we're talking earlier about higher techniques and how it doesn't happen nearly as opposite as you might think. That happens more often you might think I had that happen to me when I was in college the power just went out one day and it turned out that a squirrel had gotten into one of the transformers and completed the circuit short of the circuit and electrocuted itself pentagon powers of the entire. See eye to see the cartoon squirrel in my the you know at least have to campus living in what knowledge Celtics who shot the cartoon EC its skeleton BM yeah yeah that's. I kinda what happened there has. Me concerned about our house because we and then just worlds although there are pretty Smart so I don't think it would every electrocuted so I think we're fine with that are in our common up. Including Roger relying you know one in this that and things that make you feel old or Chris tells an old news. Must now sit post writer oh what a 63 W Doherty.