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Are to return to the broadcaster to talk about. Turmoil in the White House again this time over the chief of staff and perhaps a lapse of he has. But what also is intriguing as this story floating out there abouts. A possible replacement for John Kelly. Someone with eight Carolina connection. We will delve into that let's go first to call from general good morning GO. I. Good morning. Korea doing well. We'll comment about all the entitlement. Lose it all talk about that needed it activity. NN. I I think about you know where people are. And everywhere and people. To him. It turns choose their church. It and I was there or more. Yeah. I think it would strengthen our hand and yes he and his people turned to her we have more people relying. I'm on the board. You're right on it Joseph. And you wouldn't be great this is what I would love to hear. I would love for president to come out and basically say you know what we have done these programs for decades. We have really not. Made a dent in the poverty rate in this country at all. What I'm calling on. Is for us to sense that all of these. Transfer of wealth programs we're gonna cents at them in five years but I wanna put a challenge to every single American. You do need to. Focus on putting your families in your lives together. And learn how to take care of each other. Because the federal treasury. Is not your treasury. That's what I'd love to hear. The but there's got to be leadership that pushes back and says. Listen people you need to figure these things out and take care of yourselves you've got five years seven years whatever to do it doesn't make sense. It certainly. Now as you get so much respect it would be horrible. Oh. At the same time I think it would be very. Rewarding I think that they were triple their lesson from those yes. Yes. Now I just. It's or it's really thankful. Why all the entitlement program I. Want. You really do. There are people that do fans there are others say it's another story all together we can have a conversation about Joseph I do appreciate your call you're right on point. About what we need to recover. Keep in mind. How many years of this country. To we have under our belts before these things were even in existence. And so at the progressive wants you to believe. That we can't function without these programs. That's what they want you to believe by the way. I need to finish when I was communicating earlier about these programs. Because there's a little more information. About what Donald Trump wants to do with one program in particular. Newsweek reporting. The drug administration wants to scrap food stamps for low income Americans replaced them with boxes. Of nonperishable food items selected by the government. I'm. I'm a little uneasy about this idea of government picking food for people for anybody even for school lunches. But this is a proposal touted by Mick more Vinny. And included in the White House fiscal budget released Monday. Now as supposedly ended this plan they would save the federal government 129. Billion dollars over the next decade. Involve maybe eight compared this measure to start up meal delivery company blue apron. That would be pretty interesting isn't so instead of food stamps. Just deliver food. What do you think about this site. Delivering food. I think it's kind of intriguing. By the way. Just by way of mentioning consistency again. Do you remember this quote. From 2011. Sent out as a tweaked. Our deficit spending is China's game. Barack Obama is bankrupting our country. Anybody wanna take a guess as to who said that 2011. Our deficit spending is China's gain. Over Barack Obama is bankrupting our country. There was Donald Trump. Who. By all accounts based on what we're seeing. We're seeing. At least the same kind of spending. That took place under the Obama administration. Hasn't changed. Just need to understand the got to Jim good morning and welcome. Yeah Altria that bookmark or whoever he. Gumbo. They can call for that to go on the menu that it's agreed idea. Up like other year like art why. Got. I bet there are important every day. And go. You know when we got you know people are ignoring no auto. Market came years ago. It was the economic event in my outlook in life time. Eric thank. Anywhere he started it is certain value. Like I've never wore in the year. And after their last year period if you'll notice. The federal government it collection it standing there never made it up pretty. Droid didn't. In that wonderful for them. And out by L entitlement programs that promote and read it five years old. Lyndon Johnson eight year old. And get the hell out of control. Am I up here and there. Nobody can control people. Don't want to control our own party control their own lending. Yes where are on Ashe Jim that is apt description for what's taken place. I got to ask you quickly zoom and try to get another call in how you fare at the last two years if you recovered okay. Yes. Bunkered. In. And help. Out on the collected art call. I would call moan. I stopped and now my out. Well. Oh I'm not bar them if you. That god in all but nobody nobody is controlling the growth. In government minimal and Obama might moreover com they're duke quickly around here yes. I'm a model know all about it when he sections. Yeah yeah on record and got him the ball well operate out there aren't. He quit in and out of liberal side of our government are that they know all about them. Well they certainly do. It's one of their favorite stories there's no question about that blood this year repeats. With this president I'm sure. Watching him feed out into the sunset. Let an idea the Vince Coakley radio program we've been talking about entitlements how to do this this is really sparked a lot of common sense. Also some texts as well still got phones ringing this subject it's got to rush key good morning. I'm more in depth. Our blog got our our idea not idea but my perspective on that entitlement scenario. And that church that that's from my perspective where I'm looking at it. Back in the depression