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About a six hour number two the broadcast and like I expected it's Jeff flake. Triggered. The orange Kool Aid drinkers. I just if you if you wanna know the definition of Orange Kool Aid drinker you're one of those people were drinking out of the vets. You're drinking out of the what they call those things cakes you've got eight egg. Every single word Donald Trump says you belief. Donald Trump is the messiah. Ants. Everybody else is the enemy. That's all this works if that's who you are you are gonna have prom with me like this techsters. I text yesterday very disappointing with Vince. That I kind of backed off the states now after a few minutes of listening today I will never tune back and during the Vince Coakley time slot. Mean seriously. Ands. A lot of view Kool Aid drinkers have absolutely positively nothing on liberals. You are triggered. And you're going into your safe spaces just like the liberals do. Which you wouldn't call it that of course not pastors for liberals. Just putting them out there. Flake and ramming your right to stand for what they believe in my problem is where would they when Obama was tearing America apart policy wise. Yes rhetoric matters policy matters more registered Democrat it's voted conservative since 1992. I don't change my party affiliation and out of reverence to my elderly father. You're right nothing wrong with agreeing with people regardless of party when their rights. As for the snow. Four inches and tailors and career and it is still snowing that you Billy thanks for your text. And I'm sure you agree now to your elderly father keep it up. Also on the text line. Holy Calvin survive to hear why some favorite person used the term fake news again my head will explode events. Seven the pundits refer to as a dog whistle for Trump's base. Also. This is saying here stop hitting African Americans they do not like trump. Called it like it is. All right. Why is an attack on freedom of the press only when a Republican does it well I'm. Hey that's not meet you can talk about other people. I can't speak to what other people have done. You'll hear consistency and these programs because one of the things I've said you know I was critical of Barack Obama back when he was doing what he was doing. I'm equally critical of this president. When he's doing what he's doing. Wrong is wrong period. You don't like what's being said. You know it's it's called taking responsibility. Is called you know you jump into the position. You. You have to expect you know take criticism. And if you're a man. And if you're a man. You'll stand up and take it like a man president whining cry. And blame everybody else for your problems. That's where was Jeff flake but Obama constantly criticized talk radio on Fox News any Bill Clinton did the same thing. Yeah remember he blamed the OK city the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh yeah I remember that nonsense. It is pretty silly isn't it. I think Vincent Chuck Todd we get along great front maybe a bombastic foul mouthed pig but the media and the state are liars trump is correct. Vince is lost. And my goodness. As we continue to broadcast you to minutes after 11 o'clock CW in York. Welcome to the broadcast. Thank you man but I just wanted to know if he could give me the the book in the verse of the government quoted the Bible on I mean. I don't deny. Doughty drive about I've never read it and there. Oh what is it you're talking about which which mercy talking. On the amount moderate reminded ol' double minded man is an old you know we can very easily QT answer that question. And you know it's wonderful. To. You know he able to use this thing called Google to be able to pull this up this is James 18 double minded man is unstable with all he is ways. Near new and or national version says such a person is double minded unstable and all they do you you get the idea here so. Hope that's helpful for you there CW and appreciate your inquiry. So that we are all equally in the fight let's talk about what's going on at this. Possible shut down. There's a story. That Republicans are getting a little concerned about this language you hear about that Wisconsin seats they lost. This was kind of a reliably Republican seat. A special election last night and I'm sure the Democrats their rejoicing this. A Democrat won. There's a lot of nervousness about this and there should be another nervous about what could happen here if there's a government shut down. Now president trump is confident Democrats gonna take the blame the government shuts down this weekend. Or congress fails to find affixed to prevent doctor recipients from getting deported. But Republicans on Capitol Hill they are not so sure many of them fewer voters would fault the GOP. After looking at Trump's decision to in the doctor program. Republican representative Charlie Dent said women are shut downs are side usually takes the hit. It will be difficult for us to deflect the blame whether we deserve it or not. You know it and I think I think everybody would agree with this no matter what happens. The