Upstate Pulse 7-21.-18 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, July 21st
Old News, Flaccid News, Nerd Hour, Wrestling, and the Lightning Round

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Why would you relative to now play I'll leave that in last hour okay. Yeah cause on the move on to a canister that's going on so many things Johnson we identified an int that was a FaceBook blog exclusive. The gap that's what Dallas Houston Alice go back and watch it yes and to watch again if you missed that gap because there's a lot of stuff I got. Thrown down. Is to me like 56 minutes that we were off yet. Yeah that break the way the news break welcome into our number two view of staples Alonzo Cruz and Patrick here have fun on Saturday night. Gain into some heated debate also have them a lot lot lot. Content I wonder somebody on the text line is watching on FaceBook alive is the question is how old is gray beard Chris. That's a great question you always angry every thing C apnea. Because I like that thinks that the end is like. How old is this guy. By the way thank you thanks thanks thanks in advance for answering my question so you're gonna see this thing is I wonder if it shouldn't but a lot of the beer may sue the older than me because it well is I got older than you play and Oakley field is the hairline -- my in my beard it absolutely makes me look older than I am definitely. When you shaved it you know I like twenty years younger days I think Patrick. Not quite right now. Yeah. Yeah he takes his beard doesn't make a move made before Patrick. They. It's listen now so you are does not make you Beatty face you do look young we haven't I don't know why I'm running because you are young. That that make you glance something to do that you were young. And when I shaved my when I'm completely clean shaven. I look at healing as young as you are you know it if you are all on the ST pulses FaceBook page sometime during the week. Check out the binary pie. A video you can also find them on the obstacles YouTube page you see a picture of young groups. His yep on his boy band days yeah yeah it takes young Patrick Horry got into radio. Put some miles on that money and diligently to go through years later while I like it don't you know Illinois happened you know analysts however all this stuff does it it makes me feel old. Yet. What does that way tie. Not thrown around the same way I know that's that's fine I just I was and into the textures question but we'll wait until after the segment. I so in old news today I have I am debating which one to go it would go in order of youngest to oldest age you know age wise. Feeling the younger one is is so much better. I got to sit flat so so ominous start with the old one. David Hasselhoff. Lot of us remember watching from. A Baywatch says could say that's certain generation in a minute others I'm an unknown from this one moment. Say okay. Either you see this Texan who don't don't don't don't do you know or is gonna go I'm out others. This killer could do it either Douglas. Love and remember Knight Rider yes. Which was the first to yeah those are the the introduction of David Hasselhoff to the world it was a ride man I want and what I wanted one of those still badly and I Karl I think the firebird. He can pretty sure Oslo is Camaro but you know what if an unknown things I mean can we can go down. Patrick type of cars Kitna writer I anyway David Hasselhoff. Turns 66. This week frankly some of it if he's kept up with him recently. That's probably not that surprising money at firebird and Leo get New Yorkers courses are cart on course is in praise him. However this is the one that really kind of blew my mind. Phoebe Cates. Is serious now know OK Oz is rumored to educate and feed idea Phoebe Cates. From fast times original on highway that wasn't her nets seemed I want everyone to know that that was not her know. Yoga is a body double. Howell. Her face is on camera you know. If you don't believe me I can be wrong the Laguna. Leo Patrick no way to look at it you know that was that was was probably did CB cage using body double. In fast times a ridge mine anyway would Phoebe anyway fast hundred suicides at Phoebe Cates and a. As those who say seminal moment to probably four but it is better word to use there. Phoebe Cates turned 55. This week to ozone in fast times its original high in the here that customize. Able the no me anyway 55 she turned. That she'd get that just makes me feel old that's. You know looking back that that movie was that long ago well as someone who's about to turn fifteen. I know and I think it is. The things that make me feel that's the the interesting thing about this segment the things that make me feel old. Are not necessarily gonna make you or Patrick field won't let you guys up here that was Sylvia and instantly you know late you're right on. I have one and that is. By the way a lot easier I've been supplied barber on this Coakley who keeps. Putting stuff on FaceBook of interesting. Remember when bright type things and I saw this. 33 years ago. Do these came out awhile while thirty young years ago that. Now I feel now that makes me feel more old. Phoebe Cates page it just does. So 33 years ago duties came out and if you ever watch Cuba's great it is a classic antennas does have some problems especially at