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This one of those shows reached out ours just wondering how much you like going to be probably get to you over the course this broadcast. But when will dive right end and foremost in many of your minds I'm sure. Is the news conference. From the Greenville county sheriff will Louis yesterday. And it was quite it's intriguing to say the least because I think. From our discussions of the past few days it seemed like we were on the right track. A number of you seemed to pick up on this. Although he has not. I unified this particular woman who's filed the lawsuit. As the subject of he is. Consensual encounter it seems pretty apparent that that's who he's talking about. We're gonna place audio of this and I'm gonna pose a question you very important question because you have. A place of ownership in this as citizens. Or green or Tony. Because he asked something a view. That I want to delve into you. Let's start off. With. They response the allegations against the sheriff. We've already parked about this and we've also played a couple of pieces of audio. Recordings. That's we're made of will Lewis and his encounters but this particular woman. For stuff. One of the key points of yesterday in the news conference. Was responding to the allegations basically. Labeling them as false here is the first clip. Allegations. Quote post Reagan. And stalking. Harassment. That's completely. 100% fall so what. The other thing we learned yesterday. Ends this is where I said that a number if you picked up on this I noticed this from a number of text yesterday and the day before. A number view concluded this. Sound like some sort of relationship. Not so much a rape or sexual harassment. But maybe a woman who is simply scorned. That's where many of you seem to be on this I'd love to get your thoughts now. But this is the parts. Where sheriff Lewis came out of acknowledged something inappropriate did happen but keeping he said this was consensual with snapped. It pains me tell you that. I in fact Brokeback Mountain my wife and my family. Where did. Have there consensual encounter. Earlier this year. And for that I. Deeply story doesn't cover. And that's all I can setting highs and I'm I'm deeply true story format. There's other pieces of information some things he communicated. What I've put together sheer basically he's a montage of some of the most significant things that he said. Let's listen to this now again this is sheriff Lewis his news conference yesterday. Actually. Have to part yet perhaps we won't get to that a little bit later on. But I wanna open this up. To get your thoughts on these new revelations because. This advances the ball a little bit from where we were yesterday yesterday we were. Basically. At a place were all we had were bunch of allegations. And it's no real response. No real response from the share. Other than the sheriff's department commenting about the fact that it's an active investigation. And that there would be no response to this. Now we're gonna place. Where it's. Very clear that something to play something inappropriate took place. And now the question is where things go from here. The other aspect of this and we're gonna come back Q curing the rest of the news conference. But there's a related issue. About us. Greenville county council members who were wanting to take some sort of action on this. There are concerned. There's nothing they can do in terms of taking any action against the sheriff. But there is something they can do about the finances we will dress that a bit let's listen to the rest of again portions of the conference news conference from will Lewis. He counter that I had always been tremendously. And keep clear. One bit. This is a moral failure. They can end. That's one that I have to take up with my family I need to be clear skies there are zero validity. To any criminal allegations in this. The great harassment. Running anything and nothing from your perspective I'm asking for forgiveness from the deputies. Because there haven't put up with the garbage. Figures on every single day out here and just on top of it doesn't. Help out humbled myself before my my family and I asked him for forgiveness and I'm doing is saying. Every single person we cast of information. This supported me and it came out and the end helped me during my election in my campaign I simply ask today. The county continue to support their law enforcement. I can continue to support the men and women at work here. Not put them in such a position where they have to answer a bunch of questions. About a situation. I'm making mistake. Where where where I step down I can only ask you again for the forgiveness an incredible week for the people of the county that I'm discontinued communities. As as I've been elected to Steve. I mean press on camera continue to to stay where I am. So there you go that's. Just a portion of the news conference yesterday will lose he did not take any questions. Many are prepared statements communicating all of these things and the key points. Denying allegations. Of sexual assault. Of harassment and stalking. Affirming