the reflexive reaction is going to be Republicans are to blame. If the Republicans controlled house and senate you have a Democrat president the Republicans are are the ones to blame. If you have a Republican. Who is the president. And the Democrats controlled house and the senate Republican is still the blame you know how this works no matter what the formula is from Republicans were to blame. Amateur I mean these 2018 elections. Because they believe that the momentum is on their side and they can use this issue and I think this is part of the strategy here. This is part of what's driving the brinksmanship because I think in many ways they don't have anything to lose. Eight if they get daka. And get some concessions along those lines then there's the possibility of undermining trumps base because they may feel like they've been betrayed. Then the flip side of that argument you don't give them that Yemen government shut down. And get those voters right in the middle. Who might be afraid of a government shutdown and really not appreciate this kind of brinksmanship. And questioned the leadership of Republicans I mean think about you have Republicans who were charged that house the senate. And the White House why can't they get something done. On the surface that's a very reasonable question to ask. But you know as well as I do one of the problems here. Is your guts and the so called leadership of someone like Mitch McConnell who's now are gonna hold the line in the sand it. Is that going to challenge efforts to filibuster. Say hey you wanna filibuster. Have bet it go as long as you want to know he's gonna say well we don't get the sixty votes and I'm not gonna go ahead. This guy has no courage whatsoever. Which is why they keep rolling over him. We've got a winter storm that's going on we'd love to find out what's going on in your neighborhoods and again I encourage you to do this safely. And remind you. If you don't have to go anywhere don't do it don't to a coming up we're also gonna talk about two sides of the immigration debates. And I'm gonna challenge you again to be nimble I'll tell you what that means coming up 809 to 1110 takes line 71 threes are seven. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. Interior winter storm. And again we remind you how important is that you stay safe inside. If possible if you do have to go out be careful to speed. And just. Don't do stupid things we've observed some activity and fortunately read outside our wind year I'm on the fun side. My son just sent a short video. Latte having a blast outside you're shows a video of the dog walking outside and she just goes out in the middle the yard she just sits down. Probably feels like home for her she's a Siberian Husky just I agree time. Taking your calls right here on the program let's go to Joseph in New York good morning. Oh thank you sir appreciate very much. Or talk about the dock a lot. It's I understand that the way it was written. These people could never become an American citizen. And they replay. One does Democrats sponsor of the law by the way who hit it well and chain migration forever. And now I would have been at it it's it was cheap they're about double minded man. That exactly what we're doing or pigment prior art. And part of our policy is that we would it so I applaud the needle by people everyone. So I don't see any re why. All of a sudden it was at this turmoil. That we want to rewrite the law and that it won already here. State it's it is that makes sense. But what Joseph I wanna follow up on something you said here because this is really important feed understand I and I think you know this truth of the matter is we do not have a duck a law. This was basically policy written by the Obama administration that does not have the force of law it's not law it's basically an edict. That was put together by the Justice Department and so now they're trying to put it into law. With this budget legislation so. That that's another important aspect of this it is not a law right now. Right well then all the more reason. Not dispute that he there were not at by congress. And the president. It eat it all are that the expected orders which on its unconstitutional. And create all crowd it got a lot of areas are not bad but. You're absolutely right. I hear you Joseph and I do appreciate your call you've pointed out fact that this. This is really a manifestation of the lawlessness of our own government that they can just rewrite things on the fly. I mean who does this this is the kind of thing happens in foreign countries. Well I don't like this let's change this. No act of congress necessary at all. Which is why. That should have been struck down a long time ago period fortunate I wanted to share a couple of stories with you and it kind of contrast because. Again one of the things I keep coming back Q in this concerns me. Because I think there are people who think you've got to be in one corner or another. I wanna give you an example. I want to first start off with the worst of illegal immigration the worst. You're not gonna get much lower in the weeks Bruck a Montes. 