Upstate Pulse 7-21.-18 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, July 21st
DC Service, SD Comic Con, new food idea, and more!

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Well come into the upstate pulse welcoming this Saturday. A beautiful Saturday this is not too hot out there we got some rain clouds and play you know we really good time impact ground about. On to. Driving around and cruised around in the end do we met for. Pre show Neal knows those yeah pretty good. It was only slightly warmer outside and it was in my house with the air conditioning bill is more humid outside yeah there's the it was wet definitely but. It was eyes to all day it's been to court just apply to you my family and I we went to the mall earlier and we. Eight outside a lunch outside the wasn't too bad nice bugs not too bad either bombing near the end of the mill that it can I do a one mistake. If you get a gluten free bond. At the place where we just minutes lettuce no I would hit I could handle let us. The bond was like twice the size as as a burger. So so there was like Papelbon laughed when I was done but that's fine you know everybody else's that's more like a burger problem the problem to edit listen and it was a good it was good meal on don't ask tonight and it wasn't that you have to make the birther to fit. The bun yeah exactly IE if you knew what the size of gluten. Three bond looks like why would you make the burger I'm not CEMIG thicker but make it a little bit thinner Celek goes all the way around you know what I think it is. I think you're not too many people were. So they stay figured it out yet today yeah and you know I used to make fun of those people but I found out that I have a slight gluten allergy on Kansas have announced other problems of trying to figure out everything that won't bother me. So trying to stay away from. They we had pizza earlier and I got glued repeats right arm which was it was pretty good. Bird or keep on still taste the garlic. So all of vampires we are fantastic and I underwear telling a bad thing on it wouldn't be in sub is very very strong and this was things were again on the Nauman and this isn't medical week with Alonso. I can't smell you from here so it can't be that bad is that the new segment medical week alarms on the idea. Most sought what's wrong with Alonso this week we'll tell you know I guess yes and you've done here no I can't smell you from here let me try out. Let me try we'll see if lunch and dinner catches up with me enough to where he can INS for areas today yes yes I did. Moment the injuries only from air that's it I have broccoli and today I just reminds me Terrell walked in the studio Thursday at a record. Three videos which are great which I listen general you know what I Elisa a last week's because you guys made such a big deal about it. Was like you know I gotta yeah I do listen this thing and it did and it it it was. Is every bit as epic as you describe best guess the last realized it's what I've been waiting for since they started away it. I agree and that's exactly what that show ought to be an and you guys need to check it out it's it's on our our web site when a 63 W a RD dot com. What's the audio page go down flying three big egos trust me. It's worth listening to it's about halfway through and that's the only place you can get it it's not on the year. It's not age you have to go to our website when a 63 W Doherty dot com. Yeah I let us play in somebody else's stuff how company the most is that I mean but you know I did witness it and now in us and we're looking at my phone. China not to smile because I was joy and everything it knows showing no reaction and although watching him anybody else's reaction and their reaction was great and that's the point where I just. Very surreptitiously. You know forget whatever I'm doing on my phone and turn the camera on. See I should I and I should have done that but I've been waiting for this that pick it out to happen for so long. And and I was lulled us to beginning. Speaking it's not going to happen. And it happened and I was so proud and so excited that I forgot that the into the camera yeah and and I should amend my previous statement there are certain feeds that she can get that podcast on I'm sure iTunes Google play things like that. But but ultimately it's only coming from media you can appeared on the year. So but the but originally when I was gonna say we are Thomas smells Terrell walked in and instead it's thank in there. And as well in my and Bob immediately looked at me as a way of life. Well yes yeah Agassi had been an effort to our area as like now it's chorus again from realism Chris. The lake is no way I hung around that long as the candidate who did. So but every always been thrown under the bus when probably just the trash to get taken out yet that the which happens on occasion on. Because it's it's hard to get in here when they come to take the trash out when a show's going on. So that's what I think it was people and Patrick coming earned and eat stuff and is though half of the food in the trash can and Everest on. I don't I don't I OT CU as an example because we know you don't go through the way I adult I am