Upstate Pulse 8-18.18 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, August 18th
How we entertain ourself when we are sick, Wrestling News, Charlotte Interview, and Nerd Round Table.

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Welcome Manny SA pulse nerd power is where we seriously get an iron on as if it hasn't been nerdy enough already. We talk mistakes in the were talking outlaws or whether they're an outfit who are you. Who lie Maria whom don't you know him don't you wait a little wait wait can you hear that voice and recognized from the greatest enemy of all time. I can't but you know and people should as well there early. In this show we were we were given rules violence core to incorporate certain things. And you came back and it didn't incorporate more than ten seconds. I might have actually gotten there or maybe I'm just pointing out that we still remember. Just in case like corpus watching or listening right Alex court because you could watch if you were on one of six can't minorities he's looking lunch right now you are watching right now man affair with the mom. Skinner is a point is that the key inflection point in me stop. Them and maybe he has. World will be very narrow. Anyway. But did and Chris Evans here in the studio. And it. You're that I indeed be credited actor yes for Miami guns greatest now they'll time that I can find on YouTube for a throw want to prefer. Which is a travesty it is just half pay for that hour you know what Netflix did sign that show okay they shouldn't this. If we we need another final maybe yeah it themed events. We do a sister be excited. No it. You mean you mean the NC. The guest star it's still are yeah she's in the late eighty episodes I was in line. Anyway. It sitting here with the class of Patrick and the Alonso. And printer pronunciation a year and you're welcome reprieve from the Latin button let. Eagerness for some people say the some people say go out and say you know why. O'Leary. Is that that is an Air France Italy by later don't aren't you look like you are trying to think of a reason I would know how much I was waiting OK I'm ready to reflectors and explain some sort of soak it all went. If the next word. Start of the continent in meeting he had an expert starts with about all he sees the apple when Alonso. No it's the London. It sounds better you anywhere one port now a word you couldn't make that decision for emphasis which. Absolutely makes or you can just call out anyone on doing boy you can just fall on one and only. And so his column on them. You don't go in point is people you'll culprits culprits now nothing is more than one because more than one prints. But there's only one prints in a cult Elvis not Elvis. Noted that Elvis is actually his name a street it would princes actually pronounce the name. Yeah and and Alonso was actually mining and is there against your pain Daria teed not to refer to him as. Well lawns so salons what I wanna know Chris have been sick all week is as what you did this is what you hear happens here is what's center numbers that he understood felt. Yeah now I do so yet did you talk to yourself a lot I talked myself talking to himself the day I wait listed or do you taught us up a lot. On I look in the mirror sometimes. And tell myself how awesome dizziness I think you launch it talks to himself he taught us to do some Stew when he's managed self we get something is Steve it'd mess it up and I refer to myself yes as my allow it to third Iverson that's like what a way to go right shall you idiot I'm gasoline like that I'm honestly get and that desire. I would drive sometimes. All law light maybe 23 hours of going somewhere right no music no nothing. I'm legitimately talking to myself I monologue as I am an up podcasts. Oriented documentary so what you're doing is practicing I do that's who I am I have done especially if I have an ideal for the show or or another show on the on idol I was saying out loud because there and I will remember it. More and now we'll see if that sounds as good spoken loud as it does in my head it's almost like you're interviewing yourself yeah. And and Tim they like what a greater view that like honestly I tried to tell like other people that who don't work gallery out and they think I like. The craziest person who ever lit well the seasoned veterans would be like go again you do that I'd never the on a seasoned veteran and I do it in I think it's it's a great I don't trust you really think it's fun. But anyway it is but see that's the kind of thing at you all the time. I have been sick this week just kind of under the weather sinus infections is some reckless cut the same thing rush had Russian Limbaugh was out. Several Le d.'s does and I'm not worried about I got a minor thing if it's on me to tell both of us yeah pretty on these idea I am I am. Improving just AG but. As unnerve you when you're scratching yeah eating was another route you're sitting in the same