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Our number two here at 1106. We talk about something really good. And I repeat this again something really good the president is proposing in light of this latest terrorist attack the ill fated one in New York City we will delve into that. Maybe it caught up here and some the items here on the text line. This there are no parties anymore. It's taken the progressive. The progressives 45 years to takeover actually it's been in this. And says conservative by the Moore was a flawed candidate to me he came off as hard edged in self righteous person. That turns many voters off. And waving around a nickel plated revolver at a rally struck me as odd and a gun owner. Man. I mean to comment about the budget earlier. I'm corrected hereby texture. Vince the budget is still not been passed let alone side. Yeah. The left uses. Bench could possibly. Have dated young girls forty years ago. Interest. First NASA who are our enemies Vince. It's a very good question that a person who were enemies in the camp let me just characterized this way. If you really want to identify what's wrong. It's people who. Embrace some measure. Of progressive as some. Those are the people you gotta watch out for. And this comes in many forms. No I'm not gonna go into names. But I'll just say there are plenty of people who were not against big government. They are against big government by Democrats. As long as our guys in charge and he's gonna come in and saved the day oh we'd love that kind of big government. That's we're dealing with the same meteor try to smear Ben Carson by calling him unfit prophecy in the bin Carson was married to the same woman 45 years. Never had the slightest hint of any sexual immorality. News flash Vince. The global Communist don't care they love sexual morality sure they do. How well do you know Dow Jones. You do you know he supports killing babies like the guy you haven't been Democrats I would never be party to that. Already. Taking controlled Republican Party from the global this is the only solution trump knows this is already trying to make it happen political analysts are trying to. Are not going to roll over and let it happen we must remove their power by voting abouts you'll take time and commitment to make it happen. I'm skeptical I mean. I mean there's a level which I agree with what you're saying. But I don't even hear this articulated from Donald Trump himself I don't know that he can understand. I really don't. Because we did you have to start with Mitch McConnell and you don't start with that by putting his wife in charge of the cabinet position. T you don't come and play footsie with these people you con man. And you say look. The American people elected me to advance this particular agenda. Let's get this done. If you have obstructionists. You call them out. Now it's been really interesting because on the one hand we've seen the pres Nicolas Mitch McConnell on the other hand. He's played footsie with him. What which one is it does need to be called out or he played footsie. It you can't do both. You've got to be firm here. What did you want it to more text here a little while I once you up. Jerry just some other perspectives one wave three's through these because. What's important to me along the way he is. Whatever we built has to be sounds. Not only with our values public relationship. And I hate to see relationships are broken up over personalities. This what we've done time and time again in that we have to avoid. Here's a tweet from Michael Tracey Moore may have been a uniquely flawed candidate but the national GOP is also shown it has nothing to offer. To the parent. The paradigm manic. Downscale. Trop swing voters of 2016. And shouldn't be surprised when its electoral coalition phrase accordingly. In other words Michael Tracey saying here. What worked in 2016 with present at trump doesn't carry downed the lower ballots it doesn't. And we reminded of this mark keys. A friend of mine who used to be a Democrat now eight conservative Republican. Apparently I'm not a Christian for not supporting Roy Moore. I thought Jesus died for my sins not Roy. Stop worshipping politics and ideology. More is not worth making idiotic comments he Kostis a reliable seat. Well. Corey posted this anyone find irony in this. January 201012. Months after Obama was inaugurated Scott Brown. Has an impossible Republican victory in deepest of blue state. Massachusetts. December 201711. Months after trump was inaugurated. Doug Jones. Winds impossible Democrat victory in deepest of red states. Alabama. The perilous and the parallel is him is interest in Europe that striking. And is interest in news and it's. What's happened here. And also get this from Franklin. As a political consultant the GOP I'm amazed at how many people believe the GOP will pick up seats after the lack of values candidates pushed. This race is the worst possible scenario for the values aspect of the GOP after having a Democrat switch parties and win the presidency is as and our. With no real values himself. This is not how I imagine watching the GOP go down from within. Disappointing to watch. Yeah a lot of news out there. And