I at all. I waistline tells tells you that I don't throw away McChrystal yet you know what I'm adults and let them. Others thought you might go somewhere no I was going to agree with you eyes and rarely threw food away either if it's. If it's too literally disgusting like I just cannot and did I will throw away in the days and yeah. Yeah media and terribly lake it's putrid aliens rotten or something but I mean just I don't like it like a lot to diverted to that doesn't happen very off yeah I try to Aponte paid for a really trying to heated even if it's if it's tolerable because I feel like man how was a lot of money if I don't at least give that a shot right maybe it's one of those men and explain to be better yet he. Yeah by it. I'm an actor who did actors. Eat anything like he's he can if there's a spread. Where it's not that and get none out there and act there. But the way this is not a brag I'm saying that this is. And win it there's there's a reason terms starting actors. Exists and I see her go there is because I think I think Patrick can agree with me when I thought of was. That means I can in any event I don't care he's ever I don't know now runner if he does comes your house says that's really good now might be acting known and in our mighty nasty no he may be. Being made two daughters and you want to know by now that I'm very honest in my area actions but what else really well and sometimes when I mean it is dead. Actors too frequently don't know. Their next meal is coming from Augusta I mean figuratively but. I just I'd I'd take it to heart I eat I eat as much as I can whenever I can so yeah I'd I rarely threw for two. See that's a radio thing to enjoy hard yet though because yet and says to me unless I lost considerable amount of weight and on radio this very difficult. Because. Hasn't that well actually it has happened a lot lately. Three but pretty soon because in yeah only gets in get free food the kitchen or in the car for sure yet and you feel obligated like you have to go down there and and there are times like radio funds coming up in lots I'll bring food back. And the come room to room and say hey you want to simply say no they did. They give you look like right and it's it's like now are down pretty good hit which I do all the time yeah I did download yet now I do I used to not do that by the way. And contributed to my now waistline for sure on but yeah I'd. They bring food in and it's. You find out that a lot of people were in radio for free pizza I mean that's that's what comes down to and and it and pizza is the food of choice for radio super easy it is and and you did. You know and everybody who doesn't like pizza. This everybody loves to be some people if you don't like pizza. Award to the text us or 71307. And tell us why you don't like pizza to our pits again cause I'm based out so yeah that's all right world there's a club right now on one assists three WORD FaceBook page. So yeah and Patrick houses up and he will answer your comments no matter how flustered they may be. Texas says zag as it did find it odd does Vince and Bobby to the day off following this epic podcasts is speaking each area. You know I didn't I didn't really think about W they did and Terrell was so proud of its users. Plug in in all morning so now. As did the bird that you're talking about reminds me the old Wendy's commercial where's the beef. Here's the thing I'm a I'm. Given out false. I don't know impressions here the the very there was big meat was they got okay there is plenty of burger theirs is a whole lot of extra buzz as it does so I mean it was not a you know what. I am considering. Then I might have been wrong before it might be a money issue maybe they just make his buns two big guys I'm thinking that was economies and not only was it too wide but it was like. The days if you're looking on FaceBook you can see then it's on on literally what's that two inches. It was in the hottest that's all time. It was like two inches and sometimes burglar bunch of like that I mean depending upon where you go in and it was like his style well and my biscuit thicker brownies thinker sometimes lose their perfect. Honey. I cannot tell you about her brownie burger yes I was figured two would that work. I could see. Yeah I just don't know where chocolate or meat can go together yes again. OK I grass like even ground faces it did it can work is just no ground beef I'm just saying. Should we try to makes. Know a tow truck just pulled a vehicle on parking lot the world did when I was a I don't know of hard to the other building again. It was not it was not here as I was watching the yeah yeah blow the whole foods has a song like don't draw downs on vehicles like no longer. No repose going all right now. Not that there should be earning bank split ya. So I tried doing the tried to get away from the front burner but I can't now are not going to be in my head. All right so well on this here we got Travis. I hate well here's the first of all the so he needs to look up and see if they make one somewhere that you can't let that Atlanta that's that's a fine I'd like if they don't. We create our own okay and and I don't have a problem that either what I am