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Law aggression gray were about trying to do all this fighting and we need to come together. And get deranged Don for the American people which is what I'm saying before all real here and us senate chamber. Mitch McConnell. Is speaking out right now about the possibility of government shut down we are still. 37 minutes removed from the time the White House indicated someone would be speaking about potential for a government chipped I'm standing by. We'll try to take that as soon as it happens Brian very patiently waiting in Charlotte on the line good morning Brian. Yeah I wanted. Yeah what are your client say that you Cullen Cory Booker are hypocrite is true Libya pot calling the kettle black. And it's got a real show comments there Brian. We know obviously you know. And he hypocrite. And and and you more hypocrite in our criminal court welcome would be. And and that's based on what Brian which your are what does that how where am I in consisted. I'd look a year. Well there are call about the immigration issue in the Olympic event. The only native in this country is being met so called American Indian everybody else ought immigrants except who would be American blacks because we will draw here. I'm about. You know. There resistance. By the as well but the thing about it is you have all you really can't. That debate whether or not these these people here are gonna have their families destroyed separated those old and there are immigrants themselves. That there hypocrisy of the hole. So here's my question Brian. So let's sure we just went we just tear down all the borders and just let everybody come in is that we should do. That's my question. Are you know I'm asking your question so it shouldn't matter let's just let everybody in whoever wants to a man come on in here. Why why don't we dictate lady liberty and it into the ocean because he's doing nothing there at America and bubble blowers. That's all that. Beautiful okay. A declaration of independence and old beautiful. Bill White in America is nothing but a piece of paper paper champion Liu. Talking about two different documents tiger at two different messages by the way that thing on lady liberty. What is if I remember correctly that was written that was given to us by the French I believe. And that he's not in the constitution. So why why why should that work why should that be binding on the American people so if I if if I puts OK let's let's create a statue. About everybody being created equal and let's give it to the Chinese do you think that means that they give everybody their rights is that the way we're starting to real American. Now I'm just asking why American. Bit later so it goes back to my question Brian Brian I can answer my question. So we should just let everybody in whoever wants to come and come. Okay what the policy or is that will be we've done. No that's not been policy or would be the pile of gold for what is this. Is that what you're starting to pick in the way these are all under administration does. Our own and you're destroyed than you cannot talk about other nationalities talk about. You know talk about our European. You are talking about those other countries that aren't getting rid of and the great concern. Oh optical. That the war. He says we're picking. That's my question any other ethnic group. Are being pulled alive as such as. And I am being broken up at immigrants. In the court and you haven't legally. You have all kinds of illegal ultimately this element in this country if you wanted to go days. And I agree that we should deal with all of them the same way why have we created these special carve outs for certain groups. That's another fair question Brian. Well yeah. Yeah yeah why should why should people have special carve outs just because they can cross the border illegally. It means that the advantage that being that person crossing from Mexico has. You know I don't think we have an advantage Brian if we were coming. From say another country in Africa it would we have that advantage and we just sneaky NY guess of weaker across the Mexican border we can do that. But any other way we you know any other crossing you know that's going to be allowed. We ever tried doing that and another part of the country can swim across on East Coast somewhere and try to come into the country is that gonna work. You know it's it's righted the whole thing is silly and I think it's driven unfortunately by people who were looking to advance. The so called rights of these people for political purposes. And. What I don't get. You people bitten about people's lives. Not about a political about all you tell. Oh come on you're telling me that every single one of these Democrats are doing this because their hearts are truly set on keeping families together. And their genuinely concerned about these people as individuals. That's Richard Allen. Bear political broke. That's what it is that's exactly what it is Brian it's a political vote what werder or agree to either agree or are now. If you been listening to this program did you listen yesterday by the way. Probably earlier. Did you year and I had to say the two stories that I told guest knows I don't know finish yesterday the day before there was the criminal who basically said. That he would love the