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And coming Q live. This. It's quite an opportunity a huge opportunity. As reported by the Greenville news. Greenville now been dubbed the hottest. V hottest. March Madness regent. That's a pretty big deal should think. The story mentions the fact. With the tournament kicking off. Seek TK. In event ticket search engine has dubbed Greenville hottest. March Madness regional location. But the search engine says geography is always a factor neutral site games in sunscreen vols playing host about duke and UNC. It is shaping up to be the hottest March Madness region thus far. That's pretty cool huh. These prices the saudis pretty amazed in a bit by the way we're going to you start talking about brackets. And I'm sure Luntz who can laugh at me. When he finds out where I am where I rate. After the yeah first few games here. Here's a little more information reported on the story at these numbers and we're kind of intriguing. Arkansas vs Seton Hall UNC vs southern games. She appeared to be the better value ticket scorn for medium listing price 260. Dollars. Again and price of 128. That's a lot of money isn't it once but that's probably pocket change for you. Yeah yeah with were in radio and man do we make money now. A gala this duke verse destroy South Carolina vs market games. Median listing price 497. Dollars. Should that spare change for you to write. I found out in your limo. Yeah. That's good yeah what is the matchbox limo and a again in price there are 292 dollars by the way. And the next hottest March Madness region. My former city of Indianapolis. Which features three schools this make sense from the neighboring state of in Turkey. We chime in. And makes snide remarks. No man talk about two point Akaka. Salt Lake City proving to be the best value for tickets it features the schools with smile or and alumni bases and tougher travel prospects. Mean think about it who wants to sell its. And real. But prices are better to get IQ also weighing in on why green pools hot spot. It says there are currently over 15100. Tickets. On the secondary market for the opening round games bonds of course this is the smallest available inventory. For the opening rounds cities it's pretty good all sessions currently sold outs. By a primary market cheapest tickets on the secondary market listed 431. Dollars average GO priced 222. Dollars. Actual money steal. The average overall price asking price. Four NCAA tournament 347. Dollars over 64000. Tickets available cross all the news and sessions. Cheapest tickets in holes as we mentioned. As low as twelve dollars. And what does that say. Twelve dollars. Outside the final four the sprint center as the most expensive tickets starting 153. Hours. So there you ago. I'm sure this is no surprise to Alonso who you know jet sets goes to all these big news no matter the price. The price is no object at all that is so foreign and yes. Although I do have to say I will be at the well today. Possibly all day. Haven't decided yet. I get a win over yesterday. Got my press pass because I got a press pass. From my other job with ESPN upstate and so this is the first time I've ever been to something of this size. In the football games things together I've never been to the NCAA tournaments on really excited about that. Be able to do some behind the scenes things and and go where the media used to go and all that kind of stuff and really looking forward little nervous about it. Because it's you know something new and especially with a B in such a hot ticket you know and and while people are jealous. That I get to go but I plan on posting a ton of pictures and things like that in gonna have a lot of fun. You must look forward to. Armed. Well just I want to see the atmosphere in general especially when you know when duke comes when duke plays when North Carolina plays in South Carolina plays if I can stay awake that long. And his second lines now plan to like. 10 o'clock tonight. And on going over there after we're done here and it's going to be is going to be interesting are you solve ton of national media yesterday. And there's like there's an area in the back where they view the do interviews with the coaches and it's like a silent area and you walk through a few whisper people give via. Mean books. Which is also in the news also might be a problem for me so you know. Yeah it's it's gonna be really cool seeing behind the scenes antsy in the crowds and seen how people travel I was over there when North Carolina. Came out and practice yesterday and even middle of the day there's there's a decent crowd there and it was free to watch practice yesterday a lot of people showed up some people took the kids out of school to see it and a sprinkle. We we don't know with if we're gonna get this again next year's could be a one shot deal I understand circumstances in the politics behind it all that kind of stuff. But as a sports fan if he had the opportunity obviously a lot of people want to go see it will take it wouldn't be so hot. Actually rate that. Let's talk brackets. And all you go first tell me where you came out in your reiki. After game one C do you really think ranking is the most important thing. East. These ranking is the most important thing and I'm. No no because of the a look at the amount