room when and that's like. That's not airborne isn't so it's not known about it. They got me thinking I was I was wondering. No wonder. When you're sick you don't feel like doing anything you don't feel like going out to movie probably a better idea if you don't know what is you can you might be contagious to Lincoln other people's sake. You probably don't feeling going out to eat you know to a restaurant in much list could come in you might on an order pizza or something like that but. But I aid it got me thinking and what how do you entertain yourself. When you're sick IE I spent several days sick this week and found myself kind of going to. The same things like familiar stuff you know things and TV shows that I've seen before. Deemed that I played or at least that have mechanics that I'm familiar with. And I was just wondering how do you do you do anything different to entertain yourself when you're sick or here's. Thing and I don't know Patrick who will see what he says. I do exactly the same thing you do and usually when you're sick you can't find ways to rest. So yeah find something familiar it is yet it's a movie gallery golf Owen Star Wars Lord of the Rings or something like that's something that I really love but I know backwards and forwards your I think content yeah. Yeah you can do is they did this not that it becomes background but it is it's it's a part of you already get to comfort it's if it's some people get comfort food. Ali. I'm just movies I'm that's what I liken it to you it was comfort entertainment that that sort of that that food that makes you. Feel better just from having eaten it. It was it was like that except on my screen instead of you know in my belly all right so I'm curious egged it yeah listeners say how does Texas yeah 71307. How do you entertain yourself when you're sick or. So Patrick it depends on what Teva sickness and Terry got it I'm like you know. Stomach bug anomaly you know bright throwing a burial like ours among. I honestly am just gonna lay down I'll have the TV on the background and had a tune to a certain station. But I used to do and arrows and have soap operas who play everything will play I don't care to Alger gadget just kind of have some in the back patch it. If you're familiar and it's a sinus infection. In my mind that what I do is I'll make me a ball soup. And how actually Lotta soup Al actually make my own soup I will make a chicken and rice ticket limit it ranks him. That sounds delicious and it does come like the Greek suit that you know how excellent and I mean you could just enough women for place or how you want the body. It's more. Like for a whole pot of soup I might use half a bottle images. While it's cells that line yes it it it does sound like a lot but it's not. We need vitamin C so can I get. And what I can what I crave when I'm sick is a drop soup. And it's kind of like the city Connolly yeah so that's big news. After I do that. I will legitimately. Go to my TV. And plug in my game Q. And up ice and I'll play paper Mario all now allow public paper Mario the thousand year door all day. That is my favorite scary game and it's my favorite game. Ended when he did between this game's all time. I'm thinking I've been thinking about this about us doing in new wind also have been taken about unless. I just posted something on our FaceBook page in a state polls. On FaceBook by the way. I GMs can now list of the top 25 superhero movies you know we did our own. Bracket would personally racquet get put through hell lot of superhero that since then so I mean none out. We didn't need to revisit that we need to revisit the the video game think this event. I'm I'm really fast there's an idea could not could not suggesting that we shouldn't do that. But you remember how our superhero movie bracket turned out yes. Would you expect even given the movies that have come out. Since debt three years ago I guess there are roughly three years ago that we did that. Would you expect that the the final to be any different I think so I think that there's a possibility because there have been some really strong you have this really I can tell you the idea list. Well in the same way we did and still let the Dark Knight I don't n.'s list still has Dark Knight and day one this is a thing and a match ups the matches will be different zone access to be different in my hat. That's true obviously I wasn't there for the first. For the first year you know we've got new spider man's we've got so infinity war you guys fit anywhere I could I can't do their contract that we other realms are so far is just to say infinity ward is better than the original dangers as a movie yeah. I'm. So late so I could see that big matchups could it changes the play that we might ga we might still get the Dark Knight in the final. We may not. It just depends on what side of bracket everything falls so parts of those things to consider and what Chris was talking about keep keep the