you get some other folks out there celebrating this is going to be interest. I'm gonna wait throughout the breach here this this is the last of our. Collection with the yeah Alabama race. Comets from Charles Barkley has I think these are very telling. Because I think Charles Berkeley said a very conflicted relationship with Democrat party very conflicted. And I think he's about find himself disappointed again but we'll get to this bit Thomas out of Brevard good morning. Yes about a minute yes sir thank you I'll probably quit. You know brush where a court situation is just indicative. That your. That the corruption in this country. Yeah heavily on Supreme Court decision kilos. Oh we're in the government can seizure of property or private individual just increased. Are you that it in the paper corporate and the patriot that. You have. Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Boring and national election. Yep both parties. Using. Corruption group and life in this week. The pepper and elections he thought anyone would erupt it's so that you morally. Erupted rituals and the fact is America has funded political and legal only combine. I knew you're gonna say that Thomas appreciate your call and here's the uncomfortable truth. These folks are a reflection of us. Think about that for a moment. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program that sound like an apple did take a look at the date in history. Mr. Wright sold joining us were upstate studio good morning men. Of Morningstar. Well we have some very interesting questions too pro is here today and the sensible tricky at all the way back. Q 1642. And a man by the name of Abel as men discovered this particular. I aliens. What is it. There's a hint in the name. It's a difficult when you know. He ignored as Armenians. Where the Tasmanian devil come that's really good you're on the right track. This adds a premature re at the bell there. What is this now I'm kind of become a good hint to give you some. Outweigh waste south is it near Australia. That is really good you're on the right trick your red hot. Red hot. Super red tie it just one more or leap would get you there. Where The Lord of the Rings this film two and for some reason the name escapes me god New Zealand. They are huge its its news and. That's pretty impressive. The rest of them getting easier from here in 1970 eights the US men begin stamping. The first corner and honoring a woman who was it what was her name is MBA and a new Yorker. 2000. This person. Conceded the presidential election. 36 days after the election was held. Who was it in 2000 Al Gore. Yep. And last but at least. Who was the terrible person. That was found hiding in a hole near his hometown of tea Crete. And was taken into custody. Later end. 2003. This was a world leader. In a certain part of the country the dumpster thing yet there you ago. So are we had a former general manager that looked just like him. And someone posted side by side pictures and they got fired over if he's a serious so dumb person's name popped into my mind that. What a good idea to mention I'm next to those longer here. It's pretty funny actually got fired for that if I recall correctly yes India the pictures were uncanny. That is pretty scary by the way are you big car person and so. I am not. Well I shouldn't our Cuba does actually will anyway have you ever heard of aria. You anybody listed here aria numbered list for. This USA today has the story about this car. Arias the name of the company they've claim they've built a hi in concept car. Regularly this deluded this horsepower. 11150. 1150. That's electorate in that mystery its. I don't try debate. Six point two liter supercharged V8 four wheel drive hybrid engine. Delivering 11150. Horsepower. Zero to sixty in two point seven seconds. The questions and I would Emeka Carlin. That's a good question what can you do with this thing. Top speed of 210. Miles an hour. 200 and and an hour they said it's inspired by trek oriented cars but it's me for the road like you said here. We do with this thing you're a guest for the prices discard by the way. Take a wild guess that the house. Anybody here wanna think yes on the price is two million. Well. Lines as wave low in your way hi 650000. Dollars for the base. And higher for the you know for the upgrade that is part that's. What he can you upgrade. You know that's a good question. Well it's kind of like you know how you have the luxury edition car. Soon while you're gonna go up faster and advocates stereo system. Yet exactly right you know put stars. My goodness any. Great to argue again mr. right so have self segregate him here by the way we don't condone that behavior run from cops number oh that's right yes. And be very clear about that. Promoting. It. Get you some big trouble if you doubt about that you need to check out the video that's on you chew. How not to get its. You're reread and beat by the cops have you seen that video idea. Who did that can believe it is completely escaped mean. Someone. It is mine pure. I wanted to quickly share the last item on this and tire. Debacles with Roy Moore Charles Barkley. Helping to celebrate the victory for Doug Jones I