Upstate Pulse 7-15-2017 Hour 3

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, July 15th

The nerd round table is packed filled with T.V show news, including Stranger Things and Dr. Who.


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All nerds are president. You know try again take its owners or president. Let's pay when you guys are you get these guys are a lot closer especially Patrick taught high school. You're always 88 when is this the same presence of president. He was always the winner in class you did everyone do that. I realize it was a while Chris and you don't think we had roll call. Brokaw. The thing was like no one would say like president ever order elegant hearing. Will solve all of the cool nod here at the score here knows. I'm home would be like why. Our Barack Barack and it's okay. You're headed that substitute teacher in the names they round yeah. Okay we had a we had a girl in her class her name is Danny. And every like we have once did you choose only to me now she called redeem on. Which is nowhere close to her name so every time we solid that's a as the teacher and cost were like. We're ready. To the zone like we would silently lasted just like look there is every time we see that it was that the don't. Piloted tiny private Christian school. There was. In an article our senior class of four to them broken index picked out though you have ten Tim before two of them broke into the schools and graduated eight. On so the teacher could just looking into everyone wants that I've got to ask for no anyway I got asked. Question so in the huge. Class of eight. What did you finish. It was either three or four but I had a 363. Point 69 GPA Austin America. I 26. Yeah Hadley. 42 I think. Two and 38 to learn said the so I mean where did you finish. Community. Syria was a little rough for me I had a three point eight going into it I know them now one point something because. There was a grading curve in physics. And there was one girl in there who is so much smarter than everybody to the point where some people approached her. And tried to get her to dumbed down to make to curb go down. So at one point we realized no matter what we did we really good deed and in Oz 30000 so much trouble home. I couldn't get out of class. And Augusta doesn't physics. And so I got a in Columbus. Which is a big city yet asked to get a and so that killed my GPA and mumble and kept scheduling. Disappointments during trick and I kept telling her please schedule as some other time she wouldn't the teacher was Apollo he wouldn't let me catch up. He wouldn't let me out of class so those two classes killed when GPS. As has terrible. What do you until this year when I mean I don't remember whenever I mean you know I got a diploma and it's and so GPA is it probably wasn't very good how I did. Mike I don't believe that no. By the way I beat the valedictorian and this lose Torre and add the ACT tests though he no one ever. Now I DIA. I did I passed on my tests but the problem is I never did my homework so that probably DB it and you know do it I did mine at lunch. And tech wielded it was a group effort I did I call it a vehicle. I did other people's homework and charged him for. Sell. Until until I got busted when my. Challenging Lewis was what was called there which is college prep English said you did much better on injuries. Booker. And some you guys have met in her because he was here a couple weeks ago and yeah it just. Like oops. Soon soon so he gave me a deal my book report they gave me and hale in his report. Of course winning crew for that it's a bit I stopped and I just I was charged like ten dollars a book report. Saw texture as a questions Alonso where's this physics genius now do you know. Have you trip on FaceBook. I don't get it. Isn't fazed okay you keep in touch with people from again. From all you talk all you Tomas her again we're not about you. I don't know should follow what's in Nassau I don't know what. I never said she was my friend vinyl that's okay now you can keep in touch with people from my school that although your friend whose job got a ton of those on those you most of my high school friends or your member name. Well on FaceBook fan I do remember her name but I'm not gonna see it on the air that's OK I'm not asking you'd seen on the am asking you to look her up on FaceBook. I would do that but I'm not doing at the moment because it became broadcasted FaceBook in the same time like Patrick. Yes actually I can because we've got one but fifty posts so far about it somewhere where songs and it's it's up and there were. We really and and I am a little of that does that hasn't been at a union is only as good but he's got this phone. So he's he doesn't have computer access that we do it's a little more difficult for him to elect Chris who won't even look at it all right. How much she got we just went out to eat we did a pregame meal we normally do and dumb. These guys took the 15%. At least. You guys did I need typically hit better than that all right Donnie Wahlberg was recently as he owed them by name yes that's right. It's because in general Jeff good for you Donnie Wahlberg was recently. In Charlotte. He let not they. Waffle House because you know waffle houses or he's actually doing a tour waffle houses. He's like a lot of people he's out late because while while snow wind cause or open Kay is seven yeah he left a 2000 dollar tip. Nice at the Waffle House so lead in it and to excel fees with all the people at the lawful that's nobly apparently very approachable