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1106 hour number two if you like to join the conversation you are welcome to Ingles advantage startling number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes line. 71307. Or that Tex lines of items from our first hour. Someone. Reacting to what I said about Hillary Clinton in the freedom caucus calling for an investigation of the FBI's handled the matter. How to deal with Hillary like her up throw away the key. The woman is a menace to the world. Already. Also we have this. Honestly something like this causes the Palestinians call for three days of rage and violence. Kind of makes me feel like maybe trump is doing the right thing screw the Palestinians. Not a big fan of ultimatums and being held hostage. Not a lot of people far. Not big fans. Want to share your story with you that really grabbed my attention the other day. Here's a story that appeared in go upstate. And it talks about a couple Emily Yarborough. And Taylor Evans. You're really gripped the beginning. Is it mentions they held hands one more time and a Georgia hospital room. Before Evans heart stopped beating. Tragic ending for young upstate couple that only been dating for a few months. Before last Thursday's accident on I 85 in Georgia. Yarborough. 23 years old miss upstate representative for the miss South Carolina USA organization survive she returned two or more home Sunday nights in his recovery. Evans 22 year olds and in inspiring veterinarian. Aspiring veterinarian at Beasley. Passed away. But being an organ donor he hoped to savor extend the lives of more than fifty people. Think that a moment fifty people. These two it only known each other for about four months. Yarborough smother. So they immediately made a connection there were destined to be together for ever. Evans' mother. And obviously said Taylor told everyone she is the one when I met her she was just such an Angel they clicked. She was his beloved soul mate. They were going to give me beautiful grandchildren. Tragically. Last Thursday the young couple on I 85 southbound headed to a Luke Combs concerts. In the Atlanta. Mr. Ford Ranger was clipped. In the rear by an eighteen Wheeler cause you to flip nine times before coming to rest. And fortunately Evans was that wearing a seatbelt. He was ejected suffering multiple life threatening injuries Yarborough. Wearing a seatbelt. Extricated from the vehicle suffering two broken vertebrae. Broken left hand. Injuries not life threatening. Both taken to northeast Georgia men are considering Gainesville. Evan survived until Friday long enough for his eyes his heart liver kidneys skin tissue and bones. To be removed and donated. This is where this becomes very personal. And I'll explain why. The doctor said the transplants were successful. God knew he needed to live on. Prior to his passing. Evans bid was wheeled Europe rose room so they could say goodbye in their own way. We lay them side by side. We put their hands together and let them hold patients. Well. Evans did not live long and have to achieve a stream of being a veterinarian. He accomplished a lot short life boarding Greenville graduated from ran high school 2013 enrolled on a full scholarship the citadel. Intended to join the military after college after two years there he changed his mind transferred to Clemson. 2015 majoring in pre veterinary science. While at Clemson he joined the army National Guard unity gaffe Peter and many for schooling. This bomb I always wanted to be a veterinarian. At Clemson he worked for study hall and Clemson beef cattle were search farm. Remember the blocking bridal club on the president's list. And attended rocks springs Baptist Church in easily. Plans to attend Texas a and M university front graduating from Clemson. Calling him to true cowboy. We understand he had ten pairs of boots and five cowboy hats. At huge goals. Very meticulous. Finley the most important thing he was a child of god he loved the lord. It 22 we didn't follow the crowd he lost a lot of friends but that's okay because they weren't true friends. The friends he made were priceless. The story in a part that I wanted to focus on and we're gonna talk more about this and in the program. Deals with organ donations. I was thinking about this just the other day as I've my wife and I have discussed this. And as I do with so many difficult decisions. I'm a person who over thinks. You're her struggle with that. You keep thinking and thinking and thinking Ann's. You just never arrive in which you do issued just kind of put it off. But it was really eight. A story to cuss me to think again about this issue of organ donation. So think of the lives that are positively affected. By this one decision. And I'm sure they shouldn't man had no idea. That's his organs would be used so soon. In the interview with the mother a nurse told us. If you know your son is an organ donor she said I. Know. You still wanna do that I should I would not dare take that away from him. I kept him alive because god has planned this organs there's a recent. He should have been breathing other than