tax come and yet he keeps its do we have a text right now as we regularly go to break. And the other one person's asking for the recipe. Figure you know much you know German receipt where you think about doing a cooking show for the staples YouTube channel so that will be the first Hispanic very helps you not only will you be able to get the rescue boat to get to watch Patrick Texas says that comfort food in movies the prince's bride is a fallback for me also Joseph vs the volcano. And pride and pledges the A any virgin which really is a classic and sick and wrong is that he's it's so it's kinda long bella does that's what you want it it's just lies that I Rondo and Lord of the Rings or sunflower or five hours to something something really lengthy seasonally can drift in and out and come back and know exactly where you are when you come back to consciousness briefly about watching a movie that's gonna throw me back Watson Robin Hood. The men in tights and go with Allen and all of that is so classic. How deftly makes you wonder are we to take a break we come back. We got a ton of wrestling things let's talk about including I said down with Charlotte flare who have played here at an excerpt from that interview. You're listening TSA calls for a 1063 don't we already and continuing who won a six threes FaceBook page. All right. The ticks ticks is a lot of talk because we're out doing double team dreams you're on the face of why women in the tree 1063 W or do you and understand why. I debtors are wrestling and stroke lot of stuff going on in wrestling. It's summer slam tomorrow we're gonna get into that we also are gonna talk about smackdown went to smack down I also got to sit don't shuttle flared in the interview with her. The play you part of that so lots if you're wrestling fan lots of stuff to adorn right now. And done. First of all politically it was planned announcement. All right there you go beyond if you're listening now was pocono Hogan. Dallas got all those Kevin Nash. And finally appear on face when you go to your your show I'm showing you my new nurse weapon that I got. For one Chris doesn't pay attention to the wrestling segment. Which which by the way he did she that was what he did shoot that before we went on there at all. That they've got to sting to it as hasn't out. So if you go a mile boy over here what I'm gonna retaliate now last week you were shooting him like crazy. And he didn't Italian first. OK and on to say so the war is all so it didn't sound at the very beginning doubt it sound like Shawn Michaels. Well. There was it was yeah wants to video it was OK it was ally Italy around it start it was it was done the same way the original in the real videos were done. The following is an announcement. You know BAM but it it was done now way and then it was all three of them now Hulk Hogan recently signed the contract with the W you again. There's a chance that he may show back up so some slim get laid up and don't be surprised in WO doesn't I don't think so come back into something. They could go. Because I mean what what what better way they're all very old so I don't know what kind disruption they could do put you know I mean here's the thing I feel like this is great for. You know PR stuff like that now. And get pole podium back into the good guy of yeah wrestling fans are gonna pay humidity in video where I was a part of and like everyone loves that let's go back to that let's focus on that. Remember a year ago and again until for months to open a man a bunch of money off of the Mombasa give us it's not let's not remember that but I can't so anyway in real may be back but I think they're too old I still lie I still light. Paula Nash good not some Soviet all right. Some excellent summer slam is tomorrow. And I'm Alicia player will be taking part in Animal Planet interview after we do our summer slam predictions are right was give to it. Universal champion. Ship not two to twelve start date yes we are three Brock Lesnar and Roman rains they have pain in the last year. As the villain. Which is no way to go in and it well they have done it well. Here's what I think happens which I switch all back and forth about who goes first I believe Roman rains wins the title. And then he gets those hands. Unfortunately. I think he gets screwed over it now and now wins the title game. And then here's the thing Roman takes away from peers and it. We're actually gonna spoil Matt like another match in this I think Roman wins. But oh points. Cash is it okay that should be interesting okay. WW championship match AJ styles who like to small purses Samoa Joseph who like to salt. Joseph is one of he best wrestlers on the Mike ever he is so good the importantly Joseph can stay healthy. On they would really personal with the story line which I think is. It's the tape and I like if I don't like it but I'm worried it's another Katie picking on and you don't know that assists but if you know the history