time and the conversion to the government take over a share you know the nature and and accordingly. Those who were down out. The church innocent acquiesce and rendered that responsibility. To the government. Have an easy way to take care of the problem that we face in the community you know and their communities. And the largest. As well but you're not take on the responsibility. Will allow the government to do it well. When that happened is it's not the government got a resolve the problem is the church. We've got we've got to find a way to reclaim. Our heritage of being the charity people. And they go about it a way to try to. Bring. A sense of normalcy back to work our government. Let's talk about how to practically do this how do you implement something like this it's it's pretty monumental. Oh there it is that the orbit. Or course I'm I'm I'm in the Christian mindset. Thought I I know that our prayers is the first thing. Two. To agree to be a part. But the beyond that that they anecdote. About interacting with the system and our. We we can't rely on the government to be the source that we have to. Folks were going to. Oh go back to the concept of being our brother's keeper at the neighbors the people who work. And in need. Reaching out and help them. Providing. System where it. And I've found over the years that congregation that reach out and serve. A community. The population. As grab is gravitate to that congregation. And they're willing when they see their on their resources. Their energies. Put to good use they support that effort. It is it is. That part of the dynamic vote on the Christian well. I I certainly agree with that I think people like can easily be rallied behind that sort of cause appreciate crawled Iraqi. It's got to Gerald in top 10s good morning Gerald. Monster. Yeah okay let me. He popped the ball well she. Chick car. They'll open you know I'm no good well. Well I'll fare over more ol' yeah yeah yeah I don't want not what we're after. Well you know why people don't do that well part of the problem is so many of these people were indeed they're not in. Rural areas there in urban areas she can't grow your own food there you certainly can't have. Livestock in those serious. Which is another one of our problems when you have the city's. Your options are quite limited in this regard Gerald but it's a great idea I would love to see more people. Who are in a position to provide for themselves in that way thanks for your call their Gerald let's quickly go to Denise in Columbia, South Carolina good morning. And you know one of the biggest line item in the entitlement is clearly Medicaid. In Medicaid. Have let the spending on Medicaid come from the federal government and it comes not from many payroll taxes come directly from the income tax. Capital with. Most Americans are not interpreting that much at one time. So they are not being paid by those who actually petty income tax. And 50%. Of it is coming from said the other half from individual states. We have got to get some control most of the costs for the Medicare which is under percent provided by. The Medicare taxes and and the general revenue. Is and the like and things. So I would have done that and why the churches gave up the responsibility for charity where there was accountability. Okay when he came to return to their hand out there was accountability you need to try to get your act together. That's no longer the case when the government hinting of other people's money you. But. I I think the characters have abdicated on so many times. But and the light thing I mean spending. There's the money to keep someone alive for another three months with no quality of life. And the report at the end of like this happen for those who believe that it it would wonder why there. Grab them with their fingernails and other people's money to avoid the inevitable. It's a great point there are did he said he kind of bill lies our confidence in eternity doesn't it. You eat. That thank you very much to these. Any. Tallied on its. I don't I bought a couple issues. Emporium. He has been right now it's split. Give them further and power. Are you got that out of mental issues. And it's like it is wow it is they have heat category doctor. There a little brother actually has about our. Actually you like that. Medical the opinion. There about power and one million merit and work. As to how we see it now you say as he doesn't have any issues. But that myelin that he. Made and and the mayor did not cheap ugly. It's matter. I would doubt that people are ma but I sodium. Sometimes it is now bought a lot of money. But I weren't involved as many as. He may expand the danger. And it doesn't take here recently he. A good job. And approximately about wise and very Kia. And maybe if wallet you may have but what he problem. In advance of the Asia and India that give him and lock that apartment and what does wrong. But typically eleven I was on the street here. You and it's I'll look I'll LeMay and AM consistently. Arm. Reform. And blow them. Focus and we have so many people out here of the medal LTU and North Carolina. They're just literate among wanna cut from the year ago late but little else. And they're not as well no probably drug problem gone from the appeals ordered. A crisis. I have a friend in my. It's just recently. The we're. And there's. You know will. Be played in the drug he was actually go into that area. And yet he's the drugs from Bavaria fruit and anti gambling. And guns and when it's warm bottled Cambodia it is truck. It's it's pretty tight in the morning that should. It makes me feel it is not forget Hubbell. It. That is it's pretty sad there Eddie Eddie I appreciate your college sharing some perspective on what some folks are going through here on the text line. Inside green church helped support the problem is those who pay tides are also over burdened with paying taxes to the government's. We also need of people back to church and to the lord give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime. I know food ministry volunteers are getting too old to lift attendance is down. And accordingly so it was volunteer morale. Certainly is a challenge. It's my mother always said one day we'll have to go back to growing world food food and nobody would know now that day is actually two day. There's no question were already there. 