god. Said this is what needs to be. Organs skin tissue winter more than fifty people waiting. For transplants. Shot a Bible organ tissue donor. Liaison between sharing hopes South Carolina and Spartanburg medical Center City single donor can provide organs for up to eight people. And that 75 to benefit from tissue and I donations. She added 90% of people in South Carolina on the transcript. Transplant waiting list need kidneys also about 120000. People nationwide are on the list. Awaiting organs. If you filled up bond scorers arena and Death Valley you would still have 27. Thousand people standing outside. On average about every ten minutes someone is added to the list and twenty people die every day waiting for an organ. He can register to become an organ donor at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Those who do we'll see heart on the driver's license with a circle around it. This year a little bit more about the story in about this issue coming up I want to get your thoughts. Especially if you're an organ donor when he hear from you if you thought about it or I wanna hear your thoughts and feelings on this and I won't share mine. So we continue to broadcast this morning. Fourteen minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock again our number if you like to join us 809 to 1110 text line it's 71307. 1119 events Coakley radio program told you a tragic story Taylor Evans. An aspiring veterinarian for Beasley died. Car accidents. And it's one of the things that he did he made the decision. To. Basically allow his organs to be used after his death. And again and one of the things I mentioned here I'm sure at 22. He would not have imagined it would of happened so soon. Is kind of interest in here. A lot of people have unfounded fears abouts organ donation. Like for instance people might think. Might be easier for the hospital to pull the plug. This person who is involved in this particular area says. She hears this frequently health care providers to really possible to stabilize the sometimes you just can't. You just can't. By the way the funeral for mr. Evans is going to take place today I believe Rock Springs Baptist Church in easily. Burial with full military honors. In Robinson memorial gardens here are my personal comments I just wanted to put out there is I was just thinking about this again after reading this story. One recent justice on my mind just a few months a few weeks ago a friend of mine passed away. He had cancer. And he died. I think within a month that diagnosis. And I was just thinking SIA some my friend for the last time. At least the body. Of the things that comes to my mind now it's fresh in my mind. It is is does this go to your mind you're thinking what would be the impact for instance of my organs are shared. Is that is it's. In my preoccupied with vanity. Will be the impact on the body. In for me I'm thinking knowing where I'm going what does matter. Which is Matt. I wanna give more time and attention to this and we're gonna have a conversation about this again sometime very soon. But I we get your thoughts. Your calls are welcome your tax as well on the subject of order organ donation where do you stand in line. 809 to 1110. Text point 713 here seven again we just never know politics is one accident and and expect a matter how old we are we could pass on from this life. Bill Lyman lake. Good morning welcome to broadcast. Good morning audiences is for have been. Had the pleasure of calling you the buy and read more about called the wrong number Alice column yet and number. And it didn't realize if you responsible texting in Charlotte until I was all the way up they're few weeks there's a reason not cull the the day. That what troll then passed away all 380 lap when he exports from south Beirut late board meeting. A member of that family. Our friend the namely called you the next day and a half of the Iraq when he civic. All the way to Clinton and year. Basically stop your program. And so prior. To that I would scroll. And I personally have never finished. Especially about cultural. And about wars and the person you wore that day. I even put my hand Oakmont or want you pray because of sports jacket closed my oh god. You know you have much that touched my horror and after a couple weeks where I couldn't get that you got a product could get through all those columns. The 347 number I actually called and sheared the whole story with Bobby back. And I just warn you don't have very proud I am no unit. Fortunately no that this would market has awarded your character. And belief on the radio and I mean for the Omaha our panel manager Michael Knight bill admin and I am very very proud of future. Bill thank you for your call I so appreciate you. Going to express that. And so. I don't know what to say when else to say but I just thank you thank you very much and one of the things that I ate ice strive to do you honestly. I hope to be able to provide something that is not happening elsewhere. You know you can get the yelling and screaming and all kinds of other stuff. But in the end of the day I hope there's something