the end because they removed the octopus seemed. And if you if you watched. The scene with the octopus it docked for us was horrible it was isn't mechanical locked us but bond data mentions the octopus when Europe oh yeah and each. And if you didn't know it exists did you like what the heck is he talking about so. Does fall what they do that and I don't know why didn't catch that especially seeing who did the movie things that would caught it. But. But it's a classic and any other thing about it Zurich couple actors on there. Who are big on China now China Aston and and us why Lesnar just scroll Josh Roland. Shot Aston older brother was Josh Roland now on Kerry greens done a lot of stuff Martha Plimpton is a lot of things especially on TV. Armed and the court yeah yeah chance but I Corey Feldman. Yet Thomas stuff so a lot of those guys went on now. Chunk in data both went into other careers I think yeah I think chunk will block he's like a realtor or something that the data mail went behind the camera is a I got like the 25 year addition I think it was and they have been talking about the moving. And in the middle of it is one of those if you listen to the audio. You know bright enough for you what's called the during a lengthy. Commentary track yeah commentary track it has them all there. And at one point shot Aston has believe they're making fun of them because he's leaving to go beyond it for guests and it it's great to watch so that's why it. Makes me. Phil. This Altera makes me laugh every time databases are now listen if if you have things that make you fill in you wanna send them to us during the week. Do that yeah consented Q to either of our emails. Chris is might be easier to do because on how to spell my name posted on under the FaceBook page yeah I think it's yeah for you can mess on so we'll see you can message me you can now message pages. So you can message me on the upstate pulse page was Cassie does that all thought I should who plays a so you can send me a message on and tells you something G staples dot com a lot times she does during the show which I can't look at now because of how are set up this. On but message me on a state polls head of state post on FaceBook. And and we will put those on the list are. To enter the text your question although it it doesn't trade that the detectors number listen to show very long because this isn't a topic of some discussion. Not that long ago. Chris is forty. Chris there's forty minutes yet puzzled there was a time there was a time when Zach was on the show that we were. It was perfectly diagnose or ten years yeah. Because I'm about to turn fifty Crist is turned forty. And Zach is about two or housed Hernandez is right on the cusp of getting so. When you get in or thirty guys in here. Patrick's willing. Point 424. Guests on the you know army anyway there's a gap you know spear Patrick. Oh joy it's time for him to do his brand new segment really proud of this intro it's awesome to be the first time Patrick is. Yeah verdicts of you watching on FaceBook live 16 threes FaceBook page. Check out his reaction. You also not so merry go there's the end showed you Patrick's. News segment I'll go read a headline do not read the headline read the story. As the headline gives away what happened. A driver of the truck that caught fire in central Russia received. Quote help from an unlikely source when a vacuum machine driver used his quick thinking. And nick contents of his honey wagon. To promptly put out the blaze I'm sorry Leighton would let him go and as a Honeywell as an Mattingly want to miss them now or does he actually have a wagon full of money and let one go. Thank again is there for the company like your minds it's in a herd and use the watch okay it's a gazelle. If they gave no because G AZ is capitalized. It's a Russian story yet so it's been translated from Russian always have continued drop. Drop side truck caught fire at the middle of over the middle aura ultra easy. It'll. Opponents now announced closer now on some fast and central Russia on Friday. The fire which was reportedly caused by a short circuit where probably said Fryer and possessing a fire because of friar can't fly sorry I'm not painful guys aren't. Caused by short circuit probably engulfing the tinted vehicle. Now Ted lingle did not attempted vehicle gives me. Let me let me stop you for a second intention vehicle it's it's like a truck with it. It's it's got campus on the back. Mean a tentative yes ten did not like tend to like cinema windows dog attended DNC now that's that's Allen's aren't the truck belonged to be road workers company. And given its contents looked like to burn to asses. Before April truck passed by what kind when he went it was it was one group. I have looked up honey wagon. Violently thrown out but it didn't absolutely you've mystic. The crow although waste machine came to the rescue and douse the flaming truck with its a murky while. Swiftly Exley extinguishing the blaze before fire fighters arrived on the scene. As footage from the scene indicate there's it's. Indicates the saved it gives gazelle remained how. Burned and covered in waste it is unclear whether the owner the beer call vehicle was happy with the outcome. Of these kids did it. First of all is your video. He is billion dollars in thing because everyone has