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Virtue of our broadcast. As always feel like to join the conversation you are welcome to. And you can even tell bad jokes do I mean we except those year. I don't know why but somehow we do. We're actually gonna delve into conspiracy theories. And we have a couple of for that we're going to share Q1 involves. A public official. Who seems to be confirming. Something that he says is taking place another win related to the plane crash that I mentioned a few minutes ago. Are Eagles advantage startling number 809 to 1110 common since retirement planning text line 71307. On that text line. We begin here. Two people on board were connected to Hillary. Won two dossier wanna CFO Everest to town. This is a company connected to uranium one used to lead to ask why it crashed. Another texture did you hear top officials including CFO from uranium one were on board that plane. Responding to my comment earlier about people boasting about their spouses and how they look I'm shocked by how many spouses and parents. Promote their loved ones physical attributes like they are camps. What are they wanna draw attention to others to look or lust after your loved ones it's sick thank you that's exactly how I feel. It really is. Also on the plane crash take the red pill plane went down to kill passengers 32. Another person. CEO of Russian company involved in uranium one deal on that plain truth is out there for anyone willing to search. We weren't going to the story in just bid first call from Joseph in Charlotte to morning. I you do it bit of course are really low second outward and what you want to do but in reflection of the outburst outward. In reference to move the or print out. I would. The old record of all welcome comments. All on your wife and order. De Oro where about current group that it is open about why. In order to. And Bruce was the goat the Eric oh. That. Wilt though we look at the record. What. A threat to be cool all RB PD. Hello we. Broke it. Call it. The water quite over but by. If I I can certainly agree with you and affirm that there's no question about that geo. He he gives true truly. Like a little shell and me and how you gave me an end when you are epic that it's up it's what you. Young mania. Are your wife for the car. I think that that that that that show how your respective. And in its overall as far as we know and what has been demonstrated over there are the life from their marriage so. You know others there's not any hint at least we're where have I know there were stories floating out there. But in general. There aren't too the stories of scandal or anything like that and certainly no escapades. Like I wish I was Bill Clinton which is certainly good thing Gregg Joseph. It exactly a total book of love. The. Yeah we don't need to go into that again so was sick of that incident thanks love your column called Sergio. And again for any trolls and just heading to south of the past this is not an endorsement or embraced. Of the Obama presidency. Just an area of his character that just happens to be stronger than our current president. And we should be able to. Embraced that nuance. Without drive ourselves crazy doesn't mean needing more than just means there's some new ones there. I'm gonna share this information with you now because I agree with that or IE can independently affirm or confirm this. But I just wanna put this out there for your. Interest. For your exploration. And I will be watching this as well to see if there's anything. That's comes of office. But drove accorsi. Where I believe I interviewed several years ago. He has made the allegation. That's the Russian plane crash was a CIA hit job to cover up uranium one scandal. That's the strong allegation he's making. Yesterday. He won and the Alex Jones show. Where he's a frequent guest. He asserted the crash was really the result of a bomb planted by the CIA and kill executives the Russian energy corporation rose to top in order to cover up. The uranium one scandal. That companies the center of the bogus uranium one. This is by the way I'm and giving and giving an account the only accounts of this particular story. That comes up in a search. Is on a website. By eight People for the American Way which is a radical left wing group. So the characterizations are bears now mind. Russ it's obvious the center of the bogus uranium one rightwing conspiracy theory course she declared this plane crash was really a CIA hits. To kill company executives are to prevent them from testifying against Hillary Clinton. Despite the fact there's no evidence support his claim that any executives from rose Tom grieve and on the plane in question. Here's what mr. course she said turns out on the plane crash there were several executives from Bruce job. Which is the Russian energy agency involved in the uranium one deal. Several executives actually on board one of the top ones a gentleman named I've enough who ended up being the CFO Bruce town. This is the agency has been involved in the uranium one deal. Suspicions are it may have been a US intelligence agencies CIA hit. To kill these roast top executives to prevent