gonna say is that simply. Making a flat brownie. And putting a murder on top of that is not gonna work there's got to be more to it than that. No I mean more ingredients besides more ingredient yeah not human or Browning on top notch or not the brownie and the assault like Ronnie the bun I'd like to bring brownie is it topping your post about brownie has a bunt would not work as it wouldn't that that would hold together CI IAE. I see what you're saying but I think there's a will there's a recipe. That you could come up with for a brownie bond effectively but what do we look this is still media often known not necessarily still be. Danson and brownie out. But it would hold together with a weight of the burger on do you want to cheat do you want to Julie Brown I don't I don't see this is this is what we need to figure out if you listen to show for the first time yes we are actually talking about brownies over and. Because this this is good because you can make two separate types of brownies the bottom you want the bottom and to have the sturdy and it's too yes that top bunt can be kind of light light yet so you can probably the night exactly Colin Howell parred the brownie type of feel in the top bunt. But the bottom but you kind of just wanna have is the solid base. Well you know it's interesting to know gonna do during the break. And analysts tactics gonna look it up or Chris is gonna look it up or local memorial cup. I can't because. My computer micro as we don't want that to happen with the the bomb because Rome based applied just a reminder if you if you wanna see what we look like are you wanna go home like kinda it's not know let me turn on off site clearly understand. Oh my goodness or if you wanna see there is one does Chris really well dialogue on the beard in nicely done yes he says this is. It's not is not easy top long but it's I don't know I'm on a biggest get there this close to we get there we need to go to break we do. Chris we'll tell you what he foul we come back. It was just a little ways and it's interesting bit and we are also get to us out San Diego count on right here 163 Debbie Doherty. Welcome back into the assay pulse Alonso Chris and Patrick here you know we got into such an in depth. Discussion earlier. The team and tell everybody who was in studio but it's just it's it's it's the normal nerd herd it here at your expense dissidents the special guest this week but we'll get some. You know literally yeah. When Harold you every time no adult which you probably don't. We don't we definitely a core group is here we've got a lot of stuff to talk about including are right would you like excel discussed this on our life again as feeble we haven't discussed we. You sell so there's several different things that come up when you just search for the word brownie burger. The first line is and is a recipe what appears to be a recipe from NetSuite. Where it's it looks like they've included Nestle's chocolate in the burger patty is as Lincoln additive yeah but it other than that it's it's just kind of a regular Bernard yeah which is interesting but not what we're talking about. No actually they came across was. A dessert. Wary brownie is cut to look like a burger patty and then it's topped with plea frosting and cookies and an eight. And it looks like a Bernard am also not quite what we're talking about and then I did find one of the more interesting ones. Now apparently there's a restaurant called brownies. Burgers and Fries really where they just make burners have burners but I honestly name the brownies and it is the name of the place so. The city this doesn't look as far as I can tell just based on the the first page of results. It doesn't look like anybody does what we are talking. You know problem we can we gain change yeah Wikipedia page and we could've been the wish I had users to ourselves because. We are who live on some basis on which is worldwide some enterprising chef out there is gonna see is someone this piece is Obama also went. I can do I can do that yes let's see. Can do it as well as the people at staples. I don't know I guess the question hey here's what I'm thinking in May be a challenge between the three of us. That we create our own brown hamburger okay and do a video of it OK I mean we can't be we could make them bring the man with the recalled by the end and you can't get a genuine taste test. I say we need to go out to. Be basically each week. One person. Creates their own version of the barker we all go to their house. We film we get our reaction some the two people. Who art making the burger solicit it wants as we to make Chris and I would judge will give us our honest opinion about gay name in different. And each week it's a different. But see that's a cool idea listen to they're really sucks and you tells me when that in her own house. Yep this is Chris yeah that would act in a good mood with the sounds no matter the funniest and I would get well again I would. I would wanna offer constructive criticism now now here's the thing I'm also curious argument was the first thing you do would you smell. Yes probably. Because because smell is an important part of it good eating. Yeah process that is. We're gonna