entered right now yeah Russian dash cams or add loneliness were all right let's try it's it's. A bystander to the video on because if we're if you're standing there as you pointed out to me earlier in the show that I should have videotape something if you are standing there and you see. Upload truck loaded put out fire with their contents your videotape and that. I was just watching. Jerry Seinfeld's comedian cigars getting coffee it has been picked up by Netflix they're making new episodes that are Netflix original. And one of the first ones as Dave Chappelle and it. And Dave Chappelle makes the observation. That nobody you never hear anybody say anymore man I wish I had a camera. Because everybody has a camera already on their found exactly yeah. So yeah I kid but this thing is. In in Russia. Dash cam videos it didn't you know putting a camera on you were on the dashboard of your car is very important because first of all. Drivers are horrible and there and take the ball and less you have fully photographic proof that you didn't do something wrong. I am I don't have no recourse Seattle. So put yourself in the the the the driver's seat of the gazelle. Can drive along. And and you're in your tinted truck catches on fire. It's gonna burned to the ground we just had a car to catch on fire in the middle of yes loves the interstate and guys stop trying to put it out couldn't this tires blew it oh yeah it's a horrible feel it's surprising how quickly a car we'll learn but unfortunately the card that. Burn up on me my cousin let me have who's the last thing her dad who died who was my name's they gave to her. And I burn it up in the middle of the so so there was even more pain ashore. As out of metal values I'm watching a burnout going. There's only so many of them made two raid it was is a Pontiac Le Mans and it is and the color scheme yeah it was like a two tone blue and white and there I think it only made. I can't remember the amount they only made so many. And I let it burn up in the middle of the until those horrible so what do we put yourself in the position of that guy also and a truck pulls up I don't. And and they're speaking they're rushing go gonna help you out any pull out people truck. Pose and it puts a fire out with the food truck when I say murky water and that means they just in deed till one what honey wagon dusk fell. Thank honey wagon. Is eight portable waste tank basically the I guess. There are services I've seen it that won't commonly. Empty yourself Hank yeah. And in literally just have a giant tank of of sewage we've got out our taxpayer indeed the for a lot of people out if you live around the country and you don't have a civil so I know. Apparently that's what honey wagon is. If you ever saw the the WCW. Movie. About wrestling it's you guys who were stars owner they went around in team. Port bodies. So he had the same sort of thing so this is this wonderful news segment on the and it's her mom Michael. You don't ever do that it might my mistake now so I anyway I don't know much you Crispin I really enjoyed the segment I'm looking forward to two. Further weeks in more stories like Jerry and give up on trying to make Patrick throw up on the right. He wasn't earth below clearly uncomfortable there appeared on I think he's got to maybe perhaps. Work on his reading skills. Over the microphone is on Arabia home looked in the mirror. You have a microphone you can do that right on scripting in practice reading. And in finding most uncomfortable thing that is yet you read period something that's already written yet article again this is something very comfortable and just practice. Not getting upset about it so. What we're gonna do really come back. I will take a break we come back we'll talk about something that always makes Patrick Phil banner. And now we're being. So wrestling news. You mean that a breakdowns and India news and a smoke things some guys getting into wrestling that's the big surprise listen to the upstate pulse right here. 0106 sorry Debbie Doherty. What about it to be a simple swing the club now Pia Pia Pia. Chris. Yeah the area. Wasn't on time but you know and so I would expect more who Alice fantastic did you get CN. I saw lightning on core mile is yeah it was directly out the window and I'm sitting in front of that's market so it's stormy which means is good night to stay in and listen to the rest of the ups and plus we got half hour left. Now we're gets some rest in these in the second but we test a taste test coming up we talked about this. On a couple months ago and they showed the guys yet because we like to surprise each other with the stuff lifetimes we just pull food out its first time people see it now. I will warm Patrick about some food like we did the my way of pork rinds because he doesn't like those now smell was it was rough. But this and he's OK without someone to bring this up for the camera right now you can't see it. But it's. I went to FYE and got Freddy Krueger serial. Pocket I was up here stereotype about yes right oh yeah. So you want your FaceBook like page you can see me holding up the box right now on this is when a 63 W Ortiz FaceBook page. I went there to get Jason Ortiz. I talked to lady NF YE she says they sold out and beat you know really really English. And done I don't wanna say that some snow she