Upstate Pulse 7-15-2017 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, July 15th

The guys talk about the Oops award and some other things to make the noob cringe. 


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What commend our number two of the other staples. We are just enjoying a dissertation and fancy cheeses by Chris. As you know some come with a rose petals yes we we learned that Chris east she's with flowers and some flowers rentable. Likewise. Bruises for example so so you can really go out and even roads and. In alliance. Boy you know what the next time I go on a date night in the rose I see Gucci wasted you eat. They've got different after you read all all different types of roses are resigned cells and no idea I'd so zone read through those taste like Cherie what's a black and other states like there's no they encourage. No they generally taste kind of how they smell. So you've beaten roses before and it will not all Rosen just go fight a rose but I had cheese with a rose petals and it. And it tasted like candidly. Think it had residents I'm not trying to be difficult how you know really had rose petals and exits and Beagle first of all I can see them there ruling Gil. Was home prices are chunks of it. I'm missing you know what I did this there's a pause there because I I I don't have a hard time believing it. To highlight sit this one of the cheese I wanna do it cheese taste test with the guys. And and I was in. The store the other day and looking cheeses wondering you know which ones Michigan packet to pictures of my phone. Different cheeses to suggest you to should've done milk was that he should have posted those and yeah. And once employed with our entire listening audience well I was gonna do I was I was actually an egg egg committing Gatling a list of popular teases when he popular Jesus or something. And ask you which ones you had tried. And then pick from the ones that you hadn't tried. Two did could you. Listen you prove me wrong with the skills by the way if you didn't hear that go find it on our. Podcast FaceBook page no. 163 do's and on yeah you wait until FaceBook page also yes on video that you'll also find it on the app. Which is totally cool I'll give up recently yes go to your App Store and get it or you can text. IPhone or android yeah seven countries yours revenue estimate if you have an iPhone bold text android now and personal it's just gonna take you to the Google play store and if you have any android needs next iPhone is gonna take it the App Store. Which is not gonna work for your Sicily I earphones just do the one that you have to forward the name of the final things difficult do not like OK so. I was gonna ask you so that if we brought in a bunch of cheese would you be able to tell what it was buying. Maybe some of them. I would probably be able to recognize. Aside some of them more of common teases obviously cheddar mozzarella the ones that. This act is mentioning it I'm a very safe she asked not and that's okay that's okay. Symptom like. A parmesan or Pickering Armando or what. Pickering of Ramona it's and it's like parmesan cheese it's it's hard cheese. It's a little bit salty here and it's kind of has had a more robust flavor than the parmesan dip purposefully go out look for the weirdest name cheeses there artistic triumph. Now Erica. Now who just automatically yup that fancy gene in your head it's not those kind of she might only all months well. No idea I just I I've I had different types of cheeses and Danny who wants a lot. I used to get there was this two shifts in downtown Greenville. I don't. Think they make it anymore but I but. The used to it was fantastic they were it was basically just a regular salad but there were three things in it. That absolutely need it unique wine sliver omens to a how she made Vidalia onion dressing and three smoked tuna and those three things together. Just providing it really fantastic later Pallet for the salad it was absolutely delicious. And smoked it is probably one of the one at the top of my list of favorite she's. All right ladies and gentlemen of the listening audience. We have now fulfilled our quota of cheese off for the day. You have to everywhere every collateral has so we have to talk to use its is this a requirement consider a contract. Q how do you feel losers or what kind of cheese do you like Texas says I've had dandelion wine pretty interesting flavor. Around saint we should just shy of flowers yeah. That adds don't. Always post some more stuff in here by the way did you know. It's the guy who has voiced Kermit the fraud for 27 years has been fired. White yes he also I know this is earnings voice to this decision this this is. Been kind of a developing story this week because the first time I saw this it was just. This guys Steve with the wind Meyer is name. Is is leaving as the voice of Kermit the Frog. And in fact. The article that I had no word on why a little wit Myers leaving. But then later in the week. I found an article actually from BBC. That apparently Steve when Meyer has been on social media Twitter and the like. Saying that he's devastated burning ember is that he was let go look. No actually it's like he's being very great anxiety but right here is that he's he's always mixes and myself I saw was a surprise to him and and in a statement the Disney owned Muppet Steve because Disney owns everything now. The Disney owned Muppet studios thanks think what Meyer for his tremendous