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Thursday, July 12th

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While commence our number two all of the other staples it is a nerd hour and yes. As. Was asked about on via the FaceBook live feed which we are liable on when a 63 W Ortiz FaceBook page the dry cast. All of the obstacles so check it out if you wanna see which look like by the way I am until along with Chris and says those from W York the well 63 get your. I think he should offer refreshments. Spends its time and there but this is me as you know cookies yet reduce gas it is it is the dark side injury they should have cookies it's. What you do in the dark side. You know. I'm negatives award but because. Seth has never heard. It Roger rematch has not and we haven't don't want a couple weeks ago and do Roger Roger rewind Roger remakes whatever we come on it's a rewind. On. From earlier I think I'm hoping this is the very first one we did some guys have heard before tea. It goes set and this is a thing most people are I'm not sure that that. He's aware of it but he might be in Maine I don't know I'll keep him on the DL yeah well. The league does listen to this show on occasion when he's out another shot and he's he's talked to me about it and he will actually send me stories on and on occasion. To use on this ninth because. You know. Even though some people don't know leagues the people at the station in the weeks that the fog horn Langhorne. Bit there. Her feet because he sounds. Just like him he does you know I broke her arm claims. His impersonation of it because it's so awesome. Bob does a so well and and Bob skipped this look on his face when he does it's hilarious he does a lot on the upper big egos podcast you can check out all line. When a 63 W York the when we don't deal dot com check that out you know what else finder you can find the podcast. Of this fine program right here he'll stay polls opened up pictures of us because. You know he's really got to logo yes you know we don't know about now. They took a big donation is on tape they took pictures of las but I don't think the girl in there anywhere but you'll see pictures of Oscar to a FaceBook page even though Chris doesn't want to go there toward joined FaceBook line he would join us now live right now on FaceBook is just live we are gorgeous CA. Side view of the occasion because I have to look at other screens. Why don't look at those screens because the blood red line is not here and I haven't two run the show because. On that stink and dad on good I can't help it on to stamp. All right. One of our favorite. Segments of the show. Easily. All right so I meant to give us some sound from I believe it's full metal jacket. This is my rifle this is my gun. This for killing this is refiners like are fighting this ideal and yeah I meant to get that. As busy doing other stuff and I forgot but you know is so much better doing now live in a recent London as you'll understand in the second on this happened in Middletown. Ohio see it doesn't say Ohio it's as mill town unlike me and I knew Middletown and minutes in and the guy who was arrested was from Franklin. And I know frankly the reason why no Franklin. Is on my my when was that bothers was from there. And my step sister still lives and misty who. You know I talked to a place all time since you've she moved back so she lives there are always a caller asked if she knew about the story. All right so here's the deal and woman walked into were Middletown residents Friday morning and found a man in bed with the hatchet and his pants down or at least. Michael Robert Maclean. 39. Was arrested on suspicion of aggravated. A burglary felonious assault and public indecency. I don't understand how it Republican decency if you're inside the house apple get that a second. Okay officers were called to. Forget there's a lot of his out of the maybe of woodland avenue report that the burglary investigation revealed a man entered the house was lying in bed with his pants down. With his generals and his right hand. And a hatchet in his left according to police report now I'll know what you guys. What the heck with you don't want to hatch. I mean he felt that he needed to be circumcised are reconsidering solve mutilation and IE you know may be its American and analysts. True maybe or maybe they wanted to do it anymore I don't know split. Hatchet. In one hand and he's done any other a case self. This is my hat to this is my gun. OK so. The woman called for her husband to get the man out how else. So. It doesn't say if her husband was in the house or maybe the husband arrived with her as she got all. Maybe that's for the public indecency comes and does he do it. Removed from the house with his pants still yes that was meant that unless you think you might be right did they take him outside and Melanie has the right into the homeowner then attempted to wake up the man to get him out itself so not only was he billionaire. Like