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And I still haven't touched the text line yet. Which has been scrolling away for the last hour we will try to get some your text a bit also. An item from faith focus Friday and I I believe there's a strong tie. Between what I share from faith focus Friday ends what we've been talking about the last hour to the current ties these things together he has. Our worship are right idolatry. Of that relates to leaders. We become so attached to certain personalities. And you know you know people talked about where this country needs to go spiritually. Without. Giving too much away. One of the reasons I understand why this country's in the shape it's in is I look at the church and I see the same crap going on in the church. Hero worship pastor worship. It is sickening folks. How were we can leave. People allegedly to Christ. And to the love of god. When we're bellowing down we may as well built altars in federation of these pastors. We do it. We have no moral authority ourselves. Because we're doing the same thing. Will you with this in its example and assure you it's gonna blow your mind. You'll be shocked. Again maybe. Will like get to a few quick calls your first starting with glee and in surely good morning. Yes year. Yet that I used the term prospect of world country like have a definition. A Third World country there. Like 200 countries in the world what is the definition of a Third World country. It is the term Third World country roots of those code words that dog whistle. Or you know what. You mean for what trump referred soon. Literally. Or they actually get actually a Third World country what do you what do you think of. Actually add that the de freeze is is basically. Is used her for I don't think it had much to do originally with anything economic. It was stiff fine from the context of countries that were outside. Of NATO and the Communist bloc keel every thing. Back there in time that I was Korea probably during the time you're gore growing up Glenn. The whole focus was on the United States in the Soviet Union and we were the big big guys on the block. Well I don't think I don't I don't think it was but yeah. I. That sort of sense I think the Peru what was an economic. Well what I'm saying tonight we us wrote or what I'm saying to you is I think that's the phrase is that's where that originated. Now over time. I think this is come to take on economic meaning. And it basically refers to countries that are in in many cases. Any free industrial states they are economically. Profoundly depressed. Anne's don't have many of the things that we take for granted right here in a place like the United States of America so. And which which your point abouts the state of these countries are you are huge is that your point you're just saying this was and this was kind of a crude way of referring to a Third World countries. Well whenever people talked about Third World countries. My mental. Understand is that not what other people were implying. That they countries are not economically. In the forefront of it. All of it together underdeveloped countries not high. Rates that are veteran. Instead of calling him derogatory terms it was if you used terms second world country. We're Beckham. I just got to threw that out. And with the idea that you would hope they would graduate from where they are. To a better state that's what I was saying that that they should not be what they are. With all the money that's gone and there's every reason to believe that they could be much better off than they are. That's for sure. I've never heard the term fourth world country. I don't think there's I don't think there's a rink like that Glynn fortunately a week we can't get any lower than third I'd appreciate your call their glee and let's go to Jeff in Greenville good morning. I don't read hey do well sir. A couple things uncle point burst. I think would be careful are the trail. Of what strong setup men know there were quote multiple ways by. Two mile. Urban is leading. I don't care Jeff Jeff can we just forget about people and what people said. In and who the personalities are. You know let's take that off the table but go ahead. All right I'm I think part of our that is in issue because it's. I mean the media would love nothing more than you tracked from what we've seen. I know they do it over and over Jeff but here's part of the problem. If you are a person who is not wise in your communications. And you make unwise statements over and over again is that the media's fault. It. Okay that's that's where I'd like here. I'm no and let me let me reiterate lest anybody get the wrong idea here. I'm not a fan of the media either and I said this plenty of times on this broadcast. That and fortunately. In terms of trustworthiness. I don't trust trump and I don't trust the media either. So. That's the point I wanna make here so I'm not say looking here and saying okay I'm gonna choose this over that. I'm saying trust but verify with vote that's all. Point oh and he came making the point about. In a copy impacted are now that I I agree with the country back they got bit. The