contributions and there's a while like because we've all heard this. Wished him well in his future and yeah everybody is this that means you got fired. When the revolving door that is radio sometimes begins to turn you see a lot of those emails. Also follow Baidu now all of them in the building anymore. Can't but yeah it's as we wish wish them well in the future endeavors and at any time you see that you it makes you automatically suspicious yes. Yes by itself that's an an apparently he's literally devastated about it he he'd that was one of the words that he used to describe it in in some of this week's. He refers to. Late Jim Henson as a hero. And mentor. And and and still no official word from Disney on while ago he did say there was one thing. And Syrian finally here he said that there were. We admire attributed the change of casting 22 stated issues quote to stated issues and concerns. Raised by executives at the Muppet studio without elaborating further so apparently there was something. Internal that he knew he was aware of the somebody had a problem with consolidated some that I mean I don't really done maybe they didn't like the way you work permits hands I mean you know there's there's out of some quick he was what twenty years she's 27 years and took over in tune in 91990. After Jim Henson died and has apparently had been working with Hanssen prior to that. Well there's a lot of gray market stuffs I know so I mean he's been basically the the voice the you know is Carmen front unless you watched old Muppet show and Sesame Street stuff that. The voice you know is Kermit the Frog ST what Meyer. Which game Muppet Treasure Island cream. Is that only the cross station whenever. Prawn yeah as a when he was first introduced us. Could then and I think I can't remember his name on there all of that the Andrea curry. Tim Curry was agreed long Johns through our tempers great and everything he does all right something else we is speculated on forever. And now it's come to pass you know he said he wouldn't do it there'll Craig won't play bond and yes it was a movie report claims so it's not. Is not definite. What it means is not official yet he's he said he would always do for more money than they offered him a 150 million dollars. Which I guess 150 million listeners with a says in the 01. Well this is for two cut wood but still yeah. Yeah I still see how many five million. You know when you won more money they don't feel that you can't get a feel well but you're probably gonna go back they also wanted Dell to to do another team that's trying to about how. I'm trying to remain this year and I read that too. And it made me wonder has there ever been a band that did. Two of them two of them on Gmail bunch in early Owen I'm not and that's callous thing and Ed there's some of them kind of run together did the early stuff but and the new had. Had a YouTube did one. If Patrick welcome James Bond themes which have the who's saying yeah. Certainly people are just gonna c.'s research center in grand. Also turner also. Celine Dion and I think that made him being pro on its first appearance was moccasins nine in 1996 I could affect. All right so when we needed clothes that allowed thank you who would you want to hear doing James bond's. That's not a good good question. Would you when he's an old school I there's there's a man maybe the media Adele song was those grenades and I don't actually got tallest guy at all I don't know one and cursed and I think could have yet figured I don't want to Oscar. I I doubt was a really good song and I think captured that sort of I classic James Bond sound. I didn't if you got analyst Patrick yeah this redeem tireless and tyrants are from zone like Sox are no grass are from doctor now. Monty Norman Lloyd John Mary. Basketball player and probably I'm just going up ahead are gone off the main songs and this will chime. Loose yield reached. Bruce has wish that Chris ridiculous and who outed as it picks up and it and it is an entry. Paul McCartney yes it it again it's the John buried a lot of these he did an analytical and line. It was him saying it though this is the writers at a later on these composers yeah. But there was there was just started they would probably gone now the results I remember install bon edited. Gold nine. Show Croat it to Margaret crowd that dated Arnold indeed the world now. Madonna did diner today. Terminated Arnold did is now. Jack why did quantum of solace Adele that spiteful and and it did. To Acker weigh in all right tomorrow. It it out right. As for the mid OK so so last year questioned. I guess there was a repeat bid that's a composer not the singer and and again I'm I'm curious about is. Is there any repeat singers and I don't think the war I'm really doesn't sound like yeah. So she'll see the thing is I'm not really up on and on the bands of today you know I kind of looked over at performed by Andrea and a host probably the way to go. Thank you can bet that at at the we are funded one. Armstrong entries do we say hello Dolly we have. He did we have all the time in the world again show bass he did diamonds are forever. Lou Lou demand Google go to Lulu C I knew I knew someone did. Carly Simon didn't know might as a bad guys Harley's that's one of the more famous ones to. Cheryl base he did noon rate here's Sarah lacy did she is on their toys to nominee might sit at. Sheen in Eaton did. For your eyes seeming Easton he Ari does it it's OK it's all right. It's okay Rita