I would that he's a big word there and I decided not to. Why you don't see us make the funds yes it was alert us to Torrey. We have heard that I know I don't believe I have are you familiar with the word oh factory. When it okay. Mind just at Torrey sounds like some dudes name never line. On women's just listening to Torrey. That's the only dolls AG. You'll let us this hour later sounds like a stomach condition. Doc. Hitler or muscular predicament works I've been diagnosed was just the story all as similar as regards there. Really hurts us the story far let's get past those we will work on their dinner we will do this it is deathly an idea. No we should do we should find out awaits you to set up a table outside and have a bunch of listeners bring in their version of it and we'll judge it. I don't know that kids are now back again. Because Tim saved some of the only key special brownie birders and I'll tell you tell us like he else yeah. Forget that I'm not gonna do that you know I spent years as a king taster. For us castle. And an adult is always a concern for me yes it was because I've never taken drugs before and I was always worried that you know. What's the word about dying I was more worried about that. And right and in Russell's like to go take a bite pencil to comply you know it's a little note it was the it was kind of funny. But you know and then we received you or is any day we received standard and Mel around the time. All. Certain that how ourselves this is our all mailed. And isn't this axis and is up picked it up and I thought Delta's alligators now. We were both in the office an office that we share now round and we both put these jurors like oh crap with. We're dead now anyway that's what it is. You know because if because it gets airborne in on that kind of stuff so open it up anyway and what it was this someone went to use the beaches of Normandy. And succeed both incidents and no it was a big deal for him he was he was he was real he thought it was you know was this an envelope. It was in a bagging inside of the thing. When you when you pick it up you fill it in a moderate in your thinking. And and it was very cautious around that time any yet again and so it and anthrax have been nailed down the street to. Two beyond. Post office the big post all right yet and so distribution Jack it was it was. Not only was it in a news it was close to us so but don't we found red letters on Elena Lesnar is usually cope so anyway. That was a concern there but usually people bring in food and he would be like you think whoever sent it would have thought that through a little well. You know still it created a Mason jars Soledad some not are not clear I don't know I get what you're saying blood. You know I'm not saying it wasn't a kind jester bush and if you're listening or you're watching right now thank you because it Russ really really enjoyed that give us certainly and we also was scared to death there for just a few seconds or eight. Was two before we take a break we got at least touch on same view count on. It is going on right now a ton of things. Happening at comic con on our buddy rob young. Was out there and he may still be there I don't know two and a panel Thursday. And hopefully we can find a way to get a hole and I'd love to see the video that which had to do with. Incumbent retail and and it sounds really really cool but also during this time you get a much trailers breaking. He did news breaking for the new seasons for like fly national icon stuff and those panels my favorite panels. They happen today and tomorrow c.s can't watch them like Monday but a couple panels happened until about that one what big announcement. First started with. The titans trailer. Titans is going to be on the new DC service before we get to the trailer let me tell you that the price point for. The DC network it was. Is out there now. Still no launch date they're still saying fall but here's what a disservice. Will launch an unspecified date in fall 2018. But you can pre order an annual membership for 7499. At DC universe dot com if you pre order before the service launches in the fall you get an extra three months. Of the service for free a pretty good deal. And fans who pre order between July 19 and 25 while San Diego comic con is going on. UB energy for a drawing for a chance to get three op meant well it's already a good deal at 75 dollars a year yeah. So what do breaks down says the Netflix or name is what it breaks down to a 799 month. And then if you order now you get three months extra you're right. Which by the way but not if you didn't get those three months it's still a good yeah of course you know I don't waffling back and forth about whether I was gonna do it or not and I'm probably gonna tomorrow project or his service because. Marty knows got a lot of things on it that animal alike. Some I'm not so sure about starting with titans I think the prices cheaper than that. And 99 it says is doing Tyson's in the night I understand that punting the math doesn't work out well. Anyway. I am reading what the story from the website says so old beauty got to put the website anyway sorrento about the titans trailer which just. Just dropped and