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Good morning welcome back to the broadcast here we go again. Yet another developments. In the Russia investigation. We start off with what has happened to one vein in the derived Pinter wine. This guy is. The latest person to be indicted you know these developments are happening pretty quickly. We had Russians indicted last week. Now we have this lawyer. Who's been charged with lying in the rusher probe. This attorney actually worked for prominent law firm. He served for making false statements to federal authorities as part a special counsel Robert militia probe of Russian collusion. In the Torre sixty presidential election. This guy's name is Alex van der is one. He's charged with lying to investigators about conversations related to report he helped prepare. On the trial of a Ukrainian politician. Guys charged with a criminal. Information which typically precedes. A guilty plea. Now easily get a fine on his Linkedin page as an associate in the London office. But some law firm. He was questioned regarding the firm's work in 2012 on behalf of the Ukraine ministry of justice. He allegedly lied to investigators about his last communications. With Richard gates. Who was indicted in October with. X trump campaign manager Paul man effort over their consulting work in Ukraine. So. This is one development in this story today you probably know by now what happened yesterday evening we've learned. That's Robert Mueller is buying. Another trump family member. This time it's Jared Kushner. It's expanded beyond his contacts with the Russian now includes efforts to secure financing for his company. From foreign investors. During the presidential transition. This is the first indication Muller's exploring creatures discussions with potential non Russian foreign investors. US officials briefed on the probe. Told CNN back and made that point of focus related to Kerschner. The White House senior advisor inside a lot of president Donald Trump included the trump campaign's 2016. Data analytics operation. His relationship with former national security advisor Michael Flynn and commissioners all the contacts with Russians. Motors investigators have been asking questions including during interviews in January and February about Christmas conversations. During the transition to short financing for. Have you heard about the name of this property by the way anybody would take. Without knowing this you guys would take a wild guess with the address. Of this property it is. Mean the worst address in the world. For any property. Eighty. A oh the numbers. That big of number 666. Thank years. Why in the world would you want 666. On any property of years. But this is the property in question 6665. Avenue. Should that be it right away you don't wanna have eighty thing to do with this this is eight cushion or companies backed New York City office building. And they've been having some financial problems. At this point it's not clear what's behind. Mr. Moeller specific interest in the financing discussions. The team has not contacted Kerschner companies for information requested interviews with the executives yet. And that's probably the key word yet. During the presidential transition Kerschner it was a lead contact for foreign governments speaking over fifty contact with people. From over fifteen. Countries. According to a statement he gave to congressional investigators. Before joining the administration Christian was also working to divest his interest in crushed her company's. The family company founded by his father. In early 20s17 Kush are also divested from the 6665. Avenue property. That is fairways can be purchased in 200741. Point eight. Billion dollars. The interest were sold to a fairly trust Kerschner does not benefit from according to a spokesman. One line of questioning from polish team involves discussions Kushner had with Chinese investors during the transition. A week after trump selection Krishna met with the chairman and other executives. Of ending insurance this is the Chinese conglomerate that also owns the Waldorf. Astoria hotel famous hotel there in New York City. At the time. The chairman of that company and Kosher were close to finishing a deal for the Chinese insurers to invest in the flagship. Kushner companies property 6665 avenue. Talks between the two companies collapsed in March according to the times. Muller's team. Has also asked about commissioners dealings with a qatari investors regarding the same property. According to one of the sources. Kirschner is company were negotiating for financing from a prominent qatari investor former prime minister. But as with the other company those efforts completely stalled. Now let me just say in terms of commentary on this. Who knows whether there's any thing. That is illegitimate here here's the point that the you have to understand one of the things you have to understand very clearly. Robert Mueller is a very. Aggressive prosecutor. I think we got to see that by now. If there's anything. That he is shady. It's going to be found one of the things I wanna make clear here and I said this from the very beginning. From my perspective. I am not aware of any evidence of collusion which is the foundational. Issue that these investigations related to. We need to remember though previous. Special counsel investigations. Wooded Paula Jones. Have to do. With Whitewater. Nothing. What did the White House intern have to do we if Whitewater nothing. I wonder whether some ancillary issue here could in stare. The president and perhaps some of his family members. We don't know about the business dealings. But this could be a potential area of vulnerability. And I'll be very curious to see where this goes. What are your thoughts how concerned are you. About the possibility of something being found again. I suspect. It's not gonna have anything to do with collusion. That's my suspicion here. If you like to join the conversation Eagles advantage starkly numbers 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line. 71307. So how do we prevent school shooting to ninety events character radio program over the tech slide it's 713 years seven. Then speaking to the indictments on Friday to quote mr. Kerry it's like OJ saying he's going to find the real killers. A we also have this. I mean to be addressed 