that he's. So. You know we've we've got stories where they've broken a fried chicken but you or I can't tell you know I get the hungry fried chicken it. Anyway there's no. Part of the story is says he was doing anything else other then. Sleeping sleeping yet the OK so because he was in fear for his life the homeowners struck the man in the head with a handgun. And if fight began according to reports so so the whole order had a gun. And kids as well to do it opens a what to do and in my house. But instead he's cute and head with it because the what the odds yet. Which you know my first reaction if you hits by and handed the ball we beat blesses on FaceBook you gonna see this you aren't you come forward. Okay. One of his arms had hatchet and in truth so odd I don't know what angle you hit it with the guidance of the how to doesn't come up they had to. It just doesn't sound very safe OK so. Faulted defended out of the bedroom through the kitchen and outside the house the police report states the old order chased. While McLean I mean Robert Maclean the house and would Bob look I mean Robert Maclean took an offensive stance and came at the homeowner. He fired one shot into the ground. All right again. Armed dude needs to take some courses are sold out there and ya on on what to do with the gun. It's it's it's not a bludgeoning weapon eagle shoot into the ground. Especially the due to other hatch that would I mean. And let's figure known as east did did he still had a hatchet at that point they don't point out whether that or not but I'm guessing that maybe drop the house actually got hit him with a gun partly right the suspects fled behind it reared attached garage. Let's be able to do neighborhood of attached Raj yes. This isn't attached garage. More of a sign of wealth or detached. I don't know Muslims excellence of 1307. If you're Richard you have a detached garage and has some of your listening we Noah. What are our demographic is right the suspect flip behind career detached garage and came back toward the residence the whole order then fired a shot into the ground in the man ran away. Police found bomb look I mean Robert Maclean on the sidewalk in 200 block of young street bleeding from the head. Rob Maclean I mean Bob. McClain was treated at a local hospital then booked into Middletown jail on charges. On the set of four of 50000 his next court appearance in July 13. Is July 13 rather according to Middletown municipal. It's that the court Friday the thirteenth. At. If he was carrying a machete don't be perfectly true yes we will work. Going on yes on Oprah's that'll teach him that a citizen of Baylor is our oops oh ward where. And what would you guys do if you came home so when a broken into your house and they were holding their genitals and a half. Seemed he was asleep at the time and they were trying to wake him up to game out of the house I would've just went back into another room. Called the cops yes and way of the console derive your president and assailed as honest gotten my gun. And called police and left the house book because it didn't happen to me I'm very glad it played out the way did you actually got this entertaining story. My thing is. It's to hold me gays hidden ahead with the goal line which obviously lanes Robert. Wakes him up and hold common picturing bomb at the guy lawyer Rene I don't know why and think that because the guy's name was Robert Andino doesn't get enough for. In any begins the fight does he pulls pants up. Before he starts to throw hands or is he fighting this how about a minute a minute turnaround on you with with it while he's paid you had your pants down and somebody attacked you would you bother to pull your pants up first no you go fight them how little I do not as though which gave me greater chance of winning that almost a fight in that didn't exactly. But this guy obviously what in his right mind. Also many here see I hit in the head with a butt of a gun as a big gun might have been adamant rifle maybe maybe and SY got shark apparently couldn't pull ill pull it up and. Could you write and he got enough distance with the rifles or not and we just kind yes but I disagree if you're gonna fight someone demise will be a naked man because he's not hiding in knife. He's that he's not hiding anything and I feel. Merely had to add well it can't go there. There could be doesn't have the hatchet if you real well that's it needs naked that's the best person to fight just because they have nothing to dig and though it did this'll be seen in super troopers theory if they are right. This story will be re created by the way we are liable on FaceBook. Live on when a 63 W already face one pace and size one point out crisper. Chris and I guess or Chris what you just threw up there. I will be talking about that in and just a little insight about me no no no value you're not a volume optometrist for rob and not talking about yeah. About Chris lead them all a team. About a comment here yes yes on the