37 year old guy. He went on trial in Sacramento for murdering two Sacramento area deputies in October 2014. He's admitted to this. Also shot a motorist in the head to steal his car. And wounded another deputy. So keep this in mind this is who this guy is and he's on trial. And this guy really let loose yesterday. Here is a piece of audio of what happened in court yesterday. He thought. Lindell and Hungary. Step alcoholics. It's sort of hope he'll work. A. He believes this this guy is just going on and on and on and on ranting and raving. And and let me those of you can understand these sandy is kind of difficult year. And in my view relief that you didn't years especially the and edited version this. Here's what he says. He just greetings sitting there grinning. His only regret was. Eye blink in just killed Q. I wish I killed more of those mother blank verse. The judge had to give the jury. I'd into the hallway I mean you know the riskier than mistrial. I mean what do you do with this. It's kind of interesting were who's we're talking about earlier Gerry Gilmore. In the execution with a firing squad. Can somebody explain to me why we don't just do this. And I'm not talking about not having a trial. Make me make that very clear. This guy is about a hit perfectly candid as you're gonna get for fireworks what it really years. So he goes on. I don't blanket regret. Only the I blanket regret is that I Blake in just killed Q I wish I killed more of those lakers. I will break out soon and I will kill more. Whoever blanking gets in front of me just like that there's no need for a blink in trial. Well. This just blows my mind that a judge had to warn him listen if you if you can't shut up. We have to take you out of the courtroom you'll be able to sit in here on trial. This can still sitting there smiling now they're making the appeal this guy has a mental disorder and and John and I were talking about this during the break. I'm of the belief that this guy is potentially demon possessed. I mean it's really that messed up when you see this guy just sitting there smiling. Saying these things the guy is he's really screwed up. Royally screwed up. And this is really. Intimidate. For the worst of illegal immigration exit today. And you're really really drives me at the wall about this this guy's been deported before. Been deported before. What are we doing and then you get these. Sanctuary Cities and now a sanctuary states. By the way. And that there was discussion the other day. By the head of the Department of Homeland Security who's apparently rising star now. Suggesting the possibility of prosecuting. Some of these politicians. I would love to see. Throw the governor in jail governor Jerry Brown wants to stand in the way of deporting illegal immigrant especially people who are criminals. Yes. Prosecute the man put him in prison. This guy. Is guilty of obstruction of justice. All the way down to the sheriff's department level. If these folks would not cooperate with the feds and bringing criminals to justice. They belong in jail themselves. They should be prosecuted. Absolutely drives me up the wall. Coming up though. There's the flip side in this issue of illegal immigration. A man who's been here thirty years thirty years no crimes. He would probably be in the category of being a dreamer seemed got a story problem is he's too old. He was deported. We're gonna talk about this story. And much more as we continue to broadcast. The Eagles advantage startling numbers 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. And we continue to follow the winter storm we don't hear about what's going on where you live college text is. Be safe out there 1136 of its Coakley radio program. Still dealing with the winter storm. Reminding you that the snow it's expect to continue for several hours. So. If you didn't at all to please just stay home if you're going to yeah go out to be vary vary careful. Over on the text line in fact on Twitter we of this message that came and Vince about giving a shout out to these two ladies for their wins instead of only mentioning the one who lost biased. Everybody's so freaked and touchy. Seriously. Anyway. The women in question. Part of south Carolina's house GOP caucus the representative elect Nancy mace district nanny nine Ashley. Trance and she is in district twenty eights and I extend my congratulations. That's great it's wonderful. And I just appealed everybody. Can just hold back a little bit from the trigger. On being so fearful and reactionary to everything and everybody. It's it's almost like we're looking for enemies. And it's not necessary. I mean if the goal in the purpose is the promotion of conservatism. Let's make sure that we are. Standing with each other. As opposed to firing at each other. Now when someone's doing something run let's call it out. No matter where it is. But there's no reason to be overly defensive. And I think that's very unhealthy thing if I'd like you suggest. Also. We're still getting these texts about it and Jeff flake. He's nothing more than a former member of the Republican establishment with a cricket agenda