that he had a consensual relationship with someone. Presumed to be at this point. The woman who has filed this lawsuit. Aunts significantly. Asking forgiveness. I just wanna say at the outset before we take your calls and your tax. On the surface by the words communicated here. This to me is a I would say is a textbook example. Of how all these kinds of things need to be addressed. I don't know man's heart I don't know will Lewis. I don't know what is going on behind the scenes. What I've heard. So far. I'm pleased with. And I pre I'm pleased with the fact that the language the right languages there now time will tell whether. This is something that is substantive. Whether it's genuine. And I think you know by now I can be a pretty tough guy in these kinds of things. Where people give these little mealy mouth. Apologies or non apology apologies and excuses. This. And the hard in the spirit that comes across it seems very genuine. Not that I'm very careful with my language here but again. I do that because I don't know the man. But it's a far cry from what we heard from Bill Clinton. Dare I say from Donald Trump and others. Who have communicated things where there's no remorse no repentance. Whatsoever. He's addressed apparently has family. He's stressed sheriff's department he's addressed all of you he needs he is not apologized. And I think there's an important distinction here there's different street apologizing. And asking for someone's forgiveness you're asking that person's inner into an exchange with you. You're asking that you're not demanding. And telling people hate. You're supposed to forgive me let's move on do you remember that's back in the nineties with Bill Clinton. Now we need to move on or white we need to move on. Because your political agenda is at stake. That I don't buy. Time will tell but I wanna get your thoughts. And your perspectives do you forgive him. And the question goes beyond because these are really separate questions forgiveness and fitness for office are two separate questions. If this did happen. Can you still support him as you were share. 803471. A 63 that's Ingles advantage toppling number kind of sits retirement planning text line 713 jurors seven. Coming up we're gonna talk more about this ongoing dust up frankly this pure idiocy going on. Or Donald Trump's phone call to the widow of a man who was killed in Niger. Now we have another gold star widow who's released. A phone call from Donald Trump after her husband was killed in Afghanistan. I'm not sure we will. Have the opportunity to share this today if not maybe we will some time next week. You know on the one hand I think yet this would be wonderful share this I just listened to during the break it's it's wonderful it really years. But give a part of me is also thinking why are we even having this conversation. Because I'm stupid moron. Congresswoman. As used this for political purposes. And I and I told you this that it's really how many times of exits you're in this program. That you have to pick sides. This sometimes people make mistakes. And times sometimes. There's. Really a course of stupidity. Because I do believe it's absolutely stupid for the president to get caught in the weeds. Of arguing with this fool. Because she will continue to lower himself to his or her level by responding to her stupid accusations. Now she's got one. Where she's accusing. John Calley. Who lost his son several years ago I believe in Afghanistan or Iraq. Now she's accusing him of being racist we're gonna get that audio at a bit. This woman is a total complete moron. Moron. I wanna give back to will Lewis. Is that we get your thoughts to which you purge the news conference. The acknowledgment that something inappropriate happened and yet the same time making it very clear. There was nothing illegal that took place and his question to you do you forgive him. Let's start with Jim good morning and welcome. Good morning and happy Friday Sheehan and think like my call. They seem to you. So you're not up on mr. Willis and I am part time recent start getting back to my fate and reading what they've got to tell us and it restrained I was reading something yesterday or are ending up trying to think its current relations. In went something like that happened and someone has and god called us as children. When someone. Or forgiveness or not to judge them we art too we are Q. Lovingly we beat them and forget them I don't believe that sense torture Willis is. And I know how much you love Fox News alerts. I don't think that it Fox News alert issued this is now between. Cheer when it. And and it's I am. Ego yet something that's something I am an inappropriate. App and and when he was running I was letting her in what kind armed armored panic. I voted for him much support it and. I'm I am definitely. Disappointed. You know I think it's still doing doing great job and hopefully you know we Tuesday. People can judge for it can't let let that speed now between this ambling. And not have Cameron and his status and rich days and the Andy cute or space yet. We'd prefer to insulate for everyone in this heat I guess