expectation that trumpet going to maybe leave charge or were you that. The Bible says natural man does not understand a thing. Should. All week I spectrum. Not a believer too. Just sit in the thing that I agreed to go for all of you all why. All the white tipper what do you what would you expect. Oh what I would expect Paula white to do. Is to renounce these comments because here here's the problem Jeff when we as Christians this is where we get into trouble. When we go out and we start endorsing people. And in bracing people publicly hands we become associated with them. We then bringing the reputation of who we are and what we're about into question. That's all I'm saying so I'm saying if you're gonna go out there and endorse. You'd darn well better here's my question. And and let's just pick a mayor if I go out endorsed the mayor and tomorrow we find out the mayor's a member of the clan. Don't you think I as a Christian should come out and say that I renounce that. You're okay that's what I'm talking about we need to be very clear of the line between good and evil. That's all I'm saying. I voted for Donald Trump and so did not. Do I agree with everything right and where he's. Come back on my reputation of court. It appears word does Jeff if you go out today and you're defending what he said yes it dies. Do you agree with that. And I would say to that. I'm I would not I would not say that I would agree with that. But be content that as that it means everything that he believed it all went back on it. Like knowing that it I would never say that I would never say that. So I've you know you and I we we voted a certain way we're not responsible for how he behaves. But I think we need to make it clear what we stand for that's what I'm appealing for. I would love for some supporters to stand up to this man and say shape ups or nineteen minutes after eleven collect Vince Coakley radio program. Ignited intense in the entire broadcast talking about this. Reach through some of these calls are hurt in guest caddie first good morning welcome. Morning. Albeit. It. Total action now. Love you program. Load your weather outlook in life and appreciate statements you make this more. Cool. So you made me realize your statement that. I am. Sort alone so reminds some of the other people it was. Both. But bureau question defeatism. Somebody that response to represent him most. Generous than most powerful nation in the world. Ball in the manner that he represented the succeeded it met as static and so. Just pour calling you view little. Roche says little bit those. Exit. Relentless. Her before you go I mean. Are you saying that it's you. Might it be embraced this kind of what this kind of discourse before. Yeah. Yes. It made bulletin honestly if you yep. Last night when first. All the starting out oh well. That's just try open but he is who it is. You know. I am who I am and I have my up all justices that he does and everybody else then but other racing. On Sunday then he's worked you know me and your statement just sort of lit up what I learned in the Bible and a few places so little. And sir. What your saying basically is herb is you're a different person this is that you. Israel. Yeah. I ma am totally different to what I. Right I hear you I hear I do appreciate your call there herb and thanks slot for Colin yen. Swap all of which you know what I'm trying to do I might try and it's our Q and is something no I'm trying to awaken the conscience is of people. Because I think many of the consciences of people in this country have been put to sleep. For political expediency. In a number of they'll go on and on and on fact we had a studio discussion here. About what's likely happen on certain talk radio shows today across the country whether it's on fox or wherever. What they're likely to do how they're likely to spend this. Two as I would characterize it if indeed the indefensible. And what I do was I frankly I turn it off. I'm done with this. Because honestly. I'm in the midst of the situation now where I believe there's a disagreement. That's happened with someone that I know. My hope is this person double parked means they hate this this offended let's have a talk would sit down and get this thing. Squared away. That's how you deal with things like this I want people to speak in in my life and say eight out you're off here. I want that I value. I don't want people pandering to be OUs on the radio so I got a little he must be okay in everything he does is okay. Boy that's that's a pathway to meet self destruct. Stanley in Charlotte good morning. Tell you to Wilshire. I have ever tell him what you brought something that I think that you wrote about how are providing right. Shaky. And well at and here is. A quote from I'm writing the book and a lot of researching my book at all about any more out as well sources political calculation of oil. Clinton meaning it that they that the king basically when your outfit politically it out or vote and that. And so you go to countries around the world and we're go to the more well without it politically. The last prosperous the sort of a door yet like Al allocating right. They're