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Good morning your third recession is underway. On the Vince Coakley radio program. What a night. And I think gab that he's going to be even more interesting is who watched the circular firing squads. There which started last night it really did didn't take very long at all will be sharing some of the elements of that. I'm going to you what set this up by giving my analysis of what took place yesterday evening it's not complicated it really isn't. Not complicated at all. But I am concerned we have complicated it. This is where we are. Is always view like to join the conversation Eagles advantage toppling number 809 to 1110 common since retirement planning takes line. Is 713. Series seven. So Roy Morgan goes down. Now at this point I understand correctly he still has not conceded. But. This is over. And it's not just Democrats who are celebrating there are a lot of people celebrating. For varying reasons. Which we will delve into during the course of the start of the broadcast. Roy Moore refusing to concede. Civil vote is this close then it's not over. By the way the Republican party of Alabama. Will not back a recount. Mr. Mori is refusing to concede defeat. Telling supporters when the vote is this close. It's not over. This was supposed to be for him of victory party in Birmingham. In a deeper red state. Instead he was down by more than 20000. Votes late Tuesday night 99% of the precincts reporting. And the election started and called. For Doug Jones. Mr. Morgan aside and says not only is it not over we've still got to go by the rules by this recount provision secretary of state has explained to us we're expecting the press will go up there and talked them find out. What the situation news. What is that situation. More refused to publicly concede saying god is always in control. What we've got to do is wait on god and let this process play out. He edits were looking at this and it's not over. It's going to take some time. So there we are the perspective from mr. Moore. At some point. I hope to have a further conversation about this entire situation. Not so much about Roy Moore. But a mindset and the let's just say a worldview. That I really believe. Has brought mr. Mort to this particular place and I think there are millions of people in the same situation. Probably sounds very cryptic there's a reason for that because I'm gonna go into board tale about this another time. Because I believe this is part of a culture. A religious culture. That in some ways is dying. But at the same time it's very toxic. And destructive. I'm concerned about where this leads. We will deal with this another time because. I do believe it's something that's. Has had an impact on our society and frankly it's had an impact on a lot of people a lot of individuals. In a very unhealthy way. As they mentioned we will address this another time. So. What's happened here. Let me reiterate something that I've said and unfortunately have had to communicate these kinds of things a lot over the last year and a half. Those who listen this program with regularity know that I absolutely positively hate. False by Mary choices. I hate them. And sometimes. I think the most sensible thing to do. Is to choose none of the above. Now. I would make this very clear because I don't need to give any more room for trolls. To spread misinformation. But I also communicated last year Ike it's very easily see and understand. People sitting out the presidential election. I can understand it I did not do it I did not vote for Hillary I voted for Donald Trump. But there are. Our principled people. Who abstained. And I can understand that. And I could understand the same thing in Alabama. And guess what. Here we find the same situation staring us in the face yet again. Let me restate what I've communicated before. I reject a and I need to explain this. Just because people are against liberals does not mean I should support. Those people. Because they may be bringing something and that is just as dangerous or toxic. And I will talk about. Some of the elements of that. T this is where we get into trouble we think just because all of this person's against the liberals. Well that's great that's what their vocalize seeing. We can also find. The some of the same people were promoting these ideas are progressives. So which form a progressive ism do you want you what Democrat progressive as I'm or do you want Republican progressive Hisham. I say no thank you. No thank you. And you'll see people today. Again pick sides. And in most cases. Neither side is worthy of selection. Let me explain what I mean by this. Those who've rejected. Judge Moore. Some of them rejected judge Moore because their. So called moderate Republicans. I reject the path of moderate republicanism. It is turn the Republican Party. Into a disaster. And the sad thing is. It's the reason for the rise of trump. Trump is basically. Become president's. On the rotting corpse of the Republican Party. That's what's happened. So while the use self righteous Republicans boasted you're gonna hear Mitch McConnell and his ilk. Today talking about well your short of the art. Rupert drained towards a fine man and we showed reporter men are he's gonna help us get things done. You're gonna hear people like that. And you need to understand because I know they're good they're trolls gonna say. Yeah you're a narrow Republican establishment in the deep state heck folks we can't even master they shallow stay. We haven't even gotten to the deep states. They shallow state is collapsing right before us because people. Frankly. Don't know who they are and what their real values are and they will float all over the place. Just because someone says I'm a Republican. I refuse to do that. Not gonna happen. I'd love to get your thoughts on what's been communicated thus far we hear some of the reaction. And get other perspectives including yours 809 to 1110. 