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Good morning good to be back with you. Hope everything is going well in your world. Lots of interesting things to talk about I'm sure you're totally shocked by that. As we delve into some of those things right now we get some testimony taking place from Dan Coats who's the Director of National Intelligence. They are speaking before a Senate Intelligence Committee. Did coach is doing that right now. I could he in fact north Carolina's own Richard bird sitting there looking rather elusive as he takes in this testimony. What are the things that I'm intrigued by. I was quite intrigued by this. I've been saying to you folks for quite some time about the kind of leadership that's necessary in this country for the season. Especially for talking about getting our fiscal house in order. What have I been saying to you. My big concern. Is that somebody needs to lay out a vision for moving. Us away from the great society programs put in place under Johnson. It's time. There's got to be some leadership here and loan or Harold. Asked and you show receipt. Of course this story. Is one of these stories of lament I'm sure you're shocked the Washington Post is doing a story on this. Trump once to overhaul America's safety net we've giant cuts to housing food stamps. And health care. A similar view on the surface maybe seeing. Yeah I bet he will admit he's pitched to you man. Finally if you would this whooping late this. Because it's never been the government's job to provide housing food stamps or healthcare. Never. We need to begin moving in a direction. That is fiscally responsible but also won the world allow our. Social muscles to redevelop what do I mean by this. As long as big government continues carrying out these functions there's no incentive for you to get your act together. Or your family together. To accomplish these things. Another of those people may look and say well wait a sec here Vince. You know you're campaigning this idealistic world it's you know what you're talking about. It was all nice and wonderful back in the 1950s. But families just started anymore you know what. We've got to stop pandering to what he has. And present before people a challenge. To make things what they should be. If you don't want this mess if you don't want all of these broken families and all the fragmentation. And all that comes with it which is economic chaos. Then don't do it. Recognize the importance of making good lifestyle. Choices. Which means not she acting up. Not. Just having indiscriminate sexual relationships with people outside of marriage having children all over the place. And then trying to sort out the mess later. What is just required. It requires some discipline some vision. And some. Morality. Yes I'm talking about having a nuclear family. And they stable extended family. I'm not saying this to boast I'm saying this because I'm thankful. And I'm also burdened. This is not to throw anybody under the bus but. It's been frustrating to me to go to extended family events. And be among the most stable. Of intact families. In the entire family. I don't know how many times we've experienced this. You know some overall and second and third spouses. And and again this is not criticize anybody. But we have this disconnected this. Well this also has all kinds of repercussions. Because I believe. Done the right way you can provide the right kind of economic structure and infrastructure. To meet one another's needs because it begins at home it begins with family. So let's Donald Trump talking about here. I love the language here. You know we the Washington Post do you remember them doing a story. About how Barack Obama or these other moron Democrats. Put together a budget a so called budget. That spends like drunken sailors. With all due respect drunken sailors. You receive that kind of language. Do these people are spending like idiots know. But listen to this first lie the budget president trump proposed Monday takes a hard to whack. At the poorest Americans. Slashing billions of dollars from food stamps public health insurance and federal housing vouchers while trying to tilt the programs are more conservative directions. How dealing does that sound to you. Now fired to rate this story and a conservative constitutional context. Are we saying. This budget proposal. Aims to bring spending under control. And help the government operate more within its means. And I can add further. Moving that direction. That is constitutional. Because there is no constitutional basis for any of these programs not a single one. That would be an objective reading of the story. But instead no it's whack. It's taking a whack a hard whacked at the poorest Americans. The spending plan reaches beyond the White House's own power of the government social safety net. And presumed lawmakers were overhaul longstanding entitlement programs for the poor. In ways beyond what congress so far has been willing to do I'll tell you I have a strong suspicion. That's your big Mitch McConnell gonna go for this you think Paul Ryan's gonna go for this. I have serious doubts. These guys are hardly profiles in courage. Hardly. Here's some of the changes. Eliminate the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act transform the rest that program into a system of capped payments to states. Convert food assistance to to a hybrid of commodity deliveries. And traditional cash benefits we're gonna get to that more later because there's a separate story. On how to deliver this food I think it's intriguing I don't know necessarily that I'd like yet. But I think it's intriguing. And also expand requirements that low income people work to qualify for federal assistance. This is kind of an intriguing approach. I'm gonna tell you what one. Conservative group is saying about this we're also gonna go into details about its. Very interesting delivery system. To deal with people who need help buying. Fruit. I mean. I think there's a certain genius to this. And it could actually work. Something. Needs to change anyway and I think