redemptive that takes place this broadcast from day to day I really do. We're not gonna save the world but I hope that lives can be touched. And I hope that's. That all of you many view become active participants in some way in doing that. Lanes in Concord good morning welcome. Only missed critically tablets and back in your short in your attribute BT. Several years ago when I admire. Your tenacity and curiosity. In your plate and I echo the sentiments of the previous caller. On Q in regard to the emotion out there. Last year October 1 in 2016 of the liver. Itself on. Being mum on it Tom. And Allan wood and a lot that deserved you know the media. Canada and great god that we went out diagnosed. Something remotely. And it changed my life and not only did RC Cooper. It will provide me with a new art when you to appreciate. Life that we. They were given so that we have I would probably their most people consider this because. The ultimate gift certificate to block. In not pressing. I would want to pass their own can someone help the morale or it is for the and that Google's mobile. And I had the opportunity to write a letter to them. And not very difficult but I tried to convey that. During your hour agree that they can understand that the war on the so deep that they shared. And I have her response unit installed on agency article would you do that but. I won't share your stories and you if you were prediction. There. They get more people but that thought there are the world would be better plates. And I appreciate you a bit in this situation because it is so pick your gear my heart. And not burst Democrat like that's our that the organization. And you know just you know and everything Paul talked about it it was an Arctic. Kill somebody else and then that's well we have July even though all Christ. Or news or person. It is get up in the people. It's oral information comes that that fat or oppression and accrue to our arms. The truth the truth is that if we if we call it in the right. Chair like in bring people out of the park I appreciate your commitment situation more than a question. Double issue Lance thinks left for sharing your story and it's not a reminder. It just never know what impact you can haven't someone's life. Just never know run out of Taylor's good morning. The morning and then in our. It took her death and all that happened that would quite deeply. Trained me a lot of hope that the clean out the bottom line up people may be years. The bottom line is it doesn't really matter if your body's been burned in the ashes. Were busy by sharks. Or if you're put in noble the cemetery that's got to he'll tap water. It doesn't make any difference. The body will be resurrected. Everybody. Will be resurrected. And those who call on the name of the lower will be say. Yeah yeah. Yep that's important to point out here in and that body you know why and had to something redemptive with it something that. I was certainly be giving more thought you'd hope you will as well. Tony nine minutes after the hour 11 o'clock keys are conversation continues. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley ran your program and talking about it's. A sad story. A young man who lost his life and yet it's the redemptive part about this. He was an organ donors and their other people who will live and experiencing greater quality of life as a result. Getting a number of text into the text line on this subject inside and organ donor as what the heck to and he might organs for after I'm dead. There really is no reason not to be. This. Inside an organ donor. Told my family my insurance wants to charge me in my state it's not to pay it. I referred to the charges to the donor are outrageous. That suggesting. That may have changed since I signed up but I still stand firm on my statement that's Mike at a Virginia. I've known Emily Yarborough. Since she was in the fourth grade this is the girlfriend of the young man who passed away my daughter. One of her friends went to the hospital OC early last Friday she is beautiful inside and we think fushi pulled through. I did I know or boyfriend but he sounds like an incredible young man and his family should be very proud of him for saving so many lives. Our precious daughter received the gift of life through liver transplant 22 years ago this December. The only promised five years. I never forget the family who's benefiting from the organ donations. God bless him in the family he lives on through those recipients. God bless you my friends. You're a true professional I don't know how you can tell that story like getting choked up. God has need aid plan for each person benefiting. Most certainly. I really feel organ donation should be mandatory to many. And cannot seem to USC with the rest of this goes with time. Let's go to the next one here absolutely organ donor. And then what's left will be cremated it. I'm not my reason but for the EPA nets. Recycling. And that's pretty did. Men's 28 years ago my dad had a heart transplant he lived an additional twenty years had a hard life in the last ten years of his life. He made amends