fees but college dollar gas comment are you gonna do we're going to take a break we come back. We've got a little AI takeover and probably the aforementioned story that I was going to talk about which just happens to be about news that old. You are listening to the of staples later won a 63 WRD bottle if you have any comments. What would you do with a guy broke into your house. Got a hatchet in one hand his pants are down this guy has gone on the other hand what you do text line 71307. The city of staples right here when a 63 W Doherty. Welcome back into the of staples Alonso Chris and so stokes who doesn't talk enough apparently I guess not according to you that's an excellent you'll be on the show to excellence of 1307. And if you wanna see what we look like and see some of the behind the scenes. Things. That go on during commercial breaks will take us on FaceBook liable when a 63 W or these. FaceBook page right now and Chris we have some. Barely got a couple new dimension to what we just don't get what I want texture says this is pretty sophomoric I completely agree with you. That's no I disagree sophomore I disagree it's not sophomore and off. I think we've which are sophomoric it up a little bit because we missed the Bart and we could but. I want it to your show would be much better if you included Seth stoked and I asked suggest during the break Seth you feel not included no not a not I don't feel on included the good Aggies as I act of tennis right Leo yeah I did you like you did invite me personally you have it but we twice now and I just couldn't do it the first time. To go yeah understandable happens heading to Saturday night and the Padres to do well no not even in the states though. Okay but you're here now I need every kid that we were getting the the perspective of a that are journalists I appreciate. No we're going Thatcher and whatnot aren't or some more tax. You I think he's probably. You're a mature veterans are better something via the and it's good to be a better bidders being classless. That you know which one thing that we talk about and and so that is the scary thing and it's. AI taking over the world it is part. I think I mean there have been enough movies. Talking about the into the world brought about by Romans. Because the robots are gonna take over the world we have a story. That was actually shared by Lee Rogers on our one a 63 WORG. Dot com page on which you can check out it also check it out on via. When the app and some other things. And headline is army individual soldiers one day control swarms of robots. Thanks to advance inventions and AI human agent teaming and machine learning. Soldiers will provide commanders with real time information about the enemy gather from a variety of different sources. Army robotics officials at Fort Benning Georgia are trying to get individual soldier's capabilities control swarms of air and ground robot. Robotics systems for missions that ought the require large number of troops to compass tell you they say what's wrong with that because. Save lives by doing that sky net you save our lives he'll save NB that's exactly that's the first thing you think up this guy net. Better Mickey Rourke in them army and that's him and his so many movies. About this thing to really get a large benefit from robotic systems we have to break the one soldier one robot link. Because right now did you only leave one operator for one robotic system and as effective an interesting but when I can have. Dozens of robot or robotics systems controlled by one soldier. Now I have a significant advantage. So. You go and how to link a mind. With an eight I'm fine. And what can be wrong with the houses say how many times have we seen that work out well Eddie Burke never. Never ever scary times because he can watch movies you pick on never happened this is his crazy they'll never do something like that and you read stories like this. Legitimate stories of things to try to do with AI which we talk about all the time trying to warn you. And if you're not listening you know if we're being solved more before being dead serious right now. The Ed if look. It may not be called sky never that's a real thing that's happening in my opinion go. Go have a phone conversation with somebody about just a particular topic and they go on FaceBook. And I guarantee you'll see an ad or something about that particular topic and you didn't type it. Eating Google. Not all you do is talk about it with a friend on a phone call elves and FaceBook knows about it yet discussed happening it's real people. I don't mean to be you know aluminum foil hack guy but I'm gonna be logo lag my eyes and players he realizes all that that's all. Yeah we did a we did a video. Making problem well that's kinda my it was a about it. And I I didn't see him Chrissie has been that it's come into its gonna play many times we've used over and over again like I firmly believe that that robots will. Mutiny at some point. And I think if you say it