said that's one fall. So they sold out really quick and that they hope to get them shipment is still dale we had a couple boxes of the Freddy Krueger. Serial and it's really expensive that's all sides 900 yards and it doesn't. Include of a poppy. Yes it does it also has a wonderful maize on the back which. You know no one starts from the beginning everyone starts at the end and where it. And then goes back through its cheating but you know. Chris is Camilla likes to solve the main negative write me at least you know you finish up that. So we're trying to serial subtlety so all this cereal if you're not watching on FaceBook live. Which mean you may be driving in a scene cereal box it's it's a pretty good. Presentation of a recruiter. About the need some some cereal tomorrow open up the serial. And mistrust of the serial chancellor I was show you that this serial looks like. Realist like. Looks like another kind of cereal to me the first falsely Cheerios in the way. No those are much bigger and I'm really cares electorate and got a look like fruit loops there or the African size of their lives however they looked like they look like goalies to fruit loops. Honestly I'm kind of just. Bruno you and I'm disappointed in the size of the pop figure yet a week. Oh my gosh. For the amount of money after we president's. Sartre and guided us. Good to open up the back that's not a lot of cereal it's not the Seahawks. It's a gimmick and I. I would say I fell four rip off or I did it for this show. Which we do sometimes contact can smell that the serial first. With the smell like before and we've tried plastic will play so it doesn't you don't get a flights and plastic bag and media Campbell so I'm getting it's sticky. I that's residents say they look glazed they don't look like fruit loops which are more frosted at the smelling them individually baby's ugly. Yet to smells like serial okay probably just obviously sugar and corn. Probable alleged sister cause I was afraid he's going out that has the blood. Bullied or a bag doesn't does gross. If you were. It's almost like double dipping your lead over of that when you sharing. Does not eating over the bad or you know over it if you will watch a video you saw you open about. Back was out in front of me it does Phil kind of sticky it's. Yeah they're kind of like fruit loops that we'll stick to your stick your hand. That's a beetle weirdest thing here on the radio. We're live like I don't want a hasn't Marley dream right now. Strawberry. Hidden. Not very good stroke I was using cheery. His legendary. Because I never really liked the cherry flavoring that was used in Indies. Has grown up but just it was one of my least favorite flavors and this could tell that it doesn't say on the box but. Probably says artificial flavoring you out it's a colorblind so it's huge barrier which it clearly supposed daddy gap because this is Freddie Kruger so. I actually if and I should that the it's too late he did that next to the microphone. The cereals not too bad but. I'm upset about deciding its its cereal on the worsening add yet at it and I know I long shot it's not like it was in milk for a Long Island and I don't. I was gonna milk shake his thinking maybe put it on a milk shake it would be. Demonstrably worse yes the that the good word. You it doesn't it doesn't go on a date to find 2619. It's kind of council must be Bauer it's code if there's any oxygen it'd keep from going bad so. I got a little little Freddy Krueger pop figure which is about 12 inches. Managed not to images those are two inches of me has now maybe an inch and have a best. But his face is burnt. If you don't see you again. Supposed to be burn. Now I say now it's textured yeah burn so. So anyway. If you if your interest if your collector and he liked this kind of thing you know I didn't pay money for studios but I went and bought this mediation implicitly Downey iron to go back. On but wasn't horrible experience as far as. Eating goes. Deftly nowhere near the bottom. As far as things that we've tried out but knowing and talking and I am most disappointed in is the size of the pop figure but it's it's it's something you know cereal box of course not going to be a bit. All right listen got wrestling intro. No doubt. I have someone else that you visit me now. Yet this year. The bank. Nets. Brought out quite the opposite. I do. And see doing that is that I was totally OK so maybe edged that your stretching. Now I don't how deep these third I sunglass which a wish I had. But I am wearing a Villa team dreamed teacher. Which is perfect for the segment. And would that take some lessons off though because. Start community can see now if you re with more and and yes my normal sunglasses are like that well but I wonder if I find that third guy sunglass probably. Gotta be out there somewhere or couple things are wrestling news before you take a break on. Two time USC heavyweight champion came Alaska as has been seen training. At the WW performance and or do you think this means anything Patrick. No. Nom I think he is trying to see how they do things and how they've they operate things Ali it means that he's gonna go to wrestling game times and by night. Use it to kind of help now with his background. I DOC icon as a lifelong fan of double Debbie and Mexican who's who Lieber I. He praised