Coolidge you don't know who she needs in is that you know I know he's a look at up gonna say. Look of sheer walls could face a hostile starving Rita Coolidge did all time high. Duran Duran did a view to kill. Two on a scale of viewers to a hill and here I mean look this on the correcting bandwagon now. You do as the blinds and if you had no that's good to grant loans and in Oregon. Ha the all ha ha ha okay yeah that's what I'm just out the other way Acxiom will get him. I don't know if AK IC AA I've been caught I was eight A ha instantly. And when have you heard the song take on me. Probably ten you can all me me it's a real high note yes. You just I don't believe in you backyard because who can no I have I've stated that the you've at least in the video you you've just align us and yeah yeah that's a gazillion at least heard. Pit bulls. Can knock off now on we go an old school and he plays music. Vision expo on singer. Who probably aren't hard to contain it within a half after. That's fun. But hurry. The degree dissimilar mindset I'm honored and it turner show Croat. Garb Vonage. A little garbage did Boyd yeah both which one they did the world isn't not and Charles non. Madonna go back together by the way if you project coming out interest there's a song. Madonna Chris Cornell. Chris I know that what what what women Chris Cornell you know my name. Jack White and Alicia Keys did another way to die and how does it collar nations. That was the Kwon of sauce on yeah. Yes and at what I don't understand that heat for that one a those trees. In you know let you know I think it is is it wasn't as good as casino I'll war and senate did well. Nobody I mean Africa's heroic royal came out. It was the rebooting it was who would you be good. And I think people expected that you know now that we rebooting it this is how good bond movies can be remembered -- assault since the writers strike thing going I don't when you consider all that I think is a solid country I'm not saying there are reasons for it and just seen as a total. I entertained. And that's okay it again now also not saying use of not a bad that it was a bad movie amounts and that. Seen it wasn't as good as casino Royale and that's the stand that's the benchmark the people he needs to judge. All right I'd like to say the gaggle of Jane can dismiss all or happy that. Daniel Craig is backward we're gonna take a break. We come unhappy. That means no because that means Christoph also come back if they want and Chris that's right he said he wouldn't have Craig wasn't I so we come back through guitar loops of the day. And I'm thinking. Patrick might kill noxious. Listen to be just a pulse or marijuana 63 W a RD. Welcome back the state polls. Where it. Who knows what we're talk about. What can we don't know I. We've which. Every every week we should at every week every week blunted takes the trouble to print out a list of things we're gonna talk about it. And then proceed to you turned into confetti do you have a stack of stuff here's a thing if you wonder when. When Rush Limbaugh and and other host talk about stack of stuff. It's because. Sometimes you don't get to it in it turns into a staff when yes that's that's what colleagues in fact they used to keep that kind of thing and I don't anymore violated rust castle. Literally had products stack I mean stacks that word how. I had feet two of them I mean they would. They would get up to three or four feet and you would wait until the whole wall has sometimes they would fall. Yes this fun tax line 71307. If you wanna join the conversation. You can call this Walter did you think it would do 803471063. But it's also like our FaceBook illegals do that. Of staples don't like obstacles to a truce doesn't want you to that's not true you guys love putting words in my mouth. Tester says packed arena Romano is is a superb geez I use it in place of parmesan cheese and most Italian dishes all right you know I'm anxious I enjoyed the well written text but I got to ask you Zach and Patrick as we asked you some words last week. He used were superb ever. I think on rare occasion I do use it but it's Nande predate the game Patrick superb. Everyone personal Lanka is superb as one of those words that I wish I used more often. That's not that that's how surprised are you stop and think about what words you yes yes the visa to go as narrow this down home until I did not use. We're now a no I don't if you didn't have an idea of just sort of day and make mental note of words in lake. That's a good word I need to use that sometimes because. Because it gets stuck on words instead of saying something is awesome which I do all the time. Aides say it's stellar or superb while her outstanding. Alonso like keep simple yet so Alonso who do you or have you ever used whose work calendars with the word of the day. You know. Seems to have one of those very long time ago I laid back in high school I think says somebody gave me aware of the day count just wondering if I don't. Well today I held down oh you know what I heard the word of the day calendar before until this moment and yes noted are actually now that you mention it. The dictionary. App. On my phone has words of the day and I'm Italian anyway I think dealing percent of judiciary after. Really you do you see got to look like yeah I'm like oh look like I'm so proud I still be able now is look. We asked what ought to vote no denying us again with stays ordered yes I know some of that tell you hang