people were not happy about it calm all over the world people complaining about things. Now we have seen some pictures early on we talked about on the show. The two month or two ago. The star fire and that and here's the thing they say she looks like Joker the way she's dressed in she does. If she does not look like an alien and I understand diversity and also we've had a discussion Daschle before that issue by the me she did he shoot them mostly under. It's because of the coat. People Wear coats people or more cruel than my final act the first thing I thought was she looked like a hooker of the percent net and on to first and that means there is said that the first thing that Baghdad. Cameron thought was same thing and there are. Thousands probably of people on the Internet who say the same tag militia allied patrols on the Internet not necessarily trolls giving your opinion of what you see when you first look at it doesn't make your troll just it's just your opinion. On you didn't see what we saw all that's fine. You know America and the world is also so other than that. I liked Robin I did he dropped an F bomb. I kinda get it for effect and it's also shown that this is going to be don't chose I think they've put that in their from Natalie SA. Yeah so that well on the service they can pretty much. Don't don't get out a way to put on and what I'm saying is the rating is gonna be TV yeah. I have to. And ray then I'd like to race than she seems a little young but she probably isn't as young's I think she is because this is not teen titans it's titans so these are not necessarily teenagers. Robin looks like he's in his twenties already on. Which is about the time when he started titans as night wing he's still around and he's not night wing. But. So part of don't look forward to part of the numb not I'm willing to give star fire chance hopefully she does better hawk and dove world and there they look pretty good. Peaceful it was on there. He didn't transform views about two I'm not real solid on the makeup obese boy but. I was thing about that too. The the I was sold on the may have either. And I figured out what and what it was about it he doesn't mean here in this case is just advice shops yes justice face paint agree not even mutton chops of talking about like. His whole face should look like. Like a dog's face has hair on it you know. Reporter well Indy in the the cartoon for like umpteenth times he has my jobs he doesn't mean. Right but it looks and I mean in a cartoon you can't really tell but it looks like. His his face is not just green skin. But green fur GAAP. You know I have no idea what you Sandia I get what you say and again lighting could have something to do with that Nvidia or not it had the finished product that they know they were dropped in this Fiat I think it is finished I don't think you put in a trailer like that out if it isn't finished and it is it was finished. They completely were arrested in the aid it needs. Yeah I am and just like I said. Team doesn't enter. This was our first impressions are what they can do on their own network. And to meet it dropped the ball well 'cause this is I wonder what they're trying to do you do drop in this trying to get people to buy the service and if you do and so many so much criticism. How many how many. Subscriptions they lose because exactly or unhappy we've talked numerous times on this program about the art of making a good trailer and the whole point. Other trailer a good trailer is to entice people to now sign up or go see it or whatever by. Buy a ticket by the service. By whatever it is and I dull and this this one kind of left me wondering. I can see something I mean the waited some people said have been complaining about it. They've got to be wondering is this going to be worth money you know six or seven dollars a month. Definitely on we got accustomed Sabah before we go to break or had a couple more things on titans and in some more stuff on DC service. Coming up when times though they Jeff Johnson he's dead Donna Troy will be on there you guys for I don't know Donna Troy is but she's wonder growing there's been. There's been an arc about her in the titans comic book which just ended. On but. Titans are starting up again. Jason Todd is going to be on there. And Jason Todd was. The second Robin Wright who Joker killed and they brought back life so so looks like red hood is gonna make an appearance which should be kind of cool. I don't care with that and super boy now this is the super boy from young justice. Would you saw on there it's it's it's good genes from Lex Luthor who slipped that in there and it once was to be and from Clark Kent. So. He's Connor can't and he super why not the super boy that's in super suns right now who's actually Clark Kent sun on and also. Lex Luthor is going to be in this now he hasn't been cast Donna Troy is being cast and my Connor Leisle. Who I'm not quite sure who she is incur Walters has been. Cast as Jason's not so there's so there. I don't know how far into filming they are I mean so. I don't know if the first season's done or not may be the only have a few episodes done. With did not launching until. Fault which can be not until