want to listen this guy I'm a mainly share this again this is on the later side because I think this is kind of funny. That Charles Barkley is looking to the Democrat party to do something for black people get loaded this year our here's the first for discounts. Thank you grab remain hooked to the great night by Alabama. You know have been stuck in that town or ball long time. There's just a great night Alabama but Doug Jones. I don't wanna thank everybody who worked on the campaign. Everybody okay not to vote today but if you're just a really a referendum on Alabama where you really needed this. What is it about. Alabama that really needed this wasn't just the the embarrassment potentially. Of of having Roy Moore. And is a senator or was it the idea of having a more progressive. Candidate a more progressive senator representing the state. Well first of all Roy Moore was an embarrassment. I listen up any other men. Had eight women accusing him of sexual harassment. Talking about how he really enjoyed slavery. He takes people who are home. Oklahoma searches or go to jail they wanted a bit and relax him. This is more of a referendum notice this that the state of Alabama. And I'm just so proud I'm just so proud of my state. I love my state. We got them made them people here now we got a bunch of rednecks and it about it good people. Oh we got the momentum people here and there Roosevelt today. Isn't that hilarious I just thought she'd find some comic relief here medicine major reason they share this. The conversation a year with Charles Berkeley talking with Jake Tapper over CNN here's the rest of it. You are one of many prominent African Americans from Alabama. Who don't currently live Alabama who came and campaigned over the weekend there was some question over. Whether that would that would backfire obviously did not. The African American vote really turned out in very strong numbers you must be feeling pretty good about the effort that you made this weekend. Well novel and it won a duck just about me is about everybody down here. Everything is broken out in Alabama what are we gay campaign and what Doug Jones. All are more commercial because he's against abortion. Is the gift and merits and he talked about god. Dole them out to reap good enough reasons to be independent. We got a lot of more important stuff out there we got to improve our partners build system we got to improve our roads. I'm just so proud of my state they wrote about today. There you go Charles Berkeley. Yeah a referring to a bunch a rednecks down there you gotta overcome those folks. Just cracked via the Vince Coakley ran your program continues here 49 minutes after eleven on the Vince Coakley radio program. Yes it indeed was Chris Rock does the video is attempting to reference earlier. A lot about how not to get your rear end kicked by the police. It's it's really funny video if you wanna check that out and YouTube let me give you a very very strong language awarding. I'm sure you know Chris Rock. Yeah languages will be courts so you should be aware that before watching so don't come back the bid to do we want to video. You go bad words are that are yet their play. He might even learn some new it's a out. Let's let's and the rest of Charles Berkeley by the way it is comments yesterday in light of the victory Ford Doug Jones was now. Well a bit to the wake up call for Democrats the Democrats. And I told mr. Jones did and I loved. They've taken a black vote and deplorable but granite floor alone down. I put him to give up Iran. As the American lives better well black folks at Google more they've always ran out bolts and they have abused Arab votes. And in the wake up call we got him a great position now. But didn't the wake up call for Democrats duped out of a black people and more white people. You know that's the wise this thing he had to say all night and he's absolutely right. The Democrat party has not delivered anything. All they've done just robbed the mouse you've done a lot of demagoguery. You know scaring them about what the Republicans are gonna do which is nothing. Problems aren't aren't into anything. That's really gonna threaten the the so sure way or welfare system. You know this is what they always go after you remember back you evil Republicans got in on the act Mitch McConnell was in on this too. Do you remember that Mississippi sit raced several years ago when they got the Democrats to show up to vote in order to keep the conservative bouts. I've been forgotten. Lavish conservatives have not forgotten. What the use really treacherous Republicans have done in the past. Anyway. Moving on from this there is some benefits. To what has happened here. In order to one of the silver linings a story by business insider. That's Doug Jones went in Alabama is going to add some jet fuel to the GOP's tax bill bush will why. Well because they're gonna lose a senate seat. They need to give this thing done by Christmas which is exactly what they're aiming for now. The margin is going to be. Even less. So in the few weeks before Jones gets to the senate. Now's the time. Now's the time to make this happen. So while what's happening with the shock wave that's gone