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Welcome to our number two with a Vince Coakley radio program glad you are with this one of the things that we have to continually do. Is to make sure we're well educated to speak to. You know can I just. Call it what is the profound ignorance and stupidity. That is propagated by the left. One of the people you see very often who is held up as a hero Cheney we're bar. And it's a mention I even have a relative. Who named a child Cheney. It just blows my mind what's wrong with its picture. We're here to provide some insights on this particular issue renowned scholar Paul Ingram who is. The author of the politically incorrect guide to communism welcomed the broadcast it to talk to you again Paul. Yeah events while you have a relative his name the kids say. It's deeply disturbing. While yet again maybe when next time you see the kid you could just column great enemy of mankind that's what Jake called America. Because at because America the great enemy of mankind. But it but I have but I am sure the parent doesn't know that. No clue what they whoever can explain just for starters year because this is kind of a launching point for this because. A lot of people were celebrating. The anniversary of his death I believe. Can you. In the most charitable way find something that these people find so praiseworthy what is it. Why is it's just there ignorance I mean really got that solid is that they they simply don't know I mean if if they really knew what the man believed. What he preached resent about themselves he called himself bloodthirsty. At it is pass that up he describe himself. You know the citadel but kind of appalled by him and you have to dealt with killer himself Fidel Castro. And I mean he was seen as psychotic. As a psychopath. As the sadistic cold blooded killer. And fact Fidel said that well I've found my perfect henchmen. I've found my MR Liberia the perfect guy who could run my execution tips since then he put Cheney in charge of the executions senator. Cheney personally executed people. So log so the other relatives may indicate that after somebody who has a literal executioner to divide people up against the wall and shot. And and money wasn't shooting that sometimes just refine. He would he would take begun with with an empty ever a revolver with an empty chamber go up and and then pull the trigger repeatedly just to make the person sweat he would laugh while he was doing it. And then when he wasn't there he he actually. EP they. The executions banner without luck cabana was it was a it was a hold Spanish fortress in Cuba. So he had the ball removed from his office so he can create a window to be able to watch the executions when he couldn't be present for them to. Does favor them relish them. And well that wasn't enough he actually wanted to fire at the nuclear missiles at at the United States in October 1962. And literally launched nuclear Armageddon. And and the Soviets were so horrified by that that the realization that that Che and Fidel one no watched nuclear war. That that's when Nikita Khrushchev the Soviet dictator caller called a literal midnight Sunday night meeting. Instead get them out get the missiles out to the missiles out right now right now right now these guys are insane. They went out bought two new nuclear Armageddon enough. So that that's the psychopath who were dealing wit and people have no idea they have no idea because of the way that they've been educated. And this this is adjusted disturbing years so many details like this that are readily available. If people were only educated let's go to the broader issue. Up Paul and there are people might ask the question why is it your writing a book about communism cold war's over width. You know we've war on rights. Yeah well I mean both for one thing we did it now the hundredth anniversary of the launch of communism in October 1917. But I mean yeah I mean we've won the cold war on on the battlefield I guess but but I I think the ideological battle against communism. That that's far from finished and and again it's because of bigger and so we now have people. Boren well after the fall of the Berlin Wall they have no historical memory of communism. And they're running around saying really crazy things like it and and you know hole on the people you're listening right now you may wanna pull off beside the road while you do this act. 88 disturbingly high number of Americans now it's not a majority thankfully but it's over quarter. Actually believe that George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin. Yeah. That was a survey that was done by the victims of communism memorial foundation last October. And you know at a bit and in fact our other studies 69%. But millennial last year said that they would vote for a Communists. For president in the United States so sit back at them and that's that's how bad it is. We're talking with talking or he's the author of be politically incorrect guide to communism. And I've been saying this for quite some time in this this disturbs me Paul because. I'm concerned that we're really not talking about these ideas at all we seem to be. Getting caught up in personalities. And trivial disputes over things that really don't matter much. Ands the left and the progressives. Our continuing what I believe is there are progressive manufacturing. System with the educational system with Hollywood. And this poll that you indicated 69% of millennial Los admitting they'd vote for socialist for president. Yes it's different this time. This that this did not happen by accident they've been working at this. That's right that's exactly right and I'm lucky it was it was a cultural marxists in particular yep people from the Frankfurt school Herbert mark