them from testifying are being available to give testimony in the beginning inquiries. On the uranium one scandal. Which. This gentleman Jerome course she's predicting will be the end of Robert Muller's career. It's pretty strong allegation is that. Now get I'm just putting this out there. For your review. You can explore this further I'm sure there other sources you can look into. I'll be very intrigued and the other part of this I'll be very intrigued to see what happens when this investigation. I will tell you the Russian. And aviation industry has had its problems for years as supposedly they've been on the rebound. For the past few years. But IE if I can all afford it's. That's not the first place but I would be five flying a plane a tea much pressure. But let's find out what happens with the investigation. Was this a bomb. Did this turn out to be human error or something else. If it is something nefarious. Well it certainly raises all kinds of questions doesn't it but it may be some time before we actually find out. What has developed here coming up. Will go into another favorite word associated with conspiracies. The Illumina me. There's actually a public official former public official who uses that word and says. This particular organization is real. Will share what he had to say much more as we continue our Monday morning broadcast. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. So what do you think about the possibility something was such kind of fishy with this Russian plane crash. Just securities of the year very intrigued to see where this investigation Garros. Or front the text line some people replying to what we were discussing earlier about Barack Obama. We start here. Obama and his wife for Communist they deserve each other. Joseph loves Communists. And really people. Obama's character towards his wife. What came out. That's well this allegation would actually go into you. Another text to say one thing is affecting you cross Hillary you may die. Yeah I've seen that list of all the people connected to the clintons. We're dead. I mean is it really does have to treat you whether you're into conspiracy theories or not. Does make you wonder I don't know anybody who has that many suspicious deaths around him just weird. Let's see. Also detects light Obama had no Carrick you ever look at the looks his wife gave me the funeral they attended with a president we York and up with a cute blonde during the service just a thought. Is the former official believes the illuminati is at Ralph Nader by any chance now at this time. Missed knowing the history of death suicide of Clinton associates wouldn't surprise me knowing there were people to testify against her on the plane. You don't settle leftists always changed names and definitions to meet the purposes People for the American Way progressives pro choice free thinkers. They are poison. In the instituted Slaton action against are just the level of action should be equal and opposite and overwhelming. As from John. I have confidence. And someone else. Mentioning here. The story that I just shared about Jerome accorsi. That a person suggesting here regards this crash can you say portable EMP. Report that's released here let's go into this public official. Because I that the story was very very interesting. As you think of these conspiracy theories as being relegated to. You know the dark corners of certain areas of talk radio. But here's one. It's kind of a mainstream person. In Canada. Because famous Paul how old year. A former defense minister. Here's what he says he'll loom and Audi is real and secretly running our world. That's what this former defense minister says. He's believed to be the highest ranking former politician to come out as a believer of the popular conspiracy theory. As one of the world's biggest. Biggest conspiracy theories the illuminati is said to be a secret of global elite. Which runs governments from behind the scenes it's planning to introduce a new world order. This reported by UK expressed. Its key members are said to be drawn from Hollywood and world political and business leaders. Some even accusing its true leaders of being reptilian lizards from space. Accusations very and extremities from the simple improved implementation in WO is a goal. To the illuminati being out highly seat panicked call seeking to return the double to earth. Why we need to return. Thirty here. Any. Other than repeating claims by conspiracy theories which of ballooned in number since the growth the Internet. No actual proof of the illuminati exist existing at all. However in a podcasts mr. Howell year. Who served in his first in the 1960 said the aluminum body at least its most basic concept it was real and all powerful. He said corrupt hidden leaders continue to wage needless wars and focus on profits. Rather than stopping climate change on my goodness. Boy this is a very weird twist for somebody who believes in this. Climate change. Most the time this is associated with so called right wing people. The truth of the matter is disguised obviously not one of those easy. Believes in global warming. He believes a secret global Leet is running