great what is the role in the country. That'll grow at all but anymore and sang and when you allocate. Well politically in this country in the former social welfare programs. To what people don't put up a consultant. And the whole importantly if you want person something. You're taking on someone else and you have over alt left to go round. Hunter account where crock. Yes that that the entire network that goes. And we can talk about all the all the people that are benefiting the net and battered carcass is behind them a better the problem. I hear you man and that's exactly what's going on in Haiti thanks what you're calls daily to keep me posted on your book since for information on this is. That sounds like a really good thing to write on. Because I mean what makes this country so valuable. Is the fact that we've got freedom and these are not choices that are made by a central authority this is why can't really concerned money here. People talk about there 20/20 plan for a city or any state or region nor for the country. You know it sounds like central planning to me it scares the daylights and meet. I mean let the market do its stained. Over on the text line. Haven't shared many here I love this. It's Corey. Hey Vince not to worry Oprah will be president sued new cars and illegals for a report. It's kept. You're not even sure he said this you're taking the word of Democrats and the media. Against prop and one or hurt him politically but a spread the lies anything for ratings right. Really. Really really really. What happens is those declared. Disabled don't get the benefits benefits they earned yeah that's one of the problems that happens. Some of these people. Dear sir any set of self criticism or reflection would be seen as admitted to being wrong as I've said many times trumpet as he had met followers cannot ever allow an admission of error in his part. That's from old Langer. Must excepted is being intruded into judging prior to proof of validity. Really. Thank out of Atlanta says they events that we keep letting all these people come here will cause the United States to tip over like a you guys are absolutely hilarious midst of year. Let's a year over please what are you gonna get it they don't see you as a brother in Christ you have no clue. OK well that's their problem. Chip up really he only wants the cream to come into the US the populations of the countries mentioned aren't educated and bring nothing we need to this country. Frankly his description isn't far off. Oh release are we gonna dismiss entire countries of people. Based on the condition the economic condition in the country. Based on how much money. Wonderful. Bob. In Charlotte 2 good morning share. Don't rights and call. It look a did you. Taken a position to put it here well all thanked me out but I. Agenda but I wanna make two port. On. War and in him to paint a broad picture about Africa. Is really really supporting because. You know should do a lot of countries in Iraq or. Do not control and after recent. War. They are all have to sailed way under today. And so we know what she controlled and after recent. You can go a Third World country. To. Moderate you know eat in a can really elevate. The thing about. Eighty. I think a lot of American. Sentenced in a lot of money was even Haiti after the earthquake. A lot of money was given to news. The blue red cross. And told organizations and hey don't have to give an account on how to. And and goodness you're right Bob. You're absolutely right and fortunately we give up against our break here and again what's happened you know we really hope to put money in the pockets of a lot of corporations. And well connected political people. That's what happened there. Nice job folks 1136 events Cokie radio program. Let's see here what we have to bring more dead weights. To go on the federal kits to to get welfare. And free housing. I ask why. In see again. Some of you are so. You're so. Let's just say. Laser focused. On your issue. You can't move beyond. To the nuances. For instance when I was saying before but you can be concerned about illegal immigration. In protecting jobs. Without insulting people's countries. Don't have to go together. They only have to go together. If you are worshipping. Donald Trump. And you believe he's gonna deliver what you want from him. And therefore you're willing to embrace and defend everything he says and does. Boy oh boy. This question on the text line denser Donald Trump Joseph Biden related or are there too many impurities in the water in the northeast. Another person say I have lived in two Blaine calls I've worked in some have visited some injured and by mini they are with they are. God bless the United Nations the UN just condemn trump said now I know he's spot on oh my goodness really. When is the last time you sided with the UA and so therefore because the UN agrees. That this is a bad thing therefore you're gonna side with trump oh my goodness. You see what's happening to us folks we're throwing our. Withdrawing our brains out is what we're doing. We're throwing our brains out. Blows so so agrees with so and so therefore we can't side