of players that we have is we have over a thousand players over twelve yes no. I'm ranked 533. And but he is they had a 24 points out of 32 so I did pretty well at least I think. And in the store for games and only one of which had going past the next round and it doesn't affect my final four so I'm still my bracket is still pretty much intact but you. Well I'm gonna make people wait till after the break. That's most well. This this is what he collapsed host ripple. I'm so glad you told me though because it makes me feel so much better odds footed though way also you do better than me. You feel so much better afterward you to shooters we'll see about that Israeli carriage. I got to see that I've not gotten a closer look at. You know how the brackets look for the future and whether. My idea primary key users will still be intact CO yeah the cookies and we'll talk about that stigma of the day in history much more we continue to Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes left it. Still come. A little bit of an international incidents is in the midst of getting quelled right now. With the White House apology. You've heard about the talks of spying against. The trump campaign. And this extended to the brits. Who have been accused of participating in some of this. Some of that is getting walked back this point we'll talk about that during which the broadcast this morning. I want to in the east suspense. Tell you where we came out. On our bracket challenge here right stand anyway. Low rank very very unimpressive. 237. Out of 12103 for a. So your bragging now prisoners down much better than me. Know what I do such. We're only out. Halfway through the first round eyes there's a lot of games today. A whopping 26 points so you here's the thing that shows you how much separates I have 24 points you have 26. So you're ranking is 200 and something better than mine is weird just because a 2.0 told you how old even it is between everybody. I'm yes. I bet if we receive this spread out there would be literally dozens of people who have diskette the same score right now that's what you're saying yes definitely. And an and I am guessing neighboring Q according to a alphabet. If you're tied. Probably probably so which of course puts me in the last of the people who were at 24 months or some disease names out there. And I'm also encouraged by the fact in looking this over again that all of my teams are intact. Soul looking ahead the future is it's pretty break now. So we'll see until Saturday in new ads and or gets blown operate. Let's not take a look at the day in history. Before we delve into some developing international news. March 17. Two point seven team remember the date line and so it's very important for the very first question. And this matter. 461. This Christian missionary passed away. In salt down Patrick. Ireland. Who is to saint Patrick. Very good 1762. New York City holds the first parade of its type. In fact it's bigger in New York City that it is in Ireland home alone. Months saint Patrick. You are correct again. Numbered three. 1776. British forces evacuated this city. Fully American forces what was the city. Was here again. 1776. I give your head if you need to. Well it. There's only so many cities that were around then. Half. I give you hit that would help a great deal nag. You me and public T part. With the Boston. There you ago. You've gotten theory. I don't and I don't count the lines this sword you're on your road 1958. This dog by the champs. Hit number one on the pop charts. Was he used in the movie. Made it now. Was he used in a Peewee Herman movie. To die note never watched 10 my gosh what's wrong with you I'm gonna say tequila. And once it goes four for four that's pretty impressed which by the way it was used in the Peewee the kiwis big adventure. I have some friends that were big into watching news and I just found and they would Koran school parking mean doing he was a merciless missions will be elusive this appears in the in the in the biker bar and about to be killed by bikers. In his last request a far call was to play that song and he borrowed some clogs and he danced a boy it's the most famous Pee-Wee dance. Couple in the bar. And it saved his life. You should look up just left. Bush. Just for entertainment value perhaps we meet chick that. Made it. As we continue to broadcast to your 23 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock one of the developing stories this morning. The White House walking back what the claims its made. About spying. Sky news reporting this morning. Well the brits are not too thrilled about this in fact. They say the allegations that British spies helped Barack Obama wiretapped trump tower are ridiculous. And should be ignored. So now what's happened is the White House is assured number ten. It's not going to repeat these claims anymore. That they spied on Donald Trump. This is according to Teresa maze spokesman. He said allegations of British spies helped Barack Obama eavesdrop on mr. trump during the presidential campaign said about the white house Press Secretary were ridiculous. We made clear to the administration. These claims are ridiculous. They should be ignored. And we received assurances these allegations will not be repeated. We have a close relationship of the White