two's. George Lucas Haas in the Wilhelm Reich and others Antonio grant she. It was even before the Frankfurt school but yet they talked about the conveyor belts as they put it. Of Hollywood that academia and media and especially education. Education education education. And they believe that if they can take over the universities. You know are above all I need I need that more than anything else. Then they could completely change and revolutionize America. And I yet I really kind of a terrific quote from Vladimir Lenin that's in the that's one bad. Give me four years to teach the children in this seat that I had its own shall never be uprooted. And and that's quite amazing mindset that over a hundred years ago. And it give the modern American University classroom is a perfect testimonies that. In four years is exactly the period of a bachelor's degree in the United States and so that's you know we lost the cold war in the classroom. And now we're reaping the consequences. Some of the things that you point that in your book Stalin no loans killed six times as many people as Hitler in this kind of interesting how we rightfully vilify. Adolf Hitler but Stalin was worse in terms of the number of people. The Khmer Rouge slaughtered more than a third of the population of Cambodia Communist Eastern Europe and worldwide tortured Christians. Communist Party USA directly controlled by the Soviets. Obama's CIA director voted for the CP USA candidate for president 1980. And unrepentant sixties Eric Communists are educating American teachers today and one of the things that I continue to contend at work against heartbreak here is that less than a minute. What are we doing. In or significant way to put a stop to this ball. Well we're aiding and abetting and especially by unfortunately a lot of the people listening to me right now. Who are gonna send their kids to the types of colleges that in just a few months let alone four years. Will will pull off this ideological indoctrination so I would help people you can stay up there. Could this simply by being more careful about where you sit your kids to college so I can say more about that after the break if you like me. Actually we would like you to hold onto the brick rhetorical Paul kangaroo is the author of the politically incorrect guide to communism. Folks we've got to understand what we're up against this is not a person. This is not a political party. This is an ideology that has to be defeated we'll talk more about this as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program 111520. Minutes after the hour. 11 o'clock we talked with Paul kangaroo he's got a brand new book out end. I AM very eager to delve into office because this is subject that I think so many people didn't. Britain lulled into a false sense of security about the subject of communism and socialism. Again because they mentioned the cold war's overweight and yet. In this country right now Paul what do the you mention the universities the place where so many people or being brainwashed. What are the other areas where we're losing this battle. Well I mean I think Hollywood would it would be part of it too I mean you get for example than I mean they're dead. Yeah I can probably sit here for half an hour name and name movies on the Holocaust. And Hitler. You know from Schindler's List to. IPad exist the other that the Holocaust series in the 1970s that was on television. I have as somebody good it's a bigger ones that you know they've done all it was a great job. Thankfully tremendously correctly. Illuminating the evils of nazism. And then Hitler. But they've done nothing like that for communism. You know where you know where is that do a lot of archipelago. Version of Schindler's List right. Why has there been a major feature film and something like a day in the life provided and Lisovicz went up which in us millions of people read that book. But the idea Hollywood doesn't do much with that but the but above all I can I just think it's education I mean people. Don't know that say it added the fact that they think that. That more that George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin I mean that's absolutely amazing. I I think people on other note this Stalin killed more people that Hitler but I guarantee you they don't know that and Hitler killed probably about ten million. This somewhat higher estimates on the numbers Stalin killed. Including by Alexander Yakovlev via the chief performer in the in the former Soviet Union dues given the job under Gorbachev of calculating this stuff. He says that Stalin alone annihilated sixty to seventy million people. Yeah. And and that's not as many as mad cow killed I mean now probably killed seventy to eighty million. So you know we're look at the death toll here. In a hundred years of a 10240. Million added that's doubled our combined death tolls of World War I of World War II. And then it lest anybody think that that's ancient history of North Korea. It's in the news every day it gets used to abuse their people as they go to YouTube and type in North Korea. And watch it unbelievable. Videos of mass numbers of people. Marching and helped Marion fashion. Tips and these these lunatics the kingdom's. Cuba Venezuela they Gilbert they're good people toilet paper in Venezuela. So all of that. Should be obvious to people that. Separately if they're not being educated that they're gonna university just learning about life guy. You know sexual orientation. Race and gender. Which is reopening separate the pot that that they're gonna walk out of there ignorant and ill wearing a cheat future. You what's intriguing about this too as we continue our conversation told Klinger one of the things that's the striking to me. Is that some of the issues that we've