it. Go ahead. Well. She is in a way of them. Maybe you don't need it even at some illegal in happen anytime there is any action marital there. There are victims involved and it both parties. Entered that's what we need to when he got the time that pat and let them work this out. On a personal level not on Debbie gets to Italy last Fox News WRD at least let them out. I wanna break this down into two directions visit and I think the scripture making reference to his weary where he says you know for purses taken overtaken in default. Those have you written in here the exact words those of you who are spiritual. Restore that person in a spirit of humility considering yourself. And this is a key thing that I think we've got to remember consider yourself lest you also be tempted. And I see I think that's a huge thing we've got to think of the situation however. One area or I may part with you a little bit GM is when you said this is a private issue it's not. Because there's an issue here of public trust that separate from. The issue of yes there was a you know if this was a consensual sexual thing. This man did this on the job. Hands. This affects the ability for people to trust him. So that's a separate question whether I forgive him. And whether I want him being in that place. Those are two separate questions would you agree. And that trust has to be earns. It should not be demand it. Lucky. That we hey I appreciate your call good stuff there Jim I absolutely appreciate it let's go out to Jack good morning welcome. Good morning look at it's it's really straightforward you can forget route and could forgive this guy but there's this whole thing. You do dip your pin into company ink and that is what is its shares very poor judgment warned. The B two probably. Illegal because he's take he took an advantage he took advantage of a subordinate in the in the corporate world. Our view of honesty notwithstanding. Yeah right over. And and that since the cut you know we cannot forget and it doesn't matter it's horrific judgment to do that it could go out there and didn't. Find any kind of growing one every ward student has in the past whatever I don't care. But we need to do it now with the public officials even as a private official with with a subordinate. That's that's what that's egregious. I probable bad judgment on this crap about what we do a great job when we love the dog crap. Don't don't go there. It's horrible and then I don't care around the wouldn't I don't really guide is noted. Both for guess again I don't know. But this since this is cut and dried in your life don't believe we can resolve the biblical references. In the bond the profits and and the gospel. And the potential and we can come up with all sorts of arguments from religiously we can all forget. But it's it should not be bet that difficult really I think you're right. If he's that cool indeed muses that poor judgment now. And because then it gets up trying to defend himself until my poor officers have to it's of these questions. Well what is that any. If it gets your job and don't they don't during future job for sexual favors. This is this you know get bigger it really bit this is reflective of so much we're seeing today in the culture. And we have to stay in Gupta this type of behavior will these survive. Well especially above I hope so. I really did that it will yeah it is true we should pray for him and his wife and his family for their bad but he got caught. At least you got caught this one and since we just don't know about the other ones. But it's gonna spend it's gonna get worse from here book I really believe that and comparing. In this group did to trump or whomever the other issue. Or quit not all that stuff. If it's it doesn't watch let's just take it don't look at it on its merits. And and he's got to pay the consequences. It's it's a societal thing so that's my that's jacked up yet. I hear you Jack I do appreciate your call and it sounds like Jack very much you know emphasizing the latter part of what I communicated about trust. And it's how old you'll be searched totally separate issues. Being able to forgive and then be able to address the question well is this person. Does this raise questions about this person's judgment and fitness for office John good morning. And remove the yeah. When you. I get alone and yet I think you'll excuse me question he's so different ports are you answer each question. AQ school or certain. Under a point you know people won't is I don't want thank. And that it will keep the round aspects of this case that singing and understanding used to go the sooner the better for everybody concerned. So you really think he just needs to get out of the way. This would have. It any deeper. Partners in the 802 ahead maybe you know possibly temple police start. Who barked orders. Oh I think so light years. This that just seeing. Negatives. Totally independent which for all of bit slowly become apparent. And he did speak you know we have quake campaign ripped the band that Adolf Hitler esque move won't. I I hear where you're coming for appreciate your call to John and you know the other