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Monday, April 16th



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Good Monday morning good to be back with you. Hope you had a great weekends. Were able to relax unwinds. In the midst of the crazy things going on in the news we have over the weekend Komi Syria. Those were the big ones and we will delve into those during the course of the broadcast today. I have to acknowledge do you. First off that I have not watched the Colby interview norm frankly I'm not an interest in and who carriers. This guys has been. Former FBI director he's gone he's history have zero interest in reading his book zero. I will share a little bit of audio ends of the opportunity to talk about this. Because you know all of this is pretty much predictable. Very predictable. And what are the things I've also caution about for quite some time because I think we averaged report in our. Discourse I would put that in quotes. Where I'm very concerned I'm gonna give you a couple of examples one this call me and trumpet matter but also. Regarding Syria. I'm very concerned. It's not just liberals that are not good ads using. Let's just a using their judgment. We'd like to be able to look at the liberals and hard about how illogical and how. How they just don't think. I'm concerned many of us are not thinking ether. Just because. Just because James co me is a person who is. I guess you could say largely suspect in conservative Republican circles. Does not mean that some things she communicates. Might be completely right. I said this abouts the election. Because I'm concerned we've reached a point in our American history. Where we're pursuing the lesser of evils. And the truth of the matter is the choices aren't good and all they really arch. And sometimes the correct answer is none of the above. So it's one of my frustrations as I watch all of the spit balls going back and forth between Komi and trump. Frankly I find it all juvenile. Idiots. I think the most presidential thing the president can do is just ignored James Komi. You can put out one statement say you know. Bless his heart. Oh bless his heart. He's got a brand new book out it's good for him. Move on. Talk about things that matter. Speaking out. This entire matter regarding Russia and we've talked about this plenty times in this program. At this point all indications are this is going to amount to nothing absolutely zero. A little bit later in the broadcast though we have at least one person. One former US attorney who's concerned. About another investigation which he believes is a greater threat. To this president. We will delve into that during the course of the broadcast. I want to start off. We have one of the things communicated by mr. coma yesterday evening and I'm just giving you the opportunity use sound off on this stuff. As I said I think at the end of this day and into the day we're gonna find. This whole episode will just be a whole lot of white noise it really will be because there won't be any consequence. For any of this for anybody. For James called me. He just fades out of the sense that enjoys his book deal whatever other deals he gets with the media. And the limelight it's fifty minutes of fame. For Donald Trump. He's able to continue his pattern of loving to have foils. Enemies that he can impose. People who at least in his mind look worse than he Dennis. It works well for the current play. But we look at the big picture. Ants are focused on liberty for all Americans. And the constitutional values that. We suppose embrace. This will all proved to be inconsequential. Because nothing will happen nobody will do anything about anything of significance. Related to these matters. I know their people out there I'm angry bit leery. I don't care I really don't. Now if there's some investigation. That is. Rekindled. And this woman is prosecuted as I agree she should be then great. But the same time. This somehow. Keep going to this default position and talk about Hillary in what's called me in with the FBI should have done folks it's a loser. It goes nowhere it's a waste of our time and energy. I wanna share first this piece of audio. Abouts. The president's fitness for office this is one of the crash questions it was posed. To mr. Koh me from that great journalist George Stephanopoulos what a joke. You know I've said before this guy every time we see him I think weasel. I mean this guy's about his slimy as they get. And ask some real softball questions at least some of the questions I've seen. And read about in media it's it doesn't surprise me at all but any case here is that exchanges that took place yesterday evening. Who. You write the president trying to decide unethical. Untethered to the truth. Is Donald Trump unfit to be president. Yes but not in the way I often hear people talk about it I don't buy the stuff about him being. Mentally incompetent early stages of dementia and he strikes me as a person of above average intelligence. Who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on I don't think he's medically unfit to be president that he's morally unfit to be president. Person seasonal. It's insurance through the talks about it treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and since the