opportunity to get out so we and kill some more F and cops. Did you hear that story. Lord hear their OK that I contrast to that and the guys who did you hear about the guy who's being deported he's been here thirty years. Here are buried here. And did you hear my position on that by the way. No I didn't hear my position was that it was absolutely asinine of the trump administration to allow that happened. Does that surprise you Brian. Well absolutely doesn't surprise me to be honest with our because anybody can beat that anybody back. OK so Packard so what are you taking issue with with meat. I mean it's one thing if you wanna taken issue with what politicians are doing. Don't throw me necessarily end with some particular group because I may not agree with that group. So if you wanna break it down and ask me a specific question what would you do in this particular situation. I will give you an answer. What would it anger. With what situation be specific forming. They're delicate situation adrenaline situation what was your ability that we bought their country. I'm. I don't Carol. Law and and are productive citizens wouldn't wouldn't pay these. Here's what I would say yeah and let me repeat what I said the other day. I believe that's what you did do you in this ought to be open to every wine. Provides an opportunity. For the people in charge to use their discretion on a case by case basis. I do not believe in special carve outs for certain groups. So anybody who's in this position not just Mexicans not to squad a Marlins. Let's make this available for everybody. Is that fair enough Brian. Baird route all right so you're arguing over nothing word cute thanks for your call. Blows my mind the this is not what the Democrats. Are talking about at all. There's a political game it's being played here and don't forget folks this is an election year can't forget it. You know it's amazing how much can happen during commercial break. During the break. The White House. Held a news conference in fact it's still going on right now they're taking questions from reporters. I'm just gonna tell you what we have learned from that news to efforts by the way this was conducted by the budget director. Our own make more Brady. From here in the upstate. Here's what he set that looks very much like things are heading toward a government check to. Some pretty interesting comments. He said that if there is a sit down it's gonna look very different than the Obama administration shut down and here's why. He says the Obama administration weaponized the shut down. They did not encourage agencies to use their carry over funds. Ands. That was one of the things that made it worse. They had other authorities they could've used. To keep certain agencies funded and operating they didn't do it the whole purpose was to hurt people. And we talked about this when this was going on by the way. After that and right now. It is mark short the director of legislative affairs who was speaking. He had a few comments as well speaking of the house bill that I believe passed by 220 votes he says. The president is ready to sign that built this funds the government for four weeks. But he also called out the hypocrisy. Of members of the house and senate by the way I shared some of those quotes with you from care Cory Booker Nancy Pelosi he quoted some of those. And one of the interesting things. Dianne Feinstein was asked yesterday evening what's gonna happen if there's a government shut down she says people will Z. Then they Astor how are you gonna vote. How he can afford in this house bill I'm not sure. I'm serious folks you can't make this up. People will die. But I'm not gonna vote and whom I'm not sure I'm gonna vote. I mean what a total moron. These before so lacking in principle. We also have this. I believe it is make sure get the rate network here it is fox reporting. A senior senate source says to expect to shut down over the weekend. So it sounds to me like. The senate does not expecting to pass this legislation so we may have shut down over the weekend to breach your selves. For the into the world let's go out to gas story and Wilma welcome. And it. Take it away are here are the ball off. Many people came to the United States. Seeking freedom. Our. But were denied. Entry into granite state. More even act out into the pension. And encountered are things in time. Reprehensible. And aren't all read it not happen but apart by an intelligent and went and our she'll. We would not be in Chilean freedoms that we have today. You have. You're absolutely right Wilma I do appreciate your call you know I I heard something about this came up I think I was watching some sort of history special on this just a few months ago and it's absolutely shameful. What took place there really. Shameful. And as you well know unfortunately the Holocaust. Was allowed to go on for quite some period of time before we even paid attention to this. It it's just another example and in in recent years. Another example of you know what kind of what kind of humanitarian support that we show for the do you remember that humanitarian crisis. Everybody after the fact was saying all we should have done something yes we should've done something. But it was too late by that time. Humanitarian crisis. And one endings and always has disturbed me we have