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Thursday, July 12th

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Welcome into the upstate pulse what a beautiful evening yes you may look out and see clouds there is beautiful he woke up today. You're alive it's Saturday night and you know what makes even more beautiful you're listening to the out staples as I say there is always beauty and agrees disguised. That is that is profile releases. A gal. And we've got a special guest in the studio set doesn't I mean. You got the reach us by us or it could reach for him now that I'm sure it's all good man with a good recruiters and it is SaaS stokes from our news department. Has graced this would his presence here on the upstate pulse. And an end and very excited that big a welcome Seth I'm very excited to be her time in the studio with us. Is and and and I know from having conversations with US Justine in the hallways and in the N newsroom that Europe to a lot of stuff. And he it's. I say that's the mark of a good reporter you are interested in a lot of things I try to be my guy haven't done armed is one. Thing my entire life I've tried a bunch of different things and I have a bunch of different injuries and yeah that's that's me. We welcome see that's just life just like us by the way this is Alonso and that is Chris Evans I am DB credited at Helen or the awesome and a day the best one of all time. Miami guns. He's gotta be he's got to be properly introduced I'm slides. But by the way not a not any lawns and I and the viewers felines like I'm not Alonso and deal and so on. So probably hasn't hurt them before and you know unfortunately. And it's to me a lot of people cannot say a ons at the post on that it's. You know it's. Is deceptively definitely as it's only if it's five letters is to Brazil's they're really not that tough. But I've I've heard people call up and ask for Alonso or Lorenzen. Or Hitler into that incident and yet I think April and has Lional slightly. Let's. Ticket that some call me London once he gets in on the sea and wind downs around the child orthodontist. Call mis after. Zach death. Okay. I it was at a speech impediment is theirs and no because he could not say that we'll see doable four letter name Indian knew Monica second know who's a lot of orthodontist seemed to be and now he is a guy hasn't brought to India. I've I and I understand what you're saying I have never been to a northern honest and on now. He's never been to now which is which you find dental work done. The best part about going this with an honest to see any nicely Genesys setup I go in the in the waiting area so. I'll load those of one is taking forever you know. Brilliant idea beat I don't know I have ever seen a doctor Dennis often lies yeah I have a pentium some 2000 ever car dealerships do the same thing I've seen him and now there's places have been that have a TV in the waiting room right. And that's I mean that's nearly expected these days you know you go to dual waiting room and there's not a TV muggy today and he had a company and it well that is Smartphones nowadays it's kind of not a big deal ends without phone and don't want to every wanna watch applied. It's it's it's it's almost courtesy easily and expected him as we'd like to think about it. On children are very nervous while. Adult or two about going to the dentist and he put something new and and make some film and comfortable little weren't home it puts him forties. On lots of talk about the day including aunt and and the loss which delicacy I will review I will not spoil. I even though I really review we really want to kneecap not gonna do that. And I would tell you Tony oil infamy. I asked him some questions and he said he was an innocent and I know I won't tell you how many cuts seems usually. You know I because that's an important point it it is kind of marvel universe it is well yes but. It's got to the point where you you're you're better off just waiting through the credits in a marvel movie because. There's probably chances are good that there's going to be some some post credit scene there was there was a time when I would. Not too long ago. Ortiz should stay even though I knew how horrible was on the two and anymore Rask world ruined now forming Mans and in no way through to the end to see what the end of that was not doing so you know district if if I believe you should go ahead and go he should go and go I tell you what I will do. On nine and then wants. I will tell you what the final cut scene news. I want OK and and it's not the it's not spoil or other than the fact that I'm telling you what it is that he is warmer it's not Iowa. But no I would have run that. That's where it's at and around and waiting for us we'll also talk to including an AI take over things. Oops you're gonna wanna hear the suits it's great because it happened in Ohio. And I have two connections with the talent and once the once this happened actually had to research because I thought it was fake site. And found out that it was a hometown site. For this particular. Newspaper so interest again because we know a lot of fake sites out there and and in this case started when an with the new. Find out what those places that it