with me in the very last year of his life he gets saved he now resides in heaven rather than hell. Through a kind person person giving his heart. Person donated discharge. Now part of the salvation story my father received huge blessing from person we've never met and is priced out of Greer. I never expected so many stories like this is pretty incredible. Vince I grew up watching UN channel nine Eyewitness News you were always the epitome of professional I knew there was something special about youth and later. Her July and the BBT. Where you shared your faith and values I'm an organ donor don't understand why it's so taboo. To be able to use have the power or opportunity to help save a life first in the life of someone is a no brainer. Many more should consider organ donation. And after all god forbids ire loved one needed to organ or tissue thank god for those who think passed themselves to save a life. Publisher brother. Great bumper music by the way that is from Jonathan. So John. Received that's encouraging word for engineers and yet. Vince my dad gave him his kidneys. Years before it passed. So I figured I'd follow his lead article my children will follow our lead. That is for marine vet super fine. Lots of good stuff here. Really moving stuff here no question about it. Let's try to Anthony Anthony wears that you're calling from. Ever read. Yes words you're calling from. Mount. Mount olive. Well and added that there. I don't think. That's a teacher at that and then. And. You know that's an interesting question because. In all. You know I get the reasons why. There are some issues with this bites and no you're you're making the case that it's their yours why not. Well that didn't make that illegal he'd do it obviously like you're so inept so many people are. But they're being wasted not so much wasted by. An opportunity to have good use ba wow what debt does occur. Went any they can certainly be an important part of the conversation thanks a lot for your called to white's good morning welcome. Got more experience I appreciate. The perspective you bring to the conversation always. But el Dorado look you ever heard stories about. And recruit for Israeli prime minister will be formed Netanyahu do you remember saying. Before Netanyahu. The end I do not remember offhand that. And it'll look good views will dispute Netanyahu and in the story Netanyahu and the doppler Arafat or the United Nations. And Netanyahu gave up and I stood up almost on the story about. Dose of and how it was sold in the labor and but he was sold into slavery by his brother's. He was sold into slavery by the Palestinian. Not where it jumped up and protesting loudly that could have been in the Palestinian to Palestinian didn't even exist there and not here. Your I've ever thank you for crude remark. A that is clever that this are really clever. By the way it's Ehud Olmert was the previous. Prime minister before Benjamin Netanyahu that supports or. Pretty clever stuff. Very very clever. You know one of these Saddam. You know on this whole Israeli Palestinian issue. And this goes to broader issues. Somebody these things are never going to be solved. Humanly speaking. They can't be solved. But. If I might should the road this out before consideration. One of these I found extraordinary it's just the the unity that is possible. And I'm just speaking from my experience with christianity. Despite all the crazy divisions within that system purse say. I think it's extraordinary how people from different backgrounds different nationalities. Are brought together in a place of union this is an important part of the puzzle for us understand. That's. You know that unity in that piece is going to be brought about through Christ either in this life for the wife to come. It's really that simple. And you can cooperate today. Or. We've trimmed to fix this later. By the way we have some breaking news that is just in. CNN now reporting for female democratic senators. Are calling on Al Franken to resign. Over harassment allegations again. This is a story just developing right now for female Democrat senators. Calling on Al Franken to resign. So we'll see what happens with Stuart Smalley so whether he he needs this call. For him to leave office. Much more to come and we will talk about this issue. Of the freedom caucus what they are up to addressing something in particular today right here in Vince Coakley radio program. If you would like to join the conversation please do our line is always open to listen to you and your perspective this is just a monologue. 809 to 1110 text line 713 or seven. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program and secure and final stretch until your break about breaking news before the break. We look a bit more information on this before we go back to more of your calls and you were text here. I was so very curious about its what is going on with the story about says Stuart Smalley. Kirsten Gillibrand. Is one of the people. We understand that there are several. Start with her calling upon their colleague Al Franken to resign amid mounting sexual harassment allegations against him. I've been shocked and disappointed to learn over the last few weeks a colleague I am fond of personally is engaged in behavior toward women that is unacceptable. This which she posted on FaceBook. About the allegations of Al Franken groping and forcibly kissing several women while senator Franken is entitled to have the ethics committee conclude its review. I believe to be better for our country peace in a clear message any kind of mistreatment of women our society is an acceptable by stepping aside to let someone else serve. To the eco. Kirsten Gillibrand. Also. We have like Pamela Harris. Maggie Hus a son. Claire McCaskill. Macy Toronto and Patty Murray all of them. Calling for. Al Franken to step aside effect this is going and do we have a way of listening in on this giant. This news conference is going on right now these women Nara. Taking a stand on this if you want my opinion on this I think East Coast you targeting. Other Democrat. Senators to speak out like this. He can't survive it is it's it's really not possible at all and that number is now to six as reported by Fox News. Six female Democrat senators. Are calling on Al Franken to resign. Scrub to a call from Mary in the meantime we may take this news conference in a bit to the remainder of the broadcast Mary good morning and welcome. Good morning. We have source for the first time caller welcome aboard. And my husband passed away twelve years ago and he wanted to donate any part that world. You know suitable. And so they did get his Egypt is so liver. And I received a letter from a man in New York. And my sensibility giver eager to get things to people. And I have received a letter from I from Manning ill or at least say it gives liver. And he says I can't thank you enough. For allowing. Me to get that labor. I can enjoy my grandchildren. Not you eat every relate. Relate. To us. It just took away that Obama has but he's still like uber. That's absolutely opposite Mary and I'm sure that provides some consolation to you does not. He does it really. It really doesn't it it should stamp collecting committee. And it. It just took away you know the hurt from his dad and knowing that part of it was still a lot of. Still lives on stillness on Mary thanks a lot for your call this morning. I hope there's perhaps just one person. That's your going to make that decision you know and interestingly enough time for me to renew my driver's license so it's very tightly thing. For me to begin thinking about again and making some decision. Inch if you were affected in some way by this I'd love to hear your perspective. In the coming days. As you deliberate about this with your family. Text to racer were fairly for we all signed up his organ donors by young said the seventeen for state got his driver's license DMV he did not hesitate. As organ donor when I explain the importance of giving a gift of life to somebody who needs my husband who's a marathon runner jokingly. Which is whoever gets his heart runs a marathon in his memory he puts it. We share this organ donation to my eighty year old in months to get through the practice taboo but got enlightened. Few her family members and friends. Might be possible organ recipients. Due to in stage diabetes and real fear and that's when you'll start thinking about it again right. When you're in that place of being on the other end of the equation and you have a need. Let us see years stupid question I don't remember if I signed up to be organ tour or not where their BMI driver's license I don't see it anywhere. Thank you for all you do believe there is a place. I you need to look at I don't leave them mine in here we're gonna have a conversation about this of you have questions. We're going to address this very soon on future program. So. Yes we will have an opportunity to answer some of these questions you may have. Once we put a value on our organs then start to sell them. What is to stop who has the right to own which you have sold. Almost sounds like we're trying to move away from our history. Can you say slavery. On this issue of Al Franken. Six female Democrat senators calling on Franken to resign. I dislike frank in but he is. These are just allegations why are they not demanding Conyers ago. His acts are proven in payouts of more accusations I hate to say it but it's simply because he's black. Everybody's afraid they will be labeled racist well it's kind of interesting you say this we don't have time to share this today but there's audio we have. From. Biggest oberg Hillary who speaks to this very issue well it's now become a moot point. Because now the damn seems to be breaking on this issue for. Al Franken we're gonna saver conversation about freedom caucus for to morrow. Effective reached out to mark meadows to see if you come on this program again. Mark meadows from western North Carolina who is. Leading the freedom caucus. Man this has been a great program today I appreciate every single one of you and she will be back for more conversation right here tomorrow lord willing. Meantime have shows a great day and god bless you take care.