American people believe it. A person's not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds our president. I must embody respect and adhere to the values that are the core of this country the most important being truth. This president is not able to do that he's morally unfit to be president if you are right what is the remedy should Donald Trump impeached. Impeachment is is a question of law and fact and politics in years citizen you have a judgment camp until I give you strange answer I hope not. Because I think impeaching and removing don't trump from office. Would let the American people off the hook and have something happening directly that I believe their duty bound to do directly. People in this country need to stand up and go to the voting Booth and vote their values and so. Impeachment in a way wood short circuit that. James thome. Who again this is what's so unfortunate. Is this guy is. Not a person who has a lot of credibility. I mean we could certainly put out reams of documents on this man's problems with judgment in moral character. And it's a lot of people who would judge him to be unfit for the office that he once held. I would be in that category. But to get your thoughts if you watched this interview what your. Perceptions were also coming up we're gonna delve into Syria. Not just what happened over the past few days but we're also going to read bits revisits. So communications from Donald Trump before he was president on the subject of Syria. It's. Only for the brave. If you have the courage. To pay attention to it. We'll address that much Morse we continue our Monday broadcast. James colleague coming outs referring to the press is being morally. Unfit for the office what are your thoughts or reaction does view watched or heard clips from this. Got to Jai and good morning welcome sir. Hey are you going to see. I'm a lot interview bullish remarks you talked about Caribbean country at that so far again mr. there's lots. But I would rather have been an imminent action then that moral Hillary Clinton who public at all. Now it's here here's my question John and this is this is the heart of what I'm concerned about. Can we do can you honestly. I'm just asking you do you honestly believe that mr. trump is in a morally upstanding person. Apple operationally they obviously it that is outside aid to. Partly to gaps from the preacher problem I'll. Ballots as she changed the slides and orders accepted Christ Utley that's. Now here's here's Michael one of my questions about this John if that's true. Why have we not heard that from him. Well he could come out strip all of it is not a whole lot of people say it they're just felt like age but it did come out and decide that on the Easter. Well you might excitement about Easter. That we that we should accept Christ except that it tribal belt last saw. You can go back and check it. But what we got don't know and I'm old lane certainly to you and single operation as a lot to learn. But how it has not been tortured saying that yet it best all the situation that happened about the aisle bombing in Australia. You look at history not one dictator actually expected. I'll thank respected force. In and people apple got elaborate. You're absolutely right about the fact such our memories are really really short cheer when we even use the end game here what. What is it we're we're going to accomplish in Syria and what we've already done what is the purpose. The proper that is the same message not only could mr. Sapa the whole world if you start isn't. Yes I guess all the people. What a match and not think that is the message that has not that didn't. In Lowell police and get it biceps. Is completely eradicate. The top spot in Vietnam. And now we stood up to the travel industry years in congress rectum prop bet they're nowhere near what they used to pay. You got to look to the future we don't always look at the big picture that will now look we don't even look. Here's down the road block the Chinese flag twenty years down the road. You gotta and that's what I'm thinking that maybe a problem. Understand where you're coming from and and again I would saved I appreciate your service thinks laughter called John. Over on the Tex lines and the other for spectators that have come in on this. Starting with this one that's what I was current or anyone would have done. This matter regarding McCabe in all of this the rest of them done as far as leaking information. They would have been tried convicted and hung for treason it's Bob about Spartanburg. Vince Coleman is a sanctimonious. Heard. All the highlights in the Stephanopoulos interview were soft balls. Mobbed by little George. De cinco we know they're supposed beer crime to impeach would crime is trump accused of when Cody mentioned someone treating women like meat is he talking about trump or Bubba Clinton. Keep this is why would you pose a question like this. Can you demonstrate to me how these guys are any different. I I don't see them as being morally different at all at all wire we. Are seeing these words. And going into these comparisons why do you think these these families these couples were friends in the first place. You've heard the expression birds of a feather there's a reason why. They were howling around