come to a point now were. Just to give an example. We've got Republicans and Democrats. Advocating things like single pay year. And so it it really concerns me because it reminds me of what Christian have supposedly communicated years ago. Where he said we don't have to fire a shot he shall we have to do is keep feeding you. You know doses of socialism. And just watched the country crumble. Well that's pretty much exactly what at what has happened and that was really the plan of the cultural marxists in particular. In the end taking over the university's right. I mean that if they can just focus on that above all and not in the so many times because. I have somebody conservative friends and parents. Who lobby of this sent their kids to private school teacher who twelve home school their kids. Send their kids to a conservative Christian school classical Christian school and then they sent them off to use secular you. And you know those sub nobody's going to be daughter's been accepted into the sport more I'm thinking Q do you know what they teach at swarthmore. In Australia I know I've heard that another you know unbelievably liberal that. They know little Susie was you know she's been Gillick or religious said for ten years and Israel is solid and that makes it comes on the Christmas time. Went with with the new gender and demanding government funding of Planned Parenthood and calling her parents' alma thought the fascists. And the track I think what. And talk about happened so quick I had a guy in Nashville. Over the weekend not in almost seven years old queued up to meet with tears in his eyes about with the local university had been done whose daughter he couldn't believe it. And yet that's how easily you can Boozer hit if you set them to these these sound horrible indoctrination I'll. Let me ask you this if you were put in the position. In this particular administration. To address some of these issues. What are the things that you would do to begin pushing back to cut off the source of the funding and the government. Up purchase a patient at least it and watching our country slip in the socialism. But good question that's that's not an easy one. But I'll send out this sect cute those deducted Donald Trump. That UN speech a few weeks ago. Where he made the states that still Whelan in particular. That trip that statement was tremendous and and he said you know that the problem in in Venezuela. Is that they're trying does the same old same old but always stale and you know Venezuela call that they're calling this 21 century socialism party. And M when you look at it it looks really no different that twentieth century top. Really about it. Ed and so in in a sense. Anyway that are president can kind of use the bully pulpit of the presidency to call out what a failure that is that helps. And if Nicholas in the door and Venezuela they would knots when trump did I mean that really bothered them. Unit and almost reminded me of the Soviets still be apoplectic when Reagan called them the evil empire. So that kind of backed the thing can be can be very helpful view of the megaphone of the presidency you know using the outweigh. Other than that I am I mean in the I don't know it's but I suppose there's other things that we can do as well what one of the great frustrations. Is young people. To our benefit and so immensely from free markets. You just sit there and they use their iphones to answers surveys are they say that they prefer socialism over capitalism. Yet they bases they just this this disconnect. Is unbelievable they they they just don't get that shows it shows out take and they are. By this site guys. Whatever they're learning and whatever they're getting not Facebook and whatever they're getting from you know Bernie types. And it's it's it's it's out. I have at the end of this conversation I wanted to ask you. You wish you read a book like this because this is a pretty it's pretty significant subject that you've taken on. What's your outlook for the future do you think. We will come to understand the danger that communism poses that socialism poses. Is their time do you think we're able to push back and prevent our own slide into this. Well I'm not optimistic and really I mean how could it be went. In 20168. Lifetime self professed things socialist Bernie Sanders. Got thirteen million votes in the democratic primary. And you know first sense of perspective Donald Trump got a record number of Republican votes in the Republican primary he got fourteen million. Just got barely a little more than Bernie. And you know the very people tell you they think if not for some shenanigans by team Hillary that by the got the Democratic Party nomination. So I mean the idea that Bernie Sanders I mean you know you rises in the world not to remember 1015 years you're right you're like describing to people. That they'll let this sort of political left in America you'd say weather's moderate Democrats like a Sam. Bob Casey governor of Pennsylvania. Liberals again like Ted Kennedy the net so really extreme Sanders Bernie Sanders yeah that we all out about. Well I don't eat in the air comes Bernie. That thirteen million little. Ed Ed and I bet people thought it well it's okay I'll let democratic socialists like you think that's good. You know what democratic whether contrasts in style and we're we're we're part of the social Democratic Party or Russia. I'm in. Yet before it split into the majority of the Bolsheviks in a minority dementia index server market is that the the cultural marxists of the Frankfurt school called themselves the social Democrat I would. As so are around our ignorance in this killing us and I'm not very optimistic. Sobering assessment there from port finger grease author of this book and strongly