guy. Like his brother probably although he runs mortality. I'm not seem a little willing to eating and horned. Dad's let this ticket to dead 2000 it'd take bigamy. I've played Don let me ask had a problem like Somalia's New Kids On The Block in blue blood had a real seized. About it. He wondered what we've canceled negative man look at Atlanta I'm sorry that's morneau is my story. And shared any stories like that if you had a law plus you don't care it's publicity or not nearly 2000 dollars okay. Fair enough. I wonder though that 2000 as a taxable. Yes officially said tipster taxable whether the reported or not is another match. Well I think there might be record of it now on to say it depends on how he gave it to her he gave her cash. Maybe not. I didn't give him if he wrote on on the other hand if he paid with a credit card any road in the little tip. Section that they have on their 2000 dollars in yes it Williams. Thing you know I don't dwell on May know couple people but. Most people my circle. Don't care 2000 dollars on them so I mean you know Donnie Wahlberg seems like the kind of person who might. See there you go again. Why why this and Donnie for that's not our sources say he's out that while he parties he's by big spender carries around why you know like going over. I never said it in like dialogue Larry you know you know what this reminds me of the family Italian forward tomorrow no this reminds me of the fact that you secretly hate boy bands know. I you're invited Jerry pie I've got a sneaky suspicion by the way new video will be coming out soon. Are soon as the relative word but it will be coming up if you haven't seen the first binary pie. Video on the making of avoided now there's even a big series on TV. On making of a boy band also we were ahead of that curb by the way. He did know about this. I yes no I I told you about this yet so anyway if you wanna check out that video. Oh somewhere where Chris doesn't go very often that's our FaceBook page yesterday pulse check out the buying Harry Potter video one of us is a dancer. And it takes a series of assign any takes it very very seriously but he needs if you need to go to young staples what's the minor empire video. And see who the dancers more to come soon and yes more to come soon. We each one of our own individual video and there may or may not obvious song at the end of a song saying. If there is it's going to be awesome. New Orleans. Although I haven't heard Jacques and Patrick singing voice you don't need to it would be superb. You might. It's okay. Accurate analogy you'd. You don't need here messing with a they have things for people like us now out of two I don't food what you're gonna need a lot of the rap section in the middle that's perfectly content dots. Of well I would make sure those are upset you have you listen to modern music and it's of people are making a living on a team and if anyone can do. And maybe me and me and Patrick September rob Dowling College beat me at that too like you would be Bob claims. Golf. I mean I think what comment. Dude that's not personally analyzed earlier news well you were coming in Tampa Damon I don't know though listening. That if I was the throw up and I left the studio that I couldn't do it because he would be in my way. Which I said no you wouldn't run right through long. Yes what you said woods which kind of was like a challenge for as listen I understand you don't like talk about snot and an initial comfortable so. So we will talk a bus not anymore you know we will talk about. And these were just posted. Now it's hard to tell my enemies and not talk about politics so we're gonna try to avoid that. But I highlighted a couple of the programs that were nominated which I thought was pretty cool. Drama series. Stranger things is nominated. I do wonder if if they would've been nominated as many times is now that the wasn't for that one speech but you know. We're one underwriter is. All this together the peace or no okay. Best comedy series are put to sinner because Chris unbreakable Khamese Mitt. Which Chris and sacrifice hilarious. And I don't get it that's fine that's okay because now I again I admit that it's not like rose petals and cheese yeah forever exactly Ari played punishment center rich people. Anyone can watch us except for a Sid is now free to somebody. I didn't get too far into united fund a funny but that's you know that's me I'm different kind of rights of comedy I've just had a Martin Short and hide why I wish I had his mourn shores when the frontal area alive usually all right areas on. Ellie Kemper is up for. Best comedy actress for Kim Smith. Benedict cover match up for best actor for limited action the series an actor because of Sherlock are like yeah MCC or not what some of it I've watched all of it I didn't harbor up for best supporting actor drama series stranger things. Billy Bob Brown offer supporting actress in drama series at eleven. Which hopefully she gets that. Look forward to seeing her way or maybe. B interest in aren't supporting actor to comedy series here's where it starts to get political aisle Baldwin for Saturday Night Live I've never seen Saturday Night Live. On nominees so many times as they are this year and it's because they went for an after somebody you know all I'm saying and it was a long about it and got a certain segment of people to watch even more. Also in that category tightest Burgess. From predictable KS listen drama down tight and who is. Hysterical. All right best supporting actress in the comedy series Kate MacKinnon Vanessa carelessly Jones are all nominee from Saturday Night Live team McKee. Camille Pin is what the phony issue is sheen's absolutely deserves it she has been killing it on sand but it's closely George's is a room I would say she deserved. A I mean she deserves a nomination this question I don't find it now on I don't I don't know what I'd do if I denied no no I was young Leslie Jones she is kind of funny and she would hurt all of us polio once television movie. Sherlock is nominated for that all right variety sketch series Saturday Night Live. On here's one that I some watches yet host for a reality. Competition. Program or reality series. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. The other see if we wants we will be so mellow for the show I don't know if we can do that aren't. Directing for drama series die for Brothers or of love for stranger things. More Saturday Night Live all through this so basically Saturday Night Live stranger things and was old as is done if we're on nominated for a lot brother yeah totally different things that I actually heard good things and its velocity haven't seen it yet but. Then I got a couple friends and watch it and one of the Nolan Brothers is behind it says that means it's. Probably did. Unless you break we come back we'll hit the roundtable a ton of things to talk about in the roundtable including strange things which we just mentioned. A few seconds ago you're studio staples right here won a 63 W nordic. Welcome into the the nerve roundtable I'm getting casement loans in case Smith Jane Kay Smith and Jane Kay Smith. And couple. Big time debates to get into into your roundtable this first one really bothered me and in May nobody does it does bother me okay. First of all Quin Tarantino is going to make a movie about the Manson family. Does not depart to bothers me it's a historical event say he was done making movies while. You know safely loses eight when did you know assays make content and so anyway okay he is he is making a movie about the Manson family. And outlets were reporting that Tarantino had met with Margot Robbie for the role of Sharon Tate. And also Jennifer Lawrence. And here's thing all right here's here's the part that bothers me all right. Tate's sister was tall talk to Sharon Tate was. Murdered by friends and family Tate's sister Debra how as strong opinion about who she'd choose. The book extremely accomplished actresses but I would have to say my pick would be more ago. Simply because her physical beauty in the way she even carries herself the somewhere and I'm sure Sharon. I don't think it's much about Jennifer Lawrence. Not to have anything against her but she just I don't know she's not pretty enough to play Sherron. That's a horrible thing to say but I have my standards. You know let this kind of thing happens is weighing more than you would realize. I can't tell you understand because now I'm speaking as an actor I personally have been cast. Or not cast a mean bait and hit. A lot of times that's it's not how well you acted what you look like. I have I in fact there was a there was role that I was not cast for simply because I didn't look right next to the woman that the cast that was gonna play across from. And obviously Arnie Katz turner Dave Dave were set on her there they'd already cast turn it was enemy in his and the guy and the like the way that he looked next to her better. The name. And that's that's how I think we feel this way you know what I do remember at the time this is actually very early in in in my acting careers such as. It's it is but. And I remember being actually think the first thing I was I was surprised because I don't think it ever been turned down for roll before. I think it was a first Alina big. Big role I didn't think that was our plan was turned down for roll nobody really knew I was surprised it was that it wasn't I wasn't you know irritated or any feeling that it was just I thought I was gonna get it value because. I always had and I'd get a good job I did a good job on the read I did you know I had a good audition. But inning get the role. C a similar situation for promotion one time. Have to be right here actually. On and every one knew I was getting hit every one the buildings it all Uganda for sure I mean you're already do in the words you're gonna give it all this kind of stuff. And give it. And I was completely shocked. And then. The pol committee's decision. Who is a former program director. Actually showed up liable location and brought me a birthday cake. After he didn't give me the promotion is trying to make amends although obviously all know he was always running in and oh yes OK Iliescu was. And and a good position eventually anyway and and the person who beat me now fort I'm OK with him to no problem with them loved him. But the fact I knew I had it I knew and everyone was telling me and Hingis. But casting based on looks is. Comment I mean is it it just days you're looking for a specific and not necessarily like for big stars a list people. But. I'd say there's a thing. Jennifer Lawrence -- Robbie do you think Jennifer Lawrence doesn't have physical beauty I mean what does the what does physical beauty I mean I certainly would not agree with that. At all Doug Doug this is did the noted debate that I wanted to get I understand I understand. I certainly would not agree with the the the general proposition to Jennifer Lawrence is not pretty. She is an engine changes is backed. Wed there she looks more like the character that Indy and this is a real person