House. And that allows us to raise concerns. And when they arise as was true in this case. The spokesman that it would be impossible. For the spy agency despite and trump as both countries are members of the five eyes alliance. That is a joint intelligence cooperation agreement which also includes Australia and New Zealand. He added as a matter of fact with the five ice packed week cannot use each other's capabilities to circumvent laws. It's a situation that simply would not a rise. These claims sorority been dismissed as utterly ridiculous. Interestingly enough the original accusation was made by judge Andrew Napolitano who normally pretty salad. And then repeated by white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer. And it's Spicer spoke out after the congress rejected mr. Trump's claim. They administration the Obama administration tapped his wires before the election. Now he says the president stands by his claim so far no evidence produced to back it up. Spicer identified report on Fox News as the source the allegation. Folks are you glazing over yet. And I bring this up. Because as I've shared with you before I'd very much want this administration to succeed. And sometimes one of the best things you can do when you're treading water is Tim shot up. Get down to the business of doing the work of governing. And let all of this nonsense go it's nonsense. If you've got evidence. Bring it out if you don't have evidence shot up. You know what's so unfortunate. And those of you because I'd been there I'm speaking. And I believe I can speak with a integrity and it's. Because I believe with the blast. Of church she'll remember that was returns back in the Obama administration we talked about the insults. That was. Basically directed at the brits. By doing this I thought it was entirely inappropriate why should the same thing of Donald Trump in this situation. Why are we scoring Karl ally. It's just not Smart. Other those who. Might wanna buy into all kinds of conspiracy theories and again I would say if there's evidence bring it show it to me. But there's no evidence there especially. If we're gonna cause international. Incidents. Were going to cause relational difficulties with our allies. Over something like this. When it has yet to be substantiated. It's profoundly unwise. Profoundly. I'd love to get your thoughts on this 80347163. Or text line. 713. Surest seven. One of the things I've said repeatedly. Is. This is an opportunity. That's the key word. And opportunity can be seized upon for good. Or can be blown it can't be squandered. And right now this is in the squander category with one of our most important allies. I hope. I hope. They stand by the word here and don't bring this up again especially regarding. The British. Again loved your thoughts on Vince Coakley radio program still to come. We're gonna talk about what happens with big government socialism. And I think it's especially. A fitting conversation in light of what's going on in Washington. With the discussion of what to do with obamacare. Because politicians one of the things they loved to do rather than taking responsibility. Is they love to assign blame elsewhere. They don't look at our own policies their own mistakes. They find a segment of society. And they blame them we'll talk about that is we continue. Its 29 minutes after ten. This June. By the way Chris was just in here doing BP we dance that you don't know what it is exciting and don't let that out manned. I shoot well actually I haves I'm sure I've seen it from my crazy friends so. Yeah does that surprise me at all. Other text line vents. Is it fair to say middle Tennessee and Xavier or bracket busters. Based will yours and lines those brackets. Did they months ago. Those are the ones are two of the ones I missed yes but it did I'd listen. Who gets a perfect bracket. There there are things are there were things out there to get a perfect bracket you can win a million dollars or get the perfect bracket as always your final four still intact you get it or is always served. As long as a team you picked the wind is still in your good. They text are also say Arizona looks strong here the other text her I'd just like basketball as much as you do trump yet it. Actually no I don't because they don't dislike her. So if you dislike basketball that's. Thanks for letting us now. Why can't college V. Follow the pros and boycott South Carolina. For bathroom bill. The traffic is crazy. Well when it. You know this is a question some people I haven't heard much discussion about this at all I think the atmosphere is been generally hate great we've benefited from this. Let's just just didn't joy. North Carolina's loss is. Certainly green Eagles game that's what's happened here. So how could you possibly complain. And if you have a different perspective love to hear from you 80347106. Story. Dexter Alonso you made a rush proud. Not sure what he's referring to your specifically. It may be one of your picks. But. I'm sure you'll take. Bits of tickets were free I would waste my time going to a game. And today. I gripping gas started North Carolina not far from the Mecca of Tobacco Road and I've been wanting to watch in Cedar Point person for ever. So what the announcement. And we're here to the rest of this to exco. It's always through