666. Dispersants as I always want to be addressed 665 sort of put a sign out front says neighbor of the beast. At sprinkler. At a prison saying here Muller is fishy as no evidence it is out of balance so he needs to pack it up. Since that crime is still evident that from mark. On that the use shootings. Text says I think the social media addiction with young people these days has a negative psychological effect especially. If they're being bullied at school and on line. Any kind of wonder how much roll displeased. With the circumstance like we have just seen here. Getting some thoughts already on the east to new developments regarding the investigation. That is being conducted by Robert Mueller let's to such first with a rusty in Charlotte good morning. Here. The court shouldn't at other. Let art or. I don't know what they've done it I don't really. Hillary Clinton. All of that should ever drop market there that I'd do it is a we. It'll be like the electrical workers. We are not guilt of what we're. Sheet it yet the salt on. You're a lot I don't care bill that mark. The ball to the or ultra. That it formed the population of the United States of America what is quite. She yet. Yeah. I hear zero ST. They slept for your call and I think this isn't this what really takes us off about so many of these people. It's not about the truth getting to the truth of the matter it is well this wouldn't have been out there if somebody hadn't stolen this or that it. KP. How. Get a deal with the core. The core issue here in the way I was in play any good news now. But I ID came across a story that I did this I that was absolutely refreshing. Before we go to more of your calls here. This is totally against what I just set totally different approach. Did you hear about what happened with the mayor in Nashville. Tennessee. Wall Street Journal notes New York Times has the story her name is Megan bear. January 31 she called a news conference to announce she had been having an affair. With Robert Forrest junior police sergeant who's the head of her security detail. Here's what you said. It was wrong we shouldn't have done it. Allow this confession them and now. In the context of this last caller. Now what was what's Hillary Clinton's message would it how does she approached this whole thing. Well I mean I have been convicted of anything you know who. These people exposed this of that all of these records are released they should have done this how terrible. I don't know how this story came out about this fair. It doesn't matter. What happens is the mayor came out and said you know what we did this we shouldn't have done it. Case closed. But there's more. A low this confession the mayor offer the kind of full throated apology we must almost never get from public officials. I accept full responsibility for the pain I have caused my family and he has. I knew my actions could cause damage to my office the ones I loved but I did it anyway. Don't you find this refreshing. Now compare this to what you gotta politicians and none other than Bill Clinton for example. In one breath he's giving up half hearted apology the next thing you know. He's going after the independent counsel. And saying this whole thing is that we China what does Hillary saying oh this is a right wing conspiracy. You remember all that nonsense. Was this woman do you know what we should've done this we did it anyway. She's into her statement with a pledge. God will forgive me but the people of Nashville don't have to you seat. This is somebody who understands repayments. You don't ever demand somebody accept your apology if you demand that. You obviously don't know an apology repent it is. God will forgive me but the people Nashville don't have to you in the weeks and months to come I will work hard to earned a you're word. Earned your forgiveness. And earn back your trust. I love this I know this woman. And maybe she's blowing smoke here. But I tell you what I don't remember hearing a story like this. Any time India. In the past. Recently. I think the closest to this may be in Mark Sanford. Mean in terms of transparency. The former South Carolina governor who's now a congressman. They there's something genuine to practice every aliens. Now that we you're back from my rabbit trail which I think is a good rabbit trail. Let's go I took off from Joseph in Charlotte good morning. Good morning it an important night red trail wall that was a legend George. The idea the my take on all of it is in everybody's. Using Mo. As the punt and bay get there they he had in the fall out. War. Current president. I'm looking ahead to article one from The New Yorker Trump's business so corruption in. His laundering business with the new republic oracle. If gore be money laundering. Drop admin money longer than he was married to heap on a trial. Is that they you know borrow money at washed money. It's real estate properties watch money and all that cool on the comment it is dirty and we bit. It is is because university welcome for all he has why wasn't it well. I'm me he's just anti Iranian and he would he would have the contractors do his work. He would walk he and calling something was wrong wouldn't pay him and he turned to them they would do. But don't smoke companies will go practically bankrupt. Trying to get their money O'Donnell trial he advocated from from from decades ago and now with it comes to forests. You really think they're gonna get the heart of something like this. Oh most definitely called the International League he wrote to needy people the wrong way. And with the approach. And will of the European countries. Bit. Man well they're not corner or he get away from his corruption. They've always know he was the dirty dirty canopy over a mandate to handle not beating me. Collect what we do when a mayor who we know somebody's dirty we do would overturn he'd quit but he didn't do things. And so now just like these young people and floor. The band are speaking up to a politician. About what what happened in that tragic situation down there that care respect. The quarter they're going to bring back the integrity. You think they will do that they're. Using they will bring that back. I certainly do you think what you thought you. Do you think they have the character to do that. The young people that are being beaten so far do now you know we always try