yet though. That the character that they want. The per the actor to play. Isn't is an entirely different matter. Does it you know I'm saying this was her sister but the way she says it and she knew it was a you know that's a little tax list but. But again casting based on looks is not uncommon and I'd. Output diamonds and the only industry now let me. Well would Tarantino it's probably how many times I'll I'll give you let's say in the up while I mean it's so bright as something to do with. You're audition I'm guessing I could be wrong yet unless he died develops a personal connection with the sister. Does that mean. I'm a car wasn't a life form and I don't have a picture in my head of what this lady look like they got to look up I think either one of them complain IDC. Margot Robbie poorly fitting better. Facial ink but the picture I saw Sharon Tate didn't show or entire Brett audience showed a picture or face. So I don't know but but you know it'd it basically says. Part of Iran's prettier than the engines reports they're both lovely ladies. Parry the other as the savior meaning to say I mean I mean. They're they are both very attractive I distinct. I think Margot Robbie ever since he did Harley Quinn. I can have a different. View of her and I feel like this type of movie would be kind of you know David it would kind of fit what she's done in the past. Rather than Jennifer Lawrence he means you guys that are. Owns dream no but like she she she can show pain better well the thing is I think from what I've read and I don't know again I'd. I'm Sharon Tate was. Kind of a starlet kind of snooty type thing. I think Jennifer Lawrence plays that kind of character that are. And Marla Robbie plays the crazy character a little bit better but you know NBA head off one movie now. With a foot putt again it was a great movie medal even had its flaws but it was again it doesn't necessarily come down to which plays that character better coverage comes down to you it might. It did depending on who's casting. In my come down to what you look like all right something else. Flash is just cast. A couple characters for for the next season. One of which is one I don't get it. Elongated man is going to be in the next season a flash. Why exceed Debbie is really starting to reach a mile what do you list people and we bring onto the shorter life isn't saying you know speaking of snotty. I don't think there's anyone who would pick stick an elongated man over plastic man classic man you've got accounting. You Steve got the same skill set. And you know he's smiling on me I I know flash is there for the last not as much the last couple seasons. On Cisco's year yes Cisco's your guy right now they HR was a jar was grade but. Anyway. You'll be doing that anymore so so elongated man are you also liberated the thinker. And the mechanic. Jason statement no ma'am until immediately adjacent states someone named. As a bag got a flash has done. Mean he's Camby to sustain them on the nose so I mean. All right I think the question no one asked you guys. This who would you pick. Elongated man McCluster man. I don't know in this very yearly questionnaires or is to really is a value plus plus Hernandez as a kid. And so I think guys may like him better because of that and I felt class community came along before elongated man. I was just like something you Google I think the other and to be careful. Quick and would gut there's a fair point that you found and stretch Armstrong may have been before both of them so but it he was not actually a he was used to toy Yang used to delay was like I was definitely sort of I love the description of the mechanic. It is a female thirties or forties the first and adjacent to a highly intelligent engineer who designed to assembles a plethora of devices. For the ailing Clifford devote devote his right hand she's a truest of true believers. Who'll stop at nothing to implement. This plan to fix all that's wrong with humanity. Even if she loses who she is props sets like atomic Tron from follow for. He it does it exactly sounds like that you're right I didn't I mean think about that that way. But then I started thinking and also. About marvel and DC and how they mirror each other with characters. And mr. fantastic. You know but I'm also thinking and arrow. And Hawkeye being got narrower aka. I'm more than there have been beaten. It also oh you're talking about which when you like better we don't win the fights we like better mechanic Darryl would win in the fight by. Really I was and say Hough on. I think Errol Cano paying more. Is on the island and if you for five years. Now I understand that brought them. Brought he was brought off. I think what's your brothel you're always kind of prophet like. Flaky and India and political it you know the life when Anatoly Asian boy and I'm not sure how well Hawkeyes gut you know he's got some friends to as to say adequate I just as think. So you're more of a hot guy yeah I just think hard guys you're going purples the bigger and I think Hawkeyes less likely to miss. I disagree I think euros less when I did tell Hough says at the sharp side but airs gets so many trickier OC now. Thank you aren't entry errors in. Because of the boxing glove but who exactly is he does he need it. I don't other parallels now here's one. Prince name more or supplement. Who cares. How hopeful. I hear our plumbing and comics lately are really kill yeah well with the outcome is they are we could take a break we come back we will continue. The upstate polls. Maybe Ellis right