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Betting you've got a wireless network in your home right now and who knows how many devices hooked up to it. I left tops your phones. Televisions. And guests watch they are vulnerable. In a way that it's we did not know about until just a few days ago this state law in the Wi-Fi protocol. Used to connect laptops and Smart devices to those networks. And it's the results could be someone could be eavesdropping on your system and you were data. Not group at all. Who else to provide insight in how to address this particular issue but man who is internationally. Recognized expert on cyber security strategy cyber terrorism identity theft and privacy. More can write two's back in the program with this before he goes back onto the Fox News Channel good morning welcome mr. But hey Vince sorry about yesterday ethnic Russians interfered with. That is great that is great you probably heard you doing an accident and they didn't appreciate it. First off I ask you about this. The reach of this wireless network problem it's that it's just interesting to me how long we've been doing wireless networks. And all of a sudden this vulnerability is to into bin detective what's going on here. The oldest of the standard old WPA is which and Wi-Fi. Access now that stirred up about thirteen years. Which actually quite likely to support it has been broke book war and it happened at the protocol called it happened what are we protect. Our own polls in our mobile phone calls with that was broken exposed and so it best about the on the fine just it start. To show what. And so they had to change and other corporate support also that that's what a bad it would work or. Wrong I mean. Four people realized it was one of those. I get up like come loose and you know our good old bell lab scientists intended no wireless. So yeah I mean it's been around for long pipe but we realize the necessity to encrypt. Spain and becoming more more obvious that the standard was just ripe for the picking them somebody like that. So tell us what we've learned what are hackers able to do now. Let's put this in perspective for his book app and the approximately. Acts we have to be able to intercept your wireless signals so. If you're in the middle of Montana and you don't see eruption around your puppet going to be fine. But you know what we're about there was a pure corporate network your government and the cream. If somebody wants you to spend their able to. Potentially. We generate these key that is protected by eight encryption key so I can. I respect with the router for the wireless network into reusing exceed that was already big news. But it's not a that you post you delete key every time you create a new conversation much digitally. Look like three years that I can reset the border basically called counter respect. It makes the system go back and now like can I have a crack at that we're going to comport with I would be able to it's a you know popped it in public it is secret and an impostor package. It may be able to rebuild everything you thought secure as it was encrypted I see you're back to what he pats were. And Richard are going on why it's. Kept in court that and I did that I can you thought you you thought he had Richard what the rate betrayed what would you would want. While this is pretty amazing. So how do you fix it what's the solution here. And and I want they're they're a lot patches and updates about this up. Up and that would apply do you personal album might. If you get some implies that that action Parker and make sure that you checked in what that you latter will update the firmware so I think. So there are some stiffness but until it. You can do that doesn't want what you gonna bid you know and encrypted connection called a router or you just wanna be there. Called Deke PM's virtual private networks that it crips. You've got a lot of a lot of company capital BP had so that they can have an encrypted communication over public why I. Or any watched by over any network so you'd want to search for BP and virtual private networks. But some external it and they're not sure I think you know it may be exposed you wanna be neat yeah and ethnic you know you know there's really not etched in history. Gonna cost you but there are some good ones out there are other site at opera in the pot with. But get up and UMBPS and end up I just don't just don't put up pictures you are so the speed ordered Internet what you want everybody to see it. I would not wanna do that anybody and yeah that would be way too troubling we talked with more to write. Give us a sense of the cost of this VP and network being able to set that up how pricey is this. I didn't hear any dumb I used to forget I want to Obama to mark looked if you will that mean you can get you can put several devices not receive forty bucks here I mean it's not much. But it still caught in the logic but like you're. At a or your laptop or your home computer conclude he's the same subscription and quite. It just. Just make sure nobody understands it because it's. Everything the entire way but what it does the protection from your house is part pants to the sort of on its web site you know like you're recite their. It would encrypt it it's our that in fact and be able to do with the whole way above the support network block but yet you put these global. The art as most think it is bit like an application software patient load it. You subscribe in what it as it is it is pink hue. To server there are so the safety of the crowd and our government