I'm glad he's going to be gone. This remember when Jeff flake had this meltdown basically said they've been screwing us over for years. Were used to Nike ad man about it. I suspect whose days are over. On the snow Vince I live and east main street extinction Spartanburg at converse snow coming down like gangbusters several inches in my yard. I can see east main. From my window. And see very few drivers then suddenly a guy came flying down the road to pick up truck must've been doing at least fifty. Fifty. Goodness that's crazy. We only pre doesn't kill himself for someone else love your show I'm a writer listen every day while working were searching please keep telling folks to drive safely always stay off their phone while driving. Texting specially. But even talking it's a distraction. And I remind you he's absolutely right absolutely right. Vince this killer in court you mention was here out of love. Or you were racist geez. He's just misunderstood vents. Where are you landing with trump on unions. Also this text or you're. No mistrial Vince he just testified verdict guilty since hanged by the neck. Until dead in drag his carcass through the street and set it on fire while talk about hard core. That's hard tour. Jerusalem the capital of Israel course which Dow record highs and employment record lows black unemployment at record lows fighting for the rights of vets. This year point. Trump is double minded and unstable not. Other tech slightest well. Most the drivers out of mores bill right now are high schoolers driving like idiots. Oh my goodness. That's accurate. Please be careful out there folks. Please be you question about it. Roberts. In Charlotte good morning welcome the broadcast. Hey Vince follows listen via actually a whole year that. People be and so Lou rooted patchy and I'm a disconnect from the Internet years ago at that table. All I'm Collins spread but I don't have a smock ball back at a chance bad back and apple look like the Big Brother. Same score and on the me. Everyone has been to an Internet is today. Think it. It's a great observation. Eight bidders UK. By the end and Whitman Bible born Brigham and there's not freedom. A win every move might. Being reported by alma tore FaceBook or whatever and it it's like everybody's been present what a way to go. The man that's a great way you describe are you still kind of disconnected from social media. Total I'd never have been what social media. Am I I understand recovered from that I suspect you probably have a lot more peace than a lot of people out there. And good good thanks a lot for your call Robert I absolutely appreciated. Over on the text line and news skimming bits of the journalists that Vince Coakley does not like Christians you cannot disagree with the because they're journalist. That's Richard saying no that's not what I'm saying tonight just tell you something. Donald Trump lice. Okay he lies sometimes and it gets called out by the media. And win that happens I agree with the media. When they make up things about him I disagree when they go on and on and on about stupidity I disagree with them. But Donald Trump does not tell the truth 100%. Of the time. That's what I'm talking about. What trump does is he tells the truth sometimes tells lies other times. And many tries to broad brush and say the media always lies about him. And hides behind the fact because he knows that you are going to defend him. And you're going to agree this fake news thing. It's a great way to hide. Great we hide a whole lot of insecurities. And it's great way to hide who knows what else that's all I'm saying. It's the best thing can happen a government shut down that way nothing gets done by a bunch of leftist Democrat bureaucrats. And here's another text I have to turn you off you attacked our president daily you just told us even at the press constantly lies. And makes up facts. Which they've done for over a year trump should just take it I never sit anybody in this new. You hear what you freak and want to hear. You know what I'm saying. That is not what I said. If something is wrong to correct the record. But you know as well as I do this man lies and he's done repeatedly. There are publications that have printed his lies I've read what I've documented that some of them myself. He told lies Specter in the campaign as he ever apologize to those people this is one of things ticks me off. This man has lied and slandered people all obvious right. But all of a sudden. When people say lies about him. Then it's supposed to be a public issue. You've got to be consistent if you're gonna go out in your gonna slander other people. You've got to be prepared for that stuff to come right back at you. And I don't advocate this and I wanna be very clear I do not believe and I for and I. But I'll tell you what. It really takes a whole lot of nerve. To complain about this after you've done the same free can thing yourself for years. That's all I'm saying. He tries to meet up the wall. Really ducks. All right folks. Again I remind you be careful out there we still have winter storm conditions expect to continue for several hours be safe. Collin loves to hear what's going out with a weather where you are Ingles advantage toppling number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes line. 71307. 