here on 1063 certainly ordered one person who will be here is Jane gays meant. Are there the other is the George Lucas is fascinating being accosted by professional. Autograph people you know once that first night clips started I thought man he's being manager in the hot as soon as they went on I'm right now it's down there again espionage here. And this by the way. There's no he got to see the video they got him going in so the first part is is George will who's going into where he's going in the same guy. Is waiting when he comes back out to give him again when he comes back out. Dad's that's that sounds like is set up I mean clearly. Well the thing is there are people who make a living your life hitting the edit and Endesa now when I grouse are supposed to be about. There's always act goes. And you see the same guys over what panther campus coming. Thanks Barbara back to Wofford and they'll be professional autograph people they're trying to get that so they can go online and selling on eBay I realized America. And it's capitalism and all that kind of stuff. But as far as George Lucas goes if you prefer is to always sign for fans it's up to him to decide what he thinks is a fan. And what is so when trying to do business in and I decide I signed on bright they're behind. And I completely new unit on that point but I also don't think it's. I mean obviously it's it's not it's not a good idea to be a jerk like that you know when your kids somebody's autograph regardless of what you're gonna do it. But I don't I don't have a problem inherently with people selling autographs giving even getting autographs to sell them. I mean we have we've had sponsors on the show that that. So autograph some in his one instead the only thing they sell but they they are among among the things that they sell. Are items that are autograph by I like the people that we've had a sponsors would be like this guy knows is absolutely true idiot. But but but make it as it as a concept I don't have a problem with getting an autograph to sell it. I don't either but this means as bad your name and yes that's the problem he was badgering. Anybody I me in this case he's bashing George Lucas but. This this is not how you go about doing it and if George looks and get absolutely agree with Lucas in that. It's up to him to decide if he wants to sign something and he's have to sign something for. Regardless of whether your fan. What do you think do you think George Lucas was being a jerk you think he has a point give us a text 71307. Pact were using. I think he was in the right I mean. He he's giving up a part of his time. The sign autographs to people and he can choose who we can sign autographs too and who not so I have no problem with like like we said. The first three seconds a bite out of the criticism manager. That and only an easy it and he did he did you do we know the contest you know contacts about it now but still an Intel and anybody I've got money and you don't that's that's injured move regardless of the context and then Hewitt did you like backed it up by saying. As you know why. Because I may I may movies. While and I didn't mean to sit around people's autograph I made movies and I don't ask the other thing all right we don't know how much of a conversation happened before yeah actually started filming hasn't really true and people will ambush. Especially famous people to make them look more like what so. If there was enough. Ahead of that to make that seem less snide it would surprise me. May be I mean I can't comment on contests today if you are just two point sometimes people say things that make down. Sounds away they don't yes that that's absolutely true but again we'll have that context he can't you can't assume that context is they're in. It isn't. So I think we all agree as far as I iTunes yes I do and I just I don't know I I eat. I understand why Lucas would not wanna sign something for that guy but I also don't have had a problem with you look just cannot think that every autograph he signs is just. The person's gonna take it home and frame and put on the wall but he cannot think that speeds that's what's happening. With all of his autograph snow I think Joba mania feud in meaning if you and so maybe if you show some pretty you know hey guys like you know and the move that's the way to approach it. And that's OK I don't have a problem with that but. But it's. I mean did I did I do I have no there's there's no way George Lucas is nave enough to think that that his autograph aren't being sold for more than the person paid to get it. All right speaking of Star Wars another story which I post its or FaceBook page. Was again. Upstate pulse no way to for Christie into but he didn't know Perez treating the text line and textures. What is the Texans a second okay all right it's on focus all right we have had done an element yes I do but I was and we'll talk about the story of this other story is. About monopoly Star Wars monopoly big deal. And a closest to our FaceBook page was what I was saying. Rage is still not in Star Wars monopoly. When you see in Star Wars monopoly lean on playable peaks okay to do so figurines of her doesn't exist right it does not end. There was protest about this earlier in the year and here's how how. They responded Hasbro we love your passion for ray and are happy to share that we will be including her in the monopoly source game available later this year. What is it and it was actually last year it's nineteen months later they still haven't done. Do we know who's the