October because that's when a lot of flight like supernatural flash all those things are filming right now yes and then we'll have some clips of what they're filming but only below two or three episodes into their filming so that is a possibility yes statements and still be in production on they can be all right we'll take a break there's a couple of things come into. DC that was announced passage to India come come get that we come back but would join Texas show 71307. Phone calls 8034710630. Let's just say Paul's right Harrell won 63 WORD. Two rendering good choice. The kids in the upstate pulse Alonso Chris Patrick have a blast on Saturday night again let's. Nice out there can't wait to get back out there wanna thank you for taking us along with you weren't fun that's what we do know politics. Yeah enough that during the week with or find programs so we just we talk about foreign stuff that's what we do. Especially pop culture things and one of the things going on right now San Diego comic con for the break we were talking about. On the new DC service a couple of things and now sport act comic con. Was young just to season three and there is a trailer I know Chris fighting it is your chance to luster trailer no I did not. It starts out with a recap of the first two years. And then it goes into the new stuff and it looks really really good. Makes it look like while he's dead so. Because he sacrificed himself at the end of season two and those like you may really be dead that's comic books though we'll see an impulse is taken his place. Who's just another flash. But the beyond the first thing I was struck by one Jesus same kind of flashed a disease tap into the speed yeah yeah is another. One of the family. But actually I think impulse is a flash from the future who came back to see his hero. Who was a while it lasts and during that time. This will Wally supposedly died in account books Wally. Got lost in the speed force and he came back. As tight and so that may very well happen so it looks pretty gill was new characters and some more characters. People who really really fans of the show on nor was a pretty sure Patrick Willis to a young justice. It it was one of my favorite animated series animated series of all time so it's great and they say that they heard. The fans. Requests to bring about and that's one of the reasons why the brunt of that also another thing. Still go along with the DC service is the united another new series live action series and start Earl. If you don't watch Sheen legends of tomorrow start girl was in legends of tomorrow. For a few episodes and I actually I kind of liked her I thought I thought the actress. Did the part really well don't know a lot about her. Blood apparently. She did well enough to its they're gonna give her own series so we look a lot more live action series or in the network along with. Digital comic books that you can watch. He knows some of the classic complex they pinpoint a Superman number one things like that he can read through one screen. Race and and a bunch of the animated stuff I've seen it looks like all the one woman episodes from the Linda Carter era. On the site may be small bill also there's a lot of stuff like that what I was gonna ask is this stuff from the CW going to be on there yeah well that's one of the things OnStar girl's crossover from CW. Right to the cry but I mean the stuff that's already been produced on. TW is and again and I don't know but it wouldn't shock me because we know that's all DC stuff so right. Speaking I would ask in China on speaking of CW shows. There are new. Crossover has been announced and it's a big deal and this is something that a lot of people ask about. It's not the big bat. It's not about man. But that woman is coming. During the cross over you know they have a crossover ramble on the shows on there. And that woman is going to be on it and that's I think you and I Chris in my opinion and I were discussing about. Why that man that what world that there would exist on maybe it was me came and I don't know but. I thought that baton and would exist. On super girls world in the CW and it looks like that's what's going to be on because there's trailer flipped crossover. And I was in me you to be did you know it's nerd confusion happens. So that woman is gonna be there. And it shows Kara talk and errors saying. Yeah Artie know about the cost him guy who are you so painting that read so they're gonna talk about that they would not talk about that man but they're calling her about woman. I don't know she's obviously she's probably been cast but I don't see the casting yet. But it's going to be adjusting the C can you bring that woman named. And just hinted that it causes what they've been doing all along. But Gotham is ending the season and maybe with the ending of Gotham got a shot to get that man on the series or at least. Like a Jason Todd maybe there will be some crossover like you were saying from the DC network coming on to CW. Our notes hopefully they'll happen in the future. Something that really will interest Patrick. Yes. Nickelodeon is bringing him back now that now know why now. Does not interest me I'm sorry makes me off line you don't want