of these guys are friends and a difference for a long time and they wrestle really well together really good mom. I'm Joan. I honestly I'm going AJ just because he's the cover artists for identity TK nineteen. All right brawl when this champion Alexa bliss purse is Rhonda browsing. This haunted this is a straight up match or Rhonda rousing wins this I've read some other I think it was three and CBS sports. In all of them predicted browsing quickly. And down. Rouse he's getting better every week which I don't think this next. Deserves equally I don't think it does either they don't showcase what she's learned so far I can she do more than punch in and and food and going and arm bar. I think our senior do some. Some rope work I shouldn't have to climb up on it but policy heard you know. Deuce and Larry it's do some other things under you things we've seen. But yet run around UN's as she's going to be new champ I think grotto insists. All right bronze to Roman vs Kevin Owens I think we pretty much said who we've he's gonna win this match I'm go stroman. Patrick is going with Kevin always he's straight up win. Now. Now and I think you'd be stupid if it's great because stolen loses if he's counting now did or any he's a solid. This is the problem. Is stroman having the briefcase it's not believable. Yet Charlotte comes out there like in the beginning it does feel like gap and cash right now it wasn't like OK stroman of course he's gonna take over. Oh it's going to be better with it because he's actually Gannett. Picked the moment which is going to be later on that night but I think Owens wins we help. From the modern day ma. Probably okay summer slam is one of the bigger paper views. Mum. Chris has taken a note out of our book he's paying attention did you do you that that was shot earlier that sounded. A prominent are going to hear it from unnerved on it sounded very powerful. I did not definitely nerve again this was a seven dollar gonna do and didn't expected to be as powerful as it is but navies and we'll do it all right so. The next match she didn't impose its vast international Intercontinental championship. Dull ziglar vs Seth Rollins Seth Rollins is going to have the the league's scotsman in his. Who scotsman right I in his corner. But Monday and I am I'm wearing the shirt your watch on FaceBook live right now you will see that I'm wearing my dean Ambrose church. Because. Ambrose is back the picked the perfect moment well on brawl to bring him back him. I thought it was obvious spy who was doing the announcing the M I'll I thought because. His wife was. Announcing that he was coming back and he did and it is pretty cool. I. I'm forcing things and who's gonna win. I think ziglar is gonna win because Sampras is at a cost Iran around. That's now probably and I don't like the new hairstyle. For eludes you act he he he looks a little bit too much like Connor right smack down women's championship. Carmelo vs Charlotte player vs thank you lynch and again. We have. I said Dallas Charlotte where it's going to today interview a minute. You have to bias. Are you think that I would be. I think that show a flare deserves to win this. Some will say they can lynch deserves the win this. But I think Carmelo comes away with a title guiding Dracula two wins this match. She's been. Charlotte okay all right and and she doesn't know Charlotte she makes a tap. That Daniel barber is the new is he gonna wondered this should be a wrestle mania match you should not be as some slam actually I like it but Daniel Bryan. Contract. Is. Come and help. And at which makes you think that they don't think he's come on back or they're setting up a series of matches which I hope they do it and not. So if we're going along now premise is this going to be a series of matches. I think the news is gonna win. Honestly who better to end. Danny O'Brien's action he lost. Unless every month. Yeah I think the ms. wins this match I I think he's gonna play into the mind games a little bit too much and just destroy Brian. Our rights alluded to to Iceland phones in two seconds get through the rest of the scarred. United States ship to ship since game not tomorrow vs Jeff Hartings since game on go and sin scale also Jeff hardy I just. I understand brother near road to the world can thing I like the pain but. A pistol to his getting over my like it did probably didn't TNA. Then dollar vs constable barracuda bears. Exactly I love I love Ballard to death and I like Corbett but this is a terrible few together I'm saying TGI Friday's wins. I'm saying imbalance all right smackdown tag team champions the blood of those first a new day I think it is time for the bludgeoned to be done. On because they're not really doing now much with them under the moves coming out and beaten joggers and things like yeah so I'm going to get you some title again I'm going needed as well. All right well protecting champ since the B team vs the revival they care so