to Capitol Hill. There's an incentive now to get this thing done. Here is what one policy analyst. Had to say about this the Doug Jones victory in Alabama should serves the final nail in the coffin of the tax reform. Bear thesis. This electoral defeat will bolster the already gale force tail wind behind the GOP's tax reform efforts. John Thune who's the number three ranking Republican in the senate said final votes in the tax bill were unlikely to be delayed. Because of the Alabama results. Right now it's in conference committee made up mostly of members from the tax rating committees in house and senate. To reconcile the discrepancies between house in the senate. They've been working to bridge some of these differences well they know they've got to speed this thing up. And the send us the problem. It's 52 to 48 right now. And so well they better get directly or don't you think. Now the margin in January's going to be 51 and 49. And you don't said thing about this it makes people like what's her name's Susan Collins more important. Pretty sad isn't it. Over on the text line. The political assassination Roy Moore shows just how corrupt the Democrats and liberal media are only two states that allowed dating and marriage of miners. I. Miner to minor or consenting adult with minor. And those are Nebraska and Missouri all other states in some form or another with parental consent miners can date and Mary. Other miners and adult persons. We cannot hold a man responsible to today's standards for actions he made fifty years ago. And K. I'm Charles Barkley he's a perfect example of what happens when children are allowed to float through school. Because they're good at sports. It. Let's the Barkley so ignorant races he has no idea he's defending the party. That was created to promote slavery and defend slave owners. And that is said is and it's. At a texture says so we love god we're redneck racists. Well to some people that's how this works out. Let's see here. If you want expert analysis about politics in Alabama be sure to ask an athlete who live somewhere else colts are but what a a. Offensive Charles Barkley was white. And said yeah we got a lot of in words and uncle Tom's. But will be better now. What do you think the media would do what they would love that. That was techsters says sorry that was awful language but I resent being called racist. This is a reference to a person who basically said. Boy Q Charles Barkley. Giving you didn't get paid for your brains I will never watch another test in oh. My goodness. Let's go out to Frankie and Estonia welcomed the broadcast. Anybody. I've called you last week and told you about. The exercise and with the taken the money back to the credit and how great insult to us it's too and why have a low. On the line I'm electrician and I was their house wire one day any other categories Equinix play Christian music and stuff and they met with labor we were kind of friends at all that they are. There are our partners about that one of them kind of started fighting with Matt and let me and it was really embarrassing and he had some friend to them and Erica and me and in. He kind of called me out and done. He goes what do you do about it could be calming aunts and that's been you know I. And I started there really get a merchandise and I get some at Columbia. You know remained in the and I. And I walked outside I cried and I just felt so. Embarrassed that their retain bit you know god sent to love your enemies. And I think could afford more would win. And in. It's it's I mean most likely this is happening with these women I don't know I think forgotten it yet it's OJ mind and eat it and think that he did. I don't know what the problem. That if you were to repent at any rewards in these women the outcome of this rates might have been different. And he's still got to deal with you know I don't I don't care we meet its shape you you've still got to cover your bases that you mutated people in the past. If you couldn't remember anything you need to take care of it in. It is really well let me pay threats of the sort about the guy didn't do it quickly. The next day I was gonna garage. And I was working alone in that same guy come in alone without his buddies. He came up to maintain our. That is awesome Frankie hey thanks for your example man and you've hit the sun had. About repentance yes we can be forgiven for things we've done in the press but if there are things that are outstanding where we've wronged someone. You've got to make it right. Time does not make a difference their folks. Coming up an update on the story we share with you earlier this week very interesting twist. 