so. But just the way. I get to it later on in this hour the first thing that I want to talk about finally going to be a partial 803471063. Text line. 71307. Plus one is not here because you asked for an autistic and dale. And I've given him an assignment. And because not trust him I just wanna see if he'll do it okay he went to Ohio went to Cincinnati. On was done. The family of his girlfriend so he went in went to Ohio and my assignment was for him to send me video. Of him in front of a landmark. In Cincinnati just to prove that he used there now listen I know he's I don't I'm Rick I know what he's gonna send you should utility of under the care okay. If I just simulate that in us up on the but I know what he's gonna he'll either he'll either go. When Cincinnati Reds play baseball. Or more than likely what he's gonna do is he's gonna pull up to the skyline chili. And he's gonna take video of him in skyline chili eating chili that's what he's gonna do. Like you made it video so he could Photoshop and exactly that's why I made to video ports to although he's he's. Pretty technicals technically savvy even though. I'm not. Sure feast on truth or not he says he has so you know like I got to believe that he has because. Well note that that implies that trust them and I trust them I wouldn't tell you never take my word for yes. On he does not it's it's. They bomb claimed once told me trust but verify that I think that's what it's yet solid advice yes it is. In some cases seat sets you may not notice but Chris is an acclaimed actor. And on and they McClain and he's got a nine DB credit that makes your claim that does cause I don't do you want to I don't know yeah can you name any other single person has won I am DV credit. Russ castle and ninety DB. Really yes he only won only one. Where have you may have had to but I know we had won because he did the voice over for a documentary about the Green Bay Packers. That's cool yet which is on me here killer reports he was awesome so I mean yes so he had one on. Actually think our our our audience this station has been upstate Ingram Kenya won. It wouldn't shock me if retailer has following Morton who gets an actors in building a lot of times you find out and radius is we have said radio stations here. Pitcher he's gonna have musicians. Are you gonna have actors and in most cases it's musicians that could make it as a musician and actor who could make it as an actor correct so I mean this is now works because as. You know you probably heard many times radio is theater of the mind. And that and apparently downhill from a yes fashion doesn't have some not some cases it's better theater of the mind to some people we just policy through. I'd be here early today because the plaza 11 day off. And and and that's what for the first time on swift service. And he was saying that every time you heard my voice he's on the media as a short man with black care. And this is the think nobody in radio looks the way you imagine them Rodger Rodger Davis looks exactly I don't play Rodger Davis. Yeah I ease off on by the way he is he now looks exactly like he both looks and sounds liking deemed show host. And he doesn't all Pierre two and it's like OK there's no different or invoice or even edit you again on the silly game show host but again shall announcer right. And any room you walking and even if Rogers and are by himself he's the pocket yes yes and it and a great escalators and if you want to you are the audience that means he doesn't he's just got this kind of stream of consciousness going all the time all the time down the hallway in the restroom everywhere. And some of the funniest things I've heard is when I'm in the restroom he's in there and a body just Louis Neal who from from the rise guys has been on the station have been on the show talking wrestling before. Will impersonate Roger to his face so it's like Roger talk in a rocker that it's great any doesn't really get Iran does well. I mean he's gonna a lot of voices but yeah I mean some album that he thinks he's get out he's not but there are the ones like he can do X court to a tee. Which right which is kind of scare tactic and so not only does he do it but he doesn't mannerisms. And hand movements. All I'm so yeah that kind of thing is a very important part of impressions I mean if your. It's one thing to be able to do voice but you've got to give that body language as the personnel yes yes definitely. On and he like me is priced in a lot of times in let's corps office. For good or bad and you get to see those close up so. I would start off with this. I don't know you know mr. possible in new ones coming out. The director Chris from quarry was interested. And doing the Star Wars movie until he started seeing all this backlash from Star Wars fans the purist who are upset about. This one an outline who think of movie should be a certain way. I don't know why you why he's smiling for. The exit and just wondering which appears he's talking about the ones Hilary your data about the sprinkles. And lizards and this is more it was more the recent ones because. Because the advent of social media now these people how they've voice. Where if you have a Twitter account real FaceBook account Earnest