much about this at deployment on the kickoff show. Would Sox I don't they would roll I'm OK I. I don't like to revive onto earlier big revival family. Then I'm not even though I think it's dash while others from this area. But I'm goal in. I'm going. B team sorry Chris unfunded team goes off my ticket in your order was moved to Ontario and the world he's just that I'm I'm going. Now project could only be hurting people FaceBook. All right so did Debbie crews we've championed. Cedric Alexander vs drew good lacked absolutely bill watching to a five lines I would tell you why I did I watch lives. But I'm going goo luck too no fly zone due to a lack all right and finally Russa and line of verses. Andre CA and almost Angelina Vega eye and go mean. Almost and Vega because there will be an an eruption end and I think. They gave me was his going away I think he eats its turn time. I. I think during Q. Will prevail and I get it to you on Fridays and Thomas and so and they get. Our rights. Tax. Yeah we get out quickly here I'd guys rains rousing styles of revival Carmela leading to Becky Charlotte feud. Owens by DQ bludgeoned Brothers and me is are my picks. Really yet IE elderly and the blood brother he he also says I think Seth Rollins wins I hope I'm wrong but dean turns on set. Not exactly where he said yeah all right. Let's go ahead and and squeeze in a couple phone calls. I can't see presented at first we get Toby and Clinton. They tell you what's up tonight. Until a man. I'm kind of quit I'm gonna question. It basically tired of brought that they're locked I don't edition of it's fake if they could not the baby's development just a parent and it but it really born. Here's a guy no no wait a second because they're going to be pro Brock was not an audio I completely agree I I like brought closer and Yossi I do not like him and double W. This championship belt means nothing right now here's just to be gone. Yeah I agree that he should be gone but it Asia or whoever it inside Rick are you there what governor makes it known he gets paid per appearance. Don't know what this show as he does but the thing is is at whenever you're whenever you're thinking about characters and so by. It's brilliant is obtaining heal that way it's brilliant to have a guy like that who doesn't show up doesn't care about the company had a pain in now way over the fans at an aide. No I agree did they are they are doing it right but they've realized that he needs to go or what more phone call before we go to break that we got bill and Lyman lake. So they'll. Tight gas that I liked your larger program I got another they don't in Serbia was announced. While we have the 30. As big manager. And maybe give the she older so worn black bear debate could use. In February McCain are just pick one of the great debate manager you know you still have a whole oil that leaked into the well. I'm like I liked the idea yeah I think that that is a great I don't know. And hopefully maybe bring you ups in the next T ya know like you you can you can see shades of NWO from the undisputed era. Yeah I think that has a great. I cannot. Like we're watching guess they embrace some guys that come in the next eight. Do beta you came and even if you don't have all three at all work out for tableau all this specially. That they beside her and at least have all three had to introduce some one meg showcasing come out. I agree all right let that's a great idea bill are we need to go to break we come back on I will play a loop we've we'll play that Charlotte interview and get to a ton of other things including my smackdown experience because it was not a good one and I want to talk about that guy. He'll listen into the upstate pulse rate of 1063 WORD thank continuing. On FaceBook live where there might be under for breaking out possible. I welcome back into the upstate pulse. Not just not to give too including an interview I had a chance to sit down. One our sister station ESPN upstate. Greg McKinney and I said doubt what Charlotte flare. When weaned the queen Tuesday before smack down and I gotta tell you. I was scared to death. Because I'm not used to doing interviews in person which you talk a little bit more about afterwards right now here's part of that interview. I got to admit I'm a little starstruck and just in my mind's already but questioned by and it's on the first I kind of like Carmela. Yeah probably don't want here and I got kind of like Carmelo little bit but I do wanna see your Linux. I think unlike a lot of people who didn't think that should be able to give final what she's been able to do for so long. And so big match with Charlotte with Carmelo would thank you flinch when you get in there and you're going up against both of is it better to ten Carmelo or are you a little reluctant when that he's down there and got a chance to be your best friend. I have loads of friends on the team on roster but at the unity am only here for one thing and