doesn't have to be names kinda it will be named guy and because people are seen in movies so much so think it's funny. Analysts Einstein and we'll calls Garnett I can't do that. It it will hop awards party named in his called Google. That might possibly could or should I Beecher or apple yeah. OK so. Another topic that we do and by the way I think we may be out of trouble with our FaceBook live via. And check that out there and break what was still alive on the air so that's all matters. On because that's the part that were paid to do not the other stuff that can be just as computer style. So there's a new segment that we brought to just do that for you yeah there's a new segment that we brought about last week. And it's. Comes on the entry. And I'm going to. And play a little music that will make you fuel. All right so you may be wondering why am I playing this music Crist doesn't recognize this music. Really. But Chris is in the wrestling ever has discerned guys out yeah gadget this is. The NWO theme music from the new world order. 22 years ago today the new world order was formed that is amazing yet doe it bashed the beach. When it now makes me feel pretty old. 22 years ago today it seems like it was yesterday. The fact that this this happened and my son was only two. So I don't get out I mean and these are things that that we're trying to come up with each week because we want you to fellow soldiers refill when we hear these things. Chris wants you to lose this site is a well it'll play just think you judge. Seeing because everyone saw it come across something that makes that reminds me. How old I'm getting I just recently had a birthday and ended in zero so you know that's. It's kind of a big deal for me and no one's has got one coming up later this year the closet ID if you could turn on this computer put this put this on the air I think. Thank him and a Baylor to play is on the play some other music Tori and. Remember this. Now will be the rocky thing yes this. Actually charted this past week charted. 41 years again. Hey you know that says symbol news I've got I've. I collected a few us few birthdays. From left in this past week Bret Hart and Brad hard is it getting there yeah as a robot grossly I know you guys are wrestling for it to rhetorical question but I am just. Just establishing it as a segue already currency that. Brett harsh than have turned 61 this phone call like. Hillbilly Jim you know Hilda Hilda region also the rest of 66. This week. Jim smithers. Played Bailey quarters on the WK apparently sixty million. She turned this thing I'm OK with that let's show is now like in the early seventies early seventies so they're not yet mr. Sylvester Stallone. Sold. 72 yeah. Hey listen 72 is not old and looking good I mean I'm otherwise John McClain views certainly do that no its that's fantastic. Burt ward played Robin in the year in the old that man how the fans back. 73 he turned this week. Leo bill Waterston. Drew a drew the iconic. Comic strip Calvin and hobbes Aaliyah turns sixty this week his comic. Is almost 33 years old Calvin in the home for almost 33 years I would love to see him go back and do. I don't know maybe like a limited release or something like that of Calvin. As you know a grown up now with his own head. You know really cool that you ask because I remember reading Calvin Hollins did and now I've got my own kid terrorized me and is there so yeah I've I've probably two men in black. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith yeah 21 years ago this week it was released a country now yep sure can and Forrest Gump. 24 years ago almost and then Obama captures the straight Leo I was run and that's. As stuff little bit. Old news well it can sort of make you feel you mentioned down to the interview forming into a twenty years ago yes less often on Twitter yesterday that it was. Twenty years ago yesterday they Goldberg whine his first heavyweight title. In the Georgia Dome. That's that's tests in that made me feel Alice sitting there I was there at. Niger there you go on. So if you feel old right now blame Chris is loses idea but I do need to place on eight and inflict closer discuss gut. There are gone as being an addict there's things that make you filled. He shows up one occasion and it's on you Texas as really being on the Christmas special guys 22 years ago today I began to like Hulk Hogan again. Nice it had to happen to a lot of people when he turned heels on the net. On no one ever thought would happen after you say your prayers your vitamins and all the sudden. He's dressed in all black and doing things that he shouldn't they would do but they won the Monday night wars because of that war when in it and then. It brought on some pretty bad writers and what was it. I don't know this texture I heard your review of and man wants the but as they say you watched it man wants to do my boys. Three out of five stars it was very funny but not much action and the villains where labor is crap agree or