can't run out economic Washington DC area got your clocks and I'll it would I could make it more cup covenant or the or cabinet. Or you know depending on the cover of coming across. While that's pretty impressive to be able to do this and how much vulnerability do you people have here because. You know a lot of times we hear about all these data breaches like with Equifax for instance whether able to get. Really a multitude. Of information from different people. Is this something where you can really only go after one person at a time does that kind of mitigate the danger here. She thought an intern at UT and the threat. I mean everybody individually. Is. At risk if you got a home he used a wireless network that uses this but again but the flip side it. Rather than leasing in one location and be able to scan ballots in places and where you're although this one act require it. President about what it's like what we are. He robbed banks could but our but as I wanna pick your money or public to your network actually have to be within one of the strange. And your network to do this admit to meet with standpoint but it she's just an industry standpoint it. How many people at risk could help everybody that is so expert our defense the target. Under a thousand ways to get into the you know to breach the counsel Walsh did and as opposed to. I got one good strong draw operate like protected now there's a thousand ways than it is and cap on that make it exponentially more difficult especially Accuray organization. It copied that has without them why I work at Cisco. I can't take how many tens of thousands of Wi-Fi access point there are. Throughout fiscal globally so that that would potentially mean all 1000 of those are exposed to I can go to any opportunity where it actually acts that that network. While that is pretty amazing stuff and it's. As usual person who's able to bring a lot of clarity to the subject can help us in terms of making us feel secure not just feel secure but decent here. In now what we do with our computers and other devices Morgan right thanks a lot for coming on broadcast its morning again. Yeah that are. We continue Vince Coakley radio program and I'm kind of curious. This is something that you've even product now is it is Europe a guilty party with the in this audience right now who would acknowledge. You still have password as your password. The default password on your router shame on you. You with that right now we need to make a change and assign an SS ID to that network. So this thing be a much safer if you really wanna add another level security. Make that SS ID invisible. Those you don't know that's the name of your network. So it won't even show up your neighbor can't even see oh so and so has this particular network. So. Just. A little luck piece of advice here from an amateur in this area 80347. Order sixty a text line 71 threes are seven if you still like to talk about. The issue of well Louis you can do that as well they've had 2347 order 63 text lines several entries are sevenths 1115. So we can see the broadcast your twenty minutes. After the hour 11 o'clock. What are your queue up more of your texts a number if you still talking about the will Louis situation you heard the audio is played during the news earlier the exchange. That took place. Between this year. And a subordinate employee who's now filed a lawsuit. The texture says the sheriff should suspend himself with pay while this is sorted out. If he'd lose his case or gets indicted. Then fired by the governor that's one way or purchasing. South Carolina's one party state meaning only needs to be one person who knows there's a recording its lawful recorded conversation. Without another party's knowledge of it done. Miss like you said no one is exempt from the lure of the dark side although the ultra righteous believe they are. It's an interest and interesting way to characterize it. It's I must say to myself there by the grace of god go by at least a dozen times each day yep. Seems to be pretty clear she was needed on that trip. Then they would of paid for a room pews clearly trying to get her at a hotel room alone. Reckon line. I feel sorry for ms. Lewis pitchers sounds like the gals had him up tape and all shame on both of them. Such a sad scenario force them. Since these NFL players think their gods gift to the world just because they chase the ball that a field. Gordon lecture us about values and life after disrespecting your flag like the rock says. Know your role. And shut your mouth. The other texture referring to will Lewis the governor can relieve him sled can arrest him. Vince issues in the Billy Graham rules and I don't think you can name one scandal. I can't think of one godly wisdom. Vince the ancient Palestinians near the powers are growth will force and its human nature to abuse that's why they came over the concept. Of democracy now that I'm defending him. But innocent until proven guilty most liberals think it's the other way around. Moved my goodness Jeff can't read that when thank you for sharing it's entertaining anyway. The clintons get a pass on everything they can commit murder and via. And they would get off yes they wouldn't. Miss the recording can't be used in court. That's why they released to the media to take the possible jury pool. This is a deja Vu. And you say Lawrence county. Sheriff chest pain. What else do we have here. Another person saying never underestimate that just a bell spirits. Those who now familiar. The jets about spears the the yes the woman using power to