selective caring. We've always had that problem. Ronnie in Charlotte good morning. Nearly I've got to surgery they had. Oh. Outlook so they're gonna have to shut down the government because it's already been out there there. Putting O'Meara that it's so good big year anniversary of distraught turner you became obelisk. And they've got so much positive common out they can't stop there. That they've got to post something negative that it even took it to shut down. For a week in release Shelly Williams had a shut down there when the one year over. And you know what else can you bring about very interesting point here. Because. No matter what happens no matter who's on you know which side. You know might be responsible who are they always going to blame Ronnie. Well that's and I fought so there aren't development is that recently we channel. About what you'd come about a year and a retreat. And so they gotta absorb the negative charge to the Wal-Mart people that come out so I would say to those. The extra ball was that we're giving back the were given to employees. Down a bit now and so I think we gotta burst well now here so that's what it's gonna happen a lot level. I don't know by the California now we don't have shut down the sort does he keep goal. I hear runny hey I appreciate your call and it's also going to be interesting here I love this a make or maybe the way he answered this. You know Mick is one of those people who's I mean I think he's done an extraordinary job by the way we'll get to this today. Who the agency that he's trying to run. The member the one they try to keep him from running. What he's done there's just brilliant in fact critical and skip to that I was not intending to go into that now. Nick moving and he is just brilliant this is this is just this man's real house in addition to operating management and budget. He's also. Running this consumer protection bureau. And its. May end. This is this is not what you're supposed to do. Our good friend over conservative review Chris Randolph who's been on this program several times lives right here in the upstate. He posted this this is what a government funding request should look like. And in the time here we are talking about government funding and possibly shut down. Make over any set the gold standard of government funding requests. Director of the office of management and budget and acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director nick moving any. Just set the gold standard of government funding requests every quarter. The CF PB makes a funding request from the Federal Reserve for its operating funds Politico reports last quarter former director Richard court Drake. Asked for 217. Point one million dollars. 217 point one. Cords ray was a progressive. Moving he is conservative. So for this quarter will Brady is asking for anybody in the studio when I guess would make more meaning is asking for for his department. How much do you think it is. No idea I can even begin to just take a wild guess. That Tony four million. How about zero. Really. Was way off. Zero. Here's the quotes. Here's the money quote from his letter to the Fed this letter is to inform you. That for the second quarter fiscal year 28 team the bureau is requesting. Zero dollars. Zero. And why is this by the way you know why they're doing this. Why he's doing this is this a political stunt though the reason is. And and I think we are and steam and the way bureaucracies. Work. The eight put money away in reserve. That's what they did it in the 'cause of the money that was put away in reserve they don't need any more money. It's always able to make requests for zero dollars. This is awesome. If this. Ended again exposes. The way the government works. You know you've heard these stories plenty of times that if you don't spend its you don't get more. How this works for the government. Nobody else runs a business like this. Over the federal government in unlimited funds coming your way your dues whining cry and stay or go away. You know it works. Hats off to make more vain. Let's have more of that so apparently nickel Vinny says military and border agents will continue to work if there's a government shutdown. But without pay. By the way make more failures referred to this. As the Schumer shut down. When where he got the gear for the liberation. Just putting them out there the Schumer shut down. Let's make this catch on the Schumer shut repeat after me that I Schumer shut down. Good stuff. Always love ration. 36 minutes FBI we got into the text line. One of things to ketchup on there but first let's take a look at the date in history. As we ventured down to our upstate studio. Target for an mr. Luntz who rates dole through the morning sir are you there. As a matter of opinion. By the way how did that fire work out that you're trained used to warm things. No. I'm doing with HR and I'll I'll talk about it on the OK no problem at all. We are for items on this list for January 19. This is January 19 2018. And we start they Frenchman whose name is George Claude. He patented this. That is very popular. For businesses to draw attention to them at night would as it. Neon signs you court it's. Well I gave a pretty conclusion that wow I can't believe the guy actually do just that. Yeah and therefore. Dismissed the idea I gotta talk trash. 