the athletes and atmosphere of the form sooner my experience here has been amazing he said I'm just looking forward to being here and learning as much is I can't. I've been a fan of the sport since I was little kid and now I get to participate in. What's that mean. Mean he did have a few matches that. Does is like in the performance. Alaska is of course is not the First Amendment legend to walk through doors and Debbie Debbie. PC which is forms and with the likes of an XT women's championship based training at the from senator. And Ross superstar Rhonda browse the have you worked out their prior to making her WW green. Debut so there's a chance because he's their that he may end up being in. He's meted out to be I did I wasn't as I was. A belief that he could I don't know it's they can and I think he's pretty good character all right another Lothian wrestling news. Jose Canseco. Is becoming a professional wrestler. He has been signed by whom C. It's an Oklahoma somewhere of these Jim are world class revolution. Rustling in Oklahoma. Has signed. Jose Canseco who's 54 years old and his daughter. To be a part of their resting organization. Now that does Emanuel wrestled as we've seen older guys. Come out. Pogo and thought now Ric Flair. In the ring in their fifties other guys thinks they thousands that these when he is still in the ring so it is a possibility he also signed. On teen mom star fair Abraham. Why I don't know but they signed her to so Jose Canseco may end up being a wrestler all right. We need to break for we do they have any news yet there's a couple things and he is needed discussed. Person ball. Ring of honor new Japan announced that they are going to Madison Square Garden. Which is a big deal because a lot Indy promotions don't do 101000 policy Arenas. Mask or garden. Easily well above 101000 seats and in fact the first one that is being sold is the all lynch on September. And that sold out in thirty minutes of using now on Madison Square Garden which is the home of WW Enid has been 1929. They're going there the day before wrestle mania which that date may sound familiar because that's the same days and next tee. So whatever NXT goes to Brooklyn. For takeover event. There will be a ring of honor in huge band crossover at the same time well. We've seen other promotions and maybe this promotion trying to do the same thing in the same. Relative area against NXT I wonder which one does better do they both sell out I honestly think they both will sell out. Because it because we both know that the NXT take over paper use have been excellent. They have been and I think the one thing. If this was solely ring of honor they would not solve this now. But because this is the first time the East Coast which a lot of people who watched music and our league East Coast or live in the East Coast. They're wanting to go to this because this might be there one and only time to see new Japan wrestlers. So I think that's the only thing that's gonna sway people from an XT. And it they might both Cella this might help both of but it is causing controversy because this is the first wrestling of it the size of UV in math scores aren't you know woman things of that yet. Some members of bullet club turned on each other and it was a whole thing the Buick classic going on in Egypt and if you watch that while means a lot of rematch. All right we have a no other wrestling. Thing that I wanna talk about the most ever for a roundtable is actually a question that we discussed. While we were out to dinner about it wrestler who's gonna become into this area. And a few weeks he listened CL state polls right or 1063 W Lordi. Eternal Foreman thank you. I I Chris Riley's plan around there and I missed the blood because I can't see it it's I mean you know as a way it's set up is. Well lean on a frame in and the people are watching do not want me to lean on a Friday. So let's say about them and I cementing about the radio show first. How did army and you know know from my score well into the were nerd roundtable first thing I teased before we went to break. Is wrestling relate because we had a conversation. While we were having our. Pre show meal. And smackdown is coming to Greeneville come too well and I think like three weeks. And we're hoping to go there and represented like kind of stuff but there's a chance to Charlotte flare may be in the building. And really take you know get some pictures taken some things like that and I ask a question. Would you did she was recently in the body issue of on ESPN magazine. Would you give it. Autographed and I don't think I would do that and. Chris what do diesel and I said yes absolutely why wouldn't you. It's awesome picture of her and I think it would be kind of awkward you don't think you'll be awkward. I don't power down the thing will be awkward. Yes and no. I think it depends on what picture I mean obviously she's proud of yeah it because she's an Arab and I just I don't analyze. I don't think I could do without blushing and and I feel like it does is it the first time you've ever matter. Would you will be maybe not the best in the area at. Well she's going to be on with the with our are sister is in the rise guys I'm sure it'll cost it's a recent picture. Yeah I was like oh nice month it's not like it's old you know from four years ago now is not