in the second. Oh not hand and that's nuts is today's order I know I didn't know that I was so you don't always know how my phone works. Against. I'm still getting used to this. OK yes. I have a dictionary absent from and sitting ten million other people. So I'm not alone either way you're the only one that we know yet has not it's okay. He had a say in. Letting. Anyone Milliken and and and gave up talk apparently is the word of the day today. All right oh don't stop. Without looking does anybody know it up talk mean to know now I don't either Chris the direction that it and you're saying he knew all along. No actually I didn't know the attack I'd I am familiar with the phenomenon that it describes but I did not know that it was I don't love uptown girl stuck in my head now to our guys you know it's okay. It is he rising pitch at the end of usually it declares his sentence especially if habitual. People are trying to figure out exactly what that means a case so if I said something. T lake I would story yesterday. And Emma and wait yet who win when your what when the pitch of your voice can always do that and no I don't you do know I don't do okay RO. Because fully not going to helmet you always knew that. I I frequently will do at the end of phrases if I'm not finished with a sentence because there are some years ago when you do you do it when you think the person talking to has no clue. Which means you do it to me that's taught you know that's true don't cause because the reason that your voice goes up the DMZ for posing a question. And so if I'm making it declared a sentence in my voice goes up to the end. The question this implied is do you understand what I'm talking here's how I take it as the same voice you use are talking to you're an offense or your animal deaths. That might be true yes I don't I thought our remote at the same but the same the same. Criteria of why did I and I'm saying do you understand what I'm saying if Tyler Tyler rob all you Zobrist Robin. Witten can you tell me which one is blue as well as actually question. But you but that kind of thing. Because he's learning he's T I'm trying to teach him something and trying to trying to impart knowledge and wisdom to. All right why don't to impart the knowledge of the tax line how about this one at. Bet you know offenses I did actually that is what envelope was opened up you guys today don't yesterday as word of the day. Now there's actually a French words borrowed from French it's a celebrate the celebration or fest and entertainment. Okay Louis possibly. Continue there's tan lines are flying Texas. Is to rendering and you do a kill ya. And the test is how old is this kid reading the list phoney theory known he's actually fifteen minutes new program we're doing. We're big Brothers purposely we got harder and he's troubled youth in the Regina is broken after a bit and he's also a trick shot artists that subject as FaceBook page but he will give hey hey hey you think. Case I thought that date was dead I love we're dead don't know it's not dead. He tried to kill it I would bring it back I will find a way to bring it back. But Chris is notorious for trying to kill certain segments. And so I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity now it's back in. Back into the forefront. Of what I planned to do. What I'd Franco. Known habitat hill nothing hurting that's excellent. I Texas says reminds me of the few episodes ago and lawns of pronounced the band and I don't know how his pronounced but I'm mispronounced the way the textures as ones of pronounced it as. 3013. It's spelled three OH exclamation point three. I don't know that it isn't here's the thing Rio nobody knows you know and it's playing on second I don't know either I don't look at that turn out to 303. But I don't know I am now I've not heard I need to look you know I mean out you know kind of band that is a dove sure I mentioned it but you know I'm old enough forget things like two hours later. The inspector says. And I'm hoping I'm pronouncing this right Gorman d.s cheese. Gorman a Goldman dies maybe I don't know cherry flavored best she's ever but it's a soft cheese and a bit messy all right so it's your foot and a gas don't get the flowers man I do not get the flowers I will never get the flowers you know I. On the ceiling fine and cheese and have you tried because it's it I'll try it. I'm typewriter I'll try saying I was always penalties I thought it was delicious. I will absolutely understand of other people don't like I don't imagine that it's the kind of cheese for everybody but I thought it was great. I just pictured like to reach people saying throw flowers and our feet so I I hear it now has a pretty enrich tonight is no. Eagles yes that's gold leaf all right let's go and take a break. And we'll do oops we come back. You're listening to the ups and pulls right here of 1063 W a RD chuck followed cheese. All right Peter that that is are in central use leading. Some crime has been committed or something weird. Has happened and I have had a new goal for awhile now and that is too on nick Patrick puke on the air. It's and it's clean and Anna Donahue he's got a trash can Ralitsa it's as you know. There's power than you were little power I have I'm willing to wield on it like that yeah. You could just walk. Anyway but throughout the walk through so the won't all right so what criteria via. We'll see about who is definitely gallons at times though Bobby MacKey and as a challenge