disagree lines of this drink but. Here's the thing I don't know which it. After fan knows he would your criteria OK we do not go from there as candidates did set the bar pretty high he did so I mean any other Billingsley there can be found out now. Answer me this because the movies this movie has come out. After the infinity ward hit theaters. Is it set chronologically after those events or is it seemed out we spoil a that would he's full well no no it wouldn't be it's going on during. During a campus because they wondered if that might be the case because down aim and is not in. He's anyway and I noticed he received the commercials he's a house arrest yes and that's that is explained I I had noticed that he was conspicuously absent from infinity. If he was on how stress following. Because he's unaware or beside it would cap. Yeah that perhaps he when he gets the suit coat via. Of course and that put him now. And man once this is just the jump off for the face four or whatever like it is the first movie in that in the new fee a nice about now be captain marvel will be captain marvel okay gadget now what surely were. Doing that. Well. Yes that's how that's working so you have to tune in next year to find out you know we need to do we need to take a break and how wrong we are still on FaceBook line. Since the page on this computer. You know we know about this computer over here. Does someone keep things sometimes sort of take a break when we come asked the tactical powers that be about it yes well I await a response to put it I think he. I think part of it is also multiple people on this thing go and stuff written. Yes from a plane and on anyway so we're take a break we come back we've got a little bit of a sport news. And then woe do roundtable and a ton of other things. Sinister tax. Positive negative or even though he's not here text class of two us. Just to make us feel better text line so what Floridians and you know we will we'll make sure that he knows this neo staples rail one a 63 W Doherty. Telling a gig allied. And then don't correct Marty mic line okay. I'd say it's what it is a movie from a time before we use that prefix now everybody knows. What do gigabyte is because that's the have to count how many your phone comes with. I know a lot of reds anybody remember the oh Listerine ads that featured the sun yes Kermit miss from a TV ninja turtles movie. Personally I heard this song was on screen an ice. I remember time on my car engine and twos and does this song not mole the rest of the song is not nearly as catches it is well towards and boy I know but it's a jungle life. It's public. And if you listened to podcasts like go to Austria oh look at Baltimore. Baltimore and that's the name that really I didn't on news that yes you've educated mean I don't know what I'm guessing they might be from Baltimore. Could be reality I just that's just to guess I don't know why not up for it. That's what I'm going to Europe offices yes dissidents. Until I looked at us so I've proven wrong which is gonna do right now it's kind of curious though you would that I checked Chris because we're getting ready to talk a little wrestling. Got to be honest I don't really have a lot of wrestling news but I just let the intro so much talent here to build a team dream music. Because. He's awesome on. But there is one story it's not exactly wrestling related but it is run around he was inducted into the USC hall of fame she's presently. In the demagoguery. Makes a wrestling related. As she said in in her exceptions. Acceptance speech. She redefined what it is. To fight like a girl and that's exactly what she did a lot of people remember you know the losses but before that she was undefeated for a long period of time. And she single handedly brought women into the USC and yes he's better because of I know Chris is I don't know if you watching USC had a do you like watching when the flight. I don't mind it yeah I mean it's it's not for now mark Watson ladies by dodi's do you know they are that the one hand yes they aren't they aren't violent and during the time when she was dominant there was no one else has dominated. And Dana White bringing her in. It escalated her her elevated rather the USC because it brought more attention and she was a mean. If someone in their undefeated that gets you attention all over the sports world and and it is pretty cool that she got inducted into. The hall of fame have one more sports story. And this is something that. That Chris may or may not be on interest in. And this has to do and need to tell us what you found out about Baltimore and second. This has to do with the World Cup because Chris really into the World Cup and you're picking would only guys yeah I think so. Love it a sarcasm by the way. Hillary's lie and into the World Cup right now is because. Case guys that are now playing in Russia right and yet they aren't you guys did that so out all I know that the World Cup I do a show. That they ran and a beer