playable. Characters all early the next question how many how many pieces coming figurines exist in the game I think it's the originals and it doesn't actually say in this article. And it doesn't see a fitness playable or not. On my defense is playable and she isn't. Yeah it's the day well. Okay and that's that's fair if you if you. There has to be there isn't a decision it wears raise campaign yes on President's Day. Well this past and these are wears thin campaign knows there is that what's with a blind offends actually made it implies that he's in there or it implies that he's not and there are people don't care trusted to gripe about it as is if it's if the Star Wars monopoly isn't all encompassing all the movies. I mean I like Craig but there were a lot better characters. Let's an iconic characters look at Edwards and say is. If you've got say I don't know ten figurines that you are going to include in the game. That's a finite number of figured out you just wanna make as many as you can in and put in the game and I don't make it a game you know as to which one you get you've you've. You buy your shrink wrapped copy of star was monopoly in new guess which ones are inside you know it. I'd be upset if I didn't have a hot so maybe you know but but the thing is if you're gonna have a finite number of pieces in the game. You gonna have to choose which ones those are and I don't think there's any question that ray is not on the top of the list of characters that you would choose to put in stars and I don't know that she's outside the top ten. And I don't know that there's ten figurines in the game but just assuming that that's with the number is that there's choices that you have to me like I tell you. I about a month ago we got dragged Mozy monopoly in my life got a forming. As early Father's Day right against it and I think there's and it doesn't care if you look like the way they know the characters are playable and this is pieces like a Dragonball. And stuff like that now if you leave you would have gotten hurt kills championship belts. Which I didn't give it. Which I would have liked to have gotten that but there were no playable characters this lady didn't have to leave the characters out. And I understand that and that that kind of speaks the original monopoly where the pieces were not. People into the closest you've got was once thought pat of the guy. That's on the box and you know columns are people here those people assume that kind of dark but there was a dog. A us now she used there was Clark iron symbol Leanne a car he had ever been wanna be part was cool. You know filling your drab and honestly I I mean I I don't know but. The point is that if the if the if the figurines in Star Wars monopoly war the millennium falcon and a light Saber and that death star. You know things that are rice and not Asia nobody's that are but not people. That would then we wouldn't have this argument. Are we need to bring for you get back to its excellent with Al texture. Says I tried to get Lucas autograph in the mid eighties he was indeed bag to me coincidence. Maybe maybe he's consistent maybe he's consistent if he knew you're gonna seller thought you're gonna sell it maybe he's consistent in that regard may not only signs of late conventions and stuff and you can't they could under or maybe you know we signs for children. I mean I mean he says to always get children in now wouldn't surprise me though. What ever the oh whatever terms he wants to put on his autograph it is the only signs when he's in the table at a convention. That's perfectly fine I can understand. Listen I gotta be honest I don't get the autograph thing I never I. I like got a crowd actually given on grass and I still get it Tom but here's it seems like original Longo about a celebrity who said they won't do a lot of grass with the takes self fees. See that's matter I'd rather have a self the poet. I don't would be better than how to craft if if you don't care about money if you just want some cool well let's on because you can sell selfish or right exactly. One more segment left any of state polls still accustomed to give to. Listening to one of 63 WORD. A few more things to get to ball five or six minutes or vikings and o'clock and seven and ask him and it's a guy somewhere around there. Left in the weekend ferocity when we started real weak and I suppose although a rule we can start here we are having so much fun we always do that. And no I'm not a silly humans like with someone else who's to say. Not about to do Larry coming in more. You know I'm not doing it I'm not doing he might be listening to give back on credit all right so a couple more things in the round table. Stranger things teaser outs. That's how you do a teaser yes agree perfect way to do it teaser gives you check it out we still have. A lot of months ago this is not till the end of October so the show. Comes back on but well worth it. On I'm a few cast members to look forward Sewell Paul Reiser and Sean Aston. To Paul Reiser and heard that yes had to entertain and I was I was explaining to on camera sunk to about Paul Reiser. About he knows comedian how creepy he can be. The Hollywood could have been in aliens. How he was how he wasn't mad and he was you haven't heard of Paul Reiser exactly he's ever had that's. Wow well done and John Aston is good in everything he does and a so into semi against the Bambi I don't know. And so little when we are did outline that. Maybe deer in headlights on a case so alone. Also detect trailer. We've always is here to get the