Graham whatever you can go right to that person and start flooding there FaceBook or whatever social media. With your negative comments or your comment saying hey I want to do it this way not that way. And now why social media is terrible on. Not entirely on by the way we love our FaceBook page yet staples please go there like it also the 163 W or. On right now he concede Chris is obvious disdain for social media you can see the look on his face as the as the she owes his disdain so anyway. Macquarie. Says that. He was talking to us talk into Ryan Johnson he says my friend after five minutes of this I don't know why you're still a Twitter. A would have looked to make a Star Wars film Sunday and to work. All right this is not this is Nancy money is not the only guy there are other directors out there to quite a few nine I don't have them on named. On. But this brings up the question. Are these fans go into four and at the same time you're about to direct a movie I know you want fan input. But when when they're getting mean and threatening and all this kind of stuff. Should you be on their looking. No I amid visitors to present premise I if I were directing a movie I would I don't think I would want fan input. I would want my vision I would have a vision for the movie that I want to bring to life and that's what the movie is gonna look like and fans alike that are not bizarre approach. Acting Eminem I. IE have read my own reviews on occasion especially somebody tell me that there yeah hey you gotta read this thirty you know that put in the green or something like that. But I typically don't pay attention to it in terms of a night and it change anything that I'm doing on stage because of a review that I got. Because somebody came up to me and says oh we should do this differently. Because this is my this is this my job is my role this is what I'm gonna do that. And it's up to you to decide if you like it or not any don't like it that's fine that's your call is your opinion in your entirely your opinion bled. Is not a changer on dealing and I don't think it should change would have director's doing either well anybody that. This putting something of themselves out there for the public opted to consume. Has to be able to be thick skinned enough to ignore even if they go look at it take to construct of critics and avoided is because there's nothing wrong with a sharp criticism but. There's also pour more people are just bought her because they don't like the direction of something yeah and those that people use gonna have to block out well. And in the worst ones or are Star Wars fans superhero fans I mean guys that that I mean a at the height governor dome there just really so into whatever they're into. And they're that you think things should be a certain way and you're not doing it this way so much tell you about but I agree with you he shouldn't they should be influenced by it. But if you wore a director thinking about doing it. And you start seeing what your buddies getting all this all this you know. And now here and it. If you can't handle it then maybe you're right behind you shouldn't do it and you view on the other hand there are plenty of performers. And by that I mean inclusive you know the directors actors musicians. You know any kind of artist that. Hand take the heat don't care what other people think. And they give it a good idea from somebody I mean you can take you can taken leave what you want but. You'll have to change something just because somebody else's it was a bad idea if your producer comes you and says you need change something. They might need to think about doing it differently but fans does that work for you with there. If terror came to me. Now being held particular right the producer as a pretty in depth and get a totally missed the joke you know why I'm talking about a few properties in October paying to make the movie got him a producer comes to you a production company comes to use they've hired you. And says maybe we need to think about doing this differently. Then you probably ought to listen to them but fans or not. Him you know make him and now they're they're paying to go like when will you watch it yes. And you're not gonna please everybody that's the thing cash those checks for them to think I. I mean as soon as you change one thing for you know for one piece of criticism he gonna get hundreds of others to geoghan have to change something out and eat it there's never going to be an end to it. You've got to find your vision and stick it. All right what do you think gives a text so 130709803471063. We come back. We've got to Euro death coming up on talks Netflix and ongoing review and then a loss right after the break you listen to the upstate pulse. I marijuana 63 W Ortiz. One of the coolest things about this show. Any kid here if you listen to the podcast. Is. Some of our rejoins because we you know play clips from movies like from legend. Even though Tom Cruise tries to act like it never happened still one of my favorite movies because. Darkness so wicked Tim Curry was so good in that and because he's good just about everything ideas and gain a place to king's X coming back because. I'm looking. You know and you and I have. Some of