encouraged to read this I'm very excited about the politically incorrect guide to communism. Debunking the world's worst ideology Paul great to talk with the weekend thanks for your great work. Boats or any confidence banks. On the Vince Coakley radio program I'd love to get your thoughts 80347163. Or text line 71307. Dance again I asked the question how do we turn this back. Because they think even our conversation is dominated. By eight progressive talking points. And we are responding and reacting to those. Somehow we have to change everything including the conversation. We'll talk about it we continue Vince Coakley radio program. And we'll talk about its freedom of speech at the press. Straight ahead and get caught up on some of the items in a command on the text line. Let's speak it appeared longtime listener events you've inspired me so much I am very new to politics and I'm learning so much 29. My first election was the trump election actually participated. In so much and you and it upsets me people talk about you the way they do you. I apologize. For my purchase. What you real people. At this moment president trump. Is holding a news conference to. Announce. The executive order that he signing that will allow small firms to band together offer health insurance coverage some things we've talked about the past couple of days. Very interest I don't know who started this news conference but the second person speak. Was Rand Paul and we mentioned this yesterday and it behind scenes he's been very influential. In encouraging certain elements of this. Piece of I'm kinkle legislation but it's parts of this executive order. He's had a strong influence in the standing literally right behind the president right now so any case. News conference going on now and the document will be signed momentarily. Also on the text line. Vince is dead wrong about Donald Trump like grip the New York metropolitan area watched him for decades he's accomplished intelligent generous and compassionate. OK so we said a few things he shouldn't have so what it. Everyone's done that he puts women in positions of authority and power. From botched public works projects skating re now he's serving his country for no pay in giving up a life for privileged to serve his country and just fix things which he will do you. That's a nice rosy picture. And I respect your opinion I strongly disagree with that. And I let me know what's really interesting and I can agree with a lot of things you've sent he has accomplished he is on some level intelligent. On some level generous some level compassionate. But the problem is you cannot. Carte Blanche. Endorse and embrace everything easy said that he said particularly. On things that it's I won't get into next a perfect example of what I'm talking about and it's not things you can simply brush off. These are foundational. In the case. Also the text line. Charlie Rich it was a country music star burned John Denver's country music award announcement on stage of the country music awards in protest John Denver. Even being nominated let alone winning an award. This is on YouTube and it's worth seeing it sounds interest in worth checking out. Best country patriots sung ever Merle Haggard the good times really over last burst out ruling down elect Kristobal. Headed for hell stand up for the flag and let's all ring the liberty ago. Let's make a forward and share. That was still last two years. Like they cute like they should cause the best the freestyle life is yet to come good times. Ain't. Over for good as from Dan. And the interest. By the way mr. Rachel's telling me. In polls here it's out of control it is control. He did it stay in the grip and the president and our person here making sure that room Luntz who understands that he's not stupid infect quite observe it. There's a strong kinship it's talked about it bluegrass deep jazz circles all the time but rarely. Do the two circles interconnect. Is a connection there. In patient thank you yes you have fans out there texture since I believe it was Ricky Skaggs she said country rocks. But bluegrass rules. It's pretty clever. How about Bob seekers like Iraqis in that country or cross over or the stones grow at the far away eyes. Great countryside. Hillary. On shape were far. Jay was one of the most evil despicable people with Tony twentieth century except for scale as he boards as Hitler or Mel. When I see some jerk wearing a teacher at his image I want to insert. That rate into his chase. Already. We could get the idea here. Unsolicited the song you've got to stand for something. You get a new outlook on life. Rate. Still having trouble processing the new story of the Taliban hostages being released an American woman pregnant decides a good vacation idea go hiking in Afghanistan. Then proceed to have two more children during their five years of captivity. Yeah I I can't wait your story I really can't I would love to hear. The story highness the wise where forced. I can tap the shaking my head when you should be. A point. Who do it. Well maybe there were trying to maybe it's the should stand ices. I'm just turned Beecher. Yeah do you have to wonder about this. You ever wonder for biting the hand that feeds you when you call those conservatives all the names ironically you're doing the same thing president trump is doing. Conservatives. Would conservative in my calling names name one. I've lived here. Just curious. Are and communism Tiananmen square movie anyone. Hmm that's interest. Why don't we see someone do something ominous. Note get a lot of media attention. Mr. gast must be a cult that she said something favorable about trump. You might try it won't hurt much. Really. You obviously haven't either you haven't been listening this program. Or you're