though bill I'm disabled are putting themselves that today. The second anthem by the pew. I would think they he would let me go yes I would I would get out the way you're absolutely right but you do. Another lap the entire time to note that these dots yeah I'm gonna puke on them yet and I did all right so. Hung me just read this this scene straight out of your nightmares a truck full of sly meals. Lost its lows Thursday on US one a 11 question. Why I was there trifle of slime meals item going to I'm going to elaborate on that right cause and a five car crash dousing sedans with doom. Why am I income was you do and singing sea creatures slowly across vehicles. And highway by the way we're done you should look this up I'll know I've seen it yes. So technically the fish were not eels but had finish yes is gone I finish which would tell us goals but no jaw. We're spine and he's a creep slow line. When distressed earning him the nickname and slimy just how well this is slow and copious amount it just looks like it looks like a blood to snot. It looks like daily news' Diane Blair looks a little yes exactly. Him Paul Bunyan god Miller. Every big creature you can think of now. Think of okay gov Philip blows its nose might Patrick okay. So if you saw those buses are thinking about think about that in this line or or that kind of stuff or when they recovered a marshmallow. A home. That's what this is like produce these car wrecks happened. All this. It's not or or slimy finals winning into the wrecked vehicles. So these people or not only heard from the wrecked they're covered in slime meals which look like giant. Worms yes and there is I did see video of this and they were actually cleaning up this line with the bulldozer. That's how gassed his own ideas so let's not did you have to use. This phrase. Is Lorraine both carried it's getting there so the official quoted in the back of the truck driven by solid torrents or golly no word on whether he was legal or not. For transport to Korea where they are delicacy so they eat slide meals in Korea probably. Bonnie lots of things should go was driving northbound on one alone when he came upon road construction. That stopped traffic. But he didn't stop for that construction. And the crude stood there crates rather. Don't think in crates which makes you think of critters which is one of the worst movies of the eighties but I still come elected. So what does a five car crash all this stuff ended up. You you know now you should look at those contributions. Are right so. This this one meals they have. Bell unique qualities to slime a type of mucus which also you know mucus is. Patrick what's mucus not this not tricked out. What about this can expand to more than five gallons. When complied yet water. Two it is it is and rest how much lines and prevent it choking on its own slime or so on fuel and had fish can sneeze out its slide film nostrils. Entire body into a not to keep the snot from dripping into its chief. All right here's something else the ocean creatures use four pairs of the incidents three tentacles. Surrounding their house to find food so this is even worse. Including carcasses a much larger animals with state finder meal they bury it into its face first to board a tunnel deep. It was flats kind of paced others from alien yes Patrick is green and he's rubbing his eyes right now he does. No life's not talking at all but it all right what do you better we just don't slide you better was slime do it every guy do you tenement if you. So is this the stuff they used to drop on people on Nickelodeon. New. You know I really good doctors know a lot of Nickelodeon is reference quite a bit in the article but but gas though. Imagine that happening now Hillary you're in an accident and also knees feel things following you and they start their nose all over you. So you're I mean you got broken our relay there but it didn't snuck it on my heels and you gotta cover your face or they'll try to borrow into it means that you. It was a liquidity deal Caron Butler a witness to the accident said. She described it as hilarious and absurd. She must not against guys who as everybody knows. I'm fine. I did well done let's get NASA try harder line as soon be swallowing a lot you really that's all right. So Patrick can recover we're going to go ahead and take our final break of the hour if you wanna be a part Michelle if you could talk well. Slide. Over now or slide meals. And you think you can make Patrick you. I would say keep it clean that's impossible why are given a bonus and Palin. 1063. Tex lines that would reserves of gas concession says turning your growth segments I was eating Chinese. Weld and I hope they were noodles. You'll listen if you just say calls rare of 1063. W hourly. Welcome back to the upstate polls enjoying that classic clip from one of the best movies ever made. Sorry for listening on the podcast which you can hear that music but the podcast is still good nonetheless. Check out our podcasts on podcast page on our website 1063 W or he dot com and as Chris mentioned earlier and you listen. Download the WORD out. It is is simply download in the thing is if you're out in the belt in your somewhere let's say all the power but you're missing your upstate polls picks. He's hit a button at the top and it won't play whenever Zweibel in the air at the time you also have. Access to podcasts. What. Three of the four most of talking about on FaceBook right now. On. Whatever stories are hitting a lot and trust in a minute there that yeah exactly so it's a check out. Are you gotta do is an easy way is text. IPhone. 