our our music crosses over and some of it you're like what is that and I do the same for you. Today but this part of the fun to be in a producer you could take its part DJ. You know pardon movie critic you know it's. We do that it's so much fun and it's also you know one of the things about this show the creative process is being able to. To pretty much right and do everything that we wanna do have for the most part we're let alone because they forget that work here which is a good thing. You know against it it. Double edged sword every once in awhile let's score will be driving in the limo and go into what's going on one of my stations and the oh yeah. Africa than there. And that's that they are we got some tax dug it I would get one person says guys the only real problems ahead of the Ryan Johnson's version. Is he did not tell us who snow was before he died and did not feature the knights of ran. Even like Casablanca in space. Tank mr. did what hundred gig castle bogon space and not heard last Jerry referred to that way and user interest increasing you don't see it though. I say he haven't I haven't thought of that before some. I the. Could seize some similarities enacted. I don't know I'd have to think about that one. Another Texas says hey guys have no problem with the new Star Wars a lot of the apparent criticism from these purist quote unquote is that diversity. I'm good with the diversity especially on the imperial side. And eat that I think is. Probably the main complaint that I've heard too is that there were this an idle minds on diversity yes but when you do when it just for diversity sank to appease certain people. That becomes a problem to see and that's the thing is I never got the impression that the diversity of the characters and casting. In last gen I or to enforce awakens. Was done to appease anybody their early it did seem. To an extent because they were so many women in power positions in the last yet back that they were kind of try to make a point in force beaded just a little bit. I didn't mind it and I thought it was fine because is of course to you to be when an empowered you see guys like Eddie he's got to have a bit but it did feel to an extent. A little bit force I didn't think it took away from the movie whatsoever. I do agree with it the techsters point about stoked that I would've loved to learn a little more about. Both fired up he can't find out more in episode nine I'm sure that Abrams we'll take it back a little bit as far as I agree with what you're saying about the women and our team that was a lot of the criticism you know in the media was about that on and how is you know they've ordered over. -- a little bit and you know and things like that. You know Kristen see that you and I saw it and a bunch of other people's all the that's you know people view things different way in and as far as again diversity for diversity say. I don't get it you know that's when the bronze I was super girl is. We don't come up black people listening Jameel sublime. I don't care like the actor does a good job but they did it for that reason to try to piece so many different groups make you show I mean. If you're gonna get some criticism you're gonna get some hate you gonna get tomorrow. One thing that I do love and Chris loves and yes that's that probably close to as Netflix use is beat it and here Netflix will spin thirteen billion. Dollars regionals in 2018. Which will be more than. Brothers and just. On the morning. That's a lot of money and end this is something that I think I remember reading about several months ago. Was that Netflix this is the reason that they were dumping. Kind of a lot of the error of some of their original programming was to make room for. More or new original programming Heyward they were really trying to push the envelope and come up with different stuff and different stories to tell. And that was why they had to get rid of some of the stuff they Ernie had. TEU had you saw of be in the past I don't know years so you saw a bunch of of Netflix series some of them quite beloved. Get canceled. To make way for for this new. Slate of stuff that's coming out and this is another step united vegan apparently spending a lot of money. Producing you know. To that end I just watched all of lost in space the first season and Cameron who who guest hosts sometimes on the show. Watch the last absolute need to watch the entire thing and we've talked about the effects of lost in space and the effects are excellent editors there is nothing bad. He realizes look for that kind of stuff I confine. The the the Jupiter's are awesome all the space stuff is great. All the that the creatures and monsters on the planet that they're that they're stranded on. Really really well done in all miked and we are talking about how much money did they spin on the series on the this much and this. I mean this historic as proof and by the way they're actually doing a loss of space too and I recommend the series by the way at first I didn't like it because they made the family dysfunctional but. They managed to bring them back together by the end so that it was worth it for that reason in an explain why they were dysfunctional. On the only thing they didn't explain