each other. And I've said this before and I don't hesitate to say it again I don't think there's very much difference in character between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. And I I'd love for somebody to make that case to meet. And the thing you can save for it and here's what she really crazy about it. Now we all know it that this marriage is a joke. But at least Bill Clinton only has one wife. He's been married to the entire time. There's something to be said for that. Even though it may be a fraud. Now if you wanna argue the merits of this in you won a common challenge that. Let's have that conversation. Now what typically happens is people wanna call and they wanna where you're just anger you create Donald Trump. In a c'mon. I'm just encourage you bring your eight game. And you've got to bring your A game because if we keep doing this moral comparison stuff. Just because somebody's on our side we give people pass. Four huge moral lapses. Then we can we raise would you shut the whole thing down because we don't have a leg to stand on and you know who's gonna Seawright tourists are children. They know. They know they any good morning welcome. Good morning Howard you are each year. Al out of the Democrats call where he was he's exactly right. You know it become a in I have our daughter. End up if you go all out trying to despite a film. Are there trot respective. Big Al I bought a motor America. I'll vote Republican out vote Democrat out well so depressed person are done. Hello yes during answer oh yeah our our vote or the best person took the job. Talk threat to grade I'd be. But when you come out to do reception. And it's all laid out. Riot loot. To the American people. You know in India have been used to be elaborate tropical party cover up sport. You know it did in its its really its really got a book well where. I cannot believe these group of people that airport Paramount bowed to put it out. I know who you're referring to you here. Our report to a lot of congress. It should always be a miracle are. You know optimal week it won't question it's been trying to do since 1950. Film. They've contracted that they're batting destroy our country. Yeah you know in no baggage limit and it gets into. I'll beat guide dog gone over who actually did see a bit like that popular. So I've got to ask you I mean do you you have suspicions of collusion here. I have to sit and beard no corruption. On the part of there. Are certain brain mind. Let it rain are now who are you accusing them. Who were you know. A ball in two ways I'm. OK with our group we are our art our our immigration. A case US suspicions there something corrupt there and that will be uncovered at some point. Yet you don't get that many people you know I'll bet the grammar girl. You know okay that many people trapped within a certain circles unrest there it's been Bayer and don't get out negative back glanced you know medic collective that secures a little bit victory at the that's what we do hear about coup well we are got credit are walls we are people that are back to the pole vault. About patient. In the minute we start attacking and I'll mention we attack we don't. We attacked everything their grip it based spill out so that it governments around the world Saipaia. Where a while but they're the law or special. If that's the way it works all too often I appreciate your call their DNA in a B interest in Seattle this unfolds by the way and I remind you. So far there's no evidence of any collusion at all. Coming up we will talk about. The real danger. The real danger to this administration that has nothing to do it all. We have what's going on would the special counsel investigation. Will address that much more as we continue to broadcast. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley ready program started off talking about genes called me. Still to come will discuss Syria if time permits and hopeful do its day but at some point. And our Sunday morning broadcast we actually talked about Libya. I'm match driver ever addressed this before on this program. But I want to make you aware something I've posted in fact it's available. It will be available on 163. W or. WBT. FaceBook page. About the real reason. This country intervened in Libya. If you do not know you need to read this story. Because I think it's goes to the heart of my concerns about our intervention ism. Aunts defected it's it should not continue for a variety of reasons. Let's go out to rose joining us this morning. Good morning. Collecting it. And I'm not to get a true born again Christian in the plot hi out. All of of Iraq and he. And our constitution. Can't it be okay. Living it up outrage has to opt. And I'll. Tell you what happened and how big issue you'll walk out and get hot. You're legally can act get married again but. He's got to do it and and why. I'll be a bit banged up they hit it or not stand still they married to bring you why. And I stay or leave it. Here's here's the thing rose. No what do you do if and I'm just given a hypothetical let's say I become born again after the after the second divorce. Does that mean I need to get rid of my third wife. Whale art. World number five I'm just raising this question if you were Housley somebody who's born