the world. Mr. hell your claims the technology to reverse climate change has been developed. But is suppressed by Illumina. As most of its key members have big stakes in the fossil fuel industry which they wish to continue for as long as possible. Is this a weird twist I'd sure fight this intriguing. Because this doesn't fit the usual narrative doesn't. If you've got a secret cobalt sexually running the world they managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in. The trillions of oil assets that they've got so let me get this straight and I'm just not being facetious year. It sounds like. That theory developed by. Rivers raiding this believes that. The goal is for these leaks. To use all of these oil resources. And make all the money they can. And then they'll switch to the other alternative fuels. I'm in and one leveled the theory kind of makes cents as if you got all these assets the last thing you wanna do is to. Essentially neglect those assets. And go to some other technology. Because what what happens you will devalue. The fossil fuels. There would be a terrible thing when it. I mean this is theory anyway. Mister collier goes on it's not going to change don't hundreds of thousands people band together and say look. You have got to come clean tell us what's going on and change your priorities to save the world. For future generations instead of blowing and on wars. It was sounds like usual trite doesn't it. No blood for oil you heard that line being used over and over again. Mr. Hilliard joins the ranks of world famous conspiracy theorist David it. Remember this. Former footballer. BBC one grandstand present or who came out as a so called truth hurt in the 1990s. He describes illuminati is a good ball in the hidden hand in lectures across the globe. So what do you think. Do you agree I am curious how many people in this audience actually believe in the Illumina honey do you think it's re. Or do you think this is. Something that is fictional. Curious about that how many people. Believe in this. Its last night homeland folks. Brought in the deep states they actually first term this season five more seventy's in six of 24. In to watch him if you get the chance. That a person saying trump is already year. Am I right. Bids are you a reptilian from space. Please have your associates comment on air our ideas and answer this question. And I reptilian from space. Vince and I doubt they'll look like. Good I'm glad to hear this talk like this is going to get rose to call in order she's listening right now. I'm just putting this out their touch you'd find it in intriguing. American collusion the Russians do not need any help would send its eager killing people cabin is Ruth playbook on this. The Chinese just translated it and pop that up a notch. Okay. That's how this thing works. Very very curious frank in Charlotte cavorting Sherry got about thirty seconds here hitting quick. Well that's. I don't agree with India what pack I sir. Especially internal. Pretty dry there is little not much cartilage Charlotte area. Over decades and just peculiar feature actions so is she but yes it is very real. OK so afraid believes in this. I love this when Vince these conspiracy theories are even more ridiculous then your actual beliefs as a conservative. Oh that's nice. Away. What are those beliefs that you are tacky I'm just curious. Because I've doubts as to whether you even know. An update or one of the big issues going back to the campaign I told you the two big issues that really helped to determine presidential election. Trade and immigration. Today we have a group of Republican senators. Basically take would present a trap has suggested. And they put together a formal proposal introduced in the senate. Because there will be a floor debates on immigration this week breach ourselves. This is going to be quite the spectacle. This proposal expect to be one of several amendments to the Senate's. The senate will consider this week. Spotted debate about immigration. Mitch McConnell was used a bill under related to immigration as the starting point for the debate. Which while senators to offer proposals. That can compete for sixty votes to advance. That's got to be the threshold year. Sixty votes. Is necessary if you don't get sixty votes legislation is dead. Which means something bipartisan. For the week in a grand stated agenda for the American people. This bill. Was put together by Republicans senators Chuck Grassley John Cornyn. James Lankford David Perdue Tom cotton Joni Ernst. And a familiar name from right here in North Carolina. Thom Tillis. At its base. A resolution for the deferred action for childhood rivals program. Which is protected John undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children from deportation. The White House. Their proposal is offering a pathway to citizenship for one point eight million eligible immigrants. More than 800000 of whom register for doctor in the five years of the program and exchange. The White House looking for upwards of 25 billion dollars for border security a wall. Also a number of changes to laws to make it easier to deport and detain immigrants. A