and if you watch his maybe you can. Go back to our team the oldest I think if you had said she's the oldest daughter. Is not wide and everybody else is that they never I mean you assume its adoption but they never explain it yes I don't know what they need to I did wonder what but yeah I mean you can't help but wonder maybe. This will come into the story at some point and it explain maybe they could have kids so they stopped again later on they were able to were. And that's the kind of that that's the kind of diversity casting that bothers me not because they're casting diverse people. But because he takes me out of the story a wind up wondering about that. Rather than paying attention to story all it would take is you know three or four lines in one scene. To explain that away and then I can focus on the story in this and that is a perfect situation to where it would be okay. Forward a director to the production company whatever. Still look at some feedback now that is out there right and say OK maybe we should take in season two just admitted time. To explain how that is if it and I'm not seeing this I don't know if it's season two will be one of those words that it picks up forcing the one left off kind of things. To have that same cast of characters is going to be there for them to explain it or it's gonna go to completely different direction I don't know but it did if it's going to be the same cast of characters. They could explain it then and that would be okay go back to the previous point of a director taking fame criticism as it yep that makes sense to explain that. Well one thing they did do and and they are not lost alone first if you saw the old. TV series you know that yeah that happens in the last episode but so there are other families and other Jupiter's in the plant that stranded on. And they are all like others India in Japanese so they did all that I mean they're all these different than it was which kind which you would bring on. People from different cultures to come and if you were sending them to to colonize another planet at this makes sense so but. Heard it it would like you said it would take it a couple lines and they never did dad and maybe they're thinking down the line we'll explain as. Well and I mean where we had any number of incidents where something guide. Left on the cutting room floor that would have made a lot of sense to leave it and I can't tell you how many times and had a problem that we don't know I mean ultimately we don't know what. When didn't make it into the show we only know what did make it into the show. I'm weeks Netflix doesn't typically do that kind of deleted scenes in you know excerpts that tended to get on Billy can dvd release. Are a couple things that are coming out we've already mentioned the case too and none of us have gotten C tablet. Said that they saw the first I saw the first episode M much like eighty. The second season Jessica Jones. Like it's it's a slow jump off my arm and reading some some reviews and what people said about the series a hole it doesn't quite. Packed the punch I guess as. The first season Luke cage does what is still entertaining probably still worth your time to see if you like it is is the Al they take the story and of course you'll need it to tie into it. The second season defenders whenever they do it and you know it is probably. Pertinent to to watch it. Well because I know on different in his as far as ranking all of them I put that next. This followers in India Kazaa I mean. Because of the political right stuff and you know I understand why they're doing it and it could have been a whole lot worse than it was on I think he put just enough into it but. You know that's fine and into the Wu tang soundtrack identify seeds I felt that I gotta tell you also in the first season I loved nightclub. Yes mean yes all the different acts that they had up one there was really good mud you know when those copper. Yes. When he died at its come on out not now until yet there's no doubt some kind of snake when he died that kind of ruined everything for me I guess I did expect him to be did the big bad a disease and an Internet wasn't. She asked I'd a couple other things that that are coming to. Close season two's coming up on no watch the first one because Chris kept hounding me to finally did. Because asks do wrestling and he realized that it was based on an actual show and and after watching that remembered I'd watch that show is again. And I've forgotten about it on. Well and there was documentary may still be out and I lost that. Which was actually it was a documentary about the old show they went back and interviewed about the people that'd been on the shows and it was really interesting. And and I thought it it enhanced mind you amid the first season I was looking forward the second season here it is haven't seen it yet but and the. He women of glow were on Monday that wrong. This aware of that yes I do in just a small segment and there's a character Lana who is supposedly Russian brides along with Russa. Who was talking to forget the actress' name plays the Russian glow in her kind of going back and forth doing that accent with each other. It was pretty good so I will get around to that on