27130 is you have an iPhone yeah excessive Yemeni Andreas is in its Unita to get through text android and it will simulate a boom you're done and wanting if you think it is furry. It's convenient and you can take us with you wherever you go eat your phone which is always in your pocket what. The other cool things about you don't have to remember you and we give the numbers on all the time 71 threes are seven if you wanna Texas 803471. A 63 if you wanna call us. And that's fantastic but the app you not remember you have to wait for us to tell we knew what they are. He's pushed the button called a studio and start of the phone app and calls studio that I don't think that's how convenient is that are right. Couple sports things real quick as I know you guys how we don't know about this there's a big fight coming up next month. And there's been something I don't we can't talk about Mayweather McGregor by the way. I know everyone knew what I was talking about. Not everywhere if you don't know when you're listening he didn't know that I don't know what the tie in overtime but John Jones vs army. Which I can't wait for help Cormier actually wins this time it was neat to have called me. Killer on the Mike refiner to Jones co located. Anyway so mail now Mayweather moved. Shouldn't it shouldn't. Do it it's documented anyway so Mayweather McGregor they're doing like on a mini world war which is over now. Of olive press and I don't recall this ever happening before. For a fight for either who may or boxing do you guys removed yes oh mail services on McGregor. The first time it did happen again and it was a world tour and win a date they did some in the United States pitted some in Toronto. Some in Brazil I can and summon our not to say that I remember that and brown has turned out to pretty happy about that so anyway. Things have gotten heated things have gotten supposedly racist because. Conner called Mayweather boy but Connor calls everybody boy yeah. On the there's all this stuff. And Mayweather I think Mayweather is trying to do with as little spin on timeless these trying to turn the audience which is obviously a Conner crowd and definitely going to be in Vegas. Because the Irish crowd follows him wherever he goes on. Why did you bring your daughter to press conference. Why would you do that no brainer and bring her up there you young daughter. What things subjecting her to that kind of language which that's fine that's a mean you raise around we want to bring up there and get mad because congress hustled into Newark. That was set up to sway the crowd. To get their sympathy and this is not gonna work via cuisine actually did that kind of crowd now when it comes down to it. Whether probably should win this fight. But he noted there are a lot of people. Who give Connor a fighting chance and I'm definitely one of he too. I don't think Mayweather has ever been hit by someone who has kind of power economy Gregor has an everyone says including people on our sister station ESP in upstate. Saying that. Car McGregor when he gets frustrated wool. Take him down or supply got these are people would do not understand. USC initially visible in the ring but the fact boxing is a part of USC. I just I don't get those people those of boxing purist. And despite all relies fight is happening is because your sport is dying yeah and it. If Macgregor woods despite. Your sport is it. But see don't you think when she worried that the boxing commission and then in all I mean usually goes the decision. Well we saw out with the back LP book by the way. I thought it was a lot closer fight to what they were saying and I wasn't surprised or one. Without a fight I was. Especially where he was and how judges are things so to your point. If it's close and it goes the full length and Mayweather for sure way. But. How often have you heard con McGregor sale would do this in this new rounds and him actually do it I think there's a good percentage. That he actually does what he says he sits there and he says go knock him out for. And we are deathly bind this fight cannot wait for it and yes you know I'm one of those looking guys whose wife is a sports fan. She likes football she likes basketball she likes and they may. And she wants to watch is just as bad as I do in died and she wants. I don't know anyone who's not a boxing. Elitist. That once Mayweather the win all these people talk stuff while Mayweather all he doesn't run the entire time. But those same people were like well there's no way to McGregor can be and I store guilt I don't get that. It's time I've heard and read some sports analysts talked about. How they're little purpose perplexed that it seems Connor has more support. Because they feel like I guess because he's Irish. The most people in the state should be pulling for Mayweather on like this isn't an Olympic thing yeah like L ones representing their country here. Now it's which one do you we think it's gonna win the fight it's also which would you want to went exactly. In this thing is if we'd just not depressed comp or does the tour. McGregor won. The CI Polaroid Honeywell Mayweather would have a little more games Farsi did down goes negroes he he repeated this same thing all four cities. And I think is worse things. I don't think Mayweather was prepared for this as far as this goes I think he thought