everybody would agree with that. What walk of your 1090 not a Vince Coakley radio program if you like to join in the conversation Ingles advantage starkly number 809 to 1110. It's it's retirement planning text line at 71307. And some perspectives are already coming in on the text line. It's a bother six died last week days after giving birth. This unwed mother. All chatted up. We have six different baby daddies. That's six kids with no family whatsoever. There are all now India says care. This frustrates the living daylights sent me a few bad for these kids really do. Really you. It's this is why C of trouble was to legalize one point eight million people they should not be able to collect entitlements. For at least three years. And not be able to vote for ten. Not voting for ten years when. Actually. Eliminate. The right or left agenda these people were given an opportunity of a lifetime to come to the US. They should be thrilled to be legalized. I don't believe. It would have an issue with not being able to vote. Not collecting an entitlement would basically discourage people coming into country. Not wanting to contribute let's get rid of the hand outs. Also this summit suggesting. Include drug testing. And last Guinea saying. Before you get weight anymore taxpayer money sterilize everyone in the household before one penny is given out. Well that's extreme sterilize. It's. Some you folks are really hard court here. But I understand where you're coming from. Don't certainly agree with that but I understand. The director of policy for the libertarian group Americans for prosperity. Is praising Donald Trump's plan here. We're very encouraged by their approach to reforming the welfare state both taxpayers and the people on these programs. We're encouraged by the president's rhetoric and recent actions. Now this is a great starting point a great starting point. But this can't just be one single message. There's a need to continue this. Here's what I'd like. The decision to roll this out. It's bolt. And you know the media's going to be all of this seen this kind of controversy I do not mind at all. The president's got to get out there and sell office. Don't make countries you were stupid stuff. Let's have a serious conversation about these entitlement programs and now out of control AR. We need to have a conversation. What I hope for is more leadership. I'd love to the president addressed the nation. Explain the growth of these broke you know this is where it would be great to have any Ross Perot type presentation. Do you guys remember back during. During the eighties when Ross Perot is spreading of the charge he put up. That would be really compelling to show the rise of these programs to show how much money. The trillions of dollars we put into these programs that were designed to quote. Put an end to poverty. And they ensures the poverty rate. Because it's virtually unchanged. This is the dirty secret you're not really ending poverty at all your perpetuating poverty. And people who promote these programs. What they are very accurately described as being poverty pimps. Joseph in Charlotte good morning and welcome. I do its year. Right you'll only. About users. But it may be developed some pretty. You move into people all the imagery. And I'm spoke on the policy. And not kill you or quote I have always creative. The leading ground capital group. Although more and people call. And you can track history. In. If you will be better through capital group of not on. Without the four people call. Or the lives jobs. What he would call in morality. And their community. Like growth. In there at the bit. It morality. Did you create but they. All important but the heat BO comedy movie. By. The poor. And the beauty of color and how America had on. It was the widow or. Or QB the order. But the president that it well. Read. Into it because there you go up a ball. Have you. As a way. She say that they're profiting off the poor. About it. What it all up in and there are probably. When you look back I log out bill. It did grow billow California. Well it and don't look all the football. Great you know well how to grow bet money. Two out weapon yet but they're expected to any of the fighter. But yet. What you beat today although the pit light and you have a bit so. And and and and the current congressional record. He had quote and say well what he had put the gap. The group that while the quiet. In Atlanta Chicago old. The dog all of that urban area. What that could not be as the match. And nobody thought about it. Now I think they're the wired quality. Not imagery. Look the at cult they. So what needs to change your joke. Well if you're probably it would not. Be what we're up. There. They have their. I have that it. But it might have been there. Colombian that would not. Have little or. You'll pay. You have to up by Brett. No he had to go it. If women make that eliminate. Both the B. So I know about the there opened. Our. The carpet or about. October oh be it but he. Ought though. McNamee. But we'll take you wouldn't expect mom. Had been element. Deer took. Him back. That is yet. And if you talk about the pampered in good. What are you put a bill if it ever been number yup. I thought the black black at our book in a manner that certain. There will not obligated. Well here's the thing and an ought to make sure that we're on the same page you're joke you've got to get to the root issues and a root issues. Relate to human beings making responsible choices. This this is where this goes back to the beginning. Oh yeah well it. I yes policy plays a role here. But part of the part of the issue is government cannot promote policies. That are going to be counteract you. To humanity and the things that ought to take place in nature and our wise choices no matter of government policy. We'll fix irresponsible people I do appreciate your call GO. These things have to work together. If we don't learn how to govern ourselves. You'd think the government's going to be able to clean up in the end all of our messes. That's what I'm saying year. And if we're not going to govern ourselves. As was originally intended to. You know then all bets are off. This is not gonna get it fixed. 