since I just finished up like I said. Also space when I'm doing my car deal in the morning out like to find a series that. I don't want to my family which gets me behind online things like Walter. Which means cameras are watching but we just don't have time for with everything else and now amenable to watch one episode puncher and I wanna finish that code so go to. Punish her is right out there I think we daredevil season to end of the best. Of the marble. Series on Netflix yes it is excellent volt Tron is really really good in the kind of started going to the half season releases so you assume we're getting seasons released. More frequently but they're shorter seasons that are like 6567. Episodes. He knew the the one that salary now season's sixth. I the thing you've only got one episode left and it's just as good that's the thing that's been impressive a lot of times you watch a show. And like I mean Jessica Jones who Qaeda were just talking about still another season comes out it's just not quite the same and and things changes overtime and sometimes it's okay in the sometimes series have to change overtime but it's it's rare to find a series that it's these app that same level that it peaked at. For for for as long as it runs and bowled trying to think is one of those it's it's amazingly good itself I said before. It's not it's not. The bold Tron that was in the eighties but it's the way that you remember it being it's all of the good things that you remember double Soviet. All right something else coming up Pennsylvania you will come out in October they just put the release date now. Chris what hope really don't unless I was one well I just I liked it because I never played games saw I didn't have expectation I didn't. It would it wasn't because. The games that I didn't like it I like it because it was clear. That it had inner originally been made as a full length Movielink is an hour and a half long hour and 45 minute movie. That they had just kind of chopped up into four parts and called them four episodes. I was like that's lane just glad to see the movie. I don't mind making a show out of it but. Didn't actually make a show out of it don't just. Cooped something Yeltsin and say either Russia or so castle mania it. And disputes he's making your on this it is a anime series or show or movie it's based off of the original like that any espionage and guess what they did until I actually think it's castle any three of the storyline from castle any three. And view game in and basically made an enemy and it. And it's a pretty good I mean it was it was OK you're a few things that. IE I think they could do better I think with it with an actual. Series where you've got to a certain number of episodes you can explore a little bit more of characters that rather than cramming it into you know it single hour and a half. But now that we know that they're gonna do season three authority being confirmed so I know two's coming in and are working on 3 am so maybe they'll be able to do that one thing that wasn't. Two ecstatic about is the art style. Does it put me in mine able Hanna Barbera type stuff. With with the yet to me it was when when you see the new stuff likeable tribe and some other the new contract almost super how how they do animation now. I didn't think it was. As up to date as it should have been. Well and if it were it depends on when it was produced I don't know win Netflix got their hands on it by it. It could have been it could have been an older daughter are so I didn't have a probably ourselves and Ira call. And Netflix has produced a lot of really interesting originally anime. That sees you hardly worth watching either way it's seven deadly sins of the geese in your. Watching the guys what's the first season start to what's second season again and something else. Ultra man is coming to Netflix which is an enemy superhero. Show and and the reason I'm bringing this up as we have wondered. What's gonna happen when Netflix loses marble. And I think they're gonna pick up a lot more dark horse start an anime to make up for when they lose marvel which we know is going to happen. On we're not sure when but we know it's gonna have to win Disney starts their serve. Probably shed about that yeah I'm not really sure that's gonna fill the void because most of the marvel stuff that's been on Netflix and there's been some cartoon stuff but most of the moral stuff that's been on Netflix. Has been line action and try and replace that would animated is. Is not exactly get a draws Simoni. I agree we need to take a break but I promised I would give that a review of ant man and lost them to do that now before we go to break also want to remind you. That if you are listening to show you can also watch us live on FaceBook live the entire show. We got. With me and Chris and stuff that are all on camera. And are nice logo down at the bottom. With no waiting choice when he dragons and it would listen to me but you know maybe someday. Sunday via some day we'll have we dragons we we have a we had a it. And meeting sort of with digital and it is never gave it. The despite goes back to not knowing that we exist in this reason why that they won't get me mile go with dragons but. You know