48 minutes after 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley reaffirm I told you I would tell you two stories you heard why and that's. Really screwed up guy. Who killed. Killed. And it's actually wants to kill even more. Murdered two Sacramento area deputies. So he's gonna break out and kill more people. I mean they're idiots. Especially out in California. Who if we continued their policies. That might very well happen. But there's another story. This story you've probably seen in the news the media loves this kind of story. As reported here by the Detroit Free Press. This guy's name is Jorge Garcia. Showing pictures of he and his wife is there embracing do we have that audio just want to listen to this audio for a moment. And I want to listen to this and we keep this going. And I wanna tell you what's going on here. It's a man. Being hugged by his wife and two teenage children. They're saying goodbye. Because Jorge Garcia is. Going back to his home country. To Mexico. I. This guy lived in this country for thirty years thirty years. As being deported. Deport. Now detractors are saying this is an example guy who's being unfairly targeted under the trump administration. Now. Here is and this is the kind of thing when I talk about tribalism. This is the thing that concerns me. That we're not able to use our minds. And might I suggest all sore hearts the same time. Now just as strongly as I believe. That that other guy. That fog. But I will not even mention his name again. He needs to be tried quickly and convicted and paying or. Put to death by a firing squad. With the same passion I would tell you. There's actually no reason in the world that Jorge Garcia should have been deported. It should've happened. You are. You remember me saying in this program I'm not a big fan of zero tolerance. Policies. Generally what they do in an especially when you have schools you know and your situation where kid accidentally takes a gun to school its its in his. You know we went hunting with his dad and the rifle is in the in his trunk of his car and the kids get kicked out of school because he forgot to take it out of his car. Now the principal who might very well know that students in other circumstance and say oh there's no problem here. He he accidentally put that in his cart left it in his car. I'm not going to suspend this kid the principle can use discretion. See I think that's what needs to happen in that kind of situation. Zero tolerance says no. He should've taken it doubts. And therefore for everybody. The thugs the idiots who took the gun to school because he's a gang Gregor is in the same category. This kid who just forgot the shotgun and left it in his car. That's stupidity. I see the same thing on this immigration issue. We've got people unfortunately in camps. You've got people who are. Let's get rid of all the illegal immigrants. Especially the criminals. And you've got others. Who frankly don't want to deport any. Nobody. And they love the sub stories and that's all they won't show the sob stories. Can we do something here. Can we agree that we need to put a priority on getting the criminals outs and keeping them outs. And we at the same time say. Circumstances like this guy Jorge Garcia. Use your brain. I think I saw a story this. This family has spent over a 100000 dollars by the way everybody else in the family's legal. He's been over a 100000 dollars to get this immigration issue resolved. And here is this guy going out of the country guys work like a dog he has a landscaping. Business. Guys just. Worked in. Law abiding citizen. And he's deported. Can we do these things the same time. I think we can't. And it all too often. We've got perspectives like this when this offered by Laura Ingram now I used to listen Laura Ingram for years. Unfortunately in recent years she's become. Much more of a cult follower. Than a conservative. Here's what she posted listening to CNN empathize for nearly ten minutes with wife of deported. Illegal immigrant if they ever done the same for victims of illegal immigrant crime displaced American workers. Yes I get it at the same time Laurie Ingram how many stories have you done like this on Jorge Garcia. Do you see what Amy about camps how we lock ourselves in the camps. And we think you've got to pick one or the other no we can be nimble. We can embrace the best of humanity at the same time. That we've vehemently. Vehemently. To everything we can't. To deal with illegality and criminality. Those are not competing values folks. But we've got to keep our hearts and our heads in gauged. Techsters as I agree use common sense happened to a Spanish friend of mine led his green card laps and had to go and re apply. Not a criminal. Come on folks. Let's use our hearts and our heads and keep them engaged. And you certainly want to do that out of the roads be careful folks lord willing we're back with you tomorrow have a great day god bless you.