that's to be the best so I'm nearing I'm competitive and I think if it was vice Versa vacuous feel the exact same way she's here is saying so it's not that you're on my friend here I can you or not it's you know just wanna win that you walk away and put your differences aside but Carmel on the other hand. Has being given. Every opportunity even dug up Ellsworth. So I think for her time's running out. You know Greg doesn't know but I think Greg will be a big. Common Ellsworth and you are aren't and I'll take you were for you agree that Sharon. Now I don't notice or does it not I'm not sure who thought this ultimately is an athlete isn't any you can look it up later on you probably. But I know you don't know this is on the Greg but Greg actually. He's gonna pay me for bringing this up was a ring announcer of one point. Back in the day that was around Dearborn Charlotte son crazy. Yeah and Spartanburg. So we may or may not have seniors you're down a comfort. Yeah house aren't as Rick Charlotte I know you took some time off when he got sick on just tell us about that how long were you out of the. Picture which. Three weeks. In nanos a year ago. Two days ago. While here pretty scary she's happy healthy and doing better than ever. Good good newseum a lot through it all the time. We love to hear that Eric's doing well because I mean what an icon no question about that so you come on you're pretty young Yemen and wrestling that long but how much is it changed for women since you. Got him. Oh I didn't night and day and went from watching two minute women's matches Mac women's match is getting cut not even being on wrestle mania my first year in the company to. How mean for women's matches on wrestle mania 34 of the women's battle royal on. Pre show. Myself first Oscar. Alexa blessed first night Jackson and the mixed tag to Iran or drowsy. And Kurt angle where Stephanie injure bleach so you go from having no matches. Two main event team on a normal basis during the same paper view. Come support millions from the guys in wrestling now 100%. Support yeah. No complaints no complaint. You know speed of the guys they have something that the women don't have and that's. Tag team championship belt sooner do you think that there is coming to time maybe at the all women's paper view when we finally get someone's tiny. Any great adjacent. I think that the main focus is need there needs to be. Enough enough depth in our division to have tag team titles you would like to our industry saw somewhere you would like to main event wrestle mania is yes. Why isn't so big for him. Obviously wanting to show ever so you think it's common to I think it's coming into turn yes my ear I don't know but I think it's coming. I have to believe that so we know wrestle mania is the biggest paper view would choose your favorite on the map. Like summer slim to be honest. Just because even years ago when I was in LA they always had defined shoots. Going into it but if not so it's not summer slam. I really likes her Irish series when a stronger smackdown. Can I mean sack competitive. So it's like yeah we're the better printer were winning. But I know. I mister royal rumble. Last year or not mr. but I was champion citing need to be a part of it but I think if I'm not champion at royal rumble I think I'd probably be my next favorite if I. Get to be injured in the room rumbled. Just wrestling with the past women not knowing he's coming through the curtain the adrenaline or rush I could see that being my favorite. Are there young dad is. My interview with Charlotte player mining and energy and great McKinney went on from our sister station from ESPN upstate the number one sport show in South Carolina for thirty year growth of I'm not gonna get the and it's of Ellsworth. And Greg and Kenny out of my head. And I never put that comparison together yet. So here's the thing Charlotte walks in she's absolutely beautiful what you know now from from from. From TV he sultan yes she is tall and I told Greg than she's installs on some mean mean Greg about same height. And I've done a ton of interviews on the phone I am not really getting interviewing people in person. Just because I'm very shy by nature. And radio is cured me of a lot of that but it hasn't made it completely go away I still think. I've have. Some form of social anxiety disorder. So when she sat across from me the first thing I did is I mentioned Carmel on purpose. And she glared at me which is what I want I'm up wondered about I did see. What I thrive off of is when people were mad at me not because when people are mad at me the nod to still better I don't I don't know why maybe it's my upbringing I don't know. But I feel better so she gave me that. Debt that our little glare glare are always also and so I was good I mean and my voice is shakier in tears as my normal voice. But then at one point. I felt the blood rush up to topple my head. And it was she wasn't winking at me or anything