road rest abuse no I'm just gonna sock. Isn't it bias you what I think what he just basically there's two reasons why that was gonna suck one. I do and and and you cartoon series which might okay. Fine I don't understand it Reba emea and regroup and doing it lied adaptation of I'm like well how can you make rug rat it's a lot of adaptation with a CGI characters to all. That no ass. Yes that's what it's going to be lines and you look like you're excited about this like here's a I didn't just excited to see him score I and I and I and enjoying his passion I will say this if they did it TE. Like the rug rats grownups theories. As a light adaptation. I have been OK with it that would be interesting that would be adjusting I think I would be OK with it but what is rug rats the babies and I grew up on that. You do not do that. Say this is the reason why I'm. Because remember. My son is his age my daughter's a couple years earlier and and and raven the first thing she said is it better not suck because. She was really into rubble I guess. Reps are all that kind of stuff she was into a big time. And she lives she's always wanted to watch rug rats so. It if I would be OK with it I didn't completely fine. If the lie of adaptation of it. What is the rug rats grown up because it's the high schools era it only got a season may be to Obey whatever it first cannot the cartoon form. And it was like OK like we were like okay they're growing up with us that it's kind of cool to see that. Nowadays will be like I I wonder what that would look like in today's world. Rats completely fine however if you do a whole new scene for rug rats as babies. When it's already been done it was already good and I go back and watch anytime I want to. There's no desire for meeting as he does he has the problem that was that they're trying to get a new audience. Trying to get inaudible of the L audience that this has something. Well it's no express Sears is thing. You know you do a segment called old news or things that make you fold and this is why he's accurate. Because this is his childhood and he doesn't want his childhood. To happen this on a lot of hours. He recalls for progress. The cash pre accident that I I get it tag I understand that this is why I'm mad at it because. We know it's just Gannett. It's been a lot and I will I will say. I think I kind of relate to this because I had a similar reaction when they reboot and power on power puff girls. These guys saw the original power of gas and it was fantastic and the new ones are not that bad guy and I'm just trying to give you a little bit of hope now they could pull this off now and I and I agree with you however. Going by what I've seen recently and it has not much from Nickelodeon programming. It doesn't bode well okay. Like Cartoon Network like you took your word for that note cards in our public they can do it because it's Cartoon Network right there always. Eight they will go back to things but always honor what may go old stuff good. I think he's gonna ruin rug rats from now want. Look at what we need is a deliberate and you know critics call them yeah yeah Chris we we first were protests we first were pros to do this show did you ever dream. Then we will be discussing rug rats on the air with someone who's so passionate about said show now I didn't they would be on here this long you know medieval. Who knows what would be your next week we'll find out all right. For now we're going to be here for the next hour and ten minutes and why won't FaceBook or 1063 WORD's. FaceBook page. If you wanna check it out so much more to come to a Simpson post right marijuana 63 Debbie Doherty. What about you to be a simple salons Chris Patrick here. How fun on Saturday night. You'll be a part of the show 803471063. Tex lines of 1307. Phone we don't do this enough. I'll probably because you know Chris doesn't really get into this but I would do it anyway. Mom who's like. Linux into what does he know like your opening statement blaming me for some minutes I guess I only talk about social media on okay. First of all the up state pulled out socially a safe place and it stays like page go to it was Chris doesn't like him but if you want to follow me. On FaceBook and on Twitter it's a lie and so on were you did post a taste of the today. Yeah how did a soul that that was actually an accident I knew office that's that was. That was something that I was doing for work and I forgot to click a button. And because I got erupted in the middle of a posting tears tirade and ansari and a nuts okay I get interested in the middle post enters tirade and then when I went back to it. I had not come click the correct setting to posted to the W Lordi page instead of my own personal page. So that's the reason that I posted on my own soon you may think they pose is something polls those who know that he doesn't sub basement and like funny because I realized it. The next day I was like he's taken down right yes it's Beers a day that I've done that before. And and realize it like immediately only on man I forget to click that thing you need to go back and think it's mostly feel more but I didn't I didn't well the problem is that. The whole thing is