I just get my name alone. And dollars and a guy I know people. You have friends I do I do including in note that the a Speedo which. We get to our comics section later on I'll talk to you about indeed midnight opening over there that I went to Obama Tuesday night. Although it and in a las I would tell you this is the movie you need. After. Infinity war you really need this movie. If you liked the first one it was pretty funny this one's funnier than the first one. Okay are funny there's a word or not it is and this absolutely is thank you guys are confirming that so now I feel so much better. On. Would expect from Kristen from got from news department. I never check my spelling computer don't fix it it's all right anyway so. This movie's great. If you're gonna go see any movie this weekend you should go see and then a loss. You should go see it because it is very good laugh through the whole thing would see it in IMAX it was very very good. I can't spoil a that's one thing that we've made roar I've made a rule that I will not spoil first weekend your good name for it but next weekend we will definitely spoil. But I will spoil this I will say this you come you come out of the movie. This is one has come out or yes you know you cannot you feel good and I like that you know somebody's come out here yours yours you've been provoked. Thought wise and you're thinking deep thoughts as when you come out going. Love a good night at it's that kind of thing but do not. Wait till the end of the movie. There is in big credits scene that's silly when you need to see that's very important as something to do with everything that's going on in the marvel universe right now that's much they'll say. These final scene. After the credits that you wait for the credits. Is being kept playing the drums I'm telling you right now that's all it is it's not worth waiting for and I think they're starting to do this more more you know people were waiting. And if they can only get some Nelson and get something else that's all you get it why would producers. Troll the audience like that because it and because bubble I. And that's thank you for telling me that has now when I buy it when it and that'll Blu-ray I'll just fast for the greatest sock assailants on it plans grounds than what you see you see that in the movie by the way and seated in the previews I mean it's on the trailers nice so it's it's node but the mig credits scene we just we need to wait for. After that go ahead and take off and look at all those people wait around goes dummies. Because a and I want is judged them yes I because that's what you should do and and I was dummy but. You know your boy here's taking care of you do not stay till the end but definitely stay once and he credits scene. Rios take a break we come back we've got plenty more to come through or be a car show 80347106. Worrying. Tex lines of 1307. As the obstacles. You know for a get to the death watch. That line are we just played with Ron Iran piper always makes you think is that the makes me sad so this music works on. That had to know he's now the now closed with me every since Q is located. He told me is radioed that he won't point into port. Nonsensical is going to go call the molecular. You are ruining the moment sorry I don't slow growing he awkwardness of Chris tell me that because an out of that have been a fan and an actress though. All right I'm playing the you're death music because we have lost a famous color regardless. Chris I don't know if you're aware of this but I don't know if you know Steve Dickau. I recognize the name I don't know that I get place he'd pick though he and Stanley. Created Spiderman. He yes OK he he also I've created a lot of villains he created docked dropped Paulus and mandolin entered and green goblins on. Later on he created Doctor Strange. I loved and that's why as and not strain and you know he left the company came back in the ninety's and created something that a lot of people were into it I never watch it but now I know who did it. I might check it out squirrel girl I didn't realize he did and that is very very popular it's just looks a weird. It does look weird guy and good but it's very very popular so he's not very popular he died of heart attack on and as one of those things where and this is sad and the other reason library in this. It is. He has no known survivors. And I know. You know I have children and I know Chris has children and you know people. Talk about you know your legacy. Sharing things think of this guy's legacy. And I I realize that technically he shares legacy 'cause as long as Spiderman. Exist which we got to believe as low as the world exists from now on. Spiderman and some. Form will exist so I guess maybe that's a legacy but not have been think if someone who's such a great artist never have an acute teach. Because we've seen you know children who take up the profession of their of their father the mother and a perfect crap and go beyond it. And when you see them you think of their debt for some reason Kiefer Sutherland comes the mine because I think of the Donaldson when who has loved Austria the bulls still alive and how much better Kiefer Sutherland to me was maybe it's because of his age and