29 minutes after 11 o'clock. Let me talk about what could be capping the White House very soon a possible changing the guard. With another yet another chief of staff this would from the Carolinas. Of first two richt brought kill good morning. There are. Today. I'm. And Welsh. People talk about generational poverty. And involved and I think. And ultimately. Programs. People. Not necessarily. And Vince omni. Or Guam. People that stable. Homes and stabilize badly. That it. It just. Programs are around other. Problems and just fire. And he simply. Yeah that makes all the difference in the world. It's it makes a world and that's how you. That's right stop. I doubt that that's a slowdown generational poverty. Is is by offering and but not that sale I am out. Where they have in the. That's good it's a great idea there re that's exactly what needs to. Exactly. What needs to happen appreciate your call there. Over the text line. Vince your present trump spent half of last year looking at his golf clubs. In the courtroom how horrible. And you were unreal really. President trumps that 14 freestyle and his old property instead of leased properties are rented way to go. You've really got him now. It's uninteresting. I'm I'll be curious I would love to hear. Eight tape recording your view. He digital recording your view several years ago when Barack Obama was in office and talk radio was getting you revved up about all the times. Barack Obama was on the golf course. Just curious. Helping people help themselves habitat does not give people homes they give them the opportunity to affordably purchase one. Also own. Brilliant world is this tournament's goal I in this one's. It's like green church and helped poor problem is those who pay tides. Our overburdened with paying ties the government. We also need to give people back to church and to board I want to come back to this text because. I didn't have time to addressed this earlier. If you go back to. What the scripture says. I boy I can really get myself in trouble a whole lot of people here in the area let me just tell you. I don't believe in tightly. I do not believe hiding is a new testament principle. And I find it very interesting though a lot of people who consider themselves new testament Christian believers. Have bought into this and continue to propagate this new testament. Non teaching. But if you wanna play the typing game. What is made reference to you. About type. Bringing the tide swear into the store house. Store house. Can shouldn't someone show me. The store house. And the whole idea behind this was to provide for meets. Did you know we spend most of the money be used in the church system now you know where most of vigorous ourselves. Church where we spend most of the money. It's for buildings its salaries. It's for all kinds of creature comforts me heck we even got latte bars in churches. Not referring to bars with that are. Managed by my dog like today. I'm I'm talking about. This is what we've done. It's all about us. I know I've really got it stirred up now. Let's see what else we have your of the text line that's progressives. We'll say the food selection delivery will be inefficient compared to EBT cards and a waste of taxpayer dollars. One of the few times they'll be conveniently concerned about text bigger money yes it is very community news and it's. Keep twisting the facts yes stroke the spending money but compared to Obama's spending trumpet is producing results. I'm really getting tired of your fake news tell the truth really. Only in this. Let's the events the food selection delivery will get shut down because of progressives complaining about food allergies Excedrin poor people. Not having the right to selector and items including beer and cigarettes. At a very important can't do without the beer and cigarettes. For the senate timed its way from his her particular community in history. This is the thirteen day thirteenth day. Of February 28 team. And let's see what items we have on the list for today that's our good friend lines so in Arab states studio in Greensboro would just. Blow through like a champ rights. Yeah that's when Armando. You'd do that. Well let's start here in 1542. Henry the eighths fifth wife man this guy yeah was busy Catherine Howard. Let's just say she luster had what was or crime. Double duty now I don't know. Well that's actually true double dipping with what it. It's Moody's. You know year it was adultery let's give it took. A a a pop up. Liberty Missouri. This first crime of its type. Committed by Jesse James and his game. What I robbery bank robbery you're correct. 1935 Bruno Hauptmann. I hope we're pronounce this correctly found guilty of murdering this famous baby. 1935. Whose baby was at the Ruder. Not quite this is actually be Lindbergh baby. The kidnapped the Lindbergh baby 1960. And we had friends who joined this very important military club. By exploding what. We're one yes they join the nuclear club. Exploding an atomic bomb and a minute rant. And yes they do. France. And it's quite shocking news in it. But Alonso goes three for four that's pretty impressive. That's a you gave me credit for something nice that train robbery was to be and he said train you and I don't think Michigan credit for a hole. OK well that's honesty for you that's pretty impressive. See that's just kind of guy you are pro athlete knows honest which implies that you don't pick on all united on an accurate said it. Hey I gotta tell you we talked about this thing I see in Q. You know we've been watching the Olympic Games. And there's this place called young change this where the games are being played and this is pretty funny a television station. They have a graphic you know what it says on it. PF chain 28 team. Is that not hilarious lines that is so awesome earlier. That just absolutely