that the crowd will be behind him I don't think he thought that. The director had this kind of game. And the things we don't think you watches in and I don't think he does in the thing is is. They cut off his Mike and LA they cup angers my remember. And McGregor. Just win it all on every one he curse doubt showtime deal. The hurt the owners of showtime who is showing the flight. And I was just like I'd McGregor has the fans you know give. But despite anyway but McGregor knows how to sell it better than what Mayweather does alana and I'd again I don't think Mayweather is ever experienced anything like his. So people think it's sacrilege you can't say this book McGregor is very Mohammed Ali like when it comes to Mike skills. And the showmanship part he realizes. What a big part of that is that's one of the attractions of him and USC right now because he's an. Chris I mean correctly you're not a boxing her MMA guys cranked that's true as this I mean but this is one of those big fights everyone's like everyone's going to be watching it does this generate any interest at all for you this you know what I have to say this thing that has generated the most interest for me is the past five minutes listen you guys talk about it. Do listening to you talk about how all McGregor has has handled himself in front of audiences and and cameras and how Mayweather hasn't. That an and it sounds I mean it sounds like sort of of a twist on the you know the the underdog favorite relationship you know there because you would expect Mayweather I would have expected Mayweather and generally familiar with the that the fact that this fight is coming up and because of scene new stories about as a clearly a very big thing. But I don't really know anything about it but I would have expected Mayweather to be the favorite as as you said. One Hendrick he is technically. Right but he's the odds only favor Brenda. The odds on favorite specifically I would have expected to meet to be the crowd favorite but it's telling that isn't the case well the thing is is McGregor the whole time he's been in UFC. He's slowly built this envelope. And it was just it was primarily with Irish and that's important regardless of what kind of industry and that's important billion in net and it was it was primarily the Irish fan that was written form because he grow up and Ireland. And he was fighting in their ranks and also when you Etsy that big promotion. And did I think a lot of fans are written form when I think camera whose fight and it was on fox. As one camera watch in this dorm room. He gets dealt with the fight he knocks the guy out. Any climbs to cage and gates and Jose Aldous base who is the champion at that time now is just chase like a decade yes normally that pound for pound for pound number one fighter in the world it's this space. Starts laughing atom and was like. I want that bye week and a and everyone's like where river him he's crazy enough but he shows he shows us what he's got. Or were her hand and that's an interesting character and and get out there and say the same thing over and brilliantly you seem able Mayweather has that's boring any. The very first conference car comes out decked out in a killer suit and didn't mess up there and he tells you these are pinstripes. And there's a close up photo and it's nothing but death bombs the strike if that's all it is all the way down at view. At few edges because all the way down. The pinstripes are the words at you. The whole time. So let's listen I will curse and it makes me uncomfortable to hear the people do. Let him doing this for suit and people actually made his suit and he's saying that this is his new line suits. If any. If there is. Would any of you guys bias suit like that he had new. After the rounds I had to buy something that says that idea I would did being used I ran into someone handed off I totally in I would not buy it for myself but I an absolutely see it selling I would buy it for myself and where it on this show. Seed the only reason did you have to have the utmost confidence in who you are. And I didn't and what are you obviously if you Jones and Bobby Mack I know I'm not. Right exactly. So what are we weren't looking forward to this fight can't wait to see without an honest when he six. But nonetheless anything. Wrestling wise guys won't talk about as we've got a little hour hearing Eagles gonna reveal you know what does that sink charter as it is Dixie Carter I'm dying I read it's does it as illegitimate. Child who's going to be a wrestler. And it sand dust kind of they also were Bailey there there again there also hinting that deal legitimate child you know and and I see I don't seem to command I was kind of hoping united this death Tripoli standout alma dad. Because they were closed during that time now I mean I will say things like that yeah and that would be devastating to his career and all that kind of stuff. It would be an interest in angle and something bad that Vince McMahon. Likes to do so would not shopping that's when it also looking forward to Jim over his reins. Yes and I hope that leads to another joke Brock has stat that's due to scale honestly hope at least a triple threat at not a pill for a just and Allen were about would secure the rocket's nose and a champion right now bribe you to part timer give it to Joseph and let them. Fight everybody I know he's on fire with promised he is WSG upstate pulse third hour nerd out coming up right here won a 63 W Doherty.