question. You know for many of view. Are you just waiting out of find out what's the result of the of the state investigation. Are you. Curious about that will that figure into your question of weather will Lewis is fit for office 80347160. Or text line 71 preacher seven. Coming up we'll talk about what the county council like to view. They were this. Still to come we're gonna talk about this idiotic just step. Over Donald Trump's. Phone call toll widow the story just gets weirder every single day. In clown as part of the story. Jerrold good morning welcome sir. Good morning church. Tom I don't know what Balkan and that would be great sure but it probably attacked tiger whether. Public warrant a look mom money was used to pick up get slicker camp for Internet ball. Mean. Boy this in the NBC or finished top of him. Tick tick rule Britain never never liked. Writes I appreciate your call they're Gerald. He social streets of point and this is kind of intriguing because. This is a great leader and to what a couple of members agreed we're gonna council communicated I watched the video of a couple of them talking and they they fed very. Complimentary words about the share will Lewis and about the job he's done they believe he's doing a great job. But. Here's what they'd like to do. They announced plans. A proposal. For a forensic auditor of the sheriff's office. This follows the Savannah neighbors. Lawsuit that was filed on Monday. You've all already heard about the allegations of sexual harassment. And student Gerald is not too far off here because you know he brought up the question. You know if there were drinks. Who paid for those streaks. Where they paid for. With taxpayer money. So. That's the other question here the other wildcard would goes on with this and I would it would have a hard time imagining there would be any council members. There would be opposed to something pretty basic like this and audit. At this point. They're getting a lot of calls they're getting bombarded with phone calls messages emails concerning the sheriff's lawsuits and news conference. One counselor in this man told. W Wyeth death. They have difficulty understanding how to share continues operating it's a sheriff in spite of everything that's going on without having to step aside at least temporarily. We're facing a moral imperative. In Greenville county. And goes on to tell the BY a fester it wire fifty councils not blind to frustrated constituents despite. Council controlling the sheriff's budget he warns impact in that budget. Could put public safety at risk. Sit ultimately voters want answers about the sheriff's spending and his future. He's it will put safeguards in place to protect the taxpayers. Going forward to anything like this ever happens again will be met with swift and immediate response. And he reiterated what we already know it's only the governor. Can suspend a remove Lewis as sheriff. If he's criminally indicted. Sled is in the midst of investigation now achieve their was any criminal wrongdoing and I continue to leave that question out there for you. A store your thoughts are. And his fitness for office do you forgive him. That's question one question to. Are you OK with him continuing to serve as you were share. Those are the questions. Debating whether to take a look at the try to zip through this nonsense with this Frederica. Wilson character if you can see her this form with a crazy hats and by the way when I ran for congress. A couple of years ago. There's also a woman who who wears hats all the time I wonder if their friends. You know they can have their own little congressional hat club. We're crazy hat ladies come from a new born now way to earn I earned. Does that just happen overtime your guess is as good as mine IE. I really don't know. And you know it's disturbing like this will some woman. You know the scary thing is. You know you are ready to suits there's nothing under that hat there really isn't. As you'll see a little bit later on when we share some audio. Which he has to say it's really disturbing you know it's really scary to me. And and you know this all comes back to us granite were not in her district. But it's we the people ultimately who put these morons in office. If you have any question about. The future of the country that's a lot of what concerns me you know we can complain about Washington politicians to the truth the matter is. Guess what they are aware they are because a majority of people. In a particular district thinks it's a brilliant idea. Boy. We move on let's talk about the day in history. If I can actually find the date in history. This is one of those mornings their week. October 20/20 seven team. And we began in 1803. Mr. right so. The US senate ratified this purchase. What was 1803. Louisiana purchase you are correct. And 1944. This is kind of obscure. Thirty months after he proposed. Where he promised actually I shall return this person return to the Philippines. Sit I shall Richard who was it and guess who's not Arnold Schwarzenegger. You are correct. MacArthur. While. That's pretty impressive. General Douglas MacArthur is the correct answer. Awesome. 