a duo showed. Colleagues and I do is show called the huddle one to four hours distaste ESPN upstate which is once portion of the years two years and row and nominated for thirty years went out. And the reason why I loved World Cup right now because I found that most obnoxious goals around. And do some booze sales in behind it and rubbed the host meantime there's a goal and I did I were if we had. We like cameras on him the face is that he may only guess that yes and not funny and I got to do that a couple times won five times the the first game we lost to a couple times yes it's really happy about that so anyway World Cup is a big deal everywhere in the world. Except for here. I'll say the other thing that I know of the world gov as the headline that I saw this week which apparently is that. They're not only running out of beer in the running out of water lists in July noises would you talking about it yeah okay yes sorry all right round I didn't know where you are going win that residue. It ends up the World Cup host city of samarra are being urged to take showers and there. Because the influx of fans is putting strain water supplies the samarra communal systems utility company. Says the combination of heat wave and thousands of guests had minutes. Providing 10% more cold water than normal that's causing water pressure to drop in some neighborhoods. The company had the company advises locals to save water and how you do that. Take a shower together. I showered again this IE when when I was growing up in our. The house down Polly's island there was a little plaque in the shower in the in the big. Guest shower. That said same water shower with a friend the thing is some really yeah did you doubt he would have me now I was old enough to know exactly what about I just. I don't know maybe just me but also the shower that she's coming back from the beach and so it was. It was unlikely that you just be taking a shower and Ed Morrow more likely you're rinsing off any any any Jewish hours. That I participated in have always last a lot longer any solo showers have ever has paid as I don't know that yet theory really work it's it's a fair point you might wind up using more water do for sure. Okay that's a fair point it's just me or can rush should not host international herald analyst he says. Either way. I think Russia has done a great job because you'll hear about a ball and so these Dorian out of beer. But and now in order to meet and they don't know there's nothing I mean I'm sure they thought putting a vodka. So it's Ron young one who has Russia here's the thing you know China has the Olympics. You hear about all the all discussed all these countries. You know when those reality had to clean up the white you'll hear about that Russia yeah I love since I don't know the Sochi Olympics that were in was it when he fourteen. Yeah they had like buildings that were unfinished yes dull okay rampant while yet all you're attacking in addition to worries. You know horror story obviously they've gotten better because you not hear about that stuff right now with the World Cup. Yeah I do I mean do what we've had we haven't had the same kinds of stories but we've had stories about problems. Hosting an international sporting event. This doesn't it I mean that the times that the United States has posted something like this do we have it we had a bomb go off Atlanta. But that's because some dude set off a bomb now because we didn't have building already heard enough water to write and let people shower. I mean. It just I guess something did this big on this big scale yes it's unlikely that you get me through it without some problems. But you shouldn't have huge ones. And that seems to be. What's coming at a rusher right now while we're how much rational cairn oxen are mistaken Russia has been eliminated as of today and down. So send everybody else has pretty much I was good at it World Cup canceled. I'd LA we're like now. All right so. Really have one more break ground but nobody anti by the late Baltimore. When we were wrong we are completely wrong not even from America. I can from Europe Italy most of them a few of them from England so did you find out what we're the name came for a I don't know. Well I tell you what you look at that one do this one hit wonder in the United Kingdom the United States. I can tell you this we are on definitely. Rough and laid on everything today discussed were Robinson wonderful discussion so we've already done some debate which is what we usually do and around tables so. You know it's kind of a pre there roundtable but now we're in the round table something usually something's officially it's not official until you hear it via the intro. And I hate to not play the intelligence for the winners science board you know. All of us like a different part of it. But the words hybrids it's scary as Mike they report what their movies of all time all right speaking of one of my favorite things I love to collect phone co pops