particularly if there were more recent stuff that she'd done but M is a brand new thing you know that. Absolutely. You when he and signed Sony thinks excellence of 1307 would you give a picture. Of the body issue signed by Charlotte flair she was here. When did feel awkward to use it it's still and still offered to me. Now on the day or some other people do and sees that well let's I will not do it because that this guy do you even have a copy of it yes a guy to. Someone in in my household gets ESP you have other pictures of her late. Now attend law is his that's the only thing that you have to gets I am not an autograph seeker I really get on her that's fun. That's why that it might I have given them on occasion but I never I just don't go seek right now I would want to have a photo and autograph yeah. What he's been a pleasure with them you know being in the building yeah yeah south that was some. And from a long time ago that she was young and needed the money and it was that kind of things and yet absolutely I would see that is being. You know summer here and would look at this and think that that's exactly what that is plus this is not you can't it's nice that they think the the ESP advice issues have been absolutely fastening there's a story about was it Greg Norman galaxy doesn't wanna look. Looks fantastic. I mean for his aides like that like. I'm 25 years younger than he is and I wish I looked like it it's plague. They they've been it's been really fascinating to see the work they've done. On that kind of thing because it eats. It artists have to study that kind of thing I I was I was a model for art classes in college. And when your friends you have on own IA was not but because I was not allowed to be beak so that's missile. Oh so now we're taught him out I was just as if I knew was net on O'Reilly is that. I was the offer tracks last I was trying to explain. I was not allowed to be a new model because I was actually student at the time OK and so buddy they did have new models if you were allowed you would have. IA don't know I had that they never asked me idea that I didn't have too high speed asking you right now would you do it. He not easy here not offering. Would you do it. No what I'm saying is that you are not offering me a job as a nude model so no we're negotiating price here's Alan yeah and that's okay but I didn't have to Wear Expedia. Because the whole point of these exercises is to. Learn how to represent anatomy artistic as far as muscles go Cadillac has an idea the form of I thought I got you but and and it's it's really fascinating thing I mean comic book artists have to do this yeah you know learn how to draw. A person who mr. rob like Phil and and draw accurately. So that you can represent what this person looks like in the comics aren't always. We were more in before we take America's gonna take a break our Bruce Willis says that die hard it is not a Christmas movie. This does people any uproar right now is like Randy and C is not Christmas music yeah he was being used being roasted so at the end of the roast. He which is gonna come on here pretty soon the so so you don't know petty mean or you know the big is the if you if this is something happened at a roast which the whole point of which is to tell a bunch of jokes right two why would you not think that was a job well a lot of people were upset about it and people are upset about a lot of yeah it happened around my mindset about grant if you don't have had the music. On that but I mean roast people say. Absolutely no horrible stuff at rest I know I think it's and I think it's hilarious because I know you're into weird sense of humor I'd the funny thing about it. Fox put on a promo. Then it's. However many months to Christmas and it's it's it's all. The Christmas seems ride from from diehard so fox. Is saying that it's Christmas movie well Bruce Willis and it is okay. I guess it depends on what you consider a Christmas movie is a Christmas movie just a movie that happens at Christmas time yes. And it's a Christmas moving thank you are happens christmastime all right more roundtable coming up and even beyond the show. Listen DO syphilis rate of 1063 Demi nordic. All right it is lightning round time if you're what's open is replied you can hear the music and if you listen to the podcast you can hear the music you wondered why. Why oh why is Alonso talked to buster slow what. But again that the lightning round like around dump all right see all the cocaine the speak for yourself that it. Anyway. Funny because it's not true guest. James Gunn or is it James Gunn has been fired yes I saw that I wanted to weir and tiger yes and and here's the thing we have I think we talked about this before he got hired a couple of years ago. To do the first guardians of the galaxy because these tweets if you look at them they're pretty bad our and we'll see essence. No the interesting thing they have found out to do a loving boys I've found several articles about him getting fired and about the in the fact that he had been fired for some tweets he came out awhile ago but none of them showed the tweets and avoid it must be you lead up to look for them but you can find them and you view and they they are very bad and the the apologies that he's given. Our. They're not good enough but when it comes down to