like down mean she was just you look at me when I talked or look at it Greg and Greg and I were going back and forth as you doing radio. On you kind of give the nod to each other see no win who's taken the next question that type of thing. It's one of those things if you're not watching Michael FaceBook with us you see how we do things I am. So no immunity that's how you know who's going where and I just I doubt it happening. And listen this is happen to me before it's happened to me. On in fourth. Grade. At the blackboard. On a simple and scrambling word where the blood rests atop my head I panicked and I couldn't think of any thing. And I literally was crying at the blackboard and people were no immediate answer and I still couldn't write it down. On it happened again. When I've played piano for the first time one stage song that I had written. And I froze my hands were getting ready to go down the keyboard and his throws they would not. Work and my cousin which was. This was a beautiful thing is those things that can only happen live my cousin comes off the front row jumps on stage. Slides media off the piano. I grabbed the Mike I'm still singing even though I couldn't play I can remember to sing but I couldn't play and to start playing missile. So I've gotten lucky in some cases where people of saves me. But I know when this is happening I knew my brain was getting ready to shut down. Which made me mad because there's no reason why it should have happened. But I could fill you fill the symptoms come and yeah they know it's it's it's a panic attack anxiety something. And I just looked it looked at Greg and shook my head. And he continued there's more of the interview after that by the way and another. Three or four minutes of the interview which by the way are also this. Great interview there was a day can easily get in it if it it was honestly the perfect. Duo to be either a person who you know was in the wrestling world and kind of you know as a paid attention to it recently and a a genuine fans. Yes who was also a professional. Like you you ask questions about story lines and possibly the future of women's wrestling. Ending Greg Kelly went backed up her as a human. It's see what I wanted to do was I wanted to ask her questions and I didn't think she was asked to Austin. And when I ask the questions I could see we are Carmelo what was she didn't she had. Been doing this year already done two interviews in the in the building before she got us and I listen to one of whom. And and I knew the questions that they and ask. And I'm just I'm not going to be conventional last people to say damn everyone else past. And I took it as interviewing legitimate athlete that's what she is an even though we know that wrestling is story lines we know that's pre determined on that kind of thing. I took it as interviewing a legitimate athlete and the and the questions that you would ask someone who didn't know the outcome. But so picks a side that's still is one of my favorite moments in my entire life as I was just so cool. Is this is a legitimate TV star and I know some people including Chris. Did not know who she was but those of us who do. Realize the lineage and realize the death makes it even bigger the fact that got softer and I know we got some stuff to get to always talk about that guy real quick. Went to smack down. And couple guys sit down behind us. And Hoover wrestling news nerds it's down behind me. And he's got no the first he says why it's six restless when and the chicks getting off and it was actually Charlotte. And Becky wrestling against yeah and it's like so offended. That he's doing I mean it was so he's old school red nineteen wouldn't you and Rosie Illumina has got that's the other thing and it it was a younger guy was still used to have an. And then he sort of make fun in Greenville and I never. I never really thought about you on lived here for a long time house offended for. For that the state had not chosen I've chosen this place you know well I was born and here's your clue where he was from unknown because you can place Jackson that's. So tribute camera was also would mean he could not place the Jackson either. On but god also was that guy whenever things get quiet he would yell Peter when the look at them. And once that guy gets attention. Did he continues to yell and gets more and more blame to the point. Were you think he can get me labor and any guts he Al doesn't self but this is the loud as human being on the planet earth. When I got done with smackdown we didn't stick to a plot lines because my ear was literally hurting and I couldn't take the pain and I mean my ears to work GAAP and now we love ears are living I couldn't hear out of my right ear it's like I just went to a kiss concert. Now you go to a concert in no word yet floods come out there's like it told this in years yeah game that's how much right here felt. So I hate decked out. You know and I don't hate