9047. House of Representatives opens hearings. And if they were curious about the infiltration of a certain. Type of person into the entertainment industry who were they looking for. Wow. Man that's to do with communism. Went well there you ago we can. Try to remember dudes name they were looking for hobbies. That was the goal what was his name. You're thinking of the the I cannot believe that name is guns completely slipped me goodnight not fields. Yes I do odd field. And I am trying to you is McCarthy. Era that sewer and trade tour member. But. Yes you know it's it's and I said talked about the iron it is and here we are important history. There are people right now in congress. Who probably would have been under investigation back during that time seat now we don't investigate Communist we elect them. Two office. 1947. But it's a totally new ball game now as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program mr. right so goes three for three is not awesome coming up. We're going to talk about this very interesting woman who. Some people about where is brilliant enough become a member of congress. And what she's now. Throwing out as an accusation this is a winner folks. 803471. A 63 or text line 71 creatures seven. All right mr. right so what in the world is this. Not familiar with this so here. This would be. The future politician. OK. Can I brought command 02 at the oh today I did it's cute Jerod. Are right ash. Let's go to text line lot of Texans accumulated. And will probably saved via. Crazy congresswoman. For the next hour. Then she can't rape. Witnesses. I seriously don't think the sheriff Lewis can survive this is willing soul regret after sex with somebody is just regrets. It is not raped. The person it is assumed defending this year fewer and saying. That. This was apparently. Just. Something consensual. Vince said he slick Willie Lewis needs to resign two day old boy. He can't be faithful to your wife and children you're not faithful to anyone else as for the situation that affecting his job as sheriff. That ship has left the harbor. That's firm Jeff. He can't be trusted in his vows how much easier would be to screw over the people he supposed to protect or his employees he can't be trusted. He's an effective sheriff. At a real human being with human being issues there once squeaky clean going to step up and replacement takes time for real ethical and moral cuing up. Of all the population when they fallen into such a level of dishonesty. As his presence in this season of history. Bits that lady. Says whatever she wants. And he will pay for dealing with the I'm glad he is able to say humbled himself and asked his wife for forgiveness shows how narcissistic Kia as the feels he has to humble himself. Really that's narcissistic to Wear yourself if it genuine. I don't know I don't get that if it's an act that's another story Bill Clinton was allowed to remain Curtis after the cigar incident in the Oval Office. So that set a precedence. Though it certainly did that meant. That she said his relationship of that particular woman evidently. He wasn't very particular LO well. Oh boy. His misuse of taxpayer funds also needs to be looked deaths. While certainly. I'm wondering who got caught first either she was wondering more in the way of a relationship or something maybe he broke the relationship off. She was apparently setting the stage for a guest who lawsuit even before she left the sheriff's office I mean why would she be recording a conversation. Question. But somehow or another I knew you were going to work the sordid affair with sheriff lose and associated Donald Trump in some way or another shame on you. Why is that she money. I mean come on. Really. And I don't mind repeating what I said before it let me remind you. Eight year into his marriage with his current wife. He's having this sordid conversation. About grabbing a woman by the privates. You're telling me. This is and related bespeaks right to the heart character. And I said this before I will say it again. I cannot imagine having engaged in such conversation. First off. Period much less in the first year of my marriage. C'mon people. This tribalism and defense that this guy is just way over the top. It's just not for me to forgive him. Referring to Louis as for him to ask of god than his wife from react to expect the highest level or morality. Ends. Mental clarity from official with a power he has he's failed that test he has no respect for the officer taxpayer. Let him finance his cheating. On his own dime he of course saying the right things now to save his paycheck. But the transcripts reveal his true attitude. Or eight. Here's one intriguing. Miss the sheriff is in Eddie Haskell is a long list of apologies. And he started badly he's a good student of perfecting the apology remember. He was good for time a deceiving his wife family and coworkers. She just ratted him out. And we got another text won't get to these don't worry there's time. Get your perspective 803 for seven or 63 text line 71307. Folks. You will be amazed what this congresswoman. Has to say. Was shared next hour straight ahead.