treasury at all. When the announcement was made I got my tickets in November taking my dad and sun today chance of a lifetime. Go heels cocaine Cox cool get a great time there. Vince Walesa get to where those school headphones with a little antenna. When at the well if he is we needed to post a picture of that. You've got your marching orders year. You mean the normal broadcasting. Has phones yet maybe soon like. I've worn those at other times I'm not being mean but no I'm not broadcasting I'm going over in covering you know like a sports reporter would do. It's different when you're doing a live broadcast yes it's different winner which switch I've got to where those before which we all get to do whenever we do live remotes. With steel staples cousin got to do yet and I don't know why I think downstairs doesn't like this or something like that but if you are listening we are willing to go. You know places. And the next I'm Vince go somewhere odd you know I'd love to go with them now. Yeah who's you know I live together trouble. Exactly. This gives an example what we're talking about the numbers Alonso and how. These numbers are. I mean it's amazing how many people probably have the same score right now. This Dexter is ranked at 88 team with two with 22 points. 818. Yet seed that's the thing. It's gonna separate after today. More than likely but definitely after Saturday it it'll start to separate. Because it there's only so many games and for the most part people are gonna get these right do you know. You mentioned earlier a couple of sets the toy bin a couple of upsets so if you. Pretty much picked shock you did pretty well. You know interestingly enough the next techsters raises the question is how old you are able to tell where you rank. If you go to the top if you login to your bracket challenge at the top corner you should see your name. And there should be a place that says your stats in my case s.'s 26 points. Low rate to 37 out of 1235. So that's where you find that information. To let you know where you stand for now so keep checking them out. Something with a whole Russian hacking accusations from the left no evidence on that they either I do agree he shouldn't be rocking the boat. With an ally. Both accusations need to be thrown out. I think trouble now looks like he's paranoid with poor judgment he does have exceptional foreign policy skills doesn't. Yet. He's going to be an office for years LO well. But other text or says okay you made up your mind. Then they should do the same thing about the Russians urinating distance since they've got nothing there but keep repeating it varies fair and this year in the media. Also rule. On these allegations just say neither is true but yet to hear an apology from the leftist progressive media which you know you'll never ever ever. Yet. It is not going to happen. Guys I know nothing about brackets I've 46 points what's next. Well just stay tuned he would seem member points I do you might. And thank you for play. And royal somebody talking about Alonso here so what are you saying you scored watched the game using his media passed just to get him I think I understand now. I guess just to get in. So. No privileges not exactly I've it is definitely it's called work but yeah it is called work it's you know again I work at two different radius is in the same building but you know I'm required by my other. Place. Work. To go over there you know and here's the thing it's awesome that Greenville the NCAA tournament I am not a big college basketball fan so oh. It is work for me but I am a people watcher and I love. Watching reactions and all that kind of stuff so I will have more fun watching the crowd. Then probably watching the game although hopefully the games will be. They and that's what their perspective I've always taken in. Dealing with WWE. I always enjoy watching the people as much as watching. What's going on race. You know when we do when you do what we do. On whatever kind of station is. Everything you show prep. So that's why you exactly even if you go into room and you never say a word you just listen and you watch you're gonna find out so much stuff which is usually when I do. And a lot of things to talk about just by watching and listening. You're actually right she success story of my life. That it texture here my husband went to some of the practices yesterday at the well so the atmosphere was rates at two of the teams brought their base end to the practice. Vince logs are watching Peewee Herman movies warning Will Robinson warning warning. As spray agent and there's a certain kind of Peewee Herman movie I would not be watching but. Most. Most nerds have seen pew he's big adventure Hampshire yes I don't that at all. That it takes to say I picked Clemson to be the final four is it football season yet. And we have this finally. On the political front that it sounds like Al Capone can't hold a candle Hugh leatherman this few pays taxes sounds like they really liked playing baseball. At the South Carolina DOT such simple game that's ball out of Greenville. A lot of takes on a lot of subjects is still to come where to talk about what happens when government runs things and screws things completely. And who they blame afterwards. Also. Will talk about Syria what in the world is going on there and it's. Raise the question. Is this a place where we need to be involved. 