substantial cut to legal immigration based on family relationships and an end to the diversity visa lottery. The Grassley bill. It makes these bullet points a reality. Including the proposals that would toughen immigration enforcement and limiting family based visas only to spouses and children under eighteen. That's a vastly reduced number of eligible immigrants from the current system. As proposed by the White House the cuts the fairly system a diversity lottery would be used to allow in. The four to five million immigrants already waiting years in some cases decades. In the backlog for rhesus. Cuts to yearly visas would only occur after that backlog is cleared allowing congress to time to make the reforms. Here's what's. Kind of crazy about this. This bill is not expected to get sixty votes in support. Democrats have uniformly objected to cuts to family migration. And they have issues with the ending of the diversity lottery. Without another way to support immigrants from countless. Countries that are otherwise underrepresented. In immigration to the US. So who knows where this gonna go that I mean to rate now does it it looks like an exercise in futility. But part of what happened here. With the recent budget deal. They made the promise. To have a hearing the discussion time floor debate while the Democrats are going to get it and that may be all week. And we fed a number of you calling in suggesting this is really not about doing immigration reform this is about having a campaign issue. Because this is what they'd love to do is get richer state over the weekend. I was checking out as I do occasionally checking out FaceBook page. Of someone I know. And when I looked at that site was like in fact to pull this up now. Because this is sad what has become of our country as you know I am not a big Kool Aid drinking trump supporter. But at the same time. I reject hate. And just pure nastiness. When I saw this person's. FaceBook page I just. Is just a bunch of post. Taking aim at the president. Just personal stuff. We see if I can find a couple of these as the richest. We over the top. Let's see here that screwed too. A little bit leader and here it was a bunch of anti trump once in much of it but the way this person just happens to be Hispanic. I'd be very curious at some point and we ask what disguise story years. There was two YE. He finds it necessary. To promote such. Vitriol. Is that really what ideas. Yeah here's why and its profoundly inappropriate which. I wouldn't dare repeat here's one this is this is one the ones I was thinking as a matter of fact. Here's what it says. We hate trump. Like you hated President Obama. However we hate trump because he's a racist. You hated Obama because you are racist. I I I looked at this and I just that this is just so. Flimsy. It's sad it really is this the way a lot of people think. This other minds work or don't work for that matter. I don't happen to believe Donald Trump is a racist. In Durham after things you can say about him and his lack of character. I think it's a pretty. Big stretch a big leap. To say he's racist. And again they are doing two things are saying the only reason you're opposed Obama is because you're racist. Kind of sad isn't it. But this is the world where a lot of these folks live. And one of their big issues is immigration. They believe we should just have. You know just. Unlimited access. To allow people from everywhere that wants to come into the country. Here's another one the kind of thing that. You know just becomes viral. Because of people's anger and their hatred. Then again I remind you this guy's Hispanic. I don't give a crap I am editing words by the way. How Paltrow is and what his weight is or whether or not he paid off for porn star to cover up an affair. I cared that he's giving our tax dollars to the super rich sabotaging our healthcare system. Jerking around the dreamers destroying EPA ruining our public school system. And flirting with war on his blanking Twitter at cat. In the sand. Tersely this is the diet. Of so many people who. Just market in this stuff. But this is what people want to believe. Once they buy into the narrative. And here's 10 my goodness totally inappropriate. Picture the president you remember his comments about certain countries. Well they have referred to him as that kind of president. You know that. Yeah that word the S word. And they've turned his mouth. Into let's just say portion of the anatomy. On the other end. I mean this is really charming and these this is from the folks who are supposedly so accepting. And so open minded. There's just so gentle. I see a lot of hatred on this page. And it's sad because. This person probably has no idea that's what it is. Pretty sad. 49. Vince Coakley radio programs got a call from Bob in Charlotte good morning. That's good morning tea which I just wanted to make quick I'll bet. You know that it dale archer registered an echo it always strikes me is really weird that. The people who are not cutting edge of power movement are usually the most empower. Yeah. You look at. It's scary to rent is you know we just seem to be so polarize this structure we just we have