809 to 1110. A text line 7130729. Minutes after ten. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on plans to. In some way overhaul or at least begin scaling back. This vast array of social programs. Many of these that were put in place back during the Johnson administration. Are Eagles advantage starkly numbers 809 to 1110 comments it's retirement playing techs like 713 years seven got to Kevin in Charlotte good morning. Prince thank you very much thank you won't solve. You have put on great sure that such as many diary. Greatly during the last caller and I can speak their personal experience. Back in the early seventies and Alison young teenager. My mother was very sick and single mom you know can't picture a string of what trailer and they're rated or security shelter or. Dirt fort fort. He had a bit for our entitlement programs. And I don't comb entitlement program that's politically correct. Their welfare program probably gonna welfare system not a welfare state. Yeah. In order playing without warrants and that's what our school very you know it's been forced post saw. It's should you be reasonable to beat port. I'm now 58 years old. All my house. Free and clear our our no there it if he wants. It from. Having some hail wind the guilt was deleted. Not having that killed throughout whole life. To keep people. That's really good that's a brilliant observation here can describe that distinction again you were talked about difference between. In entitlement program and an entitlement state. Yes the program is aired field you would be short term. And not distinct remember. When my mom bad divorce 34 years old. In the divorce she got a very nice form and it looks fairly well timed it pretty much a beta that's never page sells organic thing. In my mother died when she was 42008. Change yeah. When we actually got sick the last two or three years or life. You wouldn't call it now for months that child the last 23 years about teenage years. And we finally went home will serve food stamps backward or paper notes. They actually came to a house and political. They want to say which you pay. My mother's course here and what coaches throughout the course you got from my father when he pretty much abandoned us we are not orbiter broke down pretty good right. Are we were the welfare ladies say you know you got to course he can sell warning about this month you'll need your help this. Yeah every month they came in or every quarter whatever it was I came here it's okay yeah yeah I want TV. In. They look at what you add the day. If you could have the expense of things the she's the big ol' horse actually dated that you need the real. Actual that it made me realize that. They say okay we're short term periods. It's not the Richie got re still following pre K and free health care previous Fredette. Six states Oriole. It's made me wanna being better are considered to be it would be enforced once he saw it should be and it's it has to do that. Well I've got to certainly commend you for you shared Kevin and thank you for your inspiring story of how you have turned all that around. And so you know this is what America's all about right this the land of opportunity. It's not about sustaining people in poverty eternally. And and I think this is it's it's kind of gross thing to do. We've got liberals who basically once you do remain Puerto rest of your lives. That's really what they want. So that you will stay eternally depended on them for votes. That's how this thing works. Other text line. He Vince you sound like a little a little bit like a trump supporter. See this is what's funny. Get somebody's gotta say this the next breath some of these me saying yes you really do hate Donald Trump you always hated him. In terms of cutting expenses when it started the top congressional gym. And congressional pensions health care. Trumps weekly vacations. Congressional retreats on our dime. I can go on. And I'm sure you really don't care yes I do you mean which is why am talking about this today by the way. Weird to have that to have that stored somewhere. Case in point. TA told your folks I'm gonna be fair I'm gonna talk about everything. Nobody. Nobody escapes examination here. I am not a person who gets into the game. Of picking tribes. I'm all about focusing on truth. And the truth of the matter is. When we have things that are let's just say hypocritical. They need to be called out no matter who does it doesn't matter. Sometimes people are not willing to do that. I am. Because to me. Dealing with these issues fairly and squarely and being honest. You know we're we're we've its relief only way we're gonna get anywhere. That's the truth of the matter I'm looking forward graphic. That I just downloaded all of there ideas. On my goodness our rates. I guarantee you this get a custom manifestations for some people but it's just too bad. I mentioned. As a week ago Saturday. I went to West Palm Beach first thing I see Air Force One. President makes frequent trips to what is characterized as a southern White House. I just like this is my opinion my perspective. But I have never been impressed of this idea the president's not gonna take a salary. To me I did I I don't care I really don't. Because they think the money he's given up in salary is probably more than made up. By the exorbitant expense. The Secret Service takes on. For security and for travel for that family. I guarantee you it's much more. Let me give you some numbers. And I played the audio on this program just a few weeks ago. We're Donald Trump said hey if I were president. He'd never wanna leave the White House I wouldn't be out playing golf. I mean there's there's two weeks since you that month budget some point if you have we may play this after the break. This was the boasting of president. Current president Donald Trump basically mocking. Barack Obama for all the time we spent over golf course and again folks. I was there as well making these derogatory comments about. Barack Obama being out of the golf course. I didn't like it then and I don't feel any differently about Donald Trump doing it. Because he's quote on our side I don't care but let me give you some hard numbers. This president knew this was as of two weeks ago. He's been in office 379. Days. Out of those 379. Days he spent 124. Of those days on trump properties. Think about that that's about a third. Of the time on trump properties. 