1953. A lot of people tuned in to watch president Eisenhower's inauguration but. More people than that tuned day and to watch. This particular show. Because there is a very special event taking place. With the stars of the show. You know. What show ones we were both at 1953. These people leader owned studio. A popular Koppel on television. See how loosely Sonny and Cher but they can't be that as well be too early temporarily literally in fact tour and the first couple that people fell in love with on TV. Camby Lucy and Desi. From the Dallas I think that sits sexually and rookie would give it to you as you're referring to review is there child on mob yes. More Americans on the way guidance that you know how you do get that it is is real name is easier Nesbitt anyway they turned and they tuned in to more people watched that that president Eisenhower's inauguration big event. And keep revenue Aussie and re keys real name is does it easier and yes being a plethora of first place you just tell him. Okay yes you're cool. Our new. And 1981. Let's see. The US in Iraq and signed a deal in Algiers. What was the subject of their deal 1981. And I give you hint was right before. The inauguration. A certain president. What was the deal. Who are you actually via other country US and Iran. The release of these prisoners. You are correct. Missed you. Released the Americans held hostage for over 400 days. Let's see if we can go for a four for four. This president admitted to perjury after making false statements under oath. This is an easy win when President Clinton you are crow. Four for four man what a great way to in the week it's pretty awesome. I'm so excited and now yes you should be excited. Hey thanks slots for joining us again men have a great weekend. Thank you add you to. At forty minutes after Olympic like let's go out to Colombia. A country. But the city in South Carolina and duke beats good morning. Good morning Ben. Can we get back and address the Indians being the only people who were immigrant. Go red heads. Hit it out of the park forest to these. Parity. The big British were not immigrants they were invaders. And colonizers. Now Mexico want to man up and then they'd be in nine states. That we can have that fight just like the Indians had that night and by the way Indians or territorial. In their own tribe. And bought off invaders into their own tribal areas. So it's not like they were welcoming of the immigrant either. And as did the statue of liberty and get this report tired and all of that's happened at a time when. We didn't have any candy. Social Security Medicare. Certainly no food stamps Medicaid if we want a roll back. At the time when the statue of liberty and what it said was it's called playing in the 1890s the nineteen teens. That must go back and rolled back every thing. Number I mean. It's how they note dot com for people no Medicaid no free hospitals face and Elliott felt teachers in the classroom by the way. None of that so I think I'm going to do that let's do that but if you want to have the wholesale. In Beijing and then let Europe as a country blessed to have Mexico in beta or Roscoe or rock or any other places that are coming out illegal immigrants that it. The knees you're headed out of the park hey that was cued up. You know it and it's a great point. I mean think of the week that totally different environment. They had back then. Because you know as well as I do this isn't just about people coming into the country said the figure the other day. And it had a percentage. Of certain groups. And I don't normally like these kinds of things but it was based on nationality where they came from. And their propensity to be on government programs. In these embers were just way too high. This is part of what bothers me about the people who complain. About us closing our doors are shutting our borders or changing our policy. The fact of the matter is you and I are paying. For these illegal immigrants to come into the country. We're paying for it. And one of the things I pointed out right here where I sit in Mecklenburg County several years ago. There was a county commissioner who dared to suggest that they do a study to find out. What is that true number of illegal immigrant children in the school system because they wanted to figure out what is the real cost. You know what happens the Democrats were in an uproar. They were screaming racism. Native is you don't all the usual stuff they threw out there. So we don't know the real cost. We really don't but you know what they sure are taking our money. And this is happening in every school district across the country. Am I saying they would be denied education no that's not what I'm saying I am saying. It's irresponsible for us not to know the cost. And for us to be have been able to make a decision an informed decision on what we do and part of it needs to be the cost. Because there's no such thing as a money tree. If you can find one please let me know where that is I would love to love to partake. Still come we are gonna delve into that bombshell of a story. And raised questions about its rarity investigation. Involving Russia where does this go. What's going on with the intelligence committee one of the on earth. We'll talk about that straight ahead right here 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. I'm 