manipulate command and control of man to do she wants. That's tree. Vince if you're one of the business world you connect it Whitney situations your bosses have power over you that's how these things happen. Remember our last three sheriff. Urged the last three shares. Loftus and Simmons Johnny Mack Brown you never heard of such. That's going on today with Louis. At a Texas is having to grow some deep emotional problems. Making my opinion on her. Letter that she produced. It's still a person can prior share for as the county coroner. Says what do caller said a few minutes ago. Regarding the sheriff might not be admissible but probably using as leverage to settle out of court with a Kelly. As a according. Bet they'll be paying a couple of million soon. Boy. Just heard the recording the sheriff. And I think they're both guilty. There's an affair going on here and she's blackmailing him. Listen. When he asked her she's okay were sharing a room she'd respond outrage. There's even even even asked that she said basically they couldn't get away with it boy that's an interesting characterization of this. Here's another texture saying after hearing the tape it sounds like two people a salacious affair doesn't seem to be a crime. The reason for releasing that edited audio is what's. And last. Need to know this woman's relationship with former sheriff Steve Loftus. Who initiated the flirting. Maybe sour grapes from losing the election. All kinds of possibilities here and leave it to this audience. You've touched on many of those I wanna quickly turned to something I don't wanna spend a lot of time on this. But I do to bring an a because it is in the news. This is the story. Of the Florida congresswoman. Who apparently was listening in on a conversation the president calling. A loved one. If someone who was killed in Niger. In an ambush attack that occurred. Representative Frederica Wilson. Says she was in the car with by issued Johnson. On the way to Miami International Airport to meet the body of Johnson's husband. David Johnson went trump called. When asked by Miami station to be appealed to you she indeed her trump. Say that she answered yes he did say that to me that something. That you can see in a conversation what you shouldn't say that to a grieving widow it's so insensitive. Term treated Wednesday morning democratic congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife a soldier who died in action and I have proof. Said. What was supposedly set. What was supposedly communicated. Was. This is what he signed up for. Or some variation of that. What's bad about this and I'm not piling on here I'm just making a statement of facts. The problem with this news. Whenever reputation as being kind of brash. And not really the best people person. Account open. These kinds of allegations in this woman. And she's a politician I get it. One of the things if I can. Appeal to the president if he were within the sound of my voice it would be that he. Make some comment about these tragic deaths in Niger. And does not engage. In a battle with this woman politically let this Frederica Wilson make a total moron out of herself. Turning this into a political issue being the little person it cheers. The sad thing about it is very often trump takes the bait. Can you imagine how unseemly this would be. Here you are mourning the loss of your loved one who's given his life for the country. And you've got politicians arguing over who said what. My appeal is. Please just shut up. Don't talk about it don't try to defend yourself. Because there's really no good outcome. To talking about this. Can bring the human aspect of this in. And I hope I have time to get through the entirety of this for the break. I we're friend who posted this just a few days ago. I was intending to share this earlier but it's a timely opportunity to present it now. This Dexter says I met destined for the first time when I'd gone out to Fayetteville to meet some of Jake's friends a couple of months ago. After united started dating we all set down to bench Booth. Talked about. Plates Shapiro and pita bread. Yet in DC smile was down earth. Animal basic thick Georgia drawl we got along great told the best stories especially appreciated the ones about basic. And selection with which she'd gone through with Jake. The next Emma sawdust and was on the date Jake and I got married. He's one of 25 people there and he was there because he didn't ask about an invitation he just told Jake he was not going to miss it. And Jake just had to tell them where to be at our small lunch reception. He kept his hold table laughing telling story after story stories that range from blowing up dump trucks. In training. The time one of his Brothers almost burned the house down with a toaster. That's a great story. Every story told in that thick horrible. Georgia drawl testing came up in conversation early this week logic and I were grabbing your typical road fair. I asked if Dustin knew. That we moved back to the Carolinas. Take said he didn't know for sure. But he was deployed right now. You'd be sure to let him know so we can come and visit some weekend. That's never going to happen. Because on Wednesday October 4 at age 29 just it was one of three green berets killed during an ambush in Niger. I was registering. Gas at a conference which exit he needed to tell me something I knew. Just by the look on his face. Please pray for all Justin's family and friends and go hook someone. And tell them you love them like for short guys. So heart wrenching leak precious. And heart achingly. Short. Someone who. Lost a friend. Serving us. We don't know all the details. But all we know is. There representing the United States of America. In Niger. Pray for Justin's family. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program it's 1130. 38 minutes after 11 o'clock. Getting your thoughts on the news of the day some things we've discussed. Most recently. This whole controversy is brewing a congresswoman. Claiming that's. Donald Trump made some. Chassis insensitive remarks to the window. Of someone who was killed in Niger. This story is getting a lot of play as you might expect this is one of those things the media loves to spend a lot of time with. And one of the things I commented about. And this is my what I've expressed here I've not taken a position on what was said or not said. Well I've encourages the president to not continue engaging in a debate in trying to vindicate himself in the media. Because it's a trap. He's going to look political. I don't care what other people have done to politicize this. To continue to talk about it's it's only a trap for him. This Democrat and you and you ought to know the rules by now. The Democrats they can get away with saying whatever. And the truth of the matter is Donald Trump is not the best communicate when it comes to communicating heart and compassion. Let's be real about this folks. So the narrative is not on his side here. So what do you do in the situation you shut up. To communicate with the family do you that. Let all these Talking Heads continued to do hours and hours of broadcasting on this let them turn the TV off and this is gosh I could. I don't spend a lot of time on this. I think this is one thing to go really served as president well is to turn the TV and radio off turn it off. Just do your job. Also in the text line. We have as saying someone saying here's the president calls a widow in order to insult her yes sure I don't think anybody saying that by the way. Even if you don't like trump you have to know this is improbable. Will be easier to just not call. And I think the point I've made here is I don't think trump is the best in these kind of people situations. So it's conceivable quite conceivable. He may have said something that's didn't come across. Very well. Ends. With the media this thing is off to the races. Take the media Tikka. Opportunistic politician who nobody. Even cared about her new wish was all of a sudden she's a media star well good for her. Another techsters trump did not politicize this. That which with a cowboy hats. Lied about it OK. You would think a person in congress would know open lines. Open line calls from the White House or record it. I assume that's the evidence he's speaking of that you can provide. I've been with loved ones receiving the same kind of terrible news many times comments made along the lines of he newly signed a four he went anyway. When incredibly brave person I bet trump did say it. But we're only getting part of the conversation context is very important yes you'd use. Very important. Coming for firefighter. The line know we signed a four is a badge of honor very very close kin to a bronze star for valor. Since discovered from retired marine I was paid well. I had a job gave me a great sense of pride a job. That had responsibility. And when I volunteer force or need nor the gratitude from anyone it was a pleasure and privilege to serve in the Marines. And we're privileged that you did serve thank you very much. This Alison these Democrat representatives from the from the poor district. Are filthy rich and you know how this works. I disagree events I like when he fights against the media that's one of the reasons why he was elected because does allow them to control the narrative. Well congratulations keep playing the game. And you may win the narrative. But. If you've only got. 35% hardcore supporters. Doesn't it you very much else. Just thinking. Glad to know that while deputies route risking their lives their boss was trying to figure out how to get alone time this female subordinate. Even said he retreat this entire command staff for her. And wanted to roll around turn drink at a beach on company time. Resignation needed immediately. Who. This person is so. Not so thrilled with what is taking place with the share. Let's quickly trigger users through the date in history. We have a few items here some. Well known some possibly obscure. 1767. This lie in. What is set up to. Bring about a resolution to a border dispute involving Maryland Pennsylvania and Delaware in colonial America. What are the names of the two men. This is named after. Oh. This lie in line then a lot of people say this line separates the north for its Alex and bear a year ago. I never knew their name's Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. I mean of her history but I forgot years ago some of the people who saying Yankee go home that they didn't know he's probably not. 1867. We took possession of this particular territory that became state number 49. We get this from Russia honestly can't yet. 1968. This famous musical couple arrested for drug possession. It John Lennon and Yoko Ono while you're three for three this one is is not as easy 1974. This particular soul singer was attacked in his own bathtub. I didn't know but the story. I gotta look this one up when you're begin 1974. That he died. I don't weeks. I think he's still around this matter effect because that's sold seeing. Apprehend them itself. So trying to pick with soul singer was no line on we can skip that wouldn't come back to if