and got a bunch and nurse Kate in the arms and there. Via the powers that be we're in our office the other day and noticed them and said that he liked them but as of uncle. When you say the powers that be are you talking about Lex corporate talk about the on tile that tiger about deep down the power of the one above all these you know probably cool all right. That's that's good to know that that heating going in so what does scrap courses similar properties this here's the thing you know. Kind of had to explain them to him did you but yet but he asked about the media he he. He was interest it. I believe radio officer reflect. What do you want to hear yeah. And as a person and this is what a lot of stuff that we do in the air we have in our office just like to go down to a twisted tots office. 93 point oh yeah and it he got on a horse Dublin's got a lot of music stuff super Dave Jackson has tons the star orally on his ask yourself so we don't. If people come and do the tour. Wanted to sell some plain looking drab office or a part of an office that looks drab and we have to kind of you know pretty it up ourselves speaking of wish there were some kids that we're taking into or the other day and they got to peak in our office again and Alia and they were very impressed that's good. You know it. Pulses impressive this phone go. They've got a good good thing go because I mean when you can even put out golden girls pops. You know what you're doing but they're coming out with uncle serial. And put put the way of portable phone call cereal is you can't get it all the one place pretty sure there's news there's already a serial name pops. On what this is fun co cereal in. In July which is worried and I feel like they're missing an opportunity without knowing it was not dealing with fungal pops cereal. All right so mega man phone code. Serial can be found at GameStop secured by mega man serial title I don't know the taste like mega man like this off. The cup head and my yeah Cisco right about that cup head and neck and not man what's new games we are looking it is available on hot topic. Policy and I will now chief Freddy Krueger Kruger foreign coast and Friday the thirteenth Jason Broncos can be found at YE a I might be going there tomorrow to see if I can find them. Because. Who doesn't wanna know what Freddy Krueger on coast real taste like Lord of the Rings bronco featuring column. Will be available at box lunch. No idea what that series and yeah I've admired anybody box lunch you know out of a box on I don't know what that is not now back in the day. Wasn't fear. Led legend of Zelda serial oh yeah and a Mario cereal at one point. Yeah and the new day. Wrestlers may have their own serial music so but a lot he's come out of stores like a fly a hot topic stuff like that. But each box contains a color a collectible prize so each of them have a fungal pop it. Well known sizzled location closed apparently we used to have me oh that's something else and nevermind I actually had to do lunch I'm looking a box lunch. And there's apparently a place that used to be called lunch box in Taylor's but I don't think that's the same thing our embassy where if there's one Iran or you can put it was let's talk about couple other things. Are we told you about the top gun sequel. Well they now have consists of line which. Was he offered are about to society but he was in the original it is a little kid who sit on meg Ryan's lap while they're playing the piano and everything. On May be wonder man Ryan's gonna be in the yeah which she hasn't been mentioned yeah I think you know I'll Kilmer is going to be right. And so. Deuces so on how has been and then cast than he has miles teller. Who's been and a couple things lately including. See. Thank you for your service and only deliberate so he's been in and some military titans seems to be kind of an up and coming via. Actor I say leaders call and goose is on the entire movie I think they should or you know. What is the child abuse what is that. Gosling a Gosling so he should be Gosling hopefully there'll be something like that. During the entire innings there you're missing the boat with not having Ryan I know I play into up all right probably a little old one more hole one more quick thing before we go to break we got to take her final break. Greenpeace activist crashes Superman shaped drone into a French nuclear plant foods are. So windy day I didn't really I didn't get the impression this was an oops yeah what what they think to accomplish by doing that I don't out. The first thing that struck me is that they're Superman should drowned her I sounds fantastic yes it does but enterprise drones all I know they like Thai fighter drones I don't really know them yet they've they've really millennium falcon drone on and got some really cool looking ships and and shapes. Ford drones these days. But this I mean the next thing that struck me was this console online elimination mean really don't know flying something