71307. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program going to your calls first Crist in Charlotte to morning welcome. Event might go about each. So. What are your thoughts here and I'm. Look for your guys who. Democrat of Obama only like to change rhetoric. He that I you know maybe I don't know what my values are an older. You tried the competitor. Partners about a million. Party in the the Liberal Democrats didn't vote Democrat they evoke Europe if their candidate. But oh flying corporately with every police. So when you do when you're separate moderate Republican from hardcore Republican conservative Republican all you're doing is opening the door. For every godly principle that you. You've been to not be in and any position to ever become policy. So. We can talk about it we can and politely disagree and I'm not don't write in names and weaken it and not support a guy because our primary I didn't win. Ultimately that they're gonna lead to is. Every policy that we wanted to not be a plate the opposite open borders abortion on demand and I just don't understand. The difference like it's very obvious to me that the Democrats against bigger ego there it's. They are on line you know why Crist. You know why. They share the same values here's here's the problem Chris. The be real borderline. Separating progressive ism from genuine conservatism. Unfortunately extends into the Republican Party you ever Republican Party that is split between progressives and libertarians and conservatives. That's your problem. That's not my problem the problem the I I know that ahtisaari all that you open a Republican regardless you're gonna get closer. Dirtier and goal if you do a writing and art you say I'm not voting you're getting farther. And I Crist you should understand. Chris I'm not advocating this what I'm saying is. The party is collapsing did you explain something to be Chris can you can you explain to me. These significant difference between the budget this year. That was passed by congress and signed by the president between this year is spending and last year's. You wanna know the difference between the ought to be in this year's spending and answer yes. And that that in the fact that we're spending more right now that we were. Last year or whatever the case may be a party ought from android at twenty trillion over Obama eight years soul. Because we're spending money. At it and we should be that number it's okay I'm not republic no. The point I'm making you Chris is the point that I am making news we are allegedly in charge and substantively. Nothing has changed Chris. This. And I agree with a hundred on these points. But it where it's so important organ. Now I Chris you have to understand you have to hear what I'm saying here I'm not advocating for Doug Jones. What I'm saying is that we've got a fundamental problem a fundamental flaw. That I'm not sure can be fixed. I'm just. Not sure. I'm not either but I can guarantee you. There are a lot of people held Alabama credit stage. They're. At and now I've got to hear everybody and everybody tell me it's a referendum on trop it's not it's the word candidate eat eat eat eat and and this guy like Steve and and and and and fighting on our president ugly should be all quarterbacking the primary. And talk right obviously and told us who could win and the actual lecture and I don't know how much you know before we know it but what that guy and my amendment right and I I have to vote Republican now be just because of who are become an up on older and older more conservative. You wanna start a party were to truly conservative group that's fine. We're gonna lose our grip and it's just going to be column 100% liberal policy 'cause we're divided and or not. So it's a point you have to decide. How are you will result that your standard should and here's a good start by my standards but the country is as. Our question Crist. Where does where does Cisco how to we fix this thing. I don't know memo leaked out where I feel like that nation as imperil. And it's like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place if you want to stick by your standards which I totally respect that are some by what we do. We're just opening the door further for the opposition because they're not going to. They're not gonna question of morals or standards what you said it whatever it is it is that they're gonna go along with that that value call their value claim it to be true to their art. And it doesn't matter it was. If you don't and explain them this is what Bernie supports