you aren't you become. Yes let's do that because I wish you look at the story. Eighteen any kind of related to the previous question. We took control of this particular territory that's been in the news quite a bit lately. What is it. We will begin to earn 1898. Territory we've all in Louisiana. I own. Actually it's supporter re Puerto Rico against yep. And this one's really. Obscure I never watched the show I was that this one was a total more on. 1988. The debut of this show starring a woman. Can be allowed me now from loud mouth obnoxious woman. Roseanne. That's pretty scary I wonder how she would feel about. He recognized so readily with that description I'm sure she'd be okay what she year you're probably right just affect. It's better to be known and recognized and be forgotten while answer that question about 1974. Who was attacked in his own bathtub if you go you can text but you can't cheat. We continue the Vince Coakley radio program it's 1146. Final stretch of the broadcast on this Wednesday ten minutes before the noon hour let's see if we get if you text Ian Ford in the broadcast. Ands. I believe we start here. Let's see if trump is doing so bad why are his numbers still going up. What it was currently. Has over 500 expensive hats and the other Democrats when this lady it was a setup. But it text or Lewis needs to go this is abuse of power for into the share will Lewis he is a out piece of you know the rest. A trickster has figured outs. The name of the person who was attacked in his bathtub. We're gonna get today and just moment that's a bidding construction management for years to take it makes you blunt and to the point. Saying hello to someone on the job to get tricky. The old greeting what's going on is a bad way of saying hello I can see how trump reaching out could be spun in many directions. What else do we have here. On the text line. Lance you Vince listened to the song watch the video Angel flights you'll understand my text yesterday let's check out. That a texture is figured out congratulations biggie in Spartanburg your answer is correct. Here give it not that big he hasn't. I don't think so don't think so it could be me you don't rule. Issues sleep doubted. That it takes serious I looked the picture the sheriff's accuser she looks like high school kid how old is this year. That is can richest and guess reaching your question about the disparity of each year in this particular situation. When I go back to answering that question. I've looked up this bath tub story and I remember very vividly now I remember when this happened. I was nine years old. Remember this was a very very high profile scandal. By the way let me give you some songs and see if you can figure out first mr. right so tired of being alone 1971. Let state together. 1971. Al Green. You got it. Here is how is recorded on the history dot com website. Memphis Tennessee. October 18. 1974. An ex girlfriend burst in on Al Green in the bath and toward. A pot of scalding hot grits on his back. Before retreating to a bedroom and shooting yourself dead with Green Zone guy. Pretty sobering out. Believing he'd strayed from the righteous musical and spiritual corsets and from Al Green become a born again Christian one year earlier. But after the attack. To begin a process to eventually lead him to renounce pop superstar him and all that it stood for. You mentioned. Panic crash site and I remember that story just made me cringe. Scalding hot grits port on his back. Searched crazy crazy people out there. There's absolutely no question about that. Which drew a number of directions with that but I'm going to leave that alone. At the risk of opening of other. Avenues of things that we probably don't wanna talk about on this program. One things I did want to share a few and is if I needed to provide another reason for lung so not to take to disguise. This is a real winner of the story passengers screaming terrorist pilot performs incredibly low stunt. When air Berlin flight lands for the last time. They were going in for a landing at Dusseldorf airport. When they did a flyby. I was gonna ask you Phil was a full online. Is did he request they fly abide by the Dusseldorf. You know a traffic controllers. Well wouldn't it. Happening this is under investigation. But their passengers that started to scream they were afraid. That it's this thing was actually going to crash. This maneuver which perform with 200 passengers passengers onboard. This was an honorary fly over. Turning on its side and flying wording. It right disturbingly close to the airport terminal. In a video shot from the ground woman to be heard saying is he doing. Looks like it was about the lamb picked up speed and elevation. Showing off its wing one last time. And I could see a picture here. The silencer to use that makes a sharp left turn towards the terminal building with the people on the outside terrorists screaming out in fear. What airport employee watched the dramatic scenes unfold thought at first the airplane which crash ran into the terminal. That's right it is strange feeling at 330 came right Janice. Did know. It was doing honorary lap. The aviation authority there is going to investigate. But it's there there's the airport that tower at least they were well aware that this was. Simply. A type of salutes and ignorant. Whereas as we meant when this well now. Sega Nightline's though. That sounds like something I would say that is a great land their mr. right so which is why you're here. But the rest of you have says a great day and god bless you take care.