1149 final stretch the Vince Coakley reading your program on this wins today at a Toronto couple cause you're starting. With Robert in Greenville welcome. I had to. Yesterday evening here but we're able area when the local. News program the law. Ran a story that I had not heard wire about Alabama election. And they did it pretty. Boy. The facility is being proposed that they're looking for a like the facility. Apparently according to this report. I'm but it did little bit beat all of the North Carolina. And bit the alleged and at this yeah they election was quite debate are relevant to that decision making process. They get like want. The the corporation's principal. Need to be represented by Ayers after an important or it might be getting. Have. You heard about. It now. But it doesn't surprise me does that surprise you at all Robert that you've got to boot and let them. Expected big big table like computer. Alabama now I don't let them. Called art but it ain't she. Although she got it all that much so that Beckett and they'll be. Point that they were leg worried that people. Out like they did it now. You've been now why. It. If they don't they and now the Republicans. How would call. It felt like they looked. All that but the fact that we. Eight every great light of of reasoning on that Robert K appreciate your car. You know and this is the kind of mindset that drives a lot of people and those many of you familiar what happened for instance with house built to a North Carolina where you had. Which you'd think a simple legislation. You know. Protecting people in bathrooms. Becomes a means of communicating eight. At least if you listen to some of these big corporations. That's eight. Just crazies. And. Good morning and doesn't just want to touch on the Charles Barkley statements. I'm out personally. A little. Tired of hearing all the activity bounce. Identity politics why is that always about the blacks and about. The poor whites like hit these are all constituents. That's my real not harper and I have put all the politicians. It was really evident in our last mayoral race is well because our elected mayor. Essentially came out with the same sort of thing helping certain groups and all about certain groups should be about all Charlotte and maybe an end in another one I didn't have a store and I have a customer who's running for City Council. And now Matthews well it is still happening yet but the people act. It that's fine but it was. All about the black would he was in here discussing nothing about all of us in the east and I yes I'm a little concerned that I think are holed. Nationally as well as locally get that they too much that it's about all of us we need to come together. To make that statement. I'm with you 100% get a get away from the identity politics. And you know flight daresay this I get those folks who communicated along the way. You're tired of being targeted you know that the voters had something inherently wrong with you being like that somehow. Your automatically privileged and by the way let me state categorically. I am absolutely opposed to the idea promoting this nonsense called white privilege to meet all it is an excuse for black failure. That's what it is. And I am tired of looking for excuses. I've never an interest in looking for excuses I think which you've got to do is deal with reality as ideas. You're not going to ever get equality. Of outcomes guaranteed. Never. And I think it's unfortunate. That rather than trying to figure out some of the root causes of where we are for instance among blacks. One of the significant reasons why we are underperforming. Is because we've allowed white liberals to. Seven nuclear bomb off on our families. We're killing our babies through abortion. And we're. Suffering with a a 70% illegitimacy rate. That is not a formula. For prosperity. I'll tell you that. It's very unfortunate this is where we are. And yet we're not gonna have this conversation disrespect to our conversation what we're seeing about Charles Barkley earlier I mean he's looking in the wrong place. To try to find some sort of solution or some sort of whatever care. Out of these Democrats somehow the gonna do something for the black community. You know we need to figure out how we gonna do something for ourselves. We don't need a political party to fix its. That's my perspective anyway. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who tend to think otherwise and people react. Tennis which is crazy. As I should the ones who talk about racing color are the true racists of longest very often that is true that happens a lot. A person you're talking about this story about the car manufacturer. That new story about that company. Building electric car plant in Alabama grand on channel four yesterday. Yeah. Another person saying here you were all assuming Warren truck for guilty of these accusations they've not been charged or convicted doors their beneath riveted credible evidence. Presented. I keep people's ear let's start this over I keep hearing people say let's not worry about what amended forty years ago. What about the fact that these lying about it saying that it never happens. Even. That is a concern. And I think this is where one of the previous scholars was making the point you know he came out and said you know what. This is you're saying this happened in May be my memory fails me if I've offended you and anywhere fraud and something I am sorry. You know they can go a long way. And it's not just on this. That's all the time we have for today we're gonna have an update on this kid who is being bullied boy this story's taken a weird turn. You that much more on Thursday's program thinks look for journeys today have a good day.