correct me when I saw this thing you know I can identify this week we had some perspective my TV days. It's very similar to this. PF chain twenty team great advertising. Didn't even have to pay for either. I just should not to torture you with this ongoing testimony right now before the senate since that senate Intel hearing. Right now Christopher Wray the FBI director is on Indy he's responding to. So the drama that's been going on the past few days he's you know the controversy. The memos released. And you know in many ways the FBI's cavity a defensive position. You're trying to make the case here that hate where we're doing our job we're professional people. So that is going on right now. Probably not much is going to come of this I told you play any tents I hate these hearings and this is part of their job and one of the reasons why. The news media covers these things you know they're hoping for some sort of news that will come out of this plus it's free content. You don't have to go into any real the journalists. Briefly touch on a couple things the possible end of an aero and the possible. Incoming air what am I referring to the position of chief of staff. In the trumpet administration. Political has a story Kelli increasingly isolated as Porter scandal rages on. And this is a reference to what is happening to John Kelly. He's been left to shoulder the blame over the failure to remove the former staff secretary. Who told only an interim security clearance. The story starts out saying that turbulence the west wing is typically generated by president Donald Trump that's for sure. But the past week it's been chief of staff John Kelly. The man brought in to be a studying end. Inspiring. What one White House official described as a crisis of confidence. While the president often. Except hash of the truth aides took Kelly's word at face value and hell. There were confronted with the zigzagging accounts of the events leading up to former staff secretary rob porter's resignation. And Kelly's role in them. In the hours immediately after the Daily Mail published a photograph of porter's ex wife first ex wife for the black guy. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders hastily arranged and off the record meeting in the west wing. With Porter inform reporters. In that meeting. Which hasn't previously been reported Porter relayed his version of events add fuel to questions from the group Kelly told staff two days later. What's he been briefed on allegations of abuse against Porter by his two ex wives. He was gone forty minutes later. The White House not commenting. I'm Porter meeting with reporters including whether or not Kelly was aware took place. But to White House official said the mixed messages are symptomatic of the extent to which the White House has left Kelly to shoulder the blame for reporter messed. You know it kind of reminds me some of these movies that you see tunnel like the the board movie. I remember one of the quotes when they. You know they're trying to frame Boren they basically said hey we're gonna tie and wrap this around him and throw it out. That's really what what they wanna do here they wanna wrapped this entire matter with Porter and his ex wives. And you know. Hi mr. Kelly to this. And it looks like he's probably on his way out I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. I wanna get to the next story. Reported by The Herald. Because this is really intriguing. The possible replacement. Could come from the upstate of South Carolina referring to you. The budget director Mick more zany. By the way I've reached out to me over eighty deceive you come on this program again we talk with him her early in this administration. But this guy's really become a trusted aide. Anyway. Herald reporting he's a leading contender to replace White House chief of staff John Kelly according to two people familiar with the situation. As you know we talked about this a few days ago mr. Rubel brainy. Was recently named to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on an interim basis he is now that top choice. If trump dismisses Kelly. Over this entire matter. This is kind of interesting isn't it. More babies become one of the White House is most effective messengers for president who values telegenic qualities in this administration officials. And I would say this every time I've I. Mick is sharp this goes back I remember some of the early campaign appearances I didn't know make very well. At that time I remember one of the first times I heard him speak and I was very impressed. He just has a really good presence about him he speaks well. He knows his stuff. He just has a commanding presence and appalling presents. I think he'd be an awesome choice. He's scheduled to appear Sunday on face the nation the day before the Office of Management and Budget this judge to release its fiscal 2019. Budget blueprint. A third person familiar with the situation says I think it makes a whole lot of sense given trumps affinity for more Beatty. And more grainy strong capability not to mention this ties to the hill and knowledge of what motivates hale. What are they talking about the guys he served in congress he knows. How this stuff works. That third person said the news small Beatty was under consideration for the chief of staff post was spreading. Among Republican and donor. Types in North Carolina. It's kind of intriguing isn't it. Several Republicans in North Carolina said movie selection would make cents. Given the quote given the close relationship peace Foster with the president in just a short amount of time. Others being considered for Kelly's job. How's freedom caucus chairman mark commanders. Right here in North Carolina. Kevin McCarthy of California god help us please know. Gary Cohn fronts economic advisor DAVID URBAN a veteran Washington lobbyists leaves no. I think out of all these choices. I'd love to see either make more grainy or mark meadows would be awesome if one of these guys from the Carolinas gets the stop job. Both of them great men of integrity. Let's pray this happens every day.