into. What would be considered kind of a high value target. I that I. I don't know I mean how Sid the they shouldn't be able to do that I know there's your sons and a surveillance some way to stop that from happy you'd think. Glad I don't know I mean drones. I would. Be surprised depending on how big this drone was that I would be surprised if it didn't show up on any kind of radar. Or or at least was dismissed is as something you know innocuous right by it. How I don't know I mean it's. It's definitely bizarre story and and I commend somebody for making a Superman drowned but then don't flight into nuclear power plants. Yeah. As much as eight years ago yes it is at these gonna how the opposite effect to what they wanted they want to power plant to be closed down but now power plants will. I get more surveillance and things that. Stop drones from line and blade thing it is France. I did find out that of the nearest box lunch to us here in the upstate apparently in Asheville, North Carolina. I don't think on the go out there just. What you memory in Asheville anyway the era stop buying into some funk has here sometimes you gotta drive through there to get to somewhere else all right. Lightning round coming up listen up staples right of 1063 Debbie Doherty. Iowa commences a lightning round what we try to squeeze in as many stories as we can but you don't wonder since we are trying to do us stories afterwards. So we eliminate a lot hero. Oh I don't think so I don't think so either all right a bear on a bear wandered into how to listen to music yeah which is Qichen. Metallica Adair wondered if what if you're a podcast is pretend like here in Metallica. A girl wandered into a California man's hometown drank his Margarita then took a nap. What would you do. If I was a bear if I was the nation if you're the man I don't I don't put on FaceBook lives and illuminating the bear is the man in this case Barack eight ethical Blair. You do it right yes there is best life there's actually videos check that out on. A deal is this coming out when it came up drones she news we've talked about other issues. And he has come out went. Which are pretty cold the last one actually post this on the idea of staples page. Which. Let me ask you guys would you Wear shoes. Like you did as a kid when it's comic characters on it somewhere to drive mostly teacher right now I don't care. I have red shoes the tissues had a flash lighting bolt on it. It would make him so much cooler. I was in Seattle think this is and unique to a deep inside I wanna say that I've seen shoes with com and now they may have been made. In a may have been altered you know but it. I'll say it seems she's with with. Various pop culture figures on the I get comic book characters became a drones just doesn't strike me as something and he's beyond awful way are well loved game after a night huge game after about a cult following so I don't really know you're absolutely right in and you know I mean once you get a cult following like that you can cells must merge is seeking of course. But I I agree with these. I don't think ten issues are gonna quite fit the bill for game now not with a totally Xia all right Idris Elba has joined the fast and furious spin off. Wouldn't blame the rock Johnson and Jason stayed though will this make you actually watch it. Probably not but I do like Idris Jala. I I will still watch because I've only because I am the type of person once I start a series is something I'll watch every single thing until they run into the ground. I think got this one the one more the rock was originally brought in I watched the latest one comes as it was on public. Let's see if there's any good and actually I kennel it wouldn't terrible is that all the guys in there yet and Vin Diesel was a bad guy. For a little bit gap that he's always been a bag still all right there's going to be a gun don't live action movie. Now we want maple drive movie but. I gun don't live action movie is the next best thing in my opinion. Yeah. I you know when you see it live action in. This is kind of like calling any of the marvel movies line action these days there's so much CGI is it really live action but whatever you realistic live action or would it be like world warcraft live action quote unquote war it was all cartoon except for like free care to know I think it's going to be like transformers live action. Woods ideal witness yet. I've said it before I'll say again as long as they got a good story in good actors and a good director slash producer who has a vision for the film. I think he can pull this off. All right unfortunately reading gets everything we wanted to get to we will talk about a couple things on FaceBook live. After the show's over thanks to Sarah stokes for being a part of the show hope we'll come back again sometime and do it maybe end up being a regular and and FaceBook live 163 W argue right now and we will talk some video games as some other stuff. And have a great weekend everyone.