what it actually talk policy there's no element that. You've lies out of Bernie quality okay I'm not in that. It is the top where mean it I know it is a big yeah like the Bork. You're absolutely right Christy and I appreciate your call I appreciate your perspective I know where you're coming from and again I am not looking to make enemies of people like you the sad thing is. We've got enemies in the care we've got to recognize that Matt out of Easley good morning welcome. And hey I've got two quick. Keener and ready heads. Well and I think it. Roy Moore is like just show it comical light like when he when he heard hornet or seed at. And if you order a video of it ever all the state troopers that Andy card or it never yelling you know. Stay away from the courses don't upset or senators could end I would probably would've yelled out hey Pete you're the guys it. Brought war to an election polling place. Dying to keep people campaign. So he was clearly more interested in predicting that an incident was like really low and they're sensible thing to do picketed startup and a car. Now Matt part of the problem is don't you think he's trying to be Donald Trump. Any can't be Donald Trump Donald Trump is Donald Trott you can't replicate it. Yeah yeah and an and the other point is I think. Bill went into allegations and eclipsed. What really. On him polluters which wears the black earth. And you know specifically the Alabama black that it Alabama Birmingham church bombing. But boycott they have a history. And I think they're they're really organized wrong. Movement. Among. The black vote. The coming out and vote against them and it was active there. You get locked up you're 888. It did this sixteenth street her arm was a motive for sure. And it's more about what mortgages. Of the constitution and stopped at the tenth amendment. And and Muslim shouldn't be allowed to be sworn in. Pretty stupid comments weren't they mark Mets and this is the unfortunate thing I appreciate your call you fit this on the head. The man was a flawed candidate even taking out all the salacious allegations. Hit some real problems to begin with. And it's. This just became very complicated once she for an these allegations. And I want to share something with your gonna get to war this later but I've got a good for Steve case. Who is a friend now when should understand this this is a friend of Roy Moore. Now one of things when this first started happening I reached out to Steve is like hey what's the deal what do you think of this particular situation. What is your perspective. Here's what Steve posted. Yesterday evening I opposed a clear attempt by the Republican Party to nullify a primary they lost. And advocated leaving it up to the people of Alabama did decide given the allegations against Roy Moore. They did it. And I respect their decision. Not a lot of passion there. Steve was conflicted he was conflict that he knows this guy better than I do. And he was not doing this day after day trying to shore up Roy Moore. He I think he honestly did not know what the deal wise. This guy it was either being attacked unfairly. Or is he described that he was so sure path. And I think to the state he's not sure. How can I be sure I know him even less 36 minutes after the that's starting here. Vince I know all your hard right listeners believe Roy Moore lust solely because of the women accusers. That had an impact but I believe there are other factors at work as well. Alabama may be drifting into the blue. What OB distinct. The other person says I don't think Alabama had a good candidate they really lost this seat. Either way they voted two years from now they can get this corrected which they can't. Here's a text that I want should think about for a moment. Every dumb ass got hater is celebrating today. Can you just think on this one for a moment. Now tell me what's wrong with this. This is really the heart of what I'm concerned. Because you have to ask yourself the question. Why. Do we have got haters. Let me actually when I mean this. Now I I recognized people make choices and they make bad ones and everybody is ultimately responsible for that okay let me be very clear about that. Having said that. Could it be that the hypocrisy. That many so called Christians have displayed. Especially over the last eighteen months alone. Do you think this could have an impact on why a lot of people rejecting christianity. I believe it does. I've talked to plenty of younger people who do not understand. Now again. Your mind you I voted for Donald Trump. Before I say what I'm about to say. How do you explain to a younger generation of people who have. Some understanding of what Christian morals and ethics are about when you've got a top leader of a university alleged Christian university. Not just saying I need to vote for Donald Trump to keep Hillary Clinton outs but his out beating the drum for this guy. Who has no morals no principles no values to speak up. That's a problem. And I said this before I don't mind saying to you I voted for Donald Trump mainly to keep Hillary Alps. But it will be a cold day in hell before I stands. And support somebody. With outs in any conditions. And I stand there beating a drum for that person would person's character