803471. A 63. 71 threes here are seven. 49 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock to watch T David good morning sir. Pollard. Jordan well. Our. So. The ball envelope as shooters out via. Well well well president. Spine no well it correctly by political. Consultants were correct. That's apparently the accusation. Well one good way to. Well not my beard pulled Lipton I'll put it I have a spark all. I don't believe you sit there. If there was a whole truth then and now little leeway and but he got don't try to. Well now produces observers expect it at all it our all our equipment rent rector all low us. There wouldn't be that didn't happen. Quit going very well. Full well that Butler was hurt if he sold Ortiz got. Yes are you gonna cover up or Margaret well our back pocket what. But Kyra that it did happen maybe it. Yes and and that I think you know where I am and this is what's so important it's not so much meat but it's just overall. Here's a man who's already wrestling credibility issues in general before the American people. And that's the kind of thing you got to bring something you bring some evidence here. Or this could undermine the good part of what he's trying to do and other areas. So. I'm sure you would agree with that in somewhere or another this has got to be resolved. Yeah I think so I'll look like cute cute there are good bit. All alone. Alone as low rider it's going to small country and it will well well. I think bought double barrel well some awful. Drugs waksal. Good earlier this tropical Powell is it speaks when he so yeah. What do you do do what we are at all but we haven't Lou it would still require. But you know here's the bar so low so I love the spotlight and oh. Hope we will what is up on the table. But split up and that is very it. Well cool Paul Ryan I think yeah the law or aren't very good health care bill as a whole lot or. Cheer her control. And what we're talking about here but you have already and that I think a Wal-Mart or I'll explore that oh and Paul Ryan. So he's really go to Kapalua. Deputies learned my. To try and Michael Brown back up here they'll. Yep I urea. This is such a mess I appreciate your call their David. In this end and this is not a criticism this is a eight leaked this they request. Show some leadership. Tell ol' boy wonder to shut up. And to throw out this piece of garbage he's trying to force through do you hear this thing only made it through committee by one. Vote one vote that was it. He just blows my mind. The rules that some of these folks. Are willing to Dion. Why. Why. Charl host good morning welcome to broadcast. Marta in certain. What. This step side you know like I just. And outlets and other radio coming out of North Carolina come back in Osaka and they'll. You are what you call went out for Christmas EPS up. You know these guys are actually yeah absolutely. And say yeah. There's two cutie. The absolute. Inability directly right into it and what this what reality is it yeah. Actually over the top one I don't like about Republicans and for the general Burton were. We're gonna artist that we get our parts progress so that Republican not a good thing because purely. Other corporate Democrats somebody that you needed it and we're probably due to our. It's Republicans in a remote part sport package up integrity across the board of course all of that she's such a student. True. You know just alive that can mean many times panic does set people within the last few days it will Obama's. They could keep the Doctor Who played nobody will get better called an absolute truth. And you know it can't. Jack quarterback I can be I don't know I'm not reject all your time is what the drug issue I'm trying to. I haven't lost credibility because he's just somebody has Serb held you know. You know and it. You have people there are in the government were going to go read the article you achieve its broad. But it was sworn to protect the constitution. Should be sports quite gotten to the Georgia high level of integrity. He actually yeah. Let's quit trying to talk too much into issues that are rich. And he's not a personal victory is many people that are out there are bitter Democrats bitterly opposed the Democrats. 01. Billion bureaucracy you need some sort and that perhaps somebody in the Democrats talk a bit. It might have something to work well together they'd they'd buy side survey only trouble. I asked that question we will open hearted and open it I mean who really besides that freaky idiotic that I don't believe that's possible. Well I don't think anybody questions the possibility of these kinds of things happening and the hearts. Of the left you have done something like this and the surveillance states to have dance of the I don't question. The heart the ability. To have to have done it I really don't at all. I've said for quite some time. That we've got to look at this sort of broader context. Of what this surveillance state is doing to all of us. And for that reason. That's another area of leadership I'm looking for. I want someone to stand up and dismantled this thing dis mantle. That's up bigger bigger thing to do here don't you think faith focus Friday coming up on the Vince Coakley radio programs Davis.