to infiltrate don't billionaire. Who meant so well. A movement and that. He. Okay well it's a pretty interesting perspective as to your previous points that you're suggesting about this president. And I know there are people who will go crazy with me saying this. I don't know what's there I really don't and the truth of the matter is most people don't. And it could be interesting to watch over these coming months. May have nothing to do with Russia but there may be something there and if so Moeller may find we'll see. 1036 of its Coakley radio program and as I suspected I've gotten it stirred up here. Talking about the Muller investigation. Scott took off from David in Charlotte good morning. Yoga demonic. Good morning. Our Internet details on this Richard Kurt story. And I pulled up an article from the New York Times as some shouldn't have been dealt our. Our according to New York the first family. Bought the building in 2000. And by trade more than any other office building has ever sold or in New York. They pay double the price per square. Then any other building had ever so for. And the building was completely at least. But they were at all and come covered only. Two thirds. Of the could Ers. Play on the bill. And the recession. Cannot moved out ripped split down. The building is Russia can't keep. So that's 41 story. Like earth is way under water. Cal depression Ers have been running around according to New York Times. Looked for all kinds of digital to try to get out from under this bill. Are targeted bill. But but got a lot of complication. Occurs at one point the last few years. Thanks old part of the built. Now they're trying to get other developer coming out and bill. But I of people that all part so that our abstain a lot of money. So they're so. And the huge. Ally mr. Trout I like what he's trying to do for the country. I don't have a lot of cops that and the wisdom of the sun at all. Yeah. It's not like a real estate speculator. And he made are really really stupid deal on this kick for built. Thank you mr. Moeller keep them again. They'll probably some real. Desperate. Option for the current urged to get out from under this but it. Yep I'm sure. There's the ups real possibility that yes and I'm I'm sure that's that's what he's gunning for year. And then part of which you've done is you've shared. Account from the New York Times story I forgot which. We were sharing from another article was on the same subject this when you described wouldn't have much more detail about the intricacies. Of what happened in the history and it's you know. I mean any time you do any investment it doesn't matter what it is it's always risky right there's always. Risk associated with that the other thing I think is intriguing about this. If I don't know how much you have followed Steve Bannon who was one of the big can trump supporters from the very beginning. But. Steve Bannon has always had a very strong suspicion. And it's concerned about Jared Kushner. It's eight it seems he's always had concerns that this has been one of the president's vulnerabilities. In terms of his involvement Andy and I think he has a lot of questions about. Mr. crushed yours. Wisdom. And the fact the president seems to put a lot of trust and confidence in him in matters that that may be way over his head as well. And that would be that's kind of my point is well if you and I don't know a lot about the coach or background or is this a success or failure. But this stable in particular massive failure and may ask. And that that does lead you to suspect his Dutch. And if you're one of the problems with this David when you're in the public eye like this. And you're getting involved in government. And it isn't this the concern that we've had about the clintons and other people how much intermingling. Do you have between family business. And government business. Yeah that's a great point and now. There has been worldwide contact from his. Being associated with double drop so that's the story the brick and now he's trying to negotiate with a Chinese company. Coming on and I all or part of the built. And that Chinese company notes. According to the time article. Feet deep connections to the Chinese Government. Focus. Intermingling of our own business and government fire yeah it is. And if you tell me if I'm wrong here David I don't care who you are I don't care what political party years are shared it with here's what I believe then you need to present. The utmost in integrity and how are you engage yourself. Hands avoid even the of the appearance of impropriety. And I need. I don't think that's been done here I I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes. But I think this whole thing should not have been dealt with the way that it happens I don't think having people involved with. Personal dealings like this with the international businesses and then bringing those people within the campaign and within the government. I just that's just not wise at all. There and it of course is stiff pole and it went elegant pop keep everything except for you know according to this article. Jared Kushner has sold. Its interest. In this particular property back to assembly company. I work. Remotely racist. But from our own moral issue. The family side and you've got to send this mass out yet. How do you disassociate yourself from a family business. It. David I appreciate your call and again I mean for those who thinking well it is just looking for sentinel I'm not. Again if these vulnerabilities are fair. And they are found and they are discovered what you can do blame Muller for that to gonna blame the Democrats for that. Over on the text line. We have some other interesting perspectives on this. If people believe what is on FaceBook they have a real problem I voted for trump the Russians had nothing to do with it well great. Let's see how long is the color. Thanks is Obama pure as the driven snow my feeling is. And I went to know what happens if we look back and his dad's background. Probably a terrorist. Okay. Robert Mueller has a long history of prosecutions not often mentioned his equally long history of overturning of its prosecutions due to shady tactics. Use that often go outside the scope of the law this is all smoke and mirrors with him and so. We will see that play on the court system. Let's see year. That's