with men every yesterday. Who is on the side of defending the Fourth Amendment. Would I tell you if you listen to this broadcast during the time this vote was taking place. On phys. On the amendments to rein in five cents to conform to the constitution. Who. Who was more on the side of what should have been done yesterday Democrats work. More Democrats voted with this amendment by just in a mosh them Republicans. So we therefore now to dismiss Democrats. C'mon people. We're deeper than this least I think so let's hope so. Wireless these countries in the shape there and corrupt regimes eating up the wealth yep that's exactly what's happening. I've been to Mombasa Kenya outside the tourist area it is a blink Colby live in my heart's what's the problem. Okay that's nice that's wonderful. You know what. I got it I get it even better idea. Oh here you wanna talk about courage and bravery. Here's a great idea. Why don't you go into one of these countries. Which by the way don't allow free speech. And hold a news conference. And get a megaphone out you don't even have the avenues conference. Why don't you get a megaphone and walk the streets of that country and say your country is a blank hole. How's that. You wanna show me courage you wanna show me telling it like it is go do that go do that in those countries. And see how law and see if you come back in one piece. She didn't take my courage to say stuff like that over year go over there and say yet you you think you're a big man's saying stuff like that. You know that's all good Welling good. In the privacy in the comfort of your own home. You go over there into that. All right we're gonna breezed through some calls here Jeanne you gonna get about thirty seconds here. I get get straight to your point here. Able to actually hit it in the Chinese. There's no war. Adam among people I don't know among Brothers and cut a great. Yes I thank you know on the Tokyo actually could or should I wanted him Paris feel. What do we can't shut a lot that meant another great but talk about the UN HI. I've worked with many people the world and undoubtedly the most racist people the world often trying to. But there are a few people might think about that they have. All the way too much control. Yep that'd there's a lot of influence there for sure. We're minute I stepped away in listened to a prison Donald Trump who is making some remarks about senate Darden of Dr. Martin Luther King on the state let's listen in dream of equality. Freedom. Justice and peace. I will now sign the proclamation. Making January 15. 2018. The Martin Luther King Jr. Federal holiday. And encourage all Americans to observe this day would acts of civic work. And community service in honor of doctor king's extraordinary life and it was extraordinary indeed. Of his great legacy. Thank you. God bless you all. And god bless America. Now that I'd like to ask a great friend of mine secretary cars and four remarks. Then we're going to be signing. The very important proclamation thank you very much then. Thank you Mr. President I'm so honored to be here today celebrating this solemn occasion. And I thank you for signing legislation. To designate the birthplace. Church and tomb. Of Dr. Martin Luther King. As a national historic park. This monumental struggle for civil rights earned these places in his life faith and that. The same honor as Mount Vernon and that famous humble log cabin and this April. We will observe the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor King assassination. I remember so vividly. That day and high school student in Detroit. Far from silencing. His dream. Death brought him immortal. In the American heart. This message of equality. Justice. And the common dignity. Of man reads announced that. Urgently needed. To heal the divisions. Over age. Today we honor the legacy of the man who marched on Washington. For jobs. And freedom achieving both for millions of Americans. Of all races and programs. With his legacy also cause us to remember where these ideas. Equality. Freedom. Liberty. Get their power. Our good efforts alone are not enough to lend them mean. Four by what shall I be called equal to another man. It cannot be well. For there'll always be one richer than me it cannot be about strength for there'll always be one stronger than me. It cannot be but I success or happiness or beauty. Or any other pieces of the human condition which are distributed. Through Providence. So perhaps Providence alone as the answer. We hold these truths to be self evident. That. All men are created equal. That they are endowed by their create a tour. With certain I'm able rights that among these are life. Liberty. And the pursuit pan doctor been Carson speaking this is say in events honoring. The Martin Luther King holiday and as you know president trump has already signed. A bill that upgrades the birthplace of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King to a national historic park. That took place a couple of days ago and the events continue now. Live in Washington DC more of your calls street had. Lem 49 Vince Coakley radio program on a I've just been inundated with