these have been out there forever and they hired that's the and he did two movies but because of certain movements right now. Did. They see my needs things to put an emphasis is and here's here's the thing. If you're gonna put something on social media. It doesn't go away you may think you delete I don't snow and we'll find it is no I I know don't and I got. Dude our hits and cannot answer I've I've made the point before what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet there's no getting it off the Internet. Once it's out there bled though the problem I have is is just the timeline I mean this happened years yes OK and nobody said any thing. Until now and I have to believe that dad is that that's an excuse that's it they have some sort of ulterior motive and they're just dragging these out. Because it's it's something to blame it on Powell mom do you think that guardians three will suffer with no James got. IE eight. I think that if you change. Ships if he changed captains in midstream like that. As a poor analogy but you understand what I'm saying if you if click in this case is not right in the middle name as well nobody its introduction and minutes. Yeah you know changing. A major producer like that. In the middle of production is going to have an effect on the field just like if you had to change an actor in the middle of the film the desk I mean you're gonna have to reissued. It's going to be expensive. It it just yes he can have it and absolutely profound effect if there early in production it might not matter. We'll get a different movie than we would have but it might still be a good movie I was just these couple more things in here. Creditors a new predator movie is introducing female predators. You OK okay and it seems reasonable to assume that they reproduce sexually and that there had to be some sort of I gotta tell you a problem with us you you look it up to get a chance the female predators looked scarier to me for some reason enough because they're more sleek they're not a the some of the the male predators are kind of bulky in a way yes the the the funeral predators look mourn in July to me that's it. CN I think this week I don't want you don't want it to speak garden there for like social reasons you wanted in there because like. In all enhance the film although apparently from what I read. Mom the FEMA predators have been a part of the comic book cannon for a while now so it's not this is the first time we've seen them and it doesn't form it does seem like kind of an obvious choice I mean it just to play devil's advocate. This is an alien species who knows how they reproduce it could be like. That that this Xena Morse from alien yes they could haven't like a high of you know and there's a queen leaves a bunch of eggs. And then you just get a bunch of writing you can aliens that they're gonna tear you apart. Who doubts all right but it just seems like such an obvious choice to now now let's see no way we really arguments will see that this bothers Chris the way rug rats bothered. Bring it on Patrick and take it Buffy the Vampire Slayer is being recruited. I. I was never really into Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a show. Back when it was on the air I had a lot of friends who were ending the really really loved it and I imagine and have a greater impact on them. I I didn't have a problem that I do you think is just we need to be behind hitters I believe he's going to be consultant. It well then then then I have hope for immediate he is an amazing writer I I've I've I liken him to a modern day Shakespeare. I'm I think he's that good a sign parents it is high praise and and I think he's just incredibly creative person I can't wait to see his new show that the apparently is going to be on HBO and if he's involved. It in any significant patent capacity within us and I think it'll probably be okay. Our top gun to his added Jennifer Connelly to the cast interesting. Too is not in the first division was not. She's one of my favorite axes because of Laver and so I mean. Forever will be you know my favorite actors is because of the beautiful mind. She's absolutely incredible them. But I wonder if it doesn't say what role she's playing no wonder will she be taking. Kelly angeles'. Places love interest is to be about the right age. On Sudan alone and as for if I don't I just I hope they do not Tryon passer offices in care can now I I I don't think they would do that I don't so either do that and you know he's. He's very involved but we see that kind of thing before I mean we're back to the future or on the mummy series the third mummy they're replaced racial slice with with someone else and it. It killed the entire movie so definitely. Strange things season three the trailer is outs. And the mall is all about the mall ask Alice fantastic that's. Second hour is what pays runway that we talked about it being nostalgic on the first season and how it was such an incredible representation in the eighties that's what this looks like. It it it absentees were back in in the food court to. The eighties the mall of the eighties it definitely does quite a few more things talk about we will do it on the FaceBook live feed thank you to tune into the staples. We continued. Authors of life and on the air next week. Have a great weekend everybody.