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You're the broadcast seven minutes after the hour 11 o'clock be hearing still going on director called me taking questions from the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff has been asking questions we get back to this in just a bit. And I'll tell you why I think these hearings are important. Very imp challenge. Back to the text line. Vince how come there's no mention the Russian ambassador talking the Clinton Campaign or bread and ignoring subpoenas from congress to provide evidence of Russian acting. Why is that ignored. My son is USC I went to UNC. You can imagine how happy we are. Does being paid to run and jump shoot and throw make via professional athlete is so. No military vet or academy cadets can compete in the NCAA. I'm Chuck Berry. Dexter knows that Rick Perry has just finished a new album that is correct. Be interesting to see yeah what happens when that is released. Inside me Clemson Tigers fan and proud graduate gamecocks and they're stupendous win over duke. So proud of both teams will be cheering them on to a final championship. Win. Yes Chuck Berry releases first duty and studio album in over thirty years Tony sixteen check out Cadillac records. It's a movie about chess records recording studio he was booked plane and a lot of redneck rockabilly bars. Because they thought he was white. It's pretty cool. Let's set aside the votes did not influence the election. The question is why would countrywide to influence our election whether it's trump Hillary or George Washington. What do they want. And what does trump have to India. Vince if you hold me in a group told me in a group Republican party's responsible for the leaks I would not be surprised at least. The swap is a dangerous swamp and we the people need to help trump drain it by voting. Chuck Berry a visionary in musical genius. Also won in the most disliked human beings the music news. Parading his backup musicians. Punching Keith Richards in the face. Me huge overall. Well you can figure out the word here. On a graph seekers and fans. Hail hail rock and roll. Was really that bad. I'm not familiar so I can't. Respond one way or the or another. That would be unfortunate that. Case you describe. As I mentioned were following the hearings taking place before the House Intelligence Committee. A director Rogers in the is taking some questions right now I want to. Q2 in line of questioning. From Adam Schiff who is the ranking Democrat on the committee during the break. He raised the line of questions. That were based on tweets that Donald Trump put out about being wiretapped. The bottom line. Is. James Coleman indicated there is no evidence of any of these things happening. Here's why I think this is important. Although this is very low keying. Is now a lot of emotion. I think we're going to see continued effort here to undermine Donald Trump. And you know as well as I am IQ that you know I am not a fan boy for Donald Trump. I'm not a person who is here cheerleading never have been. I've also told you Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. And I think these tweets have consequences. I thought it was really interesting. One Irving exchange Tommy said a few minutes ago. Is he was given approval. By the Justice Department to make very clear that there is no evidence of wiretapping. So this is. This is sessions. Approving this statement basically saying what has been put out. I don't know how else to say this folks it's an untruth. It really units. So I think for those of you who are cheerleaders for Donald Trump mrs. This is what you have to understand. Words matter and we've been saying this for years. About Barack Obama and some of these other liberal people. Do words only matter when it's on the other side. This is why and the reason I bring this up. This credibility. Is going to be judged and weighed in other areas. This is what's so dangerous about this. CN don't take this lightly. Now is it possible there are people out to get Donald Trump I don't doubt it. But I've got to tell you if you've got people out to get you the last thing you need to do. Is to spread false information about yourself doesn't this create a boy who cried wolf scenario. The picture that's painted here is a profound paranoia. And don't you owe the Democrats are going to have a field day with this they will. I mean it's one thing it's a bad thing for political lynching to be carried out. But it's a dumb thing when you supply the rope. Four year old political lynching. It's not too Smart. So what do you carry into areas like obamacare and the repeal. National security. The executive orders especially dealing with the Muslim and words matter. And sometimes the best thing to do you I'm saying this is a 51 year old man and my wife can testify to this. Sometimes the best thing you can do is they shut the hell up. Keep your mouth shut. Wisdom dictates. That sometimes. Over the course of years you would think you learn sometimes there are things you do just do not say. What set to me is I'm not sure this man is learning. I pray that he learns. I hope that he learns. But I wanna suggest to you. These hearings. Whatever their purposes the Democrats will use this. To undermine the president. And you can. Jump into the cheerleading quarter and say older we get president. And it's justice follow. As the same things I heard from people talking about Barack Obama during his administration. And the reason it's follow. Is because some of these vulnerabilities are based on. Donald Trump's own behavior. That needs to be understood. 