tick trailers I have my concerns trailer is. Axel did you watch that the pilot. There was on Nan L you don't have Amazon's best thing on Amazon prime sellers outlets and how much is involved in basically the same as Netflix excepted to yearly subscription instead of monthly C so this isn't worth that for me it's well. If you order stuff off of Amazon but I I've and better every one personal okay. It's free two day shipping. That's the main reason that people get it all of the rest of this stuff just kind of comes being here in this or find a way to get stuff free is there anyway to get differing. Haven't found one but I will say that it's absolutely worth the price I think and I'm not. That don't quote me on this is that I think I remember hearing recently is they are gonna change their rates but. 99 dollars a year was the was that the going rate as Ira call or John like I guess better keep coming anyway. But this the way that Amazon probably Amazon originals has released. Pilots for a for shows that they are considering making. And then you go you've you can go watch them and vote for which ones you want to get made. I was this is this part of the the way that they choose which ones they're they're gonna may seem like concern with this all along was Arthur. Because I think it's easy to take I think it's hard to do Arthur from what I've seen. We got to get to play Arthur I like a well and yes and it's very interesting because Arthur was the that. The most different character from what I remember of other take. Incarnations the visited the animated shows on back in the ninety's and then there's the live action. It ABC year to. What I'm net I didn't I didn't like now though I like to yeah you listen to death with Patrick Ward Burton now he's he's fantastic. Again and give a plug to. The series of unfortunate events it's available on Netflix right now really really and he's in that. However the Arthur Arthur was always Justin. Harrell use it was just to spineless little thing you know but in this one. He's just remember is rallying cry not enough seats. In this when he is kind of legitimately crazy. Like Blake neurotic. Why isn't you know just from watching the trailer and not really heard him talk I could see the new Ronnie he's in the NC so I've watched the did the pilot. Peter shares fillets as the take a I wasn't quite buying it at first but after the trailer I'd I wonder if they've tweaked it a little he relies he would take an island love. On Arthur I am really interested to see because he's got an edge to them. And policy were and what it's like I feel like they couldn't do that. In the in previous incarnations of the tape just because of the wind it was produced yet whose guys are tough when Raymond forget his name to. Station man you're so money and how can I don't think we're now I can only hurt their characters on there to tell you know your tie and have guys like that man I forget his name toe did. It's like it deflator mouse was and is to played Tauziat spouse is American made and I haven't seen that the only two people that she recognized. From from other shows words taken Arthur when it's my job now bombers and so. These hello actually I still ended. Is somebody that I never really heard of before. And so I don't know if that was created to her face would that no it wasn't. I don't know its airspace. That they could I don't know if it was created for the show or is this is a character from the comic books that I just wasn't aware of but. Again I think he's gonna be really get. It does looking forward looking into does look very good by the way real quick they are. You know the classic any asset. They didn't make enough and yes there. They're fakes out there and dozens of rising so it so be careful and and what the picture says CB coloration is different you know with a picture looks like. Like someone selling their own. Any aspect and I would like to admit it could sit around for twenty years nice little. So be careful fakes because you have USB connector gas front piano that would be a dead give away right there. Something else where is it wears oh yeah. Doctor Who threw out a surprise it dropped like yesterday. A trailer that says they're going to tell you who's your new Doctor Who is after the men's Wimbledon final tomorrow. And I'd I was shocked that Dallas is let's really kind of be surprising is a pretty big special lineup last year was our. Last time when Paul he took over they had Chris Hardwick. Who won't do any show for any thing fond. Doing it but he's a big time nerd cerner is my kind of stuff so it was fitting for him to do so I don't know if he's involved in this or not. I'm hoping I don't care how it sounds I'm open did you know about to the pressure make Doctor Who woman I think it's okay for Doctor Who to be a guy. I don't care if he's due to. What. Raissi is a distinct opportunities to be a guy fair enough on them making the master a female although very well done was. Little unsettling. But so looking forward to see who got you got two. I know we don't have time to get into admitted texture has written three words in the text line castle mania on Netflix I have no lasted and alliances CNET. Do we talked about a Leno last D'Amato last week I like did. I I didn't know I but it's interesting I'll I'll save until next week in and it will bring them again. Specialists in the upstate pulse one a 63 WOR DJ and K Smith Jay in case Smith didn't casement and Jean case Smith signing off tonight stay tuned for. Ground zero coming up next like our FaceBook page.