just a mindless troll. Pretty sad. Any case coming up we're gonna talk about the first amendment's. And why. I'm gonna explain to you why it is so important that we stand up for it. Against all enemies foreign and domestic. Straight hits it does. Have a couple of techsters here and the person agree with lines over out of her rights and bloated Rand steak is bigger and electrical sockets. Raising question about Rand Paul's year. Also Vince can you please give Paul's name and how your listeners can contact him music has a great message which needs to get out. For. Reports too late. Well it's definitely. Time poll for that. By the way what I've done you know that he won 63 demurred he FaceBook page. I posted a link for the center for vision and values it Grove City College. That is and where Paul can gore won in the places that he works so. There's a lot of good information there. And it strongly encourage you read his new book as well referenced earlier so hopefully that resource. Will be hopeful to you quickly this cruisers something very important gets you. Also on the text line. What's the I'd bet they named prices at the Egyptian goddess that the terrorist. And Ingraham. And I hope you're right. As the case. And what is the name of the book. I need to go back to that because I closed this out so they can tell you the name of the book. That is written by Paul can gore. Let me very quickly get to that because it's important if you do know that. Very important information for sure out. I hope you understand when I talk about these things. That I'm I'm swinging for the fences I'm not just talking about a political election or some sort of temporary victory I'm talking about the whole. The whole contest. For the future of America. Is what communism and socialism and all forms. It has to be destroyed. The book politically incorrect guide to communism is the name of the book. Politically incorrect guide to communism Paul king worked KE NG. OR. Strongly encourage Rita which I will view. Once I receive my copy. Very eager to delve into this. That she made a lot of people angry in my office today. I'm going to gets mourns Kuwait packets for them keep had a brother. This. Let's the I shall search for a challenge just soared call you to debate however I do agree cubist and time thank you so much for spying to me. Mr. President 1818. The clearest vision for the future and helpless. A opus. Let me very quickly get to this. Because this eating and again and I deliberately their other folks who have covered this but I don't lick deliberately chose a conservative choice. My friends over at louder with Crowder Stephen Crowder. So. There's no excuse for trying to call this fake news. Because. Other conservatives have quickly identified this. For the nonsense in the dangerous statement that it was. T this is what's so sad is I told you this is going to be a mixed bag there are things that are praiseworthy like this executive order that obamacare. And then we have this. Well all the fake news coming out of NBC in the networks at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license. Bad for the country. This is Donald Trump. Taking a shot and NBC. And again how many times a price that you in this program there are times. That I am going to say none of the above. I reject. A lot of what NBC in the other mainstream networks do at the same time I reject the childish immature. And boorish behavior of Donald Trump like here. A president can I just say this emphatically. No president. Should ever. Even come close to suggesting. Anything close to censure ship of the media. Ever. Now I. Don't want to believe that Donald Trump is a fascist. But this is the kind of statement. That opens him up and here's what's bad about it I'm not so much concern about him as a personality. I'm concerned about us. Because we will all be broad brushed in the same way. That this is what we want to do when we get power we wanna shut up all the liberals. If that's your mindset. You're not going to like me. Because I think that's profoundly un American. So we writer for louder with Greider writes this so this is where people call him brilliant because hate looking strolling the press I get that the media's hole is terrible. I totally get the initial reaction to throw your magnet at the air and wave it like you just don't care but let me ask you. What if it's not president trot would this president Cory Booker. Or president Elizabeth Warren. And they're talking about CR TV. Because that's basically what he's saying green that is acceptable for a president from our tribe. To say something like this only makes it easier and acceptable for the next president from the other tribe to do the same. And we shouldn't tolerate any elected official let alone the president the United States to say anything they could weaken the First Amendment. That's what trumps tweet dies. It's not the time to celebrate truck. Were nation of laws and rights not a nation a political hero worship. This writer for louder with Crowder is right on the money. This is huge folks. This has nothing to play around to put this in the conversation. And for this to be acceptable. I posted something about this on social media yesterday you would not believe the number of people we sent. Posted things in defense of Donald Trump on this. Well one person said well he's fighting fire with fire it's about time. Really. If this is where you are. You're not going to like this program. Because this is an American. Profoundly un American. Now as long as mr. trump stays on the rails stays within constitutional boundaries. I'm with him. He goes off the rails like this. This is so far out in left field. I'm profoundly concerns. And you should be too. Have ourselves a great day and got bush to care.