14 minutes after 11 o'clock I'd love to get your thoughts 80347163. I text line 713 is your seventh coming up we will talk about. Obamacare the efforts to repeal. And a bizarre story I came across. About the pitfall. That the administration faces in dealing with Obama care. And it sounds like. There's treacherous directions to go both ways either write and play and or even the Rand Paul plant will talk about it as we continue. On the Vince Coakley radio program. A this is hilarious overrun attacks line. Vince wiretapping. Is the same as monitoring what is being said whether it's by eight actual physical wire or listening digitally for. For Christ's sake man and use your brain. Another text or what did you take a break from your sermon to take up your offer. Oh sure outlines a would you passer on the collection late. You condemn. Yes around large bills are appreciated. Authority on its way around it's made it through the first pew. My goodness. That a text or events Washington DC theater ways and Clinton in jail Clinton will never go to jail taller show. March 31 that's the advance put march 31 on your calendar. What did Vince Coakley say about HRC it's all theater. The repulsive party keep their mouth shut for eight years how that worked out for them. Repulsive party. Venture again missing trumps point is they're no evidence of wiretapping in the media's been lying when they quote suppose it leaks. About his Russian collusion they're exposed as liars. And trump wins again. There you go again cursing. Christians do not curse. Where does that leave you you'll need to rip hits and really lit like a Christian may god help you. I'm not really. Oh my goodness. Part of Puerto making and let me go to a broader point here and this ties him what I said to you about credibility. You can talk about whatever you want. Abouts. You know you may think your year had a great time. And I know a lot of you are making fun of the the polls. That were conducted before the presidential contest. Why got a number for you 37. That is according to Gallup trumps approval rating right now. 37. Now this presents problems. You problems. On real issues. If your effort is to try to rally the country behind your agenda you've got to do a lot better than a darn 37. You consider wouldn't print news I clear that phrase one more time I'm gonna throw up I'm sick of it. I really am. Because what we've got going on a lot of demagoguery. In multiple directions. And I'm telling you I don't have to believe any of it. You got pro trump people putting out garbage you got anti drug people putting out garbage. Why don't we just focus on values ideas. Principles. Things that are unchanging. And forget about the personality contest. Because if you live by that. You're gonna die by that. Let's talk about obamacare. And this gives you and this is an example of where you get into big trouble. Because if you're not driven by principles and values you're tossed around. By every weekend of whatever is blowing out there. So the question comes back to who are you really. That's the question I'm asking. What are your real values and your real principles. Now Paul Ryan puts together he is. Health care. Obamacare repealed call Ryan care whatever you wanna call it but drums come out on record. Supporting it. So where does this leave him. He's complicit in this piece of garbage. I know and I've heard people out there moose isn't really his plan well for business plan why does it come out and say send me something that's worth signing. This is a piece of garbage Paul Ryan you're screwed up. Where's that straight talk from the campaign. Where is it. CNN has the story throw. May move GOP health care bill to the right. Dooming yet in the senate. This is a mess no matter how you stack it. The drug administration under pressure from conservative lawmakers appears increasingly open to changing. Legislation repealing or replacing obamacare. In order to placate the right consumer leaks plea please explain to me. What is a Republican. Administration have to placate the right. This is further confirmation. This is not a conservative administration in the first place. It goes done. If they do that it may guarantee at least his version of the bills as good as dead in the senate. The political calculations setting up a domino effect on Capitol Hill. Just days to go before it Thursday vote on the house GOP bill. Moderate Republicans have already expressed deep reservations about making drastic reforms to the current healthcare systems. You know can I justice can you repeat something answered you before this party is a bunch of garbage it's it's. This party is gone it's lost. It really he has. Moderates. Deep reservations about making drastic reforms. We are listening on Friday when I share of the list. Of the worst and best members of congress. What is the point of this Republican Party the first place what is the point. The story goes on moving the bill so right dooms the proposal in the senate where the GOP has a razor thin majority. For now the White House appears fixated on shepherding the bill repealing the Affordable Care Act through the house with a vote. On a seven year anniversary of president Barack Obama signing the law. In its eleventh hour negotiations trumpet his top deputies have made compromises to appease the GOP's most conservative faction. And I. Say something very bluntly I don't wanna be at peace. I don't. What is this about anyway the way I don't have historians that today. I don't even if I'm gonna deal Slater not but it talked about the infighting. In this administration. Between those who are pushing for more conservative and I say more conservative if it's not necessarily conservative. A more conservative agenda vs what a bunch of people with just what. New York values. Namely trumps family. This is the biggest cluster. It is spokes. We think of all the hype all the of the propaganda. Over the last few years. Got over fuel book or run or plural or pro Obama Carl were out of Europe real or inflation brokers are root and branch. Remember all of this we've been listening to for years. And now here we are picking get this thing right he can't even agree that it. And I take you back to obamacare when this thing. Was put in place in the first place. The Democrat party stood in lockstep with one another. They were in full agreement in advancing this country. Toward single Payer that's the road this is all point nine. There were in lockstep with the each other. Can you show me much difference between Democrats. I know you have some extreme examples of somebody like Maxine Waters vs somebody like Joseph Manchin in West Virginia. But how many Joseph mentions are there in the Democrat party. I'd be interested to see. If there is