what young kids can be forgiven for seeing a lot of them things after school shooting adults should know better blaming trump the GOP. The NRA extender is just stupid. They have been a number of parents exit drew and other tragedies have let jobs and careers to pursue the agenda. Of taking away the second member rights of the other 330. Million Americans who never shot a preschool I've always wondered say. Don't lecture grief make you stupid Alan there's certainly wisdom there lot of wisdom. Social media is anything but social. That's the problem kids are not interacting with each other that he is a problem US how we stop school shootings you can't separate. Stu many people. Too many guns. Mueller investigation Vince there's another residual point to be made the Muller investigations and you've taken a message. That there's a price to pay. To run for higher office outside the establishment in the end. The so called investigation simply further erosion of America's heritage of freedom in limitless opportunity. We will see. More of your thoughts and perspectives coming up. 1049 on the Vince Coakley radio program coming at a few minutes we're gonna have a very interesting conversation. Is that an event that's taking place in the upstate. And it's going to address the issue of hazy. Hazy with fraternities. I think it's a subject that really needs more discussion. And we will have that coming up in the next hour rate here. Let's talk to a call from butch in mores bill good morning butch. In our our Acer. I got a question for that and I'd like to elaborate on that on your screener. As you know Donald Trump was a Democrat before it changed to Republican I think everybody knows that. But what are behind the scenes and Robert Moeller are really close friend. Nobody knows about it. That made the all smoke and mere besides it Buchanan did you know that got it Russians who you know learn computers and file of them and I with a police say. So. This out for me butch. What's the in game then. And it here at let me filled in a possible scenario here if if your idea is a legitimate one. Donald Trump. Functions best with a foil and enemy. So. This entire investigation just energizes his base. That's true. Remember. In front of a lot of people and they wanted to response would be the same between the Mueller but nobody knows of. Now to be honest with you bush I doubt the scenario but I think I'm at the point where. If if something like this would happen nothing would surprise me I mean I really am. They have got to really know what it's like you said before the end of the commercial we only know. Yet your absolutely right. I've received it is Russians mean not seen since they're not gonna bring them over here got an extra day it was a waste of time and money. But since this is kind of funny appreciate you of their butch. If hold this whole vague is a circus. And they're all willing participants in it. Makes for great news stories Irma is the conversation had the other night where start with some about the news media. It's that drive by media as rush describes here. Just move on from one crisis to another. What would we run. In all of that's time that's been allotted on these cable networks. It is 51 minutes after the air 10 o'clock now that we have somebody back from a day off. I didn't get a day off. But since jealousy. So what else did lines though welcome back man. Great to be back fence. Well. Let's take what the day in history this is the twentieth day of February. And it's some pretty interesting. Items for items on our list you beginning in seventy and 92. This president's side in the life creating the post office. 1792. It I give your kids if you likewise. I'm McGill and Adam Cole may. My hip was going to be he was the first president. You would have gotten out yet in my nose at the AT you know nine. Let's see this is a definite. Developments. From the Supreme Court. That's. Let's just see. Is he real blow. To a lot of constitutional conservatives about the relationship between the government the federal government and the states. What do they rule exactly. I know this sounds convoluted what was the ruling. You know considering the hand that you just gave there's no win a world I'm goodness but. OK okay well the ruling is that it's. The federal government has more power than any individual state. So. This is a real blow to the authority states you know I'm not quite sure how you could have worded now that's tough that's a really tough point. All right here's one maybe easier 1962. Who is the first American to orbit the earth I'm glad you're corrects. A rainy. And 1998. C hell well you followed the Olympics. This person won Olympic gold in figures ski. Male or female female now. 1998. Yes 1998. God Kristi Yamaguchi. Now all not play eights. It is Tara Lipinski. I. Legacy if you fear pursued as a really actively follow. Everything Olympic you're probably. That's like most Americans not followed the Summer Olympics more. Yes because we win. This isn't really in areas we year. Very sharp. Less than Norway blues they're covered in snow all the time of course when we get it knows pipe off. Kick him but the X games stuff. You know. Well we we talked I think on Friday. About your movie adventure in the fact that you enjoyed it. What are your thoughts in seeing how well this movie is actually performed. I mean for those who were not familiar. You went to see. The panther party. What are you black panther what did you think of it. Here's a question I really enjoyed the movie the question is how well will they do in week two. There are a lot of people being boss then to see the movie and things like that and really pushing to make this movie. The biggest movie of all time we'll see what happens. Yeah it's pretty significant. I think this is well beyond what anybody was expecting here which is absolutely cool. Lie and so much boarded talk about but we're. Out of time here had to suffer great day man. Aunts may and there's another story I want it to go into that is. Absolutely hilarious and it's a story that's just crafted perfectly for Jai. But we don't have enough time for some gonna save it for the next hour. Vince Coakley radio program. Also we're gonna have that very important discussion. About fraternity hazing. And how in some cases it can actually be deadly. That story's coming straight ahead.