49 Vince Coakley radio program let's go out took off from Roger in Anderson good morning record. Inspector Padilla. Hey I wanted to mention two things first one caller who called that said that all the Republicans were light. Well like he premature something that they're kicking out. Brown people there every calorie that's I call them. Back I would have been ticketed. This. No that didn't and so he needs to help those guys can know it just in. And then. Another thing about it in California. And you know the thing that we think day to cool works out in that. Somebody could have been the but it was definitely and let it inspire. In the best. And everybody who is that nobody would mention their name because they're so afraid of the game. And like that before we you know we get any kind of that that's going on in California. It's that or just it's eat at. California. The Mexican law got Q openly say what could potentially. Our country. At least with the ticket pack and you. I'm seventy year old exclusivity here they'll let out and I hope. I people turn knew they were taken this country. And and and and now California. That. You know that you have a column that point and they don't you. They calling England because UC UC. And it's you don't know how it built as a Californian would protect an app. And the people tell you right here we are taking place. I never dislike them ever until guys started on any particular but back and it took about why country. My concern. Eager. To my country is keeping this country and you went back into. A particular. Like like she says it won't support that you'll want to get. Out on the on the I. You know that it just didn't do we need a reason to be in should argument about people who eat and still. Our country. Yeah it didn't become. Like children. A year ago but it went to the net and because it could benefit sixty. 171820. I. Don't sign to be considered it to. It can't take that country. That's where it's going and did you miss it in South Carolina needs you guys are just let's see what's going. I you have hear your perspective their Roger and I think Q would agree I appreciate your call that it's not everybody not all of the illegal immigrants or this way it's sadly. The ones who are this way are the most vocal. And the most in your face these the ones who are carrying Mexican flags. And by the way I've not heard a single Democrat can dim that behavior not a single one. Here's a story need to be on the lookout for the coming days in addition to all of the hyperbole associate with a government shut down. Sara Carter. Has the story bombshell house intelligence report exposing extensive. Phys that abuse. Could lead to the removal of senior government officials. A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all house members. This happened yesterday. And revelations to lead the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice this is recorded several sources with knowledge of this document. These sources say the reporters explosive stating they would not be surprised. If it leads the end of Robert Mueller special counsel investigation into president trump and his associates. The House Intelligence Committee passed this motion along party lines yesterday to make classified report alleging extensive. By self abuse. Related to the controversial dossier available to all house members. This report contains information regarding the dossier in the ledges present trumpet members of his team colluded with the Russians. In the 2016 presidential election. Some members of the house view the document and secure -- room on Thursday. Peter King from New York. Are for the motion to make the Republican majority of the report available to members. Here's what he said. The document shows the troubling course of conduct we need to make the document available so the public can see it's. This is from a senior government official actually who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the document. Once the public sees it we can hold the people involved accountable in a number of ways. The government officials said after reading the document. Some of these people should no longer be in the government. This sounds pretty serious. Congressman Steve King says I have read the memo. The sickening reality is said and I no longer hold out hope there's an innocent explanation for the information the public is seen. I've long said it is worse than Watergate. It was hash tag never trump and always Hillary release the memo. So. People look at this in the coming days amid all of the noise. Abouts the government shutdown which is likely at this point by the way Donald Trump has canceled his Florida trip. Anticipating a possible shutdown athlete can you like that your comments in in fifteen seconds. And you give your comments in fifteen seconds. I can't. Go for. OK I didn't happy and content he meant a real quick and have you can't teach in on Arizona. One of them retired Q the Howard Payne history. You evaluate that bet it promotes. Mexico take in California promote. Are kind of strange history. Ed does not surprise me at all unfortunate we're out of time you'll recall another time we can delve into that yet further. Stay tuned right here we're gonna have more information on what's going on with this shut down have a great weekend.