calls with Tex in the past. Couple of hours here I wanna get to this story because I think it's important I covered this in will try to get more calls and text. As were able to it's just. There's so much and then. When I tell you about the story. The story that was posted just few days ago. Despite her recent reports one of their pastors. In the picture of the rate version of this story and before this year this. This would interest me the wall. What their pastors had allegedly. Sexually assaulted a seventeen year old girl Weis or while serving youth minister his previous church. Leaders have a mega church in Memphis Tennessee said they've long known about the incident. The lead pastor of high point church said in the statement Friday and this information not new to me you were true our leadership. Earlier that day that the war bird watcher Christian blog publish the count of a woman who'd accused Indy savaged teaching pastor high point of sexually abusing her. In the late 1990s when she was a teenager. It goes on talks about the confidence that they have in this person in the incident that occurred has been addressed blah blah blah blah. You may be intrigued to know. One version of the story is just absolutely scary. Absolutely scary. And here's why this story concerns me. Because win. This announcement was made in the church. The church pastor actually got a standing ovation. For admitting Davis. I'm not exaggerating folks. A Tennessee pastor this is another version in the New York Daily News admitting to an apology and apologizing for previous sexual incident with a high school student was met with raucous applause. And they standing ovation from his Memphis congregation. Hundreds. Are hundreds of members of the high point church. Where there for this. They give him a standing ovation. For admitting to. Folks. For you wanna know why this countries where it is. This is why because this is what we're doing in church were plodding people. I'm not saying we should be thrown stones at the I'm glad he made a confession here. How about morning. About Saudi. Public going opening great increasing the man sing we forgive you we love you. This is scary folks. This is part of the cult worship that takes place. In the average mega church. And it's not just mega churches. Everything is built around the pastor. So is it a surprise that this is very familiar to people in the political world know. Because this is what people were familiar. Can those of us who say we're Christian. Do some self examination here. That's as we look at the world and we see it's broken this. Can we look at the mirror first and recognize their own and our own desire and our own need to aspire to something much better. Not just give in. To the spirit of the age in the culture doesn't mean you have to reject people. Let's love people but let's reject certain behaviors and attitudes. Joseph in Charlotte good morning. I'm more afraid I don't do. A great up north at thirty seconds so I'll just you know a few points. Equipment. That they're too cute term as. It's only four the countries that are in the crowd and we oh complex where all. To get outrage. And rewarded. What cool natural resources. And content. Although. Coal copper diamonds. Number uranium. It's only you who. It's some may argue can't. Click a continent like Africa and what took place but only problem probably called. In the 17100. We hear them. He Leopold I don't. Who appeared country and then Aaron Cook all doubt in Africa and what do you do. It released credit. Sources almost quit the the African elephant. I don't think the fort and that we who. Opened up about the continent of Africa and now the occult little and that should. While. Joseph thank you for Karl. We need to think about that still. He raises a very valid point here do we need to ask the question what role. If those of us in the western world previously. Played maybe not now. But what role has our country played. Ian. The economic condition of some of these countries now. Something to think about Roberts good morning. Taken away. Totally totally. Off topic but maybe not Alice I must say. I was born and raised. Your Poindexter locker never have much money but a lot of golf and I went to revolution. And that's why alarmed about black people black man and they took me end. Wachtel nothing different and I'm gum you know diplomat James slam all those. And now. You know it they're compete at spirit among people not necessarily record playing golf although we short don't program on the history of revolution golf course is an amazing history. And I am I seeing you out there wasn't quite subtle. But I played with that James black and I was good about those were amazing man and never treated me a bit different. That's awesome thank you for sharing that Robert we have another joke this one. In York you're gonna get fifteen seconds that's all we got man. Are you sure are here we're. There's been put band. Aren't aren't they under after first of all the oil cut these are. Yet they've done a lot of what he's done a lot there are good and bad no question about it we're out of time sorry. Have a great weekend abolition of.