an equivalent of conservative review on the left how many people would have apps. I have a hard time believing there will be very mini apps. These folks actually believe something. We have a party of people who don't believe in anything but themselves and their power. And their money. Coming up after the break isn't planning to do this I'm critics to share and exchange with you. That I have with a good friend of mine. He sent a message to me over social media over the weekend and I wanna share this because it. Reinforces the point and concerned that I'm raising year. We eat. At least those of us who believe in conservative values. We are at a place. A disadvantage. And I tell you we don't have a party we don't. This is a no brainer getting rid of obamacare it really hits and the fact that it's so complicated you know what it shows. We are represented by a bunch of frauds. Frauds. And the sooner we realize that the better. Let the Euro bought 80347163. Text like 713 years seven. And we could see the broadcasted 37 minutes after 11 o'clock. FBI director James Scully still testifying to the House Intelligence Committee you know get your thoughts what I've shared. And I want you to understand I have. I've applied basically what Ronald Reagan said about the Soviets. To every single one of these clowns. Trust but verify. That's where I stand. I wanna see a record of consistent. Conservative. Constitutional values walked out not talked about during some stupid campaign. What I wanna see is consistency. This party is not demonstrated that. Other text line. What these old conservative snowflakes can handle little cursing LO well. I made a reference that I knew I was gonna open the door to this when I mentioned gala. At the same Gallup the predicted a a shake holes landslide victory. This is what's so sad is now people. You don't believe anything. Just because it came from this particular source. I'm Donald Trump is the man that he faced the same scrutiny from you that you give to CNN. Gallup Rasmussen whomever. Figures they know. Many of you are certified. Cult followers Kuwait drinkers. I'm just being honest. And he has set the situation up folks this is dangerous. If you're going to believe a person. And basically blow off. Other sources that disagree with him. It's dangerous. And I say that if anybody. If my favorite candidate mark meadows tomorrow if Jeff Darlington or Thomas Massie came out and started acting in the same way and sit or don't believe the fake news media. Listen to meet. What I'm saying is true. If one of them said that. Then you would not hear me having much complementary to say about them. I'm just being honest. To the thing is when you have integrity you don't have to impugn other's integrity to try to bolster yours. Also when it's excellent. Great minds talk about ideas average minds talk about events small minds talk about people. Vince come onto the dark side libertarian is more your cup of tea. I do embrace a lot of libertarian ideas I might be accurately described as a conservative area. Great book on that by the way by Charles CW Cooke. Really sharp guy. Really venture according CNN mainstream media's constant spin on everything trump is doing is why trumps approval ratings are low misinformed voters. Can you think of the possibility that may be. Other people are misinformed. Just curious. It's those people in DC sold their souls to their corporate masters long ago we the people have no representation it's all a lie. Jacob I'm more in your camp. I really am. Where is straight dowdy well he's actually at this year he has asked several questions James culminate. And of the intelligence director by the way. You can complain all you want I would never ever regret voting for truck. K I'm sure that won't stop you looking for that I see was I was right. You all should of voted for Ted moment for the next eight years. Go for it. And I never said that. So that was one of the most moronic tweets that I've read this morning this is not about personalities. It's about holding our old people accountable. When are you folks going to get that are you going to hold people accountable or you've got to follow them like a bunch of sheep. It's amazing to me a lot of people complained about the Irish people are the very people who are now wish people. Following somebody over a cliff. Let's just sit back and enjoy the show party's been lost since the first bush. As long before that actually voted for trump because of his Supreme Court picks. And I thought he would just give us. One he promised I'd be happy the rest is just good entertain at that's a great win again nothing's but he changed or we have 84 melt down that system. And trump is the best chance we have to bring about the meltdown. So calm down and laugh about. That's Frank Greer like that perspective. We have a good laugh. But while events I would have an argument I can fully get behind you. After you were told us in the backseat which wise necessary to placate. A party hell bent on. Socializing our country I'm an animate trump supporter but I cannot declined to support of this health care bill thank you. And asking. Asking you to at the rope Donald Trump over the you know under the bias. But if you were sitting down face to face would you not be asking him what the hell are you thinking. To embrace this day. By the way my friend Steve days put out a couple of good pieces you know one of the pieces he's written he talks about how. Paul Ryan is basically eating Donald Trump's lunch right now that's what's going on. All right it is ready in the show member I warned you about this months ago on this program. I told you'd those two morons gonna try to run the show Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan. And then the man put Satan himself. In a cabinet. In the white house with him in the former ranked Revis. Any case. As a matter philosophy. If you are not hardcore libertarian you're just a list liberal question more people should be. Why and for what's. What a good person forces supposedly free neighbor to do at the port of a gun. Thinking clearly like an adult brings the seemingly sticky subjects. In the focus the issues really