isn't a sure. Here's another piece of irony and I didn't I don't know that I'll get to this today. But it frustrates the heck out of me that you've got a president complaining about what fake news guess what. This man was fake news during the campaign you reverend Ted Cruz's father. You remember that's. Was there ever an apology for next. Are just giving that one example. Was that was that truth that Donald Trump was speaking it was a slander. Is what it wants. And if he had any character what he would've done is he would have said I am sorry. It was wrong to me to say that. I know. Even continued making similar comments this guy. It blows mine you ever notice how people can be very very sensitive about being things being said about them. They don't care what they say about other people. They will last them to kingdom come. Old would you say something about meat or your hater. And you'll find all kinds of reasons why everybody else is wrong. But there's not appoint you can say you know what I screwed up and you don't want. I would respect the heck out of Roy Moore feat came out and said you know what. There's something. That disturbs me about this I wanna maybe even sit down and talk. With some of these accusers. I'll extend the invitation. Let's have a conversation about this. Maybe even publicly. Oh you're 3:0 venture crazy why am I crazy. Because the goal of any Christian is what it's reconciliation. Now if you put that out in the person's not interest in reconciling. They you've got a point you can say you know what it's very clear to meet these people are motivated by politics all the wanna do is harm me. All I wanna do is resolve whatever outstanding issue is there between this person and myself. And the fact that they're not interest in its interest it says to meet and it should say to the world's. This is a political hit job. That you have some high moral ground don't you. But if you stand in this place. And deny deny deny deny. Especially when you've got this mini accusers really. And I remind you what I said before the break my friend Steve dates. And I hope I'm not overstepping by saying this. I don't think he was very comfortable with this situation at all. Because as much as he supported it and him in the past. I don't think he knew what to do these allegations. Here's a person considered a friend. Like I said if he's got concerns. He considers himself a friend. Who money. I'm so far distant removed for office. The other texture says it's really down to two parties that caused our message America know. Not Republicans never regrets. Bushes and clintons. But congratulations to Democrats the news media and colluding to affect the outcome of the senate election Alabama shame on Alabama. Events is from for more started whining the voter fraud by illegals was the reason more test. Vince we as a role or not waiting on god he's waiting on us. To do what he's given this power authority to do in two weeks at this rate commission were going to separate laws John out of captains. Do people not understand what southern Democrat he has proponents of slavery. And political party of the clan oh boy I sure hope you're talking about the Democrat party. But the return of old marble mouth I needed that laugh today Vince thank you I'm glad to provide that in. There's nation there which well. That's our whole system is false binary choices. I don't want that to get things done I want him out of my life eight men. Somebody please show me where politicians are trying to extricate. Extricate. The political system out of your life. I don't want that to perpetuate. Some sort of control in a different direction. Get out get out and stay outs slammed the door. It's it's become painfully obvious the last ten years to Republicans and Democrats do not have this country's best interest. As priorities so sad. It is said. You're always so angry geez lighten up increase. Greek is called passionate. Yadda yadda yadda yet you voted for truck after trashing him for a year in saying Hillary is president wouldn't be the into the world. You apparently don't follow your own advice now I tell. Oh. And I repeat what I said it's not the end it would not have been the end of the world if Hillary got elected. T this is another thing do we think our country is so fragile. I think one of our countries that fragile Weaver is four shut it down right now. I happen to believe that the potential is there for us to recover from just about anything. Horrible presidents we've been through before. Somebody call the and a few months ago made a great point. Read the Bible stories of the kings tour office for decades. Evil teams and somehow. That country called Israel still survive didn't it. Just keep that in mind. So everything doesn't have to be catastrophic. Just a perspective anyway much more as we continue including some other voices weighing in on what happened last night. Radio the Vince Coakley radio Protestant 44 Vince Coakley radio program. Reroute. Basically. Doing a little bit of therapy today. Talking about the outcome of the Alabama election. At some perspectives so unmentionable but earlier it was Donald Trump himself who. Made the comments several months ago that this. Was not a good situation this Roy Moore thing here's