95 of those days. Ed golf properties. That's about a fourth of the time he's been in office he has spent Ed golf properties. Folks if we're gonna call this out. With president Barack Obama we need to do the same with this president. Not acceptable then. From my perspective not acceptable now at 49 of its Coakley radio for rent it would be talking about. Cutting government expenses getting these entitlement programs under control. And so I made the point. ID justifiably so you can look at these presidential expenses as well that figures into the picture. I was Sherry Q before the break with the president had to say. The current president. Back when he was not president all these criticisms of Barack Obama can I refresh your memory about some of these this is a montage. When she'll listen up very closely. I love golf I think it's one of the reds I don't. Want your assets are the guys who plays at the PGA tour players. Obama ought to get off the golf course it gets down. Everything's executive order does he doesn't have. Enough time because he's played so much guff he does have enough time to convince congress. So I have the greatest. But you know what I love golf but if I weren't the White House. I don't think that if she turned very I just wanna stay in the White House and work by yes our president from liberty. And I liked it like half. It's public good golfer believe it or not. He saw in utilized this is an opportunity with prime minister Andre. To. How form Foster deeper relationships in southeast Asia. Asia rather and have having a growing relationship it's gonna help to US interest. How you use the game of golf this is something he's talked. Today ago. You know I'm not going to be called of course. This what he said folks. Seriously put down the Kool Aid fat. Because this man has been inconsistent on this tournaments ago. I am not saying. This does not negate what he's accomplished in the first year. But those numbers do not lie. Let me refresh your memory. Those numbers that I shared with you 379. Days in office 124. Of those on trump properties. 95. Days on golf properties. Tim good morning welcome. Yes sir to two pointer to. Entitlement deal. Situation I'd I'd get. Is not your coliseum on ER and of course are for no reason to me is what I achieved its food stamps. And look they're much audit it's. The cab there came back towards protecting the former Porsche is SL I don't want and I need I think you're right so you're in it that would stop nit. It really surprised me exactly the mindset he well you'd do it by yourself while that you. So it's the ease. As there. Brody is not a restaurant it it doesn't get your back. Doesn't make you appreciate what you. And at least eight might eat cheeseburgers or Hamburg but it's it's Vuitton every it's all good with Huey. Which help. I think in my opinion he ran his mouth before he knew with a capital. You know same because. I mean almost had to beat. You're confined. Or are structured beautiful what you're confined to sort out. Then there will be used to freedom keystone resort property and what the other part of it. It. He's gonna hit the Secret Service were to where Rico. I completely agree pilots say. When Atwood I caught yesterday before some light. In Indian culture. He said he he told them it is. Keepers or whoever is what wash trim it to governor Richard. Which is that a climate effects. Yeah you you some freedom it it's it's I can see. Our. I would have to look at those days. And it says. If they keep working. Or it's considered a vacation but I do know them. Or from what you are here. It is in the end it one artwork presents yet received a lot. And obviously just because he is 5 o'clock and more. Are you Rhonda tighten it you know. I think. It might be I believe he would and the idea. He was going to be under a microscope all the different seekers are people in alarms set off. Changed there a case for Israel. Oh yes I'm sure it is I do appreciate your call their tip that's important perspective year. This is why I come back to this very important word humility. It goes a law. Long way does that. You're able to say you know what I would love that you don't eat that these interest in scoring report with me. But you know it would go a long way for him to come out if someone ever asked a question about this golf thing again and say you know what. I I really the you know I just really. Misspoke years ago when I mean all those criticisms of Barack Obama I understand what it's like now. I would go crazy if I stayed in that White House all day. I would and you know what I respect the heck out of the president for saying that. And say you know I was wrong about that. And I get it. I don't wanna be confined in that place all day I'll tell you I'll tell you right now well I'm not a golf person can't stand golf. But what I wanna be stuck in the White House 447365. No. Not a chance. Ketchup on some text year. A architecture reminding me that. Ross Perot was in 1992. That a person staying here capitalism thrives in any environment if you have a wealthier population technology will do the jobs humans. Don't want to do you. That the person saying it's easier to take from the poor. Also this. Sometimes it's not racist it's just starts the guy and been to show could find racism and a white piece of sand. He is the problem seriously not everything is white he's fault. Everything he calls is racist everything is against the pour in the black community. Well sometimes people and have a little bit of that mindset would get two more of your thoughts and perspectives on specially this entitlement issue and how to move things in a different direction.