aren't that tough we just choose to think like liberal children who might goodness that's brutal. This is there anything trump Kaduna police you I'm not I'm gonna read the rest of your text year. Because either you don't listen normally or you've got waxed in your years. And need to go to the bath from now and clean them out how many times about even the guy in this program sharing with you. Something I'd like about the drug administration what they're doing like the budget proposal that came out where you listening. Where you even listening. I commended him for this Supreme Court choice were you listening bad. Bottom line is some people just don't like criticism at all. Mr. Republican Party has their tails talks between their legs. I won't. I can't finish that fixed I Wilson lines are so we can have a good laugh too much more or. As we continue the broadcast 803471. A six story. Our tech slide is 71307. I wanna get your thoughts honestly. On this obamacare plan also coming up we'll talk about a plan to split the ninth circuit. Brilliant idea will it get some traction. Joyous. It's 1145. And we continue to broadcast your ten minutes before the noon hour on the line and leave good morning welcome broadcaster. Thanks bans are you do it it's. Hey yeah I voted for our comp as well but. I don't put much faith and to roam like the other like you are speaking of he seemed to be following in line. With all the other. Republicans there and you know we just we just didn't want Hillary in the air and the globalization. Of our country. I'm with you man. I'm not you. I'm not drinking the Kool Aid like you said he doesn't Greg banks and I think I think he's gone down the wrong path. Which replaced. Obama care but. Our main. They eat it's it's already been started to destroy the although health care so. I don't know it is when he replaced it yet to hold it. Nobody even want all of that at this point. I hear you leave here's my question. We're we're you and I have a voice right now on this entire discussion. If we don't. We don't. Where were left out in the dark eyed. I honestly. I thought Hillary's got to win out beat the endless was upon us to be honest way yet I didn't think there's enough people even. That we think like you are not devote at least a chance in the air. But I hate to see him online. With it career politicians. On either side for that matter and and just. Continued destruction just down a little bit different path. Yes it's it's certainly concerns media I do appreciate crawled weirdly thank you for. Being one of those discerning people again who recognizes. This is not a slam on trial purse say. This is just date it's commentary on what's. On the entire political atmosphere in Washington. In fact we've got more of the same what do we want to acknowledge it or not Marie. Good morning and welcome. Yes I'd say that question here about me Obama issues. What card I am ignorant here at your bat. Managing. Or tell me about it on the care and bad that their payment. Instead. What I'm gonna suspect count on. Really. And I'd still be affordable. Debt it would. And so yeah. But you know I'm hurt I'm. Government. Why trial. And every medical care. But what I care about is. Throw back her up at the Denver. He area. It's it's a mess and it's in it's supposed to be for you right Marie is now with the early and then he Arturo that you're supposed to be the customer. But you're really at the bottom of the heap year of priorities. In a while they serviced the government and they service insurance companies the service the pharmaceutical companies. And somewhere in there near the bottom of the list there's you try to just sort all of this out and get the care of the Q that you need. It it shouldn't be that complicated. And as tarmac so how did not pay any regrets about here at the UK unit. That may economy to outside lab that we did lose a lot and our customers. But I'd say that party commands that we couldn't. You know we didn't have their regular people that committee and so I thought well maybe. This question I'm and that what computer. You know that would that would get. More. No I didn't I rate credit card to try and thank what ideas. But the thing about it is now that credit card. I mean court hair I cannot export insurance at all. Smile my heart goes out Tia Maria and I a I would just encourage you me and I'm going to be talking more about this thing coming days did you ever hear the program where we talked about direct primary care. Again I would encourage you to. State to get rid of talk more about this. I had some more and in fact there was talking about this the program several days ago someone radian and sable. What do we do about major medical issues and about specialty care. Well these some questions I wanna delving into you because we need to solve these issues and and notice I put this we need to solve these issues. Because the politicians they don't give a rat's rear end about you they really don't. Will spend more time to dissuade Iran. But we mentioned this a few weeks ago Lenny Daniel Horwitz has written a great deal about the possibility of splitting the ninth circuit. This is one of the course it's been giving us fits for years. A house panels actually started holding hearings last week on splitting the ninth. 39 circuit judges. Gave testimony before house committee. All three judges like most of their ninth circuit Cali support the current configuration and oppose splitting the court. Meant what I said about power folks. These folks do not want to lose jurisdiction. They do not want to lose power. And it's all the more reason. That we need. To disperse power. Split up this court let them have jurisdiction over California and the rest of crazy land. Because that's really what this court represents. And we could have another court. That would represents. People who live in the real America as a Brewster crazy clients. Will continue to follow this and we hope that the court. Actually that the congress. Follows through on this doesn't just told about two hearings as a bunch of happy talk. Let's see some action. This would pay some dividends for years to come every shelves a great day folks. Adios.