promotional for Terry show you and I miss them on my wall nobody is in his. I think it was like I was like are we acquired it and I know immediately check and I know this is like I was you know I never got. Can I go back and do like it was eighteen it was completely in my. Fault all right so anyway you can follow me runs along word and also on if you would check out our YouTube page its steel staples on YouTube. And of course FaceBook couple more things for Cindy O'Connell come before we run out time for this hour iron fist season to use trailer. Was just released I don't think Chris was very impressed with that. There isn't much to know there was this problems selling more of a teaser there was drama and and I don't. And I've I've said before when I think about Caesars I think there are generally a bad idea but. They're just wasn't much to the one thing that is chump data mile and A unite this great about this. Is that he claimed this that he says he's got a line there's like this is my city now obviously. Is there really I mean aren't daredevil and Jessica Jones in the cage and all of them still they are like that it's kind of their city to right he just means he lives in Pasadena RNC and that wasn't my interpretation now. Sessler I got out of it but them. I'm rushing because we only have so much to ship. What's the panel and on the panel. The new guy they got in two Corey choreograph the fighting which allowed people complain about this the same guy who love choreographed the fighting for. Four black panther. So okay so. On this note that Porter should step up. Typhoid is joining as the bad guy she's pretty messed up if you don't know who typhoid is looking up. Misty is going to be on there. You know with the dollars and dragon. Always good yeah I hope it is I just add my problem with the first season was that it seemed like a set up for defenders and that it's got to be more than that. Well this is supposed to be more than that some Wu we will find out. The other story well yes Doctor Who. Now I know I've been down and no I know some of our listeners are down in fact dead it's a woman. Being. The new doctor on wants to trailer out and here's how I'm approaching it and I think their promotion to from the trailer this is kind of what the east. They make it look like the distance to a whole new thing and that's what I'm taken that as. Oh million in season dreamed it there in series react that's what I'm taken as an analyst you know as I said in the past when it was announced a little watch it. And if I made a morsel of it. And if I like it I'm going to be willing to say hey I was wrong. This is and that sure and I'm guesses can be somewhere in between I I. Not one way or the other all right we got enough time did it. I you guys may have utterly miserable end. Yeah may have heard this before Patrick probably heard about it. Cops in Virginia responded to a pick up basketball game late Monday. At an LA fitness gym and sterling after a player fell to the floor from an aggressive screen and called police. According to witness who posted a photo of the unconventional law enforcement. Response so. Duke got fouled hard and pick up game at a wreck sinner and he dialed nine more more India because he wanted. The guy who stream them to be picked up for assault. And straight up slapped and pick up game I mean I thought well I'll pretty listen I do the finale more than I get found and pick up games when the younger that is valley yeah so if if this was true and I would have been in jail. For sure. My theory thing about pick up gains is that they are physical. Might not only limit is two how much you're willing to take any your plate with a bunch of other guys. The way I think when we put it games call your abouts. OK when you play with another bunch of dudes and a bunch of guys you're trying to out masculine everyone else yeah so like someone could just Jack you in the face and we like got claims like could get hooked up crop however got a minute. But I gotta I gotta ask a millennial because there's something in this story that. Alright. What do the guys who lose their respondents said I thought he was being extra would send me over the top wrestler. Imagine imagine Chris at a restaurant. That's being next year again I guess I got I got to business. Bunkers you know okay. I look over my father I just want to let it we re looking at the the pizza. When we are pieces were verbally. And it's Brussels burn. On aware of all the way around and around us and this. I don't you know what his problem might do I you and I discussed this mastering the way we can do and I told you that I had a problem with that place because they burn their pizzas. And then it is you'll let you know that no it isn't it it's no and then you wanted to go there anyway and a Blake you allied fine. Lots has never been there I'll go a beat team player and then my pizza was the only had told you I would forget it in fact I hate. I almost asked when I ordered my pizza did they not burn it to be taken out early and and I didn't I gotta tell you read it now. You were right and now we saw it. Our coming out ton of stuff including a new segment from Patrick was yes it pulse rate of 1063. W already.