again. It. You need a mop the only thing you're. So what do you married to use it does that mean you need to restore your relationship with both your former lives. No I. Looking at it it he'll back it but I still say you're late you can legally marry at the end it got there you. Yeah Mac programs and Italy but how to act like my colleague. At apple. It killed all of the types why you're legally married at the end you and yet you got. I have been brought to you live in and that really is about not. She. Well I I hear recovered from their gross. Hadn't had Dinka. I'm not understand I'm not and all belittling your your perspective here I understand concerned you've presented here. Always great to talk Greek heroes. And I think this is one of those where this trains left the station and just put it that way David out of Greenville good morning sir. A bit like nuclear are we do have. Hey always creates darkened you do. I it wouldn't talk about hope that our Bolivia. The talk about the real called the Obama directly our. Metal and around. No older what was that David what do you think that was. Are there I don't know what it it directly help prop it up in protective. Of the US dollar. In US dollars and you. Like about this event. Every country that we met let the public but I and I Iraq almost talked about in Libya and now. I thought in the area every one of bill. As bloated and big couple from the US following may follow in Bali and in another currency besides the dollar what happens is the cold we keep. We've got this agreement with the saudis get into says it up way back and so victorious though were directly. We protect the saudis militarily. And they protect us monitor earlier I'm actually by and let in everybody hey the full bodies. Directly in US dollar or what happened now sort of little emotional about things pollutants in the U quick enough to be unity. Our dependence so we could to keep dropping bombs on people. Just to prop up the dollar but the ability and normally you'd love all my comment I remarked I don't mean that we can get Smart right now if requested it is we're gonna market now. Well we don't mark felt like the old USSR. Totally bankrupt what we have become home. Our hope is not the latter so quickly when news does take advantage of Berkeley. There are literally opened up and we might be able to really strengthen the dollar. Were the way we should rather than the way we've been doing it. I'm I'm with you David eaten before you go get a cede this to be I wanna talk about James comic I don't give a crap about James coming Donald Trump should give aircraft about James called me. Why doesn't the president talk about this shoring up our own currency. Making it worthwhile. And getting rid of our debts. And getting decoupling from the Federal Reserve. And the the IMF. And all these other organizations. David if you wants to leave that conversation I'll be a 100% behind him. Absolutely true but the last president they even got close. Don't there's still Kennedy was martyred. Our own government and. Let me just say this David. If you don't have the courage to do it you shouldn't be in the office. Looked a bit ugly week. Is here is there any hope you think he has any clue about the stuff. I did it couldn't read epic records which are from Jeff Bleiler. We talked about the federal court system out payment of they had to bite his attack has been little the American people that I think they're saying they continue to be put on the expanse. But a couple of big named biker men real ability to live in this country he hadn't read that book released have a bite to understand have a sort of your question is now. You know you gave me an idea David now I want I want QQ. You know let's follow up on this because. I wanna try to get a copy this book in his hands. From someone who is close to him and see if he were read it. Belichick Y not start with one it did one of the Bill Walton somebody like that I certainly wouldn't go through the why else would she. Don Kelly although it but I think there's a lot of things there keep it away from the president sure the polar bear. We weren't buying it happened all of us what Limbaugh lately. While Michael blade and was taken out he was the first target of the big state because he did not have that neo conservative attitude is part. I'll warmonger and are dropping. Police actions all over the world he knew exactly what was going on exactly what the plan was and now. That's what they had to get revenue was no blow with a bullet and they want. Well it's going to be interest in CO displays out David always great to talk with you and I will be sharing. What happened in Libya situation look at later on. Lee Blakely I believe he got a little less than a minute here would be a force. A broad. That's not a whole idea morality and went up to people share a conservative liberal lite. I argue a lot out there I am an avid they are. You're one of snow who's not. College would be good it and after that. Regained. Your. Well here is about the whole situation is that we didn't you have orbiter is making what they hear radio. I need your. Cat people. They. All gimmicky idea that they don't. And it absolutely killed. Dutch don't get me started Blakely and you'll probably relate to this. What you said here a little while when I share some my social media post from the weekend man I opened up the gates of hell you know high did it. I've posted a tweet from Donald Trump from 23 team. I'm gonna share some of the reactions. To mind blowing. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program just to set up for discussion about Syria. Chemical weapons inspectors. They've been delayed getting into the side of the suspected gas attack. There are accusations going back and forth between western powers and Russia. In the aftermath of that's retaliatory US led missile strike. And smell. No question is what are they going to find. What will be their conclusions this and one of the things that some critics of this series of strikes. You know have suggested. Why do they wait for an investigation here first. By this group. Who knows. Who knows we will delve into this also will talk about with present has previously said about intervention in Syria. And also were this year at Q with a reaction that I got just by posting re posting one of Donald Trump's tweets. It's quite instructive just few minutes away as well the real threat to Donald Trump's presidency has nothing to do. Nothing to do with the special counsel investigation. Will delve into that is well coming up the next hour Jeannie and Indian trail good morning. Yes ma'am. I am I I'm. More on the about why can't help. It is about. What were you just went on and around the on the I. Com. Alan Light at Kerr with water bottle top man. They did I did not doubtful are my bottled. He can be forgiven any man. And she should go back and the story of the woman that the way now and I'll leave it that. But. The real dot com if you look at why your congress. Or Donald Trump will be any different than Bill Clinton won't. It and I just want to respond to that big. He may not. What Bill Clinton. A lot that happened after that and equipment. A lot of Latin or that the different. I don't blame the drop supporters. He hit behavior. And let it happen and woodworking I have it pretty much manner are their. I'm really doesn't demand he banned countless don't worry about what he is twelve years ago or three years. I think that our. Okay okay that's fair enough. Do you need describing the Q the difference here between what happened before the presidency in the fact that we the president to literally soiled the Oval Office. And it's. Somewhat important distinction there Joseph good morning welcome to the broadcast. Yeah evident by Kurt but mark I'll. What I got a burglar. In my seat and only the fact is that the compare and Clinton throughout this is ridiculous if Clinton. Actually broke the law like labor law a lot of anger while. And it. From a from a legal standpoint Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph and move. From a legal standpoint. I hit the question was about moral character is there a difference in broke. And at a OK after he got output character and air and Rwanda. In the day while he's in show off. He got. In the fact that he lied under. While. He got into the act with here are the man is arming me anymore on a politician and he. I understand that people are not only are not like property very where you would say. Are your guys. Are. And I am and I wouldn't including in my career yeah great character world. But the compared of the Clinton as a complete. And no. Maybe even compare the I think he believed in order you're. As far in the air. Round unnamed Clinton. There was it was important art politics. Is simply not afford counsel politic. Our problem is definitely upped. Their hands about. And I did and compare their characters is the other angle I dropped. No that's not a great joke could buy juror could buy general adios. When we get in this part you don't like they need to do with liking or disliking him. Just talking about the merits. Which she did so there you go Gerald out of dolphins. Are very pits the commentator good morning sir. Mortar apex I'm pretty sure that linked geographical happening children old. You can't it will ball pretty well. Your role as to what it should be shaved yourself. While all. You know it would com I think conflict blow if put up or. It's not secure open conflict. Into a mortar and their pockets opera. I have no idea Gerald. That you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Jai and rescuers here in this some final minute before the break out of Reich killed good morning John. Lower your their Jun. Earth calling John and command. Going once yes sir. Going twice I think we need to try again let's go quickly to Dick in Simpson bill you got. Less than a minute your serve. I got into our rights here. I don't I'm not gonna compare. Truck. Clinton but well I don't it's OK. That was. There are money paid sport and all there or saw. That they were for a mr. trump is that why against a lot for him. Or why does it puke but Ottawa Senators and congressman. Under the or. Our. The other thing about the stick did that story go. It just disappeared didn't it I mean we it's like we had a a couple of headlines about it couple big stories revelations about it and and it just went away coming up next hour we're gonna talk about the real threat to with the Donald Trump presidency and Syria as well as Libya Steve this.