what he had to say. Around primary time. Interesting. And course these were referring to Luther strange she was the guy who was appointed the position. He lost the primary. And Roy Moore is I mention before had a lot of vulnerabilities. Now we can go and some of his positions which I would dress you're a bit which frankly I disagree. There are people at. Here's one of the things one of the common things that people like to do they like to use as an argument keep Christians out of politics. They argue that we're trying to turn the United States of America into a theocracy. Now I don't necessarily think that was Roy Morse purpose but I think he's the perfect person to use that argument. With a hold ten commandments thing. Boy. I I'm gonna tip my hand a bit on what will talk about later on and I know. Even dangerous for me to say this you know what I don't preach the ten commandments. I really don't. And it frustrates me it frustrates the living daylights out of me. The seek Christians. Going around promoting the ten commandments. Read your gospels. What do they say. It talks about. Most springing what. The law. What did Jesus Christ come to do. Everything's fulfilled in him. And what are we doing we're going back to the law and we're gonna throw the ten commandments on on believers. What is with us. I'm gonna save that rant for another time. That was a big concern for me. I understand the legal issue that people were trying to. Put before people the the idea of morality and virtue all of that again and it's. That's why wasn't really withhold ten commandments thing at all. Like this can of yours way off but anyway. This is the kind of thing that makes a lot of people very uncomfortable and to what isn't. What is. Been accomplished by this. Roger Simon has a great piece and I know I'm gonna touch on a little bit office. Roger Simon's p.s Steve abandons big loss in Alabama. The big loser Tuesday's Alabama senate election was not the Republican Party they'd already lost weeks ago. The mold of the Washington Post wrote their carefully vetted. Exposed today. Of the thirty year old sexual proclivities of judge Roy Moore. It was checkmate from the start he says in this meet to air with politicians flying out the window as fast as you can say Conyers and Franken. The Republicans were damned if they did and damned if they didn't support Roy Moore. More didn't do himself any favors. With a ridiculous performance during an interview with Sean Hannity shortly after the allegations he was to put it mildly not ready for prime time. To be honest. More sounded pretty dopey. Even if he was innocent. Which he didn't come close to prevent. He goes on. In many ways the Republicans are lucky not to have more to deal with in congress they face obvious White House desperate Kirsten Gillibrand. And the merry band of hypocrites with a straight face. No the big loser is Steve Bannon. The sometime movie producer finance experts political strategist at some claim put Donald Trump in office then left the White House. To better support the president from without or so he said in this instance purportedly to do that. He went against prop originally backed the more establishment candidate Luther strange to back one abandons all. Judge Moore why. Was indeed protect president's agenda. Roger Simon Says I would bet my house strange and more would vote the same way in the senate 99 times out of a hundred. And this goes to the port of whatever were our first caller today I think our first dollar. About how we're eating each other alive. And frankly there wouldn't have been. Probably not a significant difference here. We go one. Here's the point that he makes about Steve -- this is about power for Bannon. Strange for scarlet letter the support of Mitch McConnell. While the mainstream media suffers from TD yes trumped arrangement syndrome. Ben and suffers from India us McConnell to arrangement syndrome TC these factions setting up. This Y tell you I don't get into either one piece. He stomped around Alabama convincing anyone he could find it strange was a shill for McConnell. Whom Steve what it out as majority leader at any cost and a mini Costa was because the results been hugely embarrassing and pointless defeat. With a ton of substantive issues left to suffer for it. The senate the senate now teetering in the balance. And I agree with him in what he says here I'm not a Mitch McConnell fan. He has his pluses and minuses like everyone in and outside of Washington to accomplish some things. Course which fielded others health care. But I'm not even sure the health care debacle was entirely his fault. As of now I blame John McCain. On the larger issue of the swamp yes it absolutely should be drained but we have to be careful who's draining it otherwise. You have a revolving swamp. It particularly unattractive ride for some future Disneyland. You might even. Name that he wrote a spear ride as the revolution spins on and on into your head flies off. Wow. This article is right on the money this is a conservative writer who's saying this. Steve Bannon is the big loser here. Will be interesting to see how this is played. Deep state arguments who knows what they're gonna come with. Much more as we continue our number two is straight ahead.