dial. Under round table. I thought let's let's Michelle had a great time tonight violent. Not that we don't always have good done the week we do. On a couple things and around him including the first thing on the list. Is no man's guy I know that Patrick probably hasn't played hypocrite I haven't prison not the plane a ton a bit of separately apparently we could play together you know us when Iran play a game. I'd like to learn at first yet. And this game distant. He showed a stellar in his and and it doesn't tell you how to do and that's what. My biggest complaints about the game I am I am actually loving it right now all after having gotten over the tutorial hurdle. That is the beginning of this gap because a lot of the games. The way they're develop these days they. The the the tutorial instead of just running you through. A list of screens that tell you what to do or things like that they actually make it part of the game from the prologue. To the game and you learn along the along. How the game works to what you're supposed to do. And this game cleaned it does the same thing accepted it really. So badly GAAP. You know it it does it's it's it's that's a much. It's it doesn't weird things. I got really frustrated because it would it would telling you to do things. That you can't do yet yes in order to introduce you to the fact that you need to learn how to do them so ambulances like. Press left triggered two to use an analysis visors. And easily press the trigger and it's like you don't have an analysis visor you can't do that he need to build one. It won't just tell me that gave me the exact who should know that I don't have one and just tell me that I need to build one now a bit in just little things like that. Rescue me. But after having gotten into it now I I really enjoying the exploration. Of I mean. Untold numbers of worlds Ameen and I understand that I Ike as you remember when this game first came out. I remember a lot of hype around it in fact actually before it came out remember a lot of hype around it and how many. Individual worlds that are going to be and I don't know that number's accurate because there's no way that your average are you all at once and God's lap and look at all the so yeah oh I I god it's it's it's absolutely stunning. But it's. V and as I understand that talk to a few plea to people who played the game when it first came out and apparently was kind of a huge let down it was yeah did not live up to the high. And they say that the game now after it's gone through several updates. An and it's just recently come out on the you know on the Xbox one by the ones on our airplane on I think it's been out on PS four of before that yes originally debuted on PC. And my understanding is that the game has changed drastically from the from winning came out now. What I can say is if you don't play the game picking up if you it's just wants up to be easy going. On there is some conflict appoints. But pretty much you're exploring worlds and you buildings things in the and you can kind of do which her own way it's it's it's it's. I heard somebody described it as mind craft in space. And and and I think there's a lot of that that's correct you know I mean it's it's fun to just kind of last often fly around a solar system and you don't talk about are things do when you're not doing well yes this is a game where it really is. Yeah and it's and a plan and plot this week yeah because you dispute. With I don't feel like giving in to something like fallout here for Christ's death and that's really intense yet and I still wanna play something this is this is a god to forgive you get it's it's really interesting you can take it it's your own pace. You can do things really quickly go on a bunch emissions if you want to re just tool around the planet and find stuff which is. You know what I keep getting all these landmark for walking yet. Cameron Diaz plays it he doesn't want I want Culver I'd yes I do the same thing I I've I've already maxed out my a my my walking counter is trying to learn the language is yes things like that his own and know what these guys are saying he has so many different alien yeah and you and they teach you. It's funny because you learned that you are different words and they just appear to be random word best so. You know this could. I was really frustrated and that I learned the the viking word for garage which is rock. Which apparently is justified keen expression it's it said you know the way that that we would say you know our of them like that. I did at that blew my mind. All right so if you're watching on FaceBook you know that we easily continue to show we got a few more things that we're gonna hit real quick. Winning Michel whose ship the post show no show my both FaceBook which we are new York and I think you can tune in thanks for all the calls and text will be back next week. Right here on the young staples when a 63 W already stationed at the hero maybe.