everything we've seen. A lot of stuff like that and acting and and stuff like this but the fact that he died and had known survivors is to make some more sudden. It is sad very sad yeah. It is tonight I wonder. I just. Happen to have remembers seeing a headline this week about Anthony board games will had been. Released united have been publicized aghast and I wonder what. Is gonna become of Steve did because the stadium and I have to imagine that he was well enough off to lead to pad that kind of thing in place. And it just is a public service announcement on the go and agree with Dave Ridley everybody should have a will yes he should he should absolutely have will. But but I wonder where that says that that where with hell's gonna go now I. I've watched a lot of that behind the scenes. There was a series on antsy about opera writers and a lot of these and artists like these guys and a poor broke. No like a lot of old actors did back in the day and he still had a studio and I think the fact that you still out of a studio separate from where he lived means you probably have a little bit of money. So on and he may have had a will but he has no I mean no known relatives at all. You to bequeath it to just as funny cast that so plea out of a bunch of friends that he thought of us and we that he be with you. 222. You know. So that's and it could go sing it in all of what artwork. Whatever he bachelor how much you will be worth. A minute ago to you know some sort of an endowment for for kids to to learn. How to draw or pain or. As Israeli school coming industry's creative writing courses and it's things like that amazed me about friends and princes of state and don't forget at least. On some music all Leah and and a lot of people are gonna go on get it although you buy CDs anymore I guess you just would download it. As most places are not selling them anymore. You know the deal is a spot fires yeah. Which you know the yen I mean you can still buy the stuff Amazon iTunes that are. What we do you just buy download a campfire brightens the physical copies still hate it camp like physical copy anymore oh I guess you still can't tell us tedious I made. And although I guess you can make your own CD's if you wanted. The copy Keyon with stale so has our work definitely wouldn't be worth well. Yeah I would think so and and and Robby was on a few weeks ago town is about a museum piece that and it was. A bunch of a comic book art. At the end and you bring an open and operating this way and it wasn't the F a country history yelling on top number one's right. But my point is that these sorts of things this is the sort of hard does give displayed. In alien in public showings from time to time to that'd be another thing that. It should could easily do it only that as the thing I don't know why some people have like Barton in comic book artists and they want a sense for. Is talent it's good stuff is appeals to different demographic him. Texture architectures is calling pattern is writing. The SAT you would take correction earlier takes guys sorry I didn't mean the movie Casablanca. I was just referring to the casino planet part of that no one seems to like. There reminds me in the in last tonight. Did did you guys have a problem with the end the casino. See no no and here's a reason why I remember hearing that people did here's a reason why don't have a problem with this because I've played at times will war and I know you haven't played it. On and so what's wars in the memo game but it's its Star Wars and there are pissed there's a casino planet in spoke to our. And so so it's can and if you consider what our candidate and most people do. You know you haven't played it I mean there's UU visit all the plans you go to Halloween. I mean you go to a lot of those planets on. And I guess. You know death and that was one of the things that started to bug me about that everybody's hearts. Would have casinos. Ocean cruise makes sense yeah thoughts absolutely. One of the things started to bug me about star guest knows a thing about it in the pre close whenever they went to a course on then loses did. The city planet in the whole plan administered and it was in the original trilogy you had you at a desert planet. That's understandable I mean you could have an entire planet you know. That's. Completely devoid of life you know and an image just did a few pockets of outposts in and day and livelihood. And then you had the in the forest and the union of the entire mood of indoor covered in Forrest again that seems plausible if left to its own devices. A forest could take over an entire planet navy. But did you had a whole planet made an and it just went into this like a casino planet in I don't know maybe they have a grocery store planet or. I mean it just. You don't need a whole planet it's just one thing that's ridiculous for a planet to be. All the same all over the globe. You know that you would have been born the report I probably would have been back here for I grew restore planet. It just me students immediately hello how planet planet like angles that's the only place in the universe you can go to sleep is in the hotel planet. Or other things let's see also pulls nerd power coming up right after the.