honest discussion about eight fate. Yeah serious discussion about these things and everybody's so you know so don't get on their side of the bat it's a scary. It is and I think he is one of the things I've found and I know there are people gonna get that ticked off with me but hey what else is new. And I've noticed that on quote our side. This same level of intolerance and anger and vitriol. Has been adopted that I've seen on the left for years. It like that they are people who want to get even. You know they've been doing it to to us for years it's our turn let's strike back. Yeah I agree with it that just sit there. That we we've got to resist this there's no question about that Bob appreciate your call. You know big conservative for me it's not just about ideas and it's and values. It's about character as well. Having to a bright type of character and temperament. Those all go together is part of the same package you can't dismiss those things. Some comments about the a woman Downey. That's before you dismiss the illuminati theory do some research on the Rothschild. Dan dynasty Illumina Audi and the rockefellers. You'll see how they came to control the money and economies as well as their mission statements we just do the math it all adds up. You're assuming that I have not done search. Just saying. Jumper as the illuminati deep state sweating. 9000 sealed indictments they went to fuel trump. And keep in mind the Bible says Satan and 130 the angels were cast to earth. That a person sitting here I feared John birch and Charles fort were both right. Texture saying I do believe. There are people trying to director global shadow government but I don't know if they're called aluminum body or if they are satanic or watched. Evidence George Soros. I away. Who's planning put out a whole lot more money to accomplish his purposes whatever those nefarious purposes are. Any idea how the Second Amendment procedure for states. To amend the constitution is proceeding marked Clinton's book on this is great. Not a person saying let's wells in persisting with certain seventeenth amendment. I think you do it means Second Amendment you met article to. I believe assortment seventy commitment. And adding I hate people who ate. A seventeenth amendment by the way. Was passed to allow. Us to vote directly for our senators. This is part of the progressive takedown of our. Constitutional system. Your government supposed to be found on what. Everything that was not enumerated in the constitution. Or rights and privileges that are reserved for prove the states and the people. They've already. Basically load up the states. So there's no state representation. In the senate as they used to be now. They're both popularly. Elected. This is out the same mindset of getting rid of the Electoral College. That's the people calling your racists are in fact they races. Lies Obama was black he could do no wrong no matter and he was a demon. Incarnate Muslim traitor president Brack Hussein Obama. While. Pretty strong stuff here. I'm amazed with people worried about the people who surround troubled temporary clearances would Obama would never passed a clearance checked. And did rate clearance without help of acorn almost half the American people. Already. That it takes to say I love all mankind. I. I don't think they can read the rest of this text it looked safe for the moment but then it took me very sharp turn. I saw Vince satirist read a few weeks ago he got the secret illuminate handshake from him you have been wards. Yeah. I. My game is way too funny jive in Charlotte good morning. Hey good morning argument right there. You know. Pursue what you earlier conversation. I think that the change in our society has gone from a society. Where. An evaluation. Of experiments. What's the most important for an outlet Howard all aspects. The day individual persons or person who's making the people for example I don't outlook. And it might need to aid that area. In chief weapons cheaper mobile but Kurt Kurt urged Al. And made the comment that she'd lose more or like bats and that's what you get the page to see doctor which actually greatly. Or over per student at work we did the same thing with and Bettany. And it. No puppy dog should ever go about it shot in YouTube may collapse work harder she'd like what. A debt completely different. Outlook. It's that it you know I guess I supported I expected more are. From the fact that elated Mort I made the sporting. How much before our but I'll say they get discouraged and humorous. I think a lot of people will like it. You know baseball. Mean how much wrong with eight beatle watch. If you figured out there he worked in some of the bigger markets could cater players more they're sort of make things quote. Air we gates. Team like Kansas City. 47 strike two and